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Donny Thompson Asks: ‘Shear The Beard’ Or Fear It? [POLL]

| February 3, 2015 at 3:30 PM EDT

Donny Thompson became well loved on Big Brother for his resilience, kind spirit, and that crazy beard. But is it finally time to say goodbye to his signature look and ‘Shear The Beard’?

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Donny took to Twitter asking his fans if he was due for a close shave and a new profile or if it’d be best to hang on this neck warmer. So far the results have been overwhelmingly one sided.

The results so far has Donny’s followers supporting the move to “Shear The Beard” at more than a 4:1 rate over keeping it around much longer. Some Big Brother fans have even suggested Donny go for the trim as a charity fundraiser which could tie in nicely with his “Bowl for Kids’ Sake” event.

What do you think? Should we ‘Fear It’ or ‘Shear It’? Vote in our poll below, take a walk down memory lane with Donny and his wild beard, and share your thoughts.

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Big Brother’s Derrick Levasseur Presents Award At World MMA Awards [PHOTOS]

| February 2, 2015 at 4:15 PM EDT

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16, not only attended the World MMA Awards this weekend, but also had the opportunity to present an award all before traveling to Phoenix for another event. It ain’t easy being a top dog in the Big Brother world!

Derrick Levasseur at MMA Awards with Robyn Kass

Derrick Levasseur at MMA Awards with Robyn Kass – Source: Instagram

As part of the 7th annual World MMA Awards show, Derrick traveled out to Las Vegas where he caught up with Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass. Kass, an avid MMA fan, joined Derrick out to the event where he presented “Knockout of the Year” with Daniel Cormier.

What would a trip to Vegas be without some partying and all the better to do it with another famous name from the Big Brother world, James Rhine (BB6 & BB7). Derrick thanked James for showing him around for the night and the two even shared a good joke later following some misdirected texts.

After wrapping up his presentation and partying duties in Vegas, Derrick flew out to Phoenix where he attended the All In poker tournament and watched the game with pro poker player, Phil Hellmuth.

Can’t wait to see what the Big Brother 17 winner ends up getting to do with all her/his winnings & fame! Think that could be you? Then apply now to be on Big Brother!

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Big Brother 16: What Are They Up To? January 2015 Edition [PHOTOS]

| January 28, 2015 at 1:30 PM EDT

We’ve enjoyed checking up on the Big Brother 16 Houseguests in the off-season and they’ve enjoyed sharing lots of fun photos of their adventures and get-togethers. Here’s the latest on what the Big Brother HGs have been up to in January & shared online through Twitter & Instagram.

Big Brother Houseguests reunite & party

Big Brother Houseguests reunite & party – Source: Twitter

January was a busy month for a lot of the Houseguests with some surviving the cold and others staying far, far away from it. We found Derrick out playing in the snow with his daughter Tenley while his former ally, Cody, was cozying up with Brittany. Did those two finally go on a date??

Speaking of dating, Caleb and his new girlfriend Ashley Jay were showing off the fruits of their gym efforts and spending time together. Caleb also just announced that he had been picked up as a sponsored athlete with “Advanced Nutrition Systems 24/7” so kudos to him on that.

Nicole traveled to New York City sans Hayden to see Frankie’s play before it ended. Nicole probably inspired him to fly to Africa and build a school, but what good is it if they can’t fit inside?

Back stateside, Hayden, sans Nicole, hung out with Devin and Amber when they went to support Paola when she was DJ’ing. Amber was busy too with an appearance on America’s Funniest Videos and more importantly, hanging out with J-U Double D for lunch. Okay, the latter might not be as important as being on TV, but it’s up there, right?

Check out the Big Brother photos below and see what some of the BB16 HGs were up to this month.

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Update: Our long national nightmare is over and the panicked public can rest now. I found more photos of HGs who attended Frankie’s show. But seriously, if you’re going to find it worthwhile to freak out over photos that you’ve found, but I didn’t, then at least tell me where they are since it should be a passing thought that they weren’t included because I didn’t see them. Sheesh.

Source: Twitter & Instagram


‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 8 Season Premiere Recap

| January 22, 2015 at 3:30 PM EDT

We’re back with the Big Brother All Access Flashback series and this week we’ve got Big Brother 8, a very dramatic season that gave us America’s Player and legendary Evel Dick.

Big Brother 8 logo

Big Brother 8 on All Access – Source: CBS

Following up the previous season would be no easy task, but Big Brother 8 offered up an interesting twist, although similar to a previous year, and a very effective and polarizing mix of personalities.

Big Brother 8 featured a total of 14 Houseguests with a “worst enemies” twist that worked by introducing 11 main HGs on the doorstep of Big Brother with 4 more HGs hidden away upstairs as a surprise. Those secret additions were half of a past feuding pair that wouldn’t be anxious to be reunited, but they were also a chance to turn the corner and work with a known quantity. As we learned by the end of the season, working together instead of against each other turned out to be the right move. That wasn’t the only twist, but more on that later.

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Those 11 Houseguests and 3 additional cast members included Amber Siyavus, Carol Journey, Daniele Donato, “Evel” Dick Donato, Dustin Erikstrup, Eric Stein, Jameka Cameron, Jen Johnson, Jessica Hughbanks, Joe Barber, Kail Harbrick, Mike Dutz, Nick Starcevic, and Zach Swerdzewski.

Out of that list the “hidden” HGs were Evel Dick, Dustin, and Jessica. Evel was paired with his estranged daughter, Daniele. Dustin with his former boyfriend Joe, and Jessica was a former bff turned rival with Carol.

Soon the main HGs are settled in and doing their meet and greet which gives us lots of insight through side discussions in the DR. Daniele tells us that she’s actually only 20, but turning 21 in a few months. Jen doesn’t find any of the guys good looking while Carol thinks Jen is shallow and superficial. Yeah, that seems about right.

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Big Brother’s Britney Haynes Shares New Baby News & Photo

| January 19, 2015 at 10:45 AM EDT

Big Brother’s fan favorite Britney Haynes shared very exciting news last week with a surprise announcement of the birth of a baby girl this past Thursday.

Britney Haynes on Big Brother

Britney Haynes on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Sharing the news on Twitter, Britney wrote on Friday, “Yesterday was perfect. Meet Tilly’s little sister!” Congratulations to Britney and her husband along with newly minted big sister Tilly!

Britney shared just one photo of her newborn and hasn’t mentioned the little girl’s name just yet (which I may have missed), but considering how cute Britney and Tilly have been together we can’t wait for her to share even more photos and details. See their first photo together:

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Speaking of great photos of Britney and Tilly, here are a few more of her latest from Instagram:

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Congratulations again to the expanding family! You can share your congratulations and follow Britney for more updates on Twitter.

Source: Instagram

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‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 7 All-Stars Season Premiere Recap

| January 8, 2015 at 11:00 AM EDT

This week in our Big Brother All Access Flashback series we’re taking a look at one of the best seasons in BBUS, All-Stars, featuring the return of the best of the best from the first six seasons of Big Brother.

Big Brother 7 All-Stars on CBS All Access

Big Brother 7 All-Stars on CBS All Access

Host Julie Chen cuts right to the chase and brings out twenty former HGs, but only fourteen of them will be going inside even with the added bonus of two more than originally announced. Viewers voted to include their top four men and top four women picks to go inside while production did the rest.

Julie draws out the keys for the ladies “in no particular order” with Janelle (BB6) first, Erika (BB4), Nakomis (BB5), and Diane (BB4). Now for the guys: Howie (BB6), Kaysar (BB6), James (BB6), and Jase (BB5). Entering the house first was Janelle while Howie went in first for the next group.

Upon entering Jase immediately notices how many of the people are BB6 and that worries him. Meanwhile Howie immediately notices all the high-grade “boobies” and is very excited about his summer in the house.

Back outside the rest of the cast is selected as Julie hands out the final six keys to Will (BB2), Danielle (BB3), Marcellas (BB3), Alison (BB4), Mike Boogie (BB2), and Chicken George (BB1). That leaves behind Monica (BB2), Cowboy (BB5), Lisa (BB3), Bunky (BB2), Ivette (BB6), and Dana (BB4) as those who did not make the cut.

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Once all the Houseguests have gone inside and dropped their bags the talking begins. Looks like a lot of old rivalries are ready to be renewed. Marcellas says in the DR that he still doesn’t like Danielle because of all their history while Danielle says he’s got a chip on his shoulder. Then you’ve got Erika and Alison with their own checkered past that didn’t start them out well.

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