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Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 5 Nominations & Battle of the Block

| July 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS with the next events from inside the house as the Detontators alliance controls both sides of the HoH role, but it’ll soon be revealed whether Frankie or Zach will retain that power.

Big Brother 16 on CBS

Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

Nominations are coming up for Frankie and Zach but this week they could be looking to a bigger target with another fancy plan of deception. We’ll have to get through the nominations though to see which pair can dominate at the Battle of the Block and secure their own safety.

Watch out for a grand “Zach Attack” tonight at the nomination ceremony. Team America’s mission this week is to start a fight and boy do they work hard to make that happen. Zach made a massively rude speech to his nominees in the spirit of making great TV. Let’s hope it turns out that way too!

Can’t wait to find out who goes on the block and who wins BotB? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Saturday Highlights

| July 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST
Nicole gags as Caleb eats a fish head

Nicole gags as Caleb eats a fish head – Source: CBS

Saturdays are always tense days in the Big Brother house as HGs must prepare and plot ahead of the Veto Competition only to scramble with new plans when the results come back in. Today wasn’t much different but with the Detonators putting a stranglehold on decisions and power it was up to them to set the course for the rest of the week.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 26, 2014:

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

| July 26, 2014 at 7:21 PM EST
Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! Will the house be able to go after their backdoor options this week? Time to find out.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

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Big Brother 16 Week 5 – Backdoor Options Ahead Of Veto Comp – Update: Veto Players Picked

| July 26, 2014 at 12:30 PM EST
Christine Brecht surprised on Big Brother

Christine Brecht surprised on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Heading in to this week’s Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 the Houseguests have an interesting opportunity ahead of them as they contemplate some bigger targets.

We have our pair of nominees and the Head of Household so far for today’s Veto comp. They’ll soon be joined by another three players as drawn from the bag of chips. Once we have our full list of players the HGs in charge will have the chance to start planning for a potential backdoor.

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‘Big Brother 16’ Houseguest Caleb Reynolds Pitches New Show Ideas

| July 26, 2014 at 11:20 AM EST

If you’re like me then you’re fretting the day when Caleb Reynolds is voted off Big Brother 16 and gone from our televisions forever. Okay, maybe I’m not that worried, but in case you are, Caleb is hard at work developing new ideas for different shows based around how incredibly awesome and desirable he is to the world.

Caleb Reynolds wants to be Must-Watch TV

Caleb Reynolds wants to be Must-Watch TV – Source: CBS

There’s no doubt that Caleb might be a good bit out there when it comes to his self-confidence but at the very least it’s kept us thoroughly entertained. Last night was a new installment of “As Caleb’s World Turns.”

Turn on your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? Get your Free Trial now to watch.) and Flashback to 8:48PM BBT 7/25 on Cams 3/4.

With a captive audience (a roomful of HGs who have no where to escape), Caleb explained how truTV purchased rights to a show about him, his brothers, and his fathers. It was to be a hunting show “like Duck Dynasty.” The story line would have been Caleb’s family working with local game wardens to combat poaching.

It’s hard to tell if this actually happened or was how it would play out in Caleb’s mind, but here’s how he explains it. His family would set up a decoy bald eagle and then hide in the weeds in all their camo. When someone would shoot at the fake eagle they’d jump out of the weeds on their four-wheelers, throw the perps on the ground, and then call the game warden.

Sadly, just a week after truTV bought it up they dropped it “for some reason.” Then Discovery Channel bought five seasons worth and immediately dropped it. Did these networks schedule the meet & greets only after purchasing?

That’s just the appetizer to this big Caleb meal. Here’s the main course. Caleb pitched another show idea to one of the producers. He wants to do something special for the “ugly” or “overweight” women of America. These “ugly” women could enter themselves in a drawing and then he’d travel around the country and show up in a limo to take them out on a date.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 5 Friday Night Highlights

| July 26, 2014 at 9:30 AM EST

Riding the high of Thursday night’s eviction the HGs went in to the new week with a lot of gusto in large part due to Zach’s enthusiastic nominations speech. With Nicole and Christine fired up they tore in to the Battle of the Block competition, but were they able to save themselves?

Derrick hugs HGs after the news of his grandfather

Derrick hugs HGs after the news of his grandfather – Source: CBS

Along with exciting spoilers and results from inside the house came another round of sad news. Derrick received a letter last night that his grandfather had passed away that morning. The support of the house again came together for the second time in just a few days.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds last night.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 25, 2014:

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