Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Delayed HoH, Tree of Temptation, & Nominations

HoH competition in Big Brother episode 32

Settle in for what might be the most infuriating episode to date of Big Brother 19. We’ve got a Head of Household competition ahead featuring a physical, sprinting competition and yet all six eligible Houseguests will be competing. Not only that, but we’re likely about to watch some of the worst dives taken in Big Brother history.

Paul spent the days leading up to this competition convincing the entire house to throw the next HoH comp to his preferred pets and even after watching the last couple get hoodwinked in to falling for his tricks they’re all about to line up and do as he says again. It hurts my brain to watch these people try so hard to play so poorly.

Gallery: Week 10 HoH Competition

Once we get through this disastrous HoH competition it’ll be on to the next flop for the night with the Tree of Temptation twist. Remember last week when Paul convinced everyone they were so safe that no one should touch the tree? Well don’t let me ruin tonight’s surprise then.

Thankfully the episode will eventually end with the next round of nominations and since everyone is playing for Paul this season the result will be what’s best for his game. Sigh. It’s embarrassing. Truly embarrassing to see so many people willingly dismiss their game for a stranger. Good for Paul, but shame on the rest of these fools.

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  1. So we’ve seen fauxmances, tonight we get the faux rain delay. Interested to see how they edit this running ‘comp’ that Xmas with the broken foot won. The ‘comp’ that they didn’t want to show us live cos they knew everyone was going to throw so they delayed it due to non-existent rain in order to try to edit it to make it seem less pathetic. Another low for a season of lows. SMH

    • I would just like them to explain what kind of doctor would clear X-mas to participate in this comp…still PISSED they did not air it on live feeds…can’t wait to see the editing on this.

    • Why was there even a rain delay when they use fake rain in certain endurance comps. Also, not trying to make excuses, but maybe the boot (No cast to get wet) was a factor in Xmas being cleared to play? I’m not a dr, so I have no idea….just a thought. Definitely shady that they didn’t show it on the feeds, though.

      • SO TRUE…how about that competition , i forgot what is called, but the Rainy Reporter – something like that. Oh well Production=Manipulation.

      • She’s still not allowed to walk on her foot. Never been cleared for a physical comp until this one that production knew Paul was controlling. Guess they felt it was safe.

    • I agree with other commentators that CBS made some kind of deal with Christmas to keep a injury lawsuit at bay. She gets to stay in the game, plays favorable matchups and even gets thrown comps to become a final 3 with Paul.

  2. I do want to chime in on what’s being called fake rain delay. While I have no doubt that this competition was thrown and CBS scrambled to slap together an edit, it did actually rain here on Thursday and Friday. LA is a big place and while it didn’t rain in some areas, Studio City and North Hollywood (BB territory) got a thunderstorm on Thursday. That being said, I’m disgusted that a) Christmas was cleared to play this obviously physical activity and b) that an entire group of houseguests would throw an HOH this late in the game!

  3. The only reason I’m still watching tonight is to see how they edit this fiasco. CBS has gone too far now with this show. It would serve them right if the jury once again votes for whomever is sitting next to Paul. This has always been one of my favorite shows but not anymore. Another season like this and I won’t be watching. They need to get rid of EP Goodner.

    • Just curious, if they do in fact get rid of her, who is to say the next one will be any better?

      • No one knows. If they wanted a soap opera though their are several of them out of work since they cancelled so many.

      • There’s no guarantee but AG is so ingrained in her ways and thinks BB can only be presented in a certain formula. We need new blood to come in and shake it up, bring some new energy into the game. Not the same ole same ole. Same cast, same games, season after season. Kevin is the first person that is different from whom they normally cast and it has been more than refreshing.

  4. Protect your TV screens tonight, everyone. The temptation to put your foot (or fist) through the screen will become overwhelmingly strong. Matt is right: “It hurts my brain to watch these people try so hard to play so poorly.”

    • They used to have a Styrofoam brick you could throw at the telly, nowadays if you take it out on the tv you don’t have as much chance of zapping yourself as you used to with tube sets. So to me that means television hasn’t gotten better, just different

    • I think when they said go only Christmas went and the rest stood there watching. Everyone was on board to throw the comp to her even the dumnominees.

  5. In my opinion BB has as much control over this show as a conductor on a runaway train, they can pull levers and turn wheels like mad but they are still headed for a crash

    • Production lost control weeks ago on BB 19. its too late to correct “their” errors…..Same as in BB15…they let the situation get completely out of hand before stepping in to try and correct the mess…

  6. Why are the others allowering Paul to take the game, I hope he looses. He seems to be a 1st class munipulater, the others are pathetic. Funny thing half of America Is just like those housemates, followers and easily lead delusionist.

  7. There is one good thing that will come out of this mess….Any HG that played or was evicted after Cody will have to live with the fact that AMERICA sees them all as the dumbest bunch ever to enter the door of the BB house…I would not ever admit that I was on the show if I was one of these idiots…After realizing that people thought I was dumber than rocks I would find the smallest hole to crawl in and hide…What a joke BB 19 has been…

  8. This season is absolutely aweful..I am watching only hoping the game is gonna change..Boy when these houseguests look back on their season they are gonna feel about 2 feet tall. I thought these people.k we how to play before they got there..if they continue to be so ignorant to Paul’s shenanigans, by all means he deserves the money..oh and by the way, stop the bullying!!!!!!

  9. Yep this is going to be one disappointing episode. Christmas shouldn’t of even been cleared to play. After all it is a physical comp and she still can’t walk on her foot. Never been cleared before. Guess they knew Paul’s plan so they let her play. Anything to help their little pet.

  10. Worst big brother ever! I’ll never watch again. Letting Paul have 4 weeks free riggged the game from the start. Letting past contestants return ruins the show.

  11. THis is a mockery of the game, The man who took the golden egg in the first week does not want to win A HOH, Raven does not want it, So all these people do not care about an important HOH, They could have ran circles around her, even if it did rain who cares it would have made it fun to watch, they had to change it so Christmas could play, OR pretend to play, IT seems this whole season is all pretend ,
    I think people are catching on,
    IF christmas gets voted out , which she will , more than likely, the exit interview , they will say , look even on crutches you made it this far you are by far one of the best players ever,
    I wonder how some of the past players are thinking about this season.
    These little tid bits such and such may have figured it out, That is hype , this way on the exit interviews they will bring it up and Julie will say you figured it out late, even it they decide to allow Paul to be voted out it will be a little too late, they have scripted it like he is a wonder wizard and has control over everyone ,their minds their actions and the whole works,
    Not one other person should win , no one , they have done nothing, Except Jason but he has to go , this way it looks like Paul has gotten rid of all the competition, so the last night he should win hands down. IF they allow Paul to go, who ever does it will win. If kevin survives he could be the one, that would be one of the biggest moves this year,

  12. If christmas makes it to the final 3, I guess they won’t have an endurance comp as one or the 3 comps to get the final 2

  13. I wonder if Josh will be pissed after he sees how he was edited in comparison to Christmas or Paul

  14. Josh is starting to get some guts but made the wrong movie.

    From Jokers: Josh comes into ASPR room where Paul is. He asks him to hear him out but has Paul considered not using the veto

    • The forum is filled with excited fans. We have no idea what might happen and are overloading the servers!

  15. They left out the part where Paul threatened Kevin if he didn’t throw the comp. Hmmm, wonder why.

    • I don’t know if it’s even worth it to watch the finale. At this point I’m not mad at Paul. They were all awestruck by “friendship” and didn’t worry about the game.
      Another wasted season. And I thought last season was bad.

  16. I want to get hold of that Trejo and shove it up that guy’s azz, maybe fun last year, this year tired.

  17. So, here’s a thought. What if they hadn’t had this plan in place and Christmas actually had to participate? Only to then further do damage to her foot? Who would have taken the blame in that scenario, production, Christmas herself, or just the idiotic doctor who cleared her?

    • She wasn’t cleared I’ll bet. They probably didn’t even ask. They knew Paul’s plan and love him so went along with it. Have to protect Paul you know.

    • No way the doc cleared her. She found out what kind of comp it was and took a chance…that’s why we didn’t get to watch the comp on live feeds…in case she got hurt….again.

  18. I wonder if Paul just came out and flat out asked “Will you guys let me win BB?”, would they say “yeah sure”

    • Yes it usually is, and don’t they usually have to press 3 buttons: 2 with their hands, and one with their foot? Obviously Halloween couldn’t press one with her foot.

      • Shhhh, you’re not allowed to be logical this season. Just drink the Kool Aid. It will only hurt for a second.

  19. Throwing comps should have some kind of penalty. Yeah, I know it’s nit a rule, But it SHOULD be. It’s disgusting.

  20. Paul has a point. We’ve ALL been cracking enough jokes about the BB equivalent of Newsies’ Crutchie winning a running comp.

  21. I have watched every season and some are really good and some not so much. I will say I think this season is worse than season 15 and that’s pretty bad. At least that season they competed. Nobody is competing, it’s all one sided, you know exactly what’s going to happen, it’s not even fun it’s pretty disgusting. I agree there should be penalties if they throw comps.

    • It’s not fun. I have waste my money on the feeds this season. After I see who’s HOH I don’t watch again til the next comp. Between everyone allowing Paul to determine their next move and the bullying, I could not watch.

  22. CBS needs to be ashamed to even cleared xmas for this comp. Paul had to ensure production that all had agree it is so sad to see Paul running production. I wonder if his name on the assistant producers credits

    • I really believe production sees something in Christmas. Maybe her fame in the fitness world and use that to bring in viewers for the Amazing Race later?

      • I think it was CBS who have manipulated Christmas and the game to allow her to stay & play and to prevent an all most certain personal injury lawsuit against BB/CBS.

    • It was a waste of time to build the comp set….this entire season has actually been a waste of time…Another season like this one and Julie will be able to focus her attention on the “Talk” full time….such a load of crap…

  23. Looks like Raven’s already forgotten about Matt. At least Mark, Cody, and Jess were legit upset when their showmance partner left.

  24. Sweetheart, I have GNE Myopathy. I have NO sympathy for anyone who claims to have issues with their legs.

    Also, my kitten just paused her again, lmao!

  25. Rough kneecap syndrome! hahahahahahahahahahahaha….let’s do that again….hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  26. Finale night should just be them reading mean (truthful) tweets and comments from fans. Jimmy Kimmel could host instead of Julie

    • I wonder if Jeff will host the Backyard interviews this year??? He may be ashamed to say that he is associated with CBS and BB….

  27. It is a good thing BB has created a big following prior to this season otherwise it would be cancelled midway through this crapfest.

    • Considering that BB Gossip on Twitter keeps talking about losing their usual followers this season, I’d say you’re probably right.

      • I don’t doubt that this site has lost a few followers this season…I know the updates at Jokers have been really lax in being posted…Its just a bad ass season…Really bad and people are disgusted with it…

  28. I have NEVER seen such a Pathetic Competition than the HoH; Never!
    And, again, the “Big Brother Paul Show” is a disgrace to the “Game” itself. How ANYONE can be rooting for Paul has to be somewhat Crazy; or a Relative OF Paul’s.
    I cannot comprehend what CBS and Big Brother thought when casting this treain-wreck… It’s making THIS game a complete JOKE!!

  29. Even though I already knew what was going to happen tonight due to feeds…tonight’s episode being broadcast TV is BB’s most embarrassing episode ever. I am ashamed to be a fan right now. I thought BB was a “competition”.

    • Geesh, after awhile, I (Kevin) think I’d be damned to do what the little guy wants and not be told anything, even after “BEGGING” for anything bout why I have to do this against my better judgement and not be told if I’m safe or not.

  30. Christmas and her “competitive spirit”? I didn’t know competitive spirit meant having the competition thrown to you twice. Laughable.

      • Production has had absolutely no control over the house guests between the constant bullying they did nothing about and Matt just getting a penalty vote after deliberately violating the have-not rules over and over and over again. Nobody will get booed when their evicted because CBS will tell the audience to cheer

  31. Oh, look, the Tree of Temptation twist that’s a complete and utter dud.

    And do we really need it explained to us AGAIN?

  32. Yeah…so why was that tree of temptation a bust? I thought there would be some kind of rewards or something possible with it…

    • Paul told them two weeks ago when the Tree became active that no one should take anything because it could mess up with their plans to evict Mark (if the second Veto is unleashed, for example). It’s basically been the edict ever since.

  33. Ooooooooohhhh. Does he or doesn’t he? With so much social media I think even the TV viewers who don’t watch feeds know that is all BS.

  34. Christmas: In order to get my number one target Jason out of the house, I’ll need everyone to throw the veto comp to me.

  35. Not for much longer, Paul. You’re gonna have to get a little blood on your hands if you’re trying to beat Derrick’s nomination record.

      • And he did it by letting comps play out. He didn’t go around telling everyone to throw it. People actually competed and he played his game from there.

  36. The players volunteer to be nom. Pawn or not, they don’t really feel nervous…’easy-peasy..amazing! lol ..another good episode of the Paul Show.

  37. What happened to the HOH room reveal with the coded letter from her friend? They didn’t bother to show that part.

  38. Here’s what I am dying to see:

    Kevin tell Alex to STFU
    All of them tell Raven to STFU
    Kevin tell Paul to f off
    Josh tell Xmas to f off

    All of them wave goodbye to Paul as he goes out to talk to Julie

  39. Waited until after program to log in here.

    Figured another reason, am sure some listed before this, why cbs/prod/bb did not play/show HOH comp on Thursday night live.

    Since all the players were directed to throw the comps, they (cbs) would have still had time left over to fill out with other stuff as the comp would have been over before allotted time slot was finished. This way they (cbs/prod/bb) also had time to fill in the time with DR tidbits and ‘supposed’ worried of the HGs, and other fluff talk to take up time during tonight’s episode.
    The HOH comp would have been over and done and already shown on TV and cbs would not have had anything to show for Sunday night besides the noms reveal of 2 minutes.

    What a FARCE !!!

    • They needed a filler 4 tonight. That is one of the reasons. They should’ve shown Matt entering the

      • Also, where are any other ‘home family visits’ like Jason’s? Would like to see what Josh’s mom thinks of her crybaby, Raven’s doctors on her numerous ‘diagnosises,’ paul’s parents on their golden little man’s take-over of BB house, etc.

  40. HEY West Coast and CANADA!!!! . . . & Tinalee – – –

    DON’T bother to watch the absurd mockery of Big Brother on CBS tonight. If you read or follow these threads or have seen any feeds, you have already see MORE than will be on the ‘show.’

      • The west coast and Canada were locations that I designated, not time zones. of course, I don’t know where in Canada Tinalee is, just knew she was in CA as are others and it has sounded like a later time that she usually watches BB.

        Haven’t see any of her postings so she might be out and about, in the rain. hee hee

      • Thank You Thank You Thank You Kevin K
        Had to look up where it is. I was at the Seattle’s World Fair many decades ago. Elvis made a movie there :-)

      • Well Canada is a country just like the U.S. so has many time zones. Much of Canada gets the broadcast when it is originally broadcast so it doesn’t make sense to say ‘hey west coast and Canada”

  41. These comments are too GOOD to pass up, I guess it was OK for Jason to put up Matt and Raven, when nether One really was harmful, but putting up Alex and Jason, oh NO, not GOOD, to Bad it took Paul 2 seasons to figure out Big Brother, but He’s playing the Game pretty good, it’s funny that the smart and strong ones are still in the game?? To Bad Cody made it to Jury and has the benefit of staying in the luxurious Big Brother House, I hear and see it’s Pretty Nice and if He is still going to marry Jessica, She Better get a pre-nup to protect Herself and Good Luck!!! And like the One said, the House Guests should of realized what they where signing up for, Big Brother is a real personal game, some of them should leave like Megan did????

  42. Soooo……. I just started tonight/Sunday nights episode and I have a question.

    When Christmas is in the DR room talking about the HOH comp, she says “how obvious it was everyone purposely defaulted” and then she says “Paul, you got out on a ……….buddy???”
    Paragraph? What did she say? Was it paragraph?

    We (my husband and I, then we asked our daughters to come listen to what they heard Christmas say) we ALL heard “paragraph!?!” Is that what she actually said? And if so, what does that mean? LOL 🤔 🤷‍♀️ 🤔

  43. Raven was talking on the live feeds about the “Wrap up party” & other stuff to do with BB and then Raven and Matt are “going to see her doctor in Switzerland!!” LMAO

    DO ANY OF YOU think Raven will be able to show her face at the wrapup party? Or any other events?
    Or do you think the entire cast (along with previous HGs) will laugh at her? call her out on her BS?
    Do you think HGs etc. will be SUPER PISSED at Raven? & tell her to NEVER show her face around a BB events, ever??
    Do you think anyone will ever forgive her or anyone will have her back? (I don’t mean her family etc)
    Will Raven get her 15 minutes of fame? OR will she have to go in hiding?? (so to speak)
    I TRULY HOPE I never see this girl again! I PRAY she doesn’t hire a (GOOD) publicist and play the “my mom has Munchhausen syndrome & I have been abused by her my entire life card?” Sympathy! Card, She’s not getting any from me!
    Curious what you all think will happen? Oh & will Matt stand by her side or kick her to the curb?

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