Exclusive: CBS Seeking All New Cast For Big Brother 15

Big Brother 15 CBS

We have exciting news for Big Brother fans. According to a very reliable source, and I wouldn’t share this news if I didn’t trust the source 110%, CBS is currently seeking an all-new Big Brother 15 cast.

Yes, that would mean no returning houseguests for the 2013 Big Brother season. Instead we should be blessed with a brand new set of faces to enjoy for this summer’s “bigger than ever” season when BB15 premieres in June.

When asked for a response to this claim Robyn Kass, the Big Brother casting director, told us “way too early to comment on this. We still have time to figure things out.”

This syncs with the caveat from our source, that CBS is in control of the final decision and has the option to change direction at will. Should CBS not like where the Big Brother 15 cast is going with all-new faces then it’s possible for them to make a switch to vets.

After several seasons of returning HGs being mixed in we’re ready for some brand new faces and considering the incredibly refreshing experience of a “no-retreads here” approach for Big Brother Canada we think the path has been cleared. New players mean new attitudes and fresh takes on the game, something the series really needs to keep viewers engaged and yet another move that should make this a great season.

Are you happy to hear that CBS is bringing in an all new group for Big Brother 15? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below and vote in the poll.


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  1. I hope this is true but like Matt pointed out if Robyn doesn’t like what she see in the auditions we all could be let down come premier time. I’m trying not to get so excited so I don’t get disappointed if this doesn’t happen.

    • I think we will get an all new cast, thousands apply, I’m sure they can find a good 20 they really liked. 16-18 NEW houseguests sounds and seems so much more exciting/fresh. I hope it happens.

    • It’s a definite possibility for CBS to change their minds, but it’ll be their decision rather than something from Robyn’s team. Kassting Inc’s job is to bring in the very best talent for HGs and we’re confident they’ll deliver on what’s needed to keep this an all-new season.

    • I always see Robyn at audition on her computer so does she see all hmmm.

  2. I love that it will all new. But what i would really want is an international all stars

  3. Not only am i glad to hear that a whole new slew of HG might appear but hopefully Robyn and company will give us a more diverse group also. I hope it’s more than the “usual suspects”. I want to be able to “expect the unexpected”. Give us a few HG that make us go hmmmmm.

    • That’s what I want to see as well. It will be nice to start fresh and not have people that we may already like or dislike from before. A cast of diverse people and a few that make us go hmmmm sounds great to me.

    • I so agree with you !!!! I think we are all tired of “OLD” H.G. coming back. They should start with ALL new H.G. to make it an even playing board. Does anyone know if Showtime After Dark is being picked up again this year ? I cannot wait until B.B. starts !!!!!

  4. My prediction is sixteen new house guests will be moving into the brand new Big Brother 15 house on Saturday, June 22, 2013 and the they will be living under one roof for 93 days and the Big Brother Season finale date is on Sunday, September 22, 2013.

  5. Yes we need all new faces. New personalities. New attitudes. Hope this works.

    • I so agree and after watching BBCanada I think it will be nice to get to know all new faces and personalities. I think it is a good move.

  6. Soooooo happy it will be all new people!!! We have needed this to happen long ago!! If I have to see Jessie one more time!!!! Uhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  7. I can’t wait! I’m hoping for some interesting personalities and no stereotypes that they usually have.

    The model, the extreme strategists, the jackass who wins too much *coughrachelreillyandfrankwhateverhislastnameis*. Just to name a few

    I’m hoping they’ll throw a really fun twist in their but if they don’t, even better. Have Nots and Double evictions are fine to me but other than that, no twists would be fun.

  8. just hope this set of newbies arent like the season 12 cast.snooze fest

  9. My hopes for this season.
    ALL new houseguests. (It was really nice with BBC)
    More twists that are built into the house before the HG even enter. (kinda like the stuff in S6) stuff hidden in panels in the wall. secret doors leading to secret rooms. codes for things hidden for houseguests to find and use. BUT all be in place when they enter, so as not to favor anyone.

    Less twists that seem to be catered to and individual or group. (Pandoras box has always had that feel to me)
    Maybe even a new house layout.

  10. I sure hope that they don’t have anyone from former seasons, but I wouldn’t count on it. 9 times out of 10, when you watch CBS….you C BS. But seriously, I am getting sick of seeing returning house guests year after year after year. I stopped following it, like I used to, because they fill the house with returning houseguests. if they do it again this year, it will be the last time I will ever watch it.

  11. I want a Big Brother housemate swap with BBUK to happen since they’ll both be on anyway during the summer. Gosh, I do hope that happens.

  12. When are we going to get to see inside the house to see the theme for bb15

  13. If I see Dan Geesling walk in the house again, I will throw something at my TV!!!!!!! No more returning houseguests!

  14. As long as they don’t bring that annoying red head Rachel back!
    If they were to bring any returning players back, I’d like to see Lane.
    I’m all for a brand new cast, I feel it’s a level playing field this way.

  15. I love Big Brother’s official comments “way too early to comment on this. We still have time to figure things out.”

    Yeah that might be a good response for a month ago, but not 13 days away. There is no more time left. Houseguests should be in the house in less than 7 days from now. They normally start about a week early.

    That said, I do hope we have a fresh cast of houseguests this season, it would make for a better season and I mean a bunch of newbies that are just playing their game and not some former houseguests game.


  17. Finally! I have missed having the seasons with all new players. It makes it way too lopsided when half the players are vets. While that’s interesting once in awhile, doing that every year was getting very old.

  18. I am very disappointed to find out no live feeds on Showtime this year, is this correct? Why? Are you guys forcing us to buy the live feeds online instead? I am very disappointed of the switch and bait scenario after so many years showing it on Showtime now taking it away to charge us more to view.

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