Big Brother 13 Final HoH: 2 Rounds Down And 1 To Go

Big Brother 13 Final 3 memory wall

Foreword: Big Brother 13 won’t air its regular Sunday show this week. Only one episode for the season remains and will air on Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 9:30PM ET/PT.

Big Brother 13 is nearly complete. The final and most crucial Head of Household has finished its first two stages with only one last competition waiting in the wings. If you’ve missed the results so far, this post will get you caught up and ready for what’s ahead.

If you’re not familiar with the final HoH process, here’s how it works. There are three rounds of competition. The first round is typically an endurance battle, just like we saw on Thursday at the end of the show. Whoever wins round one automatically moves on to the three round. The remaining two HGs then face off in round two, usually a skill competition, for the second seat in round three. This season’s round two completed last night. The winners of rounds one and two then face off in a quiz A/B style competition for round three. The HG who wins round three then casts the final eviction vote by deciding who will join him/her in the final two.

Thursday night’s endurance competition fell short of past seasons’ glory when it wrapped up after less than an hour. Rachel secured her spot in round three after outlasting Adam and Porsche. You can read the competition recap here.

Round two took place late last night in the Big Brother house when Porsche and Adam faced off in what sounds like an underwater challenge. Adam detailed how he made a fatal mistake by throwing away his goggles making the challenge even more difficult. Porsche won the race and the second seat in the third round of the competition.

The third and final round of the last Head of Household usually takes place live, but not on the final show of the season. Since we’ve only got one show left it leaves some scheduling questions. If they wait until Wednesday to complete round three then the Jury interrogation will have to be held live which I believe would be a first (anyone remember differently?). We’ll have to wait and see how production handles this timeline.

What we do know so far is that the winners of rounds one and two, Rachel and Porsche, have made an agreement to take each other to the final two. Flashback to 9:29PM BBT last night to hear them discuss in Adam’s absence why they’ll take each other.

Later, at 10:09PM BBT Rachel informs Adam that she made a deal with Porsche to take her if she won round two, but she’s nervous that Porsche will beat her. I agree that Rachel has a better chance against Adam. Adam tells Rachel that he’ll vote for her even if she evicts him. This is the same thing he told Jordan last Thursday. He then adds that if Porsche wins round three he’ll have to reconsider.

When Adam talks privately with Porsche, flashback to 10:35PM BBT last night, he tells her he knows he’s going to Jury and will be the deciding Jury vote. He’s attempting to worry her in to taking him over Rachel, but will it work? I get the feeling that Porsche wants to be the only Newbie in the Final 2. Adam reiterates to Porsche that his vote will be influenced by the third round competition, but then goes on to detail how impressed he is with Rachel’s game. Porsche tries to say her game is equal to Rachel’s. Hmm.

So there we have the latest Big Brother status. Still several days away from the Wednesday night finale so there could be lots of mind-changing as we get closer to the Jury voting. Keep your eyes on the Live Feeds and see who can secure Adam’s vote.



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    • Can’t stand Witch Rachel. What she deserves is to live her life with her idiot boyfriend. Can’t believe he is studying to be a doctor. Should be trying to be a psychiatrist cause his finance needs one REAL BAD. The reason I don’t like her is because she is just plain MEAN. Turned off BBAD last night cause I got sick of all of them saying what great players they are. This is the sickest season EVER. Why CBS continues to renew this show is beyond me cause it’s really been lame the past few seasons.

      • Go Rachel. Brenchel had so much more against them in this season and last. Rachel deserves to win. Porsche and Adam have done nothing

      • Rachel was the best competitor in the game this season. You must watch BB for the drama and not the competition. Speaking of mean I think all of the girls in the house this season have all had there little mean streaks so Hats off to Rachel!!!! Go Rachel you deserve to win this one you worked the hardest for it!!!

      • Rachel deserves to win! She has kicked ass this entire season! Is she someone I would associate with personally! No, but as far as playing the game, she deserves it!

      • I get a kick out of everyone who says they won`t watch and how stupid this show is and it is fixed etc etc. But, you keep watching and posting to remind us of how discusted you are. Sounds like you should be one in the house not outside.

      • Rachel is the best competitor this season. The house guests have been trying to knock her out from the beginning. She has managed to stay and is in the final three. Porsche had a golden key which allowed her to not have to compete for weeks! Adam has managed to survive because he has been on the block numerous times. He is not good at physical challenges as Porsche but he is better at Q&A. I think Adam and Porsche both balance each other out in the way they have played the game. Rachel deserves to win for her strength. I don’t think she is a witch at all. I am so hoping she wins!

      • If you dislike the show so much then why do you take the time to even watch it let alone come in here to comment?

      • I agree with Kathy, if you don’t like the show why watch it, I am sure there is something else to entertain you. We may have our opinions here on this site and it can get pretty hot, but it comes down to us watching then discussing a show we enjoy and follow year after year.

      • I look forward to Big Brother every summer.Wish there was one in the winter also…I think Rachel has really grown up this summer and would like to see her win.Vote BIG Jeff Americas player !!!

      • if it’s so bad and you don’t like it don’t watch it…millions of other people do no matter what dumb moves get made or who wins the game.

  1. Porshe deservers to win.

    Adam has done nothing
    Rachel only made a personal game and any big moves.

    If Porshe wins the last HOH 100% sure she is the one to win.. Once he was takes Jordan and Rachel out.

    Rachel deserves be in the 2nd place more than Adam ( Adam should not even be in the BB), but Rachel has alreday JJ and Brendon`s vote..and Adam the **** will do whatever Jeff wants him to…

    GOOO POrsheee

    • I will agree that Porkchop has done well the last couple of weeks, but she seriously did not ‘wake up’ until day 55. Rachel has had to fight since day 1. GO RACHEL!!!

      • Wow , Rachel had to fight right from the start ? Rachel was protected by a pretty strong alliance that was about to run the table until Dick left.

      • …and protected by the seemingly rigged Pandora’s Box and veto comp built just for her to win

      • I am so tired of people talking about Porsche’s game…Big Dufus Jeff said that because he thought he was the king of the house and people should bow down and talk to him…Porsche haters, you cant have it both ways…either she didn’t play the game or she turned on her alliance…not both

  2. It will be a real shame if Porsche wins….after only waking up and started playing after day 50 something…….Go Rach you deserve it.

      • geliman if you think its ok to put that stuff in somebodies food without telling them maybe somebody should do it to you. You can think about it while you are sitting in the bathroom hopefully for several hours.

      • @Charanne-I have to agree with you,and also that nasty hatful remark she made about Rachel being pregnant.I don’t understand why BB let her get by with the things she has done.It’s true that it was only fiber,but if the people in the house wanted the fiber in their drinks they would have put it in their drinks themselves.GO RACHEL WIN THIS YOU HAVE THE VOTES IF YOU CAN WIN HOH!

      • sheila, even rachel thought she might have been pregnant.

        also, no one was sitting on the toilet. no one was physically ill. she put fiber in someones food. good lord.

      • @ gelliemen- so that makes it ok for Porsche to make jokes about hurting Rachel to save Brendon 400$ on an abortion?

    • In all fairness to Porsche, she wasn’t able to compete for the first four weeks because of the golden key, but she still doesn’t deserve to win.

      • No. Porsche only missed 2 comps. She played in the first HOH and the fourth. She had to sit out for week 2 and 3. Rachel has missed 3 comps alone, just by being HOH so much.

  3. Porsche’s game is equal to Rachel’s??? Seriously?? Is she that delusional to think she is that good of a player? I hope Rachel changes her mind and takes Adam to the final two instead of Porsche….go Rachel!!!

      • Exactly, laura. Of the final four, Jordan was the one who wasn’t playing the game. She’s kind, sweet, and the biggest hanger on I’ve every seen. I’m not a fan of Adam’s floater strategy, but at least he had a strategy. As for Porsche, she was aligned with Rachel and then Dani, she won competitions when she needed to, and evicted her biggest competitors. I thinks he deserves a spot in the final two.

      • Actually I was impressed that in the very end, Jordan, knew she had not been a strong player and she admitted that. She said she deserved to leave and didn’t whine about how “unfair” it was that she was being booted.

      • I agree with Annie. At least Jordan knew she wasn’t playing a good game. Porsche actually thinks she’s one of the best players of this season. Sorry Porsche, you aren’t.

      • Exactly when did the goal of BB become winning comps? I thought the goal was to make it to F2 and get the most jury votes!!! Seems to me anyone managing to accomplish that deserves to win the game no matter the strategy they used to achieve that goal (except tainting HG food which should be considered an assult that results in removal from game). I think if R or A win they deserve it (P should have been kicked out of house by production). Both have made good moves and bad moves in this game. It will be interesting to see what the jury does with their votes!!!!!

    • Porsche’s game isn’t equal to Rachel’s, IT’S BETTER.


      HOH (that the Donato’s threw to her)
      HOH that sent Dominic home
      Duo Veto to send Keith home


      Veto that sent Jeff home
      HOH that she had to beat every other HG to win
      Veto that saved her and sent Jordan (a previous winner) home

      If it weren’t for Porsche, JeJo would still be in the house. Not to mention that in nearly every competition she’s been either 3rd or 2nd place in, there’s a chart on a Survivor Sucks thread.


      • The only thing she deserves to win is half a million cases of benefiber so she can spike her own drinks.

      • Drek
        Rach also won veto that saved her and Jordan and the HoH that sent kaliah out. Rach has had to fight from day 1 and Porsche just woke up and won a cple at the end.

      • Exactly. Rachel has been on everyone’s target from day one. She has had to fight tooth and nail to stay in the game. When all Porsche did was eat, sleep, and not talk game. When she finally woke up and started winning, it was when the best houseguests were gone. She deserves nothing except a seat with the jury.

      • Ditto about Rachel was so mean calling Dani a B**** on live TV. Really I think that is the worse thing that you can do to say that to the nation. She is mean and extremely bitter person but if she had been sent home she would not be a good looser. The Vets to me had the advantage since they alway had a partner. Flip a coin on Adam and Porche anyone but Rach. She thinks she so awesome that she changed her strategy but nor really she was mean until Jordan left. Porche was the most awesome when she won the snake really great play all skill. Benefiber I never saw but apparently she thought Rachel was full of S***

      • Rach was naot the only one who called another HG a bitch, that word flies around a lot inside the house (and out in the real world too for that matter).

      • Drek if it weren’t for Porchit, Rachel would be gone already cuz she wouldn’t have been able to take both herself and Jordon off the block when she won the veto after Porchit opened Pandoras Box

      • Dick and Daniele may have thrown the first endurance comp, but it may not have mattered. That was the kind of competition Rachel excels in. If you go back and watch her that night, she wasn’t going anywhere. Same as with the Veto she won that saved her and Jordan, and the first part of the Final HOH comp. Those kinds of competitions are geared to players with skills like Rachel’s.

      • None of the reamining people were the best players. Danielle or Kalia should have been around to win this thing. If Brendan and Jeff hadn’t attempted to intimidate the women of the house and things hadn’t got personal these three clowns would have been gone. But I guess Porshe is best best of the worst.

      • i love how people forget how hard rachel has had to fight to stay in the game porsch slept and it for 55 days but yet people are caliming she deserves to win… Rach deserves it over anyone has fought everytime she was on the block and won she has made big game moves and won hoh fairly deantos didn’t throw it to her dick couldn’t hang on and was pulling his puke daughter down.

      • Porche had no reason to do anything for the first few weeks. She was safe with the golden key. She didn’t do anything the first week Brendan was evicted, but the next week, she made her first necessary move by switching sides. If she didn’t, she would have been the pawn instead of Lawon and would’ve gone home. Her only bad move was opening Pandora’s box. However, she is here now because she did play the game. If she was in the final four with her alliance, she would’ve lost the HoH to to Kalia, Shelly, Adam, and a retarded monkey, and might have lost the veto and been evicted.
        I’m also fine with Rachel winning, as she did play an annoyingly emotional game, but still played the game.
        However, if Adam wins, I will never watch this show again. He has won two competitions(not counting the one thrown to him, he made absolutely no
        strategic moves.

  4. I was wondering about the final phase of the HOH comp as well. I don’t remember the jury interrogation being held live before but that doesn’t mean to say it hasn’t been as I’ve only been following BB on the internet for the last few seasons. I assume you will keep us informed if you hear anything.

    I don’t understand why Rachel wants to be in the finals with Porsche. She must realize that most jury members will perceive her as playing a stronger game than Adam and he would be a better choice to sit beside (if it is her choice). I hope she’s just “playing” Porshe but if she’s not I hope she wins the final HOH to secure Adam’s vote. Otherwise she might just be making a half million $$$ mistake.

    • I don’t see where it really matters who she takes as long as she wins the final comp Adam told her whoever won part 3 would carry the most weight and that she would have his vote. Jordan told her that she would have both Jordan and Jeff. She would have Brendon. That’s 4 votes and all she needs.

      If Porsche wins the final comp then it would be Porsche’s choice.

    • Adam would be the smart pick for the 2nd slot because he did not win too many competitions and just floated practically from beginning to end. That is the best argument for taking him to Final 2. The object of the game is to win that $500,000 so, it makes sense for Rachel to take Adam is she wins Final HOH. In Porsche’s case, evicting Rachel guarantees there are 4 veterans in the jury house which is Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon and Adam has huge sympathies with the veterans because he played a nicer, friendlier game. This is where his social game will be a huge asset. If the veterans vote for Adam then, Porsche is toast. She will get Danielle, Shelly and Kalia’s vote and lose! That is why she might be thinking of taking Rachel.

  5. There’s only one move Adam has left. Sit down with each of the other players separately and make a case that Rachel or Porsche each has a better chance of winning the half-million by taking him and not taking the other.

    Tell Rachel that he’s not getting votes from Dani and Kalia which Porsche will likely get.

    Tell Porsche that by sticking close to the vets for most of the season, she’ll get newbie votes (except for Shelly’s vote) while Jeff & Jordan are likely to hold Jordan’s eviction against Adam.

    Even if these arguments aren’t accurate, they’re the arguments he needs to make (Actually, Adam could end up beating Porsche, if Jeff & Jordan look at his nomination of Jordan as being a good game move and he gets their votes, along with Shelly and Brendon).

    This is the essence of BB. Persuade others why it’s in their best interest to do what you want them to do. The final HoH winner should make her decision on whom to take to the final two for one reason and one reason only: Ask yourself against whom do I more easily get four or more jury votes. Then you take that person. Period.

    Both Porsche and Rachel are being foolish if they don’t crunch the probable vote totals in their heads before making a decision and figuring out whom they’ll get more votes against. Adam is being foolish for not making a case for himself to each of them by suggesting that they do this.

    So what if Rachel and Porsche are better friends in the house then either of them are with Adam? They need to think about their own hopes and dreams, their own families, and realize that 500K will do a lot more to take care of themselves and their loved ones than 50K will. It’s reckless for them to make a final two decision for any reason other than winning the 500K for themselves and the people who will be important to them long after this season and the other houseguests are forgotten.

    • I agree but you know what if I were Porsche I wouldn’t take Adam because he didn’t use the veto on her when he should have. I’d rather see R&P and either way they’ve both won $, Afam doesn’t desire anything – FLOATER! Bye Adam!

      • Porsche’s reason not to take Adam to Final 2 has to be because Adam can win that $500,000. Adam played a better social game and with Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel having a majority, they can very well vote for Adam and Porsche cannot win on 3 votes which is Danielle, Kalia and Shelly. In Rachel’s case if she wins Final HOH, she should take Adam because Adam essentially floated and Rachel will get Brendon, Jeff and Jordan’s vote. All Rachel will need is one vote from
        Danielle, Porsche, Kalia or Shelly and I think one of them flips because Adam played a lousy game. Rachel wins 4-3 in that case.

      • I agree with you TeamNewbie. I think both deserve to be in F2. Each of them won one part so far in the final comps and both deserve to be there over Adam.

      • So you would take someone who you were sure to loose to rather than someone you had a good chance of winning against. When the final HOH makes a decision who to take to final 2 it doesn’t necessarily come down to who deserves it most but down to who HOH has the best chance of winning against.

    • Both of the girls would win against Adam and that’s what they should be thinking about but maybe each of them want to ensure that they at least receive the runner-up prize.

      • @Charanne52 I agree I think both of them want to be sitting against each other. Based on their conversation last night. Of course, Adam is trying to say why it would be good for each of them to take him.

        He did say they both deserve to be there since he couldn’t win when it really counted. He played that game all along. You have to win to deserve to be there.

      • Based on the jury votes, I’m pretty sure Adam stands a better chance against Porsche than Rachel. Jeff and Jordan would vote for Adam over Porsche, and Brendon and Rachel won’t take to kindly to Porsche breaking their Final 2 deal.

    • In my opinion, if it’s Porsche or Adam, Porsche will win.

      I’m sure JeJo will realize that if Porsche never won those two vetos, they would still be in the house. I’m sure as veterans they will respect that as being a strong competitor.

      Then again, Jeff is a bit of a bitter twat, so we’ll see.

      • There is no way Jeff would ever vote for Porsche. He kept saying how she was the biggest floater in the game. No way she would ever get his vote or Jordan’s.

      • Porsche and Adam in the Final 2 means Adam wins.

        JeJo and Brenchel control the votes:

        Jeff and Jordan will never vote for Porsche over Adam, who was loyal to them the entire game.

        Rachel and Brendon will be angry with Porsche for not keeping her word to Rachel.

        That’s the 4 votes Adam needs right there.

  6. To all those who say that Rachel taking Porsche to final 2 would be a bad move, I completely disagree! Adam has said multiple times that he would probably vote for whoever wins the final HoH, and he said he was impressed with Rachel’s game, meaning if Rach wins HoH and evicts Adam, she will get the 4 votes she needs to win: Brendan, Jeff, Jordan, and Adam. Who cares about the mean girls (Dani, Kalia, Shelly)??? They will be the only 3 voting for Porsche, the 4 other jurors will give the win to Rachel. I think if she wins the final HoH, she has it in the bag. RACHEL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Matt: « If they wait until Wednesday to complete round three then the Jury interrogation will have to be held live which I believe would be a first »

    Wrong, for the past 2 years the final 3 have made it to finale night where the 3rd part of the final HoH took place, followed by the live eviction of the last jury member. Remember, in BB11 Jordan won final HoH and evicted Kevin live, and then the jury questionned the final 2 on the stage live. Same thing last year on BB12 when Hayden won final HoH and evicted Enzo and then jury questionned the final 2 live. What happened also in those past 2 seasons, is the 6 first jury members had a meeting that was taped before finale night where they talked about the last 3 players of the game, who played the best game between all 3, and who do they wanna see in final 2, etc… But the jury questions did happen live.

    • Etienne, what if Porsche win the final HOH and takes Rachel? Adam changes his mind and votes for Porsche so she wins the grand prize. If Rachel takes Adam she is guaranteed four votes, JJ, Brendan and Kalia.

      • Yeah but that’s a different scenario, it’s something Rachel doesn’t have a say on.. she can’t decide for Porsche who to bring to the final 2..
        What I was talking about is RACHEL’S choice, who SHE brings to the final 2.. 9if she wins HoH) People say it would be dumb for R to bring P to f2, but I disagree, I think if R brings P to f2, R would win.

  7. Not a fan of anyone this year. Adam has only grabbed on to someone to further his game and it worked. Freeloader comes to mind. R and P have played with R working much harder. R would be most deserving. The other two, not even the 50K, but since someone has to get it, P over A simply because she has made a decision on her own. Can’t count the fact that they were bad ones since Adam hasn’t had the “guts”(keeping it clean) to make a game decision that could make a difference in either the game or his game. I like the guy….. but not as someone to compete in anything the requires making a decision on his own. Even though I don’t like Rachel, congrats to her and I am supporting her victory, just rather see P over A any day!

  8. Why does everyone keep saying that Rachel deserves it more than Porsche??

    Keep in mind that Rachel entered the house with really strong allies. Yes she competed fiercely and won some early competitions but she always had backup support with her alliance member winning for her as well. With Brendon gone, she was a complete mess and did nothing but cry for a really long time while Jeff pulled her along.

    Porsche indeed played it smart by aligning herself with the vets and winning an early golden key. Yes she laid low for a while there but she wasn’t floating and it was an excellent game move.
    When her back was against the wall she pulled through by winning crucial events.
    So stop all the hating…and cheer for both the ladies as they both deserve to be in the final 2.

    Adam on the other hand, complete douche and a floater. Worst game player on BB.

      • Dude that was just a harmless prank, it was nothing to go crying on the internet about. I’ve seen way worse in the Big Brother house.

      • and also the nasty comment about throwing a bowling ball at her stomach, if she was pregnant(Rachel) to save her money for an abortion She’s a nasty girl Go Rachel and take Adam with you please Porsh needs pay back and she’s do it to you, in a minute

      • putting benifiber in people’s food is definitely not a harmless prank Someone with a disease of the bowel may suffer consequences

      • Me too!!! To me it could be more dangerous than getting punched. Someone could have an allergic reaction to something in that stuff. They wouldn’t even be aware of what they reacted to making them vunerable to another reaction in the future. I know people that are allergic to different additives that are put in food. I also know people who develop allergies later in life. It is a physical assult no matter how you try to slice it. It should not be allowed.

      • Get over it! Laxatives are harmful. She was made to throw it out, so move on. The girl is in the finals and she earned her way there. They have all said very mean things about each other the same way many of you have said mean things about them on here. The only thing that you should be focusing on really is how they played the game.

      • Exactly why do you think they made her throw it out? Hum I wonder! Bet they will be adding a bit about tampering with food to the contracts in the future. Probably the only reason she didn’t get kicked out. Bet she was told she would be if it happened again. Talking about people is one thing but actually trying to do someone harm is totaly different. Can’t support a player that would resort that type of play to win. For me it is the same as cheating.

      • How classy is Porkchop – she makes jokes about harming pregnant women. She is going to be so proud of herself once she reenters the real world. NOT!

      • What do you base your judgement on? Cassie said someone in her family was in jail. I think BB has the obligation to interview and select people we have to trust they pick people who they believe would be a good player and represent BB in a good way.

    • I would agree if we only looked at her game play. But like others I can get past the benefiber and the cruel comments about the medicine ball to Rachel’s stomach when there was a possibility that she was pregnant. The spiking the drinks should have resulted in a penalty but the threat of harming Rachel should have resulted in self-eviction.

    • @DjAj I agree with you. Both R and P deserve to be there in the F2. They both liked each other from the very beginning. R wanted P to win part 2 as she was afraid she might not be able to beat A in questions. P did win that part. They both knew R was better at endurance and P was better at skills. They wanted to be sitting against each other in round 3.

      All the hating along the way and the nasty personal comments made against many of the HG’s was so wrong.

      I remember last season when people were on slop and putting lots of Benefiber in their slop drinks. I think if what Porche did was truly harmful she would have been expelled. Just the slop alone affects people’s stomachs. JMO.

    • I have to disagree, what makes you a good BB player is getting to the end of the game. Adam is a better BB player than everyone who’s in the jury house or never even got that far.

      Whatever strategy you use, the goal is to get as far as possible in the game, winning first place, second place, or one or more of the smaller prizes along the way.

      Winning a lot of comps and being an alliance leader makes you seem like a strong player, but it also gets you evicted at the earliest opportunity.

      Keeping the target off your back, however you do it, is the important thing.

  9. Jury questions were live last two seasons

    Rachel VS Porsche
    Shelly and Adam is a ?

    Dani and Kalia for Porsche
    Jordan, Jeff, and Brendon for porsche

  10. So we are not seeing BB tonight, and Wed night starts at 9:30 and I assume goes to 11:00p.m. right? Doesn’t seem that there will be enough time to squeeze everything in in an hour and a half…lots will have to be taped. I wish they had shown more or the sequestered house and what was going on in there! Where did the summer go my friends?

    • Yea, I would much rather watch live feeds from the jury house than the big brother house right now.

      • Yes..I want to see what’s going on in the jury house, much better than watching the F3 playing cards & laying around the yard. I hope they show Kahlia & Jordan entering the jury house on Weds. enough of 10mins. of reviewing what previously happened already on t.v. To me its a waste of 10mins. If ppl. missed it they can always go online & watch it.

  11. Things can change at the last minute on how a HG cast his/her vote..Flashback to last year..Enzo was leaning toward voting for Lane…until he saw the DR session with Lane stating that he wanted to take Britney to the final 2. That cost Lane the win..thing is that Hayden had said the same but his DR session was not shown. So if BB decides to air a few of those DR sessions before the vote it can change everything as to who wins…somethinbg to consider when predicting a winner…

    • hey fly…. I agree and I don’t think they should show any DR sessions to the jury unless they are going to show ALL BB info (that we see or know about). Let the chips (or votes) fall as they may without production interferring with the jury.

      • Right, like this year, for example, if it’s gonna be Porsche and Rachel in the Final 2, if they show a DR session of Rachel saying something bad or nasty against one of the jury members, then they should show something against Porsche, like the Benefiber incident or the stealing or the abortion comment. Just keep it fair.

      • The abortion comment wouldn’t be a good one to show, as it would implicate Adam, as well as all those who were part of it. That includes Big Brother production, who did nothing to stop that sort of talk from going on.

  12. keeping reading arguments about how Porsche’s wins compare to those of Rachels or slightly better but it’s also hard to compare cuz some of those events Porsche won were with Rachel not being able to compete……not being picked for veto comps or outgoing HOH comps that Rachel could have totally won against Porsche

    • Rachel won when Porsche couldn’t compete also. I would like to know why people feel that Rachel had to compete so hard, when Porsche had a 3 person alliance competing against 5 (6 when Adam jumped on the bandwagon)from the time Brendon was brought back until now. The fact that she is still there is quite in accomplishment to me.

  13. Just asking I think being a Vet. had huge advantage because coming in the house not only did they know a lot of the challenges but they all knew each other. let’s face it that was a big trust factor. I had been at events with former players I would team up with them too. All newbies only had a short time to team up and didn’t know each other at all but if they played a second season they would be at an advantage for sure.

    • I see the advantage of being a Vet but then again I don’t..If u claim to be a true BB fan (such as Adam) u are aware of what the challenges are all about and what u have to do to win a few then the Vets “advantage” is null and void..It’s a equal playing field..

      • Still the newbee’s had the #’s & if they had all went against the vets & stuck together they’d have the vote’s. Problem was they didn’t include Shelly, Kahlia or Lawon in on their “Regulator’s” thereby keeping them in the dark & also Keith calling out Kahlia in front of everyone alienated her against Keith so she was more than willing to go along w/vets & evict him. They didn’t have a “United” group from get go & turned on each other instead of going after the vets as a whole group

  14. Well guys.. Out of the whole house and whole season, Adam and Porsche certainly arent the most deserving. The house voted out people who could have been really good before they had the chance to really play (Dominic and Cassi) and voted out great players (Jeff and Dani) Rachel competed and tried to play a social game far more then the other 2 in the f3. And I love Jordan! She is a great strategist! Did you guys not here her arguments? All in all the finals haven’t been the best in a while it seems like. All the “threats” are voted out too early. BB needs to stop casting people who sleep until day 50.

    • Blame the veterans for their bad moves. Danielle, Jeff, Shelly all peeled off and betrayed their alliances way too soon! Call that dumb with a capital D! Brendon’s fault is being to trusting and trusting Jeff who backdoored him! Kalia and Porsche were Danielle’s puppets which is why they did not use their own brains to think. So, whose fault is it that they all got evicted? Blame it on the house guests who should have known better! Rachel, Porsche, Adam deserve to be in Final 3 because they played better than the other house guests to put it mildly. Of course, Rachel deserve to win it among the three. There is nothing wrong with Big Brother but, the fault lies in the dumb moves by Danielle, Jeff and Shelly to a very large degree!

      • Actually, Jeff didn’t betray his alliance this year. He did everything he could to keep him and Jordan safe for as long as possible. I’m honestly not convinced he threw that veto, he could’ve just been saying that to save face that he lost, because after Brendon was gone, Jeff swore he never threw that veto (unless he caught Shelly’s selective memory bug).

        Not to say Jeff is perfect. He made a fatal flaw in trusting Shelly, and then when he threw the clown shoe out of the box that could’ve won him the veto. So he didn’t make the same mistakes this year, but he did made mistakes.

        Hopefully next year they’ll make a fresh start.

  15. Poor Adam…after all the switching back and forth between Vets & Newbies for the last 3 months…after all the swearing on his life that he was being honest and all the ass kissing he did he may go out in 3rd place….very fitting if he does..that is worse than being voted out 4th..Cause u lost ur chance when u lost the comps and the 2 remaining HG’s don’t wanna take u…He may still be able to pull out a 2nd place spot..hmmm hmmm just have watch..

    • I never thought I’d say this but Rachael grew on me this year & I so want her to win the $500k. My problem w/her is her thinking of only players who won the most comps. should be in F2. If she is picking P. for that reason over Adam than she is taking a risk, there is no guarantee Adam will vote for her over P. but its guaranteed if she is w/Adam in F2 she wins as Dani will never give Adam her vote So R. would win (B,J,J, D) Taking P. she has to hope that she gets Adam’s vote, as I don’t see Dani voting for R over P.

  16. i think you have to realize that the vets have a target on them in the beginning before they even start just because they are vets-newbies can hide for the first few rounds because no one knows them yet- Rachel overcame more

  17. just asking so what do people think is the ideal competitor? To lay low or come out swinging. Hayden did get HOH early and he won. I hear people complain about people lieing but can you really never lie? Again, everyone seems to judge who played what and how but to me if you end up at the finish line looks like you have played the game.

  18. Rachel totally deserves to win Big Brother 13! She is the best competitor out of everyone that was in the house! She can win pretty much any competiton that she wants to. Rachel is in the best place I think out of all of the people in the final 3. SHe can easily beat Porshe in the final 2! She has all of the votes. She has Brendon, Jeff and Jordan. Daniele even said that she will vote for a competitor that played the game the best…and that is certainly not Porshe! So, I am cheering for Rachel all the way! GO RACHEL! :)

  19. While I am no Rachel fan (stupid players should have been voted her out before Brendon), I do not care what Adam says, he has been star struck with the vets from day one. Adam will vote for Rachel, period. If Rachel wins final round, she should send the sure fourth vote (Adam) to the jury (J/J/B/A) for the win.

    On the other hand, Porche’s chance of winning may be better against Adam simply because of ego. While Adam may have been loyal to the vets, imagine Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel having to live with the fact that not only did they lose to a newbie, they lost to the worst newbie player if they vote for Adam.

  20. Rachal is the best competitor this season against Porche. She deserves to win. Adam has flipped back and forth all season to whoever was in power to play it safe and rode their coat-tails. He does not deserve to be in the final 2. Who says his vote is the important one what about america? You never know with BB.

  21. i think rachel deserves this more than anyone because she has played a great game and she was so honest with jordan and kept her word so rachel i wish u all the best u deserve the money so go girl good luck

  22. I can’t stand cry baby Rachel. Don’t want her to win!!! But she is definitely the best player of this season!!!

  23. I simply enjoy watching Big Brother.
    My favorites are Jeff and Jordan.
    Now, down to the final three and my favorites are all three of them.
    Seeing either one win the money will be nice.
    I enjoying seeing other people have good things in their life happen.
    Congratulations to each and every previous player for just being on the show, I could not do it myself…my hats off to anyone who gave it their best effort.
    Again, I enjoyed all past seasons of Big Brother, loved this season also and I look forward to next year.

    Keep it coming Big Brother Producers.

    • I totally agree Bethany. I love JeJo and Brenchel! I always root for the underdog and with that said I am all for Rachel! She’s a handful at times, but she seems like a really nice person. I hope all of the housguests that made disgusting, and hurtful comments about her are ashamed of themselves once they watch the entire season.

  24. Porsche game does NOT trump Rachels game! She is delusional. Rachel physical game winner hands down. Adam social fame winner hands down. Wait – oh Porsche sleeping game winner hands down. Either newbee can beat Rachel being they are more likable to other house guest. Will Porsche beat Adam – NO. She has better chance against the unlikable Rachel. The finale will be quite interesting. Rooting for Rachel all the way!

  25. Just a few parting comments.

    Unlike others who say I’ll never watch BB again for whatever reason, I will watch again next season as I have the last seven or eight seasons. Having said that, however, I have found myself watching less BBAD and fewer episodes during the week over the last two and a half seasons (ever since the Jeff and the magical powers incident two seasons ago).

    My vote this year is not for any player (since I do like the game play of any of the remaining contestants), my vote is AGAINST BB and CBS production.

    Unlike Survivor which airs two or three times a year, BB fans wait a whole year for a new season. When you give us a waisted, overly “produced” season like this season, on the heels of watching the so called “brigade” for the last half of last season, you are waisting too many years of this old man’s life.

    I hope you do a much much better job next season.

  26. Go Rach…….Porche should have been evicted for tampering with the food. You just don’t do something like that> It was dirty pool. I am suprised that CBS allowed something like that to happen.

  27. The jury’s questions to the final 2 were live last year. In season ten they were not live; season 11 I do not know.

  28. I think if Rachel wins part 3 which I expect her to and goes to F2 with either P or A she will have the jury votes to win BB13. If she takes P she will have B, J, J, and A. If she takes A she will still have the jury votes.

    If P wins part 3 and takes R I still think R will win as she has B, J, J and I think she will still have A.

    If P takes A she will have D, K, and I have no idea how J, J, B, S, or R will vote.

    IMO, Rachel will still win BB13, but I would rather see Porsche get second over Adam.

    Porsche was not allowed to play comps and just as Rachel didn’t play in every comp. neither did Porsche. She ended up hosting as she was not picked to play either. Adam was bragging the other night how he played in almost every comp. We know how many he won. Porsche had the least amount played through no fault of her own. Rachel had played in two more comps than Porsche and that included Rachel winning part 1. Now that Porsche has won part 2 only 1 comp separates them. That is why I believe Porsche deserves to be in F2 even though I see Rachel winning it all.

    I have never been a Rachel fan, but still see her winning. I only hope that Porsche wins 2 prize. JMO.

    • Reasonable guesses about final 2, but one of those scenarios I see differently. Rachel winning part 3 and taking Adam, I don’t think she’d have the votes. Porsche would be bitter about their promised deal being broken.

      So, I see the votes like this; R – Jordan, Brendon, Dani. A – Porsche, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia. I just don’t see Jeff voting Rachel over Adam. He dislikes her A LOT and likes Adam.

  29. I have been watching past seasons while waiting for the other shows, lol..Yes, I am a BB addict, and can finally say I have watched every season and a few seasons twice. In Season 11, they held the jury interviews with the final 2 HG’s on the live show and I am watching the end of 12 now and believe they also did this in Season 12. If you remember Season 11 they announced things would be different, and they would have all three houseguests in the house until finale night. Once Jordan evicted Kevin he went outside with the other jurors and then they asked their interview questions

  30. really glad this season is over… BB i hope you do a better job picking people next time and PLEASE stop influencing the play in the BR room…

  31. They started having the final 3 go to the finale in season 11. So the past 2 seasons have had the interrogation live. Remember when Jordan kept going on in her answers (i still love her) and Julie kept cutting Natalie short. So I am assuming it will go like the past 2 years.

  32. In all fairness, the three players that are left are pretty sub-par. Starting with the final 8, the most deserving person was voted out every time. Dani jumped on board the anti-Cassi train at the right moment and almost got Jeff evicted when she couldn’t even play for HoH. She was the most willing to make a bold move and break away from the pack. Jeff was the leader of the biggest alliance in the house and played a great game. Though I would have been bored if he won, He did deserve it. Shelly had been playing the social game since week one. Kalia was the first and only newbie to win a legitimate HoH (since Porsche and Adam won after all the strong players were gone). Jordan was at least nice and likable. Sure she already won, but who doesn’t like Jordan?! Now we are left with Porsche, who probably played the best game of the three left, but doesn’t get the recognition for it because it still wasn’t a very good game. If she played this way in season 3, 4, 10, or one of the really good ones, she wouldn’t have made it this far. Rachel has won competitions but has had zero social skills and has annoyed everyone. Adam just sits in the DR and talks about why he needs to win every competition and then fails to win almost all of them. Oh yeah, and bacon. Loser…

    I will watch because i love the show but CBS needs to cast 14 winners, not 3 good players and 11 a few sheep.

  33. of course rachelle deserves to win.she has definetly faught from day 1.come on people, porche has only slept and ate her stay at go rachelle.hope you get the big money.

  34. ok people…. Rachel does deserve to win. Hands down she has played the best game out of everyone who is left in that house.

    Here is what will happen…

    Rachel and Porsche in final two…

    Jury votes:

    Rachel – Jeff, Jordan and Brendon
    Porsche – Kalia, Danielle, Shelly

    Adam will come through the Jury house and he will end up voting for Rachel because he knows out of the two girls, Rachel deserves to win the most.

    Porche floated her way because of that golden key… she would’ve been long gone if it wasn’t for that !!!!!

    GO RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I see a lot of “Go Rachel” and “Go Porsche” posts but no “Go Adam” posts.

    Now why is that? LOL!

  36. Go Rachel :)
    Do the houseguesets get DVD’s of the entire season after they do leave the house? I hope they all see how Porche played with their food and the comment about abortion…then I hope Rachel truly kicks her ass.
    Adam may not have done anything besides befriending people in the house, but I’d give him the 50K 2nd place money, at least he’d probably have a wedding out of his newly won money and not just buy bigger implants :P

    Go Rachel GO!!!!

    • I really don’t don’t care who wins just get it over with so I can watch something else!! I really like BB but this year it just wasn’t the same as far as Rachel let her win so we don’t have to hear or see her again-let Porcha win so we don’t have to see or hear from her-let Adam (who I would like to win kind of) so he can get on with his life and I think he’ll do more with his winnings than the girls. With that said PLEASE BB lets improve so next year will be good NO MORE VETS!!!!!

  37. This is a game of stragety and not a personality contest. The winner of the 3rd round should take with her the person she feels she can beat. PERIOD!
    The lies are still going on. Rachel told Adam last night that she had made a deal with Porche to take her to the F2 if she won the final HOH. It sounds as though she could go back on her promise. Adam told Rachel that he would vote for her even if she didn’t take him with her. Then he told Porche a few minutes later that he would vote for the one that won the final HOH.
    I hope Porche figures out that Adam might be a better choice and not stay commited to her promise to Rachel because Rachel most likely won’t keep her promise to her unless she believes she has enough votes in the jury house.

  38. I want to see RACHEL WIN THE GAME…and I would like for Adam to come in second place…BUT seriously when it comes to Rachel do you think the rest of the people in the jury house will be looking at who played the hardest or who won the most competitions…maybe Jeff, Brendon and Jordan may look at it this way BUT I think Danielle, Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia may still have a personal vendetta against Rachel…Rachel may have a shot at Kalia vote since Kalia may still hold a personal vendetta against Adam for putting her on the block and ending her chance to win the money. If this happens then Rachel have a shot at winning over Adam but if Kalia decides to vote with the newbies Adam will have a shot at winning… If Rachel take Porsche to the finals then Adam will be the deciding vote as to who may win…The question is who would Adam vote for Rachel or Porsche? I believe if Porsche took Adam to the finals then I believe Rachel would be the deciding vote as to who may win…Once again Do you think Rachel would vote for Adam or Porsche? RACHEL I HOPE YOU WIN YOU TRULY DESERVE TO WIN…YOU PLAYED AND FOUGHT THE HARDEST AND YOU WAS THE SMARTEST PLAYER BESIDES JEFF AND BRENDON… SO GO RACHEL ALL THE WAY!!!!

  39. Can you please tell me what your talking about.This week your saying Rachel should win because Porche only started playing on week 55.But last week all I could see anybody saying that Jordan needs to win.That sounds to me like yall talking out of both side of your mouth,Jordan never did begin to play the game.She never won but one game that the one vets let her win.What are you trying to say you want someone who wins or someone thats nice.Porche won alot maybe she was playing like she didnt know how to play to keep her in the game longer but when it came to it she has steped up her game.So if you want to say who played the game the best it sounds like Porche she foolef the whole house.

    • Porsche didn’t even start playing the game till final 10, cause she had a golden key and she didn’t win that much….Rachel won more and kept herself in after everyone trying to vote her out… Even if you don’t like her personally she can play BB.

      • Maybe your right Gayle Rachel she just the best player that every played BB.Bad thing about it .it took her two years to win it.Maybe when Porsche gets to come back next year she might win too.Im kidding Porsche not coming back as far as I know.Im just being a smart a**..

      • I have a really bad feeling that if Rachel takes Porsche to the finale that Porsche is going to win. Dumbest move Rachel could make, and it will probably end up costing her the $500,000. Actually, thought Rachel was smarter than this.

      • @Gayle, Porsche had the the Golden Key given to her by Rachel and the vet alliance. In the beginning Rachel was not in danger and that is why Keith, Cassi and Dom went home. Rachel has played in 21 comps. (her words with 7 wins including lux. comps). Porsche has now played in 20 comps. with with now 6 wins including lux. comps. and Adam has played in 28 comps. with 5 wins including lux. comp. I am just repeating what they discussed after the endurance comp. Rachel was not picked for every veto just as Porsche was not. Dani, Kalia and Dani again won the next 3 HOH’s. Rachel was playing and did not win then.

        Even if you don’t like Porsche their wins are not that different in amount of comps. played. Rachel did not become the real target until after Brendon was evicted twice and then Jeff. She may have been on the block, but not the real target the entire game. Even though I am not a Rachel fan I give her credit, but I have to give Porsche credit also. I understand what @Lori is saying.

      • Correction gail. Rachel has won 3 hoh’s 2 veto’s the first rounnd of the final HOH and 2 food comps. That’s 8 comps. Porsche won 2 food comps 2 vetos and 1 HOH then second round of HOH. So take away the food comps and Rachel has won 6 comps that matter. Porsche has won 4 and as we all know, Porsche JUST started winning. Rachel was beating people when the house was full. I wish people would stop trying to give Porsche more credit than she deserves. She 100% lucked into Final 3. It was because of Rachel that Porsche even made it past week 1. And that Porsche evn got to play in the final veto that she won. People have just fallen back on Porsche by default because Dani and Kalia are gone. Trust me, I’ve been paying attention ALL the Dani fans converted. Nobody mentioned Porsche before Dani was gone.

      • Why do people keep giving Adam and Porsche more wins then they have won. Porsche won 2 veto’s a HOH and first part of HOH that’s 3 1/2. She didn’t win a luxury comp Jordan did.

      • @Karen, I was just repeating what Rachel said as she was counting all comps won and she did the count for herself and Porsche. Adam came up with his. I am not trying to give anyone any more or less. Just listened to what Rachel said. Rachel counted all comps. My mistake when I typed lux.

      • Just for everybody’s information, Porsche started to win when BJD are gone. Rachel won when the whole house were there.

      • I was never a fan of Rachel with all her crying, but once it stops, that girl can play BB. I do hope she wins it all based on her plays. She is a fierce player and should always play like that. Porsche followed the crowd and now when it comes down to it, NOW she plays the game. She is not equal to Rachel at all!

      • Porshe is the best only if you like a sneaky,pathetic,conniving person!! If you watch the show you would know that!! DUHH!! “RACHEL FOR THE WIN”

      • Man, is that the truth and those are the only nice things I can say about Porsche. She has been one of the nastiest and disgusting players in BB history. Tainting milk and making Jordan sick and talking about killing an unborn baby. Something is really wrong with this girl upstairs, and if Rachel takes her to finale Rachel will lose I have a funny feeling. Even Jordan told Rachel before she left to take Adam. What is rachel thinking???

      • Porshe sucks.She is nasty and the other night on BBAD she was dressed in that pathetic whatever material dress and kept doing that stupid talk. Her butt is about as big as Kalia’s. That girl is a nutcase.. Go Rachel.

      • Well here we are almost at the end and Porsche is saying she is Equal to Rachel NOT. She is not even close. Thunder thighs is so wrong,but in pea brain she just thinks she is. Oh well Gooooo Rachel you have played a great game,you should take Adam if you win the last comp. Porsche is such a Has Been Want To Be !!!!!! Don’t like what she did with the food at all what a Bitch that is not game it is just plain rude because she does’nt know how to play a good game. Thunder thighs need to go home !!!!!

    • whos to say jordan wouldnt have won it even if they didnt throw it to her? if i remember correctly who ever knocked the ball in the highest number woulda won hoh that week. with 13 being the lowest and 1 being the highest. on her turn she knocked in number 3. which is pretty high. jordan beat out everyone before her. whos to say brendon or jeff woulda got any higher? jordan may have lacked on comps but her social game is wat got her far. jeff protected her yeah but jordan was never a target till like 2 weeks ago. im jus sayin

      • @ shantel…my point exactly. We watched 7 people put before Jordan and none of them made it under 6. Who an say Jeff or Brendon would have. Porsche representatives have got to be as classless as her cause she is trash at its finest. I think I’ve seen that girl take 3 showers since the season started, changes her clothes every 4 days. Always walking around doing douchy dances with her ass (which by the way is nasty,where I come from her ass isn’t cute big is sloppy big) not to mention her muffin top sticking out of her back, not calling her fat at all cause she’s nott, but clearly she’s leaving it out intenionally and thinks its cute. Always talking about how she’s going to “flirt” with Adam to get him to do what she wants. Not to mention all of the tricks she tried to play this summer that I don’t think even my 4 year old would try to do, and saying things about saving Rachel 400$ on an abortion. That girl is very scummy. And yes yes porsche(dani)fans. Go ahead and attack me call me a “hater” or say I’m “jealous” of her. It means nothing because as I said she’s trashy and classless and if you adore her you are too.

      • @vetfan, I agree with you 100%!! That chic is NASTY! She brown nosed Kalia and Dani when she needed to and it’s by pure luck and some help from Rachel that she’s still there! She does NOT deserve to win! GO RACHEL!!!!! This girl is a fighter, when she wasn’t HOH or Veto holder, she was on the block! She DESERVES to win!

      • i def agree! porche is hot mess. i dont think anyone deserved to win. this whole season was terrible. i think dani is the reason the finale three is crap. evil D shoulda stayed. this game would have actually been a game!

      • ok so porky is a ‘fat sloppy whatever’ and rachel is a ‘mouthy hoochy mama’…. adam is a ‘do nothing’ riding on everyone elses coat tails…. none of them deserve to win the money…. so what… at least they made it to the final 3

    • Porsche started winning competitions, with only a few competitors left in the house, when Rachel was winning since the beginning.

      • What does being fat have to do with winning bb? If porsche got to end it because she plad people and won comps if u ssy she only won because the others left than the same could be said of racheal dani could beat rachel in endorance comps

      • Actually Dani & Rachel were never in an endurance comp, with the exception of the first hoh, which Dani gave up on. So we don’t actually know who would’ve won in endurance, but I think Rachel could have held her own against Dani.

    • This entire season went on a downward spiral with ED suddenly leaving and really sunk on double eviction taking out the only two deserving a win… if you ask my opinion.

    • I really think rachel should win. She is a very strong player and has busted her butt to get herself off the block at least 4 times and has managed to get herself this far. I will be very disappointed if adam even goes to the final 2. You know as well as i do that they are going on game play, not on personal relations(not entirely) so rachel will have the majority of the votes no matter what. She will have jeff, jordan, brendon, more in likely daniele, adam vs. kalia, shelly.And even if daniele is voting for porche it will still be in rachels favor and she will win. She deserves to win. Adam has no right to even be in the final 2. He should of been one of the first people out.

  40. To all of the so called big brother watchers.If you really watch the game,like I do,then you will know that Porsche has played a smart game. Rachel is a returning player , I will say that again, a returning player into the Big Brother House, trying to lie her way thru the game,playing the fake crying,doing everything for Brennan,and not for Rachel.This is why Porsche deserves to win first time playing the game,and played a clean game,when she needed to play.Don’t hate the true player,hate the game. Porsche winner of Big Brother 13!

      • Why do you have a problem with a returning player, the producers of bb set that up. Rachel has won when she needed to also and kept Jordan safe also. I would rather have someone that didn’t previously win get the money, so even thou everyone loves Jordan, I didn’t want her to win.

      • The only thing porche is really good at is putting Jodan down.. she is petty and jealous of Jordan. I cant stand her and want rachel to win. Rachel deserves the win..

      • Porsche is a Want to be. If you are such a great fan and watched the game you have seen that Porsche DID NOT play a fair clean game. She needs to go out and take her Thunder Thighs with her. I think she would come in a very close close first to Cowlia in the stuffing your face department. With all that said Go Rachael !!! You have played the game very well.

    • Agree Envoy and Lori. I also agree Gayle that that the producers set that up and I was never happy with that particular set up. It was what they gave us, but I would have preferred all vets and no couples or a complete set of newbies.

    • Trying to lie her way through the game!!!!!!!! Lmao….pretty sure she’s done the least bit of lying in the house. Rachel tells people straight to their face what she thinks. There is a huge difference. CLEARLY you do not watch bb like you claim or you have a very false sense of entitlement that you feel the only “right” or “smart” way to play is your way. Incase you HAVEN’T been watching. ED and DR Will are 2 of the most respected players in BB history and make up a huge portion of fan favs. What did they do to win????? Lie lie lie their asses off!

      • @vetfan are you in love with rachel? you don’t respect other peoples opinion your a SAP in my opinion! GO PORCHE!

      • You mean when she told Brendon that Jeff had been making sexual advances to her that was not a lie? Oh My!

    • All three finalist deserve where they are but Rachel carried Porsche. She gave her the golden power of veto. When Brendon left, she flipped to Dani’s side and when Rachel won her HOH then she came back to her again and made a deal to keep her instead of Kalia. Rachel has been picked on by almost everyone in both seasons. It is really hard to defend yourself when you are just one against everyone. Porsche has said nasty things to Rachel including an unborn baby if she was pregnant at that time, try to spike Jordan’s drink, although not a harmful one, the argument against that is what if JOrdan is allergic to any of the substance in that fiber. Big Brother stopped it anyway. Rachel has not said anything nasty against Porsche and remains to be her friend. Rachel has been picked on, made up lies to and blame her, disgusting thoughts and comments given her but she survived. For me Rachel deserves it better and Porsche $50,000 plus $5,000 plus a hefty pay check from Big Brother, she was carried by Rachel. Judge the game accordingly and you can see that Rachel should win the big prize. My opinion.

      • Porsche doesn’t deaserve to win anything. She has no idea what BB is. She was never a fan, never even watched the show before. She’s as dumb as a door knob and lacks class. She reminds me of a deer staring into headlights…that stupid grin of hers….where am I? How did I get here? Porsche, please use soap when washing your hands….a splash of water doesn’t do it.

        Adam and Rachel belong in the final 2.

  41. Com-mon, Porche had no choice but to be out, she has stepped up and won when needed, just like Rachel, ugh. She’s played a pretty honest game. Rachel has lied to people, contemplated on back dooring many and if not for Jordan, would have lost her mind, whats up w/, “this is for u brendan!” Cant she play for herself? Go Porche! I still wished Callie could have come back, the girls were sooo jealous of her!!!

    • Porch must be a relative of yours.She was 2 faced and mean! Rachel didn’t back stab anyone. she played hard and nothing was handed to her.

      • I agree. Rachel plays the game. Go Rachel, win the 500k. Where are all of these Porsche supporters coming from suddenly?

      • @LA Rue: They just woke up and realized that Porkche is in BB…just like Porkche waking up and day 50+ and realizing she’s in BB. Oh, and they’re most likely related to her. No way can you overlook all the nasty things she’s been doing, call her smart, and then insist that she’s played a better game than Rachel. They must be watching a different show.

      • If she’s not sleeping, then she’s bashing other HGs (Rachel especially), or playing “harmless” pranks (right, because it’s really no big deal if other people’s health is affected by your prank. CLASSY).

    • HONEST????? Puh-lease!

      And as far as Rachel playing for Brendan, what were the words out of Porsche’s mouth when she won her first veto? “Daniele would’ve wanted me not to use this veto.” Porsche was playing Daniele’s game!

      Pot, kettle, have you met?

    • JOAN, you are so right Porsche I would honestly have to say the most undesirable person to ever play BB in 13 seasons. Yes, Shelly like every time she turned around and screwed her alliance, but Porsche intentionally made players sick when she poisoned the milk and she threatened to kill an unborn baby. She to me is despicable and evil.

      • I kind of wonder Rachel felt sick, nauseous & diarrhea those days, worried about being pregnant anything to do with the poisoning?

    • Yeah like Porche didn’t play for Dani??? Didn’t she say when she didn’t use the veto on Jeff: “This is what Dani would have wanted?” Sounds like she was playing Dani’s game to me, so no difference than Rachael saying: “This is for your Brendan”. At least Rachael is engaged to Brendan..Is Porsche that in love w/Dani that she needed to say that? just saying.

  42. Somehow, I get the feelinmg that CBS tries to manipluate the show to keep favorites, like Jeff and Jordan, in the running.

    Could that be true? Example: Suddenly announcing that an evicted HG will have the opportunity to return to the house?

    • yea its like that every season and on every reality show on tv. nobody wants to watch boring ppl no matter what show it is.

    • That would require some planning since they have to be on a certain number of weeks. However, Dick did quit so they had to make up a week of programming.

      • Thanx Matt for the spelling of Porsche I missed a S when I was writing one time.Somebody had to correct me .Then I was wondering if I spelled wrong the first or second time.

  43. Even though Rachel deserves to win out of the three that’s left, crazy people on here are like “OMG RACHEL IS THE BEST PLAYER TO EVER LIVE!” which clearly she is not. If she was playing with other allstars and not newbies, brendon and rachel would have been the first two to go.

  44. Does anyone remember how Rachel acted before they called the dr. to talk to her? She has been a lot better. No-one has behaved like Rachel. That is why production did everything they could to keep her. I thought CBS was behaving badly by not sending her home. I felt bad for her. She was embarrassing herself and cbs. wanted ratings.
    Rachel is a great comp. but think about how she behaved. I really do not care if Porsche or Rachel win. I just do not want Adam to win!!!!
    The biggest problem Rachel has is her good bye Messages.

  45. Adam just said I came up with the perfect plan to get either R or P to take him to the final. He said it took him awhile to come up with it, but it is the perfect plan. He said his plan will make sure that either R or P will win $500,000. He will not tell them the plan until the day of the final show so they won’t have any chance to think about their decision. He said he is the one with all the power now. He then laughed to himself. He will play one against the other to make sure that he dangles $500,000 in front of them. He said that way he will get $50,000. If they say no, then they will be taking a chance to make a $450,000 mistake. He was talking out loud as he does to the camera. He also said it will freak them out. Who will the jury believe, but the one that has played the most honest game.

      • lol I should have labeled that spoiler alert and added more of his conversation, but it is waiting approval. lol

      • I think that’s pretty sad of him lol. Just lost all the respect I everr had for him, for at least being a somehwat honest player. I think whatever he plans to tell the jury will backfire, and will make porsche and rachel say eff you! We all know I want Rachel to win, but if he tried to ruin Rachel or Porsche’s game just out of bitterness because he got out played by the both of them, that’d be pretty pathetic lol.

      • His plan should be my vote would be the deciding vote, whoever wins does not take him, he will vote agasint her.

    • Regarding comment 14.

      Should have labeled that Spoiler Alert.

      Adam is calling himself the manipulator. Whose dreams do they want to come true. Porche wants to take care of her father, move to LA and jump start her career. Rachel wants a dream wedding and help pay for Brendon’s college. $50,000 will not be enough for them after taxes.

      • So, let me get this, MR. HONESTY is really gonna lie his a$$ off for $50k?

        Adam meet Shelly.

        Money changes everything.

      • So true db. Pretty sad. I have lost all respect for him. I still think Rachel will win, but still would like to see Porsche win 2nd place over him. Jordan fans should be upset with him as he played her and now he is trying to play Rachel and Porsche. He will tell Rachel that she will not have the votes to possibly win without him and will convince the jury that they should vote for her and he will tell Porsche the same thing. They can take a chance and gamble by not believing him and it will cost either one of them $450,000. He will be happy with the $50,000 as that will help him do what he needs to do with his life. I don’t know what else is part of his plan. Unless if P is out and in jury she will be mad and vote for R for the win and if R is out and she votes for P. Even if A is in jury he has to vote for one of them so if they stick with each other I still see R winning. They already know not both of them can win the $500,000.

      • @Gail, I’ve been flip-flopping (like Adam) on how I view him the last few weeks. I’m beginning to think he’s not the decent guy I thought he was. Yeah, it’s a game and all that jazz but the true colors come out when the money gets involved.

        I hope he doesn’t win a dime.

    • One way would be for Adam to threaten to vote for the other person. Say, Rachel wins Final HOH, Adam can say that: Take me or if you evict me, I will vote for Porsche in the jury house. He will say the same thing if Porsche wins the Final HOH. Take me or I will vote for Rachel in the jury house. It is a form of blackmail and underhanded way but, Adam can argue that he made a bold move to get to Final 2!

  46. Porsche is a floater once power went with DK she switched and then power went to the other side and she couldn’t switch anymore because the line was drawn she is definitely not deserving because she has not done anything worth of a win this season except for talk shit about people.

  47. Wow! So adams big scheme is to tell the winning HOH he won’t vote for them!!!!!????? Lol. He just now came up with this? That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw Jordan go! Gosh could he be any douchier?? What will he say when they say oh well, screw you!

  48. Well I really wanted Jeff/Jordan in the final. Then when Jeff was evicted I wanted Jordan/Rachel. Now I’m hoping Rachel makes it to final 2 and wins. I don’t want Porsche or Adam in final 2. Don’t think they deserve even 50,000. But if Porsche or Adam are both in the final it will make me sick. What a waste of a season if they make it. But I’m not one of those that say they will never watch again because I’m a big BB fan and have watched since season one. I’ll just wait til next year and hope for a better finish.

  49. What he isn’t thinking about is that Rachel actually taking him means she doesn’t have is vote regardless lol. If you take him, your still losing his vote and most likely losing the vote of the other bitter betty if one of the girls broke their word. If Porsche doesn’t take him, then what? She loses his vote. If she does take him, then she still loses his and rachel and Brendons most likely and for sure jejos so taking Adam and breking her word to Rachel would most likely cause Porsche to end up with a 5-2 vote against her. Rachel taking Adam over Porsche in my opinion, would still leave Rachel with the win even if she lost Porsche’s vote.

    • If Rachel were to win Final HOH and take Adam instead, Porsche might still vote for Rachel if Adam blackmailed both of them for his vote! For sure, Porsche will not want to hand Adam that $500,000 if he were to do the underhanded thing and blackmail Porsche and Rachel. Only thing it would guarantee is $50,000 for Adam. I would not mind Porsche not getting anything other than the $5,000 because she did some things which crossed the line like the Benefiber thing and stealing Brendon’s toy so, if Porsche gets evicted—-that would not be such a bad thing!

    • I think Porsche would vote for Rachel. I think Rachel will win regardless just as you do. I just would like to see Porsche instead of Adam win the $50,000. I don’t like him being sneaky at the end before they have to play the 3rd round. Rachel and Porsche were friends to begin with and have become friends again. Rachel became friends with Jordan and look what Adam did to that. Rachel did not want to go against Adam with questions and made a deal with Porsche before Porsche and Adam played the 2nd round. Porsche came through for Rachel and just think the two of them deserve to be in F2. I know Rachel will win the $500,000.

  50. The vet’s played like newbies.Strong vets where are they? In the jury house.I would love to see Porsche win.Like the vets say It’s just a game!!Love you BB 13

  51. Porshe cannot compare herself to Rachel at all she is nowhere near where Rachel is and never will be, she is a terrible person the stuff she has done sneaky tainting food stealing things and I think she has put every single person down int that house except for her the one she needs to be putting down, like the other night when they were saying nice stuff about everyone on the wall no one could say nothing really bad about Jordan but Porsche I think she is just really jealous of Jordan. GOOD LUCK RACHEL and I really hope things change and Adam goes to F2 with Rachel

    • I was like mouth dropped open when she started talking about Jordan. I thought the same thing too, jealousy. I can’t remember what she said exactly though.

  52. As they review all of the house guests pictures on the wall, Porsche and Adam can find something kind to say about each past guest. Not Rachel. She behaves so mean and hateful and, seemingly, attracts supporters who carry those same energies. It really is just a game. Geez…

  53. Rachel deserves to win hands down over Porsche and Adam. She may appear to be somewhat of a nutcase (which is probably overexaggerated by producers since her worst enemy from last season is now one of her best friends (Regan) and Brendon fell in love with her), but she didn’t lie or switch sides all the time to get her further in the game and she fought hard to be where she is. She was loyal to her alliance to the end. She was true to herself and her goal. She didn’t make up things about others and actually made a (mostly) selfless choice in opening Pandora’s box so Adam could possibly meet Tori Spelling (the potential shopping spree was secondary in making her decision), which I don’t think any of the others (except Jordan) would have done if the situation was reversed. She even grew as a person a little when she learned to stop wasting her time arguing with people when they were wrong and just outbeat them where it mattered. I thought she deserved to win last season too, but the person who usually wins wins mainly based on social game. I hope that if and when Rachel is in the final two and the jury is voting for the winner, they put their distaste for Rachel’s behaviour aside and vote for her to win because she played the best competative game compared to Adam and Porsche. Good luck Rachel!

  54. Final thoughts for the night. I’m for team Rachel. I have always liked her. She puts up a false front and has a lot of people fooled. It’s all entertainment folks!! Even Matt and Jordon saw the real Rachel. The girl LOVES life! She may whine a lot, but don’t all the HGs? That is what Production and ratings want! She is the one house guest that I would love to sit next to at a sporting event.

    Porsche is who she is. What keeps me from supporting her and believing she should win, is the stunts she pulled that were off the mark. Production needs to nip this in the bud or we may see more of it in future seasons. I respectfully disagree to those that say her stunts were no big deal. Laxatives may not be completely safe for all people depending upon the dosage, etc. It was just not a childish act, but a criminal act. What if the person was highly allergic to the stuff? Where does it say in the contract they sign that they can inflict spiked food/drinks onto another person just to win a game. Not a harm? What if they next season someone spikes a food or drink with something more toxic like cleaning fluids. Even BB has to meet specific guidelines of what they can make the HG eat. If I had done that to a co-worker, my backside would have been fired and in jail. Yes, it was a criminal act.

    • skywatcher, I agree with you regarding Porsche’s criminal behavor. I do not understand why she was not evicted from the game for those acts. BB what is up with this? As skywatcher said, if this happened in in any work environment, she would have been fired and charged with the crime. It concerns me that you would allow someone like this to continue and now possibly win $50 to $500k. I would like to see production take away her eligibility to continue.

      • I’m no Porsche fan, several of her comments/actions have annoyed me to no end, and I absolutely agree production should’ve penalized her in some form, but I don’t agree with the notion to expel her from the game for this. I clearly understand everything wrong with what she did, and I personally would be livid if I got sick during say an endurance competition due to food that had been tampered with, but you have to do something extreme and irreversible for production to end your chances at $500,000 and end your Big Brother experience, period. Chima from Season 11, her actions were inexcusable, she willingly damaged production equipment, and was being a child, refused to go to the Diary Room, etc. There was no warning her or trying to get her to co-operate at that point. Porsche was told to throw out the contaminated food, and I’m sure if not for trying to keep what she did secret from the other HGs they would’ve given her a penalty vote the next time she was on the block on a Thursday night. Maybe they can still secretly (as in behind doors, away from other HGs knowledge) decrease her winnings if she makes final 2. Perhaps knock $5-10,000 off of her total of $50-500,000.

        Sorry, but if they didn’t punish her severely (expulsion) at the time of incident, it makes no sense and it’s unfair to do so now as she approaches the end of the game.

  55. Porsche it seems is also delusional. Porsche, if you were so damn great you would have lasted a hell of a lot longer in the endurance hoh. Oh, and while I’m at it, 2002 called and they want their wannabe Juicy sweatsuit back because you are wearing those things out girl, and it’s not very flattering for your figure. Also, I think your cookies are ready.

  56. Please OMG! this game was set up for Rachel to when and you all know it. Porsche played the better game hands down and Rachel been in the house before Porsche played a clean game and all this mess about her putting something in someones drink knock it off she would not still be in the house.GO PORSCHE

    • From Porksche’s CBS bio:

      Three adjectives that describe you: Sexy, bitchy and clever

      Clever? LOL! Sneaky and lazy might better descriptions.

    • I don’t have the feeds but did a simnple google search for “BB13 Porsche Benefiber”, here is when it happened
      Flashback CBS forces Porsche to throw out muscle milk – Aug 14 5:55pm Cam1
      Flashback Porsche Mixes benefiber with Muscle Milk – Aug 13 12:07am Cam2

      Before you call us all liars maybe you should do a little research. The game is not set up, Rachel is just a fierce competitor.

    • How can u say that Porsha is a better player than Rachel ? Are you kidding me , Rachel played a way better game than Porsha,I think you better wake up and smell the bacon, Porsha sucks ,oh well if im not spelling her name right. GO RACHEL WIN bb13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Everyone says rachel deserves to win, others say porche. Heres what I think

    I think that the only 2 people that deserved to win this season are in the jury house. Those two people are Dani and Brendon. Dani took the game into her own hands and brendon just couldn’t stay down.

    People say ” oh well porche couldn’t really play till there were 10 because of the golden key”. Really…. What was stopping her then. The golden key didn’t stop dani. Face it people porche just floated her way to the near end once all the big dogs were gone and the little ones remained.

    Same thing with rachel. She hid behind Brendon half of the season. Then after they finally were able to put him down she hid behind jeff. Then finally once they evicted jeff, she started to play again. Who knows what happed all that time with her.

    So lets say that the golden key part never happend and we go from there. Both porche and rachel just started to play once they were down to final 5. The reason I think that many think rachel should win is because she was a fan favorite. Everyone keeps thinking of her game play last season, but compared to this season. In reality her gameplay this season just sucked.

  58. I think Porche Deserves to win she played the best game bescause she decided to stay under the radar until she needed to start winning and thats exactly what she is doing. she is unstoppable right now. I cant stand rachel she is a lier and a cheater she does not deserve to win. GO PORCHE!!!!

    • So because she stayed under the radar, thats what makes her deserve to win….. What about adam??? He played the same way, but everyone hated his game play. What makes both their game plays any different?

    • I think you need to wake and smell the bacon also, Rachel played a better game than Porsha hands down ,if the vets didnt give her the goldon key she would of been out of ther the 1st. week .GO RACHEL WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hope if Porsche wins the final comp she takes Adam to F2 and win it all. I guess she did something right because she is in F3, so no matter what her haterz think she deserves to be there.

    ?? how is benefiber more dangerous than slop?

  60. Rachel would not be here if it was not for porsche. It was smart for rachel to latch on to porsche in the beginning . Rachel had a vote when she needed it. However, Rachel would not be here if Porsche had sent Rachel home instead of Jordan.This is the second time Rachel has played and she came in with a partner. Porsche is very young and she came in alone. She has done really well.
    I still think Rachel will win. Just so it is not ADAM.

    • Porsha would not be ther if Rachel did not give her the golden key , and if Rachel did not vote to evict Kaila, Porsha would of been gone .

      • several people say that Rachel saved Porsche…if I remember correctly (and I could be wrong) Keith and his paranoia kept her in the game…

  61. One thing Porshe can say for the jury, is that in everyshing competition that she got 2nd place, she just threw the veto
    And let`s be Honest how many times Porshe got 2nd place in HOH or Veto? Pretty all of them..

    That would be a great point for Porshe.

  62. Best thing that could happen.Rachel decides to keep Porch for the final 2 and production says she is not elligable due to actions in the house.Gotcha!

    • That would certainly add fuel to the “BB is fixed” allegations. BTW, benefiber? Really? It’s not like she spike a drink with anthrax. It’s like some people are trying to grasp on to any reason to dislike Porche.

  63. I am so sick of everyone saying Rachel doesn’t deserve to win because she had her chance in BB12. Well folks, I hate to break it to you but it just doesn’t work that way. BB has brought people back for more than one season many times, and Rachel has made it to the end and she has been a major target, she has been nominated 5 times and has remained in the house. I think she most definitely deserves to win. And just because all you Dani, I mean Porsche lovers, are bitter, doesn’t change that fact.

      • lol, no I am not. I really liked Rachel last season because I felt she was just keeping it real, if she had a problem with someone she addressed it. She didn’t just talk bad about people when they weren’t in the room. I realize that she has a larger than life personality, and maybe some people don’t like that, and thats ok. I just can’t stand when people say all these nasty things that are not true. When Rachel walked into that house last year, she was just being Rachel and I thought she was a lot of fun to watch, and she is a good competitor.

  64. It’s interesting to observe Adam’s change in looks. He definitely has lost weight. Even his face looks different. He’ll go home a changed man, probably in many ways. Good for him. But, I still want RACHEL to win!

  65. I personally think none of those 3 deserve to win.I think this is the worst season BB has had. I still like to watch it but I feel that this show (season 13) was due to fail right from the beginning when the vets came back. I think that everyone should be on the same playing field so either it should have been all vets or all newbies. I vote newbies to give others a chance to win some money…just sayin

    • To tell you the truth T, it was because of the vets that I watched it this season. Their social interaction was just entertaining. I felt a kinship to them. The newbies seemed more homesick or something this year. You are right. This was a poor season. Had Dick stayed, we may have witnessed an impressive season…though I think he had mellowed out a bit from his previous BB season. All in all, till the next BB season.

  66. no matter whether we like them or not for whatever reason they made it to the last 3… thats more than we did….

  67. They did jury live last year. Enzo was evicted on the finale, live. They then immediately did the jury roundtable.

  68. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH RACHEL WON THE GAME!!! And guess who voted for her Shelly…I guess Shelly felt she owed Rachel and Jordan that much… Adam din’t vote for Rachel which wasn’t surprising to me since Rachel didn’t pick him to be the final two…I guess Adam would call that pay back…I hate Porsche came in second place but unfortunately she did… Danielle is such a sore loser and Danielle if anyone need a personality it is you… Now go back home and let your daddy take care of you…Even Dick your own daddy was against how you played the game… Rachel played the hardest, fought the hardest, took the most insults and kept on smilling and was one of the smartest player in the house….Congratulations Jeff for being America’s favorite and winning the $25,000…And be good to Jordan…Once again YEAH, YEAH, YEAH RACHEL…you have proven that nothing stands between you and your man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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