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Big Brother 14 HG Jodi Rollins Eviction Interview

| July 13, 2012 at 4:23 PM EST

Big Brother 14 - Jodi Rollins and Julie Chen

After just eight hours in the Big Brother 14 house newbie HG Jodi Rollins was eliminated. This came as a big disappointment to me as I’ve publicly stated she was a top favorite of mine for this season. Jodi is a true Big Brother superfan which made her elimination all that much more difficult to watch during the premiere. All the same, someone has to go and this week it was Jodi. We had the chance to speak with her today about her experience less than two weeks since our first interview.

Despite her eviction coming at the hands of her mentor, Dan, Jodi still says she was happy with being part of Dan’s team and would have picked him in a role reversal. “I didn’t like how it went down, how I was chosen last, but we had made a connection, so I thought. I thought, ‘this guy believes in me.’” She admits being surprised by the last-pick scenario but thought that would put her in the non-intimidating category which would give her some cover. Obviously it didn’t turn out that way.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: State Of The Game After First Night

| July 13, 2012 at 2:34 PM EST

Big Brother 14 live feeds - HoH room

Since the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds turned on last night we have been flooded with information and details on the state of the game. A LOT of information. Here’s a rundown on what’s going on and where things are headed next. Then again, it’s Big Brother so who really knows what is going to happen. Read on for more.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Free Trial

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If you’re curious about what’s going on in the house right now, then there’s only one way to truly follow along: the Live Feeds. New to the Feeds? You can flip from camera to camera and watch private discussions as they happen in the Big Brother game. Grab the free trial and see what everyone else is watching.

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Big Brother 14: Week 1 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

| July 13, 2012 at 1:14 AM EST

Big Brother 14 nominations

Our first day of Big Brother 14 and we’re already rocking the spoilers for you thanks to what we’ve discovered on the Live Feeds. The Feeds are on and we’re able to listen in and see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto on Friday.

I must say I’m a little surprised by these nominations, but we’ll have to wait to find out what led up to these selections. Well, actually I guess I’m not surprised. Willie told me he wants to keep trouble makers in the house to keep the attention off him. The noms are two of the friendliest people in the house so those would be his natural targets.

Big Brother 14 Week 1 Nominations:

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Big Brother 14 Episode 1 Recap: One Player Already Out

| July 12, 2012 at 11:30 PM EST

Big Brother 14 episode 01

Big Brother 14 made its long-awaited return tonight, and I must say, it was well worth the wait.

We got to meet 12 new house guests, find out (like we didn’t already know) who the four returning players are and what game they’ll be playing, and see the crowning of the first Head of Household. Oh yeah, and we also saw the first eviction of the season. That was a fast and furious one-hour!

At the start of the show, we get the usual Julie Chen seasonal intro and the house explanation (I wonder if they re-record that voiceover every year or just play the one from like seven seasons ago). Then we get to see the 12 new HGs getting their keys… wait, their invitations to the show. Yes, they didn’t get keys because they’re sending someone home right away. I think they just forgot to have the keys made. Ha.

The 12 HGs assemble outside the house as always and Julie sends them in in three groups. Entering the house first was Ashley, Wil, Frank and Jodi. The next batch to go in the house are Shane, Jen, Ian and Danielle. That leaves Willie, Joe, Kara and JoJo to enter the house last.

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Big Brother 14: Episode 1 Results

| July 12, 2012 at 8:51 PM EST

Big Brother 14 cast FOTH

Big Brother 14 is back and we’ll be right here on this post discussing tonight’s season premiere as it happens. We’ll soon be able to confirm the returning Vet HGs, the rest of the twist details, who won HoH, and whether or not we’ll have a surprise eviction by the end of the night. Then everything will wrap up tonight with the launch of the Big Brother Live Feeds so get yours now with the free trial and be ready to watch.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Free Trial

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Before we even get started, Big Brother reveals one HG will leave the show tonight. Oh no! Rumors had it that Jodi Rollins, one of my favorites, might have been the one since no one could find her in the leaked Live Feeds images.

First up we’ve got the season’s new Big Brother 14 HouseGuests. If you haven’t learned about them in-depth yet then I recommend you watch our preseason interviews to get inside their game and see how they plan to play. This looks like a great group of HGs!

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Big Brother 14 Returning HGs:

  • Dan Gheesling
  • Janelle Pierzina
  • Mike Boogie Malin
  • Britney Haynes

It appears the Vets did not know who else would be returning along with them. Now the Vets will select their teams for the season.

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Big Brother 14 Premieres Tonight On CBS

| July 12, 2012 at 9:30 AM EST

Big Brother 14 on CBS

It’s finally here! The Big Brother 14 premiere tonight on CBS starting at 9PM ET/PT when Julie Chen ushers us in to the new house design, introduces the new HGs, and launches the best thing you’ll get to watch all summer. Take that, Olympics!

Here’s what we know so far about the new Big Brother season. We’ve met the twelve new houseguests so watch our interviews and read their bios. We’ve seen the Live Feed leaks that revealed who are the four returning Veterans. Speaking of that, don’t worry, those Vets won’t be competing against the Newbies, but instead mentoring them through the game. We’ll learn more about that twist on tonight’s show.

To help get you excited for tonight’s BB14 debut, as if you need help to get excited for this, there will be several events going on today to enjoy. First up you’ll get Julie Chen and her “The Talk” co-hosts at 2PM ET (1PM PT) reliving their day in the Big Brother 14 house. We’ve got a preview video below of what all they went through that afternoon. Then at 6PM ET (3PM PT) SuperPass will be running their “Happy Hour” live show only on the Live Feeds, so get your free trial for that and be ready join in the fun.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Free Trial

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The Big Brother 14 season will then kick off at 9PM ET/PT. After the west coast broadcast is complete at 10PM PT (1AM ET) we’ll get both Big Brother After Dark on SHO2 and the launch of the Live Feeds. Be sure to have your Feeds’ free trial up and running today so you’re ready to join us online and watch tonight. Here’s a little safe-for-work preview of the half-naked HGs you’ll see lounging around the pool all summer.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, get our email updates, and in our Forum so you make sure to get the latest Big Brother spoilers as they arrive. Here we go!


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