Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Saturday Night Highlights

Paul tells Christmas his next moves on BB19

Veto Day wrapped up with a late competition for the Houseguests and it was a do or die situation for Jason Dent as he was Paul’s latest target. With just a few weeks left in the competition it was time to execute the final stages of Paul’s plan and this house continues to bend over backwards to get out of his way to the half million dollars.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 2, 2017:

4:00 PM BBT – HGs lounging around, waiting on the Veto comp.

5:00 PM BBT – Small talk and chess games as the HGs continue to wait.

5:30 PM BBT – HGs are getting bored and napping. Big Brother reminds them to stay awake.

6:01 PM BBT – Feeds finally cut for the Veto comp.

8:54 PM BBT – Feeds are back! Veto is over. Paul has the medallion and is promising Alex he will save her.

9:05 PM BBT – HGs excitedly discussing the Veto comp and having a host. Sounds like it was Bobby Moynihan was the host. HGs discussing how much fun it was to have him there.

9:15 PM BBT – Jason wonders if he should just lay low and wait to see what Paul does with the Veto. Then he decides that might be a bad idea.

9:25 PM BBT – Paul and Josh discuss whether to keep Jason or Alex. Paul is leading the conversation to conclude with keeping Alex.

9:35 PM BBT – Christmas and Raven discuss Raven losing another comp. Christmas expected Raven to do better since there were moves like dancing (?). She says she would have thrown it to Raven if she herself had done better. Raven points out Dr. Will won without winning anything.

10:10 PM BBT – Raven laughs to the camera about what a mess things are going to be after the Veto meeting.

10:10 PM BBT – Jason and Alex talk privately about what might happen next. Alex thinks Paul would save either of them, but she says she doesn’t know the plan. Jason says he trusts her but he’s worried Paul will leave noms the same.

10:15 PM BBT – Jason wonders if he should ask Paul to save him. Alex suggests she’s probably going to come down instead. Alex wants to make sure they’re protecting Paul. She suggests they throw the next HoH comp to Paul.

10:20 PM BBT – Alex says they can definitely trust Paul and that’s why she threw the Veto comp to him.

11:00 PM BBT – Raven and Josh talk about being annoyed with Alex and Jason for their cocky attitude about reaching F2.

11:05 PM BBT – Josh and Raven agree that one of them has to win HoH next to take out which ever of Jason and Alex stay this week. They hope it is a DE so both can go the same night. (It will be a Double Eviction.)

11:15 PM BBT – Paul talks with Josh and Raven about who should go this week. He is sure endurance comps are over for the season. Josh is pushing for Jason to go so he doesn’t team up with Kevin.

11:25 PM BBT – Alex came in for a few minutes and the talk turned to bashing Kevin. After she leaves they resume trying to decide. Paul says Alex could win more comps, but Jason and Kevin will team up given the chance. Raven points out that Alex almost beat Paul but says Matthew told her that Jason should go before Alex.

11:30 PM BBT – Raven and Josh discuss how well Alex did there by almost beating Paul. They’re worried about her.

11:40 PM BBT – Backyard is open.

12:05 AM BBT – Josh tells Christmas it’d be best for their game if Paul kept noms the same. Christmas agrees. Josh says Paul probably won’t do that. Christmas asks Josh if this means he doesn’t trust Paul. Josh says it means this is all about Paul’s best interests and it’s the truth. Christmas says they can’t start taking shots at each other.

12:10 AM BBT – Paul joins the talk. He mentions Alex is a great competitor. Josh says Jason needs to go.

12:15 AM BBT – Paul suggests he can pitch this to Alex that something is happening and they’re coming after the two of them.

12:20 AM BBT – Paul says if Alex stays then they can get her to blow up on Kevin to burn that bridge.

12:25 AM BBT – Paul worries they could be in big trouble if they don’t get Alex out next round.

12:30 AM BBT – Christmas questions Paul on why they would do at tiebreaker this week since Alex wouldn’t know who voted which way. Paul says he could tell her. He suggests then Raven and Josh would be Alex’s targets. Christmas counters that Alex wouldn’t bother with Raven. Paul suddenly shifts and agrees.

12:35 AM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that if he doesn’t split the votes then Alex will be mad at him. (Christmas should be asking “so what?”)

12:40 AM BBT – Paul says Josh will have to take the heat here for them.

12:45 AM BBT – Christmas questions how they can deal with Alex and this next HoH. Paul is confident he can get her to throw it to him. He says it’d be best for Jason to go this week then he (P) can be in Alex’s ear if she gets HoH.

12:50 AM BBT – Christmas again questions Paul on why exactly they need to split the votes. Paul speaks in circles again to suggest Alex will be mad at him if he does that and then she won’t work with him. Christmas agrees to his idea. She says the vote against Alex needs to be unanimous then. Paul agrees and says he’ll be responsible for it if he gets HoH and puts Alex up.

1:15 AM BBT – Kevin tries to pull Paul in to talk, but Paul says he’s too tired. Kevin asks for just a few mins. Paul says no. Kevin tries anyway and asks Paul to send out Alex instead of Jason.

1:20 AM BBT – Paul tells Raven she needs to win this next HoH so she can take out Alex for them.

1:25 AM BBT – Paul talks with Jason about the Veto. He asks if Jason has a preference, but he says no. Paul mentions Alex wanted him to use it on her. Jason agrees and says Paul should do that. Jason says he trusts the two of them.

1:30 AM BBT – Christmas reports back to Josh that she pushed back on Paul’s ideas of tiebreaking, etc.

2:00 AM BBT – Paul, Christmas, Alex, and Jason having a “Raven Exposed Party” of their own as they laugh about all her ridiculous claims. They discuss her inverted spine, knee caps, dying nerves, and despite all that her terrible diet. They laugh about her new claim that she had a relative on the Titanic.

3:50 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas are both awake, up in the HoH room, and talking about their plans. Christmas is trying to talk Josh down on his worries about Paul.

4:00 AM BBT – Christmas tells Josh to bring her any of his concerns about Paul. Josh says he’s been observing Paul’s “game” and how it’s been changing recently. Christmas says she sees it too, but it benefits them too. Josh reiterates that he doesn’t like Paul’s claims that he’s been carrying the two of them. Josh says he can only take but so much of that.

4:10 AM BBT – Christmas continues to try and talk Josh down from his worries about Paul. They wrap up the talk and both head to sleep.

Well that’s the end of Jason’s run on Big Brother 19. He’ll be the first one out on Thursday night and then with the DE set to follow we could see the second half of “Jalex” out the door if Paul pulls off getting everyone to throw the next HoH to Raven. Sheesh.

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  1. As a friend of mine told me once, “Sometimes it is harder to contain an idiot than a smart person.”. With Paul being the smart person in this equation, he has definitely had to work hard on the containment front.

    • He sure has….he hasn’t coasted and surely deserves the win….as he keeps the groups happy and isolated at the same time as tp what is really going on….him cashing the big check !

      • First 3 weeks yes…but after that he definitely hasn’t….who’s played a more harder game then he has at this point….no one IMO…..everyone in their conversions are always saying to keep him safe…that is crazy in BB at this point of the game.

      • Paul has coasted this entire game. These people volunteer themselves to be “pawns”, etc. they are some dumb and don’t care at all about winning. Even Paul is amazed at the stuff he’s getting away with.

      • He certainly wasn’t “coasting” the first three weeks! He was laying the ground work for where he’s at right now!

        You anti-Paul people are so ridiculously bitter, it’s really quite pathetic!

  2. Ughhhh this is frustrating, the one person who knows paul is trying to do just gets talked down by his so-called “ride or die” if alex wins de hoh and puts up xmas/josh i hope xmas goes bc she is so,delusional and cant even see whats right in front of her.

    • Christmas is right. As long as Paul is taking out the others why stop him? Christmas and Josh are not the targets and they are free to campaign for themselves too. Remember Derrick’s strategy? It doesn’t matter who goes next as long as its not them. Josh is right to be suspicious but why act unless there is an immediate danger? Once Alex and Jason are gone then they can take out Paul for the worst final 4 grouping in BB history.

      • What if Josh wins HOH? I imagine they’ll work to take out who is left between Kevin/Raven at that point.

      • Paul is keeping his hands clean with everyone and telling Josh to take the heat. He doesn’t know how Alex will react to being backstabbed and if she wins HOH she could target Santa and Josh. Paul’s a scumbag player. IMO

      • Christmas is playing for 2nd place and she knows Paul is taking her, so she’s right to look out for herself. Josh has to smarten up and look out for himself. He should vote to not cause a tie.

    • Why would Alex put up Christmas AND Josh? YOU may see that as a game move because you know exactly where all of the players are aligned.

      By using the veto on Alex, Paul will still have her ear if she wins HOH. As long as Paul can keep Kevin as a target for Alex (which seems probable), Paul, and Raven control the vote and Kevin is evicted.

      If Alex doesn’t win HOH or veto next round she will be evicted. Kevin is in significant danger next round if Alex wins HOH or veto.

      While there’s always the possibility that Christmas and Josh are on the block together, there is LESS possibility of that happening if Paul uses the veto on Alex.

      • If Alex gets backstabbed by Xmas and Josh you don’t know what she’ll do. She could very well target those two. And I sure hope that happens.

  3. I wish BB19 would change the script a little, now it is totally unbelievable that Alex would throw the veto when on the block and then the HOH after Jason is evicted. Now they expect me to believe Xmas is so stupid she doesn’t have a problem with Paul evicting everyone and never taking the heat for it from the jury, did she not watch Derricks win?

    • You are totally correct….but like others have said these morons don’t see forest from the trees… their delusional minds they think they have a chance with Paul in a F3 position…..their in the game but don’t see the big picture….or they are thinking at this point they can get him out and win the game for taking out the prize buck.

  4. This group of people are just plain idiots. Just sign the check ivernto Paul. Cody and Jesse was the only 2 playing the game and they get booted out. Boreing!!!!!!!!

  5. Paul is a floater. He goes to whoever has power to do his dirty work. He accuses Kevin of talking to everyone that is going to jury to get votes and he does the same exact things. He won’t ever make a big move and own it. I don’t think he deserves to win the game playing this way. Have some balls and make moves and own them.

    • Paul is by far playing the best game. He’s making other people do the dirty work so they can take the heat should he make the final two against him, while he can say how they were simply in his pocket the whole time. His control of the game is on par with Derrick and he seems to know that well. His moves might not be big moves but they’re winning moves, that’s for sure.

      • Yeah we see that but does the HG’s see that? they are the ones who will suffer not us. OK us by watching.

      • Most people that hate him will NEVER admit to that. They will keep barking about how stupid everyone else is and give Paul absolutely no credit for his efforts. Haven’t seen him EVER in two years having sex on TV or idly sitting by. He’s always thinking, plotting, reasoning, socializing, and strategizing. Paul should be paid more by the hour than any of these HGs. No one could argue, with any logical reasoning, that isn’t true.

      • oh, I still hate him. a lot of his play was dirty, mean, hard to watch and below the belt. that being said, here I am.

      • I know you are not a fan, lady, that’s why I like you so much. You at least can see how “clever” Paul is even through your admitted hate. I admire that, and you retain a sense of humor, too.

      • Understood. I don’t particularly like many of Paul’s personal characteristics nor some of his game tactics, but his effort and strategy can not be denied.

      • Yeah, a lot of the Paul haters claim that he is a horrible human being, and a mediocre game player at best.

        Yet, like you mentioned… You don’t see him hopping into bed with someone he just met 1 day ago. You don’t see him sitting around with his thumb up his butt like several other HGs in BB history.

        All you see is Paul working 7 days a week on his plans to try and make it to the end of Big Brother. Plus, he still entertains and comes up with some of the best one liners while doing it. You would NEVER catch Paul being honestly happy with just making Jury.

        For a guy that knew almost nothing about BB when he entered the house last season… Paul has studied his ass off to become the best Big Brother player he can be, and whether you like him or you don’t…

        Paul cares about (and loves) the game of Big Brother as much as anyone.

      • Anytime! I’m always appreciative of great game play even if I don’t like a player. Of course, its easy for me to defend Paul since I’m a fan, but there have been several over the years that I haven’t cared for but still respected their game (Vanessa comes straight to the front of my mind, lol).

      • I’m not easily intimidated, and she would probably intimidate me. I need to google her to see what she is up to.

      • I think I heard something about her becoming a DJ at one point, but I don’t know after that. I liked Vanessa at first, but all the fake or at least self forced crying just started getting on my nerves, lol.

        They talk about Paul dominating this house… What if Paul and Vanessa were on a season together with a F2 deal?

      • Never work, neither one could stand to be anything but #1. Whoever got first chance would BD the other.

      • OMGosh! Kind of funny to think about, how Paul would interact with a crying, emotional, overwrought, demanding, forceful, domineering, controlling woman like Vanessa. I’m not sure he is equipped to handle her. I bet Derrick wouldn’t bat an eye, though. lol

      • Good point! I imagine there would be many funny DR sessions by both Paul and Vanessa in that situation though. I could also see Derrick working well with Vanessa because he had the patience.

        Actually, I could see Derrick working well with anyone that took the game seriously and was a good strategist. Ah, if only Nicole could have caught on a few weeks sooner.

        She might have had a chance, and then she wouldn’t have came back last season, and Paul would have won… And then this season could have been totally different because he wouldn’t have returned either.

        Its funny when you go back in time and see how one thing leads to a whole series of events, lol.

      • Thanks! Its good to know that I manage some decent insight every now and then. A lot of times, I’m just rambling about something. I mean, it sounds good to me at the time but then…

        I’m sure a lot of what Raven says sounds good to her at the time, lol.

      • What are you talking about 2 years having sex? Wth does that have to do with ppl hating him?
        And anyone with logical reasoning would see that most of the other players, with the exception of Cody & Jessica, aren’t there to play a game making it unbearably easy for a vet to stomp all over them.
        Starstruck American drifters!

      • He may be clever but still a bully scumbag. Don’t like the way he instigates all the fighting and sits back like a coward and watches. But yep he’s a player. Just not my kind.

      • Plus, Paul worked his rear end off last season. We managed to survive 7 trips to the block without being evicted. He won a good number of comps, and came in 2nd place because of a bad decision to take Nicole who basically was a floater herself last year.

        This time, Paul is still masterminding the strategy while laying low and not making himself a huge threat. He is sort of following in the footsteps of Nicole from last season, except that he is directing more of the action than she did.

        Paul is by far the only deserving winner this season. I would have loved to see more competition in the house for him, but he’s playing the game every minute he’s awake unlike the other knuckleheads in the house.

      • it really rubs me the wrong way. for one, he claims hes a fashion designer yet doesn’t give a hoot about his clothes. he goes out of his way to appear heinous and then straps on the floaty!

      • Well, to be fair… I went to their online shop and a lot of the clothes involve the “F word” in some form or fashion. Most are tees or tank tops, with a few hats and jackets thrown in. Several revolve around “Never cared” or “Friendship” or the love of coffee, lol.

        There are already some references to the snake thing and Dominique (a shirt with a snake strangling what appears to be Pablo and says “Shall I hiss?)

        So, apparently the clothing site is doing well, but what we see from Paul is more consistent with what’s on the site really.

        For what its worth: There are a number of things that I kinda like on his site. I’m not the kind of guy that would wear the “F word” out in public on a normal day though.(at least not at this age)

        I do have a Friendship shirt though, lol.

      • One thing about Derrick’s game was that anyone who started questiong who was running that house went home. So, I wouldn’t be too shocked if Josh is the next to go.

  6. Lord help us all if any of these HG’s ever decide to run for public office. They will make both our current President and the last President look like angels.

  7. I thought that the season was supposed to get better…..this is boring, boring, boring. All more of the same. big deal…we get it. Paul will continue to run a bunch of empty headed people. Woop-tee-doo.

    • I like it when we get this close and still can’t figure out who will do what. When we are this close and can predict the ending it is boring.

    • LOLOLO…It is not a holiday in the house. But it is basically a holiday everyday in there, they get up and they have nothing to do, just sit around all day long

  8. josh made paul apologize to him over chess, paul said josh was not a gentleman and josh got an apology. paul will get him for that.

  9. Christmas is such a fool. It will be unanimous if Paul wins HOH and puts up Alex. That means Paul can “claim” Alex is a pawn and when everyone votes out Alex, he can claim ignorance. “ummm, I didn’t know they were going to do that Alex”….. Come on Alex, are you really that dumb?

    • I can’t decide who is more oblivious to Paul’s game – Christmas or Alex. I guess they’ll have time to figure that out themselves since Paul wants to bring Kevin to F2.

      • paul lost the jury last year, this game is all about the jury for him.
        I think if josh was with him, josh might win it.

  10. Josh doesn’t like Paul claiming that he’s been carrying Josh and Xmas.

    What’s the matter, Josh? Does the truth hurt your feelings?

    Maybe its time to grow a pair and play the game like a man. Too bad, Josh seems like he’s a long way from becoming a man though.

    • Of course it does Carvin. You’re dealing with the baby meatball here. His version of events are the only ones that are real–despite what our lying eyes & ears tell us! hehehe

  11. “2:00 AM BBT – Paul, Christmas, Alex, and Jason having a “Raven Exposed Party” of their own as they laugh about all her ridiculous claims. They discuss her inverted spine, knee caps, dying nerves, and despite all that her terrible diet. They laugh about her new claim that she had a relative on the Titanic.”
    Hasn’t Raven ever heard of the crash of MH370? I’m sure she lost relatives in that disaster, too.

  12. if any of them had half a brain they would have Paul out A.S.P. but know they just kept on letting him run the whole game! I’m not a Paul Fan but at this point I think he should Win just because he ran the whole show. all the others did was do what Paul say’s to do like Paul’s is the Golden God of BBH

  13. I find it funny that Alex threw away the veto to Paul even though she’s on the block when just a few weeks ago they were bashing Elena for throwing away a veto.

  14. Oh this is too much… 9:35 BBT Raven points out Dr. Will won without winning any comps…
    ROFLMAO! Surely this lying fraudulent clown faced girl is not trying to compare *herself* to Will Kirby!!!!! SMDH! Whew I think that is the funniest & most ridiculous thing I’ve seen yet! hahahahahahahahaha. Oh Raven, you really are delusional aren’t you??

      • Right? I’m surprised the roof didn’t just open up & lightning hit that house… WTF is she thinking?? Oh that’s right, it’s Raven, she doesn’t do any thinking that Paul hasn’t thought of first. hahaha

      • Yeah, all of her individual thoughts and statements end up as joke material for Paul in DR sessions.

      • LOL! I know…but seriously, Carvin, comparing herself to Will freaking Kirby, one of, if not, THE greatest BB player of All-Time!! smh. Wow!

      • Well, she’s just grasping at straws at this point, but I wouldn’t be shocked if she believed it.

        She appears to be the kind of person that can find something to justify her actions (or her slim chance to win in this case), and then she can come up with a reason for why it makes sense (in her own mind).

      • Yep, delusions of grandeur that’s for sure. hehe Oh no, did I just give raven a whole new disorder??!!
        Nooooooooooooooooo!! hahaha

      • You fell into her not so clever trap!

        Seriously though… Have you heard of Munchausen syndrome?

        Its a mental disorder where a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if they have a physical or mental illness when they are not really sick.

        Then you have Raven’s mother and her “Munchausen syndrome by proxy”

        That is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness in a person under his or her care, such as a child.

        Yeah, that family has problems.

      • I’m a psych student and in my general psych class, I actually wrote a paper on Munchausen by Proxy. It would not surprise me a bit to learn Raven’s mother has it. I don’t know if you ever saw the tape Raven sent in to try & get on the Ellen show, but in it she messes up & says “If my mom can beat this disease…” and you see her mom just shoot her a look. That look says it all…these ideas come from mommy dearest that’s for sure. Ugh!

      • Cool! I really didn’t know about either disorder until I had seen that movie (Adventures of Baron Munchausen). Its what led me to eventually discovering it was a real problem.

        I had never seen her tape for the Ellen show, but that sounds like it sums up that family nicely. With a mother like that, it makes a lot more sense for Raven to be how she is (or at least sure seems to be).

      • Yes. Although, I believe she knows the difference now. However, when you grow up lying constantly, that buffer of conscience that keeps most people from lying is removed, perhaps that is why Raven is a compulsive liar that lies about almost everything.

      • Yeah, there is really only 2 possibilities at this point. Either Raven has become that compulsive pathological liar… Or she has discovered that a lot of her lies garner all the attention she feels like she needs (or deserves).

        Actually, I guess at this point, its possible for the two to have merged into one reason for Raven to lie.

      • *ding-ding-ding* I think you hit the nail on the head there, my friend. She is constantly one upping everyone with her stories (lies) in an effort to get attention. I mean it’s ridiculous. Christmas was saying how she doubted Jody would last in the real world and Raven chimed in with how she knows it won’t because Cody was into her first and even tried to kiss her, but she shot him down. It was a total lie, and why even say something like that? Her lies are just weird sometimes. hehe She is sad, but disgusting… Okay, just want her gone now. hahaha

      • Awesome point!

        Yeah, I really don’t like her, but she keeps giving us so much entertainment value because she keeps saying most of the really stupid stuff to Paul (who of course has something funny to say or at least a funny look to give).

        When Jason found out that he was going to be a dad for the 2nd time, and Raven started crying because she can’t have kids… That was the last straw of any emotion I had for her. You just knew it was all about Raven in her mind.

      • You’re so right – when it’s her individual thoughts or statements, she’s a master idiot!

        Xmas is getting tired of her nothing inputs about the game; she said Raven only repeats what people have said, nothing original. A few minutes later, Raven comes into the HOH, and her contribution to the convo is; Matt said we need to get rid of Jason next. Wow! Raven! That’s brilliant; you little Mensa you!💡💡💡💡💡

      • You know, when one of her ‘terminal’ diseases gets her she really should donate her brain to science see if they can figure her out

      • Or put it on display…Here lies Terminal Tillie’s brain. Don’t get too close, she’s still contagious! hehe

      • Well she was complaining about not winning a comp, but then chimed in with Dr. Will won BB and he never won a comp, so you tell me? That sounds like she was comparing herself…still LMAO! No Raven you are not like Will Kirby and never-ever-ever will anyone but you think that!

      • Don’t give her any new ideas…or we could see BB having to build a bubble in the house b/c raven suddenly finds out she’s allergic to every other HG but Paul. haha

  15. Josh bragging last night on bbad that he took out Jessica. Fool, you ain’t had nothin to do with Jessica’s exit! Didn’t even nominate her and wasn’t going to, she put herself on the block and was voted out by the house! We all saw! He almost botched that that hoh big time going for elana! He annoys me so much! Hardly anything he say’s that wasn’t PLANTED in his head by someone else makes sense! His organic reasoning is always stupid. That’s why I will NEVER believe he’s coming up with this stuff about Paul by himself! Funny he starts saying all this stuff AFTER he told xmas two weeks ago production was abnormally questioning him about Paul. Anyway, what is he going to do about it?? He cant win anything! He’s lucky Paul chose him to be the house pet and take him to the end, as if he got this far on his own. One thing I give Jess and Cody credit for is their diagnosis of him! Spot spot on! If his suspicion of Paul is organic, that would make him the second smartest of the cast. YEA RIGHT!

  16. That line in the summary above is so appropriate: ‘this house continues to bend over backwards’ for Paul. Remove the word ‘backwards’ and that is spot on for the position they are taking to enable Paul to do to them what he is doing … if you catch my drift. 😁😒😝

    • Hey, at least he waited more than a day or two before he started… Unlike Jody and Maven.

      Paul wanted to get to know the other HGs first! LOL

      • Given what we’ve found out about Paul over 2 seasons… He seems to like to party as much as the next guy, so I’d say…

        Probably bought them several, lol.

      • paul had the 9 friendship bracelets to deal with first. One for himself. The HGs were supposed to TEMP paul to get a friendship bracelet from p. Of course, only 8 bracelets for the 16 HGs left, so that insured 8 enemies from the get-go.
        paul got a brie cheese sandwich from someone and he luvs his brie. :-)

  17. As much as I dislike Alex, she’s really the only person that stands between Paul comp wise. If she gets HOH this DE, I think she can throw a wrench in Paul’s F3 plans. I don’t think she’ll have the votes to keep Kevin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if production does a mental POV comp to assist Kevin or his allies to win it. That would be a great scenario, as it could be something like Josh and Xmas after POV. I’m not sure who Alex would put up next to Kevin though, but hopefully it’s not someone like Raven.

  18. well at least they wiil be famous by being the dumbest people to play and to them it will be something lol

  19. Xmas and Josh need Paul to get to F5, and then they need to cut him. They won’t, but they have to if they want to win

    • Someone easy to beat like Raven since she doesn’t have any comp wins under her belt and could probably beat her against a non bitter jury. All the other house guests have won at least once I other than Kevin. Paul doesn’t want Kevin by his side since he’s well liked in jury and being liked by a potentially bitter jury could give Kevin the win. So I believe he wants to have Raven by his side and cut Christmas and Josh whenever he gets the chance

      • Funny how people’s minds have changed throughout the game. We gotta get our man over the finish line, MG. We’ll be the fullbacks and protect our quarterback while he runs the ball in for the touchdown. It’s football time, you know!!!

      • Yes girl! I like that! But I’ll tell you this on a side note: If Josh somehow wins this game, I promise you, I’m done! That would mean all integrity of this game is dead. I gave it one more shot this summer because Paul came back. I was done last season after Nichole won.

      • I can understand if somebody wakes up on their own and takes Paul out. I do mean on their own though… No production dropping hints or any of that BS. I mean, I wouldn’t be happy if they took Paul out, but BB is a game, and I understand that.

        If Paul makes it to the end, I think he has to win as long as the Jury goes by game play. If he doesn’t make it to the end… As long as Josh or Raven don’t win… I could live with anything else.

      • As always, Carvin, nicely said. :)
        If Paul does make F2, to give it to anyone but him would be practically criminal. Even Ian Terry, who I still believe he was handed his victory over Dan in BB 14 by a bitter jury, played a far superior game than any of these clowns have.

      • Good point! Dan definitely lost because the Jury decided to get revenge on a personal level rather than judge game play. However, like you said, Ian still outplayed the newbie HGs this season.

        Heck, Ian wanted to win, and that alone makes him a better player than this year’s cast (outside of Paul, of course)!

      • I don’t know about that, but I’ll take it! :)

        Like they say, great minds think alike.

      • I don’t think Christmas deserves to win either! All the comps she “won” were thrown to her. She should have been “booted” out of the game when she broke her foot! The only one left deserving the $500K is Kevin. IMO

      • I see where you’re coming from, and I don’t think the others are necessarily deserving right now. However, if one of them took out Paul, I’d have to say they had at least presented a strong argument for their case.

        I was really just saying that (if Paul gets evicted), I wouldn’t be disgusted if any HG (other than Josh or Raven) won. So, its all based on the future speculation that Paul might possibly get evicted.

      • IF Paul gets evicted. I don’t see that happening, but if one of these duds suddenly decided to use whatever brain they have a make that move, then yes, that should be the number one bullet point in their BB resume. I evicted Manson & saved us all! hehe

      • Manson? I thought of Jim Jones since everyone keeps talking about drinking the Kool-Aid.

        All things serious, he’s got enough charisma to be in politics if it interested him.

        Serious moment over… Was he born in America? Somebody check his background because I don’t know if I want a President Abrahamian, LOL

      • Let’s see a president who is a bully, backstabs, tells untruths — hasn’t that been done already?.

      • LMAO

        Lets see… We’ve have 45 Presidents, so I’d say its probably been done at least 40 times already!

      • I see your point on Xmas and, although I like Kevin as a person, I don’t think Kevin deserves the win. He hasn’t done anything game wise. Granted you do not have to win comps to win BB, but if you aren’t winning comps, you have to be a player behind the scenes, making moves and being behind evictions etc… Kevin has done neither, so how can he produce a valid argument for winning? I’m a nice guy isn’t a reason to give him a BB win imo.

      • Oh, I feel you about Dingus. That is one reason why I want to see Paul win. He worked his azz off last summer while Dingus laid in bed most of the time and smelled like old sex(that’s what I would think when I would see her, lol). Paul wasn’t dumb enough or naive enough to make the decision to take her on his own. That’s all I’ll say. He should have won and he should win this season. “They” had better let him!

      • Exactly! Then gonna try and talk shi+! Shut the fck up! Sorry ass wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for Paul so lay his balls right your forehead and sit down somewhere! Lol girl he irks me bad! Lol

      • LOL! Girl, I feel you. Josh gets on my last nerve and half the time I FF right through his DR rants. ;)

      • Ha haaaaa! I thought I was the only one! The only time I don’t fast forward him is when he’s talking to Xmas ONLY to see if he’s goingto talk about about Paul! I didn’t see this yesterday. This site always crashes on me middays and I miss messages. Does it happen to you?

      • Oh no! I know for sure I don’t! I’m sorry, but that girl does not deserve 50K. Not in this universe…

      • At this point I’d rather give Paul the $500K if it were he and Raven in the F2. I don’t want Raven to win $500K!!

      • Idk. I think Paul wants Kevin & that is why he is turning all the HG against Kevin. He even “instructed” Matt to tell the other jury members how shady Kevin is being. Raven would at least have Matt for sure, but who would Kevin have if the jury all hates him?

      • And Cody, Elena and Mark are going to listen to Matt? ROFLMAO which is what those 3 are probably doing every time Matt opens his mouth.

      • Of course not. But they are only 3 votes. Plus, Cody said he’d vote for Paul if Paul actually made it to F2, despite his feelings for Paul. What Paul is doing right now is he’s tainting all the current HG so they hate Kevin *before* they go to jury. I may be wrong, but I will not be at all surprised if Kevin is sitting next to Paul in F2. JS

      • But they’re not going to give anything Matt says any credence IMO. Wrong person to send to persuade the jury of anything. Those 3 know what Kevin was like in the house and more importantly what Paul was. They could very well vote for Paul but it won’t be because of anything Matt says IMO.

      • Oh I think Paul is going to give each evicted HG the same speech. That is why he’s blaming everything on Kevin. He’s setting the stage so to speak…

      • We shall see I guess. With these HG tr8p, nothing surprises me anymore. They are all (with the exception of Cody) easily led and manipulated, so seeing them flip on Kevin wouldn’t shock me at all truthfully. Even coming from useless Matt.

      • We shall. It seems to me that the 3 in the jury already are pretty clear on what was happening in the house and that the rest were doing Paul’s bidding, Kevin was kind to all of them so they have no beef with him. Those remaining in the house all believe whatever Paul is feeding them so again it’s not going to make a difference. Jason is the one who will start to see tings differently when he gets to jury I believe.

      • I always say that when I’m more optimistic than the other person, we’re both in trouble, lol

      • Ha! Then we’re in trouble m’dear, coz any optimism I had that there might be some big shocking moves this season have pretty much dwindled and dried up to nothing but ashes at this point.

      • You know the difference between an optimist and a pessimist? An optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds and a pessimist is afraid they’re right.

      • Good one! Wonder which one I am then b/c I know this is not the best possible BB and that BB can be a lot better, but I don’t believe it’s gonna get any better this season either. ;) Is that an optimistic outlook or a pessimistic?

      • Good to know we’re the sane sisters. K has drank the Kool Aid, I’m afraid. hahahaha JK. She’s gonna get me one of these times when I’m being sassy right? ;)

      • No if you listen when he goes in the apple room and talks to the live feeders he lays out his game plan. He wants a F3 with Josh and Christmas because he thinks he can beat them. But Josh and Christmas are very close so wonder if he will think about that. I would love it to backfire on him and he goes at F3. So close. Oops.

  20. As of right now, josh is the only one that has a suspicion of Paul. I never thought I would say I am kinda of rooting for Jo.. I can’t even say it out loud.

    • Lol right if he can successfully call out Paul and get him out I think he’d be the favorite to win. Never mind how annoying he is

      • As of now no of these nitwits deserve to win other than Paul since he seems like the only one playing the game this far. Since Josh seems like the only one questioning Paul’s real motives he may be the house guest that can actually get Paul out. But I think anyone who manages to get paul out and out smart him deserve the win. Doesn’t matter who

      • I somewhat understand that, my problem with it is I don’t think Josh is piecing it together on his own. I find very suspect that we never heard a peep from Josh prior to him leaking his diary room session to xmas telling her they were unusually questioning him about Paul. Had a SMIDGEN of this been brought up before, I could except that. I don’t buy this sudden astute observation. I’ve made this point several times, he almost botched the biggest hoh’s of the summer. I don’t buy anything Josh is selling. I realize Josh figuring Paul out is great for entertainment, but it is fake as The Wizard Of Oz in my opinion. It annoys me extremely. Sorry.

      • I see your point honestly. At this point I just wished we’d see a little more action. This group of houseguests are hopeless. They can’t even manage to see what’s clearly in front of them. I know it’s not as easy as we think, but I still feel like most of them just came for an all expense paid vacation. Take Matt for instance, how the heck do you come in and just drop your entire game for a chick you just met? Never mind her pacemaker and multiple dieseases. Where does kassting even find these people??

      • I don’t think anyone is saying that hon. Paul has had everything his way this season, I know some people would like to see some kind of competition for him… this is BB, we thrive on the tug of war in regards to power. There hasn’t been any of that this season and a lot of people are missing it. I know I am. Paul definitely has played the best game., but I would like to see him have to fight for it a little more. If you know what I mean? ;)

      • Thank you TGJ! That’s my point! None of these houseguests deserve the win at this point other than the person that’s actually playing the game and that’s Paul. But for once I’d like to see someone who’d show that they have a decent size brain to try and out smart the vet. It seems like every season with vets this seems to happen. This is big brother after all and I hate watching just one house guest actually play the game. Like did you all come for the 500k or for a nice all expense paid vacation?

      • YW Coco. I can understand how you feel. As BB fans we want to see a power struggle between good players, and unfortunately, we just haven’t had that this summer. Cody tried to be competition for Paul, but he lacked the social skills necessary to be a good BB player, therefore, he wasn’t much competition for someone with Paul’s social game. ;) Keep your fingers crossed for next season hon…I am hoping that for the 20th season they might have another All-Star season. That would be exciting to see. :)

      • Ugh Cody’s social skills were dreadful. Not an ounce of joy ever escaped that man. Well other than whenever he was with his girl. But still could’ve at least fake it to make it! Seriously no one seems to care about the 500k other than Paul. And I absolutely can’t wait for next season! This season has been pretty dead for me but I’m really hoping next season is an all Star and if so I hope Victor comes back.

      • Cody did an interview with US magazine after he was evicted and they asked him if he’d ever want to come back and he said, (paraphrasing here) “No way. That is not the game for me. I can’t stand fake people and I can’t fake who I am…” LOL! ya think, Cody?? hehe No, BB is definitely not the game for that guy. I would love Vic to come back as well. He is a strong competitor who seemed to get better at understanding the social aspect of the game each time he was evicted. ;) Maybe now he wouldn’t be so naive. I’d also like to see Derrick come back. He would have to change his game play b/c people are on to his behind the scenes manipulation now, so that would be interesting to see. I would also love to see Alex Willett from BBOTT come back. She plays a very decent game of BB and is very strategic in how she approaches the game. ;) These HG are on my BB bucket list…along with some legends too of course. :)

      • Yes and they are on my bucket list as well. And I’d like to see Brittney Haynes come back just for comedic purposes because girl had a hard time winning stuff

      • Brittany was awesome. Love her. Janelle & Dani Donato are two other women I would love to see give BB one more shot. Between those two women they hold the most POV wins ever!

      • I think Alex from BBOTT would be great on regular BB.
        I don’t think Derrick will do another season, but maybe his counterpart Cody will.

      • Maybe, but if he was in the house with other BB legends like maybe Dan G… maybe. Like I said…bucket list. hehe

      • Wouldn’t mind seeing Cody again as long as he doesn’t bring that cry baby brother of his along.

      • Ugh yes if Paulie comes along I may just sit that season out my self. Occasionally watching now and then

      • I would love to see Alex… she was a very decent BB player. Scott from OTT too. He had a real feel for what was happening in the house and always reported it right back to Alex. hehe Yeah, Derrick might not want to come back b/c people would be on to his gameplay..but you never know.

      • People know now Derrick is a cop, so he would need to change his strategy. Scott is good, but not good for Alex W.
        Maybe if they were not on the same season.

      • Yeah, he followed her around like a puppy too much. drew unnecessary attention to her. He was a decent player tho. And yes, Derrick would have to change his play, which is why I’d like to see him back. can he do that as flawlessly as Dan or Will did in their 2nd seasons. If he can, then I would say he is as good as those 2 BB legends.

      • Yea but that’s relative. Personally, I’m enjoying the steam roll. I chose to watch this show because I want to witness what happens organically with the turn of events that leads the winner to the grand prize. I get annoyed with production interference. That’s just me. I get turned off. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted. Lol it’s why i skipped about 7 seasons. Something had annoyed me, can’t remember what exactly. Lol

      • I agree with you about production interference. That is one of the reasons Will Kirby will never play the game again. He won’t tolerate production messing with his game. What I saying is that one of the things I look forward to in BB is the constant power shifts and struggles between good players…we have not had that this season & I miss it. It’s not as exciting to me to watch an entire group of people not have the desire to win the game. To me, that is not BB and the game shouldn’t be played like that…ever, no matter which HG I favor.

      • Exactly. Cameron would’ve walked on glass just to be able to play the game and to seethese house guests just willing not even want to play(I’m talking to you Matt the cereal killer) it’s a mockery of what bb truly is and it’s upsetting

      • Agreed. BB15 will live on in infamy as having some of the most vile humans to play the game, but those people wanted to win BB. Whereas, I think this season will go down as having the worst players to ever play the game…

      • Haha couldn’t say it better my self. Also the most hopeless players to ever walk the stage of big brother

      • Coco, did you ever see Alex’s interview with Jeff? In it she says something along the lines of she doesn’t want to win this season but she wants to win next season or something like that…and Jeff was like WTF?? His face was funny as hell. And he’s like, um…well, let’s stick to this season, okay?” LMAO. What kind of BB player starts talking about coming back next season to win BB and not the season they’re actually in?!! Am I missing something or is that bizarre??

      • Haha the kind who knew coming in she was gonna give up her game up until the time she gets to jury. She has hopes of being written down as one of the best and being in an all-star season or a potential returning vet. Little does she know heh ;)

      • Oh no doubt, hon. She will never be invited back after her performance this season. No way. She is reviled on twitter…my gosh, those people hate her. smh I think she is going to be in for a huge shock when she gets out…and not in a good way.

      • Uh huh You’re right. Well they tried to help Jody stick around to rival Paul, but they were such horrible players, they couldn’t make the best of it. It’s only so much production can do before it starts to look obvious.

      • Their social games could go down as the worst in bb history. Jozea being the first of course

      • Lol aren’t they all at first until reality sets in? Unfortunately in his case reality got up and walked away

      • He was another fame whore who thought BB would be a stepping stone to fame… Not gonna happen people! haha

      • Yep exactly my order as well. I heard Paul say on day “If one more twist come to save Jody, he’s walking out” and he was heart attack serious! It’s a lot of that goes on we don’t see..

      • Girl, you’re kidding right? Did he really say that after he got those bracelets in the beginning and a twist that made him omnipotent for almost a month?? How can he be a bitter Betty when he benefited the most from the damned twists??

      • They only got one. The Hex. Cody was the HG that was mainly *bleeped* by the twists if you ask me. Think about it. From Paul to Christmas…he was reamed by the twists twice!
        This is another time we’ll just have to agree to disagree my friend. :)

      • He probably included battle back and those safety competitions. I’m sure he figured Cody would benefit the most from that. But technically you’re right friend. Both Paul’s hoh’s was basically a waste so I understood his frustrations in the moment, don’t make us right though. He said it when they started playing those sounds in the house. He was like if this is another twist that would that can save them again he’s out. I agreed because at some point Jody would have obtained leverage in the game again. So that’s what meant by I didn’t blame him. Like damn, out already!lol At the time Jessica was on her way out and he had worked hard to get her there.

      • Yes, BB is not the game for Cody. I think Jessica might have been a decent player without him, but she had mean girl complex and that made her make poor, emotional choices in this game and BB cannot be played on a personal level. In fact, Alex’s oh-so-personal hate of Kevin is one of the things messing with her game and clouding her perspective on what is happening to her. At least that’s how I see it.

      • I saw that too! Idk if there’s any Alex fans in this thread but girl needs to chill. Like here’s an ice pack calm yourself down and stop taking everything so personal. What did Kevin ever do to you sis?

      • I agree 100%. For the HGs to act like this when you look back at all the former HGs that tried their hardest but came up short… Yeah, its pretty disgraceful.

      • I like your cliff notes version of my post! haha But yea, I am. These HG (if you take out all the stupid fighting) are pretty boring, wouldn’t you say?

      • Yes but the I’m enjoying it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to see. Lol I’m different like that.

      • And it’s okay that we’re different, MG…I still love ya hon. ;) We do not always have to agree. Right? We just need to respect each other’s opinions. I still got your back girlfriend. hehehe

      • Oh gurl I definitely know that! I will put my sneakers on and take my earrings off if someone comes for you and I’m near by. Lol

      • Uh uh. Cornrows honey! That’s how we get down in Chitown baby! Don’t have nothin for a bi+ch to grab! Ha haaa! I wasn’t a puller myself, I try to klock you a few good times! Lol

      • Yep, I want Paul to win regardless but I would like to see him have some competition.

        I said yesterday that its like your favorite football team beating their hated rival, but the rival team’s star Quarterback missed the game. Sure, you’ll take the win, but it would have been so much sweeter if the other team had been totally healthy.

      • Exactly. There is no competition for Paul so is he really playing that great of a game? It’s like I said earlier…if a man with two legs runs the fastest hundred yard dash in the Special Olympics, does that really count as a victory? Without decent competition it’s hard to say how good Paul’s game is. I can tell you one thing tho, when Derrick walked into that house and said “I’m the new twist”… Paul about sh*t a brick!! LOLOL! You know he was seeing all his little minions about to start kneeling at a new altar right?? hahahaha

      • Yep, he thought he was going to get screwed by another returning vet like when he was a newbie last year. He was definitely nervous, that’s for sure!

        Paul is pretty much always plotting and scheming though. I think it might even be more commendable this season because everyone doesn’t seem to give a crap. It would be easy for Paul to sit back and think he’s got it in the bag, but he’s still studying and talking to everyone to ensure that he’s in a good spot.

        Judging the other HGs this season… If any of them were somehow in a position of power, they would be clueless enough that they WOULD rest on their achievements and end up losing.

      • That’s the thing, these people are all okay with coming in second. That is why I think they are the worst players ever. What decent BB player is okay with 2nd place?? Name me any HG who have actually said that before. Not even Cody said Oh, I don’t mind coming in 2nd to Derrick. He knew there was a chance he’d loser to derrick, but there was also a chance he’d win… These HG are *happy* with 2nd prize & that is just ugh as far as the game and how it should be played.

    • I really hope that Josh makes it to the end with Kevin if Jason is evicted. I want Kevin to win, but if Josh gets it, it’ll be fine as long as it is not Paul.

  21. Josh’s paranoia may just save him in the game. If he keeps this up he’ll be the first to turn on Paul! I just wished Christmas would open up her own eyes and come to the realization that maybe for once Josh knows what he is talking about. Better sooner rather than later Christmas.

    • I think she does but is going along with Paul cos she thinks he is their best bet to get to F3. Then she thinks either Paul or Josh would take her to F2

      • The people who think that they need Paul to take them anywhere are the ones who know they can’t win comps, then there is Alex and Jason who are just ridiculous. I really want Alex to go, but she may stay and just go along with Paul’s BS anyway.

    • Or, he could be out the door if he doesn’t shut up. It’s illegal to mention Paul’s name in the house. Like ‘scientology, he could be declared a ‘supressive person’ and they will disconnect. ha!

      • lol I’m so hooked on Leah Remini’s documentary. I believe it’s her 3rd season? (emmy nominee) It’s riveting..can’t get enough.

      • Isn’t she the perfect person to take them on? She suffers no fools now that she’s seen the light, lol Girl is on a mission

      • Yeah, she was in it for years and years. She said they used to always push her to try & get Kevin James on board when she was on King of Queens…but Kevin was like “Don’t even start with me about that cult, Leah…Not interested!” hahaha

      • He’s not the kind to get lured into that, lol. Can you see him nodding his head and saying ‘yup, and then Xenu sent the spaceship down to Earth’ LOL

      • My mom read Dianetics when we were young… and after seeing Leah’s show & the abuses that take place within Scientology, I was like “Mom, I am so so so glad you didn’t drag us all into that crap!!” whew, I feel like we (my brother, sister & I) escaped that life by the hairs on our chinny-chin-chins! hahaha

      • Yeah, they used to have a place near our campus when I was in university and we almost went in a couple of times, their people were always friendly to passersby. No mention of Scientology. Between them and the Hare Krishna’s handing out ‘brownies’ on the street we dodged a few bullets.

      • OMG! The Hare Krishna’s!! They were weird. Funny story about a run in with them. When I was a kid, my dad was a major league ball player and when he was pitching for the Padres my mom had taken us to the San Diego airport to meet him when he was coming back from a road trip. I was like 3 at the time & while my dad was standing there signing autographs with some of the other players, I wandered off from my brother & sister and went up to one of those Hare Krishna people, I remember the guy had a bald head and was dressed in those weird orange robes… My dad saw me I guess & freaked out at me taking a flower from the guy. I remember my mom & dad arguing about the entire way home and I felt so bad that I had gotten them in a fight. But the guy looked so funny and I really wanted the flower… weird huh? I can still remember that, but I can’t remember what I did last week! hahaaha

      • I saw the Padres play the Pirates in 1992 (on business in Pittsburgh), maybe I saw your dad. Was he playing then?

      • No, my dad played from 1968 to 1978. But if you google Jerry Michael Johnson b Dec. 3, 1943…that is my father. ;)

      • Neat, did the Padres do well the seasons he was with them? I’m a long time Tigers fan and now also Blue Jays. When I was growing up my dad would take a bunch of us to Detroit for a double header, sitting in the bleachers. So much fun.

      • My dad’s best seasons were with the San Francisco Giants (72&73). He had less than a 3.0 era and, at that time, that was really good. He played with some great players tho, like Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Bobby Bonds…In fact, if my older sister wasn’t around, Barry Bonds used to baby sit me and my brother in the club house during the game! ;)

        he also struck out Reggie Jackson & was the pitcher for one of Hank Aaron’s HR’s! hehe

      • Heck, I think most pitchers today would be happy to have that ERA! I’ve never been a huge baseball fan, but I definitely know those players. To think that Barry Bonds was your occasional baby sitter!

      • Yeah, if you google Jerry Johnson Carvin, that is my father. They have his Phillies card right there in fact. ;) In fact, my dad was a part of the Kurt Flood trade. If you’re a baseball fan, that was a big deal b/c is helped to start free agency in baseball.

      • Wow, now that’s cool! To think that your dad was part of the start of Free Agency in Baseball (and thereby the start of Free Agency in all sports) is pretty awesome! So he was part of the entire Flood vs. Kuhn case that went all the way to the Supreme Court…

        Wow, I never knew I was in the presence of Sports Royalty! Seriously, that’s pretty darn cool!

      • LOL! See, forget King Paul…and bow to Queen Tonja! haha

        Seriously, tho, I’m pretty proud of my dad. He was also in the baseball strike of 77. He played for the Blue jays then and was (unfortunately) released in 78 as an example to some of the younger players… but all that did was piss those guys off even more. hehe

      • I can imagine. A team’s management trying to set an example by cutting a player that everyone else on the team looked up to… Yeah, that never works out well for the team.

      • Nope. It did mess with my dad tho b/c suddenly baseball was gone. He had a few rough years but he turned that around and became part of this vitamin company as the “name brand” if you know what I mean & has done quite well for himself, so way to go pops! hahaha

      • I gotcha. Glad to hear that he was able to turn it back around! He became what Brett Favre is to Wranglers for that vitamin company (I know Joe Namath and Joe Montana did some sort of commercials for pain relievers, but Favre was the one I remembered for sure, lol).

      • Hey any time an athlete can leave sports and not fall into a deep depression and self-destruct is a good thing. It’s hard to go from being famous to a has been… Luckily, my dad readjusted well. Others didn’t. That’s why I laugh sometimes at these HG…BB is not a platform for fame people and even if it is 15 mins just enjoy it but prepare for when it’s gone. ;)

      • Exactly, there have been far too many that self destructed after their careers ended. So glad for your dad and your family that he readjusted well!

        As far as BB goes… I know some of these HGs think that they are going to become super famous because they are being watched 24 hours a day for 3 months.

        Others don’t think their life will be different when they get out, and are faced with the reality that people did follow them 24 hours a day for 3 months, and they want to know everything they are doing after BB.

        Paul definitely told the truth when he said some people don’t want anything to do with BB ever again. Its got to be a bit of a “reality” shock (no pun intended) when they go back to their real lives.

      • Yes, especially for HG who behave super badly. I have a feeling Raven, Jason & Alex will not be happy with the reception they will be receiving. But I have to say, they have no one to blame but themselves…

      • Yeah, I imagine they are in for a shock when they get home. I wonder if anyone will check Raven’s Go Fund Me more cloesely after watching how many lies she’s told.

        I’d be thinking twice about a Raven shirt (with the proceeds going to Raven) if I was Paul. I’d definitely have to think a bit about that.

      • As of a few days ago, Raven’s gofundme has been shut down (again) from what heard. In fact, I heard she is being investigated internally by that site b/c of the posts she has made of new cars & vacations etc…

      • OMG T, I just looked him up. I saw him pitch! He was the winning reliever in the first ever Blue Jays home opener. I was there. Wow. He made us very happy that day. Is he still with us? If he is tell him thank you from a Blue Jays fan. 😃😃😃

      • OMG! Yes he was… He had a great arm too. 98 mph fast ball. You really saw him pitch that day?? That is so cool. I just got goosebumps! ;) Oh yeah, my dad lives here in SoCal. In fact, tr8p, I’ll give ya my email & if you’d like I can get you his Blue Jay baseball card signed by him… but you have to write my email down right away coz I’ll delete it after you do hehe ;) If you’d want one that is…

        tonjagj88 @ g mail dot com of course you run all those together hwehe

      • Right on. Yeah, seriously, he still signs hundreds of cards a year. I can get him to sign a Blue Jay card for you…just give me your info in a private email & I’ll have him send you one… He’s a genuinely nice guy, my pops. Doesn’t charge people for autographs or crap like that. :)

      • Oh wow, I will treasure it. That was such an exciting day for us and to think that you’re his daughter. The universe does have an interesting way it unfolds doesn’t it?

      • It does. And, technically since you’re my sis…you’re his adopted daughter now too. hehehe Oh he’s gonna love that. I’m gonna say dad, my adopted sis wants a Blue Jay card. hahahaha

      • When we were growing up we called my maternal grandparents Ma and Pa and my paternal grandparents ‘nother Ma and Pa. I’m calling you dad ‘nother Dad!

      • Hehehehe!! I love ya tr8p! We always have the funniest conversations here… weird ones too, but always funny! ;)

      • Yes, brightens my day especially when BB is disappointing. There are a number of posters who are always good for a pick me up. Including you Marvin.

      • Yes, I love Carvin too. Not only is he always polite, but he can offer a very good debate about the game without resorting to insulting the other poster. ;)

      • I feel undeserving of all the nice compliments that you two are sending my way, but I mean it 100% when I say the feeling is mutual. I do my best to never take anything to a personal level here. There are comments that I would LOVE to reply to, but I know I’m just going to possibly get carried away, lol.

        The few times that I feel like being insulting (always after being insulted first)… I try to come off sounding as nice as possible while still getting a shot in. Its just that I say it in a really nice way, that people who don’t read my posts on a normal basis probably wouldn’t get.

        Tends to make me feel better anyway, lol.

      • Me too, my friend. Tr8p can recognize when I’m being snarky, but a lot don’t b/c I word it pretty. hahaha However, like you, I do my best to remain polite and allow others to express their views without being antagonistic. I see too many people on this board get rude & it’s not cool. Moreover, there’s no reason for it. We all have our opinions and being snotty is not going to get your point across better than being nice.

      • Well, if I see anyone being rude to your comments when you’re not around, you can trust that I’ll take up for you. I told Tr8p the same, and I mean it.

        Granted, if the two of you are actively posting and someone is rude to you… Yeah, I know the two of you can more than handle your own, lol.

        Take care, and I’ll be back around when my computer has had a chance to calm down! Seriously, its taken 14 minutes just to type my last 2 posts from the thing freezing after every 5 or 6 keystrokes, lol.

      • I try to do that but have to confess I’ve had a few moments this season where I have gotten irritated, to put it nicely with someone and let my sarcastic flag fly but I am working on it. There are posters that I no longer read cos I know what they are going to say and know how I will react. Trying for self awareness.

      • Yeah hon. Me too. Certain people, I just bypass their posts b/c I know what they say is gonna bug me and I simply find it easier and less aggravating to ignore the post, rather than respond and open up a diatribe of blech!! Y’know what I mean?

      • This may be one of the last posts for a little while for me because my computer is acting like its dying trying to keep up with updating all the comments, lol.

        So, I have had moments where I am definitely a tad hostile, but that only comes when people are attacking comments for no reason, and usually when I notice the person that is being attacked is not currently posting to defend themselves. Pretty bad when you start taking pot shots at other posters only when you know they aren’t online.

        So, there have been moments where I’ve defended other posters, but other than that… I try to be nice. So, if I ever see someone bashing you or TGJ and I don’t see either of you actively posting… You can count on seeing some unhappy statements from me to the other poster, lol.

      • Thanks, and I feel the same way. I know I can count on quite a few of you to brighten my day with laughs. Its fun to have serious BB conversations, and probably even more fun to have silly ones now and again!

      • Wow, you would have some great stories. I loved Willie Mays. So Barry Bonds’ father was a player too? Didn’t know that. How good can you throw T

      • Not as hard as my son! ;) My oldest boy, Jason McCracken played 3 years in the minors (got to double AA) until an injury ended his career. He had Tommy John surgery, but it didn’t work & Jason was released in 2014. It was sad b/c out of all my brothers…my son was the only one who followed in my dad’s footsteps & played baseball.

      • What a disappointment for him. My great nephew has been drafted by the NY Islanders and is trying to make the team this year. His father and grandfather never played hockey. Not sure how he got his talent but he’s only 20 and has had concussions and shoulder surgery already. Their bodies have to withstand a lot.

      • Congrats to your great nephew! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him hon. ;) Athletics is hard on the body, but my son did get a nice $75,000 signing bonus, so at least he got that out of it! :)

      • Yeah, the signing bonus he got was very good and it was in U.S. $$ so even better. I had no idea how much $$ they can make without even playing a game or making the team.

      • My gosh the salaries players make today are way out there. When my dad played he made like 70 grand a year and that was great money! Heck, even legends like Willie Mays only made like $175,000 a year!!

        Not the millions and millions they make nowadays… they can thank players like my father who participated in the baseball strike of 77 for those salaries. ;)

      • For sure, the players in those years paved the way for the ‘stars’ of today in so many sports.

      • Thank you, Carvin. I think so. He has adjusted well & is now back in school. :) *fingers crossed* he’ll find his next passion…

      • Glad to hear that he’s doing well again, and I’m sure he will find another passion soon!

      • Get this, my youngest son, who is 20 now wants to be on BB… so, if he ever makes it on to the show, I’ll be sure to let everyone know so they are nice to him here. hehehe

      • Cool! Let us know and I’ll be sure to root for him. Can we get a shout out during an eviciton vote? LOL

      • Hopefully Justin won’t be evicted…but I’d make sure he mentioned all of us in his finale speech! hahahaha

      • Oooh yes, let’s get those conspiracy theories started right away! hahaha! That would be so super cool. Justin would love Joni’s off color humor & she would love my son’s sarcastic wit & charm. ;)

      • Dianetics is a great fictional book just like the Bible, but you can read it and not get sucked into an organized religion.

      • My mom liked some of what she read, but when she went to one of their “meetings” she was turned off by how much money they wanted from her and how much of her time they wanted… Thank goodness I say!

      • I hear you, but this one is a little worse than most b/c they actually try & separate families. Other religions do not do that.

      • Oh, I love that show! Leah & Mike Rinder are definitely inspired to expose the truth about that cult/religion… have you ever see the HBO special Going Clear? Paul Hagis is in that one & it is really good as well.

    • I think Christmas will keep that under her hat for now. At least that would be the smart thing to do. Unless she just doesn’t want the $500 thousand.

      • I don’t know at this point. With Raven, Kevin and Josh all hanging around… Xmas may need to drop the bomb on Josh to make sure she has a great chance to really make F3. I think Raven or Kevin will be a casualty before F4, but if one is still there and its Paul, Josh, Xmas and whichever from Kevin and Raven is left… I’m not sure Xmas doesn’t get left out.

        Its hard to say for sure, but might be a reason for her to tell Paul. Maybe not right now, but down the road.

      • Yep! I think she will, and she should! He’s ungrateful. Can’t stand him! He ain’t gonna win anyway! He needs to shut up and be a good little Victoria!

      • LOL

        That’s being a little hard on Victoria, isn’t it? At least she… I mean she… Uh, she was cute, mostly nice, and I guess that’s all I’ve got.

        Still, that’s more than Josh has going for him!

      • On a serious note… I kept hoping that Victoria would win something that season. I really did, but bless her heart… She just couldn’t get anything to go her way, lol.

        Still, I would go as far to say that she still tried more than many of the HGs this season!

      • I can not possibly agree enough! The best way I can sum it up is to say…

        I’d marry Victoria and live every day with her before I would spend half and hour with Raven and her lies.

        Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I feel, lol.

      • Marvin, if you marry Victoria, tie her down cos you know that bird tried to carry her off before, ha ha

      • LMAO

        I’d forgotten all about the “crow” carrying her away as a child! Thanks for bringing back the laughs!

        That’s on Youtube by the way. Just check “Victoria’s true story about crow”

      • LOL

        Probably speaking in a couple of fake accents about a couple of fake disorders for that matter.

  22. Raven honestly needs to stop with tthe lies already. Enough girl you don’t have to be in the spot light 24/7. Dead relative from the Titanic?? Where does she come up with these stuff? Can anyone prove any of her claims credible?

  23. Also I think what Christmas and Josh SHOULD do is wait till they get to final 3 with Paul and cut him at final 3. Then final 2 would be Christmas and Josh

      • Why because you don’t like him or thinks he doesn’t deserve to win?? I just want to see where the antipathy to Paul winning the game derives, because he’s definitely the only one playing to win? I mean, that is the objective right, to out smart the houseguests?

      • I would normally b rooting for him, but, everything this season was handed to him. If he weren’t in a house full of idiots, he should win. If he played in an All Star season, he would’ve been evicted b4 jury.

      • I just do not like how he plays, just like I didn’t like Nicole last year. He did not have to instigate fights to win.

      • I’ve heard a couple of people mention that Paul would be evicted quickly in an All Star Season. Is it because he’s a big threat or just based on personality? (or a combo of the 2?)

      • Combo of the 2. He wouldn’t be able to get away with 1/2 the crap he did this season.
        I’m sure he is different outside the house. At least I hope so.

      • I gotcha, and that’s kind of what I was thinking. If he was on an All Star season, I’m sure we’d see more of the Paul from last season. I like the plans he comes up with, but the Paul who went all out to win comps and save himself from the block with Veto wins is the more enjoyable version.

        I have heard good things about Paul from a charity standpoint outside the house. They had him do BB appearances for fans, and whenever it was for kids, Paul refused to accept payment for the appearance. Apparently, he gives a lot of time and resources to various children’s organizations.

        Paul went as far to agree when Cody called him a “character on a TV show.” So, I’m guessing he’s different on the outside. Given on how outgoing he is on the show, he’s probably more reserved in real life.

      • Yeah, but he also talks about charging for those appearances…smh Who would pay a BB contestant to do an appearance? Well, I guess if you can’t afford a freaking Kardashian… hire a BB contestant. hahaha

    • Christmas can’t make it through the final 3 comps. Josh isn’t that great at endurance either.

  24. I don’t think Josh and Christmas could cut Paul doing the double eviction round because he would win over raven, Kevin, or Alex. But next week would be the perfect opportunity.

    I’m guessing paul is going to throw the double eviction hoh and gun for the next one to ensure his safety and buy him more time to mindf*ck his minions.

    • Remember way back paul talking to Josh that p would rather have HOH for F3 than F5.
      Don’t know how many Fs that would be come Thursday.

  25. It’s sad to see the treatment of Kevin in the house, knowing that he has grown kids watching. I can’t imagine watching my dad be picked on everyday and talked about so horribly, and not be able to do anything about it. Those HG don’t even care that his kids see and hear everything they say. Kevin is not my favorite player but I’m voting him for AFP jus to piss off Alex lol I can’t stand girls like her!

  26. Omg what a bunch of morans ! It was even embarrassing to watch. All of them throwing it was obvious. Xmas who died and made u Queen ! Cursing at everyone, I can’t stand any of these a**holes. The dumbest ppl on the planet. Did anyone of them ever watch BB ?! Obviously not, cause no one knows what the hell is going on. WOW !!!! W O R E S T BB S E A S O N I have ever seen, this show should be cancelled after this. Worst bullying ever, meanest ppl ever and production let all of it happen. Matt should have been evicted for breaking ALL the rules, and then production yelled at Kevin for eating 1 minute earlier after getting off of slop which Alex threw away on purpose so he’d have nothing to eat

  27. Shudup Christmas and listen to Josh!
    & Jason, you need to push for you to be pulled off the block not Alex! SMH

  28. Did anyone hear the other day went Paul asked Raven what her GPA was in school and she answered DANCE Paul just gave a weird look and she kept talking she is a strange girl…

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