Big Brother 13 Week 7: Did Daniele Just Save Herself? Late Night Potential Shift In Votes

Big Brother Daniele and Rachel

Late night shenanigans on the Live Feeds could make today out to be one heck of a ride. There were surprising revelations about thrown competitions and enemies becoming frenemies. Will it last the day or is it all a front to crash some hopes and dreams? They were once the “Dream Crushers Alliance” but will it end that way?

Let’s start at the beginning of any good house flip this season: Shelly. Flashback to last night at 12:52 AM BBT to find Shelly and Rachel discussing competitions when Shelly drops this bomb: “Jeff threw the cornhole game.” This was the Veto comp where Jeff, Adam, and Daniele agreed to give it to Adam so Daniele could backdoor Brendon. Jeff definitely threw it and apparently Daniele let Shelly in on that secret. Of course that news isn’t going to sit well with Rachel considering it led to her Bookie’s eviction.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 25, 2011 @ 12:52 AM BBT on Camera 1
August 25, 2011 @ 1:03 AM BBT on Camera 3
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Rachel heads inside and finds Daniele in the Have-Not room. Flashback to 1:03AM BBT. Daniele starts pouring her heart out, her black, black heart (I kid, I kid!), and starts to cry about her mistakes in the game. Kinda funny at the start of the conversation to hear Rachel say that “nobody wanted to be here as much as Brendon” and then a few minutes later Daniele says, “nobody wants to be here as much as I do. Nobody.” Everybody wants to be here more than nobody!

Daniele continues to work Rachel to be the pivot vote and it’s hard to tell if Rachel is being convinced or if she is just smiling and nodding. Flashback to 1:32AM BBT for vote counting and strategical options. They discuss whether Daniele could get Shelly or Adam to vote to keep her. Daniele isn’t letting on that Shelly has already pledged support to keep her. Very guarded trust here between these two.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 25, 2011 @ 1:32 AM BBT on Camera 3
August 25, 2011 @ 2:25 AM BBT on Camera 2
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When Rachel comes back out and sits with Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly (Flashback to 2:25AM BBT) she tells Jeff she was arguing with Daniele. Now was she lying to Jeff to protect this deal with Daniele or because she didn’t want to expose any details in front of Shelly? Hmm…

Let’s see what Rachel tells Jeff in private. Flashback to 2:38AM BBT to find Rachel heading up to HoH room. Rachel asks Jeff if he threw the Veto competition, because that’s what Shelly told her. Jeff doesn’t even deny it, he just asks “where’d she hear that?” Sheesh, Jeff. Eventually Jeff starts to deny it, but not very well. Jeff tells Rachel Daniele is spreading lies to cause drama and rally votes. The pair start yelling, well mostly Jeff yelling getting angry. Queue the “Jeff is a bully!” cries because you’re not allowed to get passionate in this game. [insert Daniele’s patented eye-roll here]

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 25, 2011 @ 2:38 AM BBT on Camera 3
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Jordan comes up and the conversation continues between all three. Things calm down and while I didn’t catch Rachel exposing her exact talk with Daniele she lets it be known that there’s turmoil coming their way. They continue to talk for almost an hour. Along the way Jeff soothes Rachel’s concerns over the Veto competition which was the whole reason she was considering keeping Daniele. Rachel seems convinced that Jeff didn’t throw the comp (he totally did). Does that mean Daniele is back on the road out of here? Could be.

Meanwhile back downstairs we get confirmation from Adam to Daniele that he will NOT vote to keep her. I guess he was sick of her badgering. Flashback to 3:00AM BBT Cam 1 to hear Adam tell Daniele it’s “100%” that he’ll be voting her out.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 25, 2011 @ 3:00 AM BBT on Camera 1
August 25, 2011 @ 3:15 AM BBT on Camera 1
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Daniele doesn’t think she needs Adam’s vote though if she really has Rachel joining Porsche and Shelly so Flashback to 3:15AM BBT to find a jubilant Daniele talking with Shelly. Daniele really believes she’s staying. Rather hard to be sure either way right now and we’re the ones who can see everything!

Big Brother 13 Daniele

What do you think? Will Rachel make a most unlikely alliance with Daniele or has Jeff calmed her nerves enough to stick to the plan and evict Daniele? Adam is no longer the pivot vote. The pressure now rests on Rachel. This is going to be an awesome day on the Live Feeds that you won’t want to miss. Grab the Free Trial now & watch!


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  1. Dani fan here, but I dont think Rachel will flip..too much has been said and done for Rachel to forgive. Rachel is playing smart by trying to show up Shelley as the snake that she is.

    • What better way to show up Shelly AND Adam by flipping the vote to keep Dani!! Rachel said IF she flipped she’d blame Shelly and Adam. If that happened I would almost bet that Rachel and Porsche are golden to be F2. Sit back at the bottom of the hit list and let J&J, Adam, Shelly, and Dani take each other out.

      • How would that show up Shelly? Shelly is voting to keep Danielle anyways. However, I do see your point. If two people flip, then Rachel could use the “Adam and Shelly are so close” card. But, if Shelly is voting to keep Danielle anyways, Rachel will feel the heat more than Shelly. But, I do agree that could happen.

      • You can really tell that Dani is production’s lil darling, and that they really want her to stay and will do anything to make sure she does. Think Jeff, who I really like, screwed his chances when he went against Production when he put Dani up after Production asked him to make sure Dani stayed. Reality television is always scripted television anyway. Tired of BB and going to bed.

      • @HmphGoodPoint
        Shelly said she is only flipping if it’s pretty well in the bag that Rachel or Adam flips too.
        How ill it show up Shelly? Shelly will be exposed as a traitor and as “Big Jeff” says “If you’re not with me, you’re against me.” J & J would target Shelly and Adam for betraying them and will continue to gun for Dani too. Meanwhile Rachel can play both sides of the house. J & J would not think that Rachel, of all people, would join forces with Shelly and Dani. I agree: Rachel would be golden there on after. I hope she does it. She’s not afraid to make a big move, unlike that pu$$y Adam.

        Great point Jill :)

    • I agree. Dani fan here too, but I really don’t see rachel flipping. Man, how I wish she would though.

      • You never know. Lots of people want Dani to stay and I think Rachel can be swayed, especially if production offers her something sweet? I really don’t want Jeff, Jordan and Adam to get to the finals and win.

  2. What a silly little loser Judas is! Can’t wait to see her cry a river to Julie tonight. Judas actually thinks rachel is gonna save her? LMFAO!! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

    • The good part is Danielle sang like a tweety bird about Jeff’s betrayal when he lost the POV to Adam. Not sure but, I would hazard a guess that Danielle did not tell the part about it being her idea! She is part of that plan to throw the POV so, should be booted out! Hopefully, Rachel uses her head and votes out Danielle! Rachel can settle the score with Jeff down the line or when she wins HOH preferably this week! At some point,
      Rachel has to peel from the alliance for the simple reason that she will be a huge target because Jeff knows that Rachel knows that he betrayed their alliance!

      • Obviously, Dani was apart of the plan to throw the competition. She wanted Brendon out and Rachel knew that.

        Watching the feeds yesterday I truly believe Rachel was being genuine! If she keeps Dani, it would be a smart move! Jeff and Jordan will end up winning if Dani doesn’t stay, that’s just the truth.

        I think people are underestimating how powerful their friendship was before it all went downhill. Rachel and Ragan can be friends, well then so can Rachel and Dani.

        Definite renewal of my approval for Rachel! :)

      • Wow @DAni is amazing guy, you will approve Rachel if she votes for who you want to stay? As Danielle would say, “shocker.” Obviously, you only see the benefits of keeping someone you are rooting for. If she keeps Danielle, Danielle has a HUGE chance of racking up the $ because J/J’s alliance is already turning on them and ready to vote Jeff out. However, Danielle’s alliance is not…think about it.

      • Don’t think that what dani did should matter as much as Rachel knowing that her own alliance was apart of getting her man gone. For Jeff to thrown the game for that reason makes him Judas not Dani. Unlike Jeff, Dani was not one of Brendans’/their alliances.

    • Hell to the NO, Rachel’s not giving Dani a third chance to screw her. Dani said if she stays, she’s screwing Rachel. She’s going home. And if she doesn’t production gave her a buttload of cash.

      • @Dani is amazing username: Obviously, you only see the benefits of keeping someone you are rooting for. If she keeps Danielle, Danielle has a HUGE chance of racking up the $ because J/J’s alliance is already turning on them and ready to vote Jeff out. However, Danielle’s alliance is not…think about it.

      • ~@ dani is amazing. She said it to shelly lastnight, right after rachel agreed to keep dani. What all of the dani fans are failing to realize is that rachel would have never told adam and jejo abbout everything, if she was gonna vote to keep dani…how could she blame it on adam and shelly then? Hello!

      • yes, the one here. I was in and it just kicked me out. Now, when I try to return, it says something about capacity. I also saw that others were having problems, too.

      • I just went in the chat room again without any problems. If it was at capacity earlier than what’s the question? It’s not at capacity right now and I got in without a problem.

        Maybe try a different browser since it seems to be an issue on your end.

  3. Does anyone else have a problem with Jordan and her hair? She always has her hands pulling at her long bangs.

    • It drives me crazy too. I use to close my eyes when she did it but then I would miss the entire show, cause she does it constantly. I wonder if it is some sort of nervous habit.

      • Yes, I think it is a habit of Jordan’s… nervous, I don’t know. It
        just seems she can’t stop herself. It
        drives so many people crazy that I am
        surprised BBrother hasn’t said some-
        thing to her about it. Maybe she ought
        to keep her hair all one length???

    • Yes..I think its a nervous habit!! Watch Dani too. When she’s talking/lying to someone…she is always putting her hair behind her ears!!

    • i think she is just nervous,but its driving me crazy too. I don’t think she realizes what she is doing. Let it alone already…

  4. I don’t think Rachel will save Dani. I agree that too much has happened between the 2 of them to forgive and forget. Dani was the whole reason Brendon was on the block to begin with. That’s really too bad though, I think if Dani stayed it would definitely be a lot more interesting to watch. Would love to see Jeff and Dani go head to head.

    • The caveman bitch has to go after Dani leaves tonight. Snitches get stitches and in end up in ditches.

      • Why stitch up a corspe that you throw in a ditch? GO RACHEL! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • There once was a bitchy-brat, Dani
        Who sashayed and twitched her eye-rolling fanny
        But, ‘lo and behold
        By Jeff, she was told,
        On Thursday, get out -take the tranny!

    • We have offered Rachel 10k to keep Dani in. We don’t want this to become the Jeff and Jordan show. It’s literally boring.

  5. Rachel didn’t buy Jeff’s excuse. She’s getting rid of Dani, Shelly, and then Jeff. She knows what the deal is. She said she was keeping Dani to expose Shelly to JJ. they’re so thickheaded she had to take that route so they can finally see it. She threw Shelly under the bus big time. JJ and Adam don’t trust Shelly anymore. If Rachel wins HOH next week, Meathead is gone, she’ll have the votes.

    • I agree. Rachel will vote out Dani. She is well aware of what Jeff has done but she is going to leave it right now because she needs to get Dani out. Rachel is not dumb like some may think.

      • I think Rachel will spend some time today weighing all options and do whats best for Rachel. That girl is way underestimated.

      • Rachel said that if she gave Daniele her vote she would make it look like Shelly and Adam were the ones who flipped. Rachel just might do it to stir up the pot, expose Shelly and ‘Adam’ and then she sits pretty between the two sides.If Rachel can see past seeking revenge for her Bookies’ eviction, she could be golden. COME ON RACHEL! STIR UP THE POT!

    • Rachel and Brendon’s weakness is being able to feel the other house guests. Danielle knows because she has betrayed everyone else so, she kind of knows where everyone is leaning to! Rachel and Brendon has been sort of slow to realize who and who isn’t on their side. The plus is Rachel can adjust her game to suit her and now, she can see Jeff and Jordan in a new light. I do not think Rachel will flip as she knows that Danielle will also go after her given the chance! So, why let Danielle escape when she is at her most vulnerable? I am sure Rachel if she wins HOH will put up Shelly now and possibly Jeff. With Rachel asking Jeff about the POV, she could be next on Jeff’s target because he will now feel that she might leave the alliance down the line. Rachel could be backdoored by Jeff if she does not make a move now. So, I think Rachel might go after Jeff if she wins HOH. I still believe that when Jeff deliberately lost the POV—-that was a bad move and now, it might just come back to bite him!

      • So true….their social game blows. You can not go around saying things like you’re the greatest players to ever play, and one has so many flaws.

    • I would be very surprised if Rachel is not just giving Dani false hope as a sort of punishment. Even though Jeff threw the veto comp that sent Brendan packing it was Dani who put Brendan up for eviction (twice). I’m sure Rachel considers that far worse than Jeff’s throwing the veto comp. In other words, it was Dani that came between Rachel and “her man”.

      • I agree. Rachel can give Dani false hope then Kiss her goodbye. I dont see Rachel taking the chance at voting Dani to stay just to say someone else gave that vote, what if Dani won the vote and actually got back in the game. Shes too fierce of a compettitor & a liar Shed be out to take everybody down get her out now while the gettins good.

      • Plus, Dani’s selling point is that she needs to stay to get Jeff out and the only ones that are too scared to do it themselves are Porsche and Shelly (because they know they are really bad at comps) Rachel and Adam actually think they can take Jeff out (even Kalia thinks she can take him out). So Rachel and Adam understand they need to take a strong player out (Dani) and then unite to take the other one (Jeff).

        P and S are not even thinking, Their reasoning is keep Dani to take Jeff out, and next week it will be… keep Jeff so she can take Dani out… and so on until JD make it to F2. Hopefully PS don’t win because they are really annoying now.

      • By Jeff throwing the Veto comp that’s a much bigger deal because Jeff could have had the power to keep noms the same and Rachel and Brendan would still be together. Brendan wasn’t on the block initially so like if someone who claims to be on your side can’t even win a veto when one part of the core alliance needs it most it should show to Rachel where Jeff really stands and who he is truly loyal too which is adam and shelley as opposed to Brenchel. Honestly the best thing ever is if Rachel and Dani would both put aside their pride and work together till like final 4 then may the best player win.

    • I don’t think Shelly will win, as she would
      have to win a competition to secure that
      eventuality. However, I can see Rachel winning
      if she can beat Jordan in the comp coming up.
      Jordan is really good at the snake. None of
      the other players have been as good as she in
      practice. They all know the zings well,too. If
      that is the HOH comp then Rachel could beat
      Jordan. If Kahlia or Porche could win and
      put Jordan and Jeff up against each other in
      double eviction, I think Jeff would go home.
      Any other time those two are put up, Jordan
      will campaign to keep Jeff and will probably
      turn the house once again in her favor. At
      least this is what I think.

    • Shelly wont will remember it’s up to the people in the Jury house so they know she’s a floater nobody wants a floater to win the show

      • My fiance and I read a comment saying that CBS is broadcasting preseason football tonight, and it’s pressing the show back till 10pm. There is a God. I hope there is overtime as well. I’m watching the football games tonight. Screw this show. Go Panthers! 8)

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Go Panthers? Kalia has a better chance of winning this game, than the Panthers do at winning tonight. You and your fiance must be as stupid as Jordan to watch a Panthers game over BB. But i guess thats what you get with people that live in the south…Nascar and Football come first, everything else comes second.

    • I dont think Shelly will win or even get to final 2. I Think her time is up. Whoever wins HOH will probably put her up tonight. As long as Jordan does’nt win she would be the only one who wouldn’t unless she has finally seen the real Shelly. That would be great to see Shelly leave tonight rite after Dani(Kaila)????(its BB its not final till 2nite). Shelly has thought she has been safe all week and bamb goodbye. Sorry that mom makes me sad to watch.

      • no not at all. Shelly makes a BIG deal about lieing in the DR and all she does is lie and yes everyone of them lie. but she is also mean making fun of people with disabilities. you know nothing about me so no need for the name calling because you are so wrong. sorry im not either one. Just a mon who feels sorry for her litle girl.

  6. BOOM POW! while i was watching this i was like “it wouldnt be daniele to lead rachel into deal talk” and guess WTF happened?

    thats greatness for u. from what it looks like, GOT THE FREAKIN VOTE OF RACHEL!

    got the vote of her ARCH rival on the night before her SURE eviction. all she has to do is get shelly which she already had.

    this is how u play Big Brother. even though she had given up before rachel came to talk to her, when rachel came in, she was mostly honest, didnt let rachel have it as i or most ppl would have done, had patience, and worked that redhead for a vote.

    if she pulls this out, GREATNESS. hail marry converted.

    she learned from the best.

    • Somebody wrote this under the REAL MARCUS’S name right? The REAL MARCUS could not actually believe that RACHEL would EVER vote for JUDAS right? God Marcus, we know that you LOVE Judas and all that but REALLY??? You actually believed all that crap that Rachel pumped up JUDAS’S behind? WELCOME BACK RACHEL! BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • i preferenced most everything with IF wayne. i gues along with lacking sense, u lack to ability to read.

        im not getting too excited though, it would be like rachel to do all of that and go back on the deal, but she thinks she can beat jeff and i think she would want to be the one to evict daniele.

        back to u wayne, u act like rachel went right up to jeff and said “hahah yea im messing with her, i have no intention to vote for her MUHAHAHA!”

        she’s thinking about it, its the smarter move to roll with daniele. gotta have the votes when jordan, when jeff is on the block.

        rachel is not that scared to pull the trigger on something.

      • IM BEING SILLY? hhaha dont make me laugh! u call another grown man bookie. do u even know his real name? lol. u talk about “bookie” as if he’s still relevant in the game haha.

      • For the record Wayne, your constant calling Danielle JUDAS I find is quite insulting.

        I hoped Matt would be able to either edit your comments or block them all together but I guess that didn’t happen.

        You are just as bad as you make Danielle out to be, while you obviously don’t like her you also fail to realize there are people who do.

        Are you still going to comment when/if she does stay tonight?

        Stop with the Judas comments already, this game is about lying, cheating, backstabbing, and socializing.

      • @TheJoker: Why would I edit out “Judas” from comments? It was a name given to a HG by another HG. Not sure what you find personally insulting about it, but since users aren’t calling you Judas there’s no reason for me to censor that.

      • It isn’t the ONLY name the HG’s have for each other, however there is no reason for Wayne to constantly repeat it in every single one of his responses on this site.

    • i love judas. how could u not. best player in the house, and plays the game the right way. excuse me for appreciating greatness

      • If she is going home tonight (which she is) in front of so many “floaters” then how is she. So. Great? She had a chance at that veto too, SHE LOST! She’s made alot of stupid/personal moves not game moves….she deserves to be the one going.

    • Really? Lol. I feel bad that your dreams are gonna be crushed tonight marcus. There is NO WAY rachel will keep Dani. Dani is just another road block in her victory. In rachels mind, she doesn’t need to keep Dani just to take out JeJo, she’s not so weak minded like the rest of these guys. As far as jeff throwing the veto, yeah she is pissed, but that still wouldn’t justify keeping Dani, it wouldn’t make a difference to Rachels game, rachel isn’t dumb…she knows Dani would come right after her. I think jeff and jordan will be able to talk to her when Dani is gone, and all will be well. They know they have to work together or a “floater” will win.

      • as a dani fan, one can only hope but trust me, if dani got evicted, i wont be shocked at all. i was prepared for it since monday. hey, she lost the game, im fine with that. jeff got her out. kuddos to him, best thing he’s ever done

      • @ X….exactly! If we haven’t gotten the display this week, dani doesn’t win everything she plays in. She nott THAT good. That’s whyr rachel won’t keep her, rachel isn’t like the rest, she knows she’s good and. She’s not scared to go to F3 with jejo. She doesn’t. Need Dani to do any of the Work for her. Rachels best bet is actually NEVER turning on JeJo even with this info. Because she’s running short on people to vote for her to win, if she makes it to F2 with Adam or Kahlia or Porsche, shed most likely win.

      • @ X….exactly! If we haven’t gotten the display this week, dani doesn’t win everything she plays in. She nott THAT good. That’s whyr rachel won’t keep her, rachel isn’t like the rest, she knows she’s good and. She’s not scared to go to F3 with jejo. She doesn’t. Need Dani to do any of the Work for her. Rachels best bet is actually NEVER turning on JeJo even with this info. Because she’s running short on people to vote for her to win, if she makes it to F2 with Adam or Kahlia or Porsche, shed most likely win. (Because shed have jejo and brendon, juust need 1 more)

      • Unfortunately the last comp that Rachel won was in Week 3 when she asked everyone to throw the comp to her…
        She hasn’t won anything since then, truthfully no one there that remains is going to have guts except for Rachel to put up Jeff. Dani is the only other option. Please look who will be left besides Jejo and Rach
        Adam aka #1 ass kisser
        Kalia aka can’t even look at Jeff in the eye without shaking
        Porsche aka sleep,eat,wear sweat suits
        Shelly aka #2 ass kisser and suck up

        These people can’t win and will “try” really really reaaaally hard but of course they won’t even come close.

        this would be the time to prove to Jejo that shes not one to be underestimated and they shuld begin to take her seriously.

      • what is wrong with saying there is other HG in the house you can get Jeff out. You get a grip. Just making a comment like everyone else does. Sorry nothing snarky about it.

  7. i would be STUNNED if rachel kept dani.. dani do not get your hopes up.. as much i like u on the game i don’t see it happening

    • Rachel would be smart to keep Dani and work
      to get Jeff out. Keeping Dani would take the
      target off of her a little. Kahlia would go
      with them and Porche would go with them and
      Shelly might go with them, if they have the
      numbers. I would also like to see Adam go.
      I am tired of him not trying in the comps be-
      cause he is riding big time on everyone else’s

      • if rachel kept dani i would be over the moon, cuz i would love to watch them fight out team JJ and then each other.. but i don’t think rachel is over the fact that dani got brendan out

      • Dani is pathetic, she will never learn and that is why she’s gonna go home tonight. She told shelly right after Rachel walked out, that she’s evicting Rachel next….who the hell does this chick think she is? She’s gotta stay in the game first.

      • Rachel better get rid of Dani ASAP, if not she will come after her, Dani hates Rachel, if she doesn’t see that, she is dumber than I thought, and i never thought Rachel was dumb. She just doesn’t play a good social game. She will never win in F2 with anybody, everyone hates her.

    • That would a a dumb move to keep Danielle. Danielle will target Rachel as would Jeff and Jordan. Rachel is still a competitor if she can get her confidence back. That said, I see Rachel not flipping and Danielle going to the jury. Since, this is a double eviction week, Rachel will probably nominate or backdoor Jeff. She knows Shelly cannot be trusted but,
      Jeff might be the bigger target because Rachel will probably figure out that Jeff will go after her next because she has gotten info about the deliberate POV loss by Jeff.
      Rachel will figure out that if she gets off Jeff that she has a better chance to keep going longer. On the other hand, Jeff has a deal with Brendon to keep Rachel safe and as long in the game as possible. While, not said by Brendon, I assume that Brendon and Rachel promised their votes in the jury house if Jeff were to keep his part of the agreement.
      Hard to tell really. Rachel might go after Kalia and Shelly instead if she wins HOH.

    • I’m with you. I don’t think Rachel buys Jeff’s excuse, but I don’t think she’s gonna miss the opportunity to get rid of Dani. Rachel knows she has to go and this is the best time to do it. I think if Rachel wins HOH, then she puts up Shelly and I’m sure she has the votes to have her gone. Can’t wait for tonight, but I’m going to the movies, so I’ll have to watch my DVR when I get home!

      • I hope jordan wins this hoh and then rachel wins the next…with no time to think, jejo wouldn’t nominate or backdoor rachel tonight.

  8. Okay here is my two cents…
    I Never thought I would say this but… If Rach was to team up with Dani, this would really shake up the house! JJ have been skating through with the help of their wins or (thrown wins)and will continue to do so unless someone makes a big move, this could be it!
    Rach could make it to F2 with Dani if she plays her cards correctly, and we all know JJ will give her the boot soon and I believe she knows this also. I keep remembering Brens last words to Rach and how she needed to flip the sides to stay in the game as she was now playing for the both of them, so if Rach is smart (?) this “could” be the move that gets her to the end.
    On top of all those thoughts now you have the fact that Rach knows now that Jeff threw the veto comp to Adam, hence Bren being BD’ed… with that fresh and foremost in Rach mind, I believe she will jump sides… Jeff and Adam will be next on the block…

    • She’s getting rid of Dani. She told Dani she was gonna vote for her to out Shelly. Shelly flipped on JJ last night and is voting for Dani, then she’s gonna try to blame it on Adam. Rach went and told JJ so Shelly’s toast.She has to win HOH to survive. Nobody in the house trust Shelly anymore. Jeff is next after Shelly. Rach did some serious damage in that house last night

      • Gene,
        you could very well be right… Rach will kick back and watch the house today, or should I say, watch Shelly slither about try and cover her bases on both sides. Then she will show her plan at the voting time… reguardless of what happens its going to be a great show tonight!

    • I really think that Dani and Rachel are not going to work together. Why? Look at their past. When Dani’s dad wanted a partner to replace her dad, the vets didn’t want her to have that. Plus, Dani wanted to backdoor Jeff and other members in the alliance at various times in this games. Ultimately, it was Dani that told Rachel’s man. Rachel is a woman scorned, and Dani is at her rope’s end, and she is trying to save her own self at costs. If Dani stays, Rachel, Jeff, and the whole house is in trouble, except for Porshe.

      • I agree… Dani is grasping at straws, no question about that! But… There would be a new team in the house if Dani and Rach teamed up and they could go far in this game together.
        There may have been issues between them in the past, but both are vets and would like to win, they MAY view this as their only chance… hard to tell…
        But there is the Shelly factor, Rach may have just been playing Dani to find out where her dog and duck were and who was involved, and to oust Shelly as the snake she really is… its difficult to say whats going to happen, but JJ should be worried whomever is going home!

    • i can’t believe rachel suddenly plotted an idea that she might flip on the day of eviction.. i feel like production must have said something to her in the Diary Room

      • Production was involved… Didnt you catch Dani’s comment about saying sorry to production for waiting till so late at night to make the twist?

      • Yep..Production was involved…Dani told Rachel that they had Production to thank for setting up their meeting…I WAS THERE HEARD IT FIRSTHAND…

      • More proof that production is favoring one House Guest over all the others, probably Jeff and Natalie’s work. And yet another point I will be making in my phone call to Alison Grodner should Dani stay tonight.

        And for all the Daniele fans out there, It has nothing to do with her, and EVERYTHING to do with the integrity of this game.

      • Dani may have also meant.. “uh, oh.. sorry, production that u r gonna have to re edit after this last minute alliance.”

        Seriously people, if production wanted Dani to stay that bad, all they would have to do is set up a Diamond Veto, tell Dani where it is and there wouldnt be anything anyone could do about it.

    • As I. Said above, dani said. The min rachel walked out ” I’m evicintg her next? This absolutely wouldn’t. Be a “good” move for. Rachel, as she knows, dani is not to be trusted.

  9. How can people be so dumb? If they don’t somehow get Jeff out, they have no way of winning. I believe he has been a real bully this season and Jordan isn’t much better.

  10. Skeletor And her Minions…(Porsh&Kalia)…Adam?/Shelly? flip/flop on the fence with whos in charge, swing voter/floaters…they can’t make their minds up they gotta go they are a threat to the game…traitors!!

  11. Surely Rachel will not forget – Jeff had nothing to do with Brendon being evicted the first time by Dani. Dani made the move TWICE to get her Booky out… She can blame whomever she wants – but it’s Brendon’s fault he is gone – NOT Jeff’s. She needs to stay where she it at – EVICT DANI (who will say any deal to stay – and go back on it in 2 seconds because “she has no problem getting her hands dirty”) then Rachel will be with the power side of the house. Get to final 5 then it’s every man for himself. I will LOVE seeing Brendon’s reaction in Jury House when Dani walks thru the door next. OMG – Dani might actually throw up instead of just talking about it. lol

      • But Dani was still the ultimate person to blame from Brendon – She put him on the Block TWICE. Not Jeff… Dani had a houseful of people to pick from and she made it very clear she wanted Brendon out – TWICE. If Rachel forgets that, she is dumber than I thought and I don’t actually think she is all that dumb, just emotional

      • TJonesWife > i don’t think dani would have put brendon up twice if he weren’t brought back.. she basically had to redo her first eviction twice.. kinda dumb if she evicted someone, have them return and evict someone else

    • Jeff didn’t back his alliance player. Jordan put herself up as a pawn the first time to make sure Brendan left. Jeff didn’t back Brendan the second time, he could have told Adam that keeping Brendan was good for the alliance and could’ve won POV. Jeff’s deadmeat, and he doesn’t even see it coming.

    • @essie so true. Dani had to do it twice and don’t think that J/J weren’t thrilled that she got the blood on her hands for that one. I am just sad that Dani has to leave. I hope Rachel gets Jeff out fast. Last night on BBAD Jeff was playing with the snake set up for one of the comps coming up tonight and trained Jordan how to do it. Jordan told Rachel she had a good feeling she was going to win it. They were going to practice, but not let anyone else see how it had to be done. This was before the Dani and Rachel conversation. I am not a Rachel fan, but if she gets J/J out I will at least be happy about that. I just wish Rachel would vote for Dani to stay. The two of them together could really wipe J/J out. I know it won’t happen but it would be great to watch.

    • Honestly if Dani wants to stay this is what neeeeeds to happen she needs to tell Rachel that round 1 of Brendan going home Jordan offered herself up as a pawn. Round 2 of Brendan was Jeff throwing the Veto all these brilliant ideas as much as everyone wants to point the finger to the easy target Jejo had as much to do with it. Truthfully the ones I feel that is worse is when ppl are lying as much as everyone else but then turn around and say they’re honest ppl those are the ones who are always lying blatantly to ur face and this is Round 2 for Rachel she has got to know that by now or has she forgotten the britney situation from season 12?

  12. Why are the newbies so afraid of JeJo? They have the best opportunity tonight to take the house back. If they vote to keep Dani, they will have some expereince on thier side. Then they can go after the other three. Jeff, has $15K, Jordan won so why would they keep these guys around? Does Shelly or any of the newbies really think they can win if they are in the final three with JeJo or Rachel? Make the big move, change the game and shock the crap out of those three by taking the house back. Step up newbies and stop being afraid to make a move

      • Exactly – if it’s a money thing – then getting Dani is the first step in the process. You would think they would realize – they are running out of time. God forbid the newbies actually win HOH and finally make decisions. I’m rooting for Adam to actually be able to do what needs to be done – if you are wanting all the past winners to get out and into the Jury – – then they will vote for him to win because he was the only newbie with any guts to make it happen.

      • Jeff was in the Jury House – Jordan had to beat out 5 other people to win – without Jeff in the house

    • You win this game evicting the stronger players which includes Danielle. It is in everyone else’s interest except Danielle to boot her out! That is one less good player on the house and a lot closer to that $500,000. Only a fool will keep Danielle because they do not need her! She cannot be trusted on anything as she has already shown! It will be double dumb to trust Danielle now! However, thanks for the information about Jeff losing that POV—-Rachel can use that information to further her game!

      • @Richie. J/J needs to go also. Jeff is blaming Dani for having the idea in her head when she flipped alliances. Dani kept her deal with Jeff and kept him safe for two weeks because Brendon was her target. Don’t think J/J weren’t thrilled that she did the hard work and had to get him out twice. Dani had a conversation with just Jeff not the one that Jordan is saying the two of them had when they were up until 5:00 a.m. Dani came right out and asked Jeff if he would backdoor or renom her and he said no. So Dani is telling the truth. She is also telling the truth to Rachel about the cornhole game. Rachel can’t do it alone so she would actually be better off to keep Dani for now at least and get J/J out. She may team up with Kalia and Porche and hope they can win comps. She needs help to get J/J out. If she were to go to final 3 with them I don’t think she would win against both of them.

      • So, during the cornhole game when Dani told Jeff that her target was Brendon, and she assured him that he was safe, and Adam whining to win a competition, makes Jeff responsible for Brendon’s eviction? I think Jeff was looking after Jordan and himself. Yes, he had a hand in putting Brendon in serious jeopardy, but it wasn’t even close to his idea…

    • I agree with you 100% hatebb.The newbies have NO CHANCE of winning anything if they don’t make a move NOW.

      • No they dont taking a stand is making a move winning hoh or whatever isnt much until things actually go as planned

  13. to the person that thinks Jeff is skating, how do you figure, he’s won almost every comp that was important, and Jordan has won too, shellie is the skater, and pretty much adam, if jeff did throw the comp to him, and I believe he did, then he for sure is skating.

    • At this point, the only two who haven’t won anything are Shelley and Porscha. Jeff has pretty much been an animal in comps since Kalia put him up. Shelley has the biggest mouth and lies to cover up her competitive inability in the game…she is like the anti-Enzo from last season, who had an amazing social game, but no comps skills. Shelley is just a chronic liar with no comps skills. Porscha also has a big mouth…for eating purposes only…

  14. This has turned into one big ass mess! I’m SUPER confused! Just get Dani out and let’s get this Thursday over with!

  15. Rachel wont vote to keep the little bratDani, as soon as Rachel gets a chance she will get jeff out to .Rachel is going to win this bb13,,she is alot smarter than people think.

    • Yep, Rach did some serious damage in that house last night. Dani’s gone that’s a given.I’m thinking that if Shelly goes up, If Rach has any power she will pull her off because she’s useless now,and backdoor Jeff. Jeffy boy thinks he’s safe. He thought Rachel forgot about that last conversation about the Brendan vote and she found out he threw the POV.

      • Jeff knows his days of safety are gone though…he knows he’s going to have to win comps to stay. He’s said so himself. At least he’s not delusional.

  16. I can’t wait to watch Julie Chen say “By a vote of 3-2, Kalia….you are SAFE.”
    That would be great.

  17. I’m tired of the floaters in this house. Adam won a “thrown” veto, and Shelly bounces like a ping pong ball to the side that has the power. Totally lame and non-committal losers.

  18. First of all, when Adam is evicted by J/J, I would laugh in his face if I were Dani or Shelly. Second, Rachel would play a smart game if she turns on J/J now. They are the power couple and need to be split up. Anything less is just stupid.

    • When the time comes for adam to be evicted by jejo, dani. And. Shelly wwill be gone already. Cmon let’s get real! Dani wouldn’t keep adam around any longer than they will…so no, it wouldn’t be smart to keep Dani.

      • @Vet fan I do think it would help Rachel to at least get J/J out now with Dani’s help, not Adam. If she used Dani it would be easier for her to get two out and then Dani and Rachel can work on each other.

  19. Lawon played the zing bot last night! Go to see a real player back in the BB house ripping the houseguests!! ZING~~~

    • My boy is coming back! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to this show; Lawon is coming back!!! =)

  20. I don’t think that it would happen, but a new alliance between Rachel and Dani would be amazing TV. Lol.

    • No way, dani said if she stays, she’s gonna screw Rachel. The girl just doesn’t learn, and Rachel’s not gonna give her a third chance.

  21. While I don’t think it will save our Dani, I think it just shows J/J fans who don’t think the two of them could ever lie absolutely do. Jordan totally told Shelly she would have a final two deal with her if Jeff was out of the game and then skirted around the exact words when telling about her conversation to Jeff. Jeff lied about telling Dani that she wouldn’t be renominated or backdoored. I saw both of the conversations. I know they all lie and it’s part of BB, but I get annoyed when people say they are so honest and both J/J talk about their integrity. They don’t have any either. I hope this at least gets Rachel thinking and she wins and throws Jeff out. Serves him right. I use to be such a J/J fan and now I don’t like either of them. I have never seen such throwing of comps. After watching the veto comp last night we saw both Shelly and Adam throw yet another comp. I am not saying they would have won anyway, but to not even try. Adam said the other day to Rachel that he needs to win on his own merits or what would he have to say to the jury at the finals. Well Adam what would you say?

  22. Dani is goin home yeman. No 1 iz goin to keep her around to cuz mo trouble 4errbody dat iz the God honest truth

  23. That would be awesome if Rachel & Daniel would team up!!! How much fun would that unlikely team be to watch!! Final 2, Daniel & Rachel, OMG! THEcrap+ THAT WOULD STIR UP?!?!! I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH THAT SHOW!! LOL!

  24. I am so mad I forgot to dvr bbad. Sounds like it was off the charts last night. I hope Rachel wins HOH and gets rid of Shelly or Porshe (the meanest girls in there) I like J/J but they shouldnt win again. How funny if Kalia goes all the way to the end. Its getting good and they are starting to play real hard. Go Rachel!!!

      • Well, with my full time job, husband and house to take care of, I just cant do the LF. Its way too much for this girl to handle. Thats why I love this site and all the great comments from you all. Thanks everyone!!!!

  25. Can someone tell me why there were no live feeds in the HOH room when Rachel was talking to Jeff? Is this show fixed?

  26. I bet it’s killing Kahlia this week. She always has something in her mouth and she never stops talking. I’m having trouble seeing the comments without submitting one myself…so if my comments are inane please forgive me. Thanks!

  27. I’m a Dani fan, but how funny is it gonna be to see the look on her and Shelly’s face when they realize Rachel suckered them? But the thing that really sucks for Shelly is after the game is over and she has to go back to work. She might have screwed herself out of a great career. I’m not laughing at that part.If anything, this show might have exposed some psychological problems.

    • Shelly may have lost that 6 figure income job…her company has removed her profile from their website..

      • I doubt she’s lost her job over her gameplay. That’d be a nice little lawsuit.

        More likely they took it off the site to keep people from slamming their site and sending them hate mail from her passionate non-fans.

      • Your right Matt, but I do think they’re gonna demote her to some crappy position so she quits. You’re that high up in the food chain, they know how to serve you up a nice hot bowl of eat sh*t and die.

      • Shelly knows what she is doing if she was afraid of jepordizing her job she wouldn’t act like that.

      • Acting like a obssesed pathological liar? If she worked for me, I would do everything to 86 this woman in a legal but not too moral way. She’s bad for business.

      • I just dont see why they would take her information off their website unless they were getting hammered with a ton of NON bussiness traffic… but thats just my thoughts

    • I’m a Dani fan also, but rather than see a quick look I would love to see Dani and Rachel team up and get J/J out. Then let the two of them work to get each other out. It would make for much better TV, live feeds and BBAD.

  28. I’m really not a Rachel fan, but does anyone think that Brenden bullies her. If he said to me what he says to Rachel, I would punch him where it hurts. It’s like a form of verbal abuse.

  29. Im not trying to be a spoiler or something.If Rachel has any sense she save Dani this week.Jeff did throw that veto.He is a snake.I loved him when he played the first time .This time he got big head.He not going to carry Rachel to finally two over his sweet Jordam.That has done nothing this season but act like she dint know whats she doing.At least if she wins HOH meaning Rachel this week she could get Jordan or Jeff out.Make a deal with Dani if she win she better stick to the deal get Jeff or Jordan out or the devil wil come down on her.I mean she want get a second chance.Im sorry poeple they going to have to break Jeff and Jordan up they are to dangerous together.They love to lie and then Jordan act like she this sweet little angel that never does anything wrong.

    • I so agree with you and have stated the same thing in some of my comments. J/J are lying to Rachel and while so many people think just Dani lies that is so not true. I would love to see Dani and Rachel work together and then let the two of them fight it out.

      • Thank you Gail .Im so glad Im not the only one that see that Rachel and Dani make a great team.As far as Wayne stop with the Judas thing its getting old.Every post has to say something about Judas.

      • Gail, you know I agree with you!!! And For some reason, I see Rachel really thinking about it today to keep Dani. I would love for them to team up, clean house and may best “villian” win!!!

    • People are lying in this game? Oh, my God! So, Rachel should save Dani, who got “her man” out twice, in favor of trying to screw JJ, who have basically been there for her the whole game? Yes, Jeff threw the comp to protect himself and Jordan, but did he evict Brendon? Come on…Dani is a good player, and a conniving snake. Look how she’s turned on Kalia. She is in this for all the right reasons…to win the $500,000 with utter disregard for anyone else, when it comes down to it. More power to her…she just got caught…

    • Just as I stated in my post this morning… Go Rach and Dani… put Jeff and Shelly on the block and watch the lines in the house change up!!!

  30. I’m sure on any other season this would be awesome but the way this season has played out…..only 1 real vote shocker, the numerous thrown games, and absolute horrible game “moves” by all players…..even I don’t have hope that Dani will be saved. I’m not a Dani fan but I am a fan of BB and I would love to see someone actually shake this house up.

    Let’s face it as BB fans, no matter who you choose for, we watch it for the last minute deals, the 8 hour HoH competitions, the power moves, the secret alliances, and so forth….you know not what it has been the last 3 seasons.

    • Sadly, like any reality show like this, the first two or three seasons are the best because it’s organic. Anything after that, people just want to be a star.

    • I agree as I have watched from S1. The earlier seasons were so exciting. Please give us some more drama. I don’t want to just watch them playing pool or cards.

      • I’d even take the food and luxury comps back….hated them in the beginning but its better than what they do now….lol.

  31. Perfect scenario for me would be Rachel and Shelly voting to keep Dani. They would blame Adam, never Rachel. Rachel and Dani secretly work together to get rid of J/J and then let the two of them work to get each other out.

  32. I loved it when Danny said last night about the veto comp that Rachel would have loved to play bacause she fancy herself as a scientist and then proceeded to say that last she knew Rachel is a waitress (thats how she is going through school)and she is dumb
    If Rachel pulls this off (and I hope she is toying with Danny) then Danny who is the dumb one and how accomplish will u feel this week?

  33. Danielle will probably go home tonight. And then my hope is that Kalia and Porsche can team up with Shelly and Adam and get out these cocky veterans one by one, starting with Jeff. But we’ll see what happens.

    • Adam will not be teaming up with me…Adam found out last nite that Shelly has 100%

      • it’d be in his best interest though, in my opinion, with danny gone, if they don’t start winning some hoh’s or vetoes, the veterans are gonna pick em off one by one.

  34. Adam will not be teaming up with me…Adam found out last nite that Shelly has 100% been backstabbing him..

  35. And Adam technically for a little while was playing both sides too, when Dani won HOH and put Adam up, he came up to her room, apologizing for jumping to the other side and asking if there was anything he could do. so he’s not innocent either.

      • Shelly seems to be all about telling half-truths. When she’s retelling a story to someone, either Jordon or Dani or anybody, there are just some things she says that either didn’t happen or she omits things that did happen.

  36. I would love to see Kalia and Porsche somehow pull this out. Jeff may not like Kahlia for putting him up on the block, but she had the balls to make a big game move. If she stays and somehow her or Porshe win the veto, karma will be a big bitch.

  37. There may be 1 dissappointing event tonite…Barring JEFF gets evicted in the first HOH…Shelly maybe evicted during the second HOH..and Jeff will not be able to confront her..Personally I want Porsche out the door behind DANI…just my choice..

  38. Hey guys very new to Big Brother. Can you explain how the double eviction works. Is it just Daniel and Kalia get evicted. Or Daniel gets evicted and then theres an HOH, POV, and eviction. Thanks

  39. Veteran focus needs to stay on the prize. Dani was the traitor to start with. It’s time for her to go. Kahlia needs to go following Dani.

  40. It would make my week if Dani was kept in the game, just too see the faces of Dumb and Dumber, also known as Jeff and Jordan (Thanks @Matt for the reference). It just seems that Jordan becomes stupider and stupider every time I watch her. Last night she ZINGed herslef??? Who does that??…obviously an Idiot. I think that watching Jordan is making my IQ go down. And “Big Jeff’s” big, macho speech last night on the show last night made me want to be sick (or I could just look at Jordan to do that too). He is one of my most hated to ever play the game, because of his douchebag elitist views of himself. I cant wait to see his face when he is evicted in the double eviction tonight. The downside to that, is that we’ll have to watch Jordan eat Lucky Charms, play with her hair, and be stupid for another week.

  41. i hope rachel flips. im not a fan of anyone in the show, but at least if she flips itl cause events that will be worth watching. this season licks.

  42. I hope Rachel walks away with everything. Go Rachel go go go. Send Dani home then keep going on booting them all out the door.

    • Adamm is over the Shelly alliance.. He found out last nite that Shelly has been stabbing him in the back 100%..ADAM & Rachel both ratted her out…

    • After Rachel told Jeff about Shelly’s vote, Jeff went to Adam and he sang like a canary. That was last night.

  43. Shelly’s job isnt as safe as you think Matt. MOst jobs are employment at will. She didnt have to lie in the DR for gameplay. She shows no integrity and I wouldnt want her as an employee. Thats why people should be careful on Facebook etc.

  44. Shelly is an idiot…can’t she tell by. Rachels lack of speaking that she’s. Not gonna work.with. them lol…

  45. Jordan needs to go. Talk about a floater. She has been riding Jeff’s coat tails throughout the show.

    • I totally agree. Jeff is one to talk about Porsche & Kalia when he should look at his alliance: Jordan was handed her HOH; Adam was pretty well handed his Veto; Shelly hasn’t won crap all. At least Kalia won an HOH and Porsche tries her best but comes up in second place.
      Jordan definitely needs to go or else she’ll float her way to the end and win AGAIN!

    • Jordan is not a FLOTER. A Floater is somebody who kises the HOH butt to stay in the game like Jun(BB4), Zach(BB8), Jerry(BB10). Shes a coatail rider two diffrent things.

      • Whatever you want to call her doesnt matter. All I know is that she doesnt deserve to win this game. But, just for the fun of it, I would call her a coatail riding floater.

      • Floater or coat tail rider… it’s all the same thing!

        Jordan has done nothing in the game! As said before, her HoH was handed to her and Jeff and added input from Brenchel directed EXACTLY what she did while HoH.

        I don’t remember Jordon being this dependent in Season 9. She truly hasn’t stood on her own. The best thing she’s done all season is to sort of strip tease the humilitard off!

      • What you talking about Jordan runs to the HOH room ever time she get a chance?She is floater. She didnt do nothing the first time she won.She just lucked up and won the last eviction which took her to finally two.She pretty little blonde and talks southren everybody loves our talk.Im a southren too.I really think she thinks it makes her cute acting dumb.She might be smarter then we think.

    • Have you watched big brother at all….. This is Jeffs first HOH how the hell has Jordan floated with Jeff!!!! As I recall Jordan has won an HOH all on her own!!! A Floater is somone who does not win anything (porsche) and someone who cant pick a damn side and stay loyal to that side (shelly). Floaters dont win this game, the jury never would pick them and as I recall Jordan has won Big Brother!!!

  46. I loved Jeff and Jordan on their first season, but I hate them more than I think I have ever hated any other player now. Jeff is a jerk. I can’t stand to know I’m from the same area as that idiot Jordan.
    I am not a Dani fan in the least, but I hope she manages to stay, just so things don’t go Jeff’s way. I keep reading comments about production influencing votes, and I hope it really is true. I hope they talk Rachel into keeping Dani. ALl they would have to do is offer her a reality show of her own about her tacky wedding plans or something and she would jump all over it. Didn’t Boston Rob and Amber get some kind of deal to have their wedding on TV after their first time on Survivor? There is a precident set, and stupid reality shows are huge right now. CBS or one of it’s cable shows could make a fortune with a show about her and Brandon’s wedding. And, as a bonus of sorts, the idiot on here named Wayne that has such a hard on for his Bookie could get more Bookie time, and maybe even catch a peek of Bookie Jr during a tux fitting.

    • Well, if they did air Racheal and Brendon’s wedding. I’m not sure about anyone else but I know I WON’T be watching it. I have seen enough of her and HER man!!!

    • Production is evidently not trying to make things go Jeff’s way. The meet between Rachel & Dani was set up by production. Dani told Rachel that they had Production to thank for setting up the meet. Really did happen..I heard Dani dani say it.. hmmm hmmm

    • Im gonna say this again who cares if ur riding coatails or floating or stabbing everyone in the back if it wins u bb then u played right as for jordan she doesnt have to win comps shes got a great social game hence how she won her season and how she is still there now. Go ahead and go in there being a bully making people mad and winning everything it gets u evicted duh people come on

    • Who cares if shes riding coatails or floating shes got a great social game hence how she won her season and is in a good spot to take this season winning gets u a target if I was in the game id take out competitors not floaters I wanna win

    • Well said im right with you. Jeff has been a bully and hypocrite this season. I lost it when he said “Porsche needed to prove she wanted to be here.” He claims to hate floaters while he has no problem with Adam and Shelly (possibly the biggest floaters ever) and are completely worthless competitors.

      • I do not understand why people get upset and say Jordan didn’t deserve to win BB. If she didn’t deserve to win then the idiots that voted should have not picked her the winner! It’s not like she won a last minute competition to win, they had to vote for her to win! DUH people.

      • Jordan didn’t deserve to win BB11. The only reason she won was because no one wanted Natalie to win the big money. Jordan was the lesser of the 2 evils. Floater won over Biatch! Simple as that.

  47. If rachel plays strategic like she said she wanted to play this season. She would keep Dani.

    If she plays for emotion she will vote Dani out.

    Also Dani might have put Brendon on the block twice to get voted out, But it was Jeff who actually voted him out twice. Which I think Dani should remind Rachel.

    Rachel should also realize once Dani gone. JeJo biggest threat to F2 is Rachel. Because she is proven competitor.

    • The smart move for Rachel (and every other HG) is to vote out Dani.

      Dani and Jeff are the biggest threats in the game. Dani’s on the block now and Jeff can’t play in the next HOH. The time to flip is then, and go into the final 6 with the 2 best competitors (3 if you count Brendon) in the jury house.

      From there, Rachel, or any other HG, is at least guaranteed a chance to play in the veto and not be backdoored.

      There’s literally 0 benefit for any of the houseguests to keep Dani in the house. I’m surprised that Jordan and Adam might be the only ones who realize that.

      • Between Jeff and Dani… Rachel has a better chance of beating Dani in final stages. If Dani’s gone, I can’t imagine anyone else getting rid of him. Also, he has Jordan on his back he’s too powerful to make it this far without scab on both of them. I say let the dragon kill the beast and slay the dragon later.

      • You forget that JeJo have Adam eating out of their hands and Shelly can’t stand Rachel and has a deal with JeJo. Shelly, Adam and Jordan are all terrible players. They just float and do what Jeff wants. If Rachel doesn’t keep Dani, she will be gone very soon, probably next. If she’s keeps Dani, they pretty much have the run of the house and Jeff will be gone. With Jeff gone, Jordan, Adam and Shelly will be helpless. They can’t win anything on there own.

      • Adam isn’t eating out of their hands (although it’s in his best interests to keep Jeff around for another week or so). If he was eating out of their hands he would have tried to keep Brendon in the game last week. Shelly’s already flipped on JeJo, and has been pushing for Adam and Rachel to do the same.

        It isn’t between Jeff and Dani for Rachel and the rest, it’s between Dani and Kalia. Dani’s the bigger threat by far. If they don’t vote her out now they’ll regret it, because she’ll throw them under the bus the moment it benefits her. They’re idiots if they keep her in the game, mouth breathing idiots.

        Jeff isn’t in a good position at all. He’s got most of the house gunning for him and he’s only got an advantage if it’s physical. He’s pretty much screwed if he doesn’t win HOH or veto every week (which he won’t).

      • So true. If production makes Dani stay I am done with this show. Enough with Brendon coming back. They make me sick and after Dani eicted Brendon twice there is no way Rachel would truly vote to keep her.

      • Jeff and Jordon are the biggest threat in the game! While still a pair the Team JeJo still wields a 2 for 1 vote. If either is HoH without a vote for eviction, (except if tied), they sill have the other to vote out whoever Team JeJo wants. They also have that extra chance remaining to get to the top prize!

        Besides, Jeff has already picked up loads of cash this season! The others need to motivate to remember they are there for the money too!

    • i dont think Rachel needs Dani at all , not a good move for her to keep dani cause as soon as Dani gets hoh she will backdoor Rachel like she did Brendon ,Rachel is not that dumb

      • Exactly Rachel’s best move right now is to get rid of Dani make a deal with Kalia & Porsche and secretly go behind JeJo’s back

      • naah she’ll get rid of Jeff finally then maybe Adam then Rachel I think she’ll keep her around a little bit longer if things go her way

    • all that matters is jordan won if she road tails or not she won i wont dani gone i just dont like her back door her ass out

  48. I have a quick question…. There seems to be a lot of true fans on here and I need help remembering something from early seasons. DO you remember the houseguest who referred to himself as Chicken George? Who was the girl that had the pink or purple hair that he fueded with? I just can’t remember her name. Thanks.

  49. The BB people need to remember – Jordan already won $500k playing this game, well, riding the coat-tails of Jeff… I’m surprised that they haven’t wised up to this at this stage of the game. In any case, it would have been amazing “game-play” for Danielle to tell Rachel that if she gets back-doored and goes to the jury house that she’s going to hit on Brandon and get him to change to the “dark side”… Danielle can be pretty persuasive and all she has to do is play on Brandon’s “chivalrous” side (LOL) and be the fair-maiden in distress… Rachel would CRAP!

    • sorry but don’t think Dani would have a chance with Brendon. Brendon can’t stand her and she evicted him twice. Rachel knows better than that and that would make Dani just looked stupid for evening thinking of doing that. but they sounds like something Shelly would try.

    • In BB11, Jeff got kicked out of the house a good few weeks before Jordon did. After that, Jordon had to rely on herself. She got all the way to the end due to her impeccable social game and winning two of the last three HOH competitions, which were the ones that really counted.

  50. I agree with what Alan said. If Rachel votes to keep Danielle then I hope she wins the $500k, if not, this will be the last season I will be watching. The other HG don’t deserve the $500k especially JeJO.Just a fleeting thought what if Rachel and Danielle was the last two standing?

    • That would be a difficult vote at best!
      Although I like the idea of them teaming up and going to the end together!
      But… if I had a vote, I would have to see the rest of the season played out to see who had the best game and base my vote on that. I am not a big fan of either of these two, but I would like to see them team up and shake the foundations of that house!

    • If Rach keeps Dani in the game, Rach will not make the final three. Dani will have two floaters with her.

  51. I am hoping that Rachel is just tormenting Dani and Dani is on her way out tonight. Then hopefully Shelly will be next in the double eviction. Shelly is such a good flip flopper she should run for office!

  52. jordan won that hoh and I think dani will be gone which would really suck but it is a good move on jeff part

  53. @ Matt
    Does CBS actually influence this game that much. You’ve obviously been in there, so you would know. Do you think it would have turned out differently if production didnt meddle? Im sure that Lame and Hayden wouldnt have even gotten to the finals

  54. Rachel already said she’s playing for second place.And she has to know Danielle’s just BSing her.Rachel just probably enjoys Danielle humbling herself.Hopefully Jeff survives double evict and those out one of these two-faces.Hopefully the cleaning lady.

  55. People have to remember that this game is coming down to the wire. If jeff didnt strike now, Dani would strike next week. Should he have kept his deal with Dani and take the risk that she MIGHT not take him out next week. Or should he be the first to strike and get her out while he has the chance. If he didnt do it now, he may not of had another chance. He was in a tricky spot because there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. At this point you have to go with your gut and pray it was the best move. Whether your a fan of Jeffs or a fan of Danis, we all knew that it would get to this point in the game.

    • I agree! I am a JeJo fan and would definitely like to see either one win. Though at the same time I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Rachel and Brendon when they were talkinig of not having much money. Please, look at the stuff she wears!

      On another note, this may have been the only opportunity to get Dani out. Hopefully, Shelly follows Dani out the door in the double eviction!

  56. I’ve watched this season’s BB fairly objectively and felt from the very beginning it was weighted real heavily in favor of the experienced players. For the newbies to actually have a reasonable chance the mind sets would have to be completely different than what we got. When the newbies couldn’t even make a week before their “alliance” fell apart I knew they were toast. The experienced players had the advantage from the start because they had a person close to them when the game started. Having Evil Dick leave quickly should have opened the flood gates for the newbies but their game play was horrible. Now the few that are left are having to take orders from Jeff because they have some kind of fear of him. He is at best a fair player. Brendom was quite a bit stronger than Jeff. He should have played this game by himself and left Rachel home. I often wonder if Jordan didn’t have Jeff in the house would she have made it this far? Great girl, great social game just in my opinion strong enough to go from start to finish and win without Jeff’s help and protection.

    • Too funny Rachel playing Dani like a fiddle ! Then comes the rug pull later , Dani’s face will be priceless .. Cmon Dani fans , the ONLY thing she ever did was ride her old mans coat tails .. Cmon folks , keep it real ..

  57. The way this season is panning out, it’s my opinion that Jeff isn’t playing to win, he’s playing for Jordan to win. He’s got the target on his back, the blood on his hands.

  58. just a side note, does anyone know how much the veterans are being paid each week, cause i heard for all stars the stipend was increased, but i havent read about the pay for these contestants?

  59. Can’t wait to see Dani go, and hopefully Shelly will follow soon. As for Dani and Porsche, they are a bunch of thieves! As for Shelly, watch her give Dani the vote, and Adam get caught in the cross-hairs. I don’t know why he didn’t sell her out to Jeff, when she came to him about flipping the house. She is a liar, and a bad example to her daughter!

    • Thats a bit much…her daughter knows shes trying to play a not a Shelly fan ..but keep in mind “they all” have BSed in some way, i truely believe playing the game is much harder than people realize. Also lets see it this way Shelly is at least now not “martyring” herself for JJ. The bigger problem is the fact this is an ill conceived season…Vets and Newbies ..its a lop sided house from the start!

      • i know she lied…they ALL not a shelly fan…im just stating this is what ppl do! How is that WHINING? Can you not see how vets might have an upper hand or new players?

  60. Is it just me or have they not been showing much on the live feeds today? Because the update site I go too isn’t updating too quickly (skipping a couple hours in between each update) and is saying that they’re going to Trivia a lot.

    • That’s very standard on Thursdays. Lots of Trivia as the house gets cleaned, HGs get ready, production talks w/ HGs to prep them for the show, etc.

      It’s usually a slow, boring day on the feeds until after the live show is over.

      • Okay, it’s just driving me insane because I’m trying to figure out what exactly Rachel is going to do. The talk she had with Shelly earlier really got me confused as to what she’s thinking. I’ve been so nervous all day because of it. I’ll honestly just be happy when it’s over, no matter which way the vote goes.

  61. I loved Jeff and Jordan once…So hard to remember that time. Jeff is a chain smoking foul mouth belittling bully and Jordan..Damn what has happen to her…where’s that sweet girl from the charlotte area i pulled for? This whole season has been annoying…Geeze once Dani’s gone ..they will fall like dominos…sad so sad

  62. Haha all u dani haters she left like y’all wanted whatever but guess what Jeff left haha bye big jeff go cry Jordan ur bf is gone now your hopeless Danish face is gonna be priceless when Jeff walks throughout those doors I can’t wait!!! Best player ever dani she is not scared of nothing jeffs a doody so is his little buddy Adam and his dog Jordan so long loser!!!!

    • Wow can we act more like our shoe size than our age here??? Sorry Dani but Jordan made it to the final 2 and WON without Jeff in season 11 and yes no one wanted Nat to win the money but Jordan played a HELL of a game call it what you want but it is funny when someone has an opinion about oh say Dani or anyone else that some of you like and someone comments about how she is being rude and she is sorry but she disuses her dad treats him like crap and yet she had no problem when he bought her really nice car after winning his game! ED deserves a daughter who shows him some respect and not act like a big baby! Dani is a spoiled little brat who needs to Grow up and get over herself. JMO if you don’t like it that is your opinion as I and anyone else here has the right to there’s.

      Shelly lies but its okay, Porsche glides through the game and its okay,Kalia does nothing but eat and sleep that is okay but someone says something about Jordan something nice ITS not OKAY!

      Wow I thought I was in a forum with some adults here and people who knew how to act there age.

  63. Shelly is the one who really needs to go, she is the all time biggest floater of them all. What has she won this season? NOTHING! She let Jeff take her this far and now she has voted out the only chance she had of winning this game, I seriously doubt Jordan will help her out any.

    • No payback will be a bitch when Kalia and Shelly and Porsche will all be in the jury house soon. Jeff was never targeting Kalia he told her that and she kept going and going after him when she had no reason to. She has done NOTHING up till now and as Jeff said finally woke up and now playing the game after what 50 some days later? Give me a break jmo

    • No payback will be a b**ch? when Kalia and Shelly and Porsche will all be in the jury house soon. Jeff was never targeting Kalia he told her that and she kept going and going after him when she had no reason to. She has done NOTHING up till now and as Jeff said finally woke up and now playing the game after what 50 some days later? Give me a break jmo

  64. as i have been hoping for ever since brendon was put on the block the first time, rachel will make the right choice of pairing up with dani. It would be her best move, not only would Dani be the bigger target, but she is also the only other person that would even consider taking Rach to final two, Jeff Adam Shelly and Jordan are in some weird haze that they will win everything and take each other to final 4 when jeff is the only real player. Porche will never win a competition, kalia would take one of JJ because she is obsessed with wanting them to like her again. come on rach make an alliance that actually will protect you with the only other person that wins competitions in this game (besides jeff)

  65. If this is a sample of what Americans are really like, then this country deserves everything that is happening to it right now.

    • I can answer that for you Joe. Most Americans are Arrogant,selfish,obnoxious and don’t want to learn anything new or read anything they want it all handed to them on a golden spoon.

      But know this there are us few out here in this country that are just as fed up with all the bickering and bs that goes on its like they are all in grade school. “Well my thing is bigger than yours” crap like that lol! I may live in this country but I am far not behind it right now as this country as gone back to the dark ages almost. Sorry for those who may not like this comment but hey its my opinion and that is how I see it. Obama can only do so much and he has been doing more than Bush ever did trying to clean up his mess to.

    • Then again almost all of our TV now is reality shows not the shows I grew up on and how they made TV shows and movies for that matter. I love BB and Survivor but I would like to watch TLC again and see something that relates to what the channel is to be The Learning Channel not the reality channel .

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