Top 5 Things We Want To See On Big Brother 15

Big Brother 15 on CBS

The CBS premiere of Big Brother 15 arrives in just five more weeks (June 26th) so let’s get ready by discussing what we here at BBN want to see as part of the 2013 season.

#5 – More Competitions On Live Feeds

We love watching the endurance comps on the Big Brother Live Feeds so getting more of that would be even better. Each season the luxury comps, Veto comps, Have-Nots, etc. are blocked from the Feeds and that’s a shame.

We know they don’t always run smoothly and blocking the live viewers lets production take all the time they need to get it right. But keep in mind that we see a full week of comps in one hour of live TV on Double Eviction nights, more on those in a moment, so we know they can pull it off. Expand the Big Brother 15 Feeds. Show us more comps!

#4 – More Double Eviction Nights

These are the best nights of the season. Everything goes in to chaos mode and we really get a big dose of “expect the unexpected” when the HGs have to scramble through an eviction, HoH comp, nominations, a Veto comp and ceremony, and another eviction all inside sixty minutes of live television. So much fun. So very awesome.

Part of what makes those Big Brother episodes so awesome is that they are rare, so let’s not overdo it, but maybe one or even two extra double eviction shows would be fantastic to have this season.

#3 – Twists That Don’t Flip The Entire Season

Twists are fun and a staple of Big Brother each summer. Whether or not you want them, they’re going to happen but they’ve got to be good and they can’t have such a wide brush as to wipe out entire weeks of the season. We’ve seen the Diamond Power of Veto, the Coup D’Etat, and most recently BB Canada’s PowerShift twist that brought an evicted HG back in to the game with just days left in the competition. Too much.

So if we get a twist, and I’m sure we will, then let it be something simple, but fun. The twins switching out was awesome. The saboteur voted out in week one was not. Don’t make the season hinge on it and then let it fall flat right out of the gate (again, the saboteur). Do what you need to, Grodner and team, but don’t make it pivotal because at the core, this game should be surviving competitions, building a social game, and keeping yourself in the house at all costs.

#2 – More Time To Conspire & Backstab, Less Time to Grovel

We’re excited about the news that CBS has shuffled the Big Brother 15 schedule so evictions are on Wednesday nights and Veto episodes air on Tuesdays. Of course we’d love to have back the old Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday schedule, but this is a great alternative if production takes advantage of the new timeline.

If production keeps nominations on Friday evenings and Veto Ceremony on Mondays while evictions move earlier to Wednesday that’ll give us an entire extra day of potential conspiring, backstabbing, and betrayals. HGs will have more time to work their magic in the HoH room and plead their case while, wait for it, throwing other HGs under the bus. The best part is we would have one less day of “dead man walking” around the house as the wait between Monday’s Veto meeting and the subsequent eviction is shortened.

Of course production could shift everything with the new eviction night schedule and hold the Veto meeting on Sundays, but we’ve got all of our fingers crossed that they keep it as-is.

#1 – An All-New Cast

Our entire wishlist and the entire season means nothing without an incredible cast of Big Brother 15 houseguests. Our biggest hope for this season is an all-new cast.

We’ve had retreads for season after season now and it’s time for a change. Yes, retreads come with a built-in fanbase and I’m sure CBS loves that, but they also come with their own baggage and a complete lack of discovery. We know these people. There’s little left to learn from them. I want to find out all new things about all new people.

Watching the debut season of Big Brother Canada was awesome for many reasons, but a lot of it was they were all fresh faces. As the weeks went on I discovered which HGs I loved and which ones I loved to hate. I want that feeling again with Big Brother 15.

Thankfully, according to my trusted source, this season is set to do just that. The current plan by CBS is for an all new BB15 cast. The caveat being CBS has the final say on who goes in the house. If they don’t like the final collection of newbies they can scuttle those plans and hit us with retreads. Let’s all say a little prayer for Robyn Kass and her casting team. We know they can find us a great set of HGs, the “biggest cast ever!”, even.

What makes your top five list for things you want to see on the 2013 summer season of Big Brother 15? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. We want to hear your ideas!

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  1. i agree with the top 5, as for all new hg’s, ya it worked good for BBCAN, but did they really have a choice? to be honest i wouldn’t mind seeing a few vets tossed in with the Newbies, not almost half like BB13, 2 or 3 like survivor does.

    there have been a few HG’s from previous seasons who never really got a chance to get out the gates, like Jodi from BB14 or Cassie from BB13, or the above mentioned saboteur. someone who was voted out early so they wouldn’t exactly be considered an all star, they are more on the level of newbie.

    but if it’s all new cast, i’m good with that too, i just want to watch BB again already, i know i shouldn’t be so impatient considering this year with BB Canada there’s only 2 months between BB’s instead of a year, so i should be thankful, but i’m selfish…lol

    • I do agree with this, there were some potentially great players that got voted out way too early (there were lots, but right now Brian is the only one that comes to mind). DEFINITELY no more of 2 HGs being either related or dating. Way too much of an advantage coming in!

    • but they did that how many times. Get on with it BB. It’s getting old. Fresh faces for a fresh season

  2. I really wish you would have REAL people, like the first season. I get really tired of watching spoiled “beautiful” people bitch, complain, throw tantrums and preen for days on end! This is supposed to be a reality show not a beauty contest. Is the token “gay” really necessary. Lets keep it REAL BB!

    • Gays can be very entertaining. BBCan would have been really boring without Gary. Also, I had a great time making fun of Danielle in BB14 as she primped and popped zits. The first season of BB was absolutely boring. I almost didn’t get through it.

  3. All newbies would be great! That would definitely be at the top of my wish list. As for the #2 spot, i would choose diversity. Lets see how people of different ages, different cultures and different mindsets deal with each other. We all have to do it in the REAL world. It’s much harder to come up with a strategy that works with people who have such obvious differences than you. Games and twists ARE important too. A certain amount of luck is involved. But all the luck in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t strategically learn how to make friends and influence people.

  4. I like all five suggestions. The one I would add is BB being more strict with the HG. When they sing and cause the feeds to go to FOTH, they get ONE warning. After that they get a punishment which will make them think twice about doing it again. I really don’t care what the punishment is either. I just want to get their attention so they’ll quit interrupting the feeds!! When you’re doing live feed updates it gets pretty frustrating having the feed go down ALL THE TIME. lol

  5. All of the above except for more double eviction.

    One double eviction for the season is good enough for me.

    Cant wait for June 24

  6. I have love BB since day 1 and I am so excited for this season, I have my husband hooked now also. It is the best show I wish we had a winter BB!!!

  7. 1) Some NEW COMPETITIONS, the constant repeating comps we have seen for many seasons now get so boring. I’m fine with a majority rules or the typical puzzle-face game final power of veto, but the some other bullshit like the water transport ones or stay/fold, ugh can’t handle that.

    2) And then having players actually realize winning competitions isn’t the only way to play the game. In recent seasons a person is seen as only playing big brother when they win a pov or an hoh. That all started with Brenchel and hasn’t stopped. Like seriously people were calling FRANK the best player last season which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    • I agree need new comps, more power veto’s that can be anytime during the game a good twist. Dan was called the best player hmmm many comps. CBS has a big part in what is going on I think. I don’t know not there. well I think they are looking for athletic people this year.

  8. I’m all for an evicted houseguest returning but maybe let the houseguests decide and unlike Big Brother Canada – PLEASE no returning houseguest should be somebody that was/is a jury member. Gary lied about what the jury was saying/thinking and ‘that’ could be what got him to the final 2. Choose from the evicted houseguests prior to being jury. Or – wait instead of an eviction – have one week be a trade a current houseguest for an evicted houseguest. Like in sport.

  9. Your number 1 sucks I like retreads I want to see old house guest especially ones who got screwed by some of the stupid twist I really want an Allstar season that was the best season EVER !!!! I would like to see bb atleast twice a yr like they did during the writers strike with bb9 and most important I want to see HOTT people especially HOTT girls no more ugly gross Individuals I want to see fights I want to see war no quitters everybody going hard for that bb cash

  10. I want them to lower the age requirement to 18 like Survivor did so I can freaking apply for BB

  11. How about more than one person that the ‘h g consider .OLDER .usually that is the one they want out first. And the card games are boring to watch every night….. and please leave Rachel in Vegas or Calif. ..PLEASE!!! And an incentive NOT To chew like Cows doesn’t. Any one have manners any more,,,,,, I agree with all Newbies…

  12. You got me at no more retreads. I’ve been saying that since Season 9. (That was the ?All-Star? Season, right?)

  13. Do you know if the new CBS live feed will be available for people outside of North America?

  14. Ok…. I have one of the greatest ideas ever….. Extend the first episode to 2 hours long….. And then make it a double eviction… BAM! Who woulda thunk??

  15. I can’t wait counting the seconds but not happy about not being on showtime

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