Candice Clown-tard

Well this just isn’t looking like it’s going to be Candice’s week. As part of a competition punishment she’ll be dressed in Big Brother 15’s iteration of the unitard punishment, the Clown-Tard, for the next week or until evicted, which ever comes first. Yikes.

Flashback on the Live Feeds to 6:59PM BBT to see Candice emerge from the DR and debut the Clown-Tard costume. She takes it very well though you can tell she’s a little embarrassed by it (who wouldn’t be?). The HGs all seem very supportive and encouraging, telling her the costume looks great.

Candice says she’s going to get a smaller, better fit version soon. Topping the whole clown costume off is the big red nose which, you guessed it, squeaks.

Check out the picture gallery of Candice dressed up in the Clown-tard costume. What do you think of this costume? How does it stack up to unitards of the past?

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