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Congratulations Jeff & Jordan! Big Brother Couple Sets Wedding Date

| May 20, 2015 at 8:30 AM EDT

Congratulations to Big Brother couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. They’ve officially set a date for the wedding, but settle in because we’ve got a little wait before we check out their wedding photos.

Big Brother couple Jeff & Jordan

Big Brother couple Jeff & Jordan – Source: Instagram

Jeff & Jordan met on the set of Big Brother 11 back in 2009 and kicked off a long running relationship that finally shifted to an engagement last year at the Big Brother house. Where else, right? Well they won’t be getting married there, at least not according to the date they’ve planned.

Earlier this week Jeff announced via Periscope that he and Jordan would be married on October 1st… 2016! Yes, they’ve got over a year before the big event, but these take time to plan and prep so that’s not completely crazy. Meanwhile, Jordan thanked fans for their support and said she “can’t wait!”

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Big Brother Now On Chromecast With CBS All Access

| May 18, 2015 at 2:15 PM EDT

Starting with Big Brother 17 you’ll be able to watch the series on your Chromecast device coupled with CBS All Access giving us another way to keep tabs on our Big Brother 17 cast this summer.

CBS All Access on Chromecast

CBS All Access on Chromecast – Source: CBS

As a new feature for CBS All Access, the online streaming service for Live Feeds and Big Brother episodes, users can now stream Big Brother content from their devices connected to Chromecast (available on Amazon: under $30). This follows CBS’s previous announcement of support for Roku devices with their streaming content giving us another way to feed our BB addiction.

If you missed the previous announcements, CBS All Access is going to be the new home for the Feeds on Big Brother 17. This generally seems to be good news primarily because the price of Feeds just dropped to $5.99/month while CBS added a stack of new features with your subscription.

We’ve asked for more details on the possibility of streaming Big Brother Live Feeds on Chromecast and Roku and will keep you updated on what will work with each of the devices. Hopefully this means we’ll be able to watch the Live Feeds on Roku or Chromecast, but we’ll have to wait and see what CBS says.

To watch Big Brother on Chromecast download the Google Cast extension for Chrome, make sure you’re on the same wireless network as your Chromecast device, and click the Cast button in the CBS video player. Voila.

All Access (Free Trial) reminds me of the SuperPass method from a few years ago with the way it is bundled in with a lot of extras. This is a year round service that has all the CBS shows, not just Big Brother, with new and old shows archived online plus All Access gives you the live TV streams from certain markets if you’re lucky enough to live there. It’s perfect for the “cord cutters” out there.

When Big Brother 17 premieres in late June, you’ll need a subscription to All Access to watch inside the house and enjoy the Big Brother Feeds. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for the latest BB17 spoilers and updates all summer long.


Big Brother 15 Houseguests Reunite For Aaryn Gries Wedding [PICS]

| May 11, 2015 at 6:30 PM EDT
Big Brother Houseguests together in Texas

Big Brother Houseguests together in Texas – Source: @GinaMarieZ

Big Brother Houseguests came together this past weekend to attend the wedding of BB15’s Aaryn Gries complete with plenty of pics by bridesmaid GinaMarie Zimmerman and BBCAN’s Liza Stinton who made the long trip for some fun with the extended Big Brother family.

The wedding was held in Montgomery, Texas and included invited guests Jeremy McGuire and Spencer Clawson. There didn’t seem to be an appearance by the third leg of the girls’ trio, Kaitlin Barnaby.

Liza also shared pics of catching up with BB14’s winner Ian Terry and BB15 HG Jessie Kowalski, though neither appeared to be in attendance at the wedding, at least according to the group photos.

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Image credit: @GinaMarieZ & Liza Stinton


Big Brother 17 Casting Opportunities Enter Final Stretch As Deadlines Approach – Update: Final Days

| May 11, 2015 at 5:45 PM EDT

Big Brother 17 casting enters its final stretch as deadlines loom for both online applications and the open-call audition events. Get the details on how you can be cast on the next Big Brother this summer.

Update: Final days to submit your BB17 application! Don’t miss your chance to be a HG.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

This month the bulk of remaining open call events held by Kassting Inc. will wrap up with twelve more opportunities across the country. While others could be added it seems likely we’re narrowing down on your chances to get in front of the team that will handpick the BB17 cast. Casting locations & dates.

In-person isn’t your only option either as the online applications continue to roll but that’s about to expire as well. Robyn Kass announced the deadline for online submissions is Friday, April 24 May 15, 2015 so you’ve still got several weeks to send in your application. Online app details & links.

While having a famous sibling might not be an option for everyone to get cast, if you’ve ever thought about putting yourself out there and going for your dream of being a Big Brother Houseguest then this is your chance! Last season’s winner Derrick Levasseur said he pursued an application as a “getting older” sort of dream and boy did that work out well with the largest ever single season payday.

Do not miss your chance! Check out the remaining Big Brother 17 open call audition events list or apply online. Need tips and hints to prepare? BB12’s Matt Hoffman wrote a thoroughly detailed guide to making it on the show as a regular Joe (or Joey, just not as an ‘Alex,’ okay?).

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Big Brother Casting Director Teases It’s Time For Big Brother 17 Houseguests

| May 1, 2015 at 1:30 PM EDT

Robyn Kass is still working away at building the new Big Brother 17 cast as finalists are still being selected and contacted. Have you put in your BB17 application yet? It’s not too late.

Big Brother 17 casting is ready for new HGs

Big Brother 17 casting is ready for new HGs – Source: Instagram

When Big Brother 17 starts on June 24, 2015 we’ll be settling in for a brand new season with what I hope to be another all-new cast of characters and that just might include you.

Earlier this week Kass, casting director for CBS’ Big Brother, reminded cast hopefuls that she was readying her BB board to slap some new faces up there and start whittling down her options on who would be the next group of Houseguests for the upcoming season.

“And so it begins… Will your pic be on my board?” asked Kass.

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Big Brother HGs Rock Reality Rally 2015 [PICS]

| April 13, 2015 at 2:45 PM EDT

Big Brother Houseguests are generally awesome about supporting great causes and lending their recognition to charity so it’s no surprise that many of them were out again in force at this weekend’s Reality Rally.

Reality Rally & Big Brother HGs

Reality Rally & Big Brother HGs – Source: Instagram

Big Brother cast members from several seasons and even different franchises all hung out with fans to raise funds for Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer support organization which has pulled this event together year after year.

Fans were excited to see Houseguests from last season including Donny Thompson, Nicole Franzel, Hayden Voss, Christine Brecht, Devin Shepherd, and Brittany Martinez plus past seasons’s HGs like Danielle Reyes, McCrae Olson, Spencer Clawson, Michelle Costa, and many others. From up north we see Big Brother Canada Houseguests like Alec Beall, Arlie Shaban, Liza Stinton, Suzette Amaya, Peter Brown, and more.

Check out some of the fun photos below and find even more on Twitter and Instagram.

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Image source: Hayden Voss, MaMoosie, Twitter


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