Big Brother 12: Week 4 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its week 4 nomination episode of the season where we’ll have confirmed for us who Rachel, the new BB12 HoH, has nominated for eviction on Thursday.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving things even more up in the air. We’ve got the PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

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If you missed the late-night sexmance then you can use the live feedsFlashback” feature which works like a DVR for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the summer all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of again this summer. Sign-up now to watch it all live and uncensored for fifty cents a day.


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  1. Just hope that Britney will not use the POV or Rachel will put up Kathy, if she put up Kathy this would be the second week Kathy will be put on the block.

  2. The best thing about tonights episode will be the DR confessions since we already know the nominees. Hope to see more of Brit’s dr comedy act. Oh it will also be interesting to see the queen’s nomination speech. What a hottdogg.

  3. I hope Brit doesn’t use the POV. If she does Rachel better watch out next week. I think Kristen might just win HOH and show all how much a player and not floater she really is!

  4. Boobzilla needs to watch out next week no matter what happens this week. I think everybody saw how last week went (not putting Brenchel up) and won’t make that mistake again.

    Go Team ABR! (Anybody But Rachel)

  5. cant wait to see the fights that went on after the hoh comp!! editing takes way too long, can we just skip to eviction?!

  6. yeah rachel is annoying, but you cant hate on her, she is actually winning and playing the game, this house is full of floaters who dont deserve to win!

  7. Brittany doesn’t have a chance unless she uses the POV. Brenchel will be gone very soon and can’t protect her. Even if Brenchel pull more victory miracles to get to the end, Brit could get no better than 3rd. Her loyalty to Racheal and Brendon will put a target on her back once they are gone. The brigade will use her until they don’t need her- Top 4 or 5 at best. She needs to be creative and take Kristen’s offer and gain not only Kristen as a loyal ally, but possibly Hayden as well.She is stuck in the middle of the two sides of the house and needs to make a move while she has the power.

  8. “this house is full of floaters who dont deserve to win”

    That’s one opinion. My opinion is that just because you don’t see things happening, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

    You don’t see everything.

    Go Team ABR!

  9. I Hate Racheal!-Well said! It is not the Tour-de-France, it is Big Brother and the proven strategy to winning is to not come out swinging and making as many enemys as possible, but rather laying low and waiting it out, while being socially considerate to the others who hold your fate in their hands.

  10. Many people have said this season is boring… I agree but do commend the players an acting like adults and realizing it’s just a game. I was wondering what is the BEST SEASON in BB history in your opinion. I am making my B-friend watch it and he likes it but I want to show him how the game can be. I think He would like people who r mean with a plan.

  11. season 2 (dr will) and season 10 (dan) produced the greatest bb players. i would start would season 10. season 2 has bad editing and it’s really hard to watch it.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the feed back. Too bad editing is bad, I have seen Dr. Will & Boogie got some fame out of it. I wonder how many others prosper from the show. It’s embarrassing the way the guys In the house are acting like they are going to walkout of there as A-Listers, people paying to play pool with them.. Ha. There is no way that pool table is regulation size.
      Talking about editing… Remember when Matts wife came on the show about her illness? The clip in the HoH room when Kathy and one of the guys were on the bed talking about someone lying just in general about a death or illness of a family member, and how dispicable it is. And how matt said “totally, Totally. It felt edited, ingenuine. I don’t think matt was there, I felt like it was cut and edited in. Long story long.. Sorry haha.

  12. Oh no, another sob story – this time from Kristen who says she nas nothing to go home to. My advice to her is GET A JOB and stay off reality shows. She is SO iritating. Well, Hayden, I, for one, said that you neded to get away from that chick or you would be going home. Am I the only one who can’t stand Ragan. His voice and mannerisms, drive me NUTS. I had to turn off BB after dark, after listening to him for about 10 minutes. Rachel needs to go back to turning tricks, because she is really wearing thin with the viewers. I am not interested in what her an Brendon are doing beneath the covers. I think it is disgusting that the cameras spend so much time on those two. I am not enjoying this season very much. So few good guys to rally behind, and so many others that need to leave.

  13. What’s wrong with behing a floater ? That is part of the game . You can’t have 13 Dr Will’s or evel Dicks . Casting picks the players based on filling spots for the strong players , the floaters , the gay guy , the black girl , the white trash , etc .

  14. I LOVE RACHEL!! hope britney dnt use the veto cusz i want to test kristen and haydens suppose to be romance,,

  15. What I dont understand is why Kathy is always the obvious choice to go up. Why isnt B/R Targeting Enzo, Matt (as they were week 2), Lane, or Hayden. The brigade has nothing together to even be considered an alliance. To me they all act like floaters.

    While we all may hate on Rachel, of which I am also guilty, without her stupid antics, what will we have to talk about???

    Has anybody else heard that Jeff is comming back to the BB house for a few days? I can’t wait. Finally, something good to watch on BB12. Later…

  16. I was just wondering…what if America votes for a HG that gets evicted on Thursday? Right now all HG’s are eligable in the voting. I would hope that BB would be honest and let the viewers know if that happened and not just chose second place as voted by the viewers. Any thoughts.

  17. lol Who’s thong clad ass is that on the homepage ?? And why aren’t people crying “WHORE” over that?? lol If it were rachel, we would never hear the end of it!

  18. What do you all think the Pandora’s Box will be about this week. I wish BB would come up with something new….If people are related or LLBF’s how come Julie hasn’t mentioned it again. Maybe Annie just said stuff like that to get everyone wondering, maybe it was part of her Sab. part she was playing.

  19. Budman – Ragan a good guy? Who says so? He has a voice like nails across a chalkboard. I am not against him because he is gay – at least I think he is gay because of the way he acts. But – a good guy? not to me. He is just an irritant, and somebody I can’t stand to look at, or to listen to. Sorry, but that’s my opinion and when he leaves, which I hope is soon, I will start watching BB more. Of course, there are others who are irritating as well, especially, the red-headed trickster. She is a REAL joke. Wonder if she has back problems?

  20. I never understood why people were saying that there’s a life long friendship in the house. Julie didn’t start that, the Sab did, and we already know that the sab could lie. Annie picks whatever the public choices were

  21. This is my first time watching BB and don’t know any of the things they are talking about. What are the diary room and what did Hayden do to get put into soitary.

  22. diary rooms just a private session with production and the us viewers. Hayden’s in 24 hr. confinement because that’s what he picked in the POV competition. (some people won things, some things weren’t so nice, i.e. confinement for 24 hrs)

  23. Summer- I was just picking at you. I don’t like Reagan either. I am never for the token gay guy. His voice is irritating and as far as floaters go: He is the king!(or queen) I do respect his knowledge of Big Brother trivia although sometimes that gets annoying too. He always says exactly what every competition will be like he really knows.

  24. Missed the HOH comp. did Regan wear the long sleeve shirt he said he would if he was going to throw the comp?

  25. I sick of the other HG talking crap about Brendon and calling him horrible names behind his back. He so nice and helpful to everyone. Rachel can be alitte annoying and over the top but I’m still and will remain a R&B fan. Its best if Brit, Ragan, and Kathy work to keep R&B in the house or the Brigade will pick them off one by one. Boring! The Brigade needs to be exposed. Maybe if Ragan becomes the next sabotour it will come out!!!

  26. Feeds were cut for the competition but it was the type competition where you couldn’t really “throw it” Everybody picked a prize or took someone elses. Regan got a ticket to participate in a POV competition if he needs to, which might be valuable down the line.

  27. Brit, Regan and Kathy hate Brenchel as much as anybody in the brigade does. Brittany woke up talking to herself about how they had to go next week.

  28. @ Annie #20– The already said if the chosen HG has been evicted, the number 2 in the polls will be given the offer to be the sabatour

  29. This game could turn on a dime if either Britney, Brendan or Rachel find out about the Brigade. Enzo is annoying and Matt is a jerk.. Very bad Karma to claim your wife is sick.

  30. Sara @21.. just wanted to say that if my butt looked that good in a thong…I’d be happy to have it on the homepage lol…

  31. What homepage are y’all talking about? I can’t see any that show a pic of somebody wearing a thong.

    Go Team ABR!

  32. it looks like kristen pulling her pants down right in front of the camera wearing a thong. Where are the typical wh o re comments people?? lol I don’t see a long thread of them on this one yet.

  33. Go Rachel!

    Kristen is a whore if she is showing her a$s like that all over the internet!

  34. @37 I am sure the pic we are talking about is Kris getting into the hippitard….she is wearing a thong and regardless of what type of game player she is…she does have a nice body and I feel it is far better than R who is mostly fake… of course this is being said by a 50 year old…that wishes she could look that good lol

  35. Getting caught with your pant’s down by a perv. with a camera doesn’t make you a whore. Being a paid escort for men who fly you to different cities to have sex with you does.

  36. oh please, she didn’t “get caught” with her pants down, she’s choosing to do it in a room with cameras all around her

  37. #39 and #42 are ***NOT*** me. It’s gotta be one of the Boobzilla lovers trying to make me look bad.

    Go Team ABR!

  38. #44 The real deal- I feel better now! I was left scratching my head. Brenchel fans will stop at nothing

  39. I don’t think we could say Kris is a whore… she was getting into her hippytard…not showing her butt off…the camera just caught the image at that time…go easy people…not everyone is a skank…perhaps she just is so used to being filmed 24/7 that she didn’t think about it…try being on “show” all… the time…we would all slip.. I guess that is why I am not on BB…lol

  40. Monet is bi-racial so I thought Kathy was her mother becaue Monet was heart broken when she thought that Kathy had betrayed her. LOL …The options of who knows each other b4 are endless. Well it’s got us talking LMAO

  41. OMG THE PESON WHO WROTE “I HATE RACHEL (U SPELLED HER NAME WRONG FIRST OFF) AND WHAT U 12?? maybe you should ask mommy and dday if u can watch the show.

    Why do u dislike her?? because she is an actual player and not a floater??

    Or are we a lil jealous??
    I choose to believe the latter pary…Ur jealous of her and her “,am.” OMH give me a break..she plays the game and does it with happiness, sadness, has soul, is kind, stragety, etc., Kathy and Jristen on the other hand…well Kathy more so is a FLAOTER!! BIG TIME FLOATER!!! Now why would someone hate Rachel and even use the hate word? That’s a strong word..especially for a 12 year old..

    Peace Susie LOL :=-)

  42. oops typing in the dark in my den lol…I want true sun light and here in AZ it’s Mosoon weather so cloufd etc., I type fast when I am passionate about what others write..and so sorry for spelling hagd, peace

    all u rachel haterz..well get a ife and watch the show omg.. kathy needs to goooooo

    peace susie =_)

  43. Ok … I agree that Rach is playing the game … but that is because she had no choice lol … they forced her to or she was going home … she’s just trying to save her Az$%$. We don’t like her cuz she was such a prima dona thinking that she owned the house LMAo give me a break. I think that Branden would be more liked by America with out her.

  44. To Summer…couldn’t use ur real name so just used Summer because it’s Summer time? The trickter is not Rachel (the red head has a name ok and I think u a agaiinst Regan cause he’s different) anyway, Rachel plays A GREAT GAME

  45. Question to all the live feed users. Can a American Express prepaid card be used to pay for the live feeds? I would REALLY appreciate it if someone answered. Thanks.

  46. I mean, maybe if she didnt win all the HOH she wouldnt be that bad, I hate her because I love Enzo and I am loosing because Rachel wins hoh.

  47. #52 Susie – what difference would it make what name Summer uses? I’ve posted with her for almost a year now and she’s always been “Summer”. I post under my dog’s name Roxie. Lighten up!

  48. vlackgirl and summer…the redhead has a neame her name is AWESOME RACHEL whom has WON HOH 2X’S!!! Kathy is the Liar who needs to go home. At least Breadon and Rahel are carry themselves in this game…Kathy and Kristen as well as KLane make me ill they’re ALL FLOATERS!! Kathy stires up lies after lies so she will notbe nopoticed..not a good to play BB..she has no soul and is a complete LIAR. First week I liked her until I realized that she is out to lie her way through this fame using her health, her son, and family as pawns to have others feel sorry for her. Yet, her mouth does not stop running and spits out doo doo with lies. Go home Kathy..Go home Kristen..Goo Home Lane..You ALL are FLOATERS who do not deserve one dime.

    Karma came around this week lmao Poor Kristen in that ugly outfit and wig lol lmao at her..Wish it would of been JKathy, but oops Kathy cann ot even win that! lol OMG there is a way to play BB and Rachel, Breadon, Regan, and a one other are doing it right..The others are floaters who talk the talk but nothing seems to be going right for them KARMA is a B—H! LOL HA HA HA! I am by any means laughing @ Kathy’s mean spirited lies, her souless self, and the fact she can not stand to see others happy..cause she one miserable sheriff and person.. I will not even call her a human being..everything about her is fake..down her ugly rwo sizes boobs.. Liked her the first week..until I saw through her…OMG she is one mean mean person…Karma is knocking @ her door. She lies about everything to get eberyone else angry with one another and sits on her stoop and just laughs and is smug..Glad she does not work any where near here… peace…to All….Even the Haters! Susie

  49. Susie, thank you for your comments. However (comma) you may wish to consult your choice of references before attacking someone for spelling.

    ‘Rachel’ is how her name is spelled.

    ‘dday’ is not a word.

    ‘lil’ is a nickname for ‘Lillian’ and should be capitalized.

    ‘pary’ is not a word.

    ‘,am’ is not a word.

    ‘stragety’ is not a word.

    ‘Jristen’ is not a name.

    ‘Mosoon’ is not a word.

    ‘cloufd’ is not a word.

    ‘ife’ is not a word.

    If you like, I can point you in the correct direction of a great online dictionary so you can check your spelling. Or, you may wish to acquire one of the many web browsers for free that have spell check built in.

    In any case Susie, have a nice day!!!!

    Go Team ABR!

  50. #53 is, once again, the moron who is trying to make me look bad.

    Susie, I forgot to mention, I’m just a tiny bit older than 12, only by a number of decades. By the tone of your recent posts, 12 is a little older than you.

  51. HEY??? Hello??? Do we have someone monitoring the sight today?? I wanna post and not get in an argument and not have some stupid moron using my name to post their dribble. Seems like that may be happening today. Mr. Monitor are u there??? LOL

  52. Hey you guys, this blog is to post about BB12, not to attack each other over and over. I can promise you this, keep it up and you will be kicked off this site.

    For one, Matt won’t put up with it.

    For two, none of us are interested or want to read your childish BS.

    Ive been posting on Matt’s site for three years now and there are a lot of good ppl here, including Summer (fyi) so either follow the rules, enjoy the game and the posts, or go elseware!

  53. Neither HoH awarded to Boobzilla involved skill. She got both by luck. I believe I heard that in the 2nd, she hit the correct button by mistake – she intended to hit one of the wrong ones.

    Can anyone confirm that? I don’t remember where I heard/read it.

  54. What is Hayden’s take on both he n’ Kristen being nominated?? Has he even told Kristen that he would rather she stay or what?? YEAH RIGHT I just wrote that for a laugh..I know that he is protecting his own ass n’ could care less what happens to

  55. OMG Susie OMG I guess vlackgirl is me. OMG When I can comprehend your thoughts then maybe I will reply.OMG OMG maybe I wont reply cuz then I will be brougnt way down to your level. OMG OMG

  56. THE COMPS RACHEL WON WERE NOT PHYSICAL…She has yet to compete in a strenous challenge..other than the hotdog jump…

  57. Rachel could win a physical challenge all the way!!! PS do u guys know that Michelle from last season had so many plastic surgeries and shes so pretty now and she is gonna get her own show and she divorced her husband! She used all of her BB money to get plastic surgery and shes amazing and she is gonna have a fun science show!!

  58. POOR Kristen..SHE HAS NOT HAD A CHANCE TO PROVE HERSELF IN THE GAME..she has been there a month..poor poor girl..Maybe at the next comp (if she is there) that the other HG’s will default so she can prove herself a player n’ winner… Brittney is not buying into her

  59. Why can’t Haydan go home, he is dumber than a box of rocks and annoying as all get out! That also will get rid of one of the Brigade without anyone knowing..

  60. Oh well so much for true love in the BB house..Kristen trying so hard to save herself..Only a mention now n’ again of

  61. re: #71

    I think ‘had’ is the operative word!

    Would you stay with someone who had a showmance? Not I.

  62. I really think that Britteny is enjoying Kristen’s grovling n’ begging segment. Brittney probably thinking “This one is for u Monet”..HA HA HA HA

  63. 1st place Brenden
    2nd Rachel
    3rd Matt
    Jury (order of being voted out) Regen, Britney,Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Kathy, Kristen. Buh Bye Kristen! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya this Thursday night! =)

  64. Just watched Kristens attempt to get Britney to use POV on her and OMG, I have absolutely no respect for her.
    I just want to make the Jury House so I have a place to stay. Please!!!
    She is a complete liar, can’t even admit to Britney that she wanted Monet gone.
    I hope Britney sees through her and sends the B**** packing….

  65. lol I think its funny how hayden is acting towards kristen now. like “this b!tch is bringin me down fast!” hahahah I guess we wont be watching them play hide the finger anymore

  66. Loved it when Hayden told Rachel to “string a sentence together with out saying like” during the post HOH comp. fight!!!!! Did anyone else LOL?

    Joining Team ABR!

  67. Did anyone feel like there was some major editing in tonight’s show? I don’t have the live feeds, but I thought that Brendon got mad at Rachel for being too brash after the HOH comp and they didn’t show that. Also, didn’t she declare war on everyone in her nomination speech? If so, they made it look like a personal vendetta against Kristen and Hayden.

  68. U luv Rachel her personality just really cool I also like Kathy and brennen I hate u Hayden Kristen and Brittney

  69. Brit needs to use the POV. Rachel will not be HoH next week. Unless Brenan wins, Rachel/Bren will be on the block.

  70. Well, just got off work and logged in and all I was reading were comments from Susie, by the way who can’t spell. Oh, well, Kristen is most certainly going home unless she can pull a rabbit out of her ass. Brit will not save her unless she is brain dead, so yeah Kristan might a chance. Brit should use it and save Hayden, it would be better for in the long run. We will see, she’ll do whatever they tell her to do. Summer I like your name, I’m and old hippie and it it is a very cool name.

  71. Ok so I missed the show. Are britt an kristen up against each othe
    r or kristen an hayden?..I’m!

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