Big Brother 18 Cast List Leaves At Least Four Vacancies For Mystery Houseguests

Earlier this Big Brother 18 preseason we heard rumors spreading of returning veteran players, but as with all preseasons it’s never easy to sort the fake from reality. Then once I learned we wouldn’t be participating in the cast interviews due to time limitations I knew we’d be seeing familiar faces.

Big Brother 18 Cast & the Mystery Vets
Big Brother 18 Cast & the Case of the Mystery Veterans

CBS has only granted us preseason access to their new HGs in recent seasons meaning a shorter reveal was likely on its way and sure enough that was the case. Now with only twelve Houseguests named during the BB18 cast reveal on Tuesday we’re getting flashbacks of BB14’s season which featured twelve new HGs and four returning players. So who are those veterans back for another go?

There have been two competing lists, each with four names, but as of now one set of rumors appears more likely of the two though that doesn’t mean anything is official or that these are more than rumors. I repeat: these names are not confirmed and are not from sources of our own.

Last week we took at a look at Reality Blurred’s report that Derrick, Vanessa, Audrey, and Ian were back for another round of Big Brother. Initially this list raised so many red flags it seemed impossible, then things got mysterious and had potential only then to completely fall apart.

To RB’s credit, while the list of returning HGs appears to be wrong, the two names of sibling HGs was correctly reported ahead of the cast reveal. Paulie Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso were openly expected to be on Big Brother 18 as apparently poorly guarded secrets.

So if those names are out then what about the other list? BBCAN’s Jordan Parhar has shared a different list of names that included BB17’s James Huling, BB16’s Nicole Franzel, BB17’s Da’Vonne Rogers, and BB14’s Frank Eudy.

Now that would be a really fun batch of Houseguests returning to the game, but whether or not it’s them we still don’t know just what they’ll be doing. With just four names they could be doing another Coaches twist where each plays captain to a team of three. Or maybe it’ll be more like BB13 where it’s just a mix of old and new battling it out to win Big Brother 18.

Another possibility could even be some sort of viewer vote on picking which veteran players return to the game, but with HGs expected to move in tonight they’d be at it for a full week before that vote might even take place. That could be tough time-wise to pull off.

However it turns out I don’t like it. Sorry, but putting an uneven mix like this is a recipe for disaster. If things had been even then that’s a game, but if they’re playing against each other then it’s a lopsided distraction. BB13’s hero worship of Vets lead to too many poor decisions and handed the game over.

We’re still a week out from the Big Brother 18 premiere on Wednesday, June 22nd at 8PM on CBS so don’t expect too many details on the twist or confirmation on who the missing four players will be this season. We might not know anything for certain until the two-night premiere event, but don’t let that stop you from speculating and sharing your opinions below. What do you think of all this?

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  1. i agree – i didn’t like the letting the coaches join the game after the game is already been played so long with the coaches help. it puts the coached players at a huge disadvantage. returning players should be there to play for themselves and in a all star environment.

  2. I don’t think its coaches. Why would CBS pick 4 players who didn’t do so well in the game to be coaches.

    • I think it would be more interesting to have 4 that did not do so well in a previous game. It would be interesting to see how they would change their game.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE No Coaches! PLEASE! Allow the returnees to enter on an even playing field as the newbies. It’s not fair that they’d be immune from nomination and eviction for the first few weeks! Make the game FAIR!

      • Honey, get used to it…sometimes people don’t understand when new people come in and are really excited about the game. Didn’t you say you were 16? Some of us are older and jaded. We forget what it’s like to be young. It’s OK, though. Don’t you dare change, OK?! :) I love your enthusiasm!!

      • my my my my sharona … we meet again! gee is that damn long? how time flies and you didn’t even call!

      • HEY! How you doin’? I was waiting for you to call ME. I know…can you believe it’s finally time to have some fun? So glad to see you, my friend!

      • That’s my fav Van Gogh, Van GoghX!!
        Please cut Spunky some slack–she’s new here on BBN, and she’s totally excited.

      • Fair ’nuff!
        Enjoy the show, S.N.! We all love the show here, and we all hate the show at the same time. It’s very much a love/hate relationship, but we always come back for more because in the long run it’s a pretty darn nifty show!
        Keep on posting. :-)

      • I meant to tell you— that was such a great way to put how we feel about the show; and the love/hate relationship. I’m not making any decisions on the cast until we know who the other 4 are. How about you? Any favorites yet?

      • My only thoughts as of yet are that the 32 year old female might be in trouble, just because she’s the oldest female in the house and might not gel with the 20 somethings and may be considered stand-offish for it. Hope I’m wrong.
        Other than that, I’m reserving judgment on the group because I’m usually horribly wrong. ;-P
        Love your new avatar!

      • LOL..thanks…wish it was bigger so you could see how horribly my bangs were cut. Yeah, I’m always wrong…I’m only EVER right about the pretty colored balls in the pool.
        I used to have a large print of your avatar…I’m serious, it’s one of my favorites of Van Gogh. People think I’m crazy, but they just don’t get the guy.

      • Well, now I have to put up my questionably bad 70’s childhood pic. in solidarity… But just for a couple of days since I love “Skull with burning cigarette” just as much as you. *Love* looking at the brush strokes of the painting where you can see how he created it. Just a marvelous piece!

      • Yours is not bad at all! I thank you for doing that–and now I feel a kindred spirit in you.
        I have many artists that I admire but, there is something about Vincent (we’re on first name terms) that is beautifully dark— and that is simply beautiful. His ‘Potato Eaters’ is grotesque; but I don’t know–to me? It is lovely. Their features are caricatures. Sometimes I think maybe that’s how I see things. Lol! Anyway, I think he’s great and so misunderstood, even by the experts. Feel free to go back to “Skull With Burning Cigarette” anytime—but it was VERY cool of you to do that for me (I mean, it’d be OK if you kept it another day, but…). I do enjoy his gorgeous works too…I’m not a complete ghoul. ;)

  4. I don’t understnad why they do this mix of old players with new players, it never works. The new players just get starry eyed and cave to whatever the veterans want as was stated in this article. Why don’t they do a straight all-stars season? I mean it has been over 10 seasons since they have and that was one of the best seasons ever!

  5. OK, so if Frank Eudy comes back, I would be SO on board with that!!! Not as a coach but as a returning player. When he was on in Season 14, He. Was. Robbed!!! He played a great game! He won POV after POV after POV after POV. He, more than anyone, deserves a second chance. Plus, he is the only Frank (or derivative of that name—y’all know WHAT/WHO I’m talking about) that I would want in the house! If any other ‘Frank’ enters, I’ll be riding the train to ‘Jazz Hand Land’, and choke myself with glitter (and coat tails—get it?) ;)

    • I KNOW the other Frank reference and I’ll probably be chocking on his boa feathers while you’re swallowing the glitter! Ha! ? Anyway, I went to wiki and read about Frank Eudy. My hand to God, I remember nothing about him! Maybe I Need to see some flashback videos of him? But everything you said about him is true – if he didn’t win POV he was on the the block; then he won POV and then he was he was on the block, etc. He was S14; but nothing comes to mind about him for me. I think S15 was the horror of the prejudices; so S16 brought back a semblance of normal love of “humanity” with the Derrick season. And S17 was Vanessa (nothing more required to be said there – well, okay, there’s more to be said, but this is a recap!?) But back to Eudy … any other clues to help me remember him?

      • Well, I had broken my collarbone and had also torn my rotator cuff, so all I can really remember about him is that he had really curly hair and was pretty easy on the eyes. ;)
        I could only lay on the couch, so I really couldn’t wear my glasses because of my sling, so all I remember about him is just what I said: They just kept putting him on the block and he’d pull off an amazing win…and I mean AMAZING. Google ‘Frank Eudy, Big Brother, season 14 and he’ll come…up. hee-hee. Maybe if you see him and the rest of the cast, you’ll remember. Good luck. I think once you see him, you’ll remember.

      • Wasn’t he? Am I the only one who thought he was robbed? I have to admit though, he should have known better than to accept that deal with Dan…because Dan truly was a genius. And BTW, thanks, :)

      • He wore a carrot suit for an entire week, and it’s the only way I can picture him. Was Dan’s big enemy that season but totally fell for Dan’s funeral and made an alliance with Dan, only for it to obviously not work out with Frank.

      • YES! That carrot suit…I’d forgotten about that. I respect Dan as a player, but what he did that season—particularly to Frank and the young lady he coached–Nichole?–was downright DIRTY. And she (wish I could remember her name) just did what he told her to do…like she was a puppy and he was her master.

  6. i think that if they did 8 for a 20 person house this season and add a few more double evictions it’d word out. i think the coaches thing was dumb, considering it was obvious they’d join sooner or later anyway. so rehashing it is pointless. make it a first and let there be 20 people, 8 vets and 12 newbies. and itd be fair if cody and vanessa are there to shake it up and possibly have a battling alliance in numbers fighting for the siblings.

    • Oh, please, dear heavens, don’t bring Vanessa back. Cody, though, would be interesting … it would be interesting to see if he hooks on to his brother, to someone older (like another Derrick figure) or try to get to the end on his own as the lead player.

  7. From this you can see who is supposed to be at the NY premiere night of the BB18 show. If you believe it you can scratch who is not going in the house.

    twitter dot com/NikkiGrahame/status/743102870296403968

    • I can’t access the site but Nikki!!! Oh no, didn’t I call that earlier? Dang I hope not :-(

      • Hi Cyril…I was till I heard about Nikki. If I hear Tim is coming too I’m really NOT going to be happy.

      • No, no, she will be in NYC with a group of former HGs for watch the premiere with some fans. So you know Frank (the one that nobody like) will be there too.

      • Yea? We’ll see, I just bet she gets into the game. I’d rather have Frankie back glitter and short boy pants and all.

      • Nikki is from the UK and Tim is from Australia and they were “wild cards” on BB Canada that finished just a while ago. Everyone loved them, I thought they were the most annoying people EVER!!!

      • Oh. Thanks Mary! It’s hard to believe anyone could be more annoying than Mr. Grande. I guess I’d have to see Tim and Nikki though…but if you think they’re annoying, they must really be awful! YIKES!

      • I was pretty much the only person who felt that way and like I said, everyone thought they were great. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I actually think you’d like them too, you’d find them hilarious.

      • I’ll take your word for it, Mary! I trust you. I really do, you know.
        Maybe I can see them on YouTube. I’ll check it out. :)

      • Huh? Who, me? Did you tell me something about BB Canada?! I’m not sure I remember that…does Canada have a Big Brother? Do they have that Face Yearbook there, too? Picture Page? Shoot…I forget what it’s called.
        LOL! I still have the link! Thanks, Captain, my Captain! : D

      • If you don’t watch it, then don’t come complaining when you don’t get the joke about Tim and Nikki. LOL

      • Cyril wiil probably the 1st one to tease you with your lack of knowledge about Tim and Nikki.

      • Nuh-uh…I have dirt on him. LOL! I’m KIDDING. You know what though? I don’t have the code anymore. Will you email it to me? I must have deleted it by mistake. I’m missing a bunch of stuff.

    • Hey Capt. Talk to LG and Emma? Are they gonna be here on BB18?..just signed up Feeds the other day.

      • LG has been here already, I saw a couple of her post. I will remind Emma that she promise to come around more often than last year.

  8. I think it will be more like season 11 with cliches but instead of one returning player each team will have one.

  9. remember, there’s still the 6 decoys….
    ii think they have something to do with the cast,
    i think its going to be half vets and half newbies.
    and a few of these new cast members r gonna be “going home” first night to make room for the vets.

    • This actually kind of makes sense.
      Da’ Vonne – Popular
      Nicole – Brains (?)
      James – “Off-Beat”
      Frank – Athletes

  10. No Asians in those 12 … so James is a possibility? They have to have at least a token Asian in the cast, right? Even tho the Asian guy has the country twang and thinks every blond girl looks like Tay Tay.

  11. I can’t watch another season of Vanessa so I’ll probably sit this season out.

  12. BB. LOVED Frankie even though the fans didn’t. I expect to see narcissistic Frankie front and center.

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