Big Brother 13 Finale Results

Big Brother 13 Finale

It all comes down to this. The Big Brother 13 winner is set to be crowned and we’ll soon know who will take home the half-million dollar prize. Settle in for live results from the 3-part final HoH, the jury interrogation, and lastly the jury votes. Oh, what a night!

Reminder: Survivor South Pacific at 8PM & Big Brother 13 finale at 9:30PM.

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Big Brother 13 Final HoH Round 1:

Big Brother 13 Final HoH Round 2:

  • Underwater competition similar in style to BB8’s Final HoH round 2
  • Porsche finishes and is worried she was too slow
  • Adam makes a BIG mistake by throwing away his goggles mid-comp
  • Adam completes in 6:03
  • Porsche completes in 3:50. Porsche wins Round 2.
  • HoH Round 2 – full details

The Jury is debating. Lots of support for Rachel from Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and, surprisingly, Kalia who says she had the hard road this game. Shelly just set Kalia off when she claimed Porsche & Kalia did nothing but play Daniele’s game. Things get very heated. Hard to tell how a few HGs will vote tonight.

Big Brother 13 Final HoH Round 3 – A/B style:

  • Round 1: Both guess “B.” Both wrong.
  • Round 2: Rachel gets it right. R:1 P:0
  • Round 3: Both guess “A.” Both wrong.
  • Round 4: Both guess “B.” Both wrong.
  • Round 5: Rachel gets it right. R:2 P:0
  • That’s enough. Chen closes the comp. Rachel wins!

Rachel is the Final HoH and will cast the last eviction in just a few mins.

Porsche asks Rachel to keep her as her ally and take her to the Final 2. Adam does a shoutout to metal heads first, but then he breaks in to a well-rehearsed speech against Porsche that she was a floater.

Big Brother 13 Final Eviction:

  • Rachel evicts: Adam

Wow, I really thought Rachel was about to evict Porsche there for a moment. Wow. Now Rachel will move on to the Final 2 with Porsche.

Adam comes out and tells Julie Chen that Rachel made the right choice because he would have won if he got to the Final 2. The audience laughs. Aww.

Will Rachel’s record of 4 HoH comps & 2 Vetos be enough to win?

The Jury is grilling Rachel & Porsche. Jurors want to know why Rachel said and did the things she did this season. Jurors ask Porsche what she did in the game and “when did she start playing?” Not as favorable questioning for Porsche. Rachel puts in a good word with Kalia that she had to evict her because if she got to F2 she would’ve won.

I’m thinking Rachel might sweep this season. Maybe 1 off?

Before the votes are revealed, we get the original HGs coming back out. Evel Dick and Daniele agree that she ruined the Vet alliance. Daniele says she wanted to play with people she liked, not the Vets. So she threw away her game over people she knew for a few weeks? Then Dick says exactly what I said the other day: Daniele should have waited until Newbs eventually won and then made the strike at Vets. Obviously, I agree.

Big Brother 13 Jury Votes:

  • Brendon: Rachel
  • Daniele: Porsche
  • Jeff: Rachel
  • Shelly: Rachel
  • Kalia: Porsche
  • Jordan: Rachel
  • Adam: Porsche

Rachel wins 4 – 3. I’m a little surprised by Adam and Daniele’s votes. I guess Adam really was mad at her, but after all his talk about voting for a competitor and the winner of Round 3 would weigh heavy, he votes for a HG w/ half the wins? Then after Daniele’s repeated comments during the season that Rachel should have voted for the best BB12 competitor, it was a little surprising to see this result. A Bitter Betty to the end.

Update: Adam told Evel Dick during the backyard interviews that he voted for Porsche over Rachel because he saw Shelly’s vote when she put her key in the box. He said he knew Rachel had already won so he wanted to throw her a bone. Weak.

Update 2: Daniele said in her SuperPass interview that Rachel was the biggest floater of the season. Do you agree? All other HGs said Adam for that question. Maybe Daniele is thinking of the two times she tried to get Rachel to flip on her alliance and change to her side. Both times Rachel declined. Hmm. Bitter Betty strikes again?

Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly

Big Brother 13 Winner:

  • Rachel Reilly wins Big Brother 13

Congratulations to Rachel. With 6 comp wins & 5 nominations, she earned it.

Big Brother 13 America’s Choice:

  • Jeff Schroeder wins $25,000 again

Is anyone surprised? Shouldn’t be. You all predicted it in our poll!

The season may end tonight, but the next is never far away. CBS has renewed Big Brother for a 14th season in 2012!

If you’ve got your Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch SuperPass’ Big Brother 13 Backyard Interviews on the Feeds. Flashback to 8:27PM BBT to see it from the start.

Fun Update: Just something fun for the road. Did you notice Adam’s family in the audience last night? Was that his brother or Tom Cruise’s alter-ego, Les Grossman?

Big Brother 13 finale Les Grossman



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  1. Hurricane Brenchel( Rachel lol), has taken this house by storm, and my girl is gunna take that cheque back home. I hope porsche is runner up, but i am ok with anyone, as long as rachel wins. Deny it or not, she has had the biggest target since day 1, and has won the most comps. social game is not the best but not that bad. She played alot better wihtout brendon. Wish it was rach and jordo final 2 and rach winning, but im fine with posche. GOOOOO RACHELLL

    • Porshe dont deserve nothing NEEDS to walk out empty handed with her head hung down low with her low standards!!!!

      Go Rachel!!!!!!!!!

  2. Big Brother finale starts in 6 minutes…. I hope Rachel wins part 3 and then takes Adam to the Final 2

    Go Rachel for the win for BB13

    • Hope that the Jury get to see Porshe true self on a dvd before voting see her make her baby killer jokes and her spiking Jordans drink…Think its not fair that she is still in the house, thought those things werent allowed to take place…….and we reward people for that….

      • I agree Porshe does not deserve nothing and I think she should be called out on all that she has done….Live and let the jury house see for them self the type of person good ole Porshe is….

        Go Rachel………

      • Porshe is still there after all she did…..I can’t believe that……Hope Racehl gets to see what Porshe has done and she gets to choose who to take with her to final two based on that….Porshe needs to be outed!!!!!

  3. Dani knew Jeff was her biggest threat and the best player in the house. All you Jeff haters can’t even admit what dani saw from Day 1.

  4. LOL at Rachel smiling for the camera when she won the first part of the HOH comp.

    She was so adorable with the thumbs up and the grin.

  5. is BB14 going to be an All Stars? I only ask because I haven’t seen any of their “Outgoing, Outspoken” .. “DO you have what it takes to live in the BB house and compete in a 3 month power stuggle for half a million dollars?” and that usually starts like a week ago

  6. Where does Dani get that Rachel was a floater?? Is that her best excuse not to vote for her?? DANI’S PATHETIC..dam she is so petty..

  7. Rachel wins final HOH guarantedd at least $50,000.

    Stupid move Porsche you had a better chance of beating jordan

  8. I am so glad Rachel made it to the final 2. I am so proud of her. I have loved Rachel from last season, I so think she deserves to win.

    Rachel comes to play, and boy does she play.

  9. omg omg omg omg omg. rachel won. WOOOOOOOOt. Now go get ur cheque girl, u deserve it. And dani calling rachel a floater made me lol. i think rachel might win against adam 6-1, and porsche 5-2 woot woot

    • What a fake cry, this is rigged for Rachel to win. Big Brother will piss alot of people off. Last show I will watch.

  10. Rachel is so FAKE!!!

    A contrive jump up and down plus scream.

    Then, once again, the “NO Tears, Tears”!!

    Call the “Wah”-mbulance!!!

  11. Ommmmmmmmmmffffffffggggggggggg!!!!!!! I knew my girl could do it!!!!!! I’m sorry folks but Dani had the nerve to call Rachel a floater!? Rachel is a beast and she puts Dani to shame!

  12. I am playing catch up…. Rachel made it seem lik she would break her deal with Porsha if she won the Final HOH and take Adam….

  13. Dani kinda has a point. Who was always the first person in the HOH room five minutes after they got their HOH key and stopped crying long enough to form a sentence? Rachel was. However i am not sure i totally agree with her though because I don’t believe Rachel ever truly turned on her vet alliance even when she was talking to a noob HOH or Dani. She was just telling them what they wanted to hear. Actually now that i think about it Dani is kinda stupid for not seeing that.

  14. Kalia is even giving Rachel props on making it to the end…. Good job Kalia

    Jordan called out Shelly…. Hooray!!!

    • not at all she still wins 500k and could never have beaten Adam in the Jury, a woman doesnt win against men in the jury

      • she would have. Hands down. Jeff Jordan Brendon and Dani would have voted for her for sure. thats 4 she wins.

      • and before I hear “Dani hated rachel, there’s no way!” you have to remember, she hated Adam’s game play way more!

      • It turns out Dani really doesn’t have any class and is NOT a respector of the game. Calling Rach a floater and giving the ultimate floater her vote?? Shameful. She’s a disgrace, even Dick says so, in so many terms.

  15. adam really thinks he would have won over rachel what planet is he on or what is he huffing in the bb house lol

    • lol, adam is on his own planet. thinking porsche is a bigger floater then himself, threatning with his vote, thinking he could beat rachel. lol this episode is funny. Goooo rachel

  16. Can somebody please tell me what Adam is on thinking he would have won if she would have chose him?

  17. I don’t think i like the fat that Porsche gets $50,000 at all.

    I really wanted to hear what Big Jeff had to say but that stupid Kalia wouldn’t shut up long enough for him to get a word out.

  18. I wish she took Adam
    What do u think guys of her chance now?
    Big mistake I think
    Aaaaaaah I’m dying now

  19. How do you all expect Rachel to win? Adam was the swing vote and now that Rachel voted him out he will prob give his vote to porche

  20. wow can’t believe rachel took porsche, i was getting scared there because adam does not deserve any moolah….

    in the end i hope rachel wins.. she did have a target since the beginning and still was able to make it to the finals.. she deserves it!!!

    • That is the only thing I am disappointed in because I did not want Porsche in the Final 2 because she will win atleast, $50,000 which I felt she did not deserve because of the Benefiber tainting of food and her stealing Brendon’s toy. Porsche crossed the line during those two incidents.

  21. I was going for Jeff/Jordan all the way, but I would really like to see Rachel get it if not them. #GoRachel!

  22. hahahahaha this episode has be lolling all over the place. adam calling porsche a floater, lol look in the mirror

  23. Adam gave a great final speech….. Too bad Rachel kept Porsha over him… Adam was exactly right about Porsha!!!

  24. go porsche rachel i like your game but DAMN I hear enuff oh my gawd dont mess with my man and your laugh oh dear go prosche rachel 2nd place is where you belong

  25. Adam did good I really think he could of won I hate to see him go oh well I think porche will wil cause Jeff-Rachel. Jordan- Rachel Brendon-Rachel Shelly-porche. Adam-Porche I don’t know why adam would give someone the 500000 for just evicting him and Daniel-Porche and last but not least kalia-Porche porche wins 4-3

  26. OMG ppl do u see the venom from all over Dani’s face and the look she gives?
    OMG so full of hatred and ugly ugly person!!!

  27. Ada, told Julie CHen Rachel made the right decision…… Sounds like Adam will vote for Rachel…. Go Rachel!!!

  28. Rachel….Yes! Good job! Hopefully, you win that $500,000 because no one played the hardest and overcame great odds to make it to the end! Porsche floated most of the time with the veterans first then, with Danielle’s group later on. Rachel was on the block how many times?

  29. Rachel will get


    Porsha will get

    Dani (even though she claims to want the better player)
    Shelly (possibly)

  30. I do hope Rachel wins. I didn’t exactly like her personality, but she EASILY played the best game in the house by far. Honestly, no one came close. Even though I rooted for Daniele until she was evicted, I just can’t see Pracge winning. Kalia I could have kind of, sort of see winning, but certainly not Porsche. Anyway, I will probably not be commenting again. So, see you all next year. I thought that it was a decent season. Hopefully next year will be even better.

    • I think so too, and that’s the hatred on her face. But on a side note, she needs therapy to get over her anger with her dad.

    • I think she did. Her comment about Rachel being lucky it wasn’t a personality contest shows that she will vote based on gameplay and not personality ergo not for Porsche over Rachel.

  31. this is Rachel’s to win, no way should Porsche win. I wonder what stupid shelley will say…… if Rachel wins, she never has to come to the house again. Wonder how Danielle feels now, does she regret not sticking with her alliance

  32. i was thinking that dani said she votes on game play and i think she hates that she is going to stick with that and vote rachel!!!!!!!

  33. Go Rachel! Cheers to the woman who has had the biggest target on her back since day one! Hate if you wanna but you must admit, the girl has skills. I’ve been rooting for her the whole time because of how everyone gangs up on her so much for being emotional sometime. NEWSFLASH: She’s human! For all of you hating on Rachel, remember that you aren’t the one who has a bunch of cameras around you to capture you crying, or anything else

    • lol he is just delusional. 75 days in a house of psychos isnt hard, though i liked them all. He seemed like a genuinly nice guy, but i might chane that statement after the vote lol

  34. If Rachel does win I hope she is never seen again. Never in my life have I ever wanted to punch someone in the face the minute they opened their mouth like I would love to with Rachel. Why else do you think Brendon was showing off his dong on the internet.

  35. Dani made her move too early which was stupid.

    She was nothing in the house without her Dad there to tell her what to do.

  36. omg just say the winner already i feel like im going to puke the last thing i want to hear is more of shellys crap

  37. Boring end to a boring season. I could have described the finale’s plot before the finale even aired.

    1) Rachel wins Part III and evicts Adam.
    2) The jury unanimously votes for Rachel to win.

    Both girls sucked at answering the questions. Rachel was asked what she did besides win competitions, and she pretty much reiterated that she won competitions. She later claims to have changed her social game after Brendon left, but this didn’t happen- she continued to socialize only with the veterans, and she only socialized with Jordan when they were the last two vets standing. Porsche, in contrast, never bothered to say what her “big move” was- she could have mentioned her vote to evict Jordan, who would have had all the votes, or her strong social game, which was legitimately strong, especially compared to Rachel.

    In a season littered with producer manipulation and newbies’ fandom of veterans, this was a super anticlimactic finale. Despite actively rooting for Porsche the last week, I realized tonight, that I don’t really care about any of the Final Three all that much. What I did realize was that Jeff, who constantly said tonight that Porsche made no big moves, really didn’t make any big moves himself, besides sticking with the vets the way Porsche stuck with her own alliance. It’s a shame that every season that brings back past players has to have one of those past players win.

    Glad to see this forgettable season end.

  38. I think it’ll go
    Shelly – Porche
    Dani – Porshe
    Kalia – Porche
    Adam – Rachel
    Jeff – Rachel
    Brendan – Rach
    Jordan – Rachel

    Rachel played a great game! Porche I feel like didn’t do enough… but ig because she made it to tha final 2

  39. you could see dick over there just thinking dont worry jeff i wont beat you up shes my daughter and i dont like her either lol

  40. AND . . . Adam is completely deluded. Wait until he sees what everyone thought of his game. All-Stars? In his dreams.

    • Yeah, Rachel won! How about that snake Adam voting for Porsche? As much as I can’t stand Shelly at least she appreciated a great game player! I am surprised about Jeff winning America’s Fav!

    • If Kalia did vote for Porshe then she voted for her better half the other slug….haha they both rode coat tails… and sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!somemore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brandy ,these crazy people like Dani who talk game sure didnt vote game.Dani was all mouth and she could only list things she should have done. Ahe was just jealous she couldnt be as good as her father and i hated him myself. Go R

  41. Rachel is going to win?! so what?!
    Jeff will win AFP!? Shocker!

    This season sucked, everyone sucked, this season needs to burn in hell.

  42. brendon- rachel…..dani- porsche……jeff- rachel…..shelly-rachel…..kalia-porsche…..jordan- rachel is the winner!!!!

    • I think Shelly voted with Jeff and Jordan to make up for what she did, At any rate, I’m happy Rachel won. The newbies need to earn it.

    • That doesn’t shock me. Shelly has mentioned she’d ‘be sick’ if Porsche or Kalia were final two and ‘wouldn’t vote for them in a million years’.

  43. Congrats Rachel. I am surprised Shelly voted for her to win.

    Either way best competitor won.

    Good Job Rachel!

  44. YEEESSSS!!!! I knew Rachel could do it!!!!! I love it I love it I love it!!!!!! CONGRATS TO RACHEL!!!! She deserved it!!!!!

  45. Best BB ever – finally a win based 100% on merit and not the vindictive thinking of players like Dani

    I have never seen a player have to fight so hard emotionally and physcailly to win

  46. Adam voted for Rachel as well…
    Dani and Kalia re bitter Rachel lasted longer than them and won… Remember Dani was laughing saying Rachel would be the first jury member again after she got Brendon evicted the first time? Who is laughing now Dani? LMAO!!!

    ******* Go Rachell *******

  47. congrats rachel!!!! you earned your spot, and you are one of the best bb players in history, love you!!! omg im so happy

    • congrats rachel, you deserved it, just like jordan said you won almost half of the competitions this season. you worked hard for it.

    • YES RACHEL! Thank God that Shelly is a bigger person than Judas, Kalia or that rat Adam. Rachel deserved to win. Judas showed how small her bitter heart is. Shelly ALL is FORGIVEN! YOU ROCK SHELLY!

      • I was SO surprised by Shellys vote, but I’m proud of her for realizing that it is just a game and that you should vote based on gameplay. While I was gaining a little repeat for Adam towards the end, I completely lost it for him when he voted for Porsche. He always said he would vote for the strongest competitor and he didn’t. Porsche bribed him with money before and he fell for it. Daniele also said she would always vote for the strongest competitor. Fail on her part. Plus she sounded bitter. Nice comment Judas.

    • Adam took the easy way out again and couldn’t make a decision. He saw Shelly’s vote and knew Rachel won so he decided to give Porsche a vote.

  48. The cry baby witch won and of course we know the hot bully Jeff will more than likely win America’s vote

      • That’s right and it doesn’t pay to betray those who trust you like Dani and Shelly did. Note how they are in the jury with no money.

      • Um… did you watch this season? Rachel was hardly a bitch. Annoying at times, yes, but not a bitch at all. Bitch = Khalia (I am sure she would have been nicer if she hadn’t aligned with Dani), Dani (ick!), Shelly (but is redeemed by voting for Rachel) and Porsche (trying to maliciously take out Jordan with laxatives. CBS/BB should have automatically evicted her).

      • They all had their bitchy moments, Danielle a bitch yes she was a good player but mad huge mistakes, I dont think Kalia was a bitch compared to others but Rachels annoyance from last season carried over into this season for me never liked her and that hasnt changed she is a sore loser and threw temper tantrums when she didn’t win, the network gave the veterans so many lifevests that they should of just handed the money to the veterans or just made this season all about veterans.

      • You people are hateful and you all need to hang out with the loser newbies! i have never heard such nasty remarks about people you don’t even know! Go get a damn life! Calling someone a hooker- I would love to meet you! You are probably as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside! I have tried to keep my comments as mature and respectful as possible this season and most of you have done the same. People like you have obviously very unhappy, unfulfilled lives. I actually feel sorry for you! Happy I finally got to blow some steam off! PEACE OUT and take a look in the mirror!!

    • All i got 2 say ..way to go!! the sad part is the newbies voted 4 porsche & not Rachel. they voted personal..bunch of loosers

      • I do watch the game for players and I admit out of Rachel and Porche, Rachel is the better player I just dont like her its just as simple as that.

  49. Wow Adam was vindictive in his vote. I can’t believe he voted for Porsche after that speech of his about playing the game.

    What a douchetard.

    • Shelly just made up for all the crap she pulled in the house….she is a true fan and made her decision based on game play!

    • You gotta love that Shelly. She is the only newbee vote to get it right. Judas looks so bitter. GOD I LOVE IT!

    • Yeah, what a two face. At first i felt bad that rachel took Porche over Adam. But after he voted for porche I’m glad he got zero $. I didn’t much like Porche but somebody had to get the 50K. As it turned out adam is a bigger turd than porche.

  50. Yea Racheal way to go, knew that you could do it Too bad you took that bioch to the finals wait until you see the feeds and find out what she did and said about y’all

  51. In your face Danielle! Jeff is America’s favorite! “Good thing it’s not a personality contest!”

      • i seen that fish tank too, but it didnt last long, the show was too short though and was running out of time so quick unlike the past seasons its always 2 hrs

  52. Adam voted to Porche, only because they made a deal, if he votes for her she will give him some money. I saw that on BBAD. I bet you anything she will not live up to her side of the bargin

    • That was if she won thee 500k not 50k
      But yet even if she did win the 500k she could’ve easily dropped the deal and would have said it was just a game

    • I thought that was against the rules. Don’t they have to sign contracts that forbid that. Otherwise, the last 4 or 5 could agree to split the 550K total 4 or 5 ways.

    • It’s now confirmed, Adam is definitely one of the worst players in BB history! For someone that said he respected the game so much – umm, obviously not so much.

    • He told both of them that he would vote for them even if they evicted him IF they won the final HOH. He clearly lied! Too bad!

  53. Why is everyone so happy that such a bitch won?!? She is so ugly inside and out and cried the whole summer and would have been seen home if production hadn’t saved her and jordan with duo’s and the first every endurance p.o.v!

  54. Well who would have thunk.
    The person I expected to be one of the first Jurors won.

    GO BIG RED! I wanna see you on All Stars 2.0!

  55. What gets me is that Shelly voted for Rachel when she was in alliance with Porsche for a while. Adam voted for P. P would have won if Shelly didn’t pull her crap again.

  56. YAYYYYYY omfg I’m SO freaking happy right now!!!! Victory goes to RACHEL!!! BAMMMMM in the face of all the haters!!! :D GREAT JOB Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. OMG I am speechless
    Adam voted for Porsche??? WTF??
    good god thanks god for Shelly’s even though I doubted her cos she once said she wouldn’t want Rachel to get a penny
    Still in shock over Adam’s voting
    Can u believe this guy???
    Is it because P promised him to give him money for an engagement ring???

  58. Congratulations Rachel! I knew you had it girl! I can’t believe Adam voted for Porsche and Shelly voted for Rachel, talk about a twist!

    • Hey BeachMama, been good chattin with you, YAY we won!! Adam is an asshole so he got what he deserved. I felt sorry for him there for about a 1/2 a second.

      • It has been nice chatting with you too! I guess I will see ya here next summer lol! Have a great year.

    • what the HELL is wrong with you people? Rachel …I mean….COME ON!!!the only ones who won are the producers of the show …I think it has been geared for Rachel to win for the last two weeks..Custom made comps just for her

      • Sad much that your bitch Dani or the would be baby killer Porsche did not win? I could not be happier that Rachel won

      • Yes comps were geared towards Rachel. Are you kidding me? She didn’t even get Brendons question right in R3. Its not rigged. Get over it.

    • Me too! IMO, I think Shelly (no more name calling for her haha) just redeemed herself. Congrats Rachel!

  59. The votes went the way they should’ve and all is right with the world.

    Now what to do with all the time I’m going to have~??

  60. finally someone wins who deserves it! Thank god she didn’t give Adam (the liar) $50.00….way to go Rachel….you fought very hard

  61. W~O~W!!! Mr. Big Brither Fan Adam voted for Porsha over Rachel? Bitter party table for 3? Good thing Shelly didn’t vote on emotions and make things personal like Dani, Kalia and Adam….. Shelly, you are the man! I mean woman!!!

    • thats what im saying, how are you the biggest big brother fanatic and not vote for rachel based off her excellent game play.
      Adam is everything the jury said hew was….a worthless piece of space. someone else should have been casted in his worthless place #TeamRachel

      • Adam said he would base his vote on who won the last HOH and who played the best… Rachel won the last HOH and 4 HOH’s as well as 2 Veto’s….. Adam is a sore loser!!!

  62. Adam… What a schmuck.

    He starts yelling about how he would have won the game? He wouldn’t have come close. And he has the nerve to vote for Porsche?

    I also loved it when Daniele told Rachel she’s lucky it’s not a personality test, basically admitting she deserves to win, and then doesn’t vote for her anyway. It proves the kind of player Daniele is.

    • If it’s a personality test, Rachel would still win against Porkche, Cowlia, and bratty Dani! I’m not saying R is a test but man, these three. hah. Shelly just redeemed herself. LOL. Adam, you bitter douche!

    • Danielle was exposed for the bitter loser that she is! Unfortunately for her, she exposed her very bad side. If she winds up on Big Brother All Stars next time out, she will have a huge target on her back because of her actions! Who would be fool enough to trust Danielle in another Big Brother game and she takes things personally, when she was so mean and nasty towards Rachel! The good thing, Danielle had her last shot and she blew it!
      Even if they cast her again—-she will not win because no one would trust her!

  63. Hey! Rather than reading the post and the comments, I think I’ll continuously ask who won!! I mean, that won’t drive anybody crazy, will it???

      • I was being facetious! I actually knew who won, but came to read the comments and that’s what I keep reading on the comments. It was my way of saying “Go read the post and stop asking who won!!” Enough people had already posted the answers anyway so all they had to do was read them before just automatically posting the question! I was annoyed.

  64. I am soooo Pi$$ed right now. My bleeping live show network stopped working…I missed the vote, the reunion, and all the jury comments….OMGoodness I am so thankful for the up to the minute info on this page thank you…..

  65. Shelly just went up in my book, and Adam way down. I wanted Rachel to win not because I think she’s a great personality, but because she’s a fantastic competitor.

  66. Yay! Rachel!!!! Jeff will always win America’s vote which ever season he’s on because he’s awesome. Dani’s true colors came out, she holds grudges her logic to vote for Porshe was so flawed.

  67. Just as expected, Danielle and her puppets voted for Porsche inspite of the fact that Rachel deserved to win! Good for Shelly to have voted for Rachel. It would have been a huge injustice if Porsche won. Adam being a douche deserved not to get anything!

  68. Adam is gonna get a reality check. NO ONE likes him!

    And he thought he was gonna be America’s Choice! Ya right!

  69. Funny how a single vote for Rachel has stopped almost all of the hate for Shelly. I’m sure she wasn’t pressured to do so at all.

    You fans are weird, lol

    • Lmao yeah I thought so too! Adam votes for Porsche and Shelly votes for Rachel and suddenly Adam is the devil and Shelly is a hero. People are crazy sometimes lol.

      • Shelly gets props because she voted for the best player….. Adasm is a spineless bitter BB fans who could not win a comp and is mad he got voted out….. Adam was going to question brendon about his word had Porsha won part 3…. Adam needs to question himself for not voting for the most deserving player as he stated he would…

      • You honestly don’t think you’d be bitter after something like that happened to you? I mean, really. Obviously everyone gets caught up in contradictions here. Again I’m glad Rachel won, but she also contradicted herself with going after basically no floaters this season. People’s thoughts change as the game goes on so no one is going to play without doing that. Especially considering Adam jut got eliminated. Eveeryone else got to cool off. Give him a week or a day even he’d probably vote for Rachel. But who gives a sh!t? She won. Well probably never hear of Shelly or Adam although Adam honestly may come back as an all star just because they need a BB13 Rep and the cast sucked this year. Lol. Well if I don’t post again, see you next year.

  70. Yeah I lied I’m commentin again lol. I’m glad Rachel won, she totally desered it. I don’t think Jeff should have gotten the America’s Vote but that’s a different sort. Also, obviously Adam voted for Porsche lol. He worked with Rachel since week 1
    (mostly) and she didn’t take him? I’d be pissed too. To be honest, I’m just shocked at Shelly’s vote. Well I’m excited for next season. I know everyone disagrees with me, but I’m really not a fan of Jeff’s so I’m just glad I don’t have to see him again. (for now) Well, it’s been fun everyone. See you all next year.

    • Lurker, Adam might have worked with Rachel from day 1 but he also has said many times that she needed to go. He was jealous that he was evicted. For him to be such a fan of BB, he should’ve voted for the game plays, bubble butt won some here and there but that’s it. She slithered off Dani as Dani walked out the door. Shelly vote was about “game” and game only. Glad to see Rachel win

  71. The BB audience will always remember Dani as a vindictive loser. This is who she is and it seems to me it will stay with her her entire life. This level of vindictiveness does not go away

      • Daniele was so bitter with her comment to Rachel. Daniele has lost peoples respect because she has always said she would vote for the strongest competitor and that was clearly Rachel. Porsche never had a target on her back the whole time she was in the house. She was never the target of anyone

      • despite not being a target, she still played a good game by winning the comps in the right time and getting rid of the right ppl (ppl said it would have been better if porsche took jordan to the finals.. but i don’t think she would have made f2 if she had).. if dani had voted for adam if he were up there then i could understand, but she was voting for a friend and as a gamer

    • I hope Dani’s days on BB are finally over. She sure showed her true colors. Only 2 words for Dani: TRAILER PARK

    • Agree whow I really rooted for her on her season but this time she was like a little girl wating for daddy approval she never got it
      Danielle u r aq bitch

    • Adam what a complete loser!!! Im sure Porsche told him if he leaves pick her and she will give him a cut of the money. That stupid slug thought she had it in the bag thinking she had dani,kalia and shelly and then adam!! Lmao!!!!

    • It all turned out the way i hoped!!!! Yay!!! I also called it saying Shelly will give Rachel her vote based on game play!!! Shocked at Adam what a slug.

      • Sugarland u know what shelly was thinking wow ur amazing!!! Actually Shelly herself said Porsche did nothing the whole game!! Did u watch the show?

    • Loved it when even Evil Dick told everyone how stupid Dani’s moves were. LMAO!!!! SO HAPPY RACHEL won; she truly deserved it and too bad she had to go to final three with Porsche and Adam. Also, thought it was illegal to buy jurors votes which is exactly what Porsche did with Adam and even as much as admitted it tonight on the show. Adam just proved what a total loser he is by voting for Porsche and how stupid he is thinking he would of won. If he would of been sitting with Rachel the jury would of been 7 to 0 for Rachel to win. Just proved what a real douche he is tonight and wished anyone could of won the $50,000 except for one of those two. Gag they both still make me sick, but so HAPPY FOR RACHEL and Dani is still a BIG BITCH and even her dad knows it!

    • without rachel adam wouldnt have lasted as long as he did. he is one of the worst players. even if rachel took him to the end he would have lost.dani and khalia did not like him. i am so happy rachel won. she deserved it.

  72. Congrats Rachel!! I’m so happy for you!!!! And proud of you, you totally deserved it! And as a bonus, I’m happy Jeff won america’s favourite player! Adam, I just wanna say you’re the most useless, dead weight piece of %^@#$@ I’ve ever seen anywhere…thank God Rachel didn’t need your vote (thanks Shelly btw)

    • @Fly,

      Will you be posting on SruvivorFanDom?

      It was a pleasure reading your posts my friend…. See you next summer for BB14 if you don’t come to SurvivorFanDom ok? Have a great 2011 and 2012 my friend!

  73. I think before shelly casted her vote julie pulled a glock out from her skirt and pointed it to shellys head and said “don’t even think about it” shelly knowing her life was on the line dropped porsches key and voted for rachel.

  74. Adam turned out to be a real creep – his vote showes he has no respect for the game unless it is to use people and then settle a score

  75. WA WA WA!!! Cry Baby won…I wish I could be such a spoiled rotten brat and win that much money…The award for biggest, whineyest, snobbiest, clingyest, most funky haired, mascara running freak won…no not Brendon..Rachel.

    • Like Dani didn’t bawl her little eyes out when her dad left cause she didn’t know what to do in the game anymore without him there to guide her?

    • r u saying that all she did was cry. she didnt win anything that it was rigged for her and that the producers also forced the jury to vote for her? please go to bed u r sounding like a baby urself.

    • Quite frankly Michelle, you sound like the crying, whiner! Maybe you and Dani can share bitter, bitchy sentiments someday! Love a sore loser- boo-hoo!! LOVE YA RACHEL!!

  76. Do that many lonely, desperate women watch this show that they would vote “Big Jeff” the big douche bag as America’s Favorite? That guy was such a hypocritical, bully douche bag piece of soul patch wearing trash this season. I don’t know how someone as sweet as Jordan can be with such a douche. Oh and PS Jeff…I don’t know what hole you live in in Chicago, but take a look around…you aren’t that big.

    • Firs off i voted for jeff and i am not deserate, lonely or any other horriable thing you will say.I am guessing you were hoping for dani even though she gave no meaning to what mean girl is but I know it maybe a hard concept but maybe we just like him and the fact that you have to insult people to make yourself sound better is pathetic.

      • Hallie i voted for Jeff to and he didnt bully no one. Would you rather him not have no emotion. Come on people he was playing a game and trying to keep his nutty alliance from making bad moves. Calling liars out when he thought it would help him. He was playing a game. He handle it better than i would have and im a girl.

  77. Omfg Adam is more delusional than Rachel thinking he has fans and that he thinks he’s even considered for allstars 2.0.


      • I don’t think she was worried i think she knew the votes adam and shelly were the only unknow but as soon as she heard shelly’s vote and jordon vote hadn’t been counted she knew she won. She knew going in against porche she had brendon, jeff and jordon vote and only needed one.

      • I know Rachel’s face was absolutely priceless when she saw Shelly’s vote and then realized that Jordan’s vote was next and that she had just won BB 13. Loved Rachel and loved the little comment she made when Jordan put her key in for Rachel. I hope they stay friends because they are both really good for each other, and you can tell that Brendon and Jeff like each other a lot too. Loved how Brendon, Jordan and Jeff were so cute sitting on the back row together.

    • Judy. Yes wasnt it great?? The slimey little slug thought she had it in the bag and so did Adam. Im pretty sure Porsche offered him money to pick her!!!!

      • She did it was on the live feeds, but thought that was not allowed on BB. But what do I know Porsche got by with a lot of crap this year that had never been allowed on BB before this year.

  79. Rachel knew she would have a better chance against Adam but took Porsche because Rachel respected the game. Unfortunately, Rachel will wish she had taken Adam when she watches the show to see that she gave $50,000 to a mean girl who spoke horribly of Rachel and made them all sick by screwing with their food.

    • I think rachel took her because she did what jordon told her to she counted the votes and she made a deal with porche and probably thought that if she didn’t her breaking her word would come back to bite her. Also i think rachel knew that if she took porche she would be guaranted jj vote and although she knew she had jordon’s vote i don’t think she was so sure about jeff and shelly. She knew sending porche out would guarante a vote against her and she migt have lost. I don’t think it was about who won the 50 it came down to the jury and who would vote for who and she felt she had a better shot against porche because she didn’t have a great track record and she didn’t have a good social game

    • i thought this too but than i realized that rachel choosed porscha to go up against because she figured adam would go to the jury and vote for her….remember the game is about numbers, if rachel took adam and eliminated porscha, there was a high possibility, porscha dani, kalia , and shelly would vote for adam to win……

  80. Are you kidding me! Nothing but a blank screen the last 20 min. here in Indiana on cable. Sooo disappointed!

    • I know that sucked big time!!! I was scrambling for my phone so fast; just to find out the results but WOOOHHOO!!
      Am very happy for Rachel :0)
      Just wish I could of seen it LIVE!

  81. Stop and think about this. Jeff has won more money playing Big Brother than Porsche. America’s Favorite twice, the 25K the vets got to come back, and fifteen hundred during the course of the game this season. That makes a total of 95K!.

    • I don’t think they got 25k to come back i think that was a rumor but even without that jeff got almost as much as porche lol

      • I think they got more than the newbies as a stipend every week and then they also got a bonus for coming back so probably all of the vets made more than Porsche did even winning the $50,000, and as boring as those newbies were the vets deserved it and more!!!

    • Because they weren’t homophobic and CBS didn’t have to apologize for them a second time?

      America is stupid sometimes, lol

      • Versus not putting foreign substances that can cause serious intestinal distress into someones only source of sustenance without their knowledge when you have no medical knowledge of any pre existing medical condition those individuals might have had or the potentially serious medical consequences of that?
        Or someone who throws a defenseless dog agaisnt a wall?
        Yeah i totally see your point.

      • You seem to assume you already know who I wanted to be America’s Choice.

        Please tell me who I think should’ve won it.

      • Your post indicates that anyone other than Jeff should have won. Jeff didn’t do any of the things i cited. Other people did. If you wanna say who you think should win and why then do so but that is a different post. Your post is only about how Jeff should have lost. So that is what i responded to.

      • Tommy come on! You know he isnt homophobic. Thats like kalia playing the race card. He was a good player and goodlooking and some of you are jealous. Anyone can see jeff is a good guy.

  82. I didn’t think Adam had much game, but at least I liked him, until tonight. He really came off as a douche and delusional tonight.

  83. The most shocking thing is that the VOTE was Shelly’s lol
    Adam besides a floater is a bitter man.. Screw him!
    And Dani, she contradicts herself a lot! Her vote?? No Comments!
    Rachel really deserved it, it was her season!
    So HATERS, grab a life vest! ;)

      • Disagree, Dani came in a bitter daughter and left a classless hater, and Kalia’s little statement that she played her own game was laughable. She was definitely Dani’s little minion and just as classless as Dani herself. Glad to see Evil Dick was looking well though.

      • dani is so stupid starting when she fell in love with that virgin boy dominic and got mad when he left and started messing with the vets. i dont like dani and then tonight? come on this girl is useless.

      • did she call anybody a bitch like rachel did in her goodbye message? she was leaving a message for rachel without using derogatory terms

      • Even Dani’s dad doesn’t respect her! talk about spoiled, whiny, hypocrtical bitches! Dick carried her through their season, and for all her talk about her “love of the game”, she votes for air-headed, lazy ass Porsche! Paleeze! Adam- I don’t even know where to begin because too many expletives would be involved! Shelly, you redeemed yourself and made a fair and intelligent move not based on emotion- Respect to you!

    • LOL I really love that Rachel coined that grab a life vest thing.

      Seriously haters grab a life vest! Adam I am looking at you.

    • All I have to say is Porsche looked like a fool after her speech saying she had a social game. What social game? Only one I saw her talk & hangout w/was Kahlia & Dani & Shelly only because Shelly barged into the trio of Dani, Kahlia & Porsche. Shelly was never accepted by Dani’s alliance, they just used her for votes. Also if Porsche had such a great Social game how come she didn’t get any of the questions right in the final part 3 of HOH and 2 of the questions dealt w/Dani & Shelly whom Porsche hung out & spoke to more than Rachael. I could see Rachael getting those 2 questions wrong but Porsche? Just goes to show that Porsche didn’t really have any social game what-so-ever. As for Adam he was a total delusional bitter jerk @the end. Does he really think they’d consider him of Amer.Fav.player or for next allstars even? Go home & soak your head Adam, maybe it will revive your brains & Don’t expect that JJ will be wanting your address or phone # either after your delusional comments of how you would have won against Rachael. Please it would have been a 7-1 vote in Rachael’s favor, even the newbies save Porsche (cuz she would have been bitter of Rachael not living up to her promise to her of F2) would have voted you out.

  84. I think it would have been a clean sweep if people voted by who played the best game but it was personal. I don’t know what was funnier porche saying she played since day 1 or that she had great social game and talked to everyone which clearly she didn’t. The voting perdictiable dani,brendon,jordon and kaliah practically told you there vote but we all knew who would vote for who. Rachel started crying as soon as she had shellys vote before she had officially won lol she knew that jordon would vote for her. Adam vote surprised me considering he said she didn’t play the game but i guess he was just mad she evicted him. Of course jeff won american player plus he already won 15 grand which puts him at 40 grand not bad for someone not winning the game lol but did anyone not think he would win. and of course dani was just plain mean to rachel i think dani was just as mean if not worse then rachel but she accused her. Love jeff trying to be diplomatic about how much he didn’t like dani and you could tell that jeff and brendon are close i think jeff hugged brendon after he won american player before he hugged jordon lol All in all i am glad rachel won she deserved it, jordon stayed true to her which she said she would do and jeff won american player because he deserved it

    • i think dani just gave a response to rachel’s goodbye message to her

      regardless i didn’t see it any way vindictive at all.. she didn’t outright call her a bitch like rachel did

      • I agree essie.And you have to remember,Dani had (a) DICK for a dad.So I’m sure it was a struggle for her growing up with him.I feel bad for her.

      • shaun me too! i couldn’t believe what i was watching, if my dad spoke like that about me and blaming me i would break down and cry.. but she didn’t and ppl said she no class?? hey maybe it’s not her fault cuz she unfortunately has a dad without one either

      • Essie,Everytime you would see Dani in the jury house or tonight she would make these round about way comments that said it all.You could see these facial expressions everytime R,Jeff,B would speak.And when her K,and P buddies would speak she would have a better attitude.Dont act like you dont see D’s jealousy.

    • I loved how Jeff held Jordan’s hand the whole time or had his hand on her leg and was leaning over and kissing her every so often. Very sweet and loving to Jordan tonight. Hope all four, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel, stay friends because they all seemed to of bonded and become very good friends, and loved Jordan saying hi Rachel I miss you when she put her key in. Love those four and they were so cute tonight and even have to say it proud of Shelly for voting for the best player. It was funny when Cassi said she was most shocked at Shelly but she was trying to be diplomatic but you could see how disappointed in her Cassi was, and once again Shelly trying to explain away her atrocious behavior in BB. Would love to see her face when she sees how all America is so disgusted with her. Wonder if that huge Billboard is still up in her hometown that said that did not want a liar like her in their town anymore?

  85. Finally! Rachels win…there is justice in this miserable world. Dani was whore again tonite. Shocker!

  86. If I ever see Rachel and her tearless crying again I am going to rip my TV off the wall and throw it out the window.

    I can get past the fact she is a complete hosebag on the show….what I can’t stand is how utterly FAKE she is.

  87. Adam you are the worst ever I was pulling for you but your vote goes against everything you stood for
    Shame on u LOOer

    • @ellablue Adam was a jerk. A delusional one @that. I do believe he was the least liked of all the Hg save for maybe Shelly.

  88. cont.
    after the show shellys alchoholic problems got the best of her and she went o.j simpson on the rest of the cast with an ak47. As spring turned to fall and fall turned to winter shelly regreted everything she did and took her own life.

  89. Porsha looked at Rachel like damn, you won when she realized Shelly voted for Rachel to win… That gave Rachel 3 votes with Jordan’s vote still to come… Dani, Kalia and Adam must have been sh**ing bricks when they heard Shelly’s vote…. Bitter party table for 3, now ready ok? LMAO!!!