Big Brother 13 Episode 22: Week 7 Double Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother is coming at us in full force tonight with a big, double eviction and of course a double HoH competition plus a Veto comp thrown in the mix. Woooo! Last year the second HoH comp didn’t take place during the live show, so you’ll want to have your Live Feeds ready in case we get to watch it after the show (get the Free Trial).

There was plenty of chaos late last night with some surprising deals being offered and possibly accepted which could flip the votes. Be sure to cast your vote in our eviction poll and share your thoughts on who becomes the next jury member.

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I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast and any other big news so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

While we wait for tonight’s big results, be sure to check out BB12’s Matt Hoffman’s recap of last night’s Big Brother episode. Then grab your BB Live Feed Free Trial so you can watch the action online after tonight’s eviction and possible online HoH comp.

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      • Wayne get over the Judas remark.Jeffs a snake in grass.He has no room to call anybody anything.I guess Dani is this bad person you make out to be yeah right.She was the one to give Jeff water when he was choking on bubbles.If it wasnt for her he never won HOH.He had started slowimg down when he was choking til she bought him so water.Give DANI a break.

      • Dani is Judas!! Ofcourse she was gonna give Jeff water cause she didnt want 2 b on the block she was just kissing butt…Rite on Jeff bye bye Judas lol!

      • You have no idea, how attached I was to my phone last Thursday for the endurance HoH comp! The pics and the updates were awesome. Thanx for keeping us in the loop BBN!

    • Just Google “free cbs live online streaming.” I did that one time I didn’t have access to my tv and I watched Big Brother live on my laptop.

  1. .
    To the tune of “Danny Boy” by various artists:

    Oh, Danni girl, the lies, the lies are falling
    Newbies float and kiss Big Jeff’s backside
    Your summer’s gone and Jury House is calling
    It’s true, the votes must go as Jeff decides

    But come ye back when All-Stars beckon for you
    Or when the show endures their ratings low
    Yes we’ll be there to see you whine and boo hoo
    Oh Danni girl, oh Danni girl, we love you so

      • Might be your best effort Rico. Judas is gone. I’m not sure they would want her back again after this terrible performance. I mean she lost because she got hot pants for the virgin Duminick. That’s exactly what happened. She threw away the whole game for a chance at a showmance with Duminick. Rachel and Bookie wouldn’t let her keep Duminick so she played emotionally and threw it all away. The Zingbot got her exactly right. They won’t bring her back again unless they bring back Evil Dick for her to ride on his coat tails. BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR US!

    • .
      To the tune of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot:

      Some folks are nuts and I cannot lie
      You other posters can’t deny
      That when a post comes in with hateful taste
      And some arrogance in your face
      It’s just dumb, wanna pull up tough
      And just tell ’em to go get stuffed
      Deep in the place he’s swearing
      I looked and I can’t stop glaring
      Oh baby, I wanna sit wit’cha
      Understand your picture
      My homeboys tried to warn me
      But the posts you make, they’re {just so thorny}
      Ooh, Chump-o’-smooth-skin
      You say you wanna make some friends?
      Well, ‘scuse me, ‘scuse me
      ‘Cause you ain’t gonna sway my groupies
      I see you dancin’
      Attitude you’re prancin’
      You’re all wet, I fret
      Got a soul like a coal brickette
      I’m tired of those that seem
      To criticize and just be mean
      Take the average fan and ask him that
      You gotta pull that back
      So, fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
      Have you got something to post? (Hell yeah!)
      Then make it! (make it!) Make it! (make it!)
      And don’t worry ’bout those that roast
      Sparky talks smack!

  2. I am so excited to see what happens!! I want Dani gone, Rachel win HOH and POV and backdoor Jeff. That would be awesome.

    • If Rachel takes out Dani, I don’t think there’s anyway she uses an HoH to take out Jeff. She needs insulation. Also it will be a split second decision, so I’d imagine it will be Porsche and Kalia (or maybe Shelly).

    • Rachel can nominate Shelly and Kalia, win POV and backdoor Jeff. To be honest I can not stand Shelly!! I want her gone ASAP!!

      • i dont like shelly at all. but i think Jeff should go first. then they can work to get shelly out. they need to break up them two (JE&JO)

      • If Dani leaves and Rach wins Hoh,who can she put up against Jeff that can win POV. Best bet use Jeff for the renom. If Jeff goes up and wins POV the Rach is as good as dead.

      • need to get rid of either Kalia, porsche, or shelly na dmaybe in that order. Let the 3 vets and adam fight it out from there.

      • I agree I want Shelly gone she is just a lying disgusting snake. I hope that Dani gets evicted, and then rachel wins HOH and puts Shelly up all the while telling everyone what a skanky disgusting liar she is and exposing all of her lies and then wins POV and Shelly is shoved out the door and can go to Jury with Brendon and Dani. Then I really do not care who wins BB as the two biggest lying disgusting in BB history will be gone. I will do a happy dance if this happens and keep watching; and if not done with this season. Shelly should just be ashamed of herself as I am sure her little girl is for having such a lying disgusting mother.

    • El hermano mayor aspira. Hace realmente. Toda mi gente fue a casa que tengo gusto (Cassi, Dom, Bookie). Deseo que el CBS mejorara este pedazo de demostración de la mierda, y ofrezco un mejor producto. I’ m cansado de los imitadores de tío Fester, de las camareras perdidas y de los transexuales que fuman comenzando absurdo y moviendo de un tirón como casa. I esté algo en la lucha de Libia para una causa justa que mirando estos desperdicios. Si usted don’ t tiene gusto de lo que escribí, besa mi asno.

    • TezD, find BBDish, they blog from the feeds all day and night.

      It appears that the flip is in. Rachel, Porsche and Shelly look like they are going to vote out Kalia and flip the house on its ear. Of course, we get the added excitement of the second eviction tonight that the HG’s think is coming next week. This will be epic…

      • I’ll be very surprised if Rachel believes Danielle’s lies! Rachel is playing smart by getting information from Danielle which is all it is! She will send Danielle home then, Shelly or Jeff or Kalia. Not in that exact order but, given the chance—-Rachel will make her move. Danielle will back stab Rachel at first chance she gets but, she will not get the chance if Rachel votes her out!

      • Oh, there is always someone who plays devil’s advocate on these boards. Anyone else know that the flip is really in?

  3. So excited to see Dani walk out tonight and to see Bookie’s face when he sees her! I have a feeling Rach is gonna turn on JEJO really soon, perhaps if she wins this HOH!!

    CANADA loves BB! :)
    they need to cast come Canadians in the show I think it would give you Americans some good conversation for feeds at the very least!

    bye bye dani!!

    • I agree. Canada needs a Big Brother, or at least some Canadian contestants on the American show. I think that if there were some Canadians on there, they would just make the Americans look stupid ;)

      • I would love a Canadian version of it. I can see a Canadian batch joining the BB house in LA with all houseguest just dishing out who’s better being american or canadian

      • @ Bob
        You’re a tool. Ive just proven why I said that Canadians would make Americans look stupid

      • its true…I didnt want to say canadians would make them look stupid…but lets face it..half of them thing their country is bigger than ours because of the population…yes half of ours is covered in snow..but whatever!

        bb needs some fresh meat/canadians to spice it up..lets face it season 13 is a little blah. no wonder they push the feeds so much…LET US IN! haha

      • I would totally love to see Canadian house guests on the American version. There is not enough population in Canada to have a full show here. Plus viewership is sketchy here for a Canadian version. Remember Canadian Idol?

      • Plus, I am too committed to watching NHL games from end of September through June. I mean come on… and the World Juniors during Christmas break? Definitely a sin of summer watching Big Brother.

      • and, Canada has the second largest land mass but is one sixth the population of the United States. Canadians are no better than Americans and we do have a rather self-deprecating and undeserving quality. And to reiterate we cannot have a winter version. I mean seriously, the NHL is very important here plus driving our kids to hockey practices and games takes much time. I honestly think that if it was a great white north vs the hot south then you would have a show worth watching. woohooo.

      • You just don t know when to stop r u jealous or just not a nice person ( FOR YOU GYPSYKILLER ) can t believe I had to spell that name out again

  4. I’ll be really interested to see what game Rachel is playing.

    Is she just doing the typical production-led “pretend to be wavering so there’s some suspense”, and before the live show her and Shelly talk and its 5-0?
    40% chance

    Is she actually considering working with Dani (it would be a heck of a move, but seems unlikely given her attitude all week, including in the DR)?
    10% chance

    Is she trying to make Dani think she’s staying so the eviction hurts more? And/or to trick Shelly into breaking with JJRA so she can expose her?
    50% chance

      • I agree with the 50% solution. It would be great if JUDAS actually thought she had RACHEL’S vote. Talk about hubris! JUDAS thinks SHE has RACHEL’S VOTE! How rediculous is that!? BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

    • Rachel should consider stringing Danielle along as Danielle like the tweedy bird is already chirping about everything she knows that can help Rachel! Keep it going and let Danielle believe she is safe then, whamo! You are out!

      • Yes. Remember Jeff wanted to make Dani feel as comfortable as possible that she wasn’t going out the door? Maybe the vets are still playing that out by letting Dani think that Rachel is flipping. I can’t even imagine Rachel keeping Dani.

  5. Best covert move of the season is if Rachael makes a pact with Danny and they blow JJ out. Whittle down the newbies and go head to head for the win. That’s game playing.

    • Did you hear what Dani say in DR and what Dorm told Shelly that they were going to team up with the newbie right after Jeff gone. Lucky R for her gut feeling and Shelly’s playing both sides; otherwise, JJ & BR are already BB 13’s history!

  6. What? How DARE someone go against JeJo alliance…don’t they all know that Big Jeff is in charge? Heads will roll I tell you…I can backdoor you, but how dare you try to pull that move on me while I am HOH…I am the most honest player in this house. I didn’t promise Dani she was safe, I didn’t throw the veto competition so that Brendon can get ousted and I certainly haven’t called Jordan stupid…You guys ae just getting the fixed leads that CBS wants you to see. hahahaha

  7. dani should just tell adam that they have the votes, and that they dont need him and since he wont vote with the majority he will defiently be going on the block! 7 more hours for dani to work out a miracle, if dani goes i wont watch, ill start watching big brother on youtube or on demand. rachel working with dani will make good tv!!! come on big brother!!!!

  8. It would make my week if Dani was kept in the game, just too see the faces of Dumb and Dumber, also known as Jeff and Jordan (Thanks @Matt for the reference). It just seems that Jordan becomes stupider and stupider every time I watch her. Last night she ZINGed herslef??? Who does that??…obviously an Idiot. I think that watching Jordan is making my IQ go down. And “Big Jeff’s” big, macho speech last night on the show last night made me want to be sick (or I could just look at Jordan to do that too). He is one of my most hated to ever play the game, because of his douchebag elitist views of himself. I cant wait to see his face when he is evicted in the double eviction tonight. The downside to that, is that we’ll have to watch Jordan eat Lucky Charms, play with her hair, and be stupid for another week.

    • I have to disagree…I LOVE Jeff! Dani is the most hated in my family….NOT as smart as she thought.

      • I love Jeff too! I think he’s hilarious and is just playing the game, the same as everyone else! And I loooove how when he talks to Jordan he calls her ‘Love’. So sweet!

      • I love Jeff too! I think he’s hilarious and is just playing the game, the same as everyone else! And I loooove how when he talks to Jordan he calls her ‘Love’. So sweet!

    • Gypsy, I don’t know…the more I see Jordan’s self depreciating humor, the more I see a little Gracie Allen in the girl. GO RACHEL! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

    • I completely agree. Jordan is a total moron. Her stupidity is repulsive – not “cute”. Both Jeff and Jordan together don’t have half a brain. That constant hair pulling has made a bald spot. She can’t complete a sentence without saying Umm at least 3 or more times. Empty behind the eyes totally. It made me sick when she won bb and did nothing to deserve it. Get over it people – STUPID IS NOT CUTE.

    • There’s no such thing as stupider and stupider maybe you should look a lot closer to home ( Gypsykiller ) really do you git what I mean j,j all the way

  9. Just tuned into the live feeds. Are the house guests on lockdown in the HoH room or something? They are all sleeping in the HoH room.

  10. rachel needs dani, she wont win against jejo!!! production im begging you, save dani or im done watching, i swear i will talk bad about the show to all my facebook friends and anyone i know!

    • ther is more than dani in the house,what do u think is going to happen? if u talk bad about bb ,everyone stop watching because u dont like it, ther are millions of people who watch and are fans of the show. so i dont think it is going to work.

      • Good point Cath…everyone sort of sounds like Rachel..”it’s not fair” LOL Big babies..can’t get your way so gonna stop watching the show!! Who cares? I LOVE the show, can’t wait til Dani gets out!

      • Yeh; goodbye Dani fans . that should really clean up the site. No more jeff bashing or R bashing. When you quit watching; take shelly with you

    • Like anyone cares if you stop watching and start talking about the show. Really wont affect anyone. No wonder youre a dani fan, you complain when you dont get your way.

    • Plus, why does everyone think that rachel needs dani for anything. Rachel is fully capable of taking out jordan and jeff if she wants to

      • BR JJ all the way:

        That is correct. After all the bad moves this season, Rach keeping Dani would be the worst. Brendon would kill Rach if she let Dani stay in the house.That is unless she is worried about Brendon and Dani in the house together. But then there would be a 3rd person going to the jury at the same time. Boy, if Dani went to the house and Porshe also went, Brendon might have hiss hands full.

      • That was what happened after Brit backdoored BR and Brendon kept Brit last time in BB, ending up backdoored by Brit again. As R said, she is not stupid! Once a Judas, always a Judas when money is at stake!!

    • Do you really think CBS cares what you do??? And don’t worry production has been buzzing in Rachel and Adams ear last night and today already. I think production should stay out of it and leave it up to the houseguests. And Dani should not even be allowed to play this season with all her friends that work on the show. Can’t wait to see her walk out the door!!!

    • Pebbles! Pebbles! Do some book learnin’ and take a spillin’ course! Ya’all don’t writ so good a’tall.

  11. So many people are cracking me up with comments everywhere acting like they KNOW whats going on in Rachels mind. People from both sides are seeing what they want to see. The truth is NONE of us know, even the ones with feeds. Unless they have heard Rachel say “Hee hee hee, I am gonna screw Dani over and oust Shelly by making them think I am with them” then you dont know for sure. On the other side, even if Rachel made a deal with Dani, it may not go anywhere.

    This is the most dramatic week so far, because we DONT KNOW!!

      • she will probably vote dani out because she got out bredon twice so thats revenge plus se also try t get her out

      • Brendon told Julia Chen he told R to stand in the midline between JJ & Dani; i.e. if Dani had won, R can still make peace with Dani and go along D’s plan to vote Jeff out. That’s what everybody have been asking R to do, a mental game, no whining for no friends, or being backdoored! So, that’s what she is right now, do her job and play the game, care less to make friends, isn’t it?

      • The conversation was shown on the feeds. It lasted an hour.

        Live Feeds always go to muck at 4AM BBT. That’s when Real has to reset the encoders each day. But the conversation was before that.

    • Becky, where are you JUDAS fans getting the rediculous idea that RACHEL is GONNA SAVE JUDAS? It’s laughable! It’s not even possible! I’m trying to be nice about this! WAKE UP!

      • Wayne, Wayne, Wayne…..tsk tsk, honey! Dont you know production is keeping Dani? They will just credit Rachel with it. lol

      • Well, it would have to be a blatant production intervention for sure! Why would Rachel who hates Judas because she got rid of BOOKIE TWICE!!! even think about saving her!!!? It’s crazy! Yes it would be production 100%. But even they know people wouldn’t buy it! BYE BYE JUDAS!

      • Ok, Wayne.. just think for a second. Who would YOU rather have Rachel in F2 with? Jeff, Jordon or Dani? J or J would probaly beat Rachel. Rachel would probaly beat Dani. IMO

      • I wouldn’t want to be in the same zip code as JUDAS! She’s gotta go! As long as JUDAS doesn’t get to F2, I don’t much care what happens. I would like Rachel to get to F2 and I don’t want Shelly or Kalia in F2 but otherwise I just don’t care. If JJ wins I can live with that. BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • Intrigue is always good for reality shows. That said, I don’t see Rachel saving Danielle. It makes good for TV to see Rachel act like she is going to flip because obviously, this draws in viewers and ratings to boot! This is a gift for Rachel too as now, she gets information from Danielle that she would not have gotten if Danielle was not as desperate! Like Jeff throwing the veto! I am sure Danielle did not mention that it was her idea in the first place. Jeff cannot escape his role in the plan to throw the POV to Adam considering he was best on that competition according to Danielle in the show. So, Jeff betrayed his alliance plain and simple. Danielle can go and Rachel can take over.

  12. Has anyone heard this rumor? I spotted a tweet stating that Evel Dick and one of the BB Segment Producers were spotted having lunch together earlier this week. Any chance if this is true and do you guys think it has anything to do with the whole Natalie / Jeff thing?
    she is such a B

    • I think you are right. If Rachel voted to keep Dani I am done with this show. To me it would seem like they promised Rachel something for her vote. Why did she have to give back Princess’s unicorn but she has yet to receive her stuff back. Poor little Dani. And I liked her with Dominic can’t stand her now.

      • @joni, I am thinking the same thing. They can take Rachel’s things and when Rachel does it she’s called into the DR and told to put them back. Talk about production favoring one person named “Dani”

    • Please stop claiming that. If you don’t like we discuss on here, there two options. Either watch another show, or keep your thoughts to yourself. By the way, I’m all for Obama. It’s the republicans that are against him.

  13. I am hoping that Rachel is just tormenting Dani and that Dani is on her way out tonight. Then hopefully Shelly will be evicted during the double eviction. Shelly has flip flopped so many times that she should run for office!

    • Even BB order R to save Dani, I don’t think R would listen. Believe me, nobody can come between R and her fiancee, unscathed?

      • Really if production is ordering these contestants to save Dani then done because it is no different than the game show scam back in the 50’s. I really do hate that because I loved BB and believed it to be an honest game. The only way to prove that it is not as dishonest as the game show scams back then is if Dani goes tonight.

  14. Rach is the only person that has a chance to handle J&J. Keeping Dani would make no sense. Rach could prob. organize the newbees better than anyone else. Rach wins the 2nd Hoh today and she can handle the house. If she keps Dani, she has to go through her again. (And she can’t do that)

    • Well said. Danielle will stab Rachel in the back the first chance she gets and only making a deal so as not to be evicted! Tonight could be Rachel’s big move. Boot out Danielle, win HOH then, take charge of the house including a backdoor of Jeff if it is there. There is always a risk but, this might be Rachel’s best chance in the game.

  15. Does anyone know the actual time of the eviction vote? I know that they will post it here but, good to know the approximate time of the eviction! We will know for sure how many votes Danielle got.

  16. if Rachel is doing this to mess with daniele’s mind, then why wouldn’t she tell JeJo? she hasn’t ran to them and spilled the beans. if she wasn’t seriously considering it, she’d have already told. but she hasn’t(at least not that i’ve seen)

    Rachel is a smart girl, she knows that for her to go far, jeff needs to go. with Jeff gone, Rachel has a better chance to go far.

    • Rachel is doing this for production. They are building suspense for the live show. The final vote is gonna be to evict JUDAS. Wait and see. It’s all smoke and mirrors to get ratings for tonights show. BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

    • If rachel says what she is doing jejo would start doubting her just like how shelly told them she was going back and forth…i think she is voting dani out though..

  17. I have just been watching all the live feeds from early this morning and I will be very sad to see Dani go. My only satisfaction will be that J/J lovers will see how much Jeff and Jordan lie. Just as much as they accuse Dani of doing. Shelly told Rachel that Jeff threw the veto that Adam won. Rachel got very upset and went to Dani to talk to her. Dani confirmed that she told Jeff he was safe during the comp and Jeff said he might go after Kalia’s vacation and they both threw it. He ended up with cash. Rachel will eventually see that. Dani was telling the truth when Jeff told Dani that he was not going to backdoor or nominate her. I watched it on BBAD Aug. 22. Jeff and Jordan were backtracking like crazy to calm Rachel down after Rachel went to Jeff. He lied and said he did not throw it. Rachel could not understand why Shelly would say that as why would it mean anything to her. She also wanted to know who Shelly thought she would go to final 2 with and they both told her they had no clue. Jordan made a final two deal with Shelly if Jeff were out of the game. I was hoping that Rachel would decide to go with Dani as seeing the two of them fight it out would be be better for her (Rachel) and make for a much better game. She would only have to fight against Dani not both Jeff and Jordan. They all lie, I am not defending Dani, but I do get annoyed when so many posters call Dani names, say she played a horrible game, lies, etc. I will miss her and to me she played a great game. She was not afraid to make bold moves, got Brendon out twice and did not just sit back and do nothing. She is good at comps. Jeff said he was after floaters and simply did what Dani did before him. Now he acts like it is him and only him making a bold move. All his little puppets just follow him. Adam and Shelly are afraid to go against him and obviously afraid to win comps as they both threw this weeks veto comp. Despite what many others say I will miss you.

    • Wait other sites are reporting it’s a done deal and that Rachel has flipped! Did anyone see Rachel say yes she is voting to keep Dani?

      • Kay, I’ve got some magic beans you might like to buy! Rachel vote for Judas?….lol….BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • I am as confused as you. Everyone seems to be saying something different. Guess we will know for sure in a few hours.

      • Clinging to hope no matter what huh? Just like JUDAS herself! She is so gone………like the Zoot Suit she is gone! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • Kay,

        Rachel was going along with it during the late hours last night, but when Shelly and Dani wanted to meet with her, she avoided them…. I think Rachel is trying to have Shelly vote to keep Dani…

        Rachel has successfully ended Shelly’s game relationship with Jeff, Jordan and Adam… Last night J,J and A said they were cutting Shelly off… Jeff caught Shelly whispering to Kalia yesterday and then talking to Dani in the have not room last night… Adam caught Shelly talking to Dani on Shelly’s bed last night… Shellly told Rachhel that Jeffr threw the POV…

      • Leo, this is so sweet. The Judas lovers can’t stand it! They can’t see the forest for the trees. JUDAS IS OUTTA HERE!

      • Kay and Becky. I only belong to this site. I was reporting what I saw on the feeds. This is what happened up to about 3:00 a.m. If Rachel approached Dani again I don’t know about it. I would love it to happen.

  18. why do a lot of people say that Rachel needs Dani and for her to vote to keep her in the house. i dont think Rachel needs dani ,Rachel is not that dumb to keep Dani in the house. i think she playes a better game without Brendon

    • Brendon got kicked out last time in BB because he believed in another Judas – Brittany. Hopefully, BR have learned a lesson, don’t buy Judas’ lies anymore!

  19. Hi everyone! I hav a ? the other night on SHO@ They were all sitting aroung talking abt something? Food? DK, but Shelly said the word and they all laughed and Jordan said she had never heard it called that and Shelly said it was a new orleans thing? does anyone remember what the word was? I cant for the life of me think of it. I wanted to tell my dau and cant rememeber now Anyone know?? thanks K

  20. Another ? tonight after the eviction of Dani(LOL) they play a HOH right? then the HOH must immediately nominate 2 ppl right? for the double eviction. then they do a veto comp? and then someone is out again. the ? is do they then do another HOH for the week? I have watched all the seasons and this still confuses me..

    • No Karen its to shows in 1 hour first eviction (please let it be danny) then hoh then nom then veto then 2nd eviction and another HOH which I assume will be an endurance one and will see a bit of it
      The only down for the first HOH they dont get the room and a 1 week of power

  21. Good afternoon everyone…..

    What is the latest? I see Rachel and Shelly were talking about keepping Dani around 2:00 PM BBT…

    • Leo you r back everybody is thinkin Rachel will flip?
      I cant see that I hope that is not what happens

      • I posted all night…. I think Rachel is string Dani and Shelly along, so this can be the final nail in the coffin for Shelly working with Jeff, Jordan and Adam…

        jeff, Jordan and Adam all said they were cutting Shelly off..

        I have been gone all day, so I am not sure…. I wish Jeff and Jordan would have another convo today..

        They are doing the rehearsal ceremony now!

  22. some of you are funny, if production was in the habit of getting people to switch their votes, i think previous HG’s would have complained in public about it. it’s like Brendon getting voted back in, i’m NOT a fan of his, but i don’t think it was rigged. i think the combination of Brenchel and JeJo fans that got him back in.

    but if Dani stays or goes, Jeff goes next(unless Jordan or Adam win HOH), the victim of FF will be a strong player.

    • Team Dani,

      You have to admit it is curious when Dani says thanks Production and 5 minutes later after Rachel and Dani talk Rachel goes to the DR followed by Dani to the DR….

      Last night was very entertaining, so I wouldn’t mind as long as the good times keep coming on the live feeds

      • And also this morning Rachel and Adam were called to the DR and knowone else. Jeff even said what’s going on with the DR?

    • The houseguests are probably bound by contract to keep them from talking about thier communications with Big Brother in the DR.

  23. I heard on another website that dani ate a cookie while on food restritions. Can someone comfirm or deine it? IF she did eat a cookie does that mean a pently vote causing a 3-3 tie and leave jeff to vote out dani.

    • I heard that and carefully reviewed the video over and over and took screenshots. It was her retainer, not her cookie.

      It was very suspicious, but you can see there’s no chewing, biting, etc. She puts something in her mouth and pushes up.

      I’m no fan of Daniele, but even I could see she didn’t eat a cookie.

      • I seen Dani taking 2 bags of cookies & peanut butter…I had to rewind cause it did look like she ate a cookie.

        Lord after emailing CBS I HOPE she leaves

  24. Has anyone besides me noticed how much Jeff picks his nose? He picks it then flicks it.Yuck! Get the guy a tissue already

  25. How is this for a drama filled show / scenario

    Dani stays and Kalia is evicted…

    Jordan wins the HOH

    Nominates Porsha and Dani

    Porsha wins the Veto

    Jordan renoms Shelly

    Shelly sweats like a dog…

    Dani is evicted by a tie breaker because Jordan saves Shelly

    Shelly would look and feel like an a** on national tv

    • I would laugh my a** off if Shelly would win wouldn’t that make all the vets look like fools? She may lie her head off but everyones more interest getting someone else out.

  26. Rachel already told Shelly she’s not going to vote for Dani because she can’t trust her….so no suspense building for tonight. We now know Dani is going to jury tonight.

      • Well I would like Dani to stay but it dosen’t look good so if she leaves than I want Jeff to go next. This year he’s full of himself and thinks he’s in control I don’t like the way he’s acting with the newbes-like he’s the only player and you better do what he wants.

      • 1:32PM BBT: Rachel joins Shelly in the bathroom Rachel is whispering to Shelly she doesn’t think she can vote for Daniele.
        Rachel: “I have to weight the pros and cons. Porsche is stronger than Jordan, and Daniele is better at HoH competitions.” Shelly: “I will make sure nobody in the jury will look at you.” Rachel: “Nobody in the jury listens to you. It’s all different there, after a week no one cares anymore, you’re calmed down.” She goes on to say that her and Brendon never had a final four deal with Dominic, “Kalia and Lawon were not part of the deal. Porsche and I were friends not game. Daniele came up with the plan for the four of us to back-door J&J.” Rachel tells Shelly about Jeff throwing the cornhole PoV and how it pissed her off.

        Rachel: “Maybe if we had back-doored J&J it would have been different. The whole thing blew up and Daniele put up Brendon. I was target when Kalia was HoH.” Shelly: “I told them I was voting to keep you, then I paid for it by going up the next week.” Shelly: “We have the votes.” Rachel: “Right, but is Porsche and Kalia are just going to be friends? When it comes down to it Daniele will turn before J&J would.”

    • with all the talk about rachel flipping, has anyone thought porche won’t give dani a vote because jeff pulled her off the block, and since she played with them before, that alone will keep her tight with jeff, i don’t think porche will vote for dani to stay no matter wht. porche is who team dani should worry about

  27. @LEO.. If u still here….Give ur take on the 2nd eviction..after watching last nite nothing is gonna suprise me..

    • Here are the scernoarions

      Shelly will nominate

      Jeff and Rachel

      Porsha will nominate

      Jeff annd Jordan

      Dani will nominate
      Jeff and Jordan

      Adam will nominate

      Kalia and Rachel

      Rachel will nominate

      Porsha and Kalia

      Jordan will nominate

      Porsha and Shelly

      Kalia will nominate

      Rachel and Jeff

      I listed Dani and Kalia since they are both in the house at this moment ok?

  28. if rachel votes dani out she only has adam and jordan on her side competing, if she votes kalia out, she has dani,porsha, and shelly on her side! you do the math folks!

    • Yep and if one of them win they put Rachel up. They are backstabbers. Look what they have all done…turned on there own alliance!!!

      • Look at how DANI has treated Kalia..Does that not tell u people just how low Dani will go to stay in the game??? Dani is nobody’s friend..Dani is a user of people…SHE TOLD ALL THE HG’s THAT COULD CAST A VOTE THAT SHE WOULD KEEP THEM SAFE..If that were possible who would she put on the block??? Just something to think about..

  29. I sure wish as well as the internet fees we could get the feeds over a tv channel so I could subscribe and watch the feeds! I think Dani is heading home tonight.

  30. OMG Shelly must be the biggest snake in BB history. She is the female Ronnie. And to think I really liked her a few weeks ago. All she does is go from one person to another telling lies. I think she’s even worse then Ronnie. Every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. And I mean EVERY word. I’m glad J/J and Rachel are finally getting wise to her.

  31. Soooo funny to imagine…Dani makes it thru the first eviction only to get evicted during the 2nd..That would be
    Another problem..Shelly has no choice except to vote Dani out…cause her lastest round of backstabbing was done for DANI..Dani will rat her out to the remaining HG’s..But J&J AND R&A have given her a false sense of security. They are gonna waiting untill after the eviction before confronting her..Will be some good stuff on BBAD,,

    • she will probably blame it all on Rachel it work for her the first time but I hope it doesn’t this time I hope she is exposed

      • We believe that if she votes for Dani she is gonna blame Rachel or Adam..She does not know yet that she has been outted by Adam and Rachel..

      • Ellablue,’

        After last night, when Jeff caught Shelly in the Have nt room with Dani and Adam caught Shelly talking to Dani on her bed, Jeff, Jordan and Adam are doen with Shelly….. They are waiting until Dani is evicted and then they will confront Shelly…. They don’t know it is a double eviction week though…. I will die laughing if Shelly wins the HOH and nominaqtes Jeff and Rachel and Jeff or Rachel win the POV and Porsha is evicted…. Shelly and Kalia would be on the top of everyone’s hit list…. That is another entertaining scenario huh? LMAO!!!

      • YES Ella..J&J & R&A they all got together and figured it out…But Shelly does not know that..She may suspecyt it but does not know for sure..

  32. I cant wait o see dani go and have 2 live with “Bookie”! Does anyone with comcast know what channel and time its on?? I love BB!

  33. It’s really none of ur business what I do and how I spend my time..If u wanna pay my way in life such housing, food, clothing, medical and dental needs, car payment and insurance, and all the other items that help make my life what it is: THEN U CAN COME IN HERE AND TELL ME (OTHER PEOPLE) IT’S A WASTE OF TIME…YOU DO NOT PAY MY INTERNET BILL AND U DID NOT BUY MY
    PC SOOO YO ASS NEEDS TO TAKE A HIKE…That is just my opinion and take on ur comment..

  34. @LEO…Did Shelly tell Dani that Rachel was not gonna vote to keep her?? I did not see it if she did..I would guess she didn’t cause DANI IS ALL UPBEAT AND HAPPY..

    • Fly,

      Shelly thinks she can scare Rachel into voting Kalia out by saying if Rachel is in the FInal 2 and Shelly isn’t, Shelly will make sure she doesn’t get a vote

      Shelly is probably also banking on if Dani is evicted, Jeff and Jordan will believe her (Shelly) over Rachel when Shelly blames it on Rachel

      Shelly doesn’t know that Je,, Jordan, Adam and Rachel are all going to confront her after Dani is evicted…. I can’t wait…. This is exciting huh? L~O~L!!!

      • TKS BUT MY QUESTION WAS…Does DANI know or did Shelly tell her that Rachel is not gonna vote for her??

      • Fly,

        I answered in the last post why Shelly didn’t tell Dani…..

        1) Shelly thinks she can scare Rachel into keeping Dani by saying she will make sure no on except Brendon votes for her to win

        2) Shelly is going to blame Rachel and assume J,J and A will believe her over Rachel

        That is why I explained the situation about J,J,A and R confronting Shelly after Dani is evicted!

        ******* Dani still thinks Rachel, Shelly and Porsha are evicting Kalia *******

    • With Rachel getting J,J and A to turn on Shelly, it benefits Rachel…. J,J won’t keeo A over Rachel because they think everyone likes Adam and Adam knows alot of the questions about HG’s and times and dates…

    • she can only do that if she is not evicted which it looks like she will be but then again ……

  35. With less than a hour ago, judgement day is coming. The great Lawon will return to the house with a vengeance like no other. Jejo and Rach better watch out.

  36. looks like tonight is going to be a crqzy night, if dani leaves i can go to bed early knowing the show will be a total bore without her,andjust because i love dani doesnt mean i cant like the other hg. i actually like rachel, and everyone else for that matter, i mean they havent done anything to me.

    • Noooo will not be boring..Shelly unless evicted 2nd round will be confronted by possibly Jeff Jordon Adam and Rachel (-ONE EVICTED)

      • that’s righ will have Jeff the bully Adam the nobody and Rachel it’a not fair to watch what a wonderful time we’ll have. CAN YOU SAY Boring????

  37. The stupidist thing Rachel could do this evening is vote to evict Kalia. Brendon could go postal on her when he found out.

    • if she did that then everybody that was making fun of her and calling her stupid was right.
      I dont think she is that dumb

      • Shelly is the dumb one who will watch Rachel take her place in the Final 3 where Shelly used to be… Adam won’t even trust her anymore

      • To see Shelly expose will be even more satisfying then seen Danni evicted
        Having both happening on the same night priceless

      • if its a fight they got feeds and BBAD…I ain’t missing nothing if I can help it..

  38. be back in a few..gotta feed my child before the show..I don’t someting to happen and me have to jump up outta my chair and hit my yall

  39. Raquel necesita conseguir su cara fijada. Parece los cráteres de luna. Ella necesita conseguir una elevación de cara, y quita esa celulitis. Shelly El botox exfoliado de las necesidades en ése arrugó la cara.

  40. Matt,
    I had to go out of town for a funeral and I’m stuck in a hotel room where CBS is showing a pre season football game. Can I watch tonight’s episode live online?

  41. 1 minuto hasta Keith toma su trono en el cuarto de HOH. Kalia y Jeff mejores tienen cuidado. Mi predicción para esta noche. Dani y exfoliado estarán en la casa del jurado, y America’ el jugador preferido Keith de s, ganará el HOH. Raquel hará estallar un zit, exfoliado gritará y el humo, y Porsche comerá algo, y Kalia dormirá y comerá.

  42. Oh Big Jeff your face was priceless! A late bday gift for dani in the jury house to be followed by little jeffy!!

    • Amen! What a rotten stinky – and the post-E “I’m a man” speach to Julie – please! So lame, it even grossed Julie out – given the fact two women just threw his sweet cheeks out of the house. Money talks and bulls**t walks – bye lil jeffy!

  43. IF I had of been Jordon and Shelly just tried to make nice with me I WOULD HAVE SLAPPED HER and got self evicted..NO JOKE NO LIE..

  44. Hello?? Anybody?? I’m on the West Coast and won’t know what happened for another three hours. A little help.

      • yes she did o that’s right she should of just rolled over and gave him the 500,000 because we all know what a great player he WAS!

      • ohh yes, she did throw jeff under the bus and it was a duble decker bus lol good for her thats what the game is about beg, borrow or steal to make it to the end, ettiequette does not count on bb its a matter of witts and survival, lol

  45. Shelly absolutely disgusts me; she preached honesty all season and called Jeff and Jordan a great couple yet she turns on them even though next hoh will be 3-2 against her. She’s setting a great example for her daughter.

    • Shelly is no different from any other player
      in the house. She is trying to win the money
      just like the other players. I have not always
      been a fan on her game, but I truly understand
      how she felt with Jeff yelling at her. There
      are consequences for even HIS behavior. Jordan
      has truly shown her true colors as well with
      her screaming match with Shelly and the name
      calling (uncalled for) about Dani. You are not
      a nice person if you are only nice when you
      are winning. Losing brings out true character.

  46. Good job BB at least now I don’t have to waste anymore time watching. I can get back to life. LOL gonna be the most boring final four weeks ever. This is the worst remaining cast in big brother history.

    • can’t give up until both Rachel and Jordan gone. Then don’t care as long as shelly doesn’t win.

  47. well folks ur 3 choices maybe …3 slugs. pitiful pitiful.I d would still hit that bitch..I would getself evicted,..

    • Since she could care less about being there anymore it would be worth it, but unlike Shelly, Jordan is a lady, A wonderful one.

      • Afraid your definition of “lady” and
        mine are totally different. She has
        not behaved like a lady tonight.

      • Lady ??? Did you miss her cursing out Shelly like a BIG SORE LOSER or a drunken sailor. Take your pick !!!!!!!!

  48. Shelly would have never flipped unless she new Jeff would go home right after Danni production again suggesting.
    Now what will she tell Jordan to justify that?
    Jordan or Rachel I hope you win next (as long as production allows it) and Kick that cancer stick home

    • It’s a game for 500,000 everyone there’s to win and everyone has used and lied in this game Shelly’s doing whats best for her just like jj was. And everyone knew what Shelly was doing so shame on them for allowing it. And as far as the floaters they could of gotten rid of them but they chose to use them and it bit them in the butt. GO SHELLY!!!!

      • The only place Shelly needs to go is back home so she can stop being an embarrassment to her daughter and to start writing her sentences for lying…she has lied so much she will be writing sentences until her daughter is in college.

  49. Don’t worry everybody – with Dani in the JH, maybe for the first time in a very long time, Brendon and Jeff will be forced to live alone with a strong female with an extra-big can of whoop-ass that won’t tolerate their degrading snap-to-it comments and humuliating references like Rachel and Jordon seem to lap up like kittens to milk. Jeff was right – Jordon does need to get a set.

    • You have no clue what you are talking about.Jordan gets it that is just the way Jeff talks when he gets excited about what he is talking about. He doesn’t abuse her.It’s obvious he adores her.

  50. Shelly had to do what she did. I love Jordan but come on……they preach that it’s not personal just game play and Jordan (the rest of the vets) go crazy when the game is being played against them. It should be shame on them not shame on Shelly. Shelly was playing the game.

  51. I wish everyone could be aware of how badly Jordan
    acted tonight. It’s “just a game” when they are doing the lying and hurting others’games, but it is
    personal when it happens to Jeff. She had Jeff for
    longer than any other duo team had their partner.
    Jeff secured his own eviction with his bully game

  52. Jeff was gloating every time he got his way in
    evictions. He was very arrogant and not a good loser. I haven’t seen the others gloat like that
    except for Rachel. If you are “just playing” the
    game, then there is a nice way to do it when you
    win and a very ugly way to do it. The nastiness
    is really uncalled for in any game.

    • Amen to that ! Jeff is a pompous ASS ! Didn’t like him the first time either. Jordan crying like a baby is just as annoying. Like Danielle said , those 2 expected them to just hand them their paychecks ! When Jeff lost the veto he looked like he was about to cry. Even Brendan (not a fan either of the Brenchel’s) had more class to Julie when he got evicted TWICE !

  53. can someone pls tell who has won hoh to date? i dont remember whether jeff won it once or twice??? pls
    thank you

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