Big Brother 13 Finale: Who Has The Votes – Updated

Big Brother 13 final 3

Big Brother 13 finale arrives on Wednesday night with a 90-minute installment (9:30PM ET/PT) and it looks like we could be in for an exciting night. We’ll get the pathetically short-lived first round endurance competition played out, an underwater second round, a live third round most likely featuring a quiz, the jury interrogation, and most importantly the big jury vote for who wins this season and receives a half-million dollar prize.

Since we’re down to our final 3 HGs it’s a good time to start looking at how those final jury votes could play out. This is purely speculation, but it’s grounded in the events to date so it’s a worth a look.

Rachel and Porsche have won the first two rounds of the final HoH competition and are allegedly going to take each other to the Final 3. Allegedly. Both women could be playing the part in hopes the other takes them to the end should either lose, but we probably won’t know for sure until it happens. All the same, we’ll review all three possible combinations of the Final 2 and see how things could turn out.

Scenario 1: Rachel and Porsche in the Final 2
Rachel and Porsche have told each other they’ll take the other no matter who wins round three. I believe this is the most likely scenario. If it really happens, Rachel could have her toughest challenge to secure the votes, but I still think she can do it.

Big Brother 13 Final 2: Rachel and Porsche

Rachel could win this four to three. Jeff, Jordan, and Brenchel are a given. Kalia and Shelly for Porsche should be a lock. Daniele left on better terms with Porsche, so I’ve put her in Porsche’s column, but considering Daniele’s previous comments on voting for the best competitor she could flip to Rachel especially if Rachel wins round 3.

Adam is a mixed bag and could be the pivotal vote. He told Jordan last week that he’s voting for Rachel even if she evicts him and especially if Porsche evicts him. Over the weekend he told Rachel he’s going to vote for her even if she doesn’t keep him (why would you say that, Adam?!). Later he told Porsche he’ll be influenced by who wins the last round. Now his big plan is to tell both Rachel and Porsche that they will lose his vote if he’s evicted. I’m calling his bluff. Rachel is a longtime Big Brother fan like Adam while Porsche hadn’t watched the show before. He’ll want to protect the “fan/competitor wins” angle. Adam will vote for Rachel.

Rachel wins 4-3 +/- 1.

Update: I know I said Shelly’s vote would be a lock for Porsche, but the more I thought about it, the more I doubted it. I couldn’t justify the why. But we do know Shelly resents Porsche for her eviction due to Porsche opening Pandora’s Box. She told us that in our interview with her. Would Shelly award $500K to someone she felt was a knucklehead and got her evicted? I think not. As such, I’m moving Shelly’s vote to Rachel’s column.

Rachel wins 5-2 +/- 1.

Scenario 2: Rachel and Adam in the Final 2
If Rachel wins round 3 on Wednesday night then I think she should take Adam. This is her easiest win scenario and here’s why.

Big Brother 13 Final 2: Rachel and Adam

Again, Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon are gimmes for Rachel. Shelly will have Adam’s back. Porsche could be irked at Rachel for not taking her to the Final 2 and vote Adam. That leaves Daniele and Kalia.

Yes, Rachel screwed up with that “a cow can’t change its spots” comment in her goodbye message to Kalia, but based on her reaction I’m not sure she got it. Kalia kinda seemed to think Rachel had screwed up the saying rather that doing it intentionally. Then again she might have just been covering and was rightfully offended. If that happens she could flip her vote to Adam, but then again Kalia called Adam the worst player ever. Speaking of, Daniele also called Adam the worst player ever. (Apparently, if you don’t act to save Daniele or Kalia, then you’re the worst player ever while voting out Jeff makes you the best…) And yes, Rachel screwed up again by calling names during a goodbye message. But if Daniele has had time to get over that and maintains her “Adam = worst” perspective, then she’ll vote for Rachel.

Rachel wins 5-2 +/- 1.

Scenario 3: Porsche and Adam in the Final 2
If Porsche wins and bails on her deal with Rachel then we’ll have Adam and Porsche at the end. Here I’d say Adam has his big chance to win.

Big Brother 13 Final 2: Porsche and Adam

Adam flipped sides like it was his job this summer, but he ended up on the side with the most Jury votes in this scenario. Adam didn’t use the Veto which would have kept Kalia and evicted Jordan. That helps secure him votes with the Vets alliance. Better yet for Adam, it won’t be his fault Rachel was sent to Jury. Adam will pick up Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon. Just like before, Shelly will have Adam’s back. Meanwhile Daniele and Kalia, still hating on Adam, will vote against him.

Adam wins 5-2.

There are my predictions. Rachel could win no matter who her opponent is if she makes it to the very end. Porsche will probably lose no matter who she faces in front of the Jury. Adam would have a chance, but only against one of them.

If Rachel wins Round 3 then she picks who gets $50K. If Porsche topples Rachel, then she’ll get to hand out some cash instead, but this time it’ll be $500K.

Wednesday’s Big Brother 13 finale should be intense!


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    • That tramp (Rachel) does not deserve to win but, I think that she will. It is funny that when ever anyone tried to play the game different from the way the vets wanted, they became the enemy. Well, it is just a game.

      • actually, she does deserve to win over adam and porshe.. she’s won numerous hoh’s, pov’s, etc.. yeah, adam and porshe have, but only a couple in the end.. they’ve done nothing in this game.. rachel has actually fought to stay.. never thought i’d say it, but rachel should win..

      • have you been watching the same big brother as everyone else? Rachel is the only one left since final 5 that deserves it!!! you really think that adam or porsche has played the game better than rachel?

      • It’s funny you say that Rachel doesn’t deserve to win because I’d argue that Rachel played the best game of ANYONE in the house.

      • In fairness to Porsche she wasn’t able to play as she had the golden key after week 1….and she was a good competitor when she did compete……WAY better than Adam. But my personal opinion is that none of them actually DESERVE to win…..if you throw a comp you don’t deserve to win….thats just how I see it….and EVERYONE threw a comp this year. Not just Rachel, Porsche, and Adam…..EVERYONE

      • Who days floating side to side isn’t a good game? Really? There’s two floaters sitting in final three. I mean they put the cruise on and sat back while everyone else got chewed up and spit out. I like Adam to win over Porsche, but at this point I’m team Rachael. I love how much she’s matured over this summer. Jordan was a great influence on her. : )

      • In one breath you call Rachel a tramp and in another say how it’s just a game. So why the personal attack ?

      • Everyone is saying Porsche did nothing until the end. You have to understand though, that she had the golden key the first week and was not allowed to play in any of the competitions until the top ten. I think Porsche played a great game. Rachel deserves to win based on her game also, but she is a nasty person on the inside, which is why I don’t like her.

      • Lisa, the golden key gave Porsche an excuse for four weeks, let’s say 28 days (even though in BB days that might not be exact, but it’s give or take). She didn’t wake up and ‘do anything’ until around day 50, and as mentioned, golden key twist was ‘donunzio’ (God I have to stop using Dani phrases I’m making myself sick) as of day 28. So what was her excuse from day 28-50? Which is 22 days and just over 3 weeks…of nothingness. “Flying under the radar” I guess.

      • rachel so doesnt deserve to win.. she was a complete loser the entire season…. what a whiner, complainer and poor sport… it just shows what a really bad competetor is

      • the vets were completely arrogant and bullies… i sincerely hope rachel goes home with third place…

      • well yes the golden key idea was finished as of day 28 or whatever, but from them until porsche started winning she came in 2nd like 3 times. thats pretty good. what about after rachel won her 2 hoh’s and then went like weeks without winning anything! what about that? ohhh that’s right; it doesn’t matter because it’s ‘RACHEL’

      • and to Dlewisakjps, you are so right! Jordan was a great influence on Rachael! I liked Rach from the beginning; she had to fight from day 1! But to see her mature and actually learn to hold her mouth and to show some respect for fellow human beings was a real sign of maturing! Rach had to fight everyday stay in and everyone can blow smoke if they want; it’s a game! I loved Jordan and Jeff! So does most of America, watch who gets the $25 grand!
        I predict R/J final 2 with J/J as America’s Favorite and Rachel as the big winner! Go Big Red! Have your dream wedding baby girl! (Even though Brendon doesn’t deserve you!)

    • I totally disagree as far as Porshe goes. I think If Porshe takes Adam she will win, either 5/2 or 4/3. If Rachel takes Adam she will win 7/0. Adams only chance are the ones that don’t like Porshe. If Rachel and Porshe go to the final Rachel will take it either 7/0 or 6/1. Once people get in the jury house they forget the lies and the backdooring and relize that is was a strategic move and if you didn’t get me that week I was going to get you the next week. They (in the jury) will totally base their votes on game play! I have said it before and I’ll say it again Rachel had to fight EVERYDAY in that house to stay!!!There was a target on her back from day 1 until NOW!!! Rachel has gone above and beyond to prove that she deserves 500,000.00. I probably would not feel this strongly about it if Brendan was still in the house because I don’t like that Rachel. The real Rachel came out when he left the house!!!

  1. I agree totally with all the above scenarios.

    I really am hoping that Rachel is playing Porsche and will take Adam to the finals if she wins Round 3. If she wins Round 3 and takes Porsche she might lose Adam’s vote and the half mil.

  2. @ Matt(BBN)

    Do you think Adam would vote for Porsche if she won part 3 of the HOH comp! He did tell Porsche that the last part of the HOH could decide who he votes for but I am not sure if I can trust him enough to think he wouldn’t just vote for Rachel anyway even if she loses to Porsche in part 3! I really think that whoever wins the final HOH should be the winner of BB13 assuming P and R take each other so I hope Porsche wins and convinces Adam to vote for her in the end! Then she would win 4-3 instead of Rachel! I have a very bad feeling about Adam voting for Rachel though which SUCKS!!!

    • As I mentioned above, I’m not convinced Adam will vote for Porsche even if she wins Round 3. He’s sent mixed messages, but has said he’d vote for Rachel either way and especially if it’s Porsche that evicts him which could only happen if Porsche won round 3.

      • True! I think her only shot would be to try to convince Adam that if she wins the last HOH then she will have beaten Rachel who is considered one of the season’s best competitors and since she beat Rachel then she is just as good or better than Rachel! Really doubting this will work though! I just am not a Rachel fan at all so I really don’t want her to win! I will admit I respect her more this year and her gameplay was better but I just don’t like her!!! Hopefully the worst Porsche does is second! Adam doesn’t deserve 50K and certaintly doesn’t deserve the 500K!!!

      • That’s a good point. It’s certainly still a possibility for Porsche to convince Adam. Just have to see if Porsche winning R3 outweighs her evicting Adam from F2.

      • Adam will vote the way the vets want him to, he pretty much has stayed true to Jeff/Jordan and will continue to once in jury house, that is almost a given.

    • I have a bad feeling about Adam all the way around. He is going to try and play one against the other as he wants to be in F2. I hope both Rachel and Porsche don’t fall for it.

    • Adam thinks is scars of the vets, that`s why he spent the whole summer kissing their butts

      he will vote for the person that Jeff will vote… Jeff is jelous because Porshe evtc him and his dumb flotter girlfrind….Jeff will make Adam to vote for rachel

      • Jeff cant make anyone vote for anyone, Adam will do it because he’s loyal to J/J not for any other reason, he loves them.

      • fabio, you have been making rude, unkind comments about some of the nicest houseguests all season, I for one, do not appreciate it at all.

        For someone like you who constantly calls someone dumb (as you do to Jordan in this case) I think it’s really funny that you call someone a “dumb flotter”. Who is the dumb one when you can’t even spell floater? I think it’s you!

        And by the way as has been pointed out many times on the boards, Jordan was not a floater, she didn’t float back and forth with the power shifts, she stuck with the same team all the way through.

        Not only can’t you spell it but you don’t even know what it is.

      • @Neutral Observer – I find it surprising the number of people who still don’t know what a floater is and sadly it’s really a waste of your valuable time trying to convince them of the true meaning. This is particularly true when the person you are trying to educate cannot type, spell or form a simple sentence.

      • it’s completely pathetic if adam would let jeff influence his jury vote. i mean come on…at some point a person has to get off the teet right? he is obsessed and in love with jeff (and all the vets, come to think of it) and it’s sickening.

  3. I agree that Rachel will win. Porsche will not have the votes to win first prize, but I would never want to see Adam win the big money or even 2nd place.

    I would want Rachel and Porsche to be at the end. I think Rachel was friends with Porsche to start and has always respected people who won comps. She is a competitor and even respected Kalia when she won. Rachel and Porsche have reconnected again and Rachel and Porsche made a F2 deal and Porsche came through for Rachel as Rachel did not want to face Adam in questions. I hope the two stick together with Rachel winning and Porsche coming in 2nd.

    Just my opinions and I know not every one will agree.

    • I agree with you. Your opinions are based on reality, not “I hate so and so, so they shouldn’t win.” I think Porsche and Rachel are the most deserving based on their game play and comp wins.

    • I too agree with you, Gail! Logic says this is the way it should be and hopefully the way it will be! Let’s just hope that the others think like this, I think Rachel will but who knows about Porsche. I swear one day you think maybe she can see logic and the next it’s like okay, are the sweats so tight they are restricting blood flow and causing lack of oxygen to her brain? And that has nothing to do with disliking her, that has to do with worrying about her physical health! LOL!

  4. WELL Porshe and Adam makes final 2
    and rachel and brendon vote for Adam, that means they were all full of shit….they spent the whole season calling people flotter, and in the end they would vote for a flooter?

    i think Porshe deserves to win the most.
    The made no personal game like rachel did, and she was not a flotter like Adam.

    If rachel wins wont be fair…because she should not even be there if was not CBS bringing Brendon back..and if was not for the Pandorax Box.
    Thats why no matter what , she does not deserve.

    Adam does not deserve because he is the wrost player ever.

    porshe won competitons when she had to and the most important ones…

    • America brought back Brendon, not CBS. America could have voted for Dominic and Kalia could have not been so foolish w/ her Lawon renom. In that scenario Team Daniele would have grown stronger while Team Vets was chipped away.

      Pandora’s Box was thanks to Porsche’s decision to open it. Then if the Newbs had beat Rachel she would have gone home.

      “Worst player ever” is a ridiculous title to throw on Adam especially when you’ve got Lawon and his “renom me!” move in the same season.

      Then you’ve got Porsche who changed teams from Vets to Daniele/Kalia when Vets went out of power and Daniele/Kalia went in. Hmm, I think there’s a BB term for that…

      • hey baby
        is not only me…but everyone has been saying that Julie Said 2 million of people voted and Brendon got 1 million of votes.
        and on their own CBS website they says brendon got 39%.

        Dont you think that 1 million out of 2 millios is 50%..

        and where does this 39% comes from?

        it was Porshe`s choice to win
        but why they made a first time ever a endurance competiion for the veto?
        and why they made the same challenge as week 1? Only because won that same challenge( well Dani threw to her anywyas)

      • “Hey baby”?

        Regardless of what Julie might have said, if the actual numbers showed 39% then it was 39%. In our poll with 30K votes, Brendon tied for the win, so it’s not hard to imagine he won a larger poll that didn’t include only online, more informed viewers.

        Feel free to keep making excuses for why the Newbies couldn’t win comps. I didn’t realize they had physical deformities which prevented them from being able to hold on to something.

      • LOL @ “Feel free to keep making excuses for why the Newbies couldn’t win comps. I didn’t realize they had physical deformities which prevented them from being able to hold on to something.”

        I agree with Matt

      • Matt you surely are naive.
        The show clearly interferes with the progression of the game throughout the season. They KNEW Brandon would be voted back in, as Dom and Cassie split the votes among the Newbie fans and Brandon got ALL the votes from Vet fans. The Pandoras box was clearly used to give Rachel and Jordan an advantage, the timing seemed just a little too perfect. Then look at Rachel’s Pandora box the next week. The producers clearly told her she needed to take it and it wouldn’t effect the outcome of the game, considering the way she’s played she NEVER, and i mean never would have taken it on her own. Don’t think the producers really try to manipulate the game? 2 years ago they just gave Jeff the coup de tat when all the shitty people were dominating the game.

      • I remember exactly what was said, because I discussed it with people afterward. Julie said that Brendon received OVER a million votes out of OVER 2 million votes. So don’t take the 1 mil, 2 mil numbers so literally. She was probably just rounding it to closest big number.

      • Could you be that clueless all the votes didn’t just go to 2 people. There were 4 people included in those votes Cassi and Kieth got some of them.

      • Hmmm…evidently fabio (hearts) Matt(BBN)…Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with baby. Worst player ever: Lawon.

      • @Andrew: I’m naive? Hardly. I never argued production doesn’t influence, but they can’t force.

        Unless CBS developed a mind-reading device, they did not “KNOW” Brendon would be voted back. Nor did they “KNOW” Kalia would do something as stupid as leading the charge to evict her own alliance member and going net -2 w/ that twist when they could have gone even-trade (which would have resulted in Brendon letting Rachel win the comp and going back in while Brendon was eliminated from the game).

        No, Pandora’s Box was not an “advantage” it was an opportunity. Rachel could have been beaten and then she would have gone home. They didn’t hook Rachel on to make sure she won. She just had the opportunity to stay safe.

        When has Pandora’s Box EVER given two big changers much less in a row? One is a big twist, the rest are silly/rewards.

        What’s your proof that “producers clearly told her she needed to take it and it wouldn’t effect the outcome of the game”? “Clearly,” really?

        Call me naive all you want, but at least take off your tinfoil hat before you do it.

      • agreed! Lawon has to be the worst player in BB history. THere is no way Adam is worse than Lawon. Lawon was a super-floater who was dumb enough to think he would be granted super-hero powers and get back in the game. I was never so happy to see him and his horrible yelling diary room sessions gone. I never liked Rachael in season 12, and didn’t like her much in the beginning of this season, but I have to say that without Brendon there, she really grew on me and I do hope that she wins. Yes she is annoying and a poor sport when she loses, but it’s a poor sport with herself, not with others. I hate to see her throw all that money away on Brendon though, he doesn’t deserve it, he’s a jerk!

      • Like it’s been said, the vets advantage having already played is entirely mental, how to see the game, how to play scenarios, etc. It is NOT in physical competitions, that has to do with the shape they’re in and their will to win, the mindset of mind over matter, etc. Keith, Dominic, Porsche were all in fine enough shape to compete in physical competitions. They weren’t at a disadvantage there whatsoever, unless their mindsets or will to win wasn’t there, in which case it’s nobody’s fault but their own.

        And to the person (I believe Andrew) who talked about Jeff’s Coup d’etat power in his season, that was also voted into his hands by America. Maybe you think that vote was rigged too? Rachel has a lot of fans who would’ve voted for Brendon, JeJo fans easily could’ve voted for him in hopes he’d help them and I don’t need to remind you how many JeJo fans there are. To think he couldn’t feasibly have been voted back in legitimately is absurd. That being said, I realize and agree that production interferes and influences, but there’s a difference between prodding and forcing. If they forced their agenda, Jeff wouldn’t have backdoored Daniele.

      • numbers mean nothing. don’t you think cbs could intervene and twist things exactly the way they want them? it was so obvious that cbs wanted rachel and jordan to stay, when the duo twist was back for the 1 week when they happen to be on the block. endurance? yeah…that was interesting too. people are obtuse if they think cbs doesn’t manipulate things.

    • Heh, that’s certainly possible. But I wonder how much time the next evictee will have with the Jury since the eviction and jury voting will be live. Might not be much time in between for debate.

    • Anywaysssssssssss

      Who will win? the person that CBS wants to.

      Because the last HOH is quenstion… If they want rachel to win they make questions that she knows about…or if they wanna porshe to win they will make question she knows about..

      But lets be Honest…Of course CBS wants a veteran to win…no doubt

      It sucks… As long I hated the Brigade , but they made their on way to the finals

      I Like Rachel, but if she wins wont be fair

      • fabio: I hadn’t realized that BB producers/CBS were able to read minds. So THAT’S how they figure out to ask the questions that either P or R know or don’t know… Now THERE’S a power… To bad they don’t take it to Vegas, where they could use their mind reading skills to make a heck of a lot more money than in producing one measly game/reality (?) show!

      • Your not being fair, Rachel would have earned the win just like any of the other two if the jurors vote for them, its not all about the comps, its social game too

      • Fabio…the last round of this HoH competition is pretty luck-based. Choose A or B as your answer to how your former houseguest answered this question. “Jordan said the funniest moment in the house was…” (this is a completely made-up example) “A: When the houseguests reacted to her humilitard” or “B: When the houseguests reacted to Adam’s elf suit”. Rachel and Porsche choose A or B, a video monitor shows Jordan answering the question, 1 point goes to the correct answer. Most points at the end of 6 questions (One from each jury member) wins. If it’s a tie, there’s a tie-breaking question.

        How are they going to fix this one to tip the scales in Rachel’s favour? Doesn’t seem very likely.

      • people are silly if they think that cbs doesn’t manipulate things. i’m not saying the final jury vote is, but certainly throughout the season they have. and btw, cbs makes plenty of money on all these reality shows. in fact they are wayyy cheaper than a drama/sit com.

  5. Rachel, in spite of her immaturity deserves to win! Adam is a nice guy but has done nothing -play wise. Porshe is 2nd choice.

  6. Hey Matt(BBN),

    Sorry to bug you again, but is there any possibility that you and/or Evil Dick will do one more episode of Dick at Night or Gremlin Cave before Wednesday’s season finale!!!

    I love watching them on RTV Zone and would love to watch one more where everyone on the show says who they think will win!!! Maybe bring back Dom, Cassi, Keith, and Lawon if they have some free time in the next couple days!!! Just a thought!!!

    It would be great to see who the Regulators want to win this season since they can’t decide the outcome anyway and would not be spoiling this season’s final result!!!

    Hope this happens! If not then I guess I will have to wait and watch the finale interviews with all the houseguests after the show on Wed!!!

    Lastly, thanks for all the entertaining posts on this site throughout the season! VERY ENTERTAINING! Then again that is what I would expect from the “Brains of the Brigade”!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  7. I truly believe Rachel deserves to win BB 13. She is by far the best competitor of the 3, even though she could be annoying at times. She won crucial victories, and basically was true to her word. Adam totally sucks. Rachel should take Portia, and Rachel should win, I hope.

    • dont forget
      Dani have to her the 1st HOH
      and Porshe gave the 1st veto

      and CBS gave to her 2nd veto…

      Porshe won the most important competion of the season….the last Veto

      • Yeah Matt(Owner Of Big Brother Network lol more than just this time)I agree with you. Round 3 is the most important competition of the season. I appreciate your step by step predictions and hope Rachel wins.

      • Omg fabio your so ridiculous. Dani didn’t “give” her the first HOH. If you were playing poker and you had a great hand, would you fold as long as the person next to you shares the winnings? NO!!! People(especially people like Dani who are so competetive) do not just drop for the fun of dropping. She was dropping period, and saw that Rachel was solid. Even on the dummies Rachel was the only one who had not an ounce of trouble pulling herself up higher on those dummies. She’s very strong. Even when Dani asked her to deal Rachel said go ahead and drop cause I’m not coming down. Porsche gave her her first veto! Lmao. You’re right cause I’m quite sure keith and Porsche would have won that anyway. You don’t know so you don’t get to say it was given to her. We will go your route then and say CBS gave Adam his first veto, not Jeff because Brendon and Rachel were the only 2 not picked, we’ll also say Jeff gave Porsche her veto by tossing his shoe over the side of the bin. Your arguments are made with pure tunnel vision. Just because you want “team dani” to come out on top. And one more thing, let’s not forget Rachel gave Porsche her chance in this game, if not for Rachel, Porsche would have been gone week one! Just saying.

      • daniele could beat her butt in an eudrance challange any day of the week. dani is the queen of endurance.

    • Rachel has earned every HOH and Veto she’s won. Go Rachel!

      She wasn’t handed anything this season or last. If anything, it’s been harder this season bc she and Brendon came in true targets. Above all of the houseguests, she’s played the best game.

    • Dear veto Fan

      I guess you did not watch the first HOH Competion

      Yes… Dani and rachel were the 2 last standing… but Dani made a deal with Rachel to not put up her and Dick on the block.

      Yes then Dick and Dani had a plan to put Porshe on their side giving her the golden key..and then Rachel and brendon just did what Dick and Dani told them to do

      • Fabio, they made a deal while up on the bananas in the HOH comp. Rachel wasn’t exactly slipping and on her way down when she struck a deal with Dani. If they don’t make a deal, I have no doubt in my mind that Rachel says ‘Fine’ and stays on longer, Dani probably does too. They were already somewhat on the same team anyway, that early in the game Dani hadn’t flipped on the vets yet. Why not trust that deal at that point in time? Dani dropped after the deal was made, it wasn’t handed to Rachel.

      • Why is anyone even playing into this ‘fabio’ guy? Since English is clearly not a language ‘he’ is fluent in its kinda a waste of time. right?

  8. ok so i have to ask, what ever came of rachel wanting a pregnancy test because she was 3 weeks late. I mean is she or isnt she.

    • rachel thinks this whole season was based on her.

      She will be socked to know that CBS did not even air her Fake Wedding.

      and even more socked to know that Dani and Jeff was the 2 most popular players this season

      • They featured the BB Wedding on the CBS website, and they kinda made a big deal about it. It was also done on BBAD, and from what I could gather I think BB asked them to do it so it would be on Showtime.

      • Although I think you’re full of beans, with all due respect, fabio, I don’t think there is any way Dani would be voted most popular houseguest.

      • they showed the entire wedding on showtime, and NO way is Dani a favorite, where are you getting this stuff from?

      • Uhh, Fabio, I am like the others here and have to disagree. At this point Rachael has moved ahead of Dani in the popularity votes. Jeff has lead the whole way, Jordan has been in second place, Dani was in third and Rach 4th, but not now, Rachael has taken the lead over Dani and still gaining. I check the polls quiet often And the wedding was a big deal, it highlighted on CBS website and Showtime used it as well as the feeds. They have to give the people that pay extra money the good stuff first sometimes or they would quit paying for the extras! It was hilarious!

    • I was watching the live feeds when Rachel told Jordan that she did do a pregnancy test and it was negative.

    • Well

      We can that after the 3rd week. Dani become the center point in the game.
      Because it was Dani vs the whole house.
      And she was showed all the times on the CBS Shows…and on show time they would show only her…. even when Jeff got HOH , they would still only show what Dani was doing on the show time..

      • They show everyone on showtime, after Jeff won hoh they were trying to show dani’s crews reaction to the power shift. I can’t recall them only showing one person all the time, that would be stupid.

  9. If Adam wins will be a tragedy…
    This whole season will be just wasted…
    I will feel like i wasted my whole summer watching big broter…

  10. I want Rachel to win Soo much!! But I kinda feel sorry for Adam, I didn’t before, but watching him sadly throwing in the towel was kinda pathetic. He does seem like a truly nice guy. I hope R takes him to final so he can at least get 50k. Porche sat on her butt (big butt) most of the season.

      • I don’t think anyone was lazier than Porsche & Kalia. Adam was usually the second one up every morning with Shelly.

      • Shhhooooccckkkkeerrrr.

        Of course they are in the lead. I was a fan of them in BB11, but I’m so over them now. CBS has given them several chances to win more money: 2 seasons of BB and the Amazing Race.

        What’s it going to be next, Survivor???
        Hell, might as well put them on one of the CBS soap operas too. Why not?

        Jeff already got 15K this season. He won America’s Choice in BB11, Jordan won BB11….let someone (anyone) else win America’s Choice!

      • Jeff wanted to come back to try to win this time. I for one felt he played a good game and didn’t make any huge mistakes leading to his eviction, he got screwed over by someone who was supposed to be a close friend and ally. I know this is Big Brother, but we all know getting duped like that by a clear ally is rare. You’re right, he has a total of $40,000 from last year and this year combined (plus more in stipends, just like everyone else) but that’s far from the $500,000 I felt he deserved. So I’ll be voting for him again, $65,000 is still far, but it’s closer.

        Besides, this vote is America’s Favorite, not ‘Come on America Share the Wealth’.

      • Doesn’t change the fact that a normal person would feel very uncomfortable around him… I’ve dealt with a lot of strange people in my life, but he takes it to a whole different (creepy) level…

      • LOL@ispy. If they’re going to have another All-Star, no doubt Jessie will be included. Unfortunately.

  11. The last scenario (Adam vs. Porche) is a load of crap. Rachel and Brendon would NEVER vote for Adam to win. So basically it’s either Porsche wins or Rachel wins.

    • Rachel will vote for Adam if Porsche doesn’t keep her word and take her to F2. Not too sure about Brendon since he will not have a chance to speak with Rachel before the vote.

      • both rachel and Porshe are saying they will take each other only in case they loose

        Of course they wont do that…

  12. personnally i prefer Adam gets the 50k than Porsche the multi faced gal that if Rachel wins it all
    how can R forget so easily how P was with her all the time D was in the house? and if she only knew the things she said about her and all P has done throughout the game, can’t wait to know her reaction when she sees it all when BB wraps, hope they show us or that we know somehow…

  13. Does anyone know if the final leg of the final HOH competition will played live on Wednesday or if it will be played ahead of time? I ask because i just saw a promo of the finale and it shows Rachael walking into the storage room and bursting into tears. Made me wonder if they already played the third part and she lost.

  14. The ONLY thing I’d disagree with in your summation of the final voting would be that Danielle will reward for game play and vote for Rachel to win, even if she goes up against Porsche. Danielle is like Rachel in that she puts game play above all so I think Rachel would win 5-2 against Porsche.

    • I certainly agree it’s a good possibility. I wrote that up above that Daniele could easily flip over due to Rachel’s “competitor” status and vote for Rachel over Porsche, especially if she wins R3.

      • Dani will give her vote to Porsche who was in alliance, she doesnt like Rachel, also Porsche won quite a few comps too, important ones that allowed her to stay in the game, Porsche and Rachels game were very much similar, except Porsche knew no one coming in

    • She would vote for Rachel if Rachel was the best player or at least would have done a good game plplay?

      But which games moves did Rachel ?/
      Can you at least tell me one, besides making Jordan to put Cassi up, because she was jelous of her?

      • Rachel got Kalia out, she broke up Dani/Dom, she got out half the regulators (lol, as if they were anything but a joke), she won 3 hohs and 2 vetos, also, she survived eviction 3 times. Not to mention, she won 1st round of the Final HOH, which is the hardest. Something has to be said for being a target the entire game and making it to this point.

  15. What a horrible season! First CBS pays extra for the veterans to appear. Then, CBS puts the golden key rule to try and preserve them. Lastly, the duo twist when it appears another vet will get evicted? CBS cast a bunch of feeble emotional wrecks that surprise me when a full sentence is constructed!! It makes me ill when the newbies praised the vets as celebrities when CBS itself unleashed Rachel as “something bad” on the rest of the house the past year!!! …
    …I say CBS puts the money back into the pot and gives it to the winner next year.

    • I respect and like all the houseguest everysingle season, and think they are great people, and thanks for them to keep me busy.

      But if CBS would not “make” their own show..
      the show would be much better

  16. I keep hoping that Rachel wins round 3 and takes Adam to the F2. Not because of any silly blackmail games he may be playing, but because Rachel is well aware that Porsche threw her over when team Dani came into power. I keep remembering how Rachel reminded Porsche of this and saying “you bought one (D) and got one (K) free.” Adam did the switcheroo, too, but came back when he was needed. If Adam should go to the jury, whether he has time to consult with other jury members or not, I think he’s a big enough fan of the game to want to be on continuing good terms with the vets, and will vote with them. Wish there were some way Rachel could find out just how nasty Porsche had been during her “mean girl alliance” phase, but I think Adam was out of the loop on that one.

  17. @Matt

    I think the only reason Fabio likes Porsche is because she is the one person with a bigger brain than his. He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Examples: he spells the word floater as flotter & flooter, he spells Pandora’s Box as Pandorax, and he doesn’t understand the difference between you (the owner of this website) and Matt Hoffman from BB12. I wouldn’t waste my breath trying to explain anything to him. Lol.

    Thanks for your insight.

    Rachel Reilley to win BB13. She is the only one left that deserves to win.

    • why there`s so many jelous people in this world?

      That`s why..I hope you find peace someday

      Why dont you focus on the Big Brother Houseguest and let me out??

      We are here to talk about them and not about me ..right??

      Anywyas…thanks for waste your time and talking about me..

      First of all, Dani should win this whole game… if was not for her, this season would be wrost than season 9..
      Thanks to Dani

      Second, I really like Rachel as a person, and i just think this season had to many production manipulation and one of them was in favor for Rachel… that`s all..
      Anyways I think Rachel deserves much more than Jordan, because Jordan did anything else besides sitting in the Hot Tub and talking on Dani`s Back.

      May the Best Women`s win…

      • LOL @Kathy. Yeah, I have the same reaction.

        And by the way, NOBODY can top the “mean girls” when it comes to talking behind somebody’s back. Bashing is the appropriate word for what Cowlia, Porkche, bratty/fugly (her attitude) Dani, and loonyShellHE has been doing. I almost stopped watching because of bratty Dani and her brainless minions. Bratty getting evicted is on my top 5 favorite moments in BB13.

  18. I think that if Porsche wins Round 3, she’ll win regardless. If Rachel wins Round 3, she’ll win regardless.

    Assuming the vets will vote for Adam just because they were on his side is very naive. I’m sure they’ll see Porsche as the better competitor and give her the win.

    • I agree with that.

      As long as Jeff and Jordan were acting really different from what they did in season 11. ( Just liek Jordan said, she dont wanna come back, she did only because of Jeff).

      And as long as Jordan and Jeff is jelous because Porshe put both of them out with Kalia`s help.

      I think they would still vote for Porshe over Adam.

      I can see final 2.
      Porshe and Adam

      and Porshe wins 7-0

      • @fabio… I knew all along that you were a)delusional, b)on some kind of drug or c) just plain in love with Porksha!!! She doesn’t have a chance in h*** against a great vet player!!!
        Rachel will win!! Adam will be 2nd. Porksha? I think she is a lost little lamb.

  19. The last comp will be endurance, and we know both Porsche and Adam (were he to even play, which he’s not) are lousy at endurance, so Rachel will for sure win the #3 comp. Adam will tell both P&R individually that he will not vote for them if they don’t take him to F2 as a last ditch effort. With Rachel Adam is the deciding vote, with Porsche, it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t have enough to win. hope Rachel picks Adam because there won’t be a voting issue, Rachel has sure earned 1st place!

    • Did you ever watched this show before???

      Last Competition endurance???

      where are you ?? OLOLOLOLOLOLO

    • ispy: seriously do you not pay attention at all before you post something so far down on a board?? The last comp is a quiz. Also, do you not even watch the show? Adam doesn’t get to play round 3. I think you need to take a timeout, go sit in the corner and think about what you posted.

  20. Porche deserves nothing, she should have been evicted for the Benefiber incident. Also I think Dani will vote for the best player and that is not porche

  21. My 4 year old just came in with a long chain around her neck with earrings hanging on it saying, “Look, I won the power of Veto!” BB has a 4 year old fan :-)

  22. Matt BBN: I think Rachel may get all of the votes.The newbies flock and vote like sheep. So when they see Dani vote for Rachel they will want to keep there new best friend and vote alike.

  23. I am sure they will let Evil Dick make a whole evaluation of the game.

    he will probably says who deserves to win or not.

    And as long he is a horrible father, he will say only bad things about Danielle.

    Adam is thiking that Dick and America loves him…
    would be nice to letting Dick`s to let Adam knows that people say`s that Adam is wrost player ever

    • My Name is Fabio…I will be making a new commercial selling I can’t believe it’s not big brother..because I’m a complete and utter idiot when it comes to my posts. Thanks, time to go get a hair cut and peck implants.

  24. I don’t think it’s a lock that Rachel will get votes over Adam from Jeff & Jordan. J&J played with Rachel because they had to and didn’t seem to actually like the girl. On the other hand, they really liked Adam. I could see Adam beating Rachel by getting J&J’s votes.

    • Actually, they did tolerate Rachel for the most part but they were aligned the entire game. Adam went back and forth with his alliance promises and Jordan let him know at the end that she wasn’t very trusting of him. She actually felt Adam had something with Porsche and kept trying to keep him grounded and not so taken with Porsche’s flaunts.

      In addition, Jeff will appreciate how Rachel put her neck out there in an attempt to save both her and Jordan when he left.

      • Adam made a mistake with Jordan, when she asked if he would take her or Rachel to the final 3, ( I did not heard the whole conversation and did not care what they were saying)

        But anyways, was the conversation that Jordan left the room crying like baby ( same did she did with Kalia)

        If final 2, Adam and Porshe, Jordan would probably vote for Porshe.

        Remenber that JJ wont be able to talk about floaters are not winning compettion ( remember that Jordan won only 1 besides the 100 compettions they had… so will be really bad if JJ says that either Porshe or Adam does not deserve to win

        Even Adam won more than Jordan ( OMG, Jordan should not come back this season for sure, her image was a winner goes to the bottom on the list)

      • Actually Brenden said in an interview that JJ would be invited to their wedding, so there is some type of friendship there

      • Kathy

        the same way rachel and brendon were saying that JJ are not even together anymore…they only got together to get back in the BB house

        They said that when Brendon got back in the house, and they only said to each other .

        Also Jordan said many times, even in the dairy room she could not stand rachel anymore

        and remember when Jeff told Brendon she should leave Rachel`s manual in the bye bye message?
        brendn did not like that at all

      • Well Fabio, you seem to know everything, but I believe they will remain friends after this show, my guess is that they all realize its a game, and Rachel and Jordan in real life their hometowns are not far from each other, so you believe what you want and Ill believe they remain friends

      • Fabio, I’m sorry but you have no clue of what you are talking about. First of all Jeff & Brendon were very good friends, and I’m sure they have bonded even more as they are the only men in the jury house, especially being stuck with Kalia, Shelly, & Dani. Also, have you been watching the show since Jeff was evicted? Jordan & Rachel have become very close friends too. I agree that early in show J/J were annoyed with Rachel when Brendon left, but all of that has changed.

  25. If the vets vote for Adam, then they will be the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the game. They’ve preached against floaters and encouraged everyone to play the game, so I don’t see them giving the prize to the biggest floater to ever enter the house.

    • Yeah… I hope they don`t do it.

      But Jeff and Jordan are really jelous and they play very personal..

      Jordan wont vote for Porshe only because she is Dani`s freind

  26. Adam played a smart social game. He didn’t have to win competitions because he played it this way. He was on the right side of the group at the right times or was upfront about lying, case and point told the veterans he went with the newbies on the first vote to not evict Porsche. Adam flew under the radar, that was his goal and if that gets him to the finals, he played smart. Rachel is a good competitor, she is a player and won a lot of povs

  27. For me none of them deserves to win, when I compare these players to dr. will, evel dick, dan or even danielle from season 3, it becomes that much clearer how none of them had any strategy at all. And I’m not just talking about final 3. I really hope they do a better job in casting next year. The last big brother I enjoyed andd felt like the winner deserved it was bb10

    • Based on the cast of houseguests this season, there were some that shined and were pretty strategic. I can’t say I liked everyone – I didn’t – but the house included quite a unique variety. They can’t all be the same each season.

  28. people are saying rachel is great at competitions but porsche isn’t…

    Porsche- 1 HOH 2 POV
    Rachel- 3 HOH 2 POV

    Not really much of a difference, if porsche wins HOH she will almost be tied with rachel for wins.

    Come on guys, admit rachel had a horrible social game.

    Porsche had a better social game than rachel, and almost ties with her for wins. Porsche almost deserves to win as much as rachel.

    Debate intelligently please :)

    • Porsche’s achievements certainly aren’t bad, but 2 more HoH’s is a lot. I couldn’t really say 1 HoH win “almost ties” 3 HoH wins.

      I agree that Rachel made some BAD social decisions, but Porsche didn’t have that great of a social game either. She might not have pissed off people at times like Rachel did, but Porsche didn’t interact and build those friendships with others as much as she should have. Gotta fake those smiles and shake those hands a little more during the game. If she was now BFFs with everyone then this could be a lock for her. She should have used that Golden Key time to build relationships, not her tan and sleep bank. Heck, as a Feeds viewer I can’t even say I really know much about her.

      • I said, “if porsche wins HOH she will almost be tied with rachel for wins.”

        Porsche may have not done much to build relationships, but unlike rachel she did not try to make everyone hate her.

        I don’t watch live feeds because I don’t really care what these people do for 24 hours. I just watch the shortened down version on tv, just to watch the gameplay.

      • If you watched the live feeds, or even if you dont, just reading the comments on here would let you know Porsche did not have a good social game, she made fun of people. she put benefiber in their food and even Jordan said she never talked to the girl, at least Rachel talked to the other guests

      • Porsche had very little social game but it was better than rachels.

        She put benefiber in peoples food?!
        Who cares?! not me

        I think you’re missing the point Kathy, who cares if she talks bad behind peoples back? I don’t

      • well if your giving someone 500k, would you give it to someone who was mean or nice, you dont care, but some on jury might

      • @Animal: Right you are. You did say “if she wins” and I missed it.

        Live Feed viewing helps give a fuller picture closer to what the HGs who lived with her might be feeling. Tough to tell from the show-only aspects.

        Lucky for Porsche, only her alliance knew about the Benefiber incident. Kalia and Daniele were the only ones present and chuckling/encouraging her when she was doing it. It just wouldn’t have looked good as she certainly didn’t do it to help anyone.

      • Given the fact that Jordan practically needed to be reminded who Porche was, I would agree she didn’t play a good social game.

    • I have to politely disagree with you. Porsche had no social game. She is dull and boring and slept with Kalia almost the whole game. Not doing anything doesn’t mean you have good social game, she just didn’t have any conflicts with anyone. Rachel did not have the best social game but at least she put herself out there and interacted with everyone. There were people in the house that Porsche really never even talked to (like Jeff and Jordan) Rachel interacted with everyone and in fact her relationship early on with Porshe helped her out because Porsche voted to keep her (even though they were against each other the other half of the game) Even with the newbies early in the game Rachel talked to all of them and heard what they had to say when she won her HOH’s (even if she was just bs’ing them). Another thing I think is the golden key thing. Porshe was the second to get a golden key but it was still in the first week so she sat around doing nothing for the first weeks while Rachel was winning everything. Porshe could have ramped up the social game then and made friends with everyone but she just sat back and watched how things played out!!! But like I said this is just my opinion. That’s one of the things that is great about Big Brother there is always someone rooting for both sides!!

  29. People are saying Rachel deserves to win because she wins competitions, but that’s not the only aspect of this game. I think the three main aspects are the social, competitive, and strategic game. In terms of strategy, both women played strong games: Rachel stuck to the veterans 100%, while Porsche initially went with the veterans, laid low, and then teamed up with Daniele and Kalia to form a power alliance. Both women were also successful in competitions. Rachel won a few more, but Porsche’s were at more critical points (ie: saving herself in the Final Four), so I’d call them near even, with Rachel possibly given a slight edge for winning a few more. In terms of social game, Jeff and Jordan may insist that they know nothing about Porsche, but at least they don’t have anything negative to say about her. The same is not true of Rachel, who is very much disliked by several of the jurors (ex: Shelly, probably Daniele and Kalia), so Porsche gets the edge here. Rachel is outspoken and occasionally downright nasty, while we haven’t seen that from Porsche.
    Therefore, both girls seem to be close, yet everyone insists that Rachel is significantly stronger than Porsche. Is it because she’s a veteran? Is it because everyone loves Jeff and Jordan and wants one of their allies to win? Who knows, but Rachel seems to be getting more credit than she deserves in terms of gameplay.
    I agree with the above article that a Porsche win seems unlikely, but it would truly be an abomination if Adam were to beat Porsche, especially given how everyone leaves the house insisting that he has no backbone and is a terrible gameplayer. Go Porsche!

    • No, it’s simple: Rachel has had to fight since day one to be there, and Rachel has never said such disgusting, hurtful things as Porkchop has. Therefore, Go Rachel!!!

      • Right On squeaker!! Rachel came into the game with everyone gunning for her, she has been pretty amazing. Her game has not only been competitions, but being hated and targeted every second of every day. Surviving that alone should be worth a half mil!!

    • Rachel’s Veto win was much more critical than Porsche’s Veto win at the end. Rachel was definitely going home without that win. Porsche would have been safe the week of her win if anyone but Kalia had won it.

      • But Rachel’s veto win also came with the “save both the veterans” twist. That week, Jordan should have been sent home, and then, even with Rachel’s HoH win the following week, she would have gone home at Top 4 given how things turned out. I think I’m just bitter that Rachel is where she is because of the random producer twist.

      • That’s certainly possible Rachel would have gone home the next week, but hard to guess how the comp may have played out differently that week if Jordan left.

  30. Oh, and also, I hate that the vets are so steadfast in voting for one of their own (a veteran), while the newbies are likely to not be so united in voting for a newbie to win. The veterans won’t care about gameplay, as long as a veteran wins, while the newbies may actually attempt to be impartial and vote based on gameplay. Ironic, eh? Another reason why this season has proven to be terrible. Only Daniele was willing to think outside the box and imagine unique scenarios that did not involve the veterans predictably staying together 100%.

    • Vets sticking together while Newbies wander about when it comes to votes? Story of the season. :)

      I don’t think I’d overload “thinking outside the box” with “smart moves.” It didn’t really work out so great. There’s a time and a place. Daniele just didn’t pick it well.

      • just a question, why didn’t or couldn”t CBS air sunday’s episode today for example?
        and will they show us all that was supposed to be shown yesterday with all that has to be done on wednesday???
        would’ve loved to see K and J in the JH

      • Haha, I was careful not to include the phrase “smart moves,” just “unique scenarios.” I couldn’t stand Daniele in Season 8, but I liked her this time around because, in addition to being more personable and less Stepford Wife-ish, she made the game interesting. Her early big move may have proven not to be smart ultimately, but just think if they didn’t bring Brendon back-Rachel would have been gone after Lawon.
        I was already a non-fan of veterans joining the newbies, just because it ruined Survivor last season since half of the newbies are fans of the vets and likely to be on their side, and I think Daniele made the season less boring by mixing things up a bit.

      • @anon: CBS was running 9/11 specials instead.

        @John: I felt the exact same way when the season started. Having just watched Boston Rob route the Survivor Newbs and what a boring drudge that became, I was NOT happy w/ CBS repeating that MO.

        Daniele definitely made things more exciting. Love or hate her, that boneheaded move put a shock through the house. I didn’t mind Daniele early on, but once she jacked her game like that I was so irked that I started disliking her just because she ruined her chances over “being bored.”

      • @Matt (BBN), I agree on the Survivor “scam”. Not only did they bring Boston Rob back FOUR times, they packed his team with groupie. Porbst wanted to make sure his good buddy won.

        I didn’t watch Survivor b/c of that and don’t intend to watch it again.

        BB may wind up the same way since the formula is being repeated on Survivor.

  31. With Round 3 being questions, i cant see Porsche beating Rachel at that. Porsche was never good at questions to begin with. Rachel on the other hand, is pretty good at them. I think Rachel would know more about the HGs than Porsche.

    • ” I think Rachel would know more about the HGs than Porsche.” —- What can you expect from a “girl” who sleeps most of the time and just woke up/realized she’s playing a BB game at around Day 50 or 55? She’s either sleeping, eating, bashing R with the mean girls, or pulling “harmless” pranks like making the other HGs sick. Yup. Great social game there as the Porkche fans has been insisting.

      • but we can’t be 100% sure that it will be question about the other hg if it’s questions at all, couldn’t they just change their routine!

      • Got a question for you ‘TheWitchIsDead’ I keep hearing about P making everyone sick, did she cook something bad? I must have missed it, did she do it on purpous?

      • @ kitty kat
        she put benifiber in their food on purpose to make them (the have nots back then) sick and not be good or able to compete well

      • Yeah, she put Benefiber in their drinks, but did they actually drink it? Or did she dump it out before they did.

  32. i totally agree with Porsche vs Rachel and Rachel vs Adam votes, but i couldn’t disagree more on Porsche vs Adam. gimme a break, if Adam wins Big Brother, it’ll be the biggest disgrace to the game. this guy is the biggest goof in BB history and if ANY of the vets give him a vote, then they too are a disgrace.

    if Jeff, Rachel and Brendon vote to give him the money, it just comfirms the are hypocrites. all 3 of their “claim to fame” have been “death to floaters” (more so Brenchel’s M.O)so to give it to him, the biggest floater in BB history is a shame.

    ya lots of people hate Porsche, so i know all of you will be like “she’s doesn’t deserve it either” and i would tend to agree with that, but vs Adam, it’s a no brainer. Porsche has done better in comps, yes she did have golden key for 4 weeks, so you can’t fault her for that. it was a good idea to get rid of her partner(and possibly a strong competitor)after the key were over she was still 2nd or 3rd in comps and won a few times, she took out Jeff and Jordan, made bold moves. may have not worked out, but a move non the less. thats more than can be said for Adam, he’s made no move, done nothing but fluke his way into winning a few comps. comps that she won required skill, speed and brains. all 3 which Adam lacks big time

  33. “(Apparently, if you don’t act to save Daniele or Kalia, then you’re the worst player ever while voting out Jeff makes you the best…)”

    Bang on, Matt. Such a joke, and that was exactly Dani and Kalia’s sentiments. Shame because arrogant/annoying comments aside, I didn’t mind Dani.

    • I thought it was hilarious how Daniele and Kalia had the same stance about Adam over him doing the same thing. Adam also declined to save Brendon when Jeff initially asked him to. I don’t remember Brendon/Jeff/Rachel/Jordan moaning that Adam was the “worst player ever” because of it.

      • Exactly, you’d think Rachel of all people would’ve been hissing less-than-sweet nothings about Adam after that, but she didn’t go ragging on him even though it was Brendon walking out the door. I still think Dani using boredom as an excuse to make that ‘big move’ way too early was more of a cover-up, I’d like to give her enough credit to say she’s not dumb enough to throw her game away out of boredom. Then again, who knows.

        I also find it funny and ironic how Dani talked about how Jeff backdooring her will end up being his worst game move, he’d regret it, etc. Yet Dani’s worst game move (and arguably the worst of the season) was her whole plan to backdoor Jeff. Funny how things work out in this game.

  34. That is very interesting. I was just thinking the other night if I were Adam I would totally tell both Rachel and Porsche that he is the deciding vote and whoever evicts him he will vote for the other person. I think that if he had played it right (which he;s totally blown already) he would have had a way better chance at going to final 2. And when you are that close I would totally want to go to final 2 then you still get money at least. I’m hoping for Rachel though, if she gets into the final 2 she will win this season!!!

  35. once again none of these three deserve to win, a WAY BETTER final 3 would have been jeff dani and brendon.

    • A Daniele, Jeff, Brendon/Rachel Final 3 would have been intense and very exciting for sure. Might have even happened if one of ’em didn’t get all itchy trigger finger!

      • Completely agree matt bbn.
        Turns out Dani wasn’t much of a player without her dad there to guide her.

      • JohnnyD, lol!! So true!! Even her dad was shaking his head at her – Sorry Dani but a Great Ego doesn’t translate to Great Game!

      • That’s probably the biggest reason Dani’s ‘bright idea’ bothered me, nevermind that I was rooting for Jeff, but I’ve been saying and thinking all along “How great would it be to see Dani, Jeff and Brendon (or insert Rachel over Brendon, I’d say any of the three but with Rachel and Brendon competing together there’s less pressure on both) competing in that final three HoH competition. Sadly I don’t think we’re ever going to see that kind of showdown, those players are always targeted early and often because they’re threats. Although I agree, maybe at least two of those three could’ve been in that final competition if Dani wasn’t trigger-happy.

  36. i wanted rahcel to win soooo bad. She was my favourite last year, and this year i liked her even more. From the beggining i wanted rachel to win and either jordan or porsche runner up. Hopefully rachel wins final hoh takes porsche, and still wins. but im willing to give up porsche lol, just as long as rachel wins. knowing porsches question answers, and rachels track record, i think rachel has this in the bag

  37. I feel like if it is an Adam v Porsche scenario, most people in the jury would vote on who they liked the best which is complete bs. Adam should not get any votes in any situation because he did not play the game. Porsche may have floated, but she fought and won competitions and was with Dani and Kalia even when the whole house was against them and did not flip to whoever was in power. Adam just does not deserve to win over Porsche.

  38. This year too many Phoneys Or players in one show theY are supper phony they play all people making believe there goody two shoes ,Rachel and Brendan i like them last year because i thought they were abused ,Kaila destroyed Daniel because kalia got lucky she was too week good mind like Adam week.The models too cute they did not get a chance,and Shellie well she kept the mess up to long she could not do much of anything but lie and destroy players the truth Dick well he took off. Hope the best girl wins Adam is getting like Shellie .

    • Oh come on, Porsche, your monitone voice on BBAD is driving me nuts, and your English accent stinks. Can’t stand the final three, but, I don’t want Rachel to win, and since Porsche is driving me nuts, I think I would vote for Adam because I like his attitude the past few days. no bitterness, just playing the game.

      • Also, Porsche doesn’t have a brain. Recently, she said she felt sorry for her brother because he has to go to college because he doesn’t have boobs like her to make a living and she commented on how it was a good thing buying her boobs. She’s 23 yrs old and using her body to make a living – sounds like an upstanding person – not! And I won’t even go into how she’s always sticking her “new” boobs out and looking at her butt in the mirrors and digging for compliments. If she were my daughter, I would be ashamed of her egotistical actions about her body.

  39. I hope they say something Wednesday about what Porsche did to Jordan’s drink live. Then everybody will know what she did. I can’t believe she’s upset what Adam said to her but it’s alright what she did to Jordan.

      • What did Porshe do to Jordan’s drink???? I heard she did something to a group of people. not just Jordan. I’m dying to know what it was. Maybe someone can email the producers.

  40. I know that if something is not done about what porche did to Jordan to make her sick and also the fact she planned to hurt Rachels baby if Rachel was pregnant,also Sheelys part in all the mes they did…. it will be one of the worse things that Allison Groder could do if she lets these crimeral act go unpunished! It will be to the benifit of Jordan and her family for this to be done.Also it would be to show America that CBS will not allow these crimeral acts! Please do this,CBS and Big Brother/ Thanks…..Thel

    • I just believe in what is right!Had Porche been a nice girl as is the other girls,Rachel.Jordan,Kalie,Daniele,I would not say anything.Some of these girlsdid ugly things but not Crimeral acts such as Porche//As for Shelly,she is just a self rightiouss and ugly human being and Porche is worse than her by 50 miles. This is all I have to say. I am a fan. Thanks ffor allowing me to say this.I know I will have some that do not agree with me but right is right and wrong is wrong. Thel

    • Thel,

      I pretty much agree with what you said about Porsche. She does not deserve to win because of some things she did which crossed the line. That is the benefiber spiking of food and stealing Brendon’s toy. That is not acceptable in real life and should not be acceptable to this game. Simple pranks can be excused but, this is not a simple prank but,
      a malicious attempt to gain an advantage which is cheating!

      • i agree with the spiking of food but this whole everybody be nice and have utmost integrity in the game is a bunch of hooey we dont watch for ppl to be boring and nice. please

    • Is Porsche sick in the head or something ?Trying to make people sick.Going to hurt Rachel baby.She kinda reminds me of Casey Anthony.Why did they let her stay in the house if she trying to hurt everybody.

      • OH PLEASE….you need to get a life..reminds you of Casey Anthony ????? Just how the hell does that even come into play with BB. You don’t know how DUM… sound. Please get a life it is a game………What Porsh did was wrong but in no way does it compare to the Casey case. I can’t believe you put that up on here…IDIOT…

    • come on ppl do you really think that cbs would let someone put anything in someones drink to possibly hurt them,and air it to the world? come on get real,it is game play,rateings,drama!!!!Hope Porche wins…

      • Yes, it happened. They stopped her the second time she tried it, but she got away with the first one and made Jordon sick. So CBS took over but a little too late.

      • It wasn’t for ratings – it was never aired, only live feeders saw it and heard Porsche telling Dani and Kalia about her getting chewed out by producers. They got on to Porsche in the DR and made her throw the entire container of Benfiber away but Jordan had already drank some.

      • I hope Jordon finds out and sues Porche and CBS! Production should have kicked Poche out as soon as they learned what she’d done to Jordon and considered doing to Rachel. Why is she still in the house??? No way does she deserve to win anything! I hope Rachel wins and takes Adam with her to the end!

  41. Matt,

    That was I believe a very good analysis of the possible pairings for Final 2. I believe too that Adam will beat Porsche if she takes him to Final 2.
    That is Adam’s best shot. Rachel should take Adam if she wins Final HOH because that is where she has a huge advantage and greatest chance to win!

    • I agree that R should take A to win, but what a scumbag she will look like if she does, what with this die hard pact that she and P have to take each other to the end. I’m all for R winning, she deserves it but at what price?

      • I think that if R or P break that pact, it will be the biggest deciet of the season. And there’s been a LOT!!

    • i dont agree that adam would win against porche. Both jeff and jordan have said that adam was a floater. rachel says adam is a floater i think porche would win against adam

      • C’mon, the moment they sent Jordan to jury Rachel had this game. They should have kept Jordan, she would not have won the competitions, don’t take her to final 2 it would have been Porsche and Adam in the end. When they kept Rachel, they walked her right down the isle to the $500,000.00. In the end no one respects a floater against a competitor. No matter how much they dislike Rachel they will make a fair evalution (even Kalia) on what it took for her to get to the end. Game Over!

    • actually, contrary to popular belief on this apparant site, jordan never even drank the milk that was “spiked” with fiber. people are so ridiculous. get over it! if jordan had done it to daniele, people would be laughing it off and saying “oh whats the big deal?” but because it was done to precious jordumb, everyone is being stupid.

    • I’m with you autumn, Rachel all the way!! She’s had to fight Sooo much – she truly won already!!

      • I really hated Rachel last season. Then this season the only person I disliked more was Evil Dick. When Brendon was still in the house it was clear the relationship between he and Rachel is probably not going to last. He is controlling and she was such a cry baby. Then something happened. Brendon left and Rachel finally got her act together. Although she has had a few little slip ups. She has totally changed her social game. She has definatley worked the hardest in every way. She deserves to win. If you are in this house for that many days we would all show a side of our selves we shouldn’t. Rachel seemed to that everyday she was there last season and a large part of the early days in season 13. To come so far from that annoying laugh and pensive glare is something most people with her personality type could not do. GO Rachel, go!!!!!

        Porche should have be sent home the minute she was seen spiking food or beverage. Even so she sure should have been kicked the h-ll out when someone got sick. The fact that CBS overlooked it and is still overlooking shows that maybe this game isn’t rigged only for Veterans?

      • I keep saying that Brendon is gonna lose Rachel if he doesn’t stop his insane controlling ways. He’s trying to change her-listen to the song “STUPID BOY” by KEITH URBAN & you might learn something Brendon!!

      • Rachel cry ?! Have you seen one tear come out of her wimpering . get real!!!
        however, she did do the job and of the 3 left I will agree she earned the spot


      • LEARN YOUR FACTS BIG MOUTH!! Jordon DID drink it!! Porche was told to throw it away the 2nd time she tried it!! Go eat a ton of FIBER and tell us how YOU feel, it is dangerous & extremely harmful to your body! You got one of those or just a MOUTH!!!

    • Rachel def should win… Ive said this before and ill say it again she is the only one left in that house that has had to fight the whole entire time if she does not win I will be very disappointed

    • I hope Rachael wins!!! She deserves it!!!!
      She is a good player!!!!!
      And a good person!!!!! I guess we will see tonight!! I also agree she has won already!!!

      • If you google it you will see many pages in regards to this incident, it is not only being said on BBN. If you have the feeds go flashback and see it for yourself.
        Flashback CBS forces Porsche to throw out muscle milk – Aug 14 5:55pm Cam1
        Flashback Porsche Mixes benefiber with Muscle Milk – Aug 13 12:07am Cam2

      • By having the after dark feeds you see the stuff CBS does not want the viewing public at large to see. This was my first year watching AD. It is amazing just how much controversal stuff is kepted from the viewers. Also there were situations where the order in which they showed things on CBS were not as they were in reality. They manipulated the order of events in a couple of situations to make it more dramatic. Condensing footage is one thing, but moving the order around to make things look one way when they were really another is why any intelligent person should see, “reality tv is not all that real”. None the less I have really enjoyed the first season I have ever watched from beginning to end. Although I use to be a big Rachel hater, I have been converted!!

      • hey kitty…was is the flashback and cam for her putting it in the slop? also no one mentions the fact that jordan didn’t even drink any of it. and that’s the TRUTH. if you disagree, prove it. flashback details please.

      • That’s as low as you can get, so much for being fair. Porche that’s very disappointing that you can’t win fair and square. Go Rachel

    • Thats how lies get started!!!!!One person says they saw something when no one else did…I missed it also.. cus it didn’t happen…omg get real

  42. I disagree about Adam vs Rachel final two. Jeff and Jordan are both easily annoyed by Rachel and like Adam. I can see them going either way… Making a scenario where Adam could win.

    • Since Jeff & Brendon are great friends, and have probably become even closer in jury, considering they are the only men there, don’t you think his vote would definitely go to Rachel?

      • Absolutely BeachMama and now that Jordon is in the Jury House, she can tell them how Rachel saved her and stayed with her all the way!

      • not when they find out rachel accused brendon of hitting on her when she was in the shower…. big lie….

    • jj will not vote for adam he is a lazy oaf he couldnt get his head out of jeff’s a.. long enough to actually makes some real moves and play the game. he could have played that hoh two different ways and cam;e out the same and maybe even more ahead of the game , he frustrates me he is so moronic.

  43. Greetings everyone,

    Less than 48 hours before the finale…. I can;t wait…

    On the feeds, it looks and sounds like Adam is resigned to going out next…. He is talking about arghuments Porsha can use to win, if she wins the Final HOH…

    Go Rachel!!!

      • @mustwin, All you keep saying over and over again is that Rachel shouldn’t win, what is your argument on that, other than she is trash, a cow, etc.

      • sorry to team up against you mustwin but I agree, all you’ve done is make snarky remarks at Rachels expense and you have no gas to run this car of bullshit! Until you get even one inteligent or correct statement to make – Go Away!!

      • all BB blogs are nothing but SNARKY remarks… myself included… its a game… its only a game….

      • I agree Kitty, I have said snarky things, but I also have said thought out, intelligent points against the people I don’t like. Just coming on here saying someone doesn’t deserve to win because they are trash just makes you sound uneducated and makes you look like trash, ironically.

  44. If Porsche did that to other people’s drinks and food then she deserves to be disqualified. I do believe that it could be considered a crime. People have been prosecuted for messing with peoples food and drink, no one knows how sick someone might get or if they were allergic. Wasn’t someone removed from the game from physically hitting another house guest one year?

    • Hi Gayle, yes, a guy was evicted almost immediately upon entering the house for throwing a chair at someone. So phycical violence is not tolerated, I can’t imagine why Porche didn’t get sent out for that POISONING!!

      • I watched that episode myself – Everyone was surprised but they all agreed that they wouldn’t want to stay in the house with him.

      • Listen mustwin it absolutely happen watch the feed you were given and youll see for yourself that she is as sick as Dani and Kalia for letting her do it and Jordan drank it and had the shts for it could you amaging if the whole house would have drank it they would of had to stop the show until they could continue so quite saying it didnt happen because it did and many other things I think Porche is a spoiled brat

      • Excuse me, Must Win, it did happen. You need to stop defending Porche. She did a horrible thing and should have been escorted out of the BB house.

      • Since when did Benefiber become a poison?!? Jordan didn’t get sick because she drank “Benefiber-spiked” milk. She was sick all the time because of the slop AND the gas that comes along with it, not to mention the fact that that boneheaded bimbo was ALWAYS on her period. FYI, Benefiber is GOOD for you. It makes you regular. If you ask me, Porche did Little Miss Anal a favor.

      • Okay ME, then take a whole box of EXLAX and see if it’s so GOOD FOR YOU!! Same thing with Benefiber you moron, and call Jordon all the names you want, but she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. And by the way POISON is defined as a substance that can injure OR kill, and poisoning is doing it without the victim knowing it!

      • @ME, It did affect Jordan, she was complaining that she kept going to the bathroom because of the slop (tainted with benefiber would’ve made it alot worse)and it was making her stomach hurt. Also, it was put in the muscle milk, she was also drinking, that could’ve really done a number on someone. Do you know what happens if you have severe diarrhea for a long period of time, you go into dehydration, which if it is not treated properly could cause death in the worse circumstances. Now, I don’t have the feeds myself so I don’t know if Jordan had the tainted stuff or not. But it could really mess someone up, which was her intent, she said to make people not perform as well in the competitions. That is cheating, that is malicious, and that could be harmful to someone’s health.

      • That’s exactly right BeachMama and Jordon DID drink it. They stopped P from doing it again, but the damage was already done – and on poor Jordon of all people!

      • lies! people are full of crap! jordan did NOT drink it. also, since big brother cams are always on, don’t you think if jordan had allergies to um…fiber they would have stepped in? liabilities people. learn shit before you go posting all willy-nilly.

    • I think the HGs have to sign a waver declaring CBS, exempt from all blame from a HG getting hurt, etc. However, that was based on the game events CBS had control over. I’m not for sure if CBS and others are protected from any lawsuits brought on by a HG spiking the food of another guest to cause harm, sickness, and torment. I would think that those HG affected have a right to sue.
      If Production is smart, they should look into this.

      • Well said pop-art, they certainly should look into this, especially considering the “POISON” (If you will) was supplied by BB. What if someone wanted to overdose someone with simple aspirin? That could shut down their kidneys and literally kill them.

      • I happen to have a bottle of metamucil, which I think we can all agree is basically the same thing. Uses: effective in treating occasional constipation and restoring regularity. That’s all it states, so it seems it is used for same thing as ex-lax, to make you go to the bathroom when you can’t. Next?

      • Well Steve, we’re not comparing ingredients here, we are comparing the outcome of ingesting an overdose of a laxative type substance.

  45. How do we email CBS to make sure porsha does not get by with what she did we all need to flood CBS with emails and complants lets play a game not hurt people makes me want to not watch any more.

    • Don’t make CBS interfere. Imagine what the conspiracy theorists would say if someone in the final three was punished so they could say Rachel was fixed.

    • Good thoughts. Remember, there are over a million witnesses to what she did thanks to the feeds. I’m sure though that someone with Production or CBS has read these comments and are keeping up with them. Even someone from the HGs family may be peeking in to see what we comment about their family. If THEY aren’t mad enough to complain then …

    • Jimmy, I agree with you. Don’t forget it was a criminal act. She was lucky this time that no one got hurt. Bet you that this is not the first time she has resorted to laxatives. I can see her doing it in high school. CBS should be worried about lawsuits.

  46. The beautiful ironic justice of Adam having to spend a week annoying and begging people to try to stay in the game is a wonder to behold.

    Porsche is now in the traditional Adam spot, making a mistake in who she chooses and being annoyed that shes being lobbied the other way.

    Of course, I’d say its moot. As much of a silly crapshoot as the last comp is, I still see Rachel winning it. It would be briefly amusing though to see her lose it on a Dominic question, and then have Porsche flip and vote her out. As much as I don’t want to see Adam get any money, that would be good for a laugh.

  47. bottom two porsche and adam , i dont see adam winning landslide like that, for one he put jordan on the block and kept rachel and they were behind him one hundred percent(jj). loses their vote( the floater that he is), he loses rachels vote cuz he threatened porsche and rachel knows about and if she goes because of it he loses brenchel. and the only vote he may get is shelly maybe he did a lot of ppl dirty including and made no really good strategical moves just leeched so i dont see it. seriously lets look at this from his point of view , wth would he keep rachel he should have gotten rid of her immediately. and he definitely should have kept jordan she was a rotten player and the only one worse than him. i’d say his worse mistake was leaving the newbie pack cuz he could compete with kalia and porsche but not rachel wth was he thinking. the poor soul just star struck that’s all.

    i say rachel or porshe will drag him to the end and they will win hands down six to one he can always count on old shelly. maybe. go adam (not) . go rachel

    • @mochaone.. are you and “mustwin” the same person or do you both use Benefiber on a “regular” basis.

  48. I want my girl, Rachel, to win. She is the best player and was treated so badly by Shelly, who lied about her and turned people against her, Dani, who was simply jealous of her and then there is Kaliea, who couldn’t make a good decision to save her life. I’m sorry Jordan was betrayed by Adam because I wanted her with Rachel in the final two. Porche shouldn’t be in the game let alone the final two because of the Benifiber incident. Go Rachel!!

    • lol yes dani was jealous of her. so you wanted to see jordan in the final 2? what do you think she did to deserve to be in the final 2? i am curious.

  49. I am so glad so many agreed with my comments about what Porche done.I truely believe this ploy of hers should be regonized by CBS and the Production of BB.Itis a very serious Crimeral act and she shouldbe punished accordley/ I just hope if CBS does noy do anything ,hopefully Jordan will.Her family surely saw this take place.Also the cruel deeds she compiled to do yo Rachel.She is by far, the worse person of this season on BB13 and Shelly Moore is next to her with her deciet an lies……. Thanks to the ones here on blog that feels as I do.Right is right and wrong is the pits.I hope final 2 is Rachel and Adam. Thel

    • hit the wrong key with NOT and To.Excuse please.The ones that agree with me on the Crimeral acts that Porche did..please respond by these blogs or contact CBS ..also just maybe Allison Groders Twitter …..Thanks….Thel

  50. I don’t agree, I think if Porche takes Adam she can win, I think she can argue that she played a stronger came and stuck with her alliance. I think if Rachel wins the last competition she has it locked up. I think Adam is only playing for 2nd place because he floated so much through the season and when asked to make big moves he refused. I don’t see him beating Porsche, I would see Rachel and Brendan voting for her just because of her game.

    • How can you say Porsche stuck with her alliance? She was aligned with Rachel, then when the power shifted, she switched sides and started sucking up Dani’s butt. She abandoned Rachel when she needed her the most.

  51. Oh hell no! I did not know Porsche did all that! If that’s not cheating then I don’t know what is! She should have been booted off asap!! it should have been addressed so everyone knows how dirty she really is! Wow! But anyway I hope Rachel wins. I doubt she keeps her pact with Porsche and Porsche deserves 2 be evicted at the end for what she did! Rachel has played her ass off!

    • They definitely should have done something to penalize Porsche for tainting the food. Now it’s too late, if they do something now all the Dani fans will cry and whine conspiracy again.

    • Oh hell no!! I LOVE it Rhonda! BeachMama you are right yet again, it’s too late. But that BITCH P should at least have to apologize to Jordon face to face on live TV!! I’m sure Rachel doesn’t know about it or she would never keep her pact to take P to the end.

  52. If what is being said about Porchia is true I would think CBS would be held liable and Jordan could get her money that way.. As for Rachel she has played an amazing game, she is tuff physically and dodged all the haters. She appears to be smarter and nicer than she was at first glance. I am rooting for Rachel and her fighting spirit and best of luck to Brendon in his chosen field

  53. I said it a few comments ago, but listen to “STUPID BOY” by KEITH URBAN & tell me if it isn’t about Brendon!! He’s gonna lose R if he’s not careful.

  54. Go Rachel!!! The two worst and “two faced” players in this game go to Porche and Shelly, they both lied round the clock! I am rooting for Rachel and my second choice is Adam. Adam was a floater most of the season however he did step up his game near the end. I hope Rachel wins!

  55. Is anyone else having trouble voting for the favorite player with the CBS web site. I know a few ppl on twitter were not able to sign on. Is there another way we can vote, a different site?

    • I voted last night, it was late, I had no problems. If you are trying to sign on, and possibly lots of others are too, it could get screwed, I would try another time of day, late at night or early morning maybe.

  56. All of you people must be morons….Porsche is by far the best looking; therefore she deserves to win..

    • I agree Porsche has a pretty face, but the same 2 sweatsuits she wears everyday do not do anything for her figure, which could use some work. However, her inside makes her less attractive to me. And no one should win based on looks this is not a beauty contest. I think Rachel, Jordan, and Dani were all better looking than Porsche.

      • Me Too!! And if people were judged on their souls alone, Porche would be in serious trouble!! And Porche is pretty young to already have such a baggy butt – In a few years it’s gonna be scary.

      • if it’s not a beauty contest, then why are we dissing her clothes? i didn’t realize choosing to be comfortable instead of looking like a whore made you a poor choice.

    • she obviously didnt have the $$$ for a lot of clothes and if as they say… its really cold in there the sweat suits make a lot of sense….

      • I believe Porsche was bragging about how much money she makes in the intro. Also, they don’t even fit her, and not because she put on weight, they didn’t fit her from the beginning of the show. Also, if its cold, you could just wear the jacket part. She has worn those things out, i bet there are holes in them. Unless she doesn’t wash them after each time she wears them. She usually dresses nicely for the live shows, so I know she has some decent clothes.

  57. I had much respect for Porsche stepping her game up (albeit 55 days LATE in BB) & winning some competitions, but after reviewing the flashbacks, it is true that Porsche did put Benefiber in the drink. CBS should have immediately kicked her ass off of the show. For that reason, I’m rooting for Rachel to win! Adam is a P****-ass B**** & is a disgrace to all men for the way he acts & for the way he played in BB. If he makes it to the final two (which IS possible, because although Rachel claims that she will take Porsche with her to the final 2 if she wins HOH, she does have a tendency to say one thing & do another), I will never watch BB again!! Allison Grodner needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY from CBS for this season’s production of BB!!

    • If there’s any firing going on it should also be for the stupid ‘Golden Key’ idea. What a total waste of time that was!!

  58. Hypothetically, if Porsche could win, what do you think would have to happen for her to win it? An incredible “vote for me” speech? Is it possible at all, in your opinion?

    What if she gets Dani and Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, and Rachel or Brendon, who value strong competitors?

    • Wow Abby,lose your thinking cap? lol. I wish Rachel knew what Porche did to Jordon so she wouldn’t take her to the end giving her at least 50k. Porche doesn’t deserve $, she deserves jail time!!

  59. I am so glad some of the bloggers have found out what Porcha done.I agree with the person that said she should tell Jordan tomorrow night and apologize for her act and than be taken out of BB13. She is a bad person and this is true as many of you already know.To harm someone in to cause sickness is so very wrong,plus she planned to do worse to Rachel.She is indeed a wicked gal and very ugly.I hope she is punished and I hope Rachel wins. Thanks……….Thel

    • I dont watch this show but from these comments I think this is why America will declare bancruptcy right after Greece.

    • I said that Thel, and I stand by it!! How funny would it be if she was told to apologize to Jordon BEFORE voting if she is in final 2? That would do her in once and for all!! Then let her do a few days in the poky. Thanks for reminding us all what she did and for letting those who didn’t know find out about it!!

  60. let adam rant all he wants. he will finish 3rd and porsch second. rach will win bb 13. unless porsch wins hoh comp and decides to take adam but don’t count on that, her and racheal are thick as thieves. porsch would lose to adam in finals. at least with racheal she will hang out with her and brendon somewhere. not sure racheal will lose final part of hoh anyways. i like adam and porsch and give them credit for being in final 3 but racheal deserves to win big brother 13. the last two years she’s been to hell and back game playing wise. she has won way more comps and has been involved in just about every major decesion in the house and has game blood on her hands. everyone and there brother has wanted her out and thought she was weak without brendon. on the contrary her social game has exceded all other house guests and has convinced porsch and adam to the point that either one would vote for racheal. her game play has gotten better and stayed loyal to her alliance. look how all the other jury members emploded, game wise. racheal riley is a fighter and has proved to be the best in the game. dani will vote for racheal i bet and some others as well. im pulling for her because so many want her to fall. hang in there big red the finish line is in sight. my vote a shut out 7 to 0 for rach. i know, call me crazy its from the heart. thank you big brother for another fun season.

  61. Rachel should win the whole thing. I am pissed at CBS for letting Porsche stay in the game. They should have also made her tell everyone what she did! They kick someone out a couple of seasons ago for destroying the equipment, but do not kick someone out for sabotaging someone’s food and drink. I just don’t get it. I think P has a few screws loose! If she even gets 50K I will be pissed. Rachel would be a fool not to take Adam, I hope she is jut pulling the wool over P’s eyes to cover her butt incase P win’s the final HOH. Go all the way Rachel, you deserve it more than anyone, well except Jeff!

  62. I think Rachel should win the whole big brother 2011 season. I think adam should stick with cooking bacon. Porsche should of gone topless the whole season that is only thing that she is good at. Jordon has a beautifil attitude.

  63. Ihave read all your comments.I am so glad so many agree something should be done about Porches crimeral acts. Sheshould have been removed from the game.As someone said,the person was removed in bb11 for destroying Eqip. and Adam was gotten on to just last week for moving the eqip.,I am at a loss as to why this ugly gal,Porky Porcha, is still in the game.kick her fat A-s out!It is NOT TO LATE!I hope that the families of these houseguest will tell them what CBS and Allison Groder let this sorry excuse of a Gamer do to thier love ones… I hope Rachel wins…I hope she takes Adam. Thanks…Thel

      • Leanne P. Mistakes are made while I type just as others do.I am not trying to impress you and you can not educate me as yo my spelling.I made mistakes while typing this Morning very early…SO SHUT UP and judge your own typing.I typed that in the early AM while tending to sicknessin my home. Bless your heart……..

    • LeannieP, you seem to think you know all, well get a clue – Jordon DID drink it and get sick and overdosing with laxatives can be life-threatening. Just ask a doctor you idiot! And quit picking on Thel, this is the person who alerted us all to what happened, and in going back over tape she was RIGHT!!!

      • KittyKat,Thank you so much for telling Leeanne this.I do so much hope that Porche gets punished for what she done.It litterly makes me angry if this goes unnoticed.To error is one thing but to seriously harm another human being is so bad.I am a huge fan of BB.Hopefully CBS will do something about Porche.Here at my home,we are for Rachel….Thanks again,KittyKat. you go girl!!! Thel

  64. Hey,I hope ypu all continue to write your opinions about what Porky Porcha done. Maybe it will get someones attention going down to the wire as we wait for the finals tonight. Just a thought…Thel

    • If nothing else Thel, the whole world now knows what she did. People will have a real change of opinion about her after this and she will have to live with it!!

  65. Point 1: Shelly DESPISES Rachel and thinks shes a dispicable human being. No way will she vote Rachel to win.

    Point 2: Your Adam vs. Rachel scenario is completely wrong. Jeff and Jordan don’t exactly LIKE Rachel. I can def. see them voting for Adam to win because they’re annoyed with Rachel. There only grace is if Jeff likes Brendon enough to help his fiance. But I don’t think anyone could like annoying Brendon ;)… lol. I also disagree that Danielle & Kalia would be a lock to vote Rachel a winner. They both might hate her enough to vote Adam to win.

  66. I Dont get why eveyone is freaking OUT that she put benifiber in that MIX. Nothing Happened NOR was it a deadly dose NOR is it a medication. Its just like putting sugar in cereal. YOu guys are all taking this out of proportion. Just like the shelly thing, you all are just looking to hate on someone new and this happened DAYS DAYS DAYS ago. Nothing will be done about this because they all signed waivers about not being able to Sue CBS

  67. If you think back, Shelly said while talking to Brenden on the porch that she would vote for him in the end. Because the money went to both of them . I think Shelly will vote for Rachel because Shelly really cares for Brenden and she knows the money will help him as well.

  68. Does anyone know if the day Jordan got sick from Porche’s Benefiber stunt was a day that either Porche won a competition or Jordan lost?

  69. Porche did not add to her fan base doing something so stupid as that. Rachel and Jordan will be able to play back and see her little suprises. That’s sad that Porche was trying to be cute but it turned out to be not so cute. Go Rachel we hope you win!

  70. I knew that Jordon was sick at one point, and pretty sick, but didn’t know why…NOW i do…It was Porshe mixing her drink….To the person who said she didn’t is wrong……………..Porshe need’s to be called out on it on Finale night, so all will know how LOW she is…She need’s to feel somekind of remorse….she is young, and need’s to know that she did wrong and someone need’s to SUE the heck out of her, then , we can all be Happy about it………………………

  71. Rachel has played the best game this whole season, And she deserves to win.I can’t stand Adam or Porche. But after reading what Porche did to Jordan , I would much rather see Adam go to the finals. And as far as the jury members goes, they usually vote for who played the best game. But then again I have to also admit that we have never had Kalia on the jury.
    Hope Rachel wins, she deserves it!!!

    • I agree, Adam is such a floater, but at least he didn’t poison anybody. If Rachel knew what Porche did, she would never take her to the final 2.

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