Big Brother 19 returned to CBS in June 2017 as part of a double renewal for Season 19 and Season 20 on top of the Big Brother Over The Top series expansion last fall on All Access. The new season is fully underway!

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Big Brother 19 Cast:

The Big Brother 19 cast was released to reveal sixteen all-new Houseguests for this season. No returning players this time around. Ages range from 21 to 55 with an older-than-average group this time, but not by much. Next step for this group is to head inside and get the game rolling!

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Big Brother 19 Live Feeds:

All Access will again be the home for our Live Feeds this season with the streaming video launching June 29th at 10PM PT (1AM ET). We’ll again be back watching 4 cameras complete with rewind features direct from inside the BB19 house.

The cost remains $5.99/mo after the one-week Free Trial. Signing up through our site banners & links to try it out will directly support our work here so thank you in advance.

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Big Brother 19 Schedule:

CBS has announced BB19 starts on June 28, 2017 with a two-hour premiere and the return of the series’ regular three nights a week schedule. We’ll be watching every Thursday (9/8c), Sunday (8/7c), and Wednesday (8/7c) so get ready!

‘Big Brother After Dark’ returns to Pop TV for season 19 so get ready for more late night BB action on your TV screens.

The Big Brother 19 finale date could be Wednesday, September 20th, but as of early June I haven’t seen the official date. This could be the year that Big Brother gets its own night for the finale instead of combining it with the Survivor 2017 premiere. Hopefully that means a full two hours for BB19’s season ender rather than a compressed, ninety minute show. Fingers crossed.

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