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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Jury Competition Revealed

| August 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM EST

We have our first look at tonight’s Big Brother 16 spoilers on how the returning Jury member will be decided. Check out the details below to see the preview picture and read my speculation.

A Houseguest will return on Big Brother 16

A Houseguest will return tonight on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last season there was one large jumbo endurance competition where all competed together, but that will not be the case this time around. Instead the four Jury HGs will face off in their own competition, but as for what happens to the winner is still not known.

Click the thumbnail below to get the full view:

From what we can see the four evicted HGs will be set up in a simultaneous battle which looks like shuffleboard of sorts. How it works is a guess, but you can see the rings in the center. I’ll speculate they slide markers down their lanes and try to get close to the middle with the chance to knock out others along with getting their own markers knocked out.

I think they could end up with more than one marker since there’s a basket behind them in the mock-up, but that’s another point to consider. This is a mock-up and while they’re usually very close to the finished product it is no guarantee.

Also notice the boxing ring style ropes around the game field. We’ve had “knockout” themed set ups like this before, but that could just be for the hype of the event rather than anything to do with what’s involved in the competition.

This one could really be a toss-up. Would Jocasta coming back get you excited? No? You want Zach or Nicole maybe? Share your thoughts!

Source: CBS


Big Brother 16: HGs Catch On To Donny’s Attempts To Flip The House

| August 21, 2014 at 2:10 PM EST

Donny Thompson is easily one of the most aware and observant Houseguests on Big Brother 16, but unfortunately that knowledge has been coupled with a stunted social game and lack of true alliances. With the writing clearly visible on the wall and those same walls closing in, Donny made a valiant effort to find an ally this week. Unfortunately, his options weren’t too receptive.

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

On Tuesday Donny caught up with Cody while everyone else was asleep. Flashback to around 10:20AM BBT 8/19 to watch their lengthy talk. I was highly doubtful of its potential, but what else has Donny got to lose? Donny did what he could to try and convince Cody that he was being used as a pawn in Derrick’s game and Derrick has F2 with everyone in there. Donny also points out that Frankie has Caleb under his control.

Cody leaves and whispers under his breath that Donny is wrong about everything. Actually, he was pretty darn spot on with most of it. Later that night Cody told Derrick that he needed to tell him about his talk with Donny. But then the weird thing was he never gave Derrick the details, he just let it go. Well, at least on Tuesday he did.

Wednesday afternoon around 12:20 PM BBT Donny sits with Christine and has a very similar talk with her. I have even less faith in the potential here. Donny gives her his reasoning on why she should team up with him rather than going out on the bottom of the totem pole.

Let’s be honest. Christine has no one here. She thinks she has Cody, but Cody is much tighter with Derrick. She thinks she has Frankie, but Frankie would definitely pick Caleb over her. Christine is the odd-HG out and she’s lining herself up to be Britney’d. She doesn’t see it though.

Not long after (2:35PM BBT) Christine runs to Cody, jumps in his bed with a big hug of course, and then tells him everything. It’s only at this point that Cody reveals he’s had the same talk with Donny. Derrick is sleeping in the bed next to them and around 3:10PM BBT they tell Derrick what’s been going on.

Alliance Meeting time! Jump to 3:32PM BBT as Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Frankie, and Christine gather in the HoH room to discuss. Cody spills all the beans but it’s interesting that he uses the cover story that Donny suggested in case anyone came out back on Tuesday: he just got up to brush his teeth.

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Big Brother 16 Eviction Predictions: Week 8

| August 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST

Eviction predictions time for Big Brother 16 this week as Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance face off for eviction and while neither wants to go, this will at least ensure a shot at coming back

Zach Rance and Cody Calafiore face eviction

Zach Rance and Cody Calafiore face eviction – Source: CBS

There will be just five votes up for grab so no tie-breaker tonight, but the evictee could come back with the twist! Right now it looks like Zach will get that chance while Cody will skate past his very first trip to the Block, but nothing is official until Julie announces the vote.

Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother 16 this week? Cast your vote now & read our predictions below.

More predictions are in from these Big Brother sites.

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Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Reveals His Experience As Returning Juror

| August 21, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST

Such craziness going on this week in the Big Brother game! I am very excited that a Jury member will be returning to the game again this season. Getting a second chance in the game is a very great opportunity and it gives you a chance to get revenge on the ones that wronged you but most importantly it gives you another chance to win the game!

Judd Daugherty won his way back in to Big Brother

Judd Daugherty won his way back in to Big Brother – Source: CBS

This time last year I remember we got the note at breakfast about getting the opportunity to get back in the game. I was really hoping for that because Julie had said just because we were evicted didn’t mean that our Big Brother game was over. Also I had just watched Big Brother Canada a few months before and remembered Gary being voted back in the game by Canada so that gave me some hope. I remember being a little freaked out that America would get to vote and that they would vote Candice back in because of her friendship with Elissa.

I think we got the letter two days before we actually got to go back to the house and compete so it was a very long 48 hours! I remember the night before we went back to compete I was pacing around the Jury house with my stomach in a knot. I honestly felt like it was life or death and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if only one of us was going to be competing against the most recent evicted houseguest or what.

I did not sleep the entire night. I remember running on the treadmill trying to get sleepy and also sitting in the sauna but nothing worked! I was up until daylight and managed to get a power nap. I remember going back to the Big Brother house and I had been throwing up due to nerves before we walked on stage.

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Big Brother 16: Frankie Shows Off His HoH Camera Media Mogul Skills

| August 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM EST
Frankie-stine'd with Caleb Reynolds

Frankie-stine’d with Caleb Reynolds – Source: CBS

Frankie Grande put his “Social Media Mogul” skills to work this week in the Big Brother 16 house when he broke out the HoH camera and chronicled the events of his time as reigning HG.

Looks like Frankie was able to convince a few more HGs to get up and join him for his second round of HoH camera time though he was sure to visit those who couldn’t get up from bed at 3PM.

See who all Frankie got to share a photo with him, but notice that does not include his eviction victim this week, Zach. Surprising, right? No? Yeah, you’re right.

click images to see full-size gallery view

Check out the full set of photos at


Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 8 Eviction & Returning Jury HG

| August 21, 2014 at 9:00 AM EST

Julie Chen returns tonight on CBS for an all-new Big Brother 16 live eviction show starting at 9PM ET/PT as the HGs have no idea a Jury member is about to return.

Update: Join us for our live recap of tonight’s eviction show with results here. This is a BIG one!

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

This week’s nominees Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance will face the House votes and while we already know who is set to go that HG might be coming right back in to the game.

We’re still awaiting details on the deciding factor for who returns, but if it’s anything like last year then we could be getting our first in-season endurance competition and it’s about time!

I broke down the various scenarios for how each returning Juror might get back in to the house, who they would work with, and who they would target for eviction. Now we just have to wait and see what happens next!

Have you voted in this week’s popularity poll? Tonight’s two nominees are leading the vote right now so that’ll be a loss to the fans either way. Which do you think is heading to Jury tonight?

Join us tonight at 9PM ET to chat with other fans as we enjoy the latest Big Brother eviction.

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