Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Houseguest Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 0

Bridgette Dunning – 1 strip of Tofu – sweet Bridgette has no idea what she is getting herself into with Big Brother 18. She will be a crier for sure in the DR, and probably the house. The tension & negative energy in that house will wear her down. She will also be the one people come to, to talk about their problems, because she seems harmless. Top 6 potential, because no one will want to waste an HoH on her early, but unlikely to win.

Corey Brooks – 2 strips of Tofu – People in the house will think he’s Clay’s brother. That could work against him. I also see him getting into a showmance – and will end up like just about every guy in a showmance, out before the girl. Apparently he’s a sleep-walker, so I am hoping he has some hilarious moment while he is still there. At best, early jury… most likely 3rd or 4th out.

Jozea Flores – 3 strips of Tofu – sure, you have to have a big ego to want to go on Big Brother. However Jozea’s ego is off the charts! He’s going to come out swinging. He’s convinced he will be the puppetmaster of the season – but he’s barely seen the show, so has no idea you cannot win week 1, but you can lose week 1. He will make it through an eviction or two, but no way he makes jury. On the other hand, who knows, maybe he will be the next Dr. Will??

Natalie Negrotti – 4 strips of Tofu – “Glitter is a color” This would normally earn someone Tofurkey of the Week – but I will be nice because she is a Jersey Girl (now). There is no way she does not get on everyone’s nerves early and could be one of the proud members of the “hot girl goes home 2nd” club. Live feed perverts, get your bikini time in early – cause she will not last.

Now tell me what you think – am I on the money, way off, or did you stop reading halfway through & not even seeing this? Post your comments below and lets get ready to say goodbye to our lives the next 90+ days!!!

From outside the Big Brother house, I am Adam Poch, have a great day!!!

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  1. I’m leery of Paul because of his own words.
    Victor is an egotistical womanizer.
    Forrest Brooks or Corey Gump
    The girls will like Paulie, not a showmance-type of like.
    Bronte will be a negative factor.
    Bridgette is a female version of JMac….interesting
    Zakiyah cooks but it didn’t help whats her name from last season.
    Jozea is a Skanky Frankie fan. So, no.
    Glenn is a big question mark to me.
    Watch out for Michelle. We’ll soon find out whether that is good or bad.
    Natalie will be prey for Victor.
    I think Tiffany will be gone quickly if the HGs find out she is Vanessa’s sister.
    Adam will be dishing out a whole lot of bacon and tofu this season. At least I know that I have one thing correct.:D

    • I haven’t watched any of their interviews. I will today. I’m not good on picking who my fav will be, based on the interview, but I’m pretty good on picking HG’s who will annoy me…so we’ll see. ..I still think you should have used the pepper spray. lol and tell Sydney, I’m proud of her, and listen to her grandpa.

      • I haven’t watched the interviews yet either, Cy. I just read the thread about them that contained some of the statements they made. I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about and I’m sure that will be proven. It’s just fun to speculate about them. Let me know which ones irritate you and I’ll put them on my S list. LOL Sydney wouldn’t move so I couldn’t have used my spray without getting her, and she ADORES her Papaw. C’est la vie.

      • Who do you two think you’re kidding?
        Both of you are pretty darn good at getting a ‘feel’ for the HGs before the show starts. I, on the other hand, just seem to figure out the pretty colored balls in the pool.

      • Two is better than one?
        You are going to get me in a lot of trouble this season. :P

      • Three…Aw, I got nuthin.’
        I think we’re going to get each other in a lot of trouble this season. :P Well, except for the Most Simplistic and obvious one.

  2. I think Vanessa’s sister will be a target much earlier on. And if she has even a small amount of the attitude she will be out early…

  3. Last year from just the interviews, I liked James, JMac, Steve and Jason so not too bad choices. This year, can’t even find one to support yet, so your bacon and tofu will have me watching them all! The Live Feeds make a huge difference for my choices also. For sure, none of those who admit to watching 2 or only 1.5 seasons! I would call them non-fans so far.

  4. Tiffany is just soo like Vanessa that I can’t see her as a different person. Hopefully once she is in the house she changes my mind. Paul was annoying from the get go. He will for sure have to tone it down in the house. I like Michelle and Paulie for sure!

  5. Hey, happy days are here again! So good to see Matt and Adam’s names and two of my personal favorites – KSJB and Cyril. Have to watch the interviews and see what’s coming up for us this year. Can’t wait for the 22nd!

  6. So glad to see you again Adam, and can’t wait for your ratings. Since your column usually shows up first thing after I get up—it’s a great start to my day. Love your sense of (sarcastic) humor.

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