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Matt Hoffman Breaks Down Big Brother 16 Cast

| June 19, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Hello, Big Brother superfans! It’s Matt Hoffman from Season 12…back again in part to cling tenaciously to my 15-minutes of fame, but primarily to rail into this new crop of Big Brother lab rats!

Matt Hoffman

Big Brother alum Matt Hoffman

Looking back at how my pre-show cast assessment from last season ended up alarmingly accurate in many regards, I (with Big Brother Network’s blessing) decided to have another stab at predicting the future through unwarranted judgment and opinion. Let’s get this BB16 train a-rollin’…

See the Big Brother 16 cast interview videos here that Matt Hoffman is referencing.

Brittany Martinez
Brittany MartinezGive this interview a little time. I also started off immediately not liking Brittany (I say “also” because I assume you share my same view that Brittany is as engaging as a wall of drying paint). Then she lost a lot of superfan points by saying she’s a recruit and had never seen an episode of Big Brother before. But Brittany started to turn things around when the interviewer aborted the impossible task of coaxing a personality out of her and, instead, began focusing on her strategy. This girl seems ruthless and sharp…two excellent qualities to have. I see a game barely fueled by emotions, and a lack of knowledge of Big Brother could help her to not overplay. I’m picking Brittany to make it far. I’m also very excited to hear your collective taunts to me on Twitter when she’s voted off first.

Christine Brecht
Christine BrechtChristine would be my favorite contestant this season…IF she never talked or played Big Brother. What I love about her is that, for the first time on Big Brother, we’re finally getting what I consider to be a truly genuinely, nerdy, awkward female who will not ultimately do anything pornographic post-season. What turns me off about her is that I believe that she is one of those people who thinks that she is funnier than the people around her think that she is. The reason I believe this to be true is because we can smell our own.

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Big Brother 16 House: Tour Video & Photos Reveal New Design

| June 18, 2014 at 4:45 PM EDT

CBS has unveiled their new Big Brother 16 house complete with a look at the 2014 season’s design theme. In their just released video tour of the house with Julie Chen we get our first official video look inside BB16 along with guided details on what to expect.

Julie Chen tours the Big Brother house

Julie Chen tours the Big Brother house – Source: CBS/YouTube

The theme of the Big Brother house this year is “Urban Treehouse” and the focus is on all the elements. We’ve got an Earth room with fake rock pillows, a Fire room with lots of red, a Wind room that we don’t get to see, but what about Ice? Hmm, could that be the Have-Not punishment room? Or is that room the Wind room with lots of fans blowing all the time?

Back in the kitchen the big fridge is gone and there are lower, undercounter fridges and freezers. Then the kitchen island has been replaced with uneven tree slices like stumps (there’s a better description of that I’m sure).

The living room is made to look like you’re in a tree house way up in the sky and you’re looking out at the clouds. Worry not though, as Julie explains it’s really just wall paper. Hah!

Check out the HoH room which has a birds nest, or as Julie (and readers here) like to call it, a love nest. We’re still waiting to find out if there’s another HoH bedroom or even a second bed up there with the news that there will be two HoH’s as part of this season’s all-new twist.

Big Brother 16 House Tour:

Big Brother House Photo Gallery:

click images to see full-size views

Source: CBS/YouTube


Big Brother 16 House Pics Reveal ‘Urban Treehouse’ Theme

| June 18, 2014 at 2:35 PM EDT

After a series of early, low quality looks inside the new Big Brother 16 house we’re getting a much better view of our “summer home” thanks to THR and their exclusive photo gallery from CBS.

Big Brother 16 House - loft area

Big Brother 16 House – THR shares first look – Source: CBS/THR

Hollywood Reporter shared fifteen first look photos from inside the house and so far things look pretty great, for the most part. I really do like the bright colors and cheerful motif of a nature theme, but some parts are pretty dark in the color palette. Of course this will all look different once there are some Big Brother HouseGuests to go in there!

CBS production designer Scott Storey explained to THR, “This year’s theme is urban treehouse. A note from the network was that they wanted it to feel urban, young and playful and urban treehouse seemed like a perfect place to start.” I’d say he nailed the design then.

click images to see full-size

Definitely worth mentioning in the gallery from THR is a much different Memory Wall arrangement. The wall of little boxes is no more and has been replaced by two large 65″ screens turned upright. Some have speculated this indicates a divided house, but until we know more about the twist I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just more like “2 vertical screens fill the old space well so let’s go with that.” Remember, Julie Chen will reveal details about the Big Brother 16 twist on today’s “The Talk.”

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

Then you’ve also go a new bathroom look after last season’s natural wood spa feel. I’ll miss that look, but this is calm and soothing which is nice. Now that bedroom looks pretty wild though, but not nearly as crazy as the “fire bedroom.” I can’t even imagine what we’ll see for the Have-Nots room!

Update: Reader Hunter points out that the rooms are described as “keeping with the nature theme — are either earth, wind, ice, fire all represented in the house,” according to Storey. Which I think Hunter is right that the Have-Nots are likely to have the “Ice” room with some very unpleasant results.

Check out the entire gallery of images available at Hollywood Reporter right now and be ready for even more when Julie Chen gives us a guided tour tonight on ET.


New Big Brother 16 Competition: ‘Battle Of The Block’ – Update

| June 18, 2014 at 2:30 PM EDT

A staple of Big Brother has always been that no matter what, as long as you were the Head of Household then at least you knew you were safe. Not anymore.

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

According to Julie Chen, for the first time on Big Brother US the rules are changing and just because you’re HoH doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk of being evicted. A new competition will be injected in to the regular routine and while we don’t know what’s going on, we do know what it’s called.

Big Brother 16 introduces the “Battle of the Block.” I’d have to guess it’s some sort of challenge between two pairs of nominees, two from each HoH, as those HGs are “on the block” but how it puts either HoH in danger is unknown. We now know that an HoH can be “dethroned” if his/her nominees win the Battle.

Julie gave us a lot of details today on The Talk, but you can expect even more in the coming days. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to be sure to get the latest Big Brother updates as they’re revealed! And if you don’t have your Live Feeds yet, then get them now before the sale ends and the price goes up for the same Season Pass.

Update: Allison Grodner reveals more details on this new competition. She says it’ll be part of Sunday episodes which means it has to happen by Saturday so they can get it in the editing process. That’ll likely bump the Veto comp out a day or so in their routine. We’ll know more soon though.

Update 2: HoHs will NOT participate in these comps. It will just be the four nominees each week.


Big Brother 16 Twist Revealed – Julie Chen Explains

| June 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM EDT

Today on The Talk, Big Brother host Julie Chen made her first reveal of the summer season’s twist for BB16. All we knew before was this would be the “most twisted season ever” but what would make it so crazy and what sort of potential does this one have to take root?

Julie Chen has all the Big Brother answers

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

During today’s show on CBS Julie will finally give us more details on what’s coming up on the Big Brother 16 premiere next Wednesday as part of its Two Night Move-In Event. Oh my!

As the show opened up Julie promised to reveal the surprising plot twist for Big Brother 16, and she was right. This is crazy news.

Not one, but TWO HGs will be Head of Household every week. Wow! So yes, there will be four total nominated HGs on the chopping block, explained Julie. But another first, just because you’re the HoH doesn’t mean you’re safe.

There’s going to be a new competition called “Battle of the Block” where the HoHs won’t be safe anymore. And on top of THAT, America will be intervening even more with “Team America” this season, an interactive twist, says Julie. Wow, this craziness!

Be sure to check out the newly revealed Big Brother house pictures and see what the habitat’s theme is this year and grab your Live Feeds on the Early Bird sale before the discount ends.


Our Big Brother 16 HG Interviews Coming Soon

| June 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Get ready to meet the Big Brother 16 HGs because our interviews will soon be available. I’m working right now to put the finishing touches on everything with bios, pictures, background details, and of course our video content as well.

Big Brother 16 logo redesign

Big Brother 16 spoilers coming soon – Source: CBS

As soon as CBS gives us the green light I’ll be able to pull back the cover and unveil everything you want to know about this season’s Big Brother cast. The suspense is almost over. Think you know what’s going to be revealed? Just wait!

Thanks again to everyone who supported my trip and work with the new cast by signing up for the Live Feeds through our links. You can still support our efforts and help me pay off the trip and new equipment by signing up now for the Early Bird sale pre-order. You’ll get immediate access to all the preseason content and be ready to go with your Season Pass of Live Feeds. Once the season begins the price goes up and you’ll have to pay more for the same Feeds.

It won’t be much longer until you meet the cast, but make sure you don’t miss the reveal! Subscribe to our daily email updates with all the important Big Brother updates and alerts for the latest events inside the house. You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter for even more.

Big Brother 16 premieres June 25, 2014
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This is going to be an awesome summer for Big Brother and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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