Big Brother 12 First: Sex In the HoH Room

We knew it was coming and was only a matter of time. Last night Rachel and Brendon became the first Big Brother 12 HGs to have sex in the house. A little before 2AM BBT last night the pair got in to their routine of massages which led to kissing which led to groping which led to… well, you know. Read on for the full details & pics, but you’ve been warned of the adult content ahead…

Here’s the Brenchel Love Machine timeline so you can pull it up on the Live Feeds Flashback (free trial). At 1:50AM BBT (cams 3 & 4) Brendon starts in to the massaging which lasts for almost a half-hour! 2:23AM BBT (cams 3 & 4) the pair moves on to kissing and petting. Lots of undercover hand action going on here.

Things progress quickly and at 2:26AM BBT (cams 3 & 4) Rachel pulls the covers up and our amorous duo go for it. A few minutes later, 2:28AM BBT (cams 3 & 4), it looks like Rachel has climbed on top. At 2:36 BBT it looks like production finally clues in and switches all four cams to be on the HoH action. There’s lots of motion in the ocean here going on here with these two.

The covers are drawn back at 2:41AM BBT (all cams) and Rachel slides off to the side. Funniest part (saddest part?) is the first thing Brendon says to Rachel, “I’m sorry.” Brenchel continues to do a little post sexy time cuddling and at 2:45AM BBT the cams split back up around the house with the other HGs none the wiser.

Keep in mind this was night #2 of their week in the HoH room so I’m thinking this is about to become a regular occurrence. If you missed the romance then you can catch it all using the DVR function on the live feeds called “Flashback.” Hey, I’m not here to judge, just reporting the events as they happen in the house!



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  1. Sooooooo Abby what do you think of your precious Rachel now. The first ever BB porn star. LOL Only proving to the world what trash she is. I can SMILE all day now. Have a great weekend all!!


  3. The next person to target or antagonize another commentator in this thread will be banned. Keep the discussion on topic and not at each other.

    • Go Rachel & Brendan…. get on with ur bad self… this was bound to happen due to all the kissing & feeling. Of each other!!! Bring on the heat u 2…. Rachel & Brendan. Final 2

  4. T Raza .. you know there was someone in a previous season that had sex too? So Rachel is not the first sorry.

  5. No, KAY, T RAZA’s totally right… Every woman in history who’s ever had sex is a whore. *rolls his eyes*

  6. God, these two are so disgusting. I cannot stomach them any longer. These little fights they have are nothing but Rachel wanting to create drama on camera so everyone can see. This last HOH has gone straight to her head. The reason she wants Kristen out is because she feels threatened by her, afraid Brendon may look at her. Please get them both out ASAP!!! My live feeds will be cancelled if not.

  7. I do hope kristen goes this week.. she is bringing Hayden down ..and for the waves in the ocean well made me sick i needed A BUCKET THESE TWO REALLY NEED TO GO SOON!

  8. I’m guessing this season’s first sexual encounter was actually Enzo & Enzo. :)

  9. I really think that Big Brother should not have video Rachel and Brendon having sex with each other in the Big Brother house. There is so many fans that are really upset about Rachael and Brendon anyway. Why do we need to see this trash like this?

  10. No surprise here. Soooooooo class less Roachel. Thanks Matt for intervening cuz some people just come on here to pick fights.

  11. BB12The blogger said “the first BB12 houseguests” to have sex. Not the fist BB houseguests to have sex. James and Chelsia and others have done so in other seasons.

  12. @5 Lynn A: who was the couple that had sex last season? I know season 10 we had ollie and april going at it frequently, but season 11?

  13. they love eachh other what can ya say!!!the only reason ya are callin her a whore is dat they did it publiclyyy..where america will know about it,,

  14. @rfBBfan: No, that’s not accurate. Jordan was very strict about not doing that in the house, but that doesn’t mean Jeff didn’t try.

  15. I do hope that Brendon & Rachel having sex was worth possibly losing $500,000.00. Don’t blame it all on her ..”Neither” showed any self respect in allowing it to happen knowing that cameras were going all the while…NICE..maybe CBS will give them both a video so that they can share it with their kids n’ much for the J&J wanna bes…

  16. I couldn’t do that on national tv, but that’s just me. I’d be so embarrassed. Oh well, anything to get attention. They want to be stars.

  17. Will someone please throw a bucket of water on these 2!!! This is on national TV. I wonder what their mothers think of this!!

  18. Well it isn’t like it’s the first time people were going at it like dogs in a schoolyard on BB. Kind of makes me thankful that they haven’t done an “all gay” BB.

  19. Jeff & Jordan never got it on in the BB house. Lydia & Jessie did somethings, I don’t think it was all out sex though. Rachel & Brendon are not the first to have sex on BB.

    Rachel is not threatened by Kristen because of her looks. It’s because she and Hayden have this secret showmance going on, and everyone keeps gunning for Rachel & Brendon because of their showmance. If I personally had been attacked by the house guests because of a showmance just to find out that 2 of the attackers are in their own little showmance I’d be gunning for them too. It’s called playing the game & as long as Brendon keep on winning POV’s & HoH’s they’re going to stay in the house. They’re playing the game it’s the others who need to step it up. Matt made the dumbest move this season by not putting them on the block! With 2 on the block you have a better chance of getting at least 1 of them out than you do by not putting them up. That was a not so ‘genius’ move. Sure they’re annoying but they’re playing the game & they’re winning.

  20. Roachel is feisty today…gonna pick a fight with somebody/anybody for camera time. Guess she didn’t get enough exposure last night.

  21. Can you just imagine…being at your most vulnerable moment, and knowing there are several people just on the other side of the wall…judging your every move?!
    I don’t think I could do it if they OFFERED me the winnings!

  22. The feeds are on…lol…Why is Hayden under the covers laying next to (has to be) LANE… is this the secrt twosome??? LMAO..

  23. I REALLY, REALLY hope CBS spares us the visuals!!! My daughter enjoys watching the show because we know Kathy and it will be sad to have to ask her to leave the room….heck I’ll even have to leave the room….To Throw Up!!!!

  24. Dam…lol..MY MISTAKE..It was ENZO he was under the covers with… the mix-up

  25. Jordon would not even kiss jeff on bb. she has morals unlike rachel who does not. What i wouldn’t give to have jeff and jordon and the whole gang back again instead of these misfits.

  26. Rachel and Brendon really think they are in love! What do most people do? After all, they were under the covers, right?? I can’t blame Rachel for putting Hayden and Kristen up. They are doing the same thing and are not targets. Reading Matt’s blog leads me to believe that the house suspected that romance before Andrew spilled the beans. I hope Kristen comes off and another one of the birgade goes up. They are so smug!

  27. Sex before the big POV competition? In honor of Lane’s birthday? I so hope they have several bed coverings. Next one in HOH (if not them) better hope those are completely changed!!

  28. What will Rachel do if Kristen leaves the house this week then Brenden next week??? Kristen & Brenden will have A week alone in the jury house…I just hope they keep the cameras on her then so we can see her crying…

  29. @Kay (#2) and Jason (#6)…. the problem with Brenchel is not that they had an intimate encounter with someone they care about (that is , indeed, a natural human experience)…. what makes Brenchel a skanky whore is that they did it on the internet for the whole world to see.

  30. Rachel is a sleeezeeeeeee

    She has zero respect to broadcast this all over TV

    Brendon isn’t all that smart either

  31. Stop this non-sense – like no one in the world is having sex. This does not make Rachel and let us not forget Brendan trash. I can go to any local bar tonight and pick-up a girl and have sex tonight and vice versa. This does not make someone trashy because if that is the case then everyone that has had sex before marrige is trashy!!! Glass house people………

  32. ok, so brenden didnt last long, but to his credit hes been dry humped for weeks…the guy was probably about to explode

  33. @Helbell (#45)… how many of those encounters at the bar do you post live on the internet? THAT is the issue, not the sex.

  34. FAIL!!! It was clearly a handjob and nothing more. Not a blowjob, not sex, JUST a handjob. There was clearly no penetrating body movements and you could hear her stroking him the whole time. STROKING ONLY people!

  35. @48 so what….she’s still a ho/skank/pig/transgender freek/pig…oh wait I said that already!!

  36. Good answers people..And Rachel’s comments that she would never have sex on live TV…Wonder if Brendon is gonna take her home to meet Mom??? They may be 2 consenting adults but we are an audience of probably a million or more..and I have no doubt that some were offended by the act as BB is a family show..but it was shown on BBAD.. sooo what cha gonna do??

  37. Ya know Brendon a high school swim coach…kinda makes me wonder about his morals??? If he has any I mean???

  38. OMG! I love Brendon and Rachel I was worried they were in a fight or something! Good for them <3

    I hope Brendon is chosen to play in the Veto as well and one of them win and they leave the noms the same, and next week either Kathy or Brendon win HOH. I think if we choose Kathy to be the new sab they will rig the HOH comp to help her!

  39. When did having sex become porn? Just because they’re in a house with a million cameras makes them porn stars? Get out of here, you brechel haters are ridiculous! Life for them doesn’t cease because they’re on a show, at least neither of them were in a relationship outside the house and cheated on their own bf *cough Kristen! I don’t think anything that Brechel has done is near as aweful and disgusting as what Matt lied about, to all the brigade fans. Some people can’t take honest underdogs. And if you guys are seriously tired of them making out, here’s a thought, don’t get the live feed that’s glued to their showmance 24/7! See, simple as that! Same old song every year. Did you really think you were going to watch the houseguests play checkers on BBAD?!?! Yeah.. Cus that’s what I’M doing at 2 am also…. GET OVER IT! Oh, and thanks for the site Matt, I love Big Brother! :)

  40. I personally could care less what the ” sex act” was..I did not pay for the feeds to see 2 people who can’t even master the art of “kissing” correctly to also try and master the art of having actual sex. But Rachel being a paid escort would be the more experienced of the 2. HO Hum Ho Hum..another saga to disagree on..

  41. yes theyre human, but the cameras are WATCHING!! how embarrassing!! but hey someone had to be the first, im not hating!

  42. I’m really not hating the Brenchel skank-fest, either…. Every BB season has to have a whore or two, Brenchel just happens to be it this season.

  43. LOL how do you call someone a ho AND THEN critisize their abilities on giving a blowjob on the internet? Like that makes YOU look any better on here?? :) “No, no brenden, it’s like this…” ha!

  44. “By the same token”
    “I’m not gonna lie”
    “Expect the Unexpected”
    “Under the Bus”

    …ugh!… Did I miss any cliches that are making me sick this season?

  45. @ Rico (#47)….none are posted, however read the content of what is being said. People are calling her names because of the act of what happened and not because it was on the internet.

    If people are offended then they should not be paying for the “Live Feed” or the Showtime After Dark.

  46. LMAO..They made a choice to do “whatever” they did knowing full well that the cameras were rolling..I would not want America to know that I was that stupid and had so little self respect for myself and the other person as to let it happen..It all comes down to “self respect”

  47. I remember being young and in a moment.. So what peeps.. Why arent we calling Brenden a whore? Typical America typical! I dont think that either of them are whores or ho’s or skanks. Come on people

  48. obviously they didn’t care whether the cameras were on or off. I don’t think that’s the issue. I don’t think self respect is either, i think it’s more along the lines of people feeling uncomfortable watching two people have sex. Therefore, don’t pay to watch the stuff CBS obviously can’t aire on the show for that reason. Or, just over it :)

  49. Ya know we DO watch big brother for other HG’s!! It’s plain and simple they are low-life SKANKS!!Ya don’t think Enzo, Matt, Lane,or even Brittany would like to “get some”!!! CBS should really do something about them!! OR TURN OFF THE CAMARA’S in the hoh room….OH BUT WAIT,they would probably be off to many times!!Probably too much for even an hour show!!! COME ON GET REAL SHE A HO!!!AND SO IS HE FOR WANTING HER!!!!

  50. @Helbell (#64)… I agree. I was just stating the issue from my perspective. From the perspective you mentioned, I agree. For those just complaining about the act itself happening, get over it or don’t watch. For Brenchel putting the act on display for the enitre world… imo, they are skanks.

  51. It’s funny how so many can call that porn, PORN IS NOT 2 PEOPLE HAVING SEX UNDER COVERS NOT SHOWING ANY BLODY FLESH gee wizz people get over it they wanted each other and got one another they could of shon less than the soap operas does and took the covers off and bared all but they were somewhat discret and had the covers over top the bodys.

  52. it would be the same story if two other people in that house were single, or not single, (appearantly that’s ok with some) and had chemistry. We’d be hearing the same thing if Enzo and Annie had hooked up, became a power couple, and were underdogs! Everyone would be saying “Annie’s a whore!”

  53. SARA..I did not watch the feeds of Rachel and Brendon doing “whatever”..I have no intention of watching the segment..I paid for the feeds to watch people play a game called BIG BROTHER..I did not pay for the feeds to watch R&B’s soap opera antics on a 24/7 basis..I have contacted CBS with the same many cameras as there in the house not to mention other HG’s a break from those 2 would be nice. AND yes “self respect” does play into
    what took place..Do “u” have so little self respect that u would get it on knowing that cameras are rolling and a million eyes were on u???

  54. I dont know where you guys are comming up with Brendon gone next week and Kristen gone this week will put them in the jury house for a week together and drive rachel nuts. This is week 4 and the evicted houseguest from this week is not a jury member. Also on the sex issue, bb11 don’t you all remember Chima and Russell, that is what led to their huge blow-up (no pun intended)lol

  55. @66 Connie – I have read your comments and usually agree with you, however people need to remember that “self respect” is what one thinks of themself and not what other people think of them

    @ Rico #70 – once again the whole name calling is crazy unless the only person you have ever had sex with is your husband/wife. This would make all other people such as signicant other/boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner/baby daddy/baby mama/my boo/your boo skanks. It makes no sense to name-call.

  56. Everybody is so sure that Brendon (may) is going first.. Can I ask “why”?? It seems that Rachel is the stronger of the 2 in game play..So I would think that she would go first..

  57. Having a relationship does not have to cease because all cameras are on you. I’m pretty sure they didn’t ask to have all cameras on them as it is…They’re two consenting, single adults, and last I checked, it was neither illegal or a moral crime to have sex on a reality show. People who are ok with that fact, believe it or not, won’t need counseling because they lack “self respect”. It’s a maturity issue, and CBS has rights to decide what they show or not. And if people are paying for BBAD, an UNCENSORED site, what did you think that INCLUDED?????

  58. A lot of holier-than-thou’s around here or so it seems.It was BB/CBS that decided to film/broadcast the bedroom action. I doubt if anyone walked up to B&R and said we’ve got this footage, is it ok to put it out there for the world to see?
    I don’t hear anyone bitching about Kristen in the shower or her and H playing stinky finger.
    You lock people up for weeks and something going to happen. Mature adults know that. CBS knows it as well. CBS is counting on it.

  59. Okay, so having sex is human, we get that, but IF these two ever become a real longlasting couple outside of the house, they get to say that their first intimate sexual experience together as a couple was documented for the whole world to see? In my book, that’s careless and classless. With as much as Rachel seems to idolize/love/obsess over Brendon, I would think she’d want their own first true moment to be a private affair. Just watching Rachel and her interactions with other women in the house, especially when she feels “threatened” that every pretty girl is out to ruin her relationship with Brendon, it’s not hard to see that this woman is very catty, very insensitive, and, THOUGH I REALLY DON’T LIKE TO USE THE WORLD, a little trashy. So perhaps I should not be surprised. Nevertheless, it was their decision. They’re adults. Albeit they used the covers to shield themselves thank goodness, I’m surprised that Brendon, who seems to cherish Rachel so much, wouldn’t have tried harder to preserve the dignity of his woman by not allowing her to become a voyeuristic treat in that manner for all the viewers. But I guess *cough* the fire was burning a little too hotly that night.

  60. @77 HelBell…Go back and read what u wrote “self respect” is what one thinks of themself “…DUH!!!! IF u believe what u wrote is correct then Rachel nor Brendon have “NO” self respect for themselves..

  61. @ 81..Thank You Anna Banana..well put with the no class comment..exactly..on the whole post..thank u sooo much for putting the issue in laymens terms..excellent writing skills and observation points..

  62. Hardly what one would call a “relationship” – a high maintenance VIP waitress and a spineless swimming instructor who have known each other less than a month. And, Rachel slides off and Brendon says “I’m sorry” … “I’m sorry”? Why is he sorry? Because he’s gay and couldn’t have sex with her?

  63. @Nic: As soon as the Veto comp is over we’ll have a new thread with the results.

    Enzo, Britney, Ragan, Rachel, Hayden, and Kristen are playing.

  64. @ 87 YEP!!! I’ve been saying this along that he gay!!! And Andrew was his lover!!

  65. @ChrisM: I’m assuming the “I’m sorry” was in reference to his performance or perhaps the duration.

  66. Thanks Matt! Fully support Kristen winning. She seemed to have a touch last night. Of course that table is going to be different.

  67. I’m so confused as to what all this fuss is about. Everyone’s comments seem so prudish to me. Many people, myself included, have had one night stands with someone we just met that night. I think a one night stand, even though I myself am guilty of it, is a lot less classy than Brenchel’s completely covered on screen action. I don’t know, it’s just opinion on all of our parts. I have a feeling that once you’ve been on camera 24 hours a day for nearly a month, you begin to tune the cameras out. These two think they are in love. They’ve been together for several weeks, and frankly that’s longer than many of us wait before sex. As for them being porn stars, I think we should save that for the close-up penetration shots circa week 7. Also, if we insist on calling Rachel a whore, skank, hooker, whatever, shouldn’t we say the same about Brendon? I’m a guy still it bothers me that the man would get a high five in this situation, but Rachel’s a big whore. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  68. I think, alison grover and connie chung should get repremanded for letting the production crew tape rachel and brendon having sex! They better not show that on sunday, wednesday or thursday and she better not mention it on live tv thats rude!!!!!! I will be writing a letter to cbs and i have there number as well hmm somone is geting fired thats gross!

  69. The fact that people might have sex was part of the initial draw to BB when it premeired in the US.

    Go research the original BioDome project. The project failed because they ended up having sex – a love triangle and got caught openning windows and ruining the point of the project.

  70. They will obviously talk about it. If memory serves didn’t they talk about at the season 4 or 5 finale? I forgot who the 2 were that broke the sex in the BB house cherry.

  71. These houseguests know the camera is on them 24/7; this being said to me it proves why they are doing it. And its isn’t for caring of the other person. Its ego and a misguided idea that this will advance them to some sort of fame and/or fortune. I would be embarrassed if one of them was my child.

  72. @ JC -I already called him a man-whore,but it wasn’t posted!Rachaels action speak loud and clear with ALOT of people!
    @ pissed off -I feel the same way! I didn’t sign up for that,I wanted to see more of the brigade…and yes I know they need to step it up, but they are funny… that’s what I signed up for! I don’t want to see Rachael(HO BAG) walking around in some slezzy garb, giving blowjobs or whatever to an high school swim coach Brendon (Ho Man…is that better?)

  73. Jeez, people in this country can be so bloody Puritan (and hypocritical). 1) Rachel and Brendan are not the first HG’s to have sex in the BB house, 2) What is the big deal if they did? It’s not as if they were flashing all their bits on camera, and 3) We do not actually KNOW they actually landed the deal. For all we know it could’ve been heavy grinding and Brendan apologised for something else entirely (I’d rather not ponder).

    Look, if we’re going to call every woman who has sex or wears sexy clothes a whore then I must say, I don’t know a single woman who isn’t (excluding nuns). Folks need to grow up.

  74. @99 So you wouldn’t mind your daughter or son following in Brachael footsteps?

  75. I don’t know if Brendon or Rachel have ever seen the loop someone took off BB with April &
    Ollie doing it doggie style (covered with a blanket but still….) It was all over the internet & was sent to my computer, not that I WANTED it but there are many people who know how to do that.. just saying.

  76. Nothing wrong with them having sex, but on national TV???? Please….. that’s sleeeeeezy!!!!
    Loved how Jeff and Jordan’s relationship evolved!!!! No constant PDA or sex! Very classy!!!
    My young daughters in their 20s loved watching them. They can’t stand Brachael.

  77. BOTTOM LINE? Rachel is a psycho whore…not just because she slept with Brendon but because we all know she is whore…she carries herself like a whore…and acts like one…and is extremely jealous and bossy…..for her to think Andrew and Brendon were doing it is outrageous….if Brendon gets voted out she will pick someone else to be up under and if she leaves Brendon would fight in her honor….SHE IS A WHORE!!!

  78. Also, Rachel is the one going sans underpants & showing her hoohaw when she jumps on Brendon. I don’t see any of the other women doing that. She HAS to know she “forgot” her panties when she feels the breeze. She is either clueless or classless, take your pick.

  79. oh please, these people are adults. It’s not a crime. I like the point JC #90 made: people have had sex a whoooole lot searner than these two have when first met. Who cares if it’s on camera. they’re under a freakin blanket and don’t have the option of saying “uh, could you turn off the camera?” It doesn’t matter what YOU would do, preserving dignity, yadda yadda yadda, YOU’RE not on the show. And if you were, I hardly doubt people would be watching YOU then, a bunch of nuns walking around. Boy, CBS why didn’t you think of that?!?!? That would be a hit everyweek! NOT! Showmance sells, and obviously pretty well, because it’s in demand. The immature adults are only the minority. Write your letters…. lol Good luck with that!

  80. and Brendon is a whore too…except…he actually is falling for her fake breasts

  81. @82 Connie – I read what I wrote and you may want to read what you wrote @ #66. They may not consider themselves stupid with little respect for themselves. The reason why I say that is because they are 2 consenting adults that made a choice of which they knew, regardless of what they were doing, may be seen by the world.

    Either way – I really do enjoy reading your discussion/comments.

  82. ya are really making a big deal out this love showmance..its not yhu its them,there in love,and its not there fault,,if yhu can blame it should be cbs fault cause they know family watches bb and they are video taping it,instead of just cutting it out of national television,,so what if they did it..ya cant stop them so misewell shut up..*rolling my eyes and shaking my head

  83. I have no problem with them having sex….but there is no way that you can say that Rachel isn’t a gold-digging whore…and that was my opinion before last night….last night just confirmed it!!

  84. if she was a gold-digger why would she choose brenden over the money live on national television???? she actually isnt and yhur not on her shoes so u cant confirm it actuallyy

  85. @Rachaelisaho!PERIOD! (#100)
    That’s exactly what I’m saying. NO I would not flip out over my son or daughter having sex – barring a porn flick, which is absolutely not even close to what we saw here. It’s a part of life. Grow TF up!

    Yes, it was on national tele, but it’s like I said, we don’t even KNOW for sure they actually had sex, and we saw NOTHING.

    Some of the comments here are ridiculous and childish.

  86. gold-diggers look at the big picture….they don’t want just the dinner and flowers…they want the mansion cars and everything else….she is going after $500,000….it’s easy to turn down money in the short term if you think Brendon is your key to $500,000….so don’t try and tell me something you don’t know either..just look at the evidence

  87. @caisy
    Thank you. Agreed. I reckon some folks are simply “Anti-Rachel” so they’ll find a way to judge anything she says or does and justify using the dumbest of reasons. This bullying is so stupid and nasty, I’ve actually found myself becoming a fan of hers.

  88. @MetroDee
    I bet you don’t even realise how ridiculous what you just said sounds… Just saying.

  89. and how do you know they want mansion and cars,,they havent talked about it,only winning,isn’t that what they actuallyy came there to do is win it??so whats the big deal if she wants a car house etc..she worked for it,so she must have every rights to spend on whatever she wants too,,

  90. no because in my profession (which I won’t state due to security reasons) I see people like here everyday….I have no personal feelings for Rachel because it’s America and you can be who you want….but let’s face it she is a control freak and whore…I could careless what you feel about my opinion…that’s what makes it my opinion….just like you’re saying that I don’t know what her mindset is….guess what YOU DON’T EITHER SO TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!

  91. do you think it’s ok to toy with people or lie about illness to a loved 1? I understand the game is a dirty one but….what about morals that you have set for yourself…..I guess people like sociopaths (if anyone knows what that word truly means)

  92. okayy,,well if you was in that big brother would you actuallyy tell a lie to keep yourself in>??? duhhh of course and i understand it wasnt right for matt to lie about the illness and stuff but people are buyin it,,and sooner or later he will eventually tell the truth,,and its just a game its not personaly..

  93. Come on people if you are all so offended then don’t watch it. Cancel your live feeds, but then what would you have to complain about. Did this really happen or is your imagination running away with you.LOL

  94. The next show Rachel and Brendon will be on is Jerry Springer!!! Thats when she will reveal to Brandon she was born as Randy and she needed the $500 thousand to complete her/his transgender surgery!!!

  95. So lemme see… Rachel’s a gold-digger… So rather than finding a nice rich man in Vegas (and there are many), she decided to (not only get a college degree…) go on a TV show for a 1/13 chance of winning $500,000 – odds totally stacked against her…

    And folks… As if that master plan wasn’t good enough… To ENSURE she gets the money, she uses her irresistable feminine charms to seduce a total OUTSIDER in the house and together they mastermind a plan to REMAIN outsiders having to fight to stay in the house each week… Oh yes, this is a good plan and they’re practically assured the money here folks.

    Unfortunately, the world is full of folks who “see girls like this everyday”. The problem is, folks like you MetroDee, judge books by the cover on a daily basis and have no clue how ridiculous some of your “logic” really is.

    Rachel is a fame whore, yes. But in this day and age, that is nothing to write home about. To me, all the other ridiculous statements I can do without and do not carry weight if you’ve got eyeballs and a brain.

  96. @Nik read your last paragraph….and jus because she targets men for money….doesn’t mean it works everytime….you’re basically saying that every rich man in vegas is looking for a gold digger….please explain to me how I’m judging a book by its cover? I’m judging her from her actions and reactions… sound pretty stupid!!

  97. true ..everyone have their own opinion ,,to others rachel is a whore slut gold digger,,the whole 9 yard,,but to others as myself,,she is a strong player,,and everyone really needs to know the real meaning of a whore and a gold digger,,cause she went inside big brother single..and she is only kissing brenden and no1 else in the house???

  98. @Nik read your last paragraph….and jus because she targets men for money….doesn’t mean it works everytime….you’re basically saying that every rich man in vegas is looking for a gold digger….please explain to me how I’m judging a book by its cover? I’m judging her from her actions and reactions…..

  99. Rachel does not have the self respect of herself or her family. To me those are the 2 most important things that get you through life. She is acting like a Slut and that is what everyone see’s she should have more self control. If her and Brendon want to make it that is fine. But I would flip out if my son brought someone like her to meet my family. What two people do in the bedroom is their business. You do not have to be out there like that and make people form that kind of opinion like her and Brendon have. I could not see her or Brendon teaching my children anything. I think that some people when they get on the show they just lose their minds and don’t think of the reprocusions that lay ahead of them. What if you want a good job one day and they can use You Tube to find our your past. This is just crazy. I am not saying that what Rachel does is right but she is going to lose in the end because she has made her self look like fool and not playing for the money.

    But come on people if you saw your daughter or son acting that way you would be upset. Brendon’s family will never except her and I think that he knows that deep down in his heart. Their romance will not last I hate to say that but, I have seen it happen so many times. The women are so catty and will not stand up for the women in the USA but they are so blinded by a man.

    I wanted to try out for this show but I know that I would be kicked off the first round because I speak my mind and will not hold back if a woman is acting like a slut I would call her out on it.

    Rachel should be about the money and the hell with the man you can get him later she is playing with her emotions and not with her head. So I say bye bye to her in the near weeks to come

  100. Come on Brigade win the POV so that her skankyness have to piss off someone else even more.

  101. Yes, because Brendan is clearly LOADED WITH CASH. Come on… just knock it off, you’re killing me LOL!!!

    Bottom line, you don’t like her – we get it. But you not liking someone doesn’t make them any and every slanderous word you can think of. That’s just dumb and shows how immature and jealous you really are.

  102. A whore is someone who has sex for money. A gold-digger is someone who only dates or marries men for money – and we’re not talking pennies or gameshow money.

    Rachel clearly fits neither of these descriptions, and the only folks writing that ridiculous crap are crabby women who simply don’t like her because she’s better looking and is playing a strong game. This is why women don’t get ahead here. They do nothing but rip each other apart and for what. You look stupid and the men pounce on this.

    Stop the hate. You don’t even know this woman and you’re ready to burn her at the stake for what, falling for someone in the house??? This is sad.

  103. @metro dee u can be whatever yhu want to be..single or no single. for me i would never be a whore even if im single.cause its just not me,but she’s not a whore she like the person,,okayy if yhur single and yhu have a strong feeling for someone is liking them make u a whore?? she’s not neither

  104. OH please…If u read “all” my post I was trying to get over the whole thing by making lite of it and laughing about it…WHY IS THAT SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME?? THAT THEIR OPINION IS ALL THAT MATTERS?? And why are my post so incorrect?? There are more post in here that agree with me than not…Jump there ass.. I gave my opinion just like everybody else..Tell everybody in here that it is okay not to have any moral values or common sense or a sense of decency cameras rolling or not..I already said (another post) they were 2 consenting adults..I have tried to let the matter drop and move on..Like I said Anna Banana said it all in her post in laymens terms that were very understandable. I’m gonna try to move on to the POV results a the sex- capades are old news..

  105. well said Nic. That’s what this is been about. Just personal attacks, and personal attacks that have nothing to do with the show and how well Brechel is doing on here, because they don’t like them! lol… On to a new thread where we can have mature debates on the actually game, I can’t believe I’ve stayed on this thread as long as I have defending my opinion. *silly girl* Which doesn’t matter, because opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one! :)

  106. I agree w/ you Connie!! You know the saying… Opinions are like azzholes…. EVERYONE has one!! Anywho…………NEXT!!!! POV!!!

  107. @sara#134 yhur last sentence make sense,,everyone have opinons,,but people still don’t accept opinions these days,it have to be like a fact ..

  108. Boobchel is a “VIP waitress”. That’s a euphemism for a high-dollar whore. It doesn’t matter if she has sex with any of her “clients”, her job is to get as much money out of them as possible using whatever means she needs to, especially her body. She’s a whore whether she has sex with them or not. And in Vegas? She’s making 6 figures a year, easy. She came on the show to become famous, period. Nothing wrong with that, per se; I’m sure there’s been many HG with the same reason. Her whipping boy is just an added bonus.

    @114 – why do you *like* her so much?

  109. so i go back on the flashback feature to see, and i hear heaving breathing but im like “there still laying by each other caz this covers is flat”

    if u turn up the sound, lets just say…..rachel was for the first time in the house couldnt say anything. u figure it out.

    i highly doubt they will change the sheets

  110. @#138 and how do you know that seriouslyy,,do u usuallyy judge people by the way they look and act??? u the one that probably do that sense yhu know so much about making big bucks$$$$

  111. #138
    Sorry, but that is NOT the definition of a whore, and I can think of MANY professions where the point is to get as much money as you can from clients including my field – finance (and looks are VERY important in business & finance). Models use their body to make money also and make between 6 figures and millions. Are they whores and gold-diggers? Professional dancers and actresses often dance or perform nude and also use their bodies to make money. Are they whores and gold-diggers? Athletes…? Or are you only referring to the women since I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything about Brendan being a whore or gold-digger…

    To me it’s dangerous and stupid to start blurring lines like this and sends the wrong message.

    And so you know, I never actually said I like Rachel or was a fan of hers. I don’t have to like someone or be in their fan club to defend what’s right. What I don’t like is the blatant hate and bullying. I know what that’s like. So for that reason, I hope she and Brendan do well.

  112. Roachel is acting like a skank so I won’t be an attack dogg in defence of her honor. Woof Woof.

  113. I agree, lets move on: Agree to Disagree, now lets see some smart playing, using your mind, make this interesting like Dr Will did. He was great saying you best vote me out & they didn’t and he won. Thats one smart player & a BB I enjoyed watching.

  114. Ok guys just my 2 cents. Bb is not geared to kids, so if you don’t want your kids watching, turn the channell. Brechel are concenting adults. They knew the cameras were on so obviously they were fine with it. Again but to the adults, if you don’t like what you see on the show, live feed, Internet or what you read in the posts, do something else. No one is making you all watch, read, post whatever. This isn’t the first time someone had sex in the bb house & sure as heck won’t be the last. So again, if you don’t like it, it’s a real easy fix. Don’t watch! No one is making you. Next subject please.

  115. @141 – In none of those professions you mention does the person explicitly lead the other person to believe that they will get sex if they spend enough money.

    That’s the difference.

  116. @ Kristi I have paid to watch a game/competion period!I didn’t pay to see someone have sex/hand/blow job whatever!I along the many others tune in too see the Brigade and Ragan!! Not some scumsucking sleeze-bags!!CBS better do something about this!!

  117. Thanks Sara (#134) all these personal attacks not only on players but those who are leaving comments as well is really juvenile. I’m pretty sure #3 – Matt from this site said to stop personally attacking those who leave comments. I’ve read all the way down and I guess some of you chose not to listen. I don’t understand all this backlash, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, let’s be adults and mature about it, take it or leave it! I’ve barely read one rational train of thought so far. Usually we have much better debates! Guess the Veto Comp is still goin’! I know it’s PST/BBT over there and I’m in East Coast so it’s after 5pm here.

  118. Calling someone a scumsucking sleezebag, shame, shame on you. As Kristi said, easy fix, don’t watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Them having sex in the BBH is just disgusting!!!!! This is suppose to be a reality/family show and this conduct is condoned in the house. I am here to tell you I am through with BB and after dark. In the words of Andrew “this is not kosher”. Allison you better get a reign on this. THIS IS SO WRONG for your TV show. Oh! and by the way your ratings suck!!!! BIG TIME

  120. Omg like I said if you don’t like what your watching or reading, even if you paid for, you, yourself is in control of whether or not you watch it. I not once said I agreed with the behavior but I also am not going to judge what they deside to do. I personally have never had a problem changing a channel, stop reading a book or get off a site if I don’t like it. The control is in your hands & your hands only. Just like every other decision we make in our own lives. That’s all I was saying & am truely sorry if I offended anyone, but ultimately the choice is yours and if you don’t like it, cancel your subscription.

  121. Brendon/Rachel I really hope you like music cuz you have played each other like a fiddle. Rachel WAKE UP!!!! Brendon is so weak he cannot win this game without you, boot his ass to the curb and you play your game.

  122. We need another thread seriously… Two folks have sex (or something close) and suddenly all the 11 year olds are cut loose…

    My computer’s acting up, does anyone know if we’re any closer to the Veto Comp? I hope it doesn’t get used and Rachel has the good sense to vote off one of the Brigade. I don’t know how no one’s seen that alliance yet!

    Would also be nice if Ragan did something other than be flamboyant on camera. He’s sitting pretty and should start making some moves since he’s so well liked.

  123. people if you don’t like what goes on after the light’s go out where BB has said it is uncensored then don’t watch. The main cbs air times is pg. And if you let your kids watch at the times when the show is uncensored ,then maybe you shouldn’t have kids.

  124. @ Kristi I respect you opinion and you are absolutely correct. I can control what I watch. But people that are die hard BB fans like myself just does not agree with it. Kristi thanks for the input.

  125. @Lou
    I was thinking the same. Brendan hasn’t really done much when you think of it, and yet folks in the house see him as a bigger threat than Rachel. This is actually good for Rachel, but the irony is if she wasn’t linked to Brendan, she might not have such a huge target on her back.

  126. Thank you torch & Betsy! Matt will you please do something about the personal attacks on here. You have a great site & app. I love what you have provided us with but the personal attacks need to stop & unfortunaly you are the only one that can stop it or ban the posters in violation.

  127. Yeah and it seems like there’s what 4 people on here that don’t have a problem with them doing it on T.V ….sounds like you all need some serious therpy!! What a bunch of losers!! (OPPS SHAME,SHAME ON ME!! Wacko’s really!!

  128. brenden be winnin alot of veto,so he is not weak,,one and the other are actually good at things..and like everyone said people have diff opinions,,one doesnt like hw people bully others,,respect that,,cusz like sum1 also said its america you can do the hell u want,,others judge by the way they are playin,,well thats on yhu,,but yhu cant complain on others for havin a diff opinion cusz thats dumb foreal

  129. I heartily concur kristi, and i’m sure Matt as per #3 is not impressed about it either! I sure hope once the POV comp is over, we’ll have actual ‘game play’ conversations and postings on the site. I understand the sentiments (angry or otherwise but there’s a time & place for everything ya know?)

  130. @OMG so ur sayin im a looser…u must be sum1 who is allergic to sex cusz sex seems nasty n bacteria-ishh to u..its not,,cusz thats life,,and if yhu dnt like it well stfu,and do sumthng that yhu lik doin

  131. Lizzzypooh#120…Love it, I totally agree…she does seem to be in the middle of a transgender surgery phase. How ever old she claimed to be, (was it 27?) I would perhaps add 10 yrs. The gal has a few miles on her!

  132. Maybe if we all respect other OPINIONS that differ from ours there won’t be a problem. I think she is a skank so what if I do and someone else don’t. Why cussing and calling people names as if we all know her personally. To each their own so I try not to get too riled up over what people say. But if you attack me then that’s a different ballgame. Peace peeps.

  133. @ caisy ??? REALLY??? Lets see your son or daughter doin this on T.V OH WAIT….I’m sure you’ll condone that too!!

  134. I have not called you one name omg. I respectfully stated my opinion, but you continue with the personal attacks. I’m sorry I won’t stoop to that level & again matt please uphold the rules you have stated on your site.

  135. @omg ..okayy,,if they are old enough and they both love each other then y wud i get involve yellin and gettin mad,,morals i understnd if they have one,,but when 2 people love each other yhu cant stop them from doin it,,but why does it hav to be son and daughter,,y cant yhu look away from that and actuallyy feel hw thea feelin bout one n another

  136. Who game plays at 2am? No one. Those complaining about what the ‘saw’ uhhh you have the choice to a avert your eyes or turn it off for about 30 minutes. NO ONE forced your eyes to your computer screens. It wasn’t porn it was something they did under the sheets, and you don’t even really know exactly what it was they were doing. At least they had enough sense to do it UNDER the covers.

  137. thank you tina that’s what we have been trying to say. this is a place that matt has so kindy provided to us to state our opinions, not personally attack each other. we come here to debate the game, give suggestions and have fun. we don’t come here for “this”.

  138. @Chris: the feeds have been off about a half hour now so prob. another half hour to an hour.

  139. i can’t wait to see who won pov. there are so many options as to what can happen. this is when the game gets good. people start to scramble. let the fun begin.

  140. Sometimes people don’t deserve a responce. As aggervating and immature as some can be responding to them is only fuel to the fire. Ignore the childlike behavior and let’s talk game.

  141. I asked a question earlier that did not get an answer…Why does the majority believe that Brendon will get evicted before Rachel?? It seems that Rachel is the stronger of the 2 in game play..Also it is Rachel that is causing the Chaos..

  142. @ Indygirl…I don’t see it either but more peeps than not think he will go first ( IF EITHER OF THEM DO)

  143. @connie: A lot of people think without Brendon in the house to settle Rachel’s emotions down she will come unglued and loose her concentration on the games.

  144. alot of people are saying brendon is riding rachel’s coat tales. i personally disagree. i think they are boht playing good game. rachel has won hoh 2 times and brendon has won pov 2 times. all in all in my opinon, we may not like the way these house guests are playing the game but each of them are playing. whether it be acting weak, playing the sympathy card, throwing comps or flying under the radar, i think they are playing the game that they feel is best for them.

  145. TKS Torch..makes sense..but her actions this week have been way out of controll already so it’s anybody’s guess as to her or Brendon..

  146. look at Jordan from last year she wasn’t the strongest of players by far but she was honest and I think that was what won it for her.

  147. I highly doubt CBS will not show it-unless they want fines from the CTRC! They’re on at 8pm, can only show so much before 9pm I believe that’s the rules with TV Programming and adult like scenes/language.
    I think Matt is gleaning POV results which is why he has yet to see what’s happened with some of the shall we say ‘verbally agressive’ postings!

  148. funny…..racheal thinks two guys together is ‘ewe’ but yet she will have sex on national tv……i guess they didn’t teach morals in her ‘chemistry’ degree!!!!!!! racheal=ewe in life

  149. Kristi..I can’t actually say that he riding her coat tails..But he don’t seem to be much of a bonified competitor in reality..Seems LIKE THE 2 VETOS HE WON WERE MORE LUCK THAN FIGHT..( JUST MY OPINION) For a swim coach who surely has competitions he does not come on strong enough or have alot of fight in him. Then too that may be his game..Act somewhat passive..let Rachel take the heat..she gets evicted..then he begins playing in earnest..we will see..

  150. i agree connie. i know he stated in his bio about using the girls, but i don’t think he actually thought he would like one. if you took rachel out of the game or vice versa i think you would see a much different game from bothe rachel and brendon.

  151. @ Helbell (#77)… I enjoy reading your comments and appreciate your opinion (and actually agree with it).
    2 things, however… 1) It may seem like I am name-calling, but I actually intended to categorize my opinion of them, and 2) My opinion of them is not because they had sex together (we have all had sex, as you mention). My opinion of them being in that category is because they chose to do it on a worldwide internet feed (covered or not).
    Unless those out there who feel I am being “prudish” have posted their liasons on the internet, I don’t understand their categorization of me (and other “prudes”). If they HAVE posted their liasons on the internet and think nothing of it, then we just disagree on what is acceptable behavior.
    Yes, I have had sex. I don’t fault myself for it, and I don’t faut Brachel for it either – it is natural. No, I have not done it on a live internet feed. That is the difference between me and Brachel.

    Keep up the good posts, everyone! I like reading your stuff, Helbell, Sara, Connie, Kristi, blackgirl, et al.

  152. Kristi..That is what I would like to needs to get evicted so the we can see how the other will play the game…Look at J&J.. when Jeff got the boot Jordon realized she was on her own..and she won..

  153. see how nice this is guys. talking game, having some fun. now if the live feed would just come up so we can start talking about what happens next.

  154. Just killing time, but does Matt (in the house) remind any one else of Ronnie….some old nerd that thinks he is way much more intelligent than any one else in the game? It took those people a long time to wise up to him, (to my surprise) but the current season is supposed to be so knowledgable about past seasons…what the hell? I do admit all of my observations are after the fact, but am I alone in this? I don’t like him and his stupid little “Onesie”…let alone the BS about his wife having cancer is soooooo wrong!


  156. Dimo… I can see your comparison, and there are some similarities, of course. However, I think Matt (houseguest) has much more of an ability to asimilate and to be a “regular guy”. I actually liked him, until the lying about his wife came out. Take away some of the cockiness and the lie about his wife, and I’d like him.

    C’mon feeds….

  157. These people are not very knowledgable about much of anything..I mean look at the Brigade They elected Matt their leader..does that action not speak for itself?? LOL

  158. i thought it was funny and true, connie. thank you. i realy enjoy talking to you. you say what’s on your mind, your funny and not rude. love ya. torch, dany, chick, blackgirl and indy are some of my faves on here.

  159. connie you seem to be a bit bored, but I guess we all are, I’m watching X games while I type.

  160. Yeah, uuggghhhh! That sleeper Matt has!

    My uncle works in the oorporate office of a large retailer (I won’t mention the name but it has a “Mart” at the end of it) and he said that sleeper was the largest selling clothing item last week in the boys department.

  161. we just need to back each other up when someone attacks us, and we do a good job of it to.

  162. I’m new to watching BB and have a question. In the HOH room there is a large bath tub and the cameras on it. Also in the other bathroom with the 2 showers. I’m sure these people signed a release to be on the show concerning nudity/ adult content. Do they allow cameras in the toilets? If not, why didn’t they go in there for a little privacy if they wanted to be intimate? Aren’t all these people exhibitionists to be on this show in the first place?

  163. debbie i think you have to be. which is why i don’t understand why everyone is so upset. like i and many others have said the live feeds and interned are uncensored. they know what they are getting into when they sign the contract, just as us the viewers who have see the past seasons, this is nothing new and if people don’t like than they shouldn’t watch it. i’m a die hard bb fan and i put a post up last night about mt.dew and the reason for it was because i didn’t want to watch what they were showing at the time.

  164. Hey Rico..Don’t knock him for where he gets his clothes..I AM IN MY 50’S.. but I can shop the little girls shoe depts as I have very small get some really good deals and manage to stay in style…

  165. Rachel is threatened by Kristen s looks. She was with Brittany personally attacking her appearance and personality. They were not talking about her game play. Rachel wants to be the only showmance. Didn t the bimbo say she s going after floaters. I have to give it to the houseguest for living with Rachel. I can t even look at her on tv or showtime. Her laugh is the reason I did not get live feeds this season. Brenden is nice but a pathetic chump when it comes to her. He is hypnotized by her fake boobs.

  166. if kristen goes home, she will blow the brigade out of the water during her exit speech or even at the last moment b4 teh vote – she knows if it is her and any of the 4 she goes home – why not blow the lid off the brigade

  167. Ok… sorry, connie. Didn’t mean to touch a nerve :)

    I shouldn’t form my opinions about certain stores by what Rainman said about them!

  168. Bobby…. does Kristen actually know about the full Brigade alliance? Or does she just know they seem to all get along? I didn’t think she knew the full scope of it….

  169. @ bobby..Possibly but not likely..she got nothing to gain..cause Hayden is already putting distance between them..and all she is doing is laying in the bed or wherever feeling sorry for herself..don’t see no fight in her as of yet..

  170. torch i think we do a great job of having everyones back who states their opion but doesn’t insult the other posters and i will continue to defend them even if i don’t agree with what they say. just don’t insult and i’m sorry if i sound preachy.

  171. Yeah Rico…WATCH IT..I let it slide this time but if it happens again I AM COMING BACK AT CHA WITH A VENGENANCE..JUST BE WARNED…


  172. @connie, what does she have to lose if she blows their cover – she is out – what ever it is she has with Hayden it is not much – and Hayden seems to understand she is a threat to his future – it will make for great drama – anyone knows when we will know the POV results

  173. @rico the wheels on the bus go round and round. round and round. the wheels on the bus go round and round, who do you think’s going to get thrown under next?

  174. Kristen can’t help but know..unless she brain dead or deaf..They have had discussions and she was present..

  175. I am not Rico..but if the POV is used and Kathy goes up…She throw anybody under the bus to stay..anybody..

  176. i was hoping the feeds would come up before i started making dinner for my husband but i don’t think it’s goin to happen. as far as kristen and the brigade, i don’t think she knows everything but if i was her and on my way out, i would pull an adrew and more. make up some shiz if i had to. lol

  177. @kristi…. uh oh! Be careful! You’re gonna get called into the D.R. and get yelled at for all the singing!

    UGH! “under the bus, under the bus, under the bus, by the same token, by the same token….”

    The only good part about the feeds being down is that I haven’t had to suffer through the cliches!

  178. I think Kathy is a player – I do not believe her story – but I want her to stay because if she learns the truth about the brigade she will align with RB – not that I favor them but if it becomes to 1 sided this early on the show will lose interest for me

  179. well must be something big happening cause it’s been 2 hrs + I think…hope it’s good news…Like they bringing Evil Dick back to bang some pans or dip some heads with Iced tea..Just gotta love that man…

  180. Does no one believe that Enzo, Matt & Lane wont’ throw Hay under the bus if he keeps up this alliance w/Kris? I think they will, they already seem annoyed by it. Was there anything on the live feeds last night with them guys confronting Hay at all? They must have discussed SOMEthing, or perhaps they’re unconcerned at this pt, since none of them are implicated! :P. I thought Kris had a BF outside the house, he must LOVE watchin’ them. If only Bren would follow Hay and distance himself from the girl, see those 4 (2 couples) could have had an amazing alliance, that NO one would have guessed on, but sigh, oh well! These HG brains are on a different path…

  181. T RAZA OMG have u never had sex before T RAZA?? What’s the BIG Deal?? I mean they’re really truly liking and lovin one anothe, and did this with at least some respect,,,it not a porn movie…if u think so urs must be sooo boring!! What a mean person u r LOVE is awesome and what comes witht hat is even better….Just jealous!!

    Ho Rachel and Brendon ur both in a for a different, yet I hope lovely relationship…No ho’s here except in ur cluttered mind T RAZA

    Would not be surprise at all if u were really Monet LMAO!!! JEALOUSY will not get u any where accept angry, which obviously u :=-) Susie

  182. #145, you hit the nail on the head.

    #91 read #145s post. Oh and by the way Connie Chung has nothing to do with BB, you should be referring to JULIE CHEN!

    Really, #91, if you make a mistake like that, are you truly a BB fan or just someone who wants to make waves by being “offended” and writing to CBS(and naming the wrong people). If you are offended don’t watch! You do have a choice.

  183. Rico you are such a bad man getting us all in trouble with yourself and production. I think were all loosing our sense’s tonight.

  184. @ MJ – there’s always the possibility of it yes, since her connection with Hay doesn’t seem as strong

    @Connie – I would love for Evil to come back oh man he was excellent! Couldn’t predict what he’d do next, made it fun to tune in…I’m not sure why Matt keeps acting like he’s the best BB player ever – that delusion’s gotta stop!

    @Rico – Oh yeah, HAY needs to skidaddle! See ya lata frat boy! lol.

  185. This is my first time posting but I read every day. First I want to thank Mat for a great job on this site. Know the reason for my comment. Everyday I read and like 90% of everyone hates on Rachel and Brendon. I can’t say that I am for them 100% but I also don’t hate them and the people in the house never really try to get to know them before wanting to get them out. The one thing that I can say I think is wrong of all of you is calling Rachel all kinds of names because of what they did in the HOH room. Did these same people say the same things about all the past hgs that did the same thing and other things in that house cause we all know their not the first and they won’t be the last as long as BB is on.I know we all like to sit here and talk about what we see and how they act on TV but remember they are just like you and me and have feeling and a lot of these word are hurtful.

  186. #237 was irrelevant and unnecessary. When did this foolishness start gettin’ approved on this site?
    #239 – Kimba you are too funny. Got a pt still!
    #236 – Con, I agree, the feeds’s been off for a while, so something huge must be goin’ down!
    Dare I say it? The BB boat has finally been rocked?!
    Yahhh I sure hope so! Should make for a delish epi on Sun night!

  187. @Torch… yeah, sorry. I’ve been on slop all week (my girlfriend has been cooking for me – don’t tell her I said that!) and am going a little bonkers.

  188. Kathy is the ultimate definition of “Floater” in the BB game…She will migrate to who ever is HOH or Holder of the POV ..which ever suits her purpose…Kinda like Natalie last year but she is not really good at pretending to play the game the way Natalie was..Other HG’S got her figured out…and I do not agree with her using an illness to get ahead or stay in the house (re:Matt)

  189. I think Natalie would of won last year if she hadn’t lied to her alliance about her age.

  190. IMO, this season is quite boring. I just find Brenchel annoying but CBS apparently loves them bc that is 75% of what they show. Really, I just don’t think you meet someone and fall that deeply in love that quickly. Also, Rachel needs to have a professional work on her hair.

    Enzo and Matt are so busy thinking they are TV stars instead of reality show contestants.

    I do like Kristen she is proving to be fiesty.

    Brittany, Kathy and Monet, boring and egotistical and Kathy seems to be a pathological liar.

    It would be funny if Hayden wins and takes himself off the block and Kathy goes up and goes homes. Brenchel would have a stroke. That would make for some interesting TV watching.

  191. not yet karen as soon as we know it will be posted, everyone is getting antsy about finding out.

  192. No Torch it was not just the age thing..The jury got to watch videos of the comps and they SHOWED NATALIE DOING NOTHING EXCEPT LETTING KEVIN DO ALL THE WORK..

  193. right on Liz..someone has some memories and smarts… what is it that makes some ppl not like Rachel? She is a true human being from I have watch After Dark..Her and Bradon will be together..whether it last or not..they both have said the “L” word. Are ppl just jealous, or haters?? I do not get it. She creid 1st HOH when she had to place ppl uop..Kathy is a mean floater who will do anything to anyone to get further in this game..Not in a good way.. Iam sure if others know because I do not have live feed, but come on some one has to think this as well. She’s such a sorry for all the mean words, yet it’s so true. Look how she got Regan (whom is so cool..would have loved to have him as a professor in college!)..she got to switch his vote by playing on his weakness of compassion about her illness. 6 months to live, etc..She holds no good soul..has no good heart, and follows ALL the HOH’s around. Yet, she is cunning in the eway she talks dirt behind their backs to others. OMH I hopeothers can ‘see’ what she is up too…Who would think a Sheriff of all ppl would be so darn mean spirted and then say she tells it “how it is with me.” She is a Liar and ppl I do not use that word often at all. She needs to go..yet not this weejk I so feel sor her son how she also uses him and her om as well. What a FLOATER!! A mean spirted Flaoter who has nothing better to do than tell lies (big ones) get others against one another, and just sit s in the room with that ugly forwn (need some more injestions in that face Kathy) looking so pity party makes me ill!@ Kristen needs to EARN this POV and so d the others…

    peace, tc, and HAGN All… I am sorry if I offended anyone I just can not stand ppl like Kathy who are so fake, and so mean at the same time….it’s sickens me…Rachel has more morals, ethics, heart, and soul than Kathy ever ill. :=-)

  194. ok, i have a hungry man to feed. so off to do my wifely duties (hope that doesn’t offend anyone because there are many different ways to feed my i hope you guys have lot’s of fun and debates. if i’m not back up later, have a good night all and talk to you later.


  196. Yall think the POV comp is physical??? Maybe that is why we having to wait so long?? Can’t involve brains and logical thinking..I mean get real…

  197. POV is some kind of pinball/plinko type of game. It shouldn’t take so long. However, I heard there are also prizes associated with the game as well (maybe a trip, etc.) so perhaps that is taking a little longer.

  198. way to go Brendan!!!!! lucky bastard i would of made that girl sore as hell the next day so everyone knew about it!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Maybe someone will get to wear the red tard. I think Enzo would rock that suit and have some fun doing it.

  200. looks like kristen might have to wear the tard and it sounds like brit won the veto.

  201. cant believe this happened they better boil the sheets no one will want them or who will want to be hoh

  202. i think britney and lane are related after the shotime show she acts like they are

  203. Yes, Brit definitely won the veto. And she referred to the tard that Kristen has to wear as a “Hippy-tard”, if I heard correctly.
    Wonder what it looks like…

  204. 1. If you don’t want to watch it don’t. Plain and simple. If you’re awake at 2:30 in the morning watching this, you need a life. And some more sleep. No one forced your eyes on the screen.
    2. Who cares what they do. It’s their lives and their choice. People have sex when they care about each other and clearly the sexual tension has been building up. That’s a pretty common human occurance.
    3. How is this porn? Nothing was seen and it wasn’t done to pleasure an audience.
    I hate to say it but I hardly think calling and writing letters to CBS are going to change the rules of BB. If anything, this event has likely made this season more popular. Sex, relationships, drama, etc. is what most people want to see when it comes to reality television. For all others, maybe you’re watching the wrong show if you don’t agree with it. Enough said.

  205. Well we knew this was coming!! (haha) Just got on and saw the news. BTW ppl the definition of Porn is Sex on Film – sheet or no sheet. Even if it only last a few minutes. LMAO

  206. I am sure someone else has said this but I got tired of reading the whore comments… for starters noone actually saw anything and let’s realize that these are two adults who actually developed genuine feelings for each other and have been living together for 4 wks and who out there could dry rub for that long and not rationalize turning out the lights pull up the covers and release the frustration that we all would be feeling !!!! and for the gold diggers comments…. come on you Idiots this is a F–n game and they are all trying to increase their bottom line and stop hatin on rachel because you will never look like her… if you take the time to google her you will find that she is very acomplished but I digress and say simply this.. this is a BB blog so judge her gameplay and Has anyone else won HOH twice before week 5 ??? yeah thats what I thought.. and I mean in this season for those whom were about to spit out previous seasons

  207. I SERIOUSLY doubt CBS would air during Prime Time B&R’s little ‘trisk’ in the sheets….maybe enough to let everyone watching know they did.

    You have to remember, these people are healthy young people who are locked up in a house with each other 24/7. Sex is part of their regular lives, it’s going to happen. At LEAST Rachel covered up, if she wanted ‘AIR’ time she wouldnt have bothered since she is openly a sexual being. And a man is a man…..Only thing now is Rachel may think she has Brendan for sure now. Silly girl.

    I feel bad for Brendon, he has to TRY and make Rachel act her age and STOP trying to Toy with others in the house….that just makes the target Bigger & Bigger.

    I Hope Kristen goes home. Not sure how she made it on the show….Kathy reminds me of ..oh whats her name ‘Remmie?’ from a former season. She and Keesha were bff’s

    I Love BB and my whole family watches, from coast to coast, live feeds, after dark, threads,blogs…it’s ONE Reality show I DO watch. I hope for more twists and excitement…last year really fell flat for me

    BB Fan

  208. I’m glad to see more people stick up for them Rachel and Bren. Anyway does anyone think or know if Kathy really has a autistic son? Just wondering she was saying how wrong it was to lie about a family member being sick if it’s not true. Also why is none of the boys in the Brigade upset with Hayden for the showmance with Kristen bc no matter if they tried to hide it they were still all lovey Dovey at night and we all saw it. The craziest part is everyone still is just worried about getting Bren and Rach. Whats that all about I don’t have live feeds so maybe someone is talk about getting them out to know and the guys are upset with Hayden. I just have not read anything like that yet so if anyone knows anything different please let me know. THANK YOU!!!

  209. I am relative of Rachel. I understand all comments. Our family stands by Rachel, even though in my opinion she may be acting in a somewhat misguided fashion right now. But let’s look at who is misguiding her and Brendon. CBS puts these two together, knowing they have a lot in common . Day one: They put them up on the block. They have to fight to survive. CBS deprives them of food, deprives them of sleep, and deprives them of the ability to talk to family. All they can do is rely on each other. They are 26 and 29, at the height of the sexual bonding phase of their life. And this is exactly what CBS is banking on. That Brendon and Rachel will rely on one another. That they will rely on each other as confidants. That they will rely on one another for support. That they will rely on one another for companionship. And CBS knows when all factors are right, physical love is soon to follow. Let’s face it folks, Love is Life.

    So CBS has guided Brendon and Rachel right to the spot where they want them. Who really should we blame? Brendon and Rachel for falling for each other, or CBS for voyeuristically and sadistically filming what should be private for Brendon and Rachel. As if that weren’t bad enough CBS then allows Brendon and Rachel to be put on the racks for it.

  210. Brendon and Rachel evil? NO! Rather I see Brendon and Rachel as two vibrant young adults, who have worked hard all their lives and who want to use their brains and talents for others. I see Brendon and Rachel as two vibrant young adults who have come to deeply care about each other and to deeply rely on one another. If you want to look at this, Rachel and Brendon represent all of us. They are all of our kids. They are anyone who has ever had a dream, anyone who has ever fallen in love, acted impetuously, but tried. Tried so hard to achieve and make something of their lives. They are any of us who thought we were getting into something good, and ended up with this evil bully kicking us and exposing our secrets at every turn. Brendon and Rachel are not like this sadistic part of big Brother that wants to tear these two wonderful young people down and MAKE MINCEMEAT of their lives.

    CBS would argue…that Brendon and Rachel are the ones acting. But we all know CBS is the one in control here. No matter how CBS wants to tell the story. The true story is that Brendon and Rachel have worked hard to achieve all of their lives. Chemistry and Physics are not easy studies. They want to use their talents to help others. Brendon wants to work on a cure for cancer and Rachel wants to teach.
    You know Big Brother is just a set up show, where CBS uses and victimizes normal people just like you and me. They do it for their for their ratings.

  211. OKAY, @ Connie boobzilla is a paid escort? I thought she was an unemployed chemist? WOW, I finished my job for the day and log in, the comments here are better than the show!!! Matt, the comments made are great, you were a good person for 86 them. The last time I looked, this is a show, a game, a social experiment. What is new with people having sex on T.V.? Rachael now has her 15 minutes of fame and so does the whip boy. What is the big deal? Why is everyone going high school over this? I want to know, what are hippi tards? I am a hippie and I would never be caught in “tards”

  212. Okay I’m on the wrong big brother site…This concept has been around for 12 years. The USBigBrother show is the worst of any country in the world….now I know why….FYI at least Rachel does not flash her store-bought boobies and coochie all the time like Jordan. I am only sad that Rachel did used the “no booglering” for no sex. I had a complete Neil Chicapapa flashback from last year and got pissed off all over again. Jordan was dumber then butter….I hope I never have to see her again. If I do…hopefully she will figure out how to “boogler”.

  213. “at least Rachel does not flash her store-bought boobies and coochie all the time like Jordan”

    What show have you been watching? You’re saying Rachel when you should be saying Jordan and vice versa.

    Working with chemicals does not make one a chemist.

  214. Cannot wait till the science experiment known as Brenchal is outta the house. The two of them are like an insidious mold growing in the house and all the houseguests are in peril of being driven slowly insane by the daily drivel they expose them to. PLEASE Rachel is an attention seeking skank, who can’t act her way out of a paper bag, and Brendon has the lights on, but no one seems to be home when it comes to her, can he really be that desperate for attention.

  215. well all i have to say is whether you hate R&B or you love them, the drama revolving around their showmance is about the most exciting thing about this season…. i have watched every season of BB and i find the HGs this year utterly BORING, they have no personality and i am finding the episodes to be big yawn fests!! But i still watch because i love the show and know the longer they are stuck in that house the more interesting it will get… i would like to see Enzo as the new sabo because i think he is the only one in the brigade that would find it morally difficult to backstab his alliance members… actually i think Lane would have difficulty too, but it would be more interesting to see Enzo struggle with being the sabo….

  216. Personally, I believe the choices the two made were wrong. I would not have done anything, let alone that soon and with cameras watching my every move. But that is just my personal opinion, as everyone does have their own. I also believe that using the BB website to downgrade other individuals opinions is also very “disrespectful” As the sayin always goes, “You point a finger and there are always three pointing back at you”

  217. just read the comment’s since my last post last night. not one person in that house did not know what they were signing up for. there has been sex in the bb house before and it will happen again. every player in the house knows that all cams and mics are on them 24/7 and anything they do personal wise is up to each individual player. as for what they deside to do as hg, that’s up to them and obviously have no problem doing the things that they do. we are not the one to judge them. debate yes. again i wouldn’t do some of the things that have happend in the house but that’s my choice and that was theirs. with that being said,stop blaiming cbs or bb for the actions of the hgs for a show they all willingly sighned contracts to participate in. no one is holding a gun to the contestants head to play the game or the viewers who choose to watch.

  218. well… every NORMAL human being has needs- and you need it when you need it- i say as long as they don’t show it in a aired episode- GO FOR IT!!! LET’S GET IT ON… AHHH BABY LETS GET IT ON… LETS LOVE BABY

  219. That wasn’t sex. It was clearly a bj. And he said I’m sorry because he made her swallow that.

  220. If anyone actually tortured themselves enough by listening/watching this horridness, you can tell off that bat that this was not actual sex but something else….maybe brendan’s “sorry it took me so long” gave it away (barf!)

  221. I understand that they are “in love” but do they not know you have NO privacy what so ever in this house(cameras && microphones everywhere)!!..its not something america really wants to know..if you do then…?

    i dont like Rachael that much and what Brendon did to her isnt somthing i really wanted to hear about..i dont know if i am the only one but seriously…LOVE THE SHOW THOUGH..thank you for these awesome updates matt (:

  222. I’m sorry but Rachael in my eyes is what is known as a tramp..any man is going to take what he can get long did she know him ummm 5 minutes ..come on BB..I don’t tune in to see Brendan and Rachael all over each other ..I want to see more of the other’s a game so let’s play the game ..I didn’t like it in the other seasons either’s not called for ..if you can’t go for a couple of months without ,it gets pretty bad ..the others don’t ..

  223. oh and by the way,Rachael should have been pulled aside by the BB crew and told to wear underwear ..last week she had a very short skirt on and no underwear ..the camera kept blanking it out ..the others were talking about it being disgusting especially when she walked up the stairs and the others were behind her subjected to her bare a$$..get on with the game BB and stop permitting so much sex …if we want to see this,we will go to the live feeds …jmo

  224. Brenden & Rachel are not the first HGs to have sex in the HOH room how about Jessie and Lydia from last season….and others from past seasons! Maybe first ones this season!Who rights this stuff? First time watcher or what?

  225. I really Don’t understand why everyone is complaining about BB12 and how boring it is. Like im really tired of it. If Brendon and Rachel want to have sex then let them, you all are attacking randomly. If that was you having sex, how would you feel if everyone called you down to the dirt. You haters really need to get a life and stop being so negative. I mean , its only a show, Gawd.

  226. And another, maybe Brendon said he’s sorry because he accidentally hurt her, how does that mean he’s gay, gawd. maybe he said something to her earlier and he wanted to apologize.

  227. I’m not hatin’ on Brendon and Rachel because of their ridiculous showmance. Rachel has got to be one of the most annoying, obnoxiously fake and fame hogging houseguests I’ve ever seen. She and Hayden both need to learn not to YELL in the diary room-they are so loud and so stupid sounding. Brendon does not bother me, except he’s let himself be mesmerized by those big fake implants… This is gonna look real good for your teaching career, Brendon…

  228. someone help me…i think it was BB6 or 7 when the first sex scene happened between a blk girl who was light complected and a white guy. she was later evicted the next eviction.

  229. If Rachel has her way I think she will try to have every woman evicted from the house. She’s so insecure and vindictive.

  230. haha, no many of the posters are right, THIS doesn’t make rachel a whore, it is everything else about her that makes her a whore. and awww, I LOVED Jeff and Jordan, they were the best BB couple!

  231. i will start by saying that I LOVE Big Brother! I wait all year for it to come on and wish they had one every season and that it is always as good as season 12!
    I would like to say that I am a mother and my child is asleep at 12am and good parents dont have to worry about their child watching anyone having sex on tv because their children should be asleep!
    Bracheal could be in love who knows…maybe they were so into eachother that they forgot about the cameras lol u never know! Alot of people watch after dark hopin to see some dirt so good job BB for giving it to them.
    Im startin to think that the environment is getting to Racheal cuz gettin real bitchy…was kinda hopin her and Kristin would duke it out in the ring though but then im sure someone would have complained their kid saw it.
    Notice how Kristin doesnt know all of a sudden if she wants her “boyfriend” or Hayden! Make up ur mind ditz.

  232. I just wanna know why racheal bought those enourmous boobs instead of paying for a rhinoplasty to get rid of that enormous nose!
    I think every time she starts to laugh that incredibly annoying laugh that brendon should stick it in her mouth again to shut her up!! urgh!

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