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As the Big Brother 13 season ramps up to Thursday night’s big premiere show (9PM ET/PT) I wanted to take the opportunity to run through some details on what we here at Big Brother Network have planned for the season. We’ve made a lot of improvements in the off season with some great new features in store for the season. We’re also bringing back lots of what has made this site a favorite for so many readers.

Big Brother 13

What’s new at Big Brother Network for BB13:

  • Starting Friday we’re going to be joined by a former Big Brother HG. This HG will be sharing [his/her] (oohh, mysterious!) opinions every week on what’s going on in the game in a way that only a former, strategic player can see it. I’m very excited about this and I think you’re going to really enjoy it.
  • The mysterious former HG won’t be the only new addition to our team though. Readers of our American Idol site will recognize the name and talent of Branden. With years of journalism experience and Big Brother fandom, Branden is going to bring a lot to the discussion.
  • The Big Brother Live Feed isn’t the only thing going mobile this season. We’ve finally got our very own mobile app(s) and now that we’re in control of those we’re making them FREE. The Android initial version is available now with improvements in development. The iPhone/iPod version is currently under review by Apple. More details on our mobile apps here, but the important part is FREE and No-Ads!
  • An adults-only site has been set up to capture those “oops” moments and romantic escapades. I didn’t want to muddle out mostly family-friendly site here with any Big Brother nudity, so instead I’ve created NSFW Big Brother Network @ NSFW = Not Safe For Work, so tread carefully!
  • Perhaps the biggest change for me is that I’ll be dedicating even more of my time to bringing you the latest Big Brother spoilers and updates as I’m making this my full-time job this season. Tough life, I know, but somebody has got to do it!
  • What’s not changing at BBN for BB13:

  • While our writing team is growing this season our core will stay the same. Ashli Rae returns this season and will be once again covering the daily event highlights to keep you informed on the biggest news each day.
  • Big Brother Network’s Diary Room, a place where regular and die-hard fans alike can have their own space to blog on our site, returns and is reopening its doors for new writers. It’s a no-cost, no-obligation opportunity to reach a great reader base and share your thoughts and commentary on Big Brother. Interested? You should be! More details here on our Diary Room.
  • Maybe you’ve just got a little to say about BB, then check out our Big Brother Forum. Big thanks to Cheri and Darrin for returning as our forum moderators again this season!
  • The Big Brother Network toolbar add-on is back again and it’s still 100% free (and safe!). This will notify you to new posts and comments on the site. Very handy. Download it here for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • You’ll still be able to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get free email updates sent to your inbox every day. Lots of small updates are posted to Facebook and Twitter so you’ll want to add us to your accounts there to get the full story each day.
  • Last, but not least, is our relationship with you, the Big Brother online community. This site couldn’t exist without you and we’re grateful for your continued readership and support. We always try our best, but we’re not infallible. If we got something wrong then please tell us so we can make it right. We’ll never ask for donations and never charge for anything we offer. Every time someone uses the banners and links here on our site to get their BB feeds we’re financially supported in a way that costs you nothing extra. So a big, big thanks to everyone who has helped make this site possible!
  • Before we get this party started I thought I’d finally put a face with the name. Hopefully the beautiful Hawaiian sunset helps to distract from this ol’ mug! – Matt (BBN)

    Matt (BBN)


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      • Hi BG, can’t wait until Thursday, I told my boss that this was a very special week for me and she cracked up for sure!

        • Hi Kristina, nice to see some peeps from the SS blog. It is a special week for sure.

        • I know, it is almost as much an addiction (this site) as the show itself and I hope to keep up with all the interesting conversation coming up soon! Out of the people returning, do you have any personal favorites?

    1. Hey Matt!

      For the NSFW site make sure to put some guy slip ups too! You only have girls up there, and last season had more guys than girls!


      • Oh I will, I promise. But I do have an entry there for Brendon now, though it’s pretty mild (I did not include his Weinergate since it happened outside the BB house). There really weren’t as many male “slips” last season as there were for the ladies. But I promise to keep it as balanced as I can.

      • My Pocket Big Brother app from last year contnues to update so I’m assuming it will still work this season. I can not get the Super Pass or BBAD so I’m glued to my app.
        Counting down the hours till Thursday. NOT looking forward to freak of the week Rachel. Thank heavens I have a mute button handy. Her voice can peel paint off the wall, ugh.
        Thanks, Matt, you are just as entertaining as the show.

        • omg i know i can’t stand her voice but what makes my ears bleed is her LAugh :O it’s really bad

        • So I take it Rachel and her “man” made it as did of course Jeff and Jordan. Were the other duo Evil Dick and his daughter?

    2. And I thought we kept you busy last year. Your dedication to your site & the fans of BB is wonderful. Thursday can’t get here quick enough!!

    3. Hey Matt, just letting you know that I really appreciate what y’all do on this site. Last year I didn’t get the live feeds because I didn’t think it would be much different than the shows, but then I watched BBAD and found that it’s like night and day, so this year I subscribed to the three month early bird special and the mobile feeds so I can watch on my Droid. In fact, if you guys need me to help with anything just let me know. I’ll be commenting pretty frequently throughout the season.

      • Thanks, Ken. We appreciate the kind words!

        Funny that you’re going from BBAD to feeds this year because I’m finally giving in and adding Showtime on top of my feeds. I always figured I already had it w/ my feeds, but it’ll be nice to DVR and watch it on the big screen each morning.

        Your offer to help is definitely noted and I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

    4. OMG Matt…did i see u from a past BB season, lol..

      u surely look like a BB Cutie Hottie, lol…. :-)

    5. I just discovered you last season, although I’ve watched every BB season to date. I will certainly keep my eyes peeled to your website again this season! There isn’t anything wrong with yer mug…my 25 year old daughter thinks you’re a cutie!

      • Well we’re excited that you found us and are coming back for another season! I’m looking forward to our community growing and making for some great conversations this season.

        Your daughter sounds like a wise and likable woman! Uh oh, my wife is giving me “the look”…

    6. Whoa…what have I missed? Why are there only 8 houseguests this summer? Aren’t there usually 13 or 14 people at the start of a season show.

    7. there are a lot of unscripted shows out there..why is it CBS has the best three in “The Amazing Race” “Survivor” and “Big Brother”?

    8. Matt-
      Full time? NICE!!!! Can’t wait for this season! Even though there are no Sun Devil’s this year, I’ll find someone to root for! BBAD rocks! Hopefully the returning houseguests will get the rookies off to a fast start “after the lights go down!”

      • I’m excited about it but I’m expecting it to be more exhausting than the old desk job. At least it’ll be way more fun!

        Yeah, I agree. Having a mix w/ the old pros should help stimulate the game faster instead of the usual first few weeks where everyone is too timid to go for broke and it gets a little slow. Should be awesome.

    9. Just watched Rumor Control on Super Pass & alot of people think the 8 house guests know each other.

      • I was surprised by that discussion tonight. I hadn’t really considered that since I figured the twist would be the Dynamic Duos. That could make it very interesting if everyone goes in having a prior alliance.

    10. Hey, Matt! What a nice looking young man you are, and I’m glad to see your face after following your site for two years now. I want you to know that, even though there are lots of BB sites out there, I keep coming back here. BBN seems to be one of the most mature sites and handles those who post hateful, slanderous comments quickly and efficiently. Thanks for the adults only site, too. My thirteen year old son used to check the site for me, and I feel better now about what he can and cannot access. Looking forward to a great season, and maybe I’ll blog in the diary room again!

      • Well thank you, Lori! We definitely try to make this a prime fan site and it sounds like we’re on the right track.

        Yes, we’ll always keep anything “revealing” off on the separate site for easy division of “all ages” and “18+”. I haven’t tried any parental control domain blocking software, but if they can control by domain url’s then just plugging in should block that site (which is on a separate web server) and still allow this site.

        We’d love to have you back at the Diary Room. Hope to see you there this season!

    11. Good to see you again, hope we have an interesting season this year. Just wanted to say HI and looking forward to your updates.

    12. Please, please, please. Don’t tell me that Jeff and Jordan are coming back. My vomit cycle is totally worn out.

      • Great to have u back posting ur comments summer, i just love what u always say…u r so funny.. i never agree with u but always fine them so funny, lol…. :-)

        get ready to really vomit cause Jordo might become the first BB double winner, lol… :-)

        • Me too girls, love conversing and hearing all the view points. Only one more day to go and we’ll be able to see what’s in store! I like Jordan, but it will be really neat to see who the dynamic duos are, even all the Brenchel haters have got to admit, it is all these things that keep us hooked and going back for more year after year.

    13. matt i love this site so much i found it last season and i am addicted. lol and thanks for keeping the reveling stuff off the site im 15 and i dont want to see any revealing stuff lol and thanks for all the updates i am always wanting to know whats going on with BB and ik i can always come here to get any updates.

    14. Hi Matt glad to see you are back and ready to give us the low down on all the intersting stuff that happens in this wacky house. Loved this site last year and have watched every season….my real summer pleasure……awaiting a new grandbaby (tomorrow) so I will need this site to catch me up on whatever I may miss. Cheers all!

    15. I really don’t think they will come back, if they do they will not last. And the other house guest will be crazy to keep them on.

    16. I love BB. Watched it every season, but please don’t bring back previous players. How about Seniors vs. Juniors. Siblings vs. siblings. Just throwing some ideas out there.

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