Big Brother 19 will return to CBS in the summer of 2017 following the news of a double season renewal on top of the Big Brother Over The Top series expansion in the Fall of 2016 on All Access. While BBOTT may be heading to online only we know BB19 will be back on CBS TV next summer.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Initially it looked like BB19 would be the fall season but CBS decided instead to keep the main thread of the BBUS franchise on broadcast television while creating a new branch, Over The Top, for the online version of the series. That should be a relief to fans who feared they wouldn’t be able to watch the next regular season of Big Brother.

After several very long seasons we can likely expect another nearly 100 days of Big Brother 19 when it returns in June 2017. Ratings remained strong for Big Brother on CBS even though it had to contend with the Rio Olympics for two weeks during the season. With that now out of the way we could see even stronger performance next summer.

Big Brother 19 Casting:

Casting is open for the next season so fans and BB Hopefuls can start submitting their online applications. We hope to see a lot of new faces next summer, but as always I’m sure there will be rumors of an All-Stars season. Keep in mind though there are no actual details to support that conclusion but that never seems to stop the rumor mill so I won’t be surprised to hear those claims again for Big Brother 19.

We had a great cast for this past summer so I’m hoping they can pull it off again. Considering a different casting team is working the BBOTT season maybe we’ll see them supporting next summer’s efforts as well. I wouldn’t mind some fresh ideas on the BB19 casting process.

Big Brother 19 Schedule:

CBS has announced BB19 starts on June 28, 2017 with a two-hour premiere and the return of the series’ regular three nights a week schedule. We’ll be watching every Thursday (9/8c), Sunday (8/7c), and Wednesday (8/7c) so get ready!

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