Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Houseguest Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 0

Has it been 9 months since Steve walked away with the $500K? To us die hard Big Brother fans, it seems like an eternity. Sure BB Canada has filled a void in the spring months, but our summer obsession is back with Big Brother 18!! This means 2 things every week, we get to correctly predict when Julie Chen says “But First,” and I AM BACK for my Bacon / Tofu Rankings.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Looking back at my preseason rankings last year, every Bacon recipient made Jury &/or won money (except Audrey). Sure I was wrong about a few of them too – but we wont talk about that!

This season of Big Brother we have no idea how the “other four players” will impact the game. Coaches, regular players, week of immunity? Who knows?!? We do know however several of the new players will be star struck (like newbies of the past), some will try and flex their muscles and take them on head on (Regulators!), and some will wake up week 6 and realize they are playing the game. I will only rank the 12 new players, since we dont know for sure who the other 4 are ;) ;)

With the looming twist – no one will be getting 5 strips of Bacon or Tofu this pre-season. And no Tofukey of the Week, since that is based on how they are playing the game. But we had a contender for that honor! OK – let’s get to it!

Glenn Garcia – 4 strips of Bacon – guaranteed member of the Top 3 club. Says he is gonna come in strong and hates floaters, but with this many Type-A 20 somethings in the house, he will have difficulty finding his voice. People will think they are carrying him along, and he will play into it – but has the ability to turn on them before they turn on him. He’s 1 part Derrick (ex-Detective), 1 part Enzo (goofy NY/NJ character), and 1 part ME (big teddy bear) – he will go far. Hopefully he can win and keep the title on the East Coast for the 3rd year in a row. He would be the oldest winner ever. But if not, he will be top 3.

Zakiyah Everette – 4 strips of Bacon – very down to earth girl with a huge heart – but… more than meets the eye. She will be a quiet gamer. Can see her blending into the background the first few week – as there will be plenty of bigger personalities trying to stand out early. Next to only maybe Michelle, she is the biggest superfan on the cast. Will certainly join forces with the returnees and make it very far. She could slide into the top 4 and wont have enemies on the jury. If she can pull out a couple wins late, she could be sitting in the final 2 chairs.

Victor Arroyo – 3 strips of Bacon – Victor is a hard one to get a read on. He does have a skillset that on most seasons would probably get him pretty far. Being a manager of 10+ people, he sure knows how to juggle personalities. If this season is anything like Season 14, I can see him being taken under a returnee’s wing, but will be smart enough to keep his bridges in tact on the other side of the house. Let’s see if anyone recognizes his last name to that of Jenncity. The paranoia of him possibly being related to her may rears it’s head. He may be a victim of the twist, recognized as a threat, and be an early exit. I think if not, he has the chance to being top 6.

Paulie Calafiore – 2 strips of Bacon – He is a bigger BB fan than his brother, and knows that Cody shoulda cut Derrick when he had the chance. But he is a completely different person. Paulie is more outgoing and will be making the rounds with everyone. As long as he does not come off too confident, which can be seen as cocky inside those walls, he will get pretty far. Although he could be an easy target if the newbies actually have an uprising. I see him mid jury & his own alliance turning against him.

Tiffany Rousso – 2 strips of Bacon – just like Paulie, Tiffany is the bigger BB fan than her sibling, Vanessa Rousso. She will learn from her sister’s mistakes. If she can keep her emotions in check (Vanessa’s biggest flaw) – she can get pretty far. She will be protected by the Veterans alliance, so will probably not be an early target, so could make top 6 & will probably lose a Veto to seal her fate.

Bronte D’Acquisto – 1 strip of Bacon – she comes off a bit ditzy, but also has brains in there somewhere. Sure she is bubbly and has a goofy side which will make her a live feed champion. She will be part of a strong alliance, but I do not think she will be the mastermind. As a mathematician, she knows to go with the numbers, I can’t see her winning, but will be mid jury.

Michelle Meyer – 1 strip of Bacon – of course with all the sibling rumors running frantic – people may think she is the sister of Nicole Franzel. Wouldn’t that be funny if she comes back into the house? Sadly, I see her playing similar to Nicole and getting the same fate, on the wrong side of the numbers and out mid jury.

Paul Abrahamian – 1 strip of Bacon – I am being nice by giving Paul bacon. It’s cause he is a rocker, has a killer beard, and will be a character from the second he walks in the door. How long before he walks out the door will depend on if he comes out like Jace, or be chill like Hayden (either one). No matter what he will be a live feed superstar week 1. But has the chance to also be out week 1.

They can’t all be winners though, so on to the Tofu rankings for Big Brother 18’s preseason.



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  1. I’m leery of Paul because of his own words.
    Victor is an egotistical womanizer.
    Forrest Brooks or Corey Gump
    The girls will like Paulie, not a showmance-type of like.
    Bronte will be a negative factor.
    Bridgette is a female version of JMac….interesting
    Zakiyah cooks but it didn’t help whats her name from last season.
    Jozea is a Skanky Frankie fan. So, no.
    Glenn is a big question mark to me.
    Watch out for Michelle. We’ll soon find out whether that is good or bad.
    Natalie will be prey for Victor.
    I think Tiffany will be gone quickly if the HGs find out she is Vanessa’s sister.
    Adam will be dishing out a whole lot of bacon and tofu this season. At least I know that I have one thing correct.:D

    • I haven’t watched any of their interviews. I will today. I’m not good on picking who my fav will be, based on the interview, but I’m pretty good on picking HG’s who will annoy me…so we’ll see. ..I still think you should have used the pepper spray. lol and tell Sydney, I’m proud of her, and listen to her grandpa.

      • I haven’t watched the interviews yet either, Cy. I just read the thread about them that contained some of the statements they made. I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about and I’m sure that will be proven. It’s just fun to speculate about them. Let me know which ones irritate you and I’ll put them on my S list. LOL Sydney wouldn’t move so I couldn’t have used my spray without getting her, and she ADORES her Papaw. C’est la vie.

      • Who do you two think you’re kidding?
        Both of you are pretty darn good at getting a ‘feel’ for the HGs before the show starts. I, on the other hand, just seem to figure out the pretty colored balls in the pool.

      • Two is better than one?
        You are going to get me in a lot of trouble this season. :P

      • Three…Aw, I got nuthin.’
        I think we’re going to get each other in a lot of trouble this season. :P Well, except for the Most Simplistic and obvious one.

  2. I think Vanessa’s sister will be a target much earlier on. And if she has even a small amount of the attitude she will be out early…

  3. Last year from just the interviews, I liked James, JMac, Steve and Jason so not too bad choices. This year, can’t even find one to support yet, so your bacon and tofu will have me watching them all! The Live Feeds make a huge difference for my choices also. For sure, none of those who admit to watching 2 or only 1.5 seasons! I would call them non-fans so far.

  4. Tiffany is just soo like Vanessa that I can’t see her as a different person. Hopefully once she is in the house she changes my mind. Paul was annoying from the get go. He will for sure have to tone it down in the house. I like Michelle and Paulie for sure!

  5. Hey, happy days are here again! So good to see Matt and Adam’s names and two of my personal favorites – KSJB and Cyril. Have to watch the interviews and see what’s coming up for us this year. Can’t wait for the 22nd!

  6. So glad to see you again Adam, and can’t wait for your ratings. Since your column usually shows up first thing after I get up—it’s a great start to my day. Love your sense of (sarcastic) humor.

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