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Big Brother 16: Top 10 Events – Part 2

| September 24, 2014 at 2:15 PM EDT

Picking back up where we left off yesterday in our Top 10 events countdown for Big Brother 16 we’ve got the final five moments that highlighted the season for us.

Big Brother 16 memory wall

Big Brother 16 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

I think we’ve got the biggest and best events from what shaped the season and drove the storyline here. BB16 might not have been wild and out of control, but there’s no denying that big events did happen, even if they were subtle. Of course there’s nothing subtle about a Zach Attack!

#5 Caleb Flips the Vote, Saves Zach, & Breaks Up An Alliance

Caleb Reynolds may go nuts at Final Four

Rewind to Week 6. Zach was up on the block after a failed attempt to get Caleb out the door when their Battle of the Block plan fell apart. (As it seemed to every week!) After losing in the Comic Book Hero Veto challenge things looked very bleak for Zach’s chance. Speaking of heroes, one showed up for Zach.

Caleb might have been the last in the guys alliance to be told about the plan to send Zach home and maybe that’s why he was the first to raise the question of just why they were voting out one of their numbers this early in the game. He was right.

The night before the eviction Caleb campaigned through the house to bring Zach back from the brink of eviction and ultimately he saved him. Sure, Zach was still evicted two weeks later, but I think he owes Caleb a beer for keeping him in the game those extra two weeks.

Not only did that night’s move by Caleb shift Zach to safety it also broke up the Rationales and put the target spotlight on Nicole and Hayden. It was a cascading effect of revelations that night as Frankie learned how close he came to being backdoor’d and was saved when Christine won that Veto.

#4 Zach Attack! Ya Froot Loop Dingus

Zach Attack on Big Brother 16

Can you even narrow down Zach to one event? He was the biggest showman of the season and knew he was there to entertain. If anyone didn’t take the game too seriously or worry about the impact of their antics it was Zach.

I think the first time we really saw Zach go in to action was the day of that infamous Veto meeting in Week 2. Devin decided to turn against his Bomb Squad and target Zach for eviction, but this seemed like the Zach’s ideal opportunity to blow Devin’s game out of the water and the Bomb Squad along with it. That sure wasn’t the last time we saw Zach Attack either.

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Big Brother 16: Finale Night Predictions – Who Will Win Big Brother?

| September 24, 2014 at 11:30 AM EDT

Three Houseguests remain on Big Brother 16 ahead of tonight’s season finale where one of them will be evicted, one will snag $50K, and another will be crowned the winner of Big Brother! It’s time for the last predictions of the season.

Big Brother 16 Final 3 on the Memory Wall

Big Brother 16 Final 3 on the Memory Wall – Source: CBS

We know which two players will end up in third round of the final HoH comp and while I’m fairly confident who will be moving on the Final 2 let’s take a look at all the possibilities.

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Big Brother 16 Finale Tonight: Get Ready To Find Out Who Won

| September 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

It all comes down to tonight on CBS when the Big Brother 16 finale arrives and the Jury reveals who won the half-million dollar prize at the end of the longest Big Brother season ever.

Big Brother 16 Season Finale tonight on CBS

Big Brother 16 Season Finale tonight on CBS

The season finale kicks off at 9:30PM ET/PT on CBS for a 90-minute capstone following the premiere of Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water. We’ll be here recapping the entire show live with the results as they happen so be sure to stick with us for all the updates.

Last week we saw Caleb exit the house leaving the Final Three as Cody, Derrick, and Victoria. Since then the battle has been on to become the final Head of Household of the season. Just one competition left after the first two rounds (spoilers on Round 1 and Round 2) and we’ll see that challenge held live tonight and hosted by Julie Chen.

Along with all of these competitions we’ll get to see the hotly anticipated Jury segment where Dr. Will returns to host their roundtable debate. We’ve got an early look at what went down and it’s interesting to see who looks relaxed and content and who seems ready to be done with it.

Whoever wins the third and final comp, which we all expect to be “A or B” regarding the Jurors, will then cast the sole eviction vote to set the F2 and move on to the big reveal. The pressure is on and I can not wait to see what happens. Will Derrick keep his perfect game alive? Can Cody pull off the upset? Or does Victoria shock everyone and walk out with the prize? Share your thoughts below!

Don’t forget that we will also find out who won America’s Favorite Houseguest. I’m guessing this will come down to Donny and Zach with both being great picks for the prize money.

Big Brother 16 Season Finale – Episode 40 Preview:


Big Brother 16: Will Derrick Throw Round 3?

| September 24, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

We’ve arrived at Big Brother 16 Finale Day and a very important decision awaits one of the final three Houseguests. If Derrick wins Round 3 tonight then the choice to evict could be a $500,000 mistake. With everyone else prepared to take him to the end, it’s worth asking: will Derrick throw the last competition?

Big Brother 16 Final HoH competition

Big Brother 16 Final HoH competition – Source: CBS

I’ve discussed the F2 possibilities thoroughly over the past few days as we’ve anxiously awaited the Big Brother season finale. While I’m confident that given the chance, both Victoria and Cody would decide to take Derrick on to the end it’s been interesting to watch as Derrick has solidified his commitment to the Hitmen. Could a choice to go to the end with Cody cost him Victoria’s support?

If Derrick wanted to get to the end with Cody but didn’t want to risk Victoria’s vote, should a choice to go with Cody cost him that, then there was an option. Throwing the third round of the final HoH would let Derrick avoid the eviction vote and keep his hands clean. I don’t think he has to do that anymore.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 13 Tuesday Highlights

| September 24, 2014 at 7:30 AM EDT


Happy Big Brother 16 Finale Day. Tonight either Derrick, Cody (OK, or Victoria) will win Big Brother 16. Yesterday the final three spent their final day in the Big Brother house, and it was a pretty quiet day. There were few emotions, no last-minute strategizing or anything. Just three people hanging out. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 23, 2014:

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Big Brother 16: Top 10 Events – Part 1

| September 23, 2014 at 3:15 PM EDT

The end of Big Brother 16 is here and it’s time to say goodbye to our sixteen Houseguests and their journey that kicked off way back in June. It’s been the longest season of Big Brother and while there hasn’t been quite the same level of fireworks as in the past we’ve still had plenty of big events.

Big Brother 16 memory wall

Big Brother 16 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

Yesterday I ran through some highlight moments for each of the Houseguests, but today it’s time to start in on the season’s highlights with our Top 10 Events list. This was a hard one to narrow down, as they always are, so I’m sure there will be disagreements on the rankings and especially what made the cut and what didn’t. Our list is just that: ours. Read through and then share yours too!

#10 – Devin Calls a House Meeting – Tears Ensue

Devin Shepherd gets emotional on Big Brother

I do love me a good House Meeting and while we didn’t have much of that this season Devin did not disappoint in his three weeks on BB16. Devin called the HGs together on July 2nd at 11:19PM BBT and offered up a confession. He wanted to revolutionize the way Big Brother is played by doing it with honor and integrity. Oh goodie, that usually works well.

Devin confessed to misreading Donny and failing to be the good role model for his daughter that he wanted her to see when she looks up this season of Big Brother in twenty years. The HGs was left scratching their heads and unsure what to make of this guy other than he seemed a bit off his rocker.

Following the meeting Frankie observed that all Devin had managed to do was unite the house against him. Caleb was upset because Devin took credit for his nominations and no one does that to Beast Mode. How’d it all work out for Devin? As soon as his HoH was over, he was the next Houseguest voted out.

#9 – Brittany Kicks 2400 Goals in 24 Hours

Brittany kicks 2400 goals

There are punishments and then there are Big Brother punishments. Brittany Martinez encountered the latter when she lost out in the Week 4 Power of Veto competition and was challenged to complete 2400 soccer goals in 24 hours or be banned from competing in competitions the following week.

Well it turned out she was the target that week and it didn’t really matter since she couldn’t compete from home next week anyway. But Brittany was determined and even though she saw the writing on the wall she stuck to it and completed the challenge with plenty of time to spare. Flashback to 5:10PM BBT on July 20th to watch her complete the challenge.

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