Big Brother 12: Week 4 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Once Rachel’s nominations had settled in it was time to battle it out over the Veto in the Big Brother 12 House. Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close because the PoV Ceremony is set to take place Monday.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 31, 2010:

9:15 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon talking about Kathy’s game play. They don’t trust her and know she’s trying to protect their target this week, Kristen. Later they discuss that if Kristen comes off the block then Kathy will go up and should be evicted.

10:00 AM BBT – Veto players have been picked. Enzo, Ragan, and Britney will join Rachel, Hayden, and Kristen in the competition. Matt and Ragan discuss that there’s no skill to the pinball game. The real game is with the trading of prizes. Matt really wants a letter from home. Probably another one that implies his wife is in mortal danger without the half-million dollar prize!

1:30 PM BBT – Hayden commits to the Brigade, telling the other guys that he’d be willing to vote against Kristen to keep one of them if the Veto is used to save Hayden but endangers them.

5:15 PM BBT – Live Feeds have returned from the Veto competition. Britney has won the Veto again. Rachel points out that only Brendon and Britney have won the Veto so far. Enzo won a TV (possibly a 3-D one). Rachel won $5K. Hayden “won” 24 hours of solitary confinement (he’s got a camper toiler in the Have-Not room). Kristen “won” the unitard. Not a good comp for the nominees.

6:15 PM BBT – Kristen wants to team up with Britney since she has the Veto. Keep in mind that Britney may have taken the Veto from Kristen during the game so Britney might not be too keen on helping her. Kathy helping Kristen plan her take over of Britney’s mind. Kathy doesn’t realize she’d be the renom.

8:00 PM BBT – Kristen emerges from the DR with her unitard, or “hippietard”. It’s tie-dyed a has a really awful poofy wig with it.

8:30 PM BBT – Hayden and Kristen hold fingers under the door to the Have-Not room. She describes her new outfit to him.

10:00 PM BBT – The HGs, minus Hayden, toast Matt for his birthday.

11:15 PM BBT – Kristen corners Britney and they go talk game. Kristen begging Britney to save her so she can make it to the Jury House. Tells how she needs the money. Don’t they all? Kristen goes on and on and on while Britney just listens. Britney seems to be considering saving Kristen and asks her to swear her Jury vote if she saves her. Smart girl! Rachel walks in on Britney and Kristen having their chat and asks what they’re talking about… duh.

12:30 AM BBT – Britney goes up to Rachel and talks. Britney actually covers up most of what Kristen said so maybe she’s really considering saving her. Interesting.

2:54 AM BBT – Kristen changes out of her unitard and forgets about the cameras, but they didn’t forget Kristen.

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Very exciting day in the Big Brother house! Britney holds the power and may finally be willing to put it to use to secure votes in the Jury House should she make it to the Final 2. We’ll know more on Monday after the Veto Ceremony.

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  1. Doesn’t Kristen look a little like orphan annie in the wig?
    I can’t wait to see if Brit saves Kristen….

  2. I’m not sure what will happen to Kathy if Bretney use the POV on Kristen. That would be really sad to see Kathy on the block again. What right has Rachel to want Kathy put her on the block if she did’nt vote Kristen out.

  3. I think Britney’s best move is to do nothing… but perhaps secure alliance’s with Kathy, Brendon and Rachel and others for not using it because surely one of them will be replaced on the block.

  4. @Caisy: They might be okay on the surface, but I don’t think they’ll be buddy-buddy anytime soon. If Kristen doesn’t get the Veto used on her and she’s getting evicted then I think we can expect some fireworks this week.

  5. I think if Kristen’s wig were blue, she’d be Marge Simpson’s twin. I hope Britney uses the veto!

  6. a brigade member has to gooo. all four should leave in the next few weeks, starting with hayden and matt

  7. i think britney is thinking more about the game since monet has left. so monet leaving was a good the for brit and atleast a lil bit of the the target off of her. as far as the veto goes, i think brits pretty smart (yes I know i said just said that, but she is a different person without her sidekick) so, anyways, i think she will think of all the different possibilities and do what right for her in the long run. in my opinion, britney should not take the deal with kristen just because “if” it comes down to hay or brit, kristen will vote for hay for the big money. guess we will all find out later tonight.

  8. Brit uses the veto and takes Kris off the block. Kathy goes up. Kathy goes home.


    Brit doesn’t use the veto. Kris goes home.

    Either way… next week it’s Boobzilla in the jury house.

  9. also i think it’s time for bb to wake up the hg’s. it’s afeter 9 there and heck i’m happy if i can sleep til 7

  10. It’s sad that CBS casted a whole group of floaters….as much as I hate Rachel she is the only player in the house….Brendon is a strong player but not for his self he makes every move for Rachel who isn’t doing the same for him….the Bridgay is the biggest fraud in BB Alliance history and none of them have the smarts to really make this season interesting….I hate Rachel but she is the only one playing the game!

    • I agree. She is the only one playing. The Brigade is an embarrassment. And if these catty B’s would ban together they could get the physically strong out. Mentally the brigade is on the short bus.

  11. What did Ragan win in the comps?? And if Rachel gets put on the block anytime soon by “WHICHEVER” HOH..They should say “RACHEL U WON $5000.00 AND FOR THAT REASON U SHOULD BE sooo funny if Brittney were that HOH…in memory of Monet..lmao

  12. @ kristi
    Yes, it’s after 9am, but a lot of them stayed up past 4am. –but it looks like there’s some stirring anyway.

    I agree that there APPEARS to be a bunch of floaters… Ragan seems to be one, but if you listen to him and watch him flit from alliance to alliance, he’s playing the game too. Matt is trying to play and Brit is a player too. I think that they just casted a bunch of intellectuals this year instead of a bunch of people who play emotionally or thru intimidation. There’s a lot more thinking going on than arguing. Although it’s kinda boring to watch, it’s interesting to listen to how they consider their next moves.

  13. Exactly @connie……I started to question the real motive for getting Monet out….was it really the money…or something else….

  14. Kristen seems to be a good sport despite having to endure a week in which everything is going against her. I hope she finds a way to survive and have a chance to turn the tables on Rachel.

  15. I hope Brit wins the next HOH and puts up Brachel or a pair of the brigade just to break one up a little preferably blanket sleeper Matt.

  16. whether kathy or kristen go home doesnt matter, neither of them deserve to keep playing, they havent done anything! enzo,lane, and ragan also need to do something, it sucks that theyre going to the jury house when they havent done anything in this game

  17. Well I have to say, Kristen wears the (bleep) out of that unitard (I don’t think anyone has ever looked that good in it). The harpo wig HAS to go though…that thing is fugly.

    @kristi I have to agree with you. Britney definitely stepped her game up with Monet not there. They seemed like two faced twins when they were together, now Brit’s actually playing…and semi cleverly at that.

    It makes total sense for Brit to save Kris given that Kris will still have a big target on her back (and therefore it won’t be on Brit)and Kris would be a stronger ally, if not more loyal than Kathy…whereas between Brit and Kathy, Brit is certainly the bigger threat.

    Still on team “Anyone but Rachel”.

  18. Rachel is petty and jealous when it comes to other women..Monet was not after “RACHEL’S MAN”
    Monet was not an actual threat to Rachel.. Sure Monet won $10 grand but it was her luck to be # 1 for the team. Monet simply did not play kiss ass. Rachel has this power trip thing when she is HOH..The other HG’S must grovel and bow down before her in the HOH room or chance getting evicted. I don’t see that. When Matt was HOH he told all Hg’s to vote anyway they wanted it was their choice (the way it should be) not his cause he did not have a vote. I have never understood how or why it came into play that HG’s “must” vote for the HOH’S person of choice. WHO created this rule?? In the beginning of BB HG’S voted for “their” choice..not who the HOH demanded they vote for. Rachel even accused Andrew of coming between her n’ her man. So stupid..Does this girl not have an origional thought?? She does not see Brittney (engaged) or Kathy (to old) as threats at least no right

  19. so right 909 people complain about Kathy & Kristen floating but never about Lane, Enzo,& Ragan they haven’t won anything yet, wait Enzo was one of the winners in the luxury comp.

  20. Ragan won something caled a “VETO PASS”. I think that is what someone called it..Anybody have a clue as to what he can use it for??

  21. I hope Brit doesn’t use the POV. If she does then Rachel or simply know as Swamp Thing better watch out next week. Kristen will probably win HOH and show everyone how much a player and not a floater she really is! Brendan has now disgusted me beyond measure! I can’t get the image of him and Big Red in the HOH room. Ewwwwwwwwww. I think pretty soon that Brachel will break up and then Brendan can show Swamp Thing how smart he reall is. She is treating him as her brawns without brains. So sad to watch that…….

    Hey Torch you Mich boy! :)

  22. I wonder if Hayden enjoyed using a porta potti last night, what would have been funny is if Rachel would of gotten it.

  23. Soooo Kristen needs the money..Well my thoughts on that are>>> As BB is a game n’ a player may or may not be in the house for an extended period of time if u are in dire straights concerning money then “why leave ur day job to take the chance”?? BB is not a sure CBS pays the HG’s some $750.00 or better for every week they stay which goes over into the Jury house if u make it that far. That is why Kristen wants to stay one more week if possible…I am not in the BB House so I can talk about Production..

  24. Hey Torch I am from Bama but I live in Texas now. I agree, Kristen will go home. If Brit uses that POV on her she will have many problems!

  25. a Bama girl in the Lonehorn state how cool is pretty warm down there it’s 80 up here.

  26. It is warm, getting up in the high 90’s with a chance to hit over 100. CAN YOU SAY HOT HOT HOT?! lol Why are the feeds out? It doesn’t much matter the HG’s are all sleeping. Hey Torch do you or Kristi think Brit will use the POV? She would be stupid if she did.

  27. I would say it’s 50/50 right now, who knows whats going on in that little blond head, but whatever she does it will be whats best for her, she is a little scrapper.

  28. Yes she is. I am so hating how all the HG’s think they have to kiss Rachel’s butt this week. She had them come up to her one at a time? And whipped Brendan is so getting on my nerves. I wish to heck he would have not hooked up with Big Red and done the game on his own.

  29. I so agree with that Trish, I personally don’t believe in kissing someones but I wouldn’t do it.

  30. Rachel is getting on everyone’s nerves this week. YEAH! Atleast it is off Brendan now. I have heard that they are now targeting her next week.

  31. And another thing about Monet..The nite she got evicted she simply walked out the door..NO phoney hugs or sooo sorries from people she knew voted her out..Why hug a person that stabbed u in the back?? Monet told Julie that her good byes were said earlier..and she saw no need to hang out..I admire Monet for her actions upon leaving.. she was being real when did it..

  32. the only nerves Rachel doesn’t get on are her own, there where only two good women in this entire cast Brit. & Annie. but that is just an opinion.

  33. I liked Annie. I would have loved for her to come back again in the BB house and hang on to Brendan and get Rachel pissed!

  34. -kristin looks really hot in that hippietard.
    -the solitary confinement deal sucks but damn thats a great ideal
    -now that rachel has 5K there is more of a bounty on her head. if someone ever used that excuse on her WHEN she gets nominated, she would have a fit. karma anyone?
    -britney should use the veto and here’s why;

    we all know u gotta have atleast 1 other person who is going to have ur back for the long haul in BB. britney lost that very early in monet. lane is not with her for obvi reasons. yes i said obvi.

    essentially britney is alone. she needs to team with KRISTIN, NOT hayden so much to get some of the guys out. britney should say for krsitin and her to make an alliance, but never target hayden.

    since britney knows it will get told to hayden, she should throw out the targets of ragen, and ofcourse BR. thats so hayden wont change his targets to britney because she is trying to get a brigade member

    if u look at, HELL NO britney should use it because kristin was a complete betch to brintey and monet, and made sure one of them went home, and called them out in front of the house to make them look as bad as possible.

    but u gotta forget about that when kristin looks the way she does now, and how badly she was begging.

  35. hey torch, trish, connie anyone else i missed. hope you all had a good night a beginning of a new day. its 81 in wv and HUMID. tomorrow and tuesday looks like the nineties and the last change to go to the river because we have some nast storms coming our way. ok back to bb now. lol

  36. reagon is realy smart. like the topic or not on the LF is giving a great history lesson on sexuality throughout history. alot of things i didn’t know.

  37. she want’s to get rid of Brachel, and how disgusting she found what they did the other night disgusting.

  38. howdy all and again thanxs for all the great insights. this is more fun than the game itself so far. FYI, the houseguests do get $750 per week. BUT, they also get “compensation” for their time as well.they are sworn to secrecy but its a very nice sum. National Enquirer printed it yrs ago and like 7 yrs ago even last place on survivor got 20K. the longer u last the more money. in big bro i heard its 10k and slightly more till jury house. then it jumps drasticly for jury house.

  39. I have no sympathy for Kristen..Up until the last 2 weeks Kristen has been a snotty uppity bitch..all the while playing with Hayden when the lights went out..She ignored most everybody in the house n’ did not try to make friends ..So now she wants help to stay in the house??? Why should Brittney help her?? Neither Hayden nor Kristen have done Brittney any favors or showed her much friendship..So why should Brittney use the veto..?? Kristen is just gonna stab her in the back “again”..

  40. Hey Kristi!!! I do find it disgusting what Brachel did in the HOH room but I find it more disgusting that after BB found out what was going on they put all 4 cams on them! BB have some descret here. I suppose Brit found out by big mouth Rachel? Come on like the house didn’t know that would happen? I am disgusted because I want Brendan not to “hit that”. lol I am sorry but Kristen needs to go. Now that she is on the block that smirk of hers has been wiped off! While she may look fantastic in that unitard she should be gone come Thursday!

  41. it looks like it to me to, how impresive was Lane doing pushups with brit on his back.

  42. Kristi I have noticed that. I guess being on slop for 2 straight weeks did that? I noticed that Brendan (yes my fav subject) has lost so much weight. Good thing he excercises to have that gorgeous bod! ;)

  43. Not too impressive to me Torch, I don’t care for Lane. He might be from the state I live in now but I don’t claim him! LOL

  44. I mean it’s hard enough doing pushups the way he was then having extra weight also, even when I was in the Army I couldn’t have done that.

  45. Kristi,Enzo had his hair cut by Matt last week and he really did a job on him,used the shears on his head and then trimmed the top with scissors.I think if Brit uses the pov Rach would get mad at her and not put Kathy up and that would mean one of the brigade hope it would be Matt.

  46. lol blueray, i said the same thing yesterday. i’m going to do a friends hair now, lol. so i will talk to you all in a few hours. keep me updated on what’s going one. love you guys even the meanies on here. i just don’t have it in me to hate.

  47. I really haven’t formed an opinion on who’s my favorite yet but I do know who I can’t stand…Rachel. I am guessing that whole deal with her and Kristen was she hated the idea of someone other than her and Brenden hooking up. I have heard her compare her and Brenden to Jeff and Jordan.. and April and Ollie. I am sick of hearing about ” me and MY man”.

  48. Kristen’s skanky ass needs to go home. I don’t know where she gets the idea she’s hot shit when she hasn’t won a damn thing. She’s only got Hayden, and the briglosers will squash that anyways. Britney needs to realize she’s got a better chance at top 3 with brechel because the brigade won’t trust her after her loose lips about Annie. Kathy’s a hot air balloon who has not clue what’s going on. And I could see Regen as the new Sab and a secret alliance with Brechel

  49. I know I am one of a very few who like Kristen. If the house is smart they will keep Kristen bc 1. she will fight with Rachel and 2. it would prove to Rachel that she is not the Queen she thinks she is.

    If the veto is used I would like to see Lane or Bozo up bc lets face it they aren’t doing anything nor will they in the future.

    • Maybe I haven’t watched enough to know for sure but what’s so wrong with Kristin? She keeps her mouth shut and her eyes open. Just cuz she’s not as social doesn’t mean she’s a B. It’s always better to observe then be fake and trash talk just to be accepted. Although she stands up for herself which I respect. And being in the house w a bunch of peeps u don’t know for a month will wear on anyone.

  50. Kristen’s skanky azz needs to go home. I don’t know where she gets the idea she’s hot sh!t when she hasn’t won a d a m n thing. She’s only got Hayden, and the briglosers will squash that anyways. Britney needs to realize she’s got a better chance at top 3 with brechel because the brigade won’t trust her after her loose lips about Annie. Kathy’s a hot air balloon who has not clue what’s going on. And I could see Regen as the new Sab and a secret alliance with Brechel

  51. Question.. If someone ( Brit in this case) uses the POV on someone can she be put on the bock?

  52. I am with you blu-ray. I like Kristin, someone on here called her a skank. Funny, that is the word I used to describe Rachel.

  53. Good for you, I’d say a whore is someone who comes into a game with a boyfriend and plays stink finger with another dude

  54. @Blu-Ray – No, the POV holder/user cannot be put on the block. They are safe from eviction for the week.

  55. How come people think you only have to have a man to be a whore? It’s funny how many women on here thinks it ok to be like Rachel who has admitted that her occupation is getting men to pay her for her looks….you think it’s a coincidence that Rachel lives in Vegas, has the job she has, and has fake breasts? I’m sorry she’s a whore

  56. that’s a very larrrrrge stereo type there. Men paying women for their looks = whore??? HOW? You just described a model, a dancer, an entertainer. And everywoman in vegas with fake boobs, has a job as such entertainer = whore?? LOL Did you all forget she also has a science degree in chemistry?? How many actual whores off the street are that accomplished?? Be real, the rachel haters hatin on her for the most part are jealous. God forbid we see successful, beautiful women as an underdog, she must be a whore, right?? And her having an annoying laugh and having insecurities of her own makes her a whore too?? LOL Get over yourselves. Lets give her credit where it’s due, she’s clearly a strong player in this comp and can, with her public shomance, beat a private showmance, a private alliance of 4, and the floaters. :)

  57. LOL and is everyone ignorant in here enough to believe, im just curious, that every escort sleeps with their clients? HMMMM… Maybe ignorance really is bliss… I’ll have to try it one day! ha!

  58. You’re right Sara, everybody else is wrong!

    Hmmmm…. just like Boobzilla!

  59. I’m only allowed to give my opinion. Just like everyone else on here. Don’t get upset because you don’t like! lol

  60. I’m not upset. I’ve had too much experience dealing with UBD’s to get upset.

    Go Team ABR!

  61. Good for you hon! Go team Brechel! hahahaha I hope they wipe the floors with these contestants and make it to final 2!

  62. I think Matt needs to go! I guess no one in the house knows that he’s a big liar in saying his wife is sick- that is bad karma for him I think & its pathetic! I hope the brigade turn on him and get him out,cause they should see that his move last week was clearly to save himself & NOT the brigade. & Sara, you’re right, Rachel is a great player! to get this far & be HOH twice- she’s gotten further than some of the other houseguests would probably have liked to see, but that surely has a little to do with her smarts.

  63. @sara that would be true if you were JUST modeling….not flaunting yourself to get affection from men then use it to your benefit!!!! she isnt just modeling or dancing….nice try

  64. I think Brit would be so dumb to use POV on Kristen. That just puts the target of the only people playing this game on her. Lets face it, Brendan and Rachel are pretty much the only people winning anything. Since day one everyone has been on their backs and they are still going strong. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Rachel is such a whore, if she is a whore because she has big boobs and a dorky laugh then I guess I am too. But in reality I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Criminology with straight As. So really just because we hot don’t make us stupid bimbos. And then of course we cannot forget to mention how awful Kristen is. Like “oh I’m not kissing ass” and then she goes and kisses ass. If people think she really is oh so sweet and just being honest why don’t her and Hayden just confess to their little love affair. Oh right, because neither of them are strong enough players to have that target on their backs. I guess you have to be a whore and a whipped dumbass to do that. Come on people!!!
    Got team Brechel!!

  65. @#84 chels No boobzilla is not a whore because she has big boobs and a dorky laugh. She is what she is. UUGGHH!! I agree with you, Brit should not use POV on Kristen, she should use it for Hayden, only because it would help her in the long run. I do not think Miss Brit thinks in the “long run, scheme of things tho” You keep on the Rachel team tho, boobzilla just might pull this off! ABR!!!

  66. yeah well i agree with #85 i really dont think rachel should win this but she is playing hard and i hope she stays a while longer because she makes the show more entertaining! who i think has the potential to win this is Matt! he is playing the game right!

  67. Brenchal has to go, she keeps saying everyone is out to get us every week, but who put that target on their back in the first place, at least Hayden and Kristen were trying to be smart about it and not have people wanting to take them out. Furthermore, did it not occur to her from watching past seasons that a showmance was a good way to see yourself gone in a short period of time. Please, she is an attention seeking skank who cannot act her way out of a paper bag, seriously the pouting and fake crying is getting old. Whatever happens to Kristen doesn’t bother me, but if these people do not wake up and grow a backbone and put these people up when the opportunity arises, they are going to help the science experiment known as Brenchal go straight to the final two.

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