Big Brother 13: Week 7 Eviction Predictions

Eviction Day for Big Brother 13! Well, actually double eviction day, but since there’s no way to even know who will be nominated we’re just going to focus on the first eviction. Check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

With all the insanity that went on last night it’s a tricky call for who will end up going home. I’ve said all week it’ll be Daniele and I’m going to stick to my guns.

Big Brother 13 Week 7 Eviction Predictions – Daniele or Kalia:

Big Brother 13 Daniele
Big Brother 13 Daniele
Big Brother 13 Daniele
Big Brother Access Big Brother 13 Daniele
Big Brother 13 Daniele
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Daniele
Big Brother Live Big Brother 13 Daniele

Today is going to be crazy in the house. I can’t wait to watch how things go.

What do you think? Share your guess in the poll and explain why in the comments.


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    • I’m with you all the way Wayne!!!It’s taken a while, but you have to remember she didn’t play the first three weeks. GOOD BYE DANI!!!

      • Wayne are you kidding ?You really think Rachel prettier than Dani?I hope when she comes back for the finally she dyes her hair back blonde than you be eating your heart out. I think the reason she didnt do it before this show she wanted win on her game not her looks.

      • Lori, no, Judas is not my type at all. Blonde or brunette. Like I just said above, her face reminds me of a female “Caveman Lawyer” from the old SNL skit with Phil Hartman.

      • I will be the first to say Rachel isnt ugly .I just think Dani is cuter.I love the clothes she wears.I wish I could fit in them lol.I guess you tell by the post a must be alittle cubby.I never be able to fit in anything Dani wears.Envy I guess.

    • There is no way that I can see for Rachel not to vote to evict Dani. Dani is no good to her either way, i.e., she is a competitor in comps and she is not trustworthy by going against the vet alliance from the beginning. I think that some stuff on here is to cause drama and stir the pot. We have seen this every time someone goes up for eviction, someone in the house tries to stir up the pot so there is drama to watch. What has happened in the end consistently so far? Everyone eventually has voted the way we all initially expected. Rachel will not team up with Dani. Rachel wants to get Dani out just as much as J&J do. Then we may see Rachel go after J&J but not yet.

  1. I think Dani will leave because Rachel isn’t a dummy… Although I don’t like Rachel’s personality, I think she plays a smart game. It’s funny because I am a Dani fan, and this week has left me disliking her personality, yet she has great game plays too. Oh, if only the two of them could be in the final 2…not gonna happen though..:(

    • I hope Rachel realizes that Jeff was the one to blow the veto in order to get Brandon out of the house. I also hope that Dani can change her mind and get her vote!

      • Rachel is so dumb that she is going to believe anything Jeff says….and she will never go further than 3rd place!

  2. I have no vested interest in any of the players. I am vested in the entertainment value. Without Dani some of the drama entertainment slipps away. And we are stuck with more eating and sleeping and Big Jessf Breast beating.

  3. I think you will all be surprised. Kalia is a goner. Dani is going to convince Rachel that she is better off without J&J. Shelly had the idea first and Porsche will do what she is told. That’s 3 and that’s all she needs.

      • Don’t give Shelly that much credit…production told her to go out there and bring the Jeff throwing the veto to start drama and get Rachel mad at Jeff but what they didn’t realize is that she went straight to Jeff and talked to him about it. Dani’s not as smart as she thinks and PRODUCTION needs to stay the heck out of the game and stop trying to save Dani…it’s her time to gooooooo :)

      • Production is not going to stay out of the game. They are going to do what is good for ratings and keeping Dani is good for ratings! And Wayne pigs just might fly

  4. Rachel planned this out perfectly…..When I think about it…Rachel is pissed that they took her stuff, she was able to schmooz her way to find out that Shelly took the dog…so, she figured a lot out. So….she tells Dani and Shelly that she will vote to keep Dani…WITH NO INTENTION of doing so. Her whole purpose is to out Shelly and her devious behavior…and now with Adam spilling the beans the house will be split after Dani is gone….JJ,R,A vs Shelley, Porshe and Kalia…..but P and K won’t trust Shelley….GREAT game play by Rachel….And its all Shelley’s fault for telling Jordan about the duck which started this whole thing….love love love it….by Dani!!

  5. How did Jeff know what Dani said about him to Julie when she was in the HOH room and no one could “supposedly” hear? i must have missed something. Can someone help me??

    • Julie said it to Judas on the Thursday Live show. Judas was not in the HOH room. Judas was on the sofa in the living room with everyone when it was said.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Makes you think about what really goes on in the D.R. I so wish Rachal and Dani would team up and get bully Jeff out of the house. He has been bullying people since he got there. He showed his true colors when Kalia told him she was putting him on the block and he started yelling at her trying to intimidate her. Both Rachal and Dani have played the game the hardest and both deserve to be in the finals. I just wish they could see that and form some kind of truce alliance. It would be the dream team. And it would be interesting to see who got the votes in the jury house. Everyone in that house is stupid for not getting the couples split up immediately. Anyone that thinks they are going to the finals with Jeff or Jordan is just plain stupid. Jeff & Jordan will be unstoppable unless Rachal makes a big move this week. We know all the other house guests will betray each other and stab each other in the back (that is what the show was meant to be) Jeff and Jordan would never do that to each other. I didnt like the whole couples coming in anyway. Seems so unfair. This season is designed for a vetran winner. The ultimate Big Brother Season 13 finale…Rachal vs Dani in the final two!!!

      • It wasn’t set up for the Vets to win. The newbies could have stopped them… they had the numbers 8 to 5 when Dick left. So, it is because of the newbies that the Vets are so strong. They could have picked them off one by one but chose not to.

      • The newbies are just not that smart and they recruited Dani because she is not that smart…she made such dumb moves she even got her little P.T. out because she was playing the game stupid. She is pathetic for using the “my friends on prodction will quit if I leave” and telling Adam “my dad won’t like you if you vote me out” and getting her to have Porsh say “my friend Janelle will think you are an awesome player if you keep Adam”…she makes me sick and if production does something to make sure she stays, I am so done with the show. I’m dissapointed that they are even getting involved with the game..

  6. I am praying Jordan gets the HOH next week to save her and Jeff – this double eviction has me scared. I love that couple and hope they win. (well one of them) BB consider NO double eviction if Jeff and Jordan or Jeff OR Jordan are up. Adam is just there – should have been gone a long time ago. Shelley is two faced – playing the game but even though it is a game, I hate liars – look at Jordan – she is not back stabbing, etc. like Shelley. Porch & Kalia need to leave ASAP. Dani I hope is gone tonight. Leaves my J & J in the house! <3

    • I personally think that Adam is playing the smartest game. The strongest competitor does not mean winner. The winner is the person who makes it to the end and gets the votes and can win WHEN THEY NEED TO. Adam hasn’t needed to win yet.

      • If Dani leaves I want Rachel to get HOH and put up Jeff and Jordan. Only smart move for anyone that wins HOH this week is to get rid of Jeff or Jordan. Otherwise the closest they will get to winning is third place Wake up newbies!!!!!!

  7. Dani has to go and if she don’t production had alot to do with it since Dani has 2 friends in production so she shouldn’t even be allowed on the show

    • Totally agree wih you Kim…production gt WAY to involved with trying to save their friend and that’s going to ruin the show and possibly put them off of the air if they don’t just let the contestants play the game. They should’t even be allowed to have people on the show who are friends with production!!!

  8. I vote to evict Miss Kalio cuz she is a kiss azz to JJ. Dani will be the one to join Bukki in the jury house..she will be giving Bukki an ear full of how JJ backstab him.

    Anyone, but JJ for the win.

  9. Bye bye dani. Hope they show us just you and brendon in jury house together. Can’t wait. This season you kalia and porcche have done a lot of sleeping you should have stayed awake and played the game.

  10. Dani will leave but she will not be with Brandon ALONE!!! DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT means Dani will have company in moving in with Brandon. Maybe Rachel and Dani will be saying HEY to Brandon tonight? Any thoughts on the second eviction? I hope Rachel gets safe by winning the short HOH!!!!

      • One of the vets would go home. Either Rach or Jeff… Shelly is ready to make the bold move if she wins. Adam still sucks Jeffs ass. The Top HG to win HOH given Dani is gone would be Rach Kalia and Porsche.. the others are just sailin

  11. Hopefully Shelly will be the second evictee!!! She has got to be the MOST unattractive older woman houseguest ever on BB!!!

    • Shelly is not a very good person & doesn’t set a very good image for daughter, fill sorry for her she has to tolerate her liying mother all the time. Shelly will go next & Devil Dani & Brendon will kill her in the jury house.

    • Oh for goodness sake….plase tell me who in the house hasn’t been a liar! It is the Big Brother game folks It is all about lying

      • Thank you Paula! I agree! Why is everyone so anti-Shelley? She’s playing both sides of the house just like most people have…not necessarily THIS season. Shelley is trying to win in her own way. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again! I would love see the haters on this web site in the house! If you think you can play the game better than or different than Shelley or Rachel or Dani or Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, Porsche or Adam, submit your video! We will ALL be watching!

  12. why does everyone hate Dani, sheesh, she’s my favourite player, i really want to see ugly jeff gone now, he’s pissing me off. if dani stays i want to watch her slash jeff’s big head and send him out, if kalia stays she better fight and win that HOH, i want to see those big headed veterans squirm. i still can’t forgive bb for putting previous players with new ones, majorly unfair.

    • And I can’t forgive BB for putting guest in the house who have friends in production who try to influnence the game…Even with all of the help production has tried to give Dani, I still think she is GONE GONE GONE tonight :)

      • If production friends are helping the BB devil witch, they should all be fired & DEVIL DANI should be kicked off. She doesn’t talk to her Dad so how can she tell Adam that he will not like him. She is the most disgusting person ever on BB she is worse than 2 yr olds. Goodbye Devil, hope you rot in hell…………….

      • how will production influence the game? they probably wont be allowed to and what would they do? tell her what to do? please. if you ask me, the only person who’s possibly been helped is brendon, i still don’t believe america voted him to be back in.

  13. Hey guys did all the drama happen after BBAD went of if so can someone please fill me in on what happen

  14. Dani or Kalia don’t deserve to be in the house. Both are arrogant and devious, back stabers. Kalia does nothing at all but talk crap with Dani. K may lose weight if she would stop eating and do something. I hope they both get ZONKED. The house needs Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. They are good at what they do.

  15. I am thinking it is Adam’s time to win HOH. With that, he will put up Kalia with either Rachel/Porche, and Kalia will join Dani for the drive to the jury house.

  16. Why did Brendan, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Dani all even get to come back on the show for a 2nd time? They had their chances and Jordan won. No fair..

    • i agree, the producers shouldn’t have brought new people in the game with the old ones, it gives the newbies a lesser chance of winning.

    • just curious why the hate for dani, if she did someting i missed tell me so I can hate her to Pleasse

  17. Will be watching the updates from you guys – Stupid Carolina Panthers football is going to be showing instead of Big Brother – GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  18. If I was there and Rachel I would vote for kalia then blame Adam or shelly so Jeff would target them. Dani would loose someone that could help her. I am amazed that Adam doesn’t think they will evict him. What a great chance he had to liven up game. Now so boring. Really dislike jjo this season oh well

  19. Hey isn’t this about drama lying and scheming? I love dani because at least she tries! Porche,kalia,Adam Jordan so boring! Especially Jordan this year tired of her if she wins again I will disappointed. Jeff has won all the money but no one seems to care. Rachel adds drama but sure she is a nice person. At least dani is going to school and not dumb like Jordan !!!!

      • Ahh, spoken like a true Team Dani devotee. Yes, it’s certainly by no fault of her own if anything goes wrong or someone doesn’t like her. Daniele is only the victim. :)

      • Dannie is a good player…they all pick on her because in reality their afraid to keep her in house..

      • aw come on MATT… i agree she’s made some pretty dumb moves but ever since her dad ditched her and BB everybody has been giving her sh*t…

    • @Lee Ivory ppl hate Dani because of all the nasty and vile comments she say’s about Rachael & eggs her side kick porche & shelly to steal things from Rachael. I mean really lying & backstabbing is one thing, but stealing personal possessions and making fun of someone’s disability (Rachael said she was dyslexic) to me is despicable. I’m no Rachael fan, but she has never stolen or made fun of anyone who had a disability as far as I know. She lies & backstabs like everyone else but she doesn’t lower herself by doing what Dani & Porsche & Shelly have. I was a Dani fan until she started acting like a spoiled brat & resorted to those disgusting tactics. You don’t win anyone’s favor that way. Also who goes on the show & air’s their “family” problems. Whatever the reason she & her Dad don’t talk, at least keep it private. Just like everyone was disgusted w/Matt making up lie about his wife having a terrible disease to win & everyone thought him disgusting, to me Dani is no better. She lost my respect, and I’m sorry to say I changed my mind about wanting her to win anything but a ticket home. Just my opinion. At this point I’d like to see Rachael win just to stick it to Dani. I never liked JJ and I don’t think they done much to winn 500k nor has any of the newbee’s either so I’d settle for Rachael at this point.

      • Oh I dont remember her talking about people handicaps, thats not good..I under stand that.but the backstabbing, lieing and being two faced is the long name for Big Brother

      • Yeah it was on live feed & yes I’m not down on Dani for the lying & backstabbing its part of BB game for sure. Just not all that big on other stuff. I don’t feel she needed to act like a bratty kid, taking personal property etc. Rachael & Brendon have done alot of lying & backstabbing as well…most everybody does which adds to drama just don’t think you need to stoop so low as she did. She just should have stuck to her original game & not gone off on some personal vendetta. She allowed too much emotion into her game play & I think that & aligning herself w/two useless ppl. was her downfall. She literally had to do everything because they couldn’t.

  20. I think Dannie will go home but only because all the other house guests are hooked up by the boot straps with Big Jeff. Floaters afraid to do something like flip the house ..Unfortunately

  21. Danielle seems so nice and honest…oh boy, she surly isn’t. I don’t watch the live feeds (unfortunately) but I do get After Dark. Danielle is as two faced as they is Kalia!!

  22. Wouldn’t it be great if Dani went to the jury house and then Rachel came following? That would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. If Dani, doesn’t go tonight then I will finally come to the conclusion that this show is rigged!! And I will not watch it again! I’ve heard enough about Dani and her friends “Jeff and Natalie “from the yeah she could be getting everyones info that they talk about! SO NOT FAIR BB

  24. I think Danielle will only because Adam is a thick headed pussy. She doesn’t deserve to leave b4 Adam because he has floated on by this entire time. He studders and stammers so much he never completes a full sentence. I can’t wait to see his face when Jeff evicts him and he hears all the bad stuff Jeff is babbling about him. Jeff is a bully and only cares about himself. He’s worse than Rachel with the f*** word. Watch out Jordon hope you never get on Jeff’s bad side. He is a big phony IMO !!!!

  25. Well i sure hope that Shelly is the next one to go, liers do not dissever any money. Shelly has finally shown her true colors. Hope your next Shelly

    • I think shelly dont have a physical game but the way she strung the big bad Jeff along and then dumped him was priceless

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