Live Feed Preseason Discount Expired

Update: The preseason discount is no longer available, but you can still get a smaller 3-month discount or go with the monthly plan.

The annual preseason sale on the Big Brother Live Feed is coming to a close. When the Big Brother 13 premiere day arrives the “early bird” discount on your only way to get uncensored access vanishes and the price goes up 50% on the monthly rate.

Sign-up Now for the Big Brother Preseason Discount & Save Big

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Again this season you’ll receive $30 of free mp3 downloads with your $29.99 3-month plan. If you’re an avid music downloader and you watch lots of Big Brother feeds then sign-up now, get your music through this, and watch all season effectively for free!

For more help with this Early Bird sale download our free step-by-step guide (pdf).

Not sure what the Live Feeds are or why you’d want them? Read our Live Feeds FAQ.

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  1. I just signed up for the live feeds and ordered them. Can you tell me where I can go to see how the music thing works and how much music I can get? I’m sorry this is the first time I have ever done live feeds and I’m excited but would like to have the music as well.

    • Hi Donna, I can definitely help you with that. I’ll email you directions on how to get your free downloads.

      Anyone else who signed up through our site’s links, send me a note and I’ll provide you with the same directions to get your free mp3s.

      • Thanks Matt you are the best. I’ve always enjoyed this site every season and just clicked on your banner today to get the feeds (I hope your site gets a kickback). Now this season I can keep up myself as well. Thanks again.

      • Thank you, Donna. I really appreciate the compliment. We couldn’t do it without readers like you who keep coming back.

        Yes, we do get a referral credit for anyone who sign-ups through our site which helps keep the lights on and the server running.

        Let me know if the directions I sent over helped. Thanks again and we’re looking forward to another great season with you too.

  2. hey Matt just got the feeds and yes i used your site, and i love using the b.b.n. toolbar it’s sweet.

    • Awesome. Thank you very much, Cecil.

      Oh the toolbar. I keep forgetting to remind folks about that. Yeah, it is pretty sweet and I actually use it to keep tabs on the Comments section. Very handy. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to mention that to folks in a post next week.

    • Well it’s all just speculation, but no, I don’t believe they have entered the house just yet.

      Based on last year’s timeline, I’m expecting them to enter the house on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Then they’ll have a few days of events to record so CBS can put together a show for the premiere on Thursday.

      Getting close!

  3. Does anyone know if BB after dark will be on showtime again this season?? My guide for Thursday at midnight does not show that it’s on.

    • Welcome, Ashley! We’re glad to have you join us. There’s a great community here of BB fans so I think you’re really enjoy the summer with us.

  4. houseguest are in the house. and i was randomly on twitter and saw a tweet from ms danato saying “this place looks familiar”

  5. How do tell if my account is still if force ? I think it was set up on a past credit card and may not be current as of this time. I do not even remember how to sign on. I have been with you for the last few years and MUST continue. A little advice please. Thanks a Lot.

    • Lee, it looks like you may have used a fake email to leave that comment. Please leave a new one using your email address (it won’t appear to the public) and I’ll email you the login link.

      • Thought the old email was still working.
        New email should be OK.
        Thanks ahead of time for the help.

  6. Thank you for the reminder :) I plan on signing up later today and I will be sure to use your link to help the site. I just found this site this year. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much, Luke. We appreciate your support!

      I’m glad you found our site. We’ve got a lot of great stuff going on here and we’re a very active community to join. I think you’re going to have a lot fun here this summer with us.

      • Hey, Just got the live feed early bird discount through your link with the coupon code you gave us. Thank you for the feed code, and thanks for just running a good site :) Who is your favorite new houseguest so far. Favorite girl so far is Cassi. Favorite guy so far is Dominic. Thanks for everything! Hoping for a good season :)

      • Awesome. Thanks so much, Luke. Glad you’re enjoying the site!

        I’m not too sure on who I’ll like from the new HGs just yet. The preseason interviews are often so different from how they turn out in the game that’s hard for me to tell this early on.

        Should be fun either way though!

  7. hii bbnetwork i was gonna sign up for the live feeds but im from dubai / united arab emirates and im scared that it wont open or wont be able to tune in to the live feeds and would it be able to open in any other country ?plz help and reply thx :)

    • Hi Ahmed, you are correct to be cautious. The Big Brother Live Feeds are only available in North America.

      But you’ll always be able to come to this site and check up on what’s happening in the game all season long.

  8. Replied to your previous comment and put in current email. Comment #9

  9. Live feeds will start after a four hour delay or about 1:00 am Friday July 8.
    Looking forward to it and am hoping the twists add not subtract from the fun this season.

    • Since the premiere is an hour later this year (9PM ET/PT instead of the usual 8PM) it’ll luckily only be a three hour delay after the east coast premiere ends before we see Feeds.

      But yes, 1AM on Friday July 8th.

  10. Just ordered the Superpass through this site. Big fan of BBN! Lurked here all last season, you guys are awesome!

    • Thank you so much, Shell! We really appreciate the compliment and the sign-up.

      No need to lurk this season. Come on in and join the discussions! Of course, lurking is perfectly acceptable as well. :)

  11. Since the show is starting later this year at 9pm instead of 8pm and the feeds go up at 1am, will it be like that every night for people who have big brother after dark, or just that one night?

    • I’m just expecting it to only be the case that very first night and probably even only for the east coast’s BBAD since by the time it gets to 12AM PT everything will be rolling w/ the feeds.

  12. Hi, I ordered the Super pass again,( I ordered it last year), but I cant tell if it went through… I wanted the 3 months version so I can watch Big Brother all season…Thanks for your help!

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