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CBS Offers New Details On Big Brother 16 Events & Premiere

| June 12, 2014 at 2:00 PM EST

Today has been an overload of Big Brother 16 spoilers and reveals (check out the first House pics here) but it doesn’t seem ready to give us a rest just yet either! CBS has now released even more details on the upcoming season and what we can look forward to seeing.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Bonus Features

Big Brother 16 bonus features announced for new season – Source: CBS

Big Brother will launch in grand fashion this season with a “Two Night Move-In Event” starting Wednesday, June 25, 2014 and continuing Thursday night. That alone would have been fun news, but now we get even more action with it.

Before the season premiere Jeff Schroeder will be hosting a pre-premiere event called “Big Brother Live Kickoff” starting at 7PM ET that night. No word yet if it’ll be available to everyone or only Live Feeds subscribers as much of their preseason content has been so far.

After the Thursday night second premiere episode the Feeds will go live starting right after the West coast broadcast concludes. That means set your alarms for 1AM ET (6/27) and 10PM PT (6/26) to catch your first glimpse of the HGs coming at you live in High Definition! Another new season first.

Coinciding with the launch of the Feeds we’ll get more Jeff action as he hosts “Big Brother All-Nighter” which will offer up live Tweeting of the first 16 hours from the action we’re watching online. Of course I’ll be live tweeting the entire season, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (and on Facebook!) to find out what’s going on inside the house as it happens.

If you haven’t signed up for the Big Brother Feeds yet then be sure to do that now so you can get the cheaper pre-order pricing with the Early Bird sale. Once the premiere arrives the price goes up and you’ll pay more for the same thing available right now. Those Feeds are what let us watch inside the house with an uncensored (no bleeping like on BBAD) view of what’s really going on with the game rather than CBS’s edited version which often tells a much different, manipulated story.

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Jordan Lloyd Returns For Big Brother Live Chat Today

| June 12, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST

The “Winners Tell All” series featuring former Big Brother champions continues today with Jordan Lloyd exclusively on the Live Feeds preseason stream. Jordan, the latter half of JeJo, will join her boyfriend Jeff Schroeder for this week’s second live event.

Jeff and Jordan on an Australian beach

Jeff and Jordan on an Australian beach – Source: Instagram

Earlier this week we watched Hayden sit down with Jeff, but this time it’s the BB11 winner’s turn to tell us about what she’s been up to since winning Big Brother a few years back. Of course we already saw all the pics she shared from her trip to Australia with Jeff last year, but I’m guessing she’ll have more fun things to discuss.

Starting at 3PM ET (12PM PT) today (June 12th) Jordan will be live only on the Big Brother Feeds so you’ll need to be signed in there to join the chat and hear what she has to say. The chat may only last about thirty minutes so don’t get there late. If you miss the live event then check back later tonight for when CBS posts the video in your Feeds account.

You can still sign-up now for the Early Bird discount and save 20% over the in-season monthly rate by getting the full Season Pass. One time fee of $23.99 and you’ll have access all season long starting as soon as you sign-up so do that right now. From there you can watch in-house, uncensored cams all season!

Speaking of JeJo, check out these photos they shared from the red carpet this week at a movie premiere. Looking good!

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Image credit: Instagram

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ET Canada Reveals: First Look At Big Brother 16 House

| June 12, 2014 at 9:20 AM EST

Did you catch the blurry-cam look inside the Big Brother 16 house? GlobalTV ran a segment Wednesday night on ET Canada that showed Julie Chen inside the new Big Brother digs revealing the first look.

Big Brother 16 logo redesign

Julie Chen reveals Big Brother 16 spoilers – Source: CBS

The video clip ran past quickly, but the brief look was very promising and an all new design just like you’d expect of Big Brother.

So far the preview appears to have only run in Canada, so the lucky ones watching ET that night might have been the first of the public to see inside the upcoming season.

Now we’ll have to wait for the official photos from CBS which will arrive sometime before the Big Brother 16 premiere day on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 so keep with us to see that reveal!

In the mean time it’s fun to start speculating over what sort of theme we could be expecting for this season with all the crazy twist rumors out there. Tell me your thoughts in the Comments below!


Big Brother 16 Premiere Arrives In Two Weeks

| June 11, 2014 at 1:30 PM EST

The new Big Brother 16 season starts in just two weeks! Wednesday, June 25, 2014 marks the arrival of the best summer action we wait for each year and I couldn’t be more excited to be covering my favorite show and have you join us again this year.

Big Brother 16 commercial airs on CBS

Big Brother 16 airs on CBS starting this June – Source: @CBSBigBrother

So far we’ve followed along on the BB16 twist rumors and started planning for when we’d meet the new cast, but I think so far I’m most excited for the upgrade to High Definition. Big Brother has been in desperate need of a tech refresh in that house and it’s finally happened. Already we’re seeing better looking content on the Feeds with the preseason interviews and it’s setting my hopes high for just how good inside the house will look on the Live Feeds and episodes.

Of course the Live Feeds have their Early Bird preseason sale going on now, but it’s set to expire soon. Click here to sign-up using our link which gives us credit for the referral and helps keep me running the site for you all season and beyond! Covering Big Brother is my one and only summer job, aside from being a Mr. Mom work-at-home dad for an awesome toddler, so you know I’ll be watching every minute and sharing all the best Big Brother spoilers as soon as they happen on the Feeds!

Thanks again for joining us this season and be sure to add us on Facebook and Twitter plus sign-up for our Email Updates so you never miss a big event from inside the house. I’ll have my cast interviews soon for you to enjoy so get ready and thanks for your support!

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Hayden Moss On Big Brother 16 Twist & More

| June 11, 2014 at 9:40 AM EST

Big Brother winner Hayden Moss joined Jeff Schroeder this week on the Big Brother 16 preseason Live Feeds to discuss his time inside the BB12 house, what he’s done since including Survivor, and even some thoughts on the upcoming BB16 season. The full interview is available online here now.

Hayden Moss talks Big Brother 16

Hayden Moss talks Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Since Hayden is the first crossover player from Big Brother to Survivor we saw a lot of discussion on his run at becoming the Sole Survivor of Blood Vs Water. As a fan of Survivor I didn’t mind them going in depth there to a different topic, though that much coverage seemed to bug some fans.

Comparing the two shows Hayden observed that Big Brother’s competitions are much more fun than Survivor’s which are really taxing on the players. Of course there’s also the huge food gap between the two shows. Hayden pointed out how you could gorge on BB food while Survivor would sometimes force you to go days without a decent meal.

As for how Hayden got involved in Big Brother, well that’s another Survivor story. Hayden reveals he was approached to be a castaway, but when that didn’t work out he was given a shot at Big Brother and the rest is history. If he were ever given the chance, yes, Hayden would most definitely return for another season as a Houseguest. He says any former player would do it. I think he’s right!

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So what should the new Big Brother 16 cast do to prepare going in to the season? Nothing! Hayden says not to make any plans and just go with what happens. That’s gotta be music to the ears of the executive producers who are trying hard to throw “curveballs” and “twisted twists” at the upcoming Houseguests to disrupt any preconceived notions about how to play the game.

As for just what the next twist might be? Hayden predicts Big Brother 16 could be Blood Vs Water, something a lot of us have been hearing, but without any official word yet there’s just no way to be sure. Hayden reminds us that his guessing is purely speculation and based a lot on the theme’s success on his season of Survivor. Anything is possible. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Next up in the “Winners Tell All” series will be Jordan Lloyd, winner of BB11, when she joins Jeff this Thursday, June 12th, at 3PM ET (12PM PT) for a live chat available exclusively on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Sign up now, get your sale price with the Early Bird, and be set for an entire summer of Feeds with the Season Pass. If you’re not watching the in-house Feeds then you’re missing the real game!

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Big Brother 16 Preseason: Live Chat Today With Hayden Moss

| June 10, 2014 at 9:00 AM EST

Hayden Moss, former Big Brother winner, returns to the Live Feeds today to sit down and talk with you! It’s an exclusive event that you’ll need to sign up to attend, so don’t miss the fun.

Hayden Moss, Big Brother Winner

Hayden Moss, Big Brother Winner – Source: CBS

Starting today, Tuesday, June 10th, Hayden will be joined by host Jeff Schroeder for a “Winners Tell All” live chat. Want to ask Hayden a question or see what he has to tell other Big Brother fans? Then you’ve got to be a subscriber to the Live Feeds. You can get signed up now for the Free Trial and check out the chat event. If you do sign up today then you’ll be able to get the discounted Early Bird rate for your Season Pass and avoid paying more for the same thing when the season starts.

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The Live Chat kicks off at 3PM ET (12PM PT) and you can expect him to stick around for awhile, but not all day so be sure to set a reminder and get there when the chat gets started.

Hayden Moss chat on Live Feeds

In addition to the chat with Hayden there’s plenty of other content available now on the Feeds for pre-order subscribers. You can join Chat Rooms with other fans, watch past season episodes, and check out some of Big Jeff’s interviews with the executive producers and past HGs. Enjoy!


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