Big Brother 13 Winner Rachel Reilly Interview

Big Brother 13 winner Rachel ReillyBig Brother crowned its 13th winner this week when Rachel Reilly beat out fellow HG Porsche Briggs in a 4-3 vote for the half-million dollar prize. An exuberant Rachel spoke with me in an interview that showed the rush of the win had not worn off even a day later.

Read on for her thoughts on who was the biggest floater this season, what happened with those Jury votes, and if we’ve seen the last of her in the Big Brother house.

Rachel Reilly – I cannot believe this happened! I am freaking out!

Big Brother Network – Congratulations, you deserve it.

Rachel – Thank you. It’s a dream come true my gosh I just can’t believe it.

BBN – What does this mean for you and Brendon?

Rachel – Oh my gosh we’re going to have a dream wedding. What’s funny is last summer I met my fiancé on Big Brother and this summer I won Big Brother.

BBN – Do you think you’ll be having a reality tv wedding?

Rachel – No but that would be hilarious. It would be awesome.

BBN – After Brendon left you completely changed your strategy. It was like two different people. What happened?

Rachel – I saw that Brendon got evicted and then Jeff was getting evicted and I said I was not going down without a fight. I had to fight but I really had to work on my social game. I think I had to be a gracious winner and start branching out to work on my social game. After Brendon left the second time I knew I had to change my game or I would have been evicted and I was not about to get evicted.

BBN – You and Jordan became very close after Brendon and Jeff were evicted. Do you think the two of you will keep in touch?

Rachel – Jordan is such an amazing woman. She and I really bonded and our friendship really blossomed after Brendon and Jeff left and we were there together, fighting for each other. Every competition Jordan and I went into after they left we were like ok this is us, it’s do or die and if we don’t win, one of us is going home. Jordan helped me so much with my social game. I needed her just as much as she needed me. I was able to win some competitions and she was there for me as a shoulder to lean on and helped me with everything in general. It’s so great to be able to play the game with one of your friends and to really have an ally in the house. I love Jordan. I am so grateful for her.

BBN – Who in your opinion was the bigger floater, Jordan or Adam?

Rachel – Jordan is not a floater. I don’t think she was a floater at all. We had an alliance from the beginning of the summer and she stuck to it. She never switched over sides. Bless her heart, she might not be the most competitive girl in the world but she’s such an amazing person and she had the best social game in the entire game. I think Jordan plays the game of Big Brother totally different than any other houseguest and she almost made it to the final three again and she would have won if she was sitting in that final two chair. Adam, yeah he was a floater. He needed a boat or a cruise ship. That’s how big of a floater he was. It was horrible.

BBN – Adam promised you his vote in the end. Why do you think he changed and gave it to Porsche?

Rachel – I was shocked. He promised me his vote. He said even if you evict me, if you earn it and win the final HoH then I will vote for you because I will vote for whoever deserves it and then he voted for Porsche. He was a floater. He went from one side of the house to whoever was in power. I don’t know that he really tried that hard in competitions. He gave up a lot of times. I was shocked when he didn’t vote for me. It hurt because I thought he of all people, who said he was a superfan of the show, he was so ready to jump ship because he got upset with me. It was a very unfortunate situation. I thought he was going to be the swing vote.

BBN – Why did you take Porsche over Adam to the final two?

Rachel – It was a really risky decision to make. I realized it after the fact of how risky it really was. I thought if I had taken Adam I would have won hands down, I don’t think he would have gotten any votes. With Porsche I thought it would be a 3-3 vote with Adam as the tie breaker. I thought a few things. One Porsche deserved it in the end. She stepped up her game. She won the veto that brought her to the final three. She brought me to the final three and I made that promise with her and I wanted to honor it. I had a lot of confidence in my game play and I thought the jury would respect that.

BBN – Have you and Daniele made amends?

Rachel – I think that Daniele and I definitely have the possibility to make amends. I mean look at Ragan and I, we’re best friends and he’s going to be in my wedding. I think that Daniele and I have a possibility for that. We were friends in the beginning before she turned on us. I think that’s what sparks the biggest enemies in the game, are the people you actually care about. It comes through when you have a friendship and it’s a genuine friendship and you care about someone and then they turn on you and you’re now enemies in the game. It’s what sparks the biggest nemesis in the game because you did care about them and now you can’t stand them.

BBN – Which season’s cast did you like the most?

Rachel – I actually prefer season 13 because I had allies in the game. It wasn’t just Brendon and I against the entire house like last summer where I didn’t have any friends in the game. This summer I had an alliance. I had friends in the game. You know even though Porsche and I had a really rocky friendship, in the end I took her from 5 to 4. She took me from 4 to 3 and I took her from 3 to two. I think it was a totally different game for me. I had to really work on a social game and making deals with people and I think me sticking with my deals is what helped me through the game. I can’t say enough good things about our cast. It was an amazing summer.

BBN – Do you have any plans on going back to college?

Rachel – Yes I want to. I definitely want to complete my master’s, finish it and work on it. Brendon will finish his PHD at UCLA so maybe I can go there too.

BBN – What are your immediate plans now that the game is over?

Rachel – Plan my wedding, my future with Brendon. We are thinking about putting a down payment on a house close to UCLA. We will be there for five years guaranteed. So we’re thinking hey if we’re going to be there for five years let’s invest that money into a home and start a future and in the coming years start a family.

BBN – Will you play again for a third time?

Rachel – Big Brother has been so good to me I guess I would have to.


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