Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: HoH Competition, Tree of Temptation, & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the Houseguests wrap up their latest endurance competition, face a twist with the Tree of Temptation, and head back to the table for a round of nominations. It’s going to be a busy night.

Big Brother 19 HoH Endurance Comp

With Mark gone the majority has reached a turning point where they’ll be faced to go against one another, but thanks to Paul’s efforts most of them don’t realize how close they are to being in danger. This week’s HoH would help control which side got to take the first shot and there’s already plenty of drama building in the house as a result.

Along with the HoH endurance comp the HGs faced another test with the return of the Tree of Temptation, but what happened next might have been a first for the game. You’ll have to watch and see how that all went down if you don’t want to jump ahead to the spoilers now.

Then by the end of the night two more Houseguests will be sent to the Block and we’ll be ready to roll in to the week’s events for Veto and final nominations with the planning and plotting over who to send out the door to Jury next.

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Can’t wait to find out who got the Temptation and who was nominated? Check our spoilers board for all the latest results and updates for the season so far.

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    • I know…Jason is conditioned for rough treatment in comps..I don’t think the other HGs have ever taken that into consideration…

      • Totally agree with you. But he is a marshmallow when it comes to his family and. friends.

      • so xmas didn’t play? just a coincidence or medical?
        she talks tough and alex/paul too. paul will claim he threw it again.
        beside, alex said she gave the hov/hotdog win to Jason. it looked like he didn’t need her.

      • Jason, Matt, Raven, and then Kevin, Josh and Paul got picked. No way Xmas could have maneuvered through that mess, did you see the house?

      • I saw it, just wondered what was xmas’ deal. miss tough talk better start clinging real hard to someone.
        funny, alex thought Jason needed her, my, have the tables turned. do you think she knows that yet?

      • I think right now she it too angry to really consider that. I’m so glad he isn’t giving in. He really has improved his game and she needs to start listening to him now.

      • I was up until after 2am watching and listening and when I went t to bed Jason was still holding his own,,,

      • Thank goodness. When is the veto ceremony. Is that tomorrow. Paul can still change his mind.

      • unless production ups the time tomorrow is veto day…Jason is as I said holding his own in keeping his HOH decisions his…

      • He still talks too much. He needs to learn to be quiet. That’s where Alex keeps him in check. They’re a good duo.

      • Thing is Alex is headed for a really hard fall when she realizes how shes been used and lied too and Jason may not be there to pick her up…Alex better start revaluating her status in the game…

      • She won’t reevaluate. She is to confident and cocky. For some reason she also trusts Paul blindly.

    • Raven found 2 vetos because Matt told her were his was hidden, all the HG have talked about Raven and Matt telling each other where to hid the vetos. Raven was pissed that her original hiding place was turned down.
      I guess by winning or losing you want to know the order the vetos were found in, since last veto left, not found won? Josh was found first. Matt was found second. By hearing them talk I think it was Paul then Kevin then Raven’s veto found, leaving Jason left.

      • Be curious to see if she really came in second, or if she thinks she found 2 vetos so that counts for second? I know she hid hers in the rose room , in a cushion. Jason said the cushion fell and he found the veto. I didn’t get the feeling it was the last veto found but it could have been. Raven was complaining alot about not getting to use the spot she wanted. Production offered her extra time. She said she just threw hers down but Jason says it was in the cushion.

  1. I saw in reddit that raven told the group yesterday that she has
    “rough knee syndrome”

  2. The excitement is killing me. Who will Paul tell who to nominate and vote off … and who will he direct his horde to attack?

    Watch tonite and find out!

      • They should throw it to Paul so he can get his hands dirty. He wouldn’t want to do it, but they should all throw the comp at the same time and let Paul have it before he realizes what they are doing.

      • seriously…especially Christmas…a useless one legged version of Victoria without the hair extensions…

    • we already know…hate to burst ur bubble or bring u down. .but as I said we already know..

      • paul better play this right or people will start thinking for themselves and his power will erode. maybe he should agree w/Jason to keep kev.

    • If Alex wins, he’ll take over, but it definitely won’t be Jason, but Kevin will go unless he wants Raven.

  3. I thought last season was bad with Nicole but this season has been the worse one yet. Hopefully BB can turn it around next year.

    • I actually enjoyed the beginning of last season, since I didn’t start to notice the Nicole rigging until the middle of the game.

    • When a person needs to tell someone how wonderful they are, it’s usually not the case. Signs of wanting, but not having.

    • Can’t stand her and the self promoting she does of herself. It’s obnoxious and conceited.

  4. This is interesting. Alex and Jason are a duo, but they have different thirds. Paul attached himself to Alex, but Jason considers Kevin higher on the totem probably because Paul wouldn’t keep him (J) over Alex and Jason knows it.

    All season, they’ve been playing pawn games–ie nominate one or two pawns to get out more important targets. Here, for what is maybe the first time this season, we have an HOH who doesn’t care which of the two nominees is evicted–neither of them are pawns (or both are, depending on how we look at them). It’s so much clearer when the HOH isn’t trying to protect one of the other person on the block.

    So, what is the advantage to Jason to take off Matt or Raven and put up an ally who might go home? Especially since everyone is getting in his head to put Kevin up. If I were Jason (not that I would be, I don’t think I’d survive one comp in the big brother house) I’d say to the people who are calling for him to put up Kevin: I’m not interested. But if you want to go up so we can get Matthew out, I can do that for you.

    Just don’t put up Alex. Put up Christmas. Put up Paul (oh, yes, please. Put up Paul). Put up Josh (because it’s so much fun when he has a temper tantrum and cries). But it’s time to stop playing pawn games and keep your allies off the block.

  5. ravin said earlier today that she wears 7″ heels, do they even make 7″ heels?

  6. Didn’t take much for Raven’s makeup to melt even though it looks like BB is going easy with the condiments on her.

      • They are both very competitive and wanted it. I don’t see why the HGs had a problem other than the fact they are so horrible at comps.

      • They told Zingbot a few days ago they are each other ride or die. They were the only 2 left, settle this and let go inside. I agree with Matt on this one.

      • They made it seem like they debated a long time when it was actually only a few minutes.

      • all of the emotions were way over the top!
        it burns me that alex acts like she threw it to jay

  7. Matt sucks so he doesn’t want people to compete. STHU Matt who cares about your poor Raven.

  8. Hey, all, sorry I’m late to the party. Just got home from a birthday bash for one of my coworkers.

  9. I knew the reason Matt wanted them to end it was so he could go eat. What an asshole.

  10. Alex is obnoxious as heck. I still like her more than the worst of them all Raven.

  11. “So Matt finally showed up to Big Brother…”

    Wow, Josh, finally something we agree on.

  12. It’s talk so well Matt, not talk so good. Talk is a verb, hense well is correct. Maybe you should both take speech classes.

  13. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Last week I droped in, and Lou Ferrigno is talking…this week I stop by and some ‘Goth-lookin’ Princess Leia’ is speaking some f’d up language. Wth?!

  14. Matt and Raven aren’t going to last beyond the finale. They’ll break up before Jody.

  15. Yes! Production gave it to her (Raven) Finally, she got the edit she deserves..She’s a strange person.

    • Her mother must really be flipping her lid now that she realizes people have full on hate for Raven and her grifter ways.

      • Can’t wait to get the t.v. and see all this! I was just telling hubby earlier I hope they reveal Raven in her truest glory. They didn’t give her much air time during the eviction last Thurs. They were saving this one for tonight instead when they had more time to show it! LOLOL

  16. Why do these people keep saying “Top #” instead of “Final #.”

    Oh, wait, they’re recruits who don’t know the game, duh.

  17. Jason looks like an old, heavier Jase (without the great big, blinding, white veneers that were too big for his mouth).
    Night guys! It was nice popping in again. Take care, my friends! :)

  18. If i was Matt, i would be worried that Raven with all her 50 diseases, some arent communicable…..

  19. I’m going to have to watch the show on t.v., that I also DVRed! Could have kicked myself by not being here at the start of Live TV!

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