Big Brother 13: Veterans Discover Daniele’s Deception

Big Brother 13 Daniele Donato

Daniele Donato is well regarded as a strong Big Brother player. She knows how to win competitions when she needs it most and she has a clever social game to keep her connected to the power. Unfortunately for Daniele, her master plan may have just come to a skidding stop for Big Brother 13 after the rest of her Veterans alliance uncovered her attempt to drive a wedge between them and set herself up to control the game.

If you’ve just been watching the CBS shows then you got a sample of the start of Daniele’s downfall last night, but the true action is on the Live Feeds, so go ahead, grab your Free Trial and join the rest of the fans watching the real game online.

After Friday’s Luxury Competition Daniele saw her chance to strike a blow at Jeff and Jordan. Rachel was upset that she hadn’t been invited by Jordan to the share in the luxury prizes (how dare Jordan!) and started throwing out threats that she’d nominate them as a punishment (a chance at sushi is totally worth throwing away $500K, right?). Dominic magically appeared and offered his loyalty in exchange for safety this week from Brenchel. What perfect timing. Flashback: 2:30PM BBT 7/22/11

Later that evening, after the nominations were revealed and Daniele’s partner Dominic was back on the block Daniele approached Brenchel and suggested it was time to break up Jeff & Jordan and send Jeff him. Daniele knows time is limited and needs to act quickly. When asked by Brendon about Jeff & Jordan’s loyalty, Daniele places them squarely under the bus by telling Brenchel that yes, Jeff & Jordan would backdoor Brenchel if they had the chance. Flashback: 8:45PM BBT 7/22/11

Fast forward to Saturday morning when Brenchel and Jeff & Jordan meet for a private discussion. After comparing notes the two pairs quickly realize there’s a snake in their alliance: Daniele. Brenchel reveal that Daniele has been pushing for Jeff to be sent home as a renom this week. They realize Daniele is fighting hard to keep Dominic because she’s grooming him to become her henchman. Both couples agree that they need to put on a game face when dealing with Daniele, but they no longer trust her. Flashback: 9:40AM BBT 7/23/11

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Later that morning Brendon confirms in private to Rachel that he does trust Jeff, but not Daniele. Anything we see or hear from now one will be fake when Brenchel deals with Daniele and Dominic. Flashback: 11:15AM BBT 7/23/11

Daniele discovers the other Vets are on to her when Kalia clues her in. Daniele is doing some serious sweating in the game that night as she knows now that her plans are busted. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s going to give up, right? Flashback: 10:00PM BBT 7/23/11

That brings us up to Sunday. Daniele realizes she’s placed all her eggs in Dominic’s basket so she works to balance that out by promising Adam she’ll fight to keep him in the game. She’s now promised that to both players. Whoever stays could think it was really thanks to Daniele. Flashback: 2:04PM BBT 7/24/11

Daniele spends more time with Rachel trying to convince her that Jeff has to be the one to go this week. She is pressing very hard for Jeff’s elimination. Daniele knows that Jeff knows what’s she’s doing, so this is her chance to get rid of him. Too bad Daniele isn’t aware that Brenchel knows what Jeff knows. Flashback: 4:05PM BBT 7/24/11

Now comes the big argument between Daniele and Brenchel. She is stomping her feet and pounding her fists (figuratively), trying to convince the pair in power that the only option they have is to get rid of Jeff right now. Daniele is practically furious that they’re not listening to her. Brendon hoh-hums around the idea and says he doesn’t want to eliminate a good source of support like Jeff just yet. After Brendon leaves Daniele attempts to convince Rachel it was her idea for Daniele to get close to Dominic and that if Dominic leaves this week she’ll be pissed. Daniele threatens Rachel by questioning why she’s even working with them anymore. Flashback: 6:00PM BBT 7/24/11

Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon all know what Daniele is trying to do: eliminate Jeff and keep her new pet, Dominic. They’re done trusting her and are planning to eliminate Dominic this week to keep Daniele isolated and without support. Daniele has been a great Big Brother player in the past, but she seems to have pressed too hard, too fast and could be walking out the door much sooner than expected.

The Power of Veto ceremony will be held in just a few hours. We’re expecting some big ol’ fireworks when Brendon declines to use the Veto and pushes Dominic one step closer to eviction on Thursday. The game is finally starting to heat up, so grab your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? Get the Free Trial then.) and join us as we watch Daniele spiral out of control.

Update: Daniele is throwing a fit in the HoH Room right now (10:50 AM BBT). She’s threatening Brenchel again that she’ll be furious if they get rid of Dominic this week.


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