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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 12 Sunday Highlights

| September 15, 2014 at 7:30 AM EDT

Big Brother 16 Derrick Levasseur

It wasn’t business as usual for Sundays in the Big Brother house as the Veto Ceremony arrived and settled who would be on the block for the surprise eviction coming up. The Houseguest think they have an extra day, but Frankie isn’t wasting any time as he continues to work any angles that could keep him in the game.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 14, 2014:

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Big Brother 16 Episode 36 Recap: The Jury Steals The Show

| September 14, 2014 at 9:55 PM EDT


The Big Brother 16 houseguests had a moment of deja vu when Big Brother sent the game into a rewind, but that didn’t last long as almost everything is playing out differently this week.

But it was really the jury the stole the show in this episode.

The episode picks up in the middle of the rewind Head of Household competition. And HGs are trying hard to make sure it’s not an exact rewind, meaning they do not want Frankie to be HOH again.

But Frankie is definitely giving them a run for their money yet again. Cody and Caleb aren’t far behind, but Caleb blazes ahead and wins the competition this time, sending Frankie into a frenzy of nerves and worry. But he’s acting like he’s not worried. But you can see his head spinning. And rightly so. Cody is already ready to make it happen (sending Frankie home that is).

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Big Brother 16: Frankie Tries To Warn Caleb About Derrick

| September 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM EDT

Frankie Grande sees the writing on the Big Brother wall and is trying anything he can to avoid eviction this week just days away from the season finale. Unfortunately for Frankie all his support has abandoned him and his advice is falling on deaf ears.

Caleb and Frankie discuss game moves

Caleb and Frankie discuss game moves – Source: CBS

While we’ve seen what an incredible game Derrick Levasseur has played from our vantage point at home his control and domination of the season’s moves has often been shrouded from the HGs who remain in the game. Now on his way out the door Frankie is trying to expose that position to the one person he thinks would do something about it.

Flashback to 2:20AM BBT (get the Free Trial now) as Frankie works on Caleb as to why he needs to campaign to keep him in the house. Of course without a vote this week, campaigning to Caleb is rather pointless but maybe Frankie knows that talking to anyone else is just as much of a waste of his time.

Frankie tells Caleb that Derrick has “played an impeccable social game” and has never even been nominated after twelve weeks of BB16. “I don’t think we can beat Derrick. I don’t know why everyone thinks that,” says Frankie. Caleb responds saying Derrick as never stabbed anyone in the back or thrown anybody under the bus. Heh. Frankie points out that’s what makes Derrick’s game so good. Caleb does not see it. Not in the least.

Caleb begins running through all the imaginary votes he thinks he and Frankie would have against Derrick. I’m not sure what reality Caleb is living it, but I don’t think any of us share it with him.

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‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Ceremony Results

| September 14, 2014 at 2:41 PM EDT

We have this week’s Big Brother spoilers revealing what happened with the Veto this week. The Feeds have returned and the results have confirmed this week’s final nominees who will be on the block when the Big Brother special eviction episode airs on Tuesday night.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

The Houseguests have been working the Rewind twist to their advantage and hope to put a big target on the path to eviction, but will they be able to move their pieces in to place before the surprise elimination?

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

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Big Brother 16: Caleb Offers Derrick Final 2 Deal – “Let’s Evict Cody”

| September 14, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT

Caleb has a plan to get himself to the end of Big Brother 16 for an “easy win.” Remember that discussion on Saturday afternoon between Cody and Derrick on how they could get to the Final Two together by cutting Caleb loose? Take that talk and reverse positions for Cody and Caleb. That’s Caleb’s new idea.

Derrick and Caleb discuss F2 scenarios

Derrick and Caleb discuss F2 scenarios – Source: CBS

Cody and Caleb had a long talk on Friday night where Caleb expressed his desire to go to the end in a toss-up chance instead of more decisive victory. Cody was sure to relay back to Derrick that Caleb thought he (Derrick) would be a knock-out win for Caleb and that soon solidified Derrick’s plans to cut Caleb at F4. Now Caleb is changing his tune, but is it too late?

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Big Brother 16: Cody Agrees To Target Caleb In F4

| September 14, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Derrick had been planting seeds in Cody’s mind that the time may come when they’d need to turn on Caleb and instead take Victoria on with them to the Final Three for Big Brother 16. Now it’s time to harvest that yield, but would Cody come around to the suggestion?

Cody Calafiore worries about the next evictions

Cody Calafiore worries about the next evictions – Source: CBS

Late Friday night Derrick spoke with Caleb in more solid terms that they would have their best shot going against Victoria in the Final HoH 3-round competition. This would prevent the chances of Caleb pulling off a very reasonable win and splitting up the Hitmen. Cody initially pushed back saying he would feel “terrible” about crossing Caleb, but would do what’s best for him and Derrick to move forward together.

After a night of sleeping on it, Cody came to Derrick with his decision. Flashback to 3:04PM BBT 9/13 Cams 1/2 as Cody and Derrick sit alone in the backyard discussing the situation.

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