Big Brother 12: Week 4 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 is heating up as we enter the fourth week of backstabbing and fighting as stress levels run high amongst the HGs. After finding out who Rachel nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition which gave the nominees there last chance at safety.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 4 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Britney won the Veto Competition.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch the house react to the Veto results.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Rachel as HoH, Kristen and Hayden as the nominees, along with Ragan, Britney, and Enzo with Brendon as the host. Rachel pointed out that only Britney and Brendon have won the veto so far this season, both of them earning it twice. Wow, the same people keep winning everything this season! Come on the rest of you, HGs.

To add salt to Kristen’s wounds, she is stuck wearing the fabled unitard from Big Brother 8. Yikes. I wonder if she’ll have to wear it all the way out to Julie’s couch. Rachel won $5,000. Enzo won a TV. Hayden is on 24-hour confinement.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Britney and Rachel discussed last night that Kathy would be Kristen’s replacement if she came down. Will Rachel decide to ask Britney to use the Veto to make that switch or stick with her original target of Kristen? Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should Britney use the Veto?

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Britney won. Cool. Good for her. Just for fun, I’d like to see her remove Kristin and force the Rachel creature to put up someone else, like another Brigade boy.

  2. @mike: Rachel said before that if Kristen came down then she’d nominate and push to have Kathy evicted.

  3. hayden blew it on purpose – had it won and used it Lane, Enzo or Matt could be put up – if he didn’t use it then the brigade would have been exposed.

    Brity is a wild card incapable of playing the game smart – she must know if she uses it Kathy will be put up – one can hope she shows smarts just this once and does nothing

  4. i doubt Brit will use it, she will want to stay on Rachel’s good side. Plus if used Rachel may put up one of Brit’s allies.


    she is winning what she needs to win. winning HOH puts a big target on ur back, but POV doesnt nearly as much.

    im so happy for britney

  6. ahhhh haaaa! Britney has no game huh? Glad to see she won the Veto,,,, AGAIN…

  7. It’ll be interesting to see what would happen if they put up someone else from the Brigade..but it seems unlikely. Lane is well liked and everyone seems to like Enzo as well. The only person I could see is Matt, but given the recent bond between him and Brachel, I don’t think he’d go up either…Kathy seems like the only choice, but we’ll see. I hope Britney doesn’t use it. I want Hayden or Kristen to go. And is it just me or is Britney so much better without Monet?

  8. honestly, i hope britney uses it, kathy goes up, then goes home. britney should make an alliance with hayden and kristin because she has ties to nobody right now. plus there will be a team of girls.

    as of now the ladies are bouncing out like rocks. (i didnt get that either)

    britney should use, strike a deal with kristin and hayden but primarily kristin, and take out some of the men.

    thats the smart game to play. kristin plays “tit for tat” so britney will have some insurance.

    it smart for brintey to use it. u send kathy home, who caus eproblems and throws anyone and everyone under the bus, and u take away an ally from Brenchel. then Brenchel will have……NOBODY BUT THEMSELVES.

    c’mon britney!!! do it!!

  9. the brigade will toss Britny faster than she knows what hit her – using POV to get rid of Kathy makes Britny a big target for RB and the Brigade

  10. I do not think that Britney should use the veto on Kristen or Hayden. Kristen needs to go!!

  11. I think if Kristen goes there will be big time drama as she exits – she is using Hayden and will expose the entire thing – drama is ratings – we need drama

  12. I wish the brigade would get exposed, that would make things much more interesting! Looks like they can’t win anything anyway!

  13. I think Britney should use it. Kathy is so annoying and doesn’t win anything. Leave the people in there that are actually playing the game. I don’t have a problem with Kristen either.

  14. Kristen has to go – one can hope her exit will put Ragan on notice he is being used by the Brigade – ragan, Kathy, Brit and R/B can take down the Brigade –

    I want to see Ragan play the middle until he has no choice – this should keep the game interesting for a couple of weeks as the 2 sides go tit for tat

  15. Brittney has no reason to use the VETO on either player..she has no alliance with them..she is not a big buddy with either one..Unless one of then can convince her that she will benifit from their staying..which I doubt she buys into I don’t see her using the VETO…

  16. What a surprise, a repeat winner! It’s the same winners all the time, what’s up with the HG’s and throwin comp’s. Don’t believe I’ve seen this level of mediocrity in previous seasons! They think this plan is brilliant? :P Um OK then!
    I sure hope she doesn’t use it, I agree with the masses, K or H needs to BOUNCE! C ya!

  17. hahahaha master splinter is gooone! LOL and her sweety is in 24/7 soliatry confinment! Bye bye kris we hardly knew thee!!

  18. Even if she uses the VETO she has no say in who the replacement is..Rachel decides that..

  19. If Brit is smart she won’t use it, bc if she does, she becomes a bigger target. However, Brit isn’t that smart.

    I hate to see either K or H leave, but between the two, I would pick Kristen.

    If Brit does us it, I would like to see Enzo put up. He is not a game player at all, he just uses people. I am sure that if he was up the Brigade would keep either Kristen or Hayden as they are both smarter and more cagey than Bozo, oops I mean Enzo.

  20. someone u guys dont watch the show evidently.

    if britney uses the POV, how will she put a target on her back from the brigade?

    ummmm wat? she would only put a slight target on her back with BR. and EVERYONE in that house is gunning for BR.

    britney would be taking away an ally from BR. and in a sense, doing the brigade’s dirty work. plus hayden stays. and she has insurance with Hayden because she saved him and his girl.

    soo im having trouble with yall logiv

  21. Yeah Kathy is annoying … is it me or does she sound like in the Charlie Brown cartoons were adults didn’t speak, the sound they produced is a wah-wah sound…LOL… Listen I didn’t have anything against Kristen until I heard her lying face and she was freaken mean to Monet, now she is using Hayden …do I have to say more… Serious floater … get rid of her. Give her some Karma LMAO Kathy can go later she can’t win anything

  22. Hayden doesn’t appear to care if “his girl” gets saved or not..he is just worried bout his own conversation with Rachel made it plain as day..

  23. brittany will not use the veto. she does not like kristen either. she knows if kristen won hoh she would put up brittany. so no brittany will let things stand as they are now

  24. Brit hates Kristen so she will not use the veto. I just love her game, her fake friendship with her majesty and her real friendship with Lane.Go Brit luv u from day 1.

  25. brittany said last night on bb after dark that she would love to see kristen go home. and if she won she wonld not use it. she would let hayden and kristen stay on the block

  26. Hayden at this point wants kristen to go home so he can save his ass. he knows as long as she is in the house there is a target on his back

  27. Brit better watch her back from skanky now that she will be the only “threatening” female left.

  28. If and I mean IF brit knows what is happening!!!

    She should use the VETO on hayden.
    He was not the target of rachel.
    That would be positive for her with the brigade and brachel.
    Kathy then goes up.
    Hayden and the brigade plus regan than save kris.

    Than everyone has open or hidden ties to each other and

    The fight for POWER begins again. (more drama yea).

  29. I think Britney will use the POV to remove Kristen, Rachel will put up Kathy. Kathy would go. Britney has no alliance right now and Kristen would go for that alliance (for now) to save herself. Otherwise…I think Kristen knows she would be the one to go.

  30. LOL …Why would Brit take Hayden off? Do you think he would do that for her …heck NO! …
    She will leave as is.

  31. uhm i realii think britt shuld use it &* then her kristin hayden rachel &* brendon create an alliance &* go to tha final 5 they can rule tha damn house!!!. i wuld LOVE to see kathy go home shes sooooo FAKEEE.

  32. Brit does have an alliance…with Lane! She said this to Lane last night, “I’m only looking out for me & you!”

  33. Kathy n’ Kristen have not a clue…If Britney uses Veto on Kristen (at this point) Rachel will put up Kathy..Does Kathy not realize that??? DUH!!! Rachel is out to get the floaters again DUH!! Kathy have u not been listening?? OH SS How dumb I am..U been napping this whole game n’ it’s to little to late..I mean Rachel has no ills with anyone at the moment (so she thinks) so Kathy is the target..OH CRAP..Kristen has to stay in the game due to money problems…Another bummy slacker ner’ do well..

  34. Britney dislikes Kristen but watch Kristen play her game now to get off the block and get Kathy put up..should be interesting.. IF Britney even uses it at all.

  35. From the live feeds…Kristen asks Kathy for help to form an alliance with Britney.

    Kristen is telling Kathy she needs her help to get Britney to use the POV On her.

    Kristen said she will let Britney know if she keeps her in the game she will NEVER NEVER NEVER Put her up.

  36. I would like kris to stay,
    for that to happen and not put a target on brits back,
    if she saved hayden, I think that hayden and the brigade would still think it is best for their side to keep kris.

  37. Man paybacks are a bitch..This one in the form of Brittney giving it back to Kristen for voting Monet off…How soon these peeps forget their treatment of others..

  38. I wish regan could find out what a snake matt is.

    I wish the brigade could catch matt “on the other side”.


  40. ya connie kat & kris have no idea what the real deal is, but maybe kristen does and she just trying to sucker kathy in.

  41. Kathy causes the least drama.
    I/WE want drama.
    Therefore best to remove kathy NOW.

  42. kristen is going to use kathy to tug at brits heart strings because of monet. try and get kris and hay to form alliance. kristen all the while knowing that if she gets brit to use the pov kathy will be put up as the replacement and more than likely go home. the wheels on the bus go round and round…..

  43. whoa..Kathy is realizing that she is putting herself in a Kristen reasons as to why Brittney may not go for their as of yet plan..

  44. Last night Brit confirmed an alliance with Lane, and then was up in the HOH talking serious game with regan and matt.

    She is becoming more of a gamer every day!!

    Hopefully, that won’t come back and bite her in the a$$!!!

  45. Hayden would be smart to try and get Kristen out because once the numbers start to dwindle he knows he will be forced to choose between her and the bro-gade and he definitely does not want that. If it comes to that it is a wrap for him!! Bye Bye!!

  46. Kristen n’ Kathy are funny…Now Kathy is telling Kristen that they need to talk to Brittney seperately lol…When the conversation first began they were going together…lol.. Kathy told Kristen to go n’ sh ewould follow up talking to her later..lmao..once a user always a user…lol

  47. If brit is talking to lane, regan, and matt.
    How long will it be before they bring up saving hayden.
    If kathy IS then put up she has no ties to them.
    Again kris is saved. YEA for me.

  48. OMG!!! Just when this season couldn’t get any worse, it did. Another 4 days of boring TV. Time to find another show to watch.

  49. It would be silly to put up Kathy. The other houseguests obviously want Rachel out and at this point Kristen would be a good to keep over Kathy. With that said I want Kristen out

  50. If I was Britney I would not use the POV she knows that Kristen wants her out. Karma is a bitch Kristen talked shit about Monet and voted her out. Britney is no dummy like people think she is she will not use it. And I don’t blame her. I would leave the noms the same.

  51. no this isn’t goin to happen but i think it would be so funny if brit, rachel, and kristen could get together pick the men off one by one and run the house. they are in great position to do it to. if they get together now under the radar but still act like they don’t get along no one would be the wiser. they could take out kathy, hay or another brigade member. just wishful thinking tho, but boy would it be fun to watch. still have the drama, cat fights, showmances (uhg but funny), and a first time in bb history. 3 girl finale.

  52. I don’t get these people ..everytime they go on the block they got a sob story..NOw it’s Kristen..she is desperate for money..I think she said Regan won 5 grand and she gonna try to talk him out into giving it to her..I may have not heard correctly cause they whispering n’ it’s hard to catch everything..

  53. ‘jewish guys like me’… wtf i am beginning to dislike her as much as i do rachel!!

  54. I really hate to see Kathy back on the block again, just after she was on the block the week before. I really like Kathy more then Kristen or Haydon. So i hope that Bretney will not use the POV this week. If Bretney use it and put up Kathy, but so how again she did not go home and Kathy won HOH…well guess who will be back on the block again..drum roll please…♪Rachel♪

  55. i guess i missed that season. but it would still make for good tv. so hay is stuck in the have not’s room and no one is aloud in. did i hear that correctly?

  56. Kristen is the biggest floater there. She needs to go home she thinks she better than the other girls. Brittany will not use the veto, she said that last night on bb afterdark. That she wants Kristen to go home. Brittany can’t stand her and she will not let anyone sway her to use it.

  57. night torch. i’m not sure what is more anoying at the momment. their talking or the way they eat. oh well. everyone else is sleeping. hopefully something will happen later tonight.

  58. brittany will not let this chance go by to get rid of kristen. she has said all long she wanted her out as soon as possible

  59. hayden will be saved by the votes the guys give him. And brittany knows that. Really she don’t give a crap about hayden anyways. she alot smarter than the other hg think. she one of the smartest girls there by far.

  60. the question:
    between kristen & kathy, WHO DOES BRITNEY & THE OTHER HGS WANT IN THE JURY HOUSE??
    this is the last eviction before jury… i say the house as a whole (expect hayden) would rather have kathy on the jury.
    britney WILL NOT use the veto – see ya kristen.

  61. Doesn’t the person who gets evicted this week go to the jury house? I thought all along they houseguests were talking about the first 3 they wanted evicted before people started going to the jury house.

  62. so it seems, britt britt is really showing her game strategy now, i have to admit, i’m impressed! she has won 2 POV’s now, so they gotz to take her seriously a wee bit…i dont’ see how she can forget what kristen did with monet it would be such a slap in the face (to her friendship with monet) to take kristen off! the brigade lives to see another week!
    course if she were foolish enuf to use it, let’s hope rachel is smart enuf to put up another brigade member! :S, i know i know not likely b/c somehow someway they’ve managed to fleece everyone! kiss-teeth! chuh! :P

  63. sounds like they are bringing someone back so no one would go to the jury house this week. have a good one all.

  64. Really? The evictee’s going fwd are all jury house bound? Already? Dang that was fast!
    Did you say they were all sleeping what time is it over there? Aren’t they in Pacific Time? :P…that’s strange unless they have a super early comp tommorow! hmmm.. @karen – you’re right hay is sitting pretty this week, all the guys will vote to keep him, (why on earth brendon forgave him so fast after putting him up that 1st week i’ll never know)….Ragan needs to make a power move now….Lane & Britt in an alliance? Yah? Ohhh dat is interesting…

  65. @Angie… hi. there’s 10 in the house now – 7 go to jury + the two finalists = 9. so this week’s eviction goes home.
    plus if you remember, the brigade wanted brendon out this week because they could then taunt rachel about how brendon was “out there” having such a good time that it would drive rach crazy and she would LEAVE the house!! LOL

  66. i don’t think anyone is coming back into the house.
    who do you think the new sabateur will be? did you guys vote?
    i hope it’s enzo… he’s crazy enough to actually pull it off for two weeks and win the $20,000!!

  67. I want some DRAMA. Stop having fights and then making up. What is the point of that? This is big brother. Oh how I yearn for Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Jen or even Chima.

  68. if brit listens to boy george and use that pov ,she deserves to go home nxt week, because kristen is coming after brit, and boy george won 5G’S SHE IS OUT!!!! The same rule applied to MONET WITH 10G’S, BRENDON was so against Monet because she had 10G’s. BOY GEORGE NEEDS TO TUMBLE FOR YOU.

  69. brittany knows that kristen doesn’t like her and there is no way brittany will use that veto. last night she told lane she wouldn’t use it cause she wants kristen out

  70. chima really made the house fun and surely not boring. i would even like to see jeff and jordon

  71. jeff might be spending the night this year in the bb house. he on some trip around the world. and in each place he goes he has to find his own place to stay

  72. i’m with u Kimba !What is this BIG BROTHER OR ROMPER ROOM, this is a game to outplay, outwit , backdoor. let’ get it going!!!!!

  73. Now that Rachel won 5 grand will she think she deserves to be evicted After all that was supposed to be her way of making it ok to evict Monet since she won that 10 grand?

  74. oh my goodness

    if brit pulls off kristen via a deal…

    matt will go up

    if matt/hayden are up, one brigade wont be jury

    and it would be one more reason why B and R are outplaying the brigade in every facet of the game

  75. no, she even said before the comp that the monet 10k was only a big deal because it was early on

    and based on what happened at the comp hayden outta be ashamed

  76. Hayden needs to cut that mop on top of his head so he can see what the hell he is doing

  77. i didn’t say it was a good thing i’m just telling u what i heard and read. thats cbs crap they do

  78. Yes she should use it. Cut a deal with cristen,hayden,brendon and rachael. to be the final five. force the couples to play and stay together. abandon the idea of the brigade and join with the power couples till the end…

  79. hes in the have not room go to feeds u will see he has a bathroom with a curtain bread and water not fun but guys in next room are having a good time w/hayden

  80. if she uses it she’s a fool.
    w/o kris it’s:

    and Kathy is the floater who can go up and go home next week or even the week after since she isn’t likely to win. I hope Kathy becomes the saboteur so that she can win a little bit of money before she goes.

  81. I dont think anyone knows what a floater is…although i looove ragan he and kathy r floaters…kristin is aligned with hayden…i hate brendan he’s a follower

  82. Everyone in the house wants Racheal and Brendon gone (as do I). They will have to win every HOH on alternating weeks to get to the final two. Racheal has wasted her time in power by picking off the least competitive people. Monet was no threat to win anything. Kristen hasn’t looked too good either. For someone who is so engrossed in the BB history, Racheal doesn’t have a clue. You don’t start a showmance week 1 and throw it in everybody’s face. You don’t pick off the weakest players first. You don’t piss off the other houseguest’s and tell them to “bring it on”.
    If she were smart she would encourage Brit to save Kris and demand safety from her and Hayden. She needs to assemble a real alliance with more people than just Brendon. Poor Brendon has let her ruin any chance of going very far in the game. The Brenchel romance will not last anyway. He would be to embarrassed to let her meet his parents.

  83. frankie d-In the veto challenge Hayden “won” confinement and Kristen got a week wearing the unitard. I bet she will look pretty good in it!

  84. Can someone tell me why Hayden is on confinement and what that means? And I see everyone that competed in veto got something. What did Ragan get?

  85. i couldn’t honestly see Kathy as the saboteur, i honestly think she’s too stupid for that. I voted for Regen.

  86. it time Hayden went home as he is in 2 camps >>> the brigade and in partership with Kirsten

  87. How do you demand safety from other HG? It’s not that easy, they all lie to each other’s face to save their own asses for the week. I like the idea of Kristen going home, to break up her alliance, but it will only be helping the dumb brigade. Matt, Enzo, and Lane would’ve wanted her out at some point also to keep Hayden straight.

  88. @Budman… i couldn’t agree more about rachael. she and brendon act as though the other hgs should feel bad for wanting to break them up… brendon has even said “rachael and i have MORE TO LOSE than anyone else in this house”?? REALLY brendon?… ragan was FURIOUS when brendon said that!

  89. brit will NOT use veto. she has been paranoid of kristen gunning after her for some time now. i just really want rachel out of the house!! she is so loud!!!

  90. I think Rachel should’ve nominated Hayden and Matt.

    And if Britney’s smart, she won’t use the POV and piss Brechel off, putting a target back on herself again.

  91. Kristen is as much of a floater than Kathy. Kristen’s only a threat because she’s tied w/hayden.

  92. Hi, I have a dumb question, This is only my 2nd season of watching BB. I liked last season so much that I ordered Showtime for this year and it is beyond boring. Now I am thinking of ordering the live feeds but if they were to turn out to be as boring as the after dark, do they have past seasons on the live feeds where I could watch whole seasons in order? Just to pass the time and get get some BB history? Thanks!!

  93. Floaters are not a threat like say the four strongest guys in the house in an alliance. You can get the floaters to help your cause until you get the numbers in your favor. You can get rid of them later.

  94. I was thinking Brittany and Kathy were related some how I’m starting to bend and think that Brittany and lane know each other somehow old classmates bro and Sis or even bf and gf but there is something there I can’t pinpoint

  95. Good Game Brit!! Save Hayden. Kathy goes up and goes home. 2minBren or Horchel up next week!!

  96. Oh my gosh SO confused. I just turned on Big Brother After Dark and have no idea what is going on. Who is nominated for eviction? Why is everyone in crazy outfits?

  97. Well, I kinda want Kristen to stay, only cuz it would be total mayhem. Rachael would hate it. Then we would have some real drama!A few catfights, a few down and dirty ho fights. Gotta admit tho, I can’t stand boobzilla but she is a player, maybe not the best player, but still want her gone.Who knows, maybe we will see her on the next “Celebrity Apprentice”

  98. Yeah I don’t know what these dudes are thinking. They need Kristen for getting one of them out!! What are they thinking?

  99. hey guys, so is anyone watching the feed now? Is Britt making any deals? or is she just gonna play it safe and not use it?

  100. @Nic, yes, yes! I so agree, I do not know how she’ll be able to stay tho. It seems boobzilla has more than one guy whipped in this game. MATT, dork for brains.

  101. Ragan won a veto ticket, so what does that mean.Can he use to take some one off the block or just to save himself?

  102. Right. Why still play their game? By leaving Kathy while Rachel is in HOH, they risk votes going against Hayden if Brit, Kathy, Ragan, Matt, decide to kiss up to Rachel. We’ll see. Things change. Time to push Kathy ‘under the bus’.

  103. Oh my Hayden stop “scratching.” I guess it’s good he’s in confinement!!

  104. Why is Kathy so willing to go home for Kristen? Why did she bother playing to just volunteer to go so Kristen can stay? Wish two Brigade members were up but that won’t happen.

    Brittny and Ragan are my favorites. I hope they align with B&R to take out the dumb brigade. Looks like it is their only chance.

    Doubtful but with everyone focused on B&R, once they are gone it is going to be very boring season. Yes Rachel is annoying but at least not boring with all the drama she creates.

    Imagine if Kristen leaves this week and B&R go next week in double eviction. Then all we have to watch is the brigade pick off all the other players. BORING

  105. I think it will pick back up immediately after B/R are gone. Really this brigade is made up of separate people with game. Enzo, Matt, have strong personalities – they’ll go after Lane, Ragan. Testosterone will flow. Would you watch this or any show just with B/R?

  106. #112 – i heartily concur! kris is only a threat when tied to brigadeer’s!

    #124 – why was hayden put in confinement in the 1st place in the have not room? i dont’ have the feeds ……….

    WHY did Ragan get a VETO tic?

    Does BBAD reveal anything about that, including if any deals are being made?
    I’m sure Britt will be getting nuff visits tomorrow prior to the veto ceremony!

    Why is it that these HG’s only “wake” up when nominated?

  107. NO! They are only interesting because they irritate others and create drama. They can keep their showmance!

  108. I find it odd that Kathy who pleaded with everyone to save her b/c of her plight with her sick son, is willing to leave now for another!
    Talk about a 180! As for BB w/o B/R well it wont’ be half as exciting, b/c no offense the brigade are hella boring to watch! I mean they bring notin’ but chat foolishness to da screen!
    These pitneys need to wake up, dem so annoying still! Who gotz game? VERY few! (Britt, Ragan, B/R, Matt – das about it! rest are floating on easy street….so they think.. ausiello files had spoilers for BB on today …said that ONE is definitely coming back to the house, wont’ say who though! Not sure if the others have seen DVD’s from all other epi’s yet…as for jury house when does that begin? Next wk?

  109. lol there’s a word for it, it’s called underdogs, that’s what Brechel is. Whether you like them or not, they seem to be able to kick ass better then anyone else, including a SECRET ALLIANCE OF 4! Shows how smart the brigade is, LMAO

  110. MJ,

    I concur. Kathy’s 180 is very suspicious. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. And Kristen is asking her to help make it happen!! (Lifelong Friends?)

    From your list of the players that got game, Matt is in the brigade so I’d love to see Britt, Ragan, & B/R pitted against the brigade to see if they come to life. That should be good game play! B/R already suspicious of Matt, it could happen.

  111. I wouldn’t call Brenchel’s game play good. Lucky maybe. Every person in the house (except for maybe idiot Matt) will put them on the block next week. The brigade is sitting pretty right now. They do not have enemies and have kept their alliance a complete secret. They are on the verge of being able to run the house with numbers alone. of two…Good-bye and good riddance!

  112. Seriously, what is with this stupid “wizardry voice” crap? These people are idiots. Rachel is nothing but a sleeze, Brendon is a wuss, Matt is diabolical, Kristen is just plain weird, Enzo…jersey to the core, the rest, I don’t know. What is Hayden using to go to the bathroom? Seems very unsanitary to me. YUK! Please get Rachel and Brendon out ASAP. Blow jobs, tongues jammed down each other’s throats, phoniness, please…I can’t take much more.

  113. The Brigade is cool. I’m not a big B&R fan. Rachel is annoying and I think is way too Brendon. I think Brendon’s using her to get far in the game then he’ll dump her at the end. The only thing I like about B&R is that they add more drama and that’s always fun to watch! Personally I’m for Enzo or Hayden.

  114. This is driving me crazy not knowing what happened! I’m not subscribed so I can’t watch 24/7, I only watch the show and After Dark. Is Hayden safe or is he going home?? AND, who’s on the block? He and Kristen? All I know is if there was a showmance war, I would be team K & H!

  115. Everyone enters the house with different strategies in mind ie..,liars, floaters. The brigade has chosen to throw comps. to keep the target off their back (except Matt who has his own plans). Brenchel thinks that winning comps. is the key. By winning all these comps. they are the primary targets in the house. It is yet to be determined what strategy will win this season. Brenchel could do it, but they now have to win a lot more competitions to survive.The brigade is sitting pretty unless their alliance gets exposed.

  116. theres no way brittany will save either of them. she said she wanted to stay the same and she can’t wait to see kristen out of the house

  117. hayden and kristen on the block and brittany won pov and i’m sure she not using it and hayden will be saved by the brigade. so poor old kristen will go home

  118. Goodnight ya all, Thank you for the updates and the best commentary!! UUUGGHH! Have to work manana.

  119. ok,wow britney won again i hope she use it to save kristin and put lane to be the replacement because he’s not smart at all on these game.

  120. So I love it how on BBAD Kristen says, “I HAVE to talk to Britney.” And she’s been waiting for the prime moment to talk to her, and when Brit finally walks in and they have a chance to be alone and talk, Showtime cuts to a commercial… What the heck…

  121. I agree. I still can’t decide if I think Britney will go for it or not though. I hope she will!

  122. if brit falls for it, shes dumb, shes been calling kristen out for faking herself to those in position of power

    if she does, rachel will pretend to put up kathy, and will then put up matt vs hayden

    have fun brigade, you just lost a member for kristen, congrats.

  123. you will know pretty quickly, but because rachel is about to go to brit, you may see something work, but it will backfire, as in brigade against brigade…

    hayden will look like a HUGE sellout for this one.

  124. kristen is also a LIAR, shes lying about a lot of what shes saying…I dont like her, shes a hypocrit who hasnt won a single challenge…its pathetic really.

  125. she gave a similar bs speech rachel didnt fall for…I would hope brit doesnt either…

  126. They’ll regret sending Kristen home if Matt decides to hide behind b/r. He knows the Brigade would deal him out for his botched HOH!

  127. enzo and the brigade want to wear t-shirts and continue to talk about their winning HOH and putting them up…

    such hypocrits…put them up for being gameplayers, not because you stink and got beat 4 times combined by those two.

  128. enzo seems to believe that the brigade is going to blow our minds by making final 4 by winning nothing…

    how do they get the votes being such idiots?

  129. no brigade just spoke(minus hayden) and they hate everyone and will go final four and destroy according to them

    funny though…considering they havent won yet…then there is hayden and kristen…they seem to forget dissing B and R to their face loses 2 votes, if they plan final 4, they wont have the votes to win after cutting out ragen(that WILL lose a vote, hes an emotional player) and kristen…she wont be too darn happy will she? Kathy…she wont vote brigade…

    good call brigade

  130. What is CBS doing??? Why don’t they just crown Rachel and Brendon now. I can’t stand watching them, I do however feel sorry for Brendon’s parents, having that redheaded drunkard sleaze all over their son. It looks like CBS is doing everything they can for the brenchel team of sleaze. And once again CBS, what the heck are you thinking, putting on a wig and leotard is one thing, but what you are doing to Hayden is just inhumane. If things don’t change fast this will be my last year of watching BB

  131. Yes, I think Britney should use the Veto to take Kristen off the block so she will be there to help the Brigade take Rachael out of the house! Kathy should be put up and go home she is not playing the game

  132. Yep. They can at least have Kristen in jury to protect people left in the house kick B/R to heck out!! Up to Brit to sell this.

  133. I just reading along whats going on. WTF? is Enzo all up Brendon’s ass now? What’s going on in this game? Everyone else has been released from sequester… That’s it I’m headed out to the hot valley tomorrow I’m hoping that fence and talking to them. Get me a helecopter or something – jet pack…

  134. I hope Britney uses the POV to save Kristen and they put Kathy up as a replacement. The only reason I watch this season is because of Hayden and Kristen’s secret alliance. Reminds me of Jeff & Jordon.

    I want them to continue on…….

    If Kristen is voted out I am no longer watching this season. They chose poorly for House Guests and Rachel makes me cringe.

  135. Why would Brit use the POV? Neither of the two have done anything to help her. Why would she risk pissing nasty Rach off and might get put up herself … Best that she leaves the nom and let the chips fall were they may!

  136. Kristen is a liar like the rest of them. She does not deserve to be there. Funny how things change. last week she sat around like she was the queen now she just a suck ass trying to stay. Which she said she would never do. BEG TO STAY well just pack your crap and get ready to leave. karma a bitch

  137. Obviously, Britney can’t use the POV without talking it over w Rachel. And she knows that Rachel will put up Kathy as replacement nominee. IF brit and Kathy are related or life long friends she won’t do that. Plus Kathy was the only other vote to keep Monet…
    She won’t use it

  138. Can someone tell Marcus that Kathy ain’t an ally of Brenchel? The guy seems to be quite confused about this…

  139. ok it sucks but here’s how i see it britney uses the power and takes off hayden and put kathy up as a pawn so far the pawn has stayed suprisingly enough. i’m glad to see that hayden and the brigade will be intact or i hope that’ll be the case.

  140. @Big Brother Fan… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Hayden and Kristen are boring as all hell! Jeff and Jordan were REALLY entertaining to watch – for you to compare them to that poor excuse of a showmance… that’s wishful thinking on your part!

  141. For all you people that assumed that Rachel would put Kathy up if Britney uses the VETO: WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T DO THAT? I know she said she would, but, in BB, people change their minds out of nothing.
    What would actually happen if she pick someone else? Who would that be? It wouldn’t change anything in her game – regardless who stays, she’ll be a target next week unless Brendon win HoH.
    Anyway, I don’t see Britney using it – there’s zero good reason for her to do it, aqnd her dislike of Kristen pretty much seal that deal.

  142. At least Kristen does not bow to the queen. She’s a scrapper and could bring some excitement to the game. Who else even stands up to or challenges Rachel?The fab 4 are too bust scratching their b*lls.

  143. No one has yet mentioned that Lane & Hayden could be related. Look at them side by side, they have the exact “same” smile.
    HG’s need to look out for Lane, he is really very smart, he is watching everything and saying nothing.

  144. @Cheryl#173, yeah I like that about Kristen that she didn’t bow to her majesty. Kris knew that she was going on the block no matter what she said to skanky.

  145. I don’t like the CBS schedule this season for Big brother. Too much time lapses between the POV on Saturday and it being aired on Wednesday. The show is like reading an old newspaper.It shouldn’t take that long to edit.

  146. Ok has no one figured out that Kathy is Britneys MOM!! They are both from Arkansas, have the same accent and look at them! They look exactly alike! Britney will not use the POV and let her mom go up on the block. Kristen is going! YAH! Do not like her!

  147. I just read an article about the new Saboteur. They will have 2 weeks starting next Sunday and will get $20,000 if successful. They then remain in the game and will not be exposed until finale night. Pandora’s box will also be offered to the HOH like last season with the sab. being the first evil unleashed on the house.

  148. It’s sad that CBS casted a whole group of floaters….as much as I hate Rachel she is the only player in the house….Brendon is a strong player but not for his self he makes every move for Rachel who isn’t doing the same for him….the Bridgay is the biggest fraud in BB Alliance history and none of them have the smarts to really make this season interesting….I hate Rachel but she is the only one playing the game!

  149. wow solitary confinement is too cruel, even for big brother! poor hayden! these hgs need to do something, i dont look at britney as a strong player, but she has won two already. two more than kathy, kristen, ragan, enzo, and lane! what a bunch of floaters!!

  150. It seems to me that Britney who won the POV yesterday afternoon. The Veto Meeting is tomorrow afternoon. Will Britney use the Power Of Veto to save either Kristen or Hayden from eviction? Please keep me posted on it.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  151. Consider this: IF Brit goes against Rachel’s wishes and uses the POV, and if Kathy is put up and, subsequently, sent packing – Kristen stays and the Brigade is in tact. Brachel will target Brit for betrayal. Despite Kristen’s vow that she will save Brit and can almost promise Hayden will, as well, why would the Brigade save Brit? With Kathy gone, if B/R are not “available” to be put up (for whatever reason) – who goes up: Ragan, Kristen, Hayden, Matt, Enzo, Lane or Brit? – Who goes home? How much can the (Brigade) protect Brit? They seem to be counting alot on a double-eviction next week and maybe that will happen and answer their prayers to get rid of B/R – but may not.

  152. With Brigade in charge of votes, do they vote out Kristen (putting Hayden in bad spot with her) or Brit (who will be in B/R’s future crosshairs) or Ragan (who is in B/R’s good graces to benefit Brigade and has come close to winning HoH)? I think – barring any future meltdowns – Brit will be the next lamb to slaughter. They will still have Kristen (for Hayden) as B/R’s focus so they can draft behind her.

  153. Kathy is Britneys MOM..?? WOW..!! Britney will not use the POV if that’s true.. ..Good Bye Kristen..We won’t miss You..

  154. no kathy is not brit’s mom that has been confirmed by people who know brit.

    brit may use it, but what she DOESNT know it rachel may seriously put up matt instead

  155. Forget the game Brach loves attention, shes thinking ahead to her ” career” outside of the BB house ( wanting Patron to sponser her for one) She is the type of woman who dosnt like other women ( those that are a threat) She would love to be the only woman there- Kathy is ok shes older and Britt is engaged but the others needed to go, I know her type, her main goal is her fling w/ goofy boy and a future career .

  156. I would hate to see Kathy go but it would benefit Rachel and Brandon to keep Hayden and K in the game but make them promoise to be with them but are promoises ever really kept..I like Rachel and Brandon fast romance wonder if they knew each other before the house lol Hayden and K are a house romance only dont see the loyalty at all between them Hayden needs to watch his back Mat is not to be trusted at all and should he be it is 1/2 million bucks on the line

  157. kristen “its not my time to go”…why? because you have been so successful? she claims this is all bitterness and jealousy…SO WAS YOUR ENTIRE GAME…RIDICULOUS!!!

  158. R and B are done, weall know this, but in order for the game to be GOOD, brit cannot use that veto, if she DOES then rachel MUST put up someone OTHER than kathy…

    when is the ceremony?

  159. i think brittany should use the pov on kristen because she strong and a good player. if rachel put up matt i don’t no who is going home but if she puts up kathy she going home .

  160. I wish SO SO SO MUCH that ppl would hear how KATHY BAD MOUTHS everyone all the time and gets away with it!! It makes me so ill. She has Regan in the palm of her hand due to her story of “having 6 mths to live) at one point. Please do not get me wrong..I am thankful she beat Cancer if she had it, but she is so cunning, nasty, mean spirted, souless, that whomever is around her (like Kristen this week) she poisons.on purpose so they’ll get in to it, and she can just then kick back and hope no one gives her a second thought. She just said last on on After Dark..” I am sick of hearing all of them laughing all the tuime,” and “they only think of themselves!~!” OMG How DARE KATHY EVEN say this. She went behind Kristens and Haydon bak and asked Rachel..”I am so so happy for you honey, you deserved to win after how they played the HOH,” and “Rachel please do not put meup I get so ill when I am on the block” uin the storage room after they all evicted Andrew. KATHY IS A PPISON PERSON AND IS NOT HUMAN CAUSE HUMAN BEINGS HAVE SOME COMPASSION AND SOUL..SHE HAS NEITHER!!! when rachel would not agree to her terms, and then told Kath or asked Kathy, “why after my HOH was over did you just not talk with me anymore?” (which to me is a very valid ?) Kathy KNEW at that point she could no longer fool Rachel, so now she has turned the tables on Brittany by having Kristen agree to certain things, and telling Kristen and Haydon LIES about RACHEL! What is wrong with her?? I think She is a selfish and crazy sherriff whom I am so hlad does not work in my city or town. She’s like “Sybil” all kinds of ppl. She is not playing the game..she is ruining ppls lives by telling lies after lies and they’re having to either defend themselves, or ask where that came from.. You know how Kathy ALWAYS says..”Now son’t be tellin no one I said this.” OMG she makes me ill and so sick..I want her to go so badly, yet think it would be best if Kristen went because she has changed and is also a werido..I can onlu pray Brittany doe NOT fall in to Kathy’s “trap” this week, like others have in the past weeks… My gosh whomever employees her..I would not tust her if she pulled me over to be honest. She is a true and good LIAR! Kathy needs to go home. Brittany needs to hold on to that Veto and not use it, and then next week hopefully I am praying Kathy does not win HOH (her and Kristen are like a recorder each week “I just have to win HOH..I just have win HOH..or “I almost won HOH if I had not done ++” over and over..ill, yuck , makes me ill and Kathy u r truly a Lying, cheating, gurtful, cunning, no mraols, souless, and on and on persono in my book. AND THINK I ACTUALLY LIKED YYOU THE FIRST WEEK UNTIL I NOTICED WHAT YOU WERE DOING AND WHO U REALLY ARE! I can onlu hope the HG’s are smart and see through her.. She is sitting next to Kristen who has her fingers under the door with Hayden (LMAO at the way she looks and that her and Haydon ..well jarma came and bit u 2 in the behinds) yet KATHY IS SITTING NEXT TO KRISTEN MOST LIKELY THINKING…I WANT THAT GIRL OUT AND HOW CAN I CAUSE OR STIR UP SOME TROUBLE..OR WHAT LIE CAN I MAKE UP TO ENSURE SHE GOES AND I STAY?? Kathy is good at one thing and one thing only ..BEING A COOMPLETELY MEAN SPIRITED LIAR!!!

    Susie :=_ Hey to ALl of you! Peace!

  161. i cannot stand rachel..i am actually thinking of not watching it until she is gone. her screaming when she speaks is driving me nuts!! everyone kissing her fat, drag-queen butt is making her head bigger than her ass!! her fake crying when she speaks is totally acceptable to the other guests!! i wish this group would grow a pair and stand up to her ( or him i think “she” may be a “he).

  162. i want to sex all the ladies on bb make a super porn when bb hoes run dry part one lol

  163. just got done waching big brother cant wait to see after dark to see what brittany is going to do and what rachel is going to do if brittany takes kristen of the block and who is she going to put up matt or kathy

  164. Her best game play at this point will be not to use it. The only person she can trust as this point is Kathy which doesnt really matter any way since Kathy cant win anything but at least she will have someone. Kristen is sooo boring and really needs to go-the only purpose for her to stay would be for some upcoming fights with her and Rachel which I would love to see. I cant stand watching Brenchel make out but I think they are at this point the ones more deserving to win.. there hasnt been one day where they are not fighting to stay in that house. …AND, ENZO my god.. I am so sick of hearing him and looking at him I wish someone would take him out as soon as possible.

  165. I’ve been thinking this game can’t be made up cuz the santour wouldn’t have been gone the 1st week

  166. I’ve changed my mind. I think Kristen needs to go. She is in no way helping herself and she’s bringing Hayden down with her!

  167. If Brittany uses the Veto KATHY SHOULD GO HOME SHE IS A LIAR, CUNNING, DISHONEST, MEAN SPIRTED, AND SUCH A BIG BIG LIAR!! FOR A SHERRIFF I AM SURPRRISED THAT SHE ACTS THIS WAY.. SHE IS NOTPLAYING THE GAME SHE IS FLOATING BY AND IT MAKES ALL OF US IN THIS HOUSEHOLD ILL. RACHEL is a SMART girl and we were wondering if anyone knows why her, bradon, kristen, and haydon were all out practicing for the Veto.. Did kristen and Rachel “make-up”. Does Kristen know Kathy is a HOH follwer and can notbe trusted. Does Kirstenand others know Kathy lies to anyone and everyone and the sits back and smailes as others fight over her lies??? She is a BIG disappointment. I intially liked her, but I dislike her character (which she has NONE) and her heartless BS. She is not playing BB every1 is playing for her .as she floats on by.. BYE BYE KATHY////GO HOME!!

  168. Are you forgetting Brit will not use the POV and take a chance that her Mother?Aunt? whatever she is, Kathy will be put up. Just wait, they both live close to each other, and look dead on each other and Kathy was the only one who voted with Brit to save Monet………

  169. kristen is willing to put her so called bbf kathy so she can stay. she two faced just like kathy and brittany will be a fool to use that veto. kristen will not keep her word, and thankfully lane told brittany she could just be telling u what u want to hear. this is bb after all.

  170. I hope she doesn’t use the POV. I mean come on Brit – you know she’s lying so she can be saved! She had nothing to say to you this entire game and now she’s pouring her heart out to save her ass and bringing out the BIG guns!! Kris looks soo desperate. well we know she is but WOW! She’s boring! let her go!

  171. no she sould not use the vote. kristen is a a big fat lie,and needs to go home.

    by for now
    brooksie lou

  172. Didn’t Britney already decide not to use the POV? Hayden’s on confinement because he lost a reward competition. Enzo won a tv, Rachel won $5,000 and Kristen has to wear a crazy outfit.

  173. Britney is thinking about using the POV for promises of safety from Hayden and Kristen. She has been doing fine w/o them, look how well Kathy’s friendship with them is going for her! Kathy was stupid enough to put them ahead of her safety in the house and now Hayden and Kristen are trying to get Hayden off the block and put Kathy in his place to give Kristen a fighting chance. Britney would be disposable to them at any point in the game just like Kathy is. Hayden’s promises are fake b/c his loyalty is to the brigade. Also the brigade wants Kristen gone so Hayden will stop acting stupid.

    It would be very dumb for Brenden and Rachel to keep Kristen just b/c she is saying what Rachel wants to hear now. She took her anger about being exposed and losing the hoh competition out on Rachel and now she needs to pay for her stupidity. Maybe if she had actually been trying to win competitions in the beginning she would not be in this situation!

    The brigade has four members and no one in the house knows their secret yet, but only Mat and Enzo are trying to win competitions. And out of those two only Mat has proven himself as a strong player. Hayden only won hoh b/c Mat didn’t want it. The brigade is weak b/c the rest can’t or won’t pull their weight.

  174. Britney should not use the POV. Hayden and Kristen are liars and will not protect her no matter what they promise. Kristen’s attitude put them on the block and she should go home.

    Brenden and Rachel are annoying, but they are playing the game and keeping it interesting. They are great competitors!

  175. I hope Enzo or Lane wins hoh put up brencel be gone with Rachal cant stand her nasty ways and her phony laugh

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