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Big Brother Canada Now Casting

| August 1, 2012 at 2:31 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada casting

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Big Brother HG and you’re Canadian? Then today you’re in luck because the very first Big Brother Canada season has begun the casting process starting today! Here’s what you need to do to apply.

Just like the US version you’ll be able to attend open-call casting events and apply online. Robyn Kass, Big Brother’s casting director, has reminded applicants that you don’t need to apply via both methods, but you are welcome to do so if you wish. It will not double your chances, so pick one and focus your energy there.

A few quick rules: you only have to be 19 years old as of February 1, 2013, you must be Canadian or a permanent resident there, and you must be awesome. Okay, I made up that last one, but the other two are real and the third should be real.

Check out all the casting details including deadlines, requirements, and application links over at our new Big Brother Canada website. Enough readers requested we set something up for that so we have that ready and going now. You can also follow our BBCA Twitter account and join our Big Brother Canada Facebook page.

Best of luck to all the Canadian Big Brother applicants!


Big Brother 14 Episode 9: Week 3 Veto Show Tonight

| August 1, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’ll see what happened in the latest Veto competition and have confirmed to us what we already know: who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following our Big Brother spoilers then you’re even ahead of tonight’s Veto ceremony. Good thing you’ve got our free apps!

The HGs have dodged any big blowouts despite what seems to be production pushing for a HG to call out a few others. All the same we’ve had some pretty good times going on the Live Feeds. Saturday night brought us drinking, kissing, and streaking when the Big Brother 14 houseguests finally let loose and had some fun.

Then of course there was the big “plan B” operation which made the Veto element an important aspect of the game. There’s also been no shortage of paranoia as teams as starting to get suspicious of their own players. Well, really it’s just Joe starting rumors and fanning the flames.

We’ll have to keep watching and waiting to see what happens because with a lot of time left until Thursday’s live Big Brother eviction, anything can happen.

If you haven’t been watching the Live Feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on Flashback which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Go ahead and try it for free then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Tuesday Highlights

| August 1, 2012 at 9:05 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Today’s Big Brother 14 Live Feeds theme is “OMG is Wil mad? Is Wil going to vote for Frank to stay?” Over and over and over and over. So start at 9 AM BBT and play through until about 4 AM BBT and you’ll hear all about what Wil is going to do. OK, I’m exaggerating. But just barely. All jokes aside, that was the hot topic of the day. It’s starting to sound like if Frank has any hope of staying this week, it’s with Wil and maybe Britney. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Curious about the in-house cams? Read our FAQ: What are Big Brother Live Feeds?

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 31, 2012:

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Big Brother 14: Week 3 Paranoia Spreads Ahead of Eviction Vote

| July 31, 2012 at 5:41 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy

Today on Big Brother 14 the house has been busy with paranoia as we approach the next round of voting and eviction. Once again what should be a straight forward and simple decision has now become an overly complicated, fear-infested ordeal.

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Big Brother 14: Week 3 Popularity Poll

| July 31, 2012 at 11:48 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

It’s time for another look at the Big Brother 14 HouseGuests and how they’re ranking in the viewer’s eye. Last week we saw JoJo Spatafora evicted, so she’s dropped off the list along with Willie Hantz for his expulsion from the game.

Again this week we’ve got all the HGs, newbies and coaches, combined in to one list. Last week’s poll demonstrated the coaches’ strong popularity as they held three of the top four spots. The newbies are slowly gaining ground in the weekly votes.

After you vote, be sure to leave a comment on why you voted the way you did. This should be fun to track over the season and see whose stock rises and falls in the Big Brother 14 house. Things change fast so today’s hero could be next week’s zero.


Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Monday Highlights

| July 31, 2012 at 9:08 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 live feeds

There was a big move made today in the Big Brother 14 house and we saw the backlash play out on the Live Feeds. Actually, there wash;t much of a backlash because the move has actually been masked kind of well. Props to the big moves going on in the house this week. Of course a lot can happen in the next couple days and Frank and Boogie could turn things around. In the meantime, there’s plenty to catch up on in if you weren’t glued to your computer yesterday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Curious about the in-house cams? Read our FAQ: What are Big Brother Live Feeds?

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 30, 2012:

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