Big Brother 13 Top 10 Events – Part 1

Big Brother 13 wraps up this week with the Wednesday finale show which makes this the perfect time to look back over the season. Today we’ll go through the Top 10 BB13 events, numbers 10 through 6, and then tomorrow I’ll wrap it up with our countdown to the biggest event of the Big Brother season.

#10: Return of the Vets

Big Brother 13 Vets return

When CBS released only 8 names and faces in late June we knew something was up. Sure enough on premiere night in they walked. Brendon & Rachel, Evel Dick & Daniele, and Jeff & Jordan. It all seemed to be a half-cocked All-Stars season attempt. With the numbers against them the Vets should have been crushed by the Newbies. In fact, I’d wager the whole Golden Key twist was designed to protect the Vets (and productions’ investment) from being entirely picked off from the start. Didn’t work out that way, did it?

We’re still a few days from finding out if the one remaining Veteran can come out on top or if the Newbies will reclaim this season for their own.

#9: Donna Martin graduates… and then pays a visit

Big Brother 13 Adam shocker

It was silly. It was pointless. But come on, who didn’t see this coming? From the start HG Adam Poch announced his obsession with “Beverly Hills 90210” and Tori Spelling, who played Donna Martin for those blissfully unaware. If he wasn’t praising Dingo, he was talking about Tori so when Julie Chen announced an upcoming celebrity visit and Allison Grodner tweeted one HG would be very happy the outcome seemed obvious. Adam might not get to check off winning Big Brother on his bucket list, but meeting Tori Spelling is done.

There was no impact on the game from this event, just brainless entertainment and sometimes that’s good enough. Well, at least it’s good enough to claim the #9 spot.

#8: Evel Dick Donato vanishes in to the DR

Big Brother 13 Evel Dick

He came. He saw. He walked in to the Diary Room and was never seen again.

Evel Dick’s presence in Big Brother 13 turned in to the biggest tease when this fan favorite left the game just hours before the show’s premiere broadcast and the Live Feeds turned on. Production managed to stretch out his stay for a full week but for the online Feed viewers, he was never part of the action. Heck, you can’t even vote for him as America’s Favorite!

While we will never know just what happened or why Evel Dick had to leave, we can always speculate this would have been a very, very different season with his hand in the mix.

#7: Regulators were regulated

Big Brother 13 Regulators

Hey, let’s make a deal. If we’re ever on the block, then we’ll promise to vote out our partners. You watch my back, I’ll watch yours. And if that doesn’t work out, then let’s promise to fall like a row of dominoes and be the first four evictees this season. Goooo Stooges Regulators! Worst alliance evah or just the most poorly executed plan of the season? Well, I don’t know about that second part, that might belong to another stop on our countdown.

So what happened here? Keith, Cassi, Dominic, and Lawon, the self-dubbed alliance “Regulators.” All gone. And if you discount Brendon’s original eviction, then the Regulators managed to be the first four fully evicted from the season. These four were supposed to stick together, work the house, and secure their Golden Keys. Perhaps that illustrates the Newbs overall issue with the Vets situation. They considered partial defeat (losing their supporting partners) as an acceptable compromise. Perhaps if they had pulled all the Newbies together, not just half, and vowed to fight (and vote) together and compete little harder we might not be looking at the same Big Brother landscape.

#6: House fight!

Big Brother 13 Kalia and the house fight

Matt Hoffman said it was a moment straight out of his bestseller book “How To Hold Your Own In A Brenchel House Meeting™.” I called it, “finally something to watch on the Live Feeds!” The Big Brother 13 house became self-aware on July 27, 2011 at 12:50PM BBT. At 1:20PM BBT the HGs realized they were competing for a half-million dollars and the viewers wanted their pound of flesh. Aaaaand fight!

For whatever reason, Kalia decided it would be worth engaging Brendon in an argument which soon boiled over in to a full-on house battle royale. For a good hour plus the HGs crowded inside the kitchen, pointed fingers of blame, yelled, accused, enjoyed a pudding pack, and exposed everything going on with Daniele’s manipulation of the Newbies. Favorite line of the event, “Rachel, you’re an idiot.”

This house fight drew the lines in the sand. From here there was no going back. Daniele had been cast out from the Vets alliance in to the wilderness to start again. First stop on that journey: getting her new partner, Dominic, evicted. Luckily her next stop was smarter: winning the endurance competition and setting up a three-week run of power.

Bonus highlight from this event: After the dust settles and the arguments are over, Lawon decides to step up to the Festivus pole and declare he’s “playing this game for himself” and “starting tomorrow, you m*-f*’ers better watch out!” The house responds in laughter. Oh, Lawon. Don’t worry, we have a spot for you coming up.

There’s our first half of Big Brother 13’s Top 10 Events. Now read the rest of the Top 10 countdown, but in the meantime debate away on what makes your own top moments from the season.


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