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Big Brother 13: Veterans Meet, Reunite, Remain Suspicious

| July 26, 2011 at 12:09 PM EST

Big Brother 13 Veterans

After a tumultuous day in the Big Brother house the Veteran alliance came together late last night for a mini House meeting which was more of an alliance meeting as none of the Newbs were invited or participated. Instead the fifty minute exchange featured a perturbed Daniele, a defensive Daniele, and a joyous, cheerful Daniele. Well, not that last one. It was mostly just Daniele pissed off at the group while she should have been angry at herself for completely blowing her once strong position.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 3 Monday Highlights

| July 26, 2011 at 8:40 AM EST

What a difference a deception makes in the game. Monday was the most rowdy, aggressive day we’ve seen so far this season. Heated arguments were breaking out all day while backroom deals were exposed and betrayals uncovered. Big Brother 13 is finally starting to come alive and it could turn in to a real monster after all.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 25, 2011:

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Big Brother 13 Week 3: A House On Fire

| July 25, 2011 at 7:57 PM EST

Big Brother 13 Jeff and Dominic fight

Today was insane in the Big Brother 13 game. CBS is probably already busy chopping the events to pieces to feed you a merry tale of Brenchel romance instead. Since we don’t want any of that, here’s everything you need to know so you can use Flashback to rewind the Live Feeds and watch all the action you missed during the day.

First up this morning was an intense argument in the HoH room featuring a furious Daniele, a steadfast Brendon, and a very quiet Rachel (I know, right?). Flashback your Live Feeds to 10:53AM BBT where you’ll find such tasty one-liners like “are you stupid?!,” “stop talking!,” and “I’m going to be furious!” (Read more of the backstory here.)

The drama started when Daniele came up and told Brenchel that if they send Dominic home this week she’ll be “furious.” Daniele tries to push the idea that it was all Brenchel’s idea for her to go partner with Dominic and align with him. Brendon says he wants to pursue what’s best for the entire Veteran alliance while Daniele says she’s only working to support her and Brenchel. Daniele repeatedly starts to yell at Brendon and then tries to check herself back to a lower volume.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 3 PoV Ceremony Results

| July 25, 2011 at 3:55 PM EST

Power of VetoThe Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 13 and after all the fights over the past two days I don’t think anyone should be surprised by the results. The house has been very tense and this isn’t going to help matters. The strongest alliance this season of Big Brother is crumbling and this is going to put another dent in its foundation.

To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” below for the spoilers.

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Big Brother 13: Veterans Discover Daniele’s Deception

| July 25, 2011 at 12:43 PM EST

Big Brother 13 Daniele Donato

Daniele Donato is well regarded as a strong Big Brother player. She knows how to win competitions when she needs it most and she has a clever social game to keep her connected to the power. Unfortunately for Daniele, her master plan may have just come to a skidding stop for Big Brother 13 after the rest of her Veterans alliance uncovered her attempt to drive a wedge between them and set herself up to control the game.

If you’ve just been watching the CBS shows then you got a sample of the start of Daniele’s downfall last night, but the true action is on the Live Feeds, so go ahead, grab your Free Trial and join the rest of the fans watching the real game online.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 3 Sunday Highlights

| July 25, 2011 at 9:48 AM EST

Sundays are generally lazy relaxing days in the Big Brother house but today was an exception.  All the HGs were talking game except Kalia who instead tells Dominic about all the weed she used to smoke lol.  Dom of course has never tried it.  There was a good bit of scrambling today as one alliance threatens to crumble and the two nominees try and secure votes to remain in the game.

Then there was Rachel who fell just short of the “adult moments” hat trick after getting caught in the shower and doing a little lovemaking late in the night. Since this is Brenchel’s second time around you’d think they’d remember all those cameras.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 24, 2011:

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