Big Brother 12: Week 4 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

 With the POV Competition taking place yesterday, there was some game talk going on in the Big Brother 12 house today.  There’s some scrambling going on between the nominees and the hoh.  After seeing the big fight go down between Kristen and Rachel, if the two of them remain in the house together BB needs to get some boxing gloves. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 1, 2010:

10:21 AM BBT – The hg’s have a late wake up call this morning.  When the feeds return Enzo is sunning and singing meow meow meow.  Apparantly the whole meow meow thing is copyrighted or something because every time it is said now the feeds cut off. 

 10:52 AM BBT – Brit is talking to us live feeders.  She says she doesn’t miss Andrew.  She wants to get Rach and Bren out of the house and will put them up if she wins hoh. 

11:15 AM BBT – Bren, Ragan and Matt talk politics.  Ragan supported Hillary and doesn’t like Obama’s stance on gay rights.  The conversation turns to global warming and Al Gore’s book.

11:50 AM BBT – Lane and Enzo talking about Hayden getting released from confinement.  They hope he’s realized why he was put on the block this week, for a piece of @$$ and put the brigade in jeopardy.

12:25 PM BBT – Rach says she dyed her hair red because she was tired of it being brown and thought she would looks to ditzy as a blonde.  (hmmm I don’t think it matters what color her hair is)

1:18 PM BBT – Brit is telling Lane and Enzo that they all need to quit tip toeing around Brenchel and just put them up when they get the chance and she’ll do it and fight it out with Rach the whole week.  Sounds like it could be a cat fight since Brit mentions hair pulling and punching. 

 1:21 PM BBT – Hayden is out of confinement.

3:55 PM BBT – Brit and Kristen talk game and the possibility of using the pov to save Kristen.  Brit thinks it is a bad idea to get all the girls out but knows if she uses it Brenchel will be after her. 

7:10 PM BBT – Hayden and Brit are talking about the pov.  She wants to use it only if Rach will put up Kathy as the replacement.  She doesn’t want Lane to go up.  She wants Hayden to talk to Rachel.

9:30 PM BBT – Brit and Lane going over the pros and cons of using the pov.  Brit says she will NOT use it if Rach asks her not to.  Why is everyone so scared or Rachel?  This is BB, play the game and quit worrying about her!

12:05 AM BBT – Brenchel and Krayden talk in the HOH.  They strike a final four deal and Rach says she would put up Kathy as a replacement nominee if Brit uses the pov. 

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It looks like things could get real interesting today before the pov ceremony so get those live feeds ready and stay close by as we will bring you all the action as it occurs.  Will Brit use the pov so the two showmance’s can stay in the house?  I’m thinking around 1:00 bbt we’ll find out what goes down.

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  1. That Sarah Girl, they strike a deal that Brit will use the pov on one of them, probably Hayden and Rach will nominate Kathy. The deal is that they won’t put up Brit for two weeks and help each other get to the final four. No one has any interest in keeping the deal though. In fact Rach is now having second thoughts and may tell Brit not to use the pov.

  2. Haha wonderful. I couldn’t image it really happening anyways. Thanks for the details.

    Of course Rachel can’t make up her mind on anything until the last second…

  3. Don’t forget, this is BB! Deals are made to be broken!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  4. I think if Kristen does somehow stay in this week, Hayden will continue to tell the brigade he’s with them and turn on them when it proves necessary for Kristen. At some point in time the brigade must break up anyway!

  5. I don’t think Hayden will sell out the boys for Kristen he already throw the pov comp cause he thought that if he used it one of them would be put up and he would rather her go then one of them. They don’t have to break up the boys unless one of them gets voted out.

  6. I just read somewhere that the evicted house guests are no longer being sequestered??

  7. Hayden is a sneaky one and probably has more game than any of them. I totally underestimated him in the beginning because he looks like a follower. He is in 2 alliances (well an alliance and a showmance) and each alliance thinks they are the only one. Kristen will be mortified at how much he used her when she gets out and can watch video of the show. I won’t be surprised if he gathers up all the floaters and aligns with them too. LOL! He will dump them all if he thinks he can win and never look back. I like him I think… because what he’s doing is exactly what this game is about. ;o)

  8. G’morning BBN posters! Wow, a final 4 deal? I agree @ that sarah girl – I soo do not see that happening, that will crack before they leave the room! It would BE smart for them to do that, or at least the ladies should ALIGN, but apparently no one is thinking strategy here or what’s the BEST undercover way to make it to the final 4. (Hayden well we shall see what happens with that, true @omachka – he does have 2 brilliant alliances, considering Kris has no idea about them at all! She spends all this time with him and yet..? (insert birds chirping) you’re right when she watches this she will be P’OD! As for the POV ceremony, can’t wait to watch looks like Brit will use it, I highly doubt Lane will go up, he’s not even on Brenchel’s radar. (though a replacement nom from the brigade would be nice!)

  9. Gracias Ashli Rae, am so excited about this deal, does that mean the brains are waking up there now in the BB house?

    Janna – so true do not think Hay will betray da brigade…..UNLESS he sees that doing the final 4 w/Brenchel will take him farther than they can! I mean they don’t win anything… where is the progress?

    That Sarah Girl – WHATttttttt? The evicted’s have gone home? No way jose? Why is that? ALL of dem? But I read online that the ONLY way a new saboteur will be chosen is IF the new HOH this week chooses to open Pandora’s Box! If they dont’, there’s no new trick, what then?

    Matt can u clarify that Pandora’s box thing?

  10. I hope the king and queen take the deal and Britt uses the veto and Kathy is send home. As for the Brigade they are even stronger than day one. Listen to all 4 members in the DR they might have side deals but they are loyal to the brigade. They didn’t throw Hay under the bus after Andrew outed Krayden why cuz they trust each other. Go brigade or anyone but Brenchel.

  11. Not really excited about the pandora’s box cuz it was stupid how BB did it last time. It was a joke.

  12. Jadelle, we’ll find out a little later today if the deal comes to fruition and I’m hoping it does because when someone breaks it there’s going to be more drama and let’s face it, BB is all about drama.

  13. I hope it works out so that she does use the POV… it will be good TV when the final 4 plan backfires!

  14. I hope it stays the same. I want Kristen to go home. She is not a very smart player and she is using Hayden to get farther and then she’s gonna turn on him. The best thing for britany is not to use the pov. Let Kristen go home, and I hope britany wins hoh or lane or Enzo! Lane Enzo matt and brit are the only ones I like in the house

  15. IF Beanchel made a final 4 deal with Krayden it wont last… Krayden were talking about making a deal with them and then putting up Brenchel next week if they can… they are just trying to save themselves not ACTUALLY keep a deal with Brenchel… I think its a great plan!!

  16. Anything to keep them in another week! It is a fine line between thinking ahead and just trying to stay around for another week.

  17. Hayden, Kristen and Brit are about to pull off perhaps the all-time greatest move in BB history! If they can get their deal done with Brenchel, evict Kathy and then take out one of the Brenchels next week..WOW! talk about diabolical genius!!! What a devious power move that would be!! Evil Dick would be proud!

  18. I hope Brit uses the POV, so that Kathy can be sent home. You can’t stay in the house and be in love with everyone, there is no love in the BB house, go home Kathy, you make me sick.

  19. Doesn’t the Pandora’s Box work like this:

    Once the person is voted out, the hg’s have a choice. Let that person just voted out return to the house OR open up Pandora’s box?

    My memory sucks so I can’t remember exactly how this was implemented the last time. I do remember it was fairly underwhelming though. Please feel free to correct me if I have the facts wrong.

    Hayden will probably do what most men in his position do: string all alliances along as far as possible…but ultimately stick with the girl. We guys get real stupid when sex or the potential for sex is involved (ie Brenda). It’s some kind of pre wired natural selection procreation thing. And I’m pretty sure past seasons of bb prove my point.

    The reason for Brit to keep Kris is because she’s a bigger target than her. Yes Rach will come after Brit eventually but not until Kris is gone (final four deal not withstanding).

  20. I SO dislike Rachel…what does Brendan or for that matter, any man see in her…wow…all in all, I find almost the entire cast BORING.

  21. i have finally chosen someone to “root” for. I do believe it will be brit and lane. brit has won me over. esp if she can do something with bren and rach. funny how time changes your choices and opinions or at least mine lol. who do you all want to be the new saboteur? kat would b too obvious, so i say go for the nonobvious ie lane, ragan or even kristen if she survives

  22. Hopefully the Final 4 deal doesn’t hold. Britney had better not get screwed over!! And I’m tired of the brigade. Seriously. Enzo says, “Dude, it’s time the brigade starts running this house again yo.” What does that even mean? The only time they had the chance to run anything was when Matt was HOH and he totally screwed it up. The Brigade hasn’t done crap!

  23. Hello All! Just some thoughts:
    1. ok…I have decided….Brit is pretty funny & has some game going on there! Dont count her out anytime soon
    2. Although I am not a fan of Brenchel, they would be STUPID to take any deal with Hayden & Kristen! Big Red is totally on a power trip whenever they win something! She is really cocky…they need to go!
    3. Kathy aka Tammy Faye needs to go and she needs a makeover
    4. Kristen needs to go….annoying
    5. Ragan cracks me up
    6. The Brigade will eventually turn on eachother
    7. Brenchel & short lived porn scene…GROSS!!

  24. The way Rachel was talking last night way after they shook hands on the final 4 showmance, she realy doesn’t trust Kristen & is thinking about telling Brit not to to use it. I howerver think that if 4 (hay, kris,Bren,& Rachel) stick together, Rachel is right. They have the numbers no matter what happens and they could pick the other hg’s off one by one. Although, I don’t see it happening. I like hey, Brit & kristens plan also tho. That would definately shake the house up, atleast breachel & we would see some great cat & bro fights. It will be intersting no matter what. Just haven’t desided who I want to win the game yet………this is the 1st season that I didn’t pick my faverorite in week one.

  25. If Kathy really is Britney mother then Britney will not use the POV on Kristen.

    However maybe Britney will use the POV on Kristen to upset Rachel plan to have Kristen get kick out of the Big Brother house.

  26. Lane & Kristen are having a convo about ex’s & lane said he goes crazy at the bars for the girls & need a shock collar put on him to control him. That’s soooo funny!

  27. Lane just said bartenders & strippers are people too. He is realy funny this morning. So disrespect intended to those jobs, it was just funny hearing him say it.

  28. Lane also just said he’ll never out grow his dumbness. & wants a t-shirt made. If bb would let me, I would get it made & send it to him. He is realy funny this morning.

  29. Brendon is telling lane & Brit that he & a buddy put on boy shorts while he was in London worked out a rutine & stripped down to their undies & gave lap dances in hotel for 40 minutes. I just don’t see him doing that. Granted I haven’t seen him doing alot of the things he’s done in the bb house.

  30. My girl Brit!! She has the power at the moment. I really hope she sets up Rachel’s downfall. I hope this deal goes through and Britney sends Rachel packing.

  31. Brendon is also telling Brittney that it won’t bother him with Rachel still working her job when they leave the bb house. The only problem he will have is being away from her because he will miss her. What??????

  32. @ Kristi… Yeah I think Brendan actually likes Rachel… I dont think he is just playing her, but maybe he is who knows.

  33. hey bg whats up my friend? just made a cup of joe want one? i dont think that brit is kats daughter, niece maybe. i think that andrew and enzo were buds…maybe or maybe it was annies trick to stir up things.

  34. I would love to see a Kristen, Hayden, Britney,Lane alliance. They are the only people I like in the house.

  35. finally the weather has cooled down here. anyone else getting any relief. 100 degree temps for a month in nc is tough

  36. kathy just lays around too much she needs to get her game on. i can’t imagine a cop not being motivated lol

  37. and ragan needs to step his game up too. what happened to the gay guys being the life of the party and stirring things up. this group is so smart they are boring. sad they have to fight or roll under the covers to make drama. bb needs to rethink next yrs casting

  38. Next year they need disfuntionally random people with strong convictions that are polar oposite of everyone else.

  39. does anyone know what time the hg are going to do the pov ceremony? I am dying to know if brit decides to use the veto!! ??

    I’m hoping she DOESN’T use it! i do NOT like kristen, at all! Why all of a sudden is she ‘fighting’ to be there…she hasn’t done anything this entire time! The only reason she is even trying now is b/c she got called out by Andrew! and she LIED about it!

  40. Poor Kathy. I don’t care much for her gameplay, but she’s been screwed over big time by her “friend.” I dislike and LIKE each “power” couple equally, but I don’t think Brenchel is being smart here by trusting Krayden.

  41. mary I think kristen has laid low hoping rach and bren would get all the attention and eliminated

  42. i don’t like rachel – but she is telling brit right now that “she doesn’t trust ‘them'” (hayden & kristen) I’m hoping rachel talks some sense into brit b/c right now brit REALLY wants to use the pov to save hayden! Rachel is the only one thinking clearly right now!!

  43. Brit & Rachel are talking now about the pov & if she uses it. Rachel still isn’t sure she can trust Rachel.

  44. wonder who was supposed to the trouble maker this yr? we’ve got the skanky 1 figured out rach…enzo =troublemaker?

  45. Jesse – we’re on the same boat! i feel the exact same way! Especially b/c “we” know that hayden/kristen said that they would nominate rach/brendan next week if they got the chance. rachel is already being skeptical toward the kristen thing…so I hope she can convince brit that hayden/kristen are NOT trustworthy! i can’t wait for the pov ceremony b/c I just ‘need to know’!!!

    I think kristen laid low too – but too low. she hasn’t won anything, i think she figured she would just ride out hayden till the ‘end’ b/c she knows he is friendly with the other guys…that was going to be her ticket…now that she got called out she wants to step it up. Kristen is the most deceitful of all of them.

  46. Kristi: I think rachel is thinking smart. she has a gut feeling that she can’t trust hay/kristen I hope she can successfully convey that to britney! i don’t want brit to use that pov to save anyone, kristen needs to go – b/c when it comes to a physical challenge….she would win over kathy!

  47. hummmm on kristen being deceitful. i havent seen her be that way too much.besides the white lies i thought she’d be pretty honest. at least she said straight up i don’t know if i’d nom u or not

  48. now brit has lied her panties off. oh no youre not my target. bs if anyone believes that when it comes out of anyones mouth.everyone is a target to everyone at some pt

  49. I really hope Brit uses the P.O.V today. I want Kathy to go home. The brigade needs one more week to shake things up, without Matt as H.O.H.. Enzo or Lane would be great!!!!! I want to see Brenchal leave in a double eviction, that would just make my summer. I can not stand them anymore!!!!BB get rid of them!!!!

  50. nanny: brit is a liar for sure. But kristen has definately been deceitful. lying about doing things w/ hayden…she straight up told hayden that if she won hoh next week she would put up rach/bren (even though she is trying to make a deal to get hayden taken off and kathy put up in his place). she is screwing around w/ hayden with a boyfriend back home. she is stabbing kathy in the back so that she can stay in the game longer. and she has told lies all day long on the l i v e f e e d s.

  51. that’s the game! :-) BUT brit is not going around saying “i don’t lie”…. I think they’re all liars basically!! kathy, hayden, kristen, brit, the list goes on!

  52. I think they are ALL liars in one sense or another. Everyone has their favorite. Mine just happens to be with Swamp Thang so I gotta go with her for now. I can’t believe Brit is lying to Rachel. It is one thing to agree over things with Kristen but you can come back and tell Rachel about it. Or maybe not. Anyho if Brit has any brains she will NOT use the POV on anyone……..I so want Kristen to go bye bye!!!

  53. Trish: I’m on board with you. I used to REALLY dislike rachel… her personality grates on my nerves…but she is thinking very smart right now. Brit should listen to her warnings about kristen. I am praying Brit doesn’t use that POV. Rachel is really trying to help Brit by giving her advice about what “could” happen in the future if she keeps kristen etc… and other scenarios. I wish Brit wouldn’t sit up there and lie to her right now… it could bite her in the ass!

  54. yep and the honest person has been accused of being the biggest liar of all. andrew should have played his cards sooner. like sitting up in the bed when hanky panky was going on

  55. Yeah kristen has a bf back home. so…her ‘cheating’ on him (depending on your definition ;-) shows her true character. at least rach/brendon aren’t in a relationship w/ anyone else. Kristen was half crying one day on the f e e d s talking about ‘how bad she feels’ about doing things w/ hayden with her bf watching back home…. things to think about Kristen! lol!

  56. AH! brit just said “we prob. shouldn’t even use the POV” That’s the ticket!!!

    i’m watching the f e e d s right now, does anyone know what time they are going to do the pov ceremony today??

  57. I know!! They just keep talking in circles!! lol! I think Brit has finally decided to not use it. Thank God!!

  58. Based on Rachel & Brits convo, I don’t think the pov is going to be used. Unless Britt puts Rachel on the spot, tells Rachel she’s not but still use it. Who knows at this point, not even them. Let’s get the pov over with.

  59. I think Brit is trying to manipulate Rachel in to coming to the conclusion she wants. She keeps going with “well maybe we shouldnt, unless…”. Now Brit is arguing against letting Kathy get to Jury. She’s trying to push to use it but make it Rachel’s idea.

  60. Tushay Matt! I think you’re right.

    Now Brit is going to go talk to Hayden… can’t wait to hear what she says. Hopefully she’ll tell him she’s not using the POV but that he is definitely ‘safe’

    Brit can see that Rach obviously doesn’t want her to use the POV and Brit does NOT want to rock that boat….so looks like she’s not going to use it! hooray!

    Torch: Thanks for the info – I am sitting here just waiting for the feeds to cut for the ceremony… I just wondered if there was a specific “time” that they do the ceremony…this is the first year I have subscribed to the f e e d s.

  61. Rachel has played the game, yes. I still can’t stand her. For someone that is supposed to be so intelligent, to be so “like” “obvi”,dumb it drives me insane to hear her speak. BB should evict her for being so annoying!!!!!

  62. The only way I see rachel and Brendon making it to the end is if Brit does not use the POV, and Kristen knows about the Brigade and goes public

    This could force Ragan, the ultimate floater, into aligning with R&B – Kathy is anyone’s guess – Brit os so angry and unpredictable I have no idea what she would do – but without a sure 4 team alliance after this eviction R&B are toast –

    If Brit uses the POV and Kristen stays – R&B can say hasta la vista baby because the game is over

  63. hey Matt! in survivor its outwit, out play, out smart, out last…more or less in bb its out lie. everyone wants to declare, i’ve played an honest game when in reality none do.

  64. Rachel got a letter each time she won, the first from her mother the second from her sister. I think Enzo would accept the sabatour role, I just hope America picked him, cuz I think he’s the only one that would go for it.

  65. brendan and rach are playing their game, rach thinks she is the power in the house when in reality she is also a floater, just that she is floating on a sinking ship

  66. uh oh!!! it now sounds like britney and rachel isnt gonna take the deal.

    c’mon britney!! do this. u guys gotta get out BR.

    this is the chance to make an alliance, AND get out BR. like set the foundation.

    she rele wants BR out, but she went 2 steps backwards in assuring rachel the deal is good to go.

    BOTTOMLINE-everyone needs to stop being betches. get out BR!!. everyone is being a betch and not wanting to do it cause their scared. if i was in that house, right after the POV i would be getting a pack together to get them the F out.

    britney needs to push the throttle and make sure rachel is on board with the plan and not flip flopping.

    britney! c’mon use ur good gameplay, and smarts, seal the deal, and backstab the HELL out of them.

    as soon as u use it, and kathy goes up, FORGET ABOUT IT! ITSA RAP YO!! haha BR have sealed their fate. brendon has a 1-9 chance of winning HOH. thats like minute.

    if u keep questioning Rachel’s thinking she will cower, because she is a coward and will not do the deal. GIVE HER THE GREEN LIGHT!.

  67. I like Enzo! lol. Brit was talking last night about him, saying if he makes it to the end he would win for sure b/c he basically has ‘no enemies’ and really…he hasn’t done anything to anyone. I hope he goes far b/c I don’t find him to be annoying. I think he would make a good Sab. too but I don’t want him to become a target. I didn’t know WHO to vote for to become the SAB. Are they going to be announcing it AFTER the live eviction? I hope so, b/c I don’t want Kristen to have a chance to stay on….

  68. enzo needs to play and quit saying that the brigade needs to take the power again. when did they have power. they didnt even have it when matt was in control. rach does win so she is playing the game even if it is her own game and the only ones playing her game is bren. brit is changing my mind and im not a big kristen fan but if brit saves kristen or hayden i will lean towards her due to the fact she isn’t cowtaling to rachel

  69. I think Matt made the worst decision by trying to backdoor Brendon… poor Andrew got kicked out! Matt should have showed some balls and put up Brendon/Rachel when he had the chance…

    Brit doesn’t want to make rachel mad b/c she wants the two of them on her side.

    Oooh, the houseguests are all getting called outside! hopefully the pov ceremony will happen soon!

  70. and to BR.
    u guys need somebody else. if u make this 5 person deal, u control ALL votes for atleast 2 weeks. u have all the odds on ur side to win.
    u need insurance. kristen and brendon are insurance for 2 weeks.

    oh boy here we go. everyone is going outside.

    i think britney will use it. she has to. if im britney, im taking the chance of brendon winning, cause he wont.

    if ANYONE wins the HOH, BR will go up. no matter WHO wins POV, one of them is gone.

    i hope after these 2 hours (it rele shouldnt take that long) britney has used the POV and kathy is up.

    if not, im still a big fan of britney, but this choice will always be questioned. i mean unless she wins haha.

    britney is smart, she has seen EVERY scenario on BB because she watched season 1.

    i hope she uses it.

    get insurance with kristin and hayden for atleast 1 week, but ur main goal is to put up BR if u win HOH.

  71. i think brit is going to NOT use the pov. she knows that rach/brendon don’t trust kristen/hayden…and since brit is telling hayden he is safe no matter what she still has him on her side..and if she doesn’t use the veto then she will still have brendon/rachel on her side….even though i think no matter what next week rach/brendon will be nominated…but alas, only ONE can go home!!

  72. ultimately, no matter what…if you want to stay, you have to WIN. That is the only reason Rach/Brendon have gotten so far…they are the main people winning vetos and hoh’s.

  73. here we go folks feeds just went to trivia so now the wait is on, will she or won’t she that is the ?????????

  74. Torch: what are you hoping for?!? I hope she doesn’t use it…well, “OBVI!” (ha…ha..) I’ve written it a hundred times! I can’t wait to check back in a few to see what happened!

  75. I’m mixed about It, I would like her to use only if Kathy was going up and it wouldn’t efect Brit. in a bad way, I think Kristen would keep the turmoil up in the house and totally agrevate Rachel.

  76. I went to bed knowing this was going down correctly. I understand Britney has put herself in the middle now. Why are girls so intimidated of one another??

    Now Britney, Hayden cannot win HOH. Kathy, LANE, or maybe Enzo need to get that HOH!!

  77. After watching these live feeds, someone please tell me why in the hell is everyone in that house so afraid of Brendon and Rachel?
    Rachel tells Britney what she can do with the POV, Brendon tells Rachel what to do, even though she is HOH. These two have been running this house since day one, does no one see that.
    someone show some gameplay and put them up.

  78. Torch: Thats the only way I would be ‘okay’ with Brit’s decision…if Kathy were to go up and get evicted…and I WOULD like to see Kristen irritate Rachel, lol…but Kristen also irritates me…and since I watch the shows, the feeds, and afterdark…I don’t think the mild chest pains are worth it! ha … ha… I would rather Kristen go home… it will get a little more cut throat as it goes on… you know, perhaps Rachel will find out Brit was lying to her about what Brit and Hayden were discussing last night… Rachel does NOT like to be lied to, lol! can’t wait to see :-)

  79. Ron: Nope, not yet! I am going to have the big brother theme song branded in my head for a LONG time!

  80. Are you kidding me…final 4 deal, what a crock!! Don’t believe them!! They’ll say anything at this point…


    Send the B**** packing ASAP!!!

  81. Why hasnt BB mentioned the close relationship that exists in the house anymore? Thats driving me nuts. I do have an eyebrow raised about Britney and Lane. They talk game alot to each other….Maybe he’s her fiance? I have to know its driving me crazy!

  82. After seeing a closeup of Kristen’s eyes last night does make me want to see her go, they just looked like there was a void there it was kinda creepy, she did what the undertaker on WWE does with his eyes but hers looked silver.

  83. I wish Britney would have had a chance to tell Hayden. Now Hayden can turn this back on Brit. If its a double elimination she may go up next week too!

  84. Krazy: It was driving me nuts as well. I finally came to the conclusion that it was a lie. (I could be wrong though…) Julie has made NO mention of it, not at the time, or anytime after it was said…there is SO much speculation on who it could be….I am just sick of talking about it :-) Until Julie says something about it, I am chalking it up to Annie just saying it to get ‘things rolling’… I had SO many different theories, lol…it was driving me crazy!

  85. Torch: lmao! I used to watch wrestling all the time, and Undertaker was a ‘big deal’ back in the 90’s… that is too funny! you’re right though – kristen is just like “emotionless” except when she started yelling last night…too little too late! LATER KRISTEN!

  86. Nic: I wish Brit had the chance too – but I think she’ll be able to back peddle and tell him that he was safe all along and that she (brit) didn’t want to rock the boat w/ rachel (b/c rachel was becoming skeptical about Kristens loyalty – completely valid concern)…so she decided against using the veto. I think Hayden will understand and still go after rachel/brendon as opposed to Brit. I will be really upset if Brit gets kicked off next week.

  87. I think a lot of people in the house are getting sick of Matt. HE should go before Brit. brendon can’t stand him… I think the ‘brigade’ is starting to become weary of him, but I may be wrong.

  88. since there is a lull in the feed action – just needed to say that it was hysterical last night when Brit in her Diary Room session stated that “the fact that it (the fight b/ween rachel and kristen) is going on in a boxing ring is not lost on me” was too funny! If Brit gets kicked off I will miss her one liners for sure.

  89. matt didn’t bother me before, and to be honest the lie about his wife doesn’t bother me either – it’s his game play. it is no different from when the survivor guy lied about his grandmother passing.

    Matt just has this really cocky attitude lately that is just off putting. plus, he’s not one of my favorites, so for me, he is dispensable.

  90. Ya Brit. does have some good one liners, the HG’s have been talking about a double eviction, BB history shows it will happen with the third and fourth jury members or before the jury even starts.

  91. Rachel is sooooo dumb to think that Hayden and Kristen have her backs, they are going to put her up on the block if one of them stay and wins H.O.H. i say she needs to keep the noms the same and send Kristen out of the door.

  92. I would be trying to get as many people on my side too knowing that the double eviction is probably coming up. But that’s when “luck” and skill come into play. b/c they still have the chance to win the veto – then the whole game changes ;-)

  93. A: Rachel is almost 100% that Kristen is lying to her and that she will backstab her in a heartbeat. Rachel does believe though that Hayden is sincere. rachel wants kristen gone…she was just talking about it to britney…after a really LONG conversation…that was the ultimate conclusion. I say…thank GOD she came to her senses! Rachel had a good gut feeling that kristen could not be trusted, and she is completely right.

  94. hayden already said to most of the brigade that “if she has to go, she has to go”. hayden is ALL about saving himself! lol!

    the rest of the guys want K gone b/c that means hayden will be more focused on the game and the brigade.

  95. Things should be cool between Britney and Hayden because she is so darn cute, and witty. That face…

    Haden will have to talk Kristen into not doing and Andrew and outing Brit being with B/R. Still have 3 more days. Kristen doesn’t play!!

  96. no one has anyones back. im not so sure the bren/rach alliance is 100%. i am getting a vibe that she is tiring of her boy toy at times. he seems to really care for her and when she is sloshed she cares deeply for him but when he acts childish she turns on him. brit could make or break her and others game with her pov. she has many options

  97. I think when the guys were talking last night about brit being ‘part of the brigade’ they meant like..honorary memeber…lol. The guys are still in it for sure…they will just ‘use’ brit for her vote. I don’t think kristen has a clue about the brigade…I hope she doesn’t ‘out’ anything though… I think she will just have some catty words to say before she’s ousted. good riddance!

  98. A: I know, right?!! Rachel IS such an emotional person, but she was making really valid points to Brit and Brendon about Kristen…so she’s finally using her brain.

  99. oh yeah nanny! I agree w/ hayden. I was just responding to the post above mine, where someone said something about Hayden needs to tell everyone that kristen needs to go. I’m glad hayden got his head out of his a**. :-)

  100. oooh nanny, tough call ;-)

    Probably both! But she really was making a lot of valid points…and she was running through a bunch of scenarios with brit, trying to ensure that brit would stay in the game longer…

  101. who else believes in her goodbye message to Kristen, Rachel will say you don’t get between me and my man.

  102. Yea torch I have & the bad thing is I talk in my sleep & my husband said the other night I kept saying get me out oh the bb house now, they are nuts up in here. He recorded it because he knew I wouldn’t believe it, but I’m telling you I was funny. I just kept on saying it over & over. Lol

  103. LOL!!! I am with you Torch – I believe 100% that Rachel will say at least SOMETHING about her and HER MAN!! ha … ha…

  104. @ #156 Torch, I’m waiting for anyone’s goodbye message to Rachel that says, “I got between your and your man”!

  105. that’s funny Kristi you know after this season is over with as much as we all complain about this group being boring we will all have BB withdrawel’s feeds are back up and Brit. didn’t use it

  106. They’re all a bunch of chickens, everyone wants everyone else to do the dirty work. No one wants to upset Braechel. At least if Britney would have used the POV on Hayden and Kristen would have stayed, Kristen would have definitely upset Braechel. Hopefully Kristen will go out with a bang!

  107. In my opinion – this was a smart move, b/c brit is still not the target… she is not hoh she won the veto and she is basically honoring Rachel’s wishes – rachel put up the nomiations. Brit doesn’t want to rock the boat w/ Rachel.

    Kristen should go – she hasn’t been playing the game and now that she ‘wants’ to play the game she could have been a physical threat. It is smart to take her out now so that she can’t win any physical challenges.

  108. I was really starting to like Britney. Karma will come back to bite her. Just for not using the POV I hope she’s evicted next week and Kathy stays another week. Kathy should be going home this week.

  109. This is too funny!! But I have to admit Brit is an amazing lier! She has Rachel convinced they are friends & her game had stepped up as I have b4 since Monet left. I think that was best for Brit in the long run. Brendon had to win hoh or one of b/r is going home. No matter what everyone is gunning for them. I give them credit tho, they keep pulling it off but for how much longer.

  110. Malia: how is this karma? brit didn’t do anything wrong. she won the veto. no one says you HAVE to use the veto to save someone else.

  111. Kristi: I agree. if bren doesn’t win hoh this coming week they are both getting put on the block…then it comes down to veto! so no matter what the game can change ;-)

  112. I hope Rachel is not stupid enough to seriously consider the deal..I can’t believe she doesn’t see right through them two (kris/hay) I hope she is having second thoughts and asks brit not to use the veto.

  113. Brit. was stuck between a rock and a hard place, she did the right thing with not changing the noms.

  114. so for sure Brit did not use it – maybe she is thinking – rachel has no idea that Brit will be gunning for her – it was a good move on Brit’s part – now if Kristen goes out with a bang – watchout – the brigade will be exposed and new alliances will be formed – why would Brit, kathy or Ragan go with the brigade when they know they will not be in the fnal 4 –

    you can hate R&B – but the goal is to keep the game interesting not a slam dunk for the Brigade

    Even if Kristen does not expose the Brigade – the house will know something is up when it is a landslide against Kristen
    good play Brt

  115. Awesome!!! Brit is not as dumb as she looks…lol great move Brit. This ought to shake things up for sure.

  116. Good move for Britney because it helps her for both sides – AS LONG AS kristen decides to holds her peace. Britney can get tossed under the bus (that she is with B/R) at the live show, and be part of a double elimination.

  117. I agree 100%, Torch (#181)…. nothing she could do. If she uses it on Hayden, Kristen still goes home and all she did was ruin all her hard work convincing Rachel they are friends.

  118. Brit is the best. It made compete sense not to save either one. She is now not a target from BR and the brigade feels safe this way, so they won’t be going after her as well. She isn’t in any sort of alliance with Kristin so Brit isn’t sad to see her go. Great move Britney. Still rooting for you to win it all.

  119. I love this game! I would’ve loved to see Kristens face when Brit said she wasn’t using the glad she’s going home.

  120. The only thing Brit could have done that MIGHT benefit her is if she used it on Kristen and Rachel put up Kathy. Then she has another person on her side. BUT… even if they got Brendon and Rach out next week, she would still have 2 votes against her in the jury.
    SO….. really nothing she could do.

  121. I knew Brit was smart, people are seeing her as a stereotype you now the typical blonde, but she is going to fool everyone.

  122. Yeah, Torch, she is definitely smart… oh, and did I mention absolutely HI-LAR-I-OUS! I love her D.R. sessions!

  123. when I first read Brit’s. bio and watched her intro clip I didn’t think I would like her, but now I do.

  124. How do the people think the vote will go – I say 1 for Kristen at most – Kathy would be stupid to vote for Kristen but she might –

    The house will have to then know Lane, Matt, Enzo and Hayden are a team when not one of them vote for Hayden- game over boys

  125. This play by Britney has put her in a good position in the game. She is playing both sides of the house and no one cares at this time because the target is on Showmance in the HOH room!

  126. @bobby (#197)…. I really don’t think that kind of a vote would reveal anythnig. It seems obvious to the house that Kristen is going, so if it is a one-sided vote it could just be interpreted as not rocking the boat versus revealing an alliance.

  127. On my Kristen vote – I am saying to keep her not to send her home – 1 at most to keep her and that would be Kathy

  128. @Rico, you could be right – same as with Andrew – I think Brendon hated that vote but he went with the wind

    But the thing is, does Kristen know about the brigade and will she blow the whistle – god I god I hope so

  129. I don’t think Kristen knows about the true scope of the Brigade… Seems like she just thinks they are friends, but no official alliance.

  130. Matt and Hayden would be a great move – if the nom holds it ends the Brigade – unless they can recruit Brit or Ragan – is it me or is Ragan just an emotional twit – he so buys into everyone’s garbage

  131. I was looking at the pictures included with this posting and was wondering what the hell is going on with Kristen’s hair?

  132. I would love to see Hayden go home only because the Brigade is not really a strong alliance. They cant win anything!!! Kristen is a good choice to go home but it would surprise me if Hayden went. If Kristen is smart she should make a deal with Brenden and rachel to keep her. I dont understand why no one has gone to them to be in their alliance. They are a 2 team alliance and are very strong. What is wrong with these HG’s? Are they that ignorant not to see the prize at the end of the rainbow? Janelle needs to go in there and give these Hg’s boot camp on how to play BB…IOne more comment: Annie the “saboteur” warned everyone before she left that the dynamic duo will reign on the house and she was right…

  133. Rachel’s hair is a hot mess. She must of spilt some chemicals on it…….

    They should actually sabatage not play pranks. If thats all their going to do leave them out of BB or just call them the Prankster not the Sabateur.

  134. Raskankal needs to go, dork for brains ,Matt blew it when he didn’t put her up. I’m having a hate on for the weasel more and more. Karma is going to bite him in the ass big time. Raskankal, my man friend came up with one.!

  135. Oops sorry, meant to say, I need updates? Loved all the comments tho, my big worry for the up and coming week, if Matt wins HOH, will he weasel out and not put up Raskankal and whip boy? (AGAIN) Tho I did read that the wussbrigade were talking about throwing the HOH comp? Please tell me the boys are not going to even light bulb this one??

  136. “Brennan I am Vegas, Vegas is part of my soul, Vegas is who I am, Vegas is me”. Wow, rach is one really pitiful person. A freakin’ city defines who you are? She should be voted as mayor or get the key to the city or something. She’s so lame and bren is even worse for being with this clown.

  137. Brit smart? No – opportunistic, clever, sly, liar (proper spelling), Dolly Parton look-and-talk-alike (can’t believe no one has seen it), user, gets what she wants…
    Lane…oil driller…The Gulf…shoots animals for fun!!!Put Him On The Block!!!
    Enzo…misogonist…don’t like the way he makes snide comments about R&B in front of their faces(and they don’t get it – makes me sad.) Maybe it’s all an act to get us to like him??? Matt, I’ve always thought has similar facial characteristics as Hayden(lop-sided chin, small beady eyes) Always wondered why H’s hair was so long? – to hide his similarity to someone else in the house? It’s going to get interesting if the “Ape Brigade” starts to doubt each other. The first player who figures this out would have my vote!!!

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