‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Jason Goes Against The Flow

Jason Dent on Big Brother 19

Well this is different. One of the Houseguests appears to be making his own decision in the Big Brother 19 house and that means we could see the script flipped when it comes to this week’s eviction.

Jason is in a position of great power this week as both the Head of Household and the winner of this week’s Power of Veto. He can do as he wants when it comes to the noms, if he’s willing to blaze his own path. Of course the irony here is that the path he’s poised to take was the house’s original plan this week before the man behind the curtain decided to reroute his flock.

Soon after the Big Brother Hide & Seek Veto comp had ended we suddenly saw Paul pushing for Kevin to go up as the renom and then out the door. Originally the group had wanted to put up Matthew and Raven under the guise of being pawns and Kevin the target, but then surprise them with a VTE-Matthew plan. That all changed on Saturday night.

Flashback to 6:44 PM BBT 8/26 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds. Get your Free Trial now!

Paul, Christmas, and Josh sit down in the rose bedroom as Paul admits Alex and Jason are doing pretty well in the game. Yes they are. There are 8 wins between the two counting HoH & Veto comps. That should obviously make the other HGs nervous and apparently Paul thinks it’s time to start whittling away at their support.

Despite the earlier plan to split up the last showmance, Paul and company here agree that they should take out Kevin this week since he’s going to side with Alex and Jason in the game. Josh points out the obvious obstacle here: Jason has to renom Kevin first. Easier said than done.

Just a bit earlier Jason revealed to Kevin that the rest of the house had been operating under the plan for Kevin being a renom, though he lets Kevin know the plan was to still get out Matthew. Kevin wasn’t pleased and asks Jason not to do that. Jason agreed. Now the two forces will collide.

Jump ahead to 6:55 PM BBT as Paul is sitting with Alex, Jason, and Kevin to discuss their options. Paul is still suggesting Kevin going up would be good for the group since it’d keep Matthew and Raven calm. Of course Paul knows the secret plan has been changed to getting out Kevin. The group discusses and Jason continues to resist the suggestion from Paul to renom Kevin.

Finally after ten minutes Jason says he’s sticking with letting Matthew and Raven get upset, he won’t be doing a renom and wants Matthew out.

Paul isn’t happy and relays this back to Christmas. The two of them later corner Alex and convince her they need Kevin out. Soon she’s pushing on Jason later in the evening. Lucky for Kevin, nothing seems to be gaining traction on Jason to change his mind.

In seemingly countless conversations over the night we saw Paul work on Jason, Christmas work on Jason, Alex work on Jason, and all sorts of combinations of the group try to convince Jason. Amazingly it’s not working. In fact, in a conversation with Paul Jason tells him he’s tired of being a minion in the game and feeling like all his moves are predetermined for him.

Of course if Jason was saying this to someone other than Paul it’d make for a better situational awareness statement than it is given his present company at the moment. I wonder if this will shoot him to the top of the target list next week for Paul

Jump ahead to close to the end of the night at 12:29 AM BBT. Jason is upstairs with Alex and Christmas as he explains that at least he likes Kevin but can’t stand Matthew and Raven. Alex says she’ll just deny being able to control Jason’s decision because she knows those two are going to throw a fit when he doesn’t use the Veto. Jason agrees and says he’s fine with Alex letting him take the heat for this.

It’s a surprisingly good move for Jason and he’s either really lucky or more aware than I realized. Considering the original plan was to renom Kevin as a pawn to keep Matthew and Raven calm, then at what point did he realize that not only was it an unnecessary risk, but that there was an actual shift to eliminate Kevin instead of Matthew?

The idea behind the original plan was actually good for Jason, if everyone had stuck to it, since he’d be following the fake plan and then be able to deny to Matthew and Raven that he knew this was happening. “Hey, I did my part. It’s the rest of the house who voted Matthew out instead of Kevin like we agreed!” It’s an interesting turn of events.

The Veto Ceremony won’t be until Monday afternoon so there’s still time to change the course of events, but if that meeting were held today then Kevin would be safe and the last showmance would be set for splitsville come Thursday night.

What do you think of Jason’s decision here? Is it the right one or is he going to regret this move?


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  1. It is great that Jason is taking control of his game and cutting his puppet strings from Paul (at least for now)…but past history says that peeing in Paul’s Cornflakes has it’s own risk. So lets bid Jason a fond farewell, it was nice knowing ya!

    • And why would u say that???????
      I guess u didn’t realize that he is good at this game and if Kevin (haha) or raven(hahahahahaha) win the next Hoh he ain’t going up!!!!!! Plus they would have to back door him fir it to say bey buy!!

      • It won’t be this week, with a plan already in place, but you can be sure in the next couple of weeks, Paul will be pulling those strings hard to get what he wants. I happen to like Jason, but going against Paul’s wishes tends to bring out the worst in him. I hope I’m wrong, but you never can tell.

      • Paul had planned to evict Jason next week so whatever happens this week may alter those plans since it looks as tho Kevin will be staying…AND Jason and Alex did come to an agreement…Jason evicts Matt this week and she evicts Kevin next week…

    • Like Kevin or Raven will ever win an HOH (LOL). pretty safe bet they won’t. Jason can’t play, and if Alex wins, she will put up Kevin and Raven. Neither will win the Veto. If ANYONE else wins HOH, Jason is gone!

    • I’m with you Janice, I truly hope Jason does not use it. I will truly respect his game if he chooses this path. As everyone else on this forum is thinking — it’s about time somebody started playing this game (with balls). Go Jason!

    • This is the best plan for Jason, Alex, and Kevin but not the best for Paul. Christmas and Josh have no stake in it and Maven doesn’t really matter. However if Jason just goes back next week and sticks with Paul again instead of doing a full flip on Paul Jason will go out very quickly, likely followed by Alex or Kevin

      • Paul is taking Alex to the end. He can say he took the best player of the bunch, and look honorable. Alex will never win. Too many do not like her. I also think Cody & Jessica would vote for Paul over Alex (not completely sure on that). Cody respects Alpha Males, and Jessica will do what he says.

      • Paul took the better player last year and lost! Hell take the easy route this year! It’s why he is choosing Christmas and Josh over Alex and Jason.

      • As sickening as that is. I can’t stand Josh and would hate to see him in the f2. Anybody but him would make me happier.

    • I hope Jason stick to his guns. I just have a feeling he will cave under pressure. Them pushing for Kevin too go up, should be a tell, tell sign.

    • If I was Jason, thats what I would do. I would say…” listen Paul, why won’t you go up as a pawn”?. If you all are so worried about Raven. You have never been on the block. Hmmmm, I bet he shut his mouth then.

    • Paul has been on the block. on Cody’s HOH….that is when he (Paul) won that 3 week immunity. so yes, Paul has been on the block when Cody was hoh.

  2. Welcome to the game Jason, it’s about time somebody makes their own decision instead of being approved by Paul. Does it really matter if it’s Matt or Raven gone? Neither one of them do anything so leave the noms alone

  3. It’s always good to see a player learn over the course of the season and improve their game. Jason has gone from a frantic follower constantly putting his foot in his mouth to seeing things more clearly, standing his ground and winning comps. Looks good on him. We saw the same growth in Paul last year. Both keep their eyes open, take in what’s happening around them and then start to figure things out and make some moves. I just hope that Alex smartens up. I really did not like her trying to threaten Jason with her jury vote. He has been loyal to her, she needs to open her eyes to who actually has her back in the game. Kudos to Jason if he stands his ground and does not use that veto.

  4. Ah Jason, you have just moved up to number 1 target. I watched the feeds last night and Alex will cut you loose now and hook up with Christmas, Paul and Josh.

    • Alex does not know that the plan was Kevin this week and Jason next week.. The 3 assholes ahh I mean amigos have not stated the new order of eviction if Kevin stays…Gonna just more interesting as the week progresses…

      • Paul just wants to get to the finals with Xmas , josh, Raven. Just wants to the easiest to beat sitting next to him. Paul has an ideal boot list but he just wants Jason and Alex and Kevin gone, the order isn’t that important as long as he isn’t in the block and gets to the final with one if his top 3 weak people.

      • Well, he learned from last season Let’s just hope he doesn’t get his way. Make him sit next to a player if he gets that far not someone who took up space for the season.

      • Paul just wants to get to the finals. He may have his preferred scenarios, but I think he is prepare for whatever. I agree though I don’t think he cares that much who does this week. The bigger damage he is doing is making Jason a huge target. By pushing this agenda, which I doubt he really cares about that much, he is making Jason into public enemy #1 for “going against the group.” Including trying to drive Alex away. Its really smart. Jason may be hurting his game more by “standing up” for himself. But he was already a huge target, so its kind of a toss up.

      • There is still time for Jason and Alex to talk. Plus I wouldn’t count Kevin out of that trio just yet either. Think about this, Paul and his group only have one player that might be able to beat either Jason or Alex. Josh got HOH on a crap shoot and Paul has been HOH how many times this year? One or two. Yeah I know he has run every HOH each week or tried too. Alex and Jason can do this but I am afraid they will drag Paul with them. Christmas can only play in a non endurance comp (I guess she can compete in a physical one as long as it isn’t too physical). Paul’s best chance at this point is to send Raven home and pin his hopes on Matt.

      • But Paul has thrown some HOHs and vetos. He has people doing is dirty work. Jason is the least likely to take Paul to the end. Jason has to go and the best way to make it happen is through Alex. Because you are right, the rest of them aren’t likely to win anything. And Paul does not want to. Let’s see if it works though. That is a different story.

    • Yeah after the visit with the family and showing his rodeo clown backbone I gotta’ pull for Jason to win this thing.

  5. I won’t be surprised if Production is getting in Jason’s head. More tense drama footage for them to capture if the noms stay the same leaving Matt and Raven blindsided instead of a rather quiet week with Kevin remoninated.

    Keeping the noms the same would hurt Jason’s game more than it would help in my opinion because by blindsiding Matt and Raven with that decision, he will take the full heat and potentially lose two jury votes already. I’m not saying Jason can’t make his own game decisions, but those decisions have to be wise because if he keeps noms the same then how does this help his game long-term wise by turning against the house this week when he will put himself as house target #1 and he can’t play in HOH. Not to mention, even if he still has Alex and or Kevin by his side that would only be one or two people against four or so other HG and best believe Paul won’t be throwing that HOH comp if Jason not so stublely has taken this stand against him.

    • Jason may lose Maven’s vote, but he wil gain voters. Cody, Elena, & Mark will probably vote for him since he took a stand against Paul when they c Maven’s eviction video. :-)

    • Jason was already the next week kick on the butt… so he can piss people out, since it won´t change anything and, maybe, somebody else starts to play.

  6. I am sick and tired of Raven skating by with little to no worries. Time to pay the piper for her fun summer. Keep her on the block!! I haven’t had a clear favorite for the win all season, but if Jason keeps this up, I know who I will be rooting for. Finally!

    • I want Kevin to win HOH, he said he was putting up Raven and Raven! I’m rooting for Kevin to win hopefully some chance type HOH and get Raven out and the Jason win the next one and take a shot at Paul. I think the only finally two I wouldn’t be too upset with would be Kevin and Jason. Unlikely, but better then Paul and a sheep.

      • LOL Kevin winning HOH – whatever gets you through the night. I would bet that you are related to Kevin, cuz I do not know of ANYONE who thinks Kevin should go to the end. He’s a pervert and I cannot stand him!

      • That was uncalled for….Anyway I said in a previous post that on BB 12 “Enzo” was considered a loser..but he finally pulled out a win all on his own and nobody handed to him…The same could happen for Kevin…

      • I was born in MA but not related to Kevin! I would want jadon to win, would rather see him next to Kevin then Raven, josh or Xmas. I don’t think this will happen. It will be Paul and ? At the end. Kevin could only win crapshoot HOH , but it still would be great to see him win and take out Raven. I don’t think many people would cry if Raven left.

      • how the hell do you know he is a pervert did he rape you? how do we know that you are not a pervert?,paul looks and acts more like a pervert than kevin does, kevin DOES have kids and is a stay at home dad.

  7. Don’t care for the title of this thread, ‘against the flow.’
    It should be more like, “Jason paves His own Way.”
    “Jason does it his way.”
    “Jason has a brain of his own.”
    “Jason make the flow go his way.”
    Put a POSITIVE slant on the HG making a drive!

  8. It’s the right move for Jason, and it’s about time. Only regret: Jason won’t nominate Paul, like he should.

    • He more than likely would not have the votes to evict Paul…..then again some discussion among 3/4 HGs could turn the tide…

      • Well, if not enough to evict him but maybe enough to get his attention and let him squirm.

      • Jason’s already told Paul more or less he’s tired of being Paul’s minion and having Paul make all his decisions for him. If Jason took that message to the other HGs (of course, they’ll all run back to Paul, but no surprise, since Paul’s already heard that from Jason himself) maybe the tide would turn more quickly than we thought. This late in the game, it might be worth the gamble. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Jason gets evicted and loses. Odds are that will happen anyway.

      • I believe Jason was referring to Alex not Paul. Jason knows he has been Alex’s minion, doing everything Alex says. He might not yet realize Alex’s orders have been coming from Paul.

      • You are correct, BBFanJeni. For all those who are saying, “Yay, Jason – way to go against Paul” what they are refusing to acknowledge is that Jason isn’t going against Paul – or at least doesn’t realize he is. He only thinks he is breaking away from Alex’s rule with this decision. He has actually told Paul and Kevin that without a filter. So my question: can we legitimately give him “credit” for finally being someone going against Paul when that isn’t his intention – nor does he even realize he is doing it? I honestly, don’t think this is Jason being strong – this is Jason playing with his heart and not wanting to get rid of the person he walks the yard and chats with. Not saying that isn’t right – and is something the majority of BB players have done – but when Jess refused to cut loose from Cody everyone saw it as her destroying her game.

      • Jason and Kevin prob has a F2 pact with each other that’s been kept secret all this time. god I hope so!

    • I don’t think he would be able to get the votes to get Paul out the door, jmo. It would come back to bite him in the butt if he wasn’t able to get him out. That plan has to be fully in place with all parties willing to participate. So far there hasn’t been any talk of nom’ing Paul, there’s some groundwork that needs to be laid before that scenario could ever come to fruition.

  9. Good for Jason!! But it might turn things around for him as he will be the target next week! I don’t think Alex will be pleased by that and unless he wins the veto he will be out the door! That’s my guess anyway! 😉

  10. My favorite part of this whole argument is that “I’m glad Jason is doing his own move and not listening to Paul!”. Like…um….are you paying attention? Paul literally said last week he wants Matt out this week, and that’s exactly what Jason is doing for him. It’s Alex who was really pressuring for Kevin to go this week

      • Probably just to try and keep them assured that he trusts them. Paul has said for weeks now he wants Matt gone this week, but he’s gotta keep appareances up

      • He would have been ok with Kevin going, but I think Paul saw by getting everyone on get the Kevin train and saying Jason won’t do it, it makes Jason the next big target. Paul looks like Ravens hero fighting for Matt, everyone is hating on Kevin, and now Jason looks like the bad guy.

      • Jason’s already said he’s OK with that. He told Alex he’s OK with making his own decisions and will stand by them. I know … with this crowd it’s a first, and hard to believe.

      • 100% agree. I think Paul’s goal this week is to stir up drama. Paul doesn’t care that much about Kevin. Alex hates Kevin. So he convinces everyone to gang up on Jason to get rid of Kevin, Jason has a strong personality. He will resist that. So now if he does not put up Kevin, he ticks of Matt and Raven, Christmas and Josh and Alex. The house (except for Kevin) is against Jason and viola, Jason is a target with only Kevin by his side. The only sure way to get Jason out is to break up Jason and Alex. And just in case Alex wins next HOH, plants seeds against Jason.

      • He’s doing that to further help his game, he heard everyone talking about Kevin, and now that Jason won’t put him up, Jason is painted as an even bigger target

      • Maybe it’s part of his plan, but I think it’s probably not. No one has not done his bidding so far, so there would be no reason for him to expect that Jason wouldn’t do it. Jason has a baby on the way, so he has added motivation to win. It’s Alex I’m worried about because of the secret alliance with Paul. I hope she’s really only telling Paul what he wants to hear at this point in the game.

      • Then I’m going to hope Jason wins veto. His chances are greatly improved with who’s left in the house lol

      • Jason already has VETO this week, unless you meant next week when he’s done with HOH.

      • It would make for good tv edit, older dad and new dad. Social game vs comp beast. They would show them walking every morning then sitting at the F2.

      • Being TV they’d have them do their walk outside and then walk in the house and sit in the F2 chairs. Schmaltzy!

      • I wouldn’t mind that but I believe Paul has played the hardest of all the HG’s and deserves to be there at the end.

      • I said yesterday that my current F2 is Paul and Jason. Either one winning would be fine with me, but in what scenario would one pick the other to go to F2? I don’t really see it happening but I’m not giving up yet.

      • I really can’t see any of them in pairs at the end, right now. There’s still too much in play at the moment and lines haven’t been fully drawn.

    • This week is perfect for Paul. He wanted Matt out but now Jason has a huge target on him. So Paul has set up another target. Paul always has to have two targets. He has Matt and Kevin this week, next week it will be Kevin and Jason. This week could not have gone any better for Paul.

    • It’s Paul who wants Kevin out this week – Kevin’s onto Paul’s game, after all – and Paul can’t have that. He’s (again) pressuring someone (Alex) to do his dirty work.

    • Paul was either lying or changed his plans. I think it is the first, he was lying. He’s been waiting weeks for the opportunity to take Kevin out and he’s playing it hard and fast with Jason being his willing executioner, which Jason isn’t, makes me laugh that Jason is going against what Paul wants. I really hope Jason can stay true to his game plan and evicts either Mattress or Raven.

  11. I never thought I’d see the day someone would make a move without Paul telling them to do it, much less doing something that is more beneficial to your game than Paul’s… Go Jason! Lol!

    • Let’s not pretend like Jason is making some big move against a real target. What kind of threat is Matt and/or Raven to his game? They can win nothing. The only reason they are even on the block because Paul set them up to be there. If he was making a real move, he would use that veto and nom Paul… or even Josh would be more of a “move” that getting out Maven.

      • I disagree. Jason is making a move by defying the pressure he is under to change his noms. So far, he is resisting… hopefully, he will continue to do so throughout today until the veto meeting tomorrow. If he does that, then yeah, that *is* a big move because he will be the1st of the Paul crew to break rank and make his own decision. That pads a BB resume for sure.

      • It may “pad” his resume – but your resume only matters if you make it to the final 2. If his goal is to go against “the house” then OK.. but what I’m saying is if you are going to do that and also want it to be a big move then take out a big player – that isn’t Matt or Raven. If you make a “big move” or ever a make move against the house in this game, you’d better darn well make sure it puts you in a better (or at least neutral) position going into the next week when you can’t play HoH. Getting out Matt or Raven actually doesn’t advance him in the game at all. I don’t think Jason’s doing this to make a big move – he still wants to keep the house happy (he said as much last night on the feeds many times) he just doesn’t want to put up Kevin. Big difference.

      • I understand you’re point, but his at least trying to rule his own HOH.
        I suppose your idea would be to put up Paul? And what would that get him next week when Paul is still in the house because Josh, Alex & Christmas all refused to vote him out? Hmmmm?

        This is a first move to become his own player and it is a resume builder, not a resume maker.

      • It is BB – ya never know. If he’d nominated two different people all together who knows how the house would have voted. I honestly think everyone would take the shot and send Paul packing – if someone would just have the spine to put him up. I think they are all afraid to even try because of the disaster Cody made in his effort. If he’d discussed it with his “team” first and hadn’t blindsided them, they may not have abandoned ship.

      • Ya know, I really want to agree with you. I do, but I honestly, I do not think this group would vote Paul out. Raven & Matt don’t do *anything* besides have sex without consulting Paul first. Paul has Christmas & Josh on lock for a F3. He also has Alex convinced she is going to F3 with him, even tho he has already discussed getting her out after Jason with Xmas & Josh. Therefore, I can’t see where any HG being otb next to Paul right now would stay. Plus, after last night & the way they were bashing on Jason, I seriously think those three would leave Jason hanging and vote to keep Paul over either Raven or Matt.

      • This is how I feel exactly. Its not like some huge move, but it’s like a planted seed. Finally, some free thinking around that house is going down.

      • Thank you,Jackson! That was the point I was trying to make exactly.
        Not a HUGE move, but at least it’s Jason making a decision on his own and that a step in the right direction. Right?? ;)

  12. There will be 7 people left after Thursday
    eviction….If Alex remains true to her alliance with Jason she will have to accept Kevin as a partner (like it or not).. So in that there will be 3 against 3 plus whoever is left from the Maven eviction…I would be sure that Paul will drag Raven (if she remains) to his lair so that gives him an extra vote /crony ..Alex needs to wake up and realize that at this point she is playing for #4 at best…She knows that when it gets down to the wire that Christmas is no comp threat..but should she not question why Christmas is still in the house since she is useless in the actual game??? Its time to sit back and access just exactly where u stand in the game and who is truly standing with u…

      • Alex is too far up her own ass imo. She has such rigid ideas of how things should play out, yet doesn’t listen to what others have to add to strategy. It will be her downfall, her thinking she knows better than everyone else, especially Jason. Can’t stand how she talks down to him as if his opinions and ideas hold no merit whatsoever, just because she thinks he’s a dummy, which he isn’t.

      • IKR I liked Alex initially and thought Jason was a loose cannon and would be Alex’s downfall, now I’m just the opposite. Can’t stand Alex and think she is the one that will drag down Jason’s game. I would love to see her go out the door, sooner rather than later.

      • I’m with you Miss Fiddle. She went to Christmas last night and was talking bad about Jason and he is suppose to be her “ride or die”. Hmmm.

      • I saw that. She was bagging on Jason for over an hour, her ride or die. SMDH

      • I know. That seriously bugged me how she is turning on him because (OMG) Jason actually wants to control his own HOH and not give it away like everyone else has done this season!! What a jerk!! lol!

      • I agree. She needs the shock of her life, preferably from Jason, but Paul will be more than happy to deliver it to her eventually.

      • I’m still not sure where Alex stands in Paul’s plans. It seems to change all the time.

      • He seems serious about taking Josh & Christmas to F3, and he should. He would win easily against those two. They have no resume and neither of them are much liked by the other HG.

      • Yeah, I can see that and it does make a lot of sense for Paul to pick them. I’m good with any of them at this point except Mattress, Raven and Alex. Personally, I would like Jason/Paul/Kevin as an F3.

      • I wouldn’t hate that at all! :) Kevin is uber popular with many of the jurors…Jason is proving to be a comp beast & Paul is the Svengali. Seriously, that would be a more than aceptable F3 imo.

      • Josh might have a chance with jury because he at least made some apologies for the way he acted.

      • Perhaps, but I don’t think it’s enough to go against Paul & the way he is running the house. Right now, Paul can legit say he has had a hand in every eviction…orchestrated it. That makes for a powerful BB resume. If Paul gets to F2, he deserves it. If any of these HG are stupid enough to take him to F2, then maybe they shouldn’t get any money coz that would be seriously stupid!!

      • Yup. Jason is no longer the walking dead, he is waking up so it would be best for his game to put Alex on the block. Bye Bye!

      • Me too, Joni. I had high hopes for her, but she is so far in Paul’s pocket she seriously can’t see daylight. he has no plans on taking her to F3 & she should know that from how many times he’s said he “learned his lesson from last year”. Um, Alex, that might mean he is not taking a player that even stands a chance at beating him. *duh*. Jason is her ride or die, but she is turning on him this week and that really bugs me.

      • Yeah, I don’t like how she hits him all the time either. She’s been told over and over (both by BB & Jason) not to do it, but she refuses to stop. You know if she was a guy, she’d have been expelled from the game right?

      • Kevin said that “if she had balls, she’d be his brother!” Now I’m getting why he said that.

      • Hahaha! Right. Yeah, she’s really physical. Jason has asked her to stop hitting him but she just keeps on doing it. I wonder what she’d do if he smacked her back? (Not hard mind you, but in the same manner as she hits him) Would she go all “how could you hit a woman?” or would she attack him like a little pit bull?? lol!

      • I know how much those smacks hurt…even when it is on a guy! My sister-in-law used to punch my brother a lot and he finally told her to quit it or he’d make her wish she did via some other method. He wouldn’t say what that was, though! I was screaming inside for him to tell her whole family and ours that she was a dyke in the closet…but that was really bad of me to go there! LOL

      • LMAO! Joni, I love ya! You never fail to make me laugh so damned hard I spit coffee or Coke out my mouth!! ;) lol!

      • My mother once asked me when I was taking my show on the road. I told her it would be disrespectful because most of my material would be about her, which made her laugh even harder. Since she died ten years ago, my father is now asking me the same question. My response was quick…told him I couldn’t because my sister and sister-in-law were still alive.

    • Alex I think will cut Jason, she will pick Paul over Jason. She (and Paul)will throw the next HOH and let josh, Xmas, Raven get Jason out.

  13. I’m quite pleased with Jason going off script, my hope is he can stick to his guns.

  14. All you people bitching and moaning about Raven!!!!;)
    Why not bring her till end???? That is a guaranteed VICTORY!!!! No ? Yes?
    Isn’t the object of this game to win???? So please tell me how kicking out RAVEN is good for there games!!!

  15. Yeah, we’ll see. Paul’s been the bullying puppet master. His control issues and the minions following Paul’s lead are working for Paul to win and they don’t even realize it……Not my favorite season, that’s for sure. I’ve missed at least 3 or 4 shows because of my lack of interest.
    Hope next season is better. :/

  16. You people are harsh. This is just a game. How can you hate someone you never met? For the people who like Cody and Jessica, you are the same people who would take your ball and go home if the game wasn’t going your way. As they are being voted out they exclaim that everyone who is not being voted out is an idiot. Really?

    • I really don’t think anybody actually “hates” anybody on BB. Raven, however, is another matter.

      • “Hate” is a strong word, and it’s hard to use about someone you’ve never met. But there are some people who do things to bring out that emotion in people, and Raven with her proven lies, seems to be such a person.

    • How can u call Kevin a “perv” and u don’t know him??? I thought that was harsh.. Why are u commenting on our assessments of the game and players when ur views are over the top…at best…..???

  17. Has anyone heard Alex talking about her cousin who was apparently kidnapped, raped and murdered in the Los Angeles area? She has spoken about it at least twice, the last time she was explaining to Kevin and Jason why she is so “tough” because she has gone through some hard stuff. I was thinking that maybe this is related to why she hates Kevin so much, because she thinks he is an “undercover cop.” Any thoughts?

    • I read the article on her cousins death, very sick killer. Wasn’t this like over 20 years ago? I’m sure it made her tough , not sure that it caused the fued with Kevin. It seems like it made her family overprotective of her. I was kind of taken back that she hasn’t worked in a year and was home with her family.

      • Alex is what? 27 years old? She would have been awfully young when this happened. I would think she would have been shielded from the gruesome details at such a young age. It sounds like a horrific tragedy.

      • She is 29 or 30? She talked about getting a cell phone at age 8? Because of this crime. She said it wasnt as common then for young kids to have phones back then but her family was so scared and wanted to know where she was all the time.

      • Just confirmed her age on the BB website, she is 28 years old. What a way to live a young life, always looking in your rearview mirror. No wonder she has anxiety and controlling issues.

      • But walks around half naked showing her fake uppers on national TV and internet. I doubt she is too concerned.

    • No, that’s not why she hates Kevin and her cousins murder triggered her hatred for Jessica because Jessica was grabbing her vagina and it would remind her of what happened with her cousin.

      • Say what? Jessica was grabbing Alex’s jewel box? I must have missed that show! That’s just weird…

      • Yep. You heard about Jessica fingering everyone’s butthole, right? They did a couple of articles about it on TMZ. Paul complained a number of times about it on the feeds. Jess has an obsession with buttholes and grabbing people in their privates, unsolicited.

      • Yes, I did hear that and I thought it was a joke. Oh wow. Like I said, that is just weird. I would not like that either and certainly makes Jessica look like an oddball.

      • You know that would never be shown on the TV shows so many, many people who watch the shows only, will not know about that stuff and a lot of other occurrences that could change the outcome of the AFP vote.

      • I can’t tell you how shocked I am to hear this about Jessica, and it changes the way I see her. No kidding, if this was shown on prime time TV, among with other things that are shown on live feeds and BB After Dark, it would definitely change the outcome of the AFP vote, among other things.

      • Horrid! I’m glad it’s been caught on tape (I’m beyond belief that people suffered her perversions), but pictures prove it’s not hearsay!

      • Yeah, caught on tape, and TMZ published it. The guys complained/vocalized it on ‘feeds. It was even magnified when the discussion turn into ‘what if’..what if it happens to a girl? ..there’s no way she should win AFP or anyone she endorsed.

      • Neither of them even deserve it. Psycho eyes and the butt fingerer deserve nothing,

      • There are many things about Jess that everyone should know about her.
        1. Jess admitted to CC fraud, on feeds
        2. Anti-semitic tweets
        3. Sexual harrassment, i.e. putting her finger in people’s buttholes, grabbing Alex in the vagina
        4. Fat shaming on social media and the show
        5. Jess and Cody plotting to label Josh a sexual predator and ruining his life outside of the show.
        6. long history of name calling and bullying, self admittedly on feeds
        7. Jess thinks Josh is dumb because he’s Latino.
        8. Attacking and bullying Cody’s baby mama on social media
        9. Cries about bullying while bullying

      • Isn’t Jess half Latina?
        She is also part black, so someone like that should not be making racist jokes.

      • I believe she said her mother is Bolivian, if I’m not mistaken.

      • What a horrible list … she is a pervert. I knew about some of these things, but this just makes me sick!

      • You’re right, K. Just watched a YouTube interview with The Hollywood Reporter & Jess. He’s talking to her about being so popular and well-liked … Jody is a fan favorite, etc. I’m thinking, Holy Crap, the general viewing audience doesn’t know how perverted she is, and they’ll vote for her as an AFP! Dear God!

      • I read where she is asking people not to vote for her but to vote for Cody. Supposedly, she has a coworker that has over 2 million followers, if I understood correctly, and she was enlisting the coworkers help. I just looked on this past weeks BBN popularity poll, and for the 2nd week in a roll, Cody is winning. Currently, he has 32% and Paul has 23.7%.

      • Actually K…BBN is one of the only polls where Paul has been leading. BBUpdates, Jokers, BBonline, Hamsterwatch and a few others have all listed Paul in the bottom three for like six weeks running now. So, I’m not sure it has anything to do with Jessica.
        But…then again, to play devil’s advocate on my own post, it could considering this site did always have him (Paul) leading, so maybe it is because of that. How the heck would I know. hahaha

      • Of course, we don’t know. It could be coincidental that Cody started leading on BBN the very 1st next Jezebel was evicted.

      • lmbo…you and all of these mememaniacs are killing it this season. Ya’ll are really good at that. And it’s coinkydink. lol That’s what I’ve always said to my grandkids. It’s not you,gal. DUH!! I honestly thought there was another poll on BBN that I hadn’t seen and I was giving bad info. Heaven help me!!!! I’m a lost cause. smh teehee

      • Teehee! It’s not just you…should’ve seen me last night. My radar for Cy’s sarcasm was all wonky. It was embaraskin! lol!

      • Well, it seems to be happening to me more frequently, T. :(
        embaraskin….A new word I can use! It really messes with my grandkids’ minds when I do that. They don’t know if I’m kidding or getting senile.

      • I doubt it. You seem sharp as a tack to me. I know. I have felt the prick of your wit. (in a fun way mind you) keeps me on my toes! haha

        Obviously you’re not a Popeye the Sailor fan, K… embaraskin is a Popeye word. hehe Uh-oh, now I’m showing my age aren’t I?? ;)

      • See, there I go again. I literally didn’t pick up on that and OF COURSE, I am a Popeye and Olive Oyl fan. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve even thought about that. It didn’t ring my declining mental bell. :(

      • LMAO! K, you crack me up! I think your mental bell is ringing just fine. I can hear it from here playing “For Whom the Bell Tolls” whenever anyone gets snippy with you here. hehehe

      • I hope the tide has turned by now and that Jason gets AFP! He’s proven that he deserves it more than Jessica or Cody ever could. I had Josh there for a bit, but decided he’s too babyish to handle that kind of recognition!

      • Here’s more about Jess (from Aug. 2 Inquisitr):

        Shocking Big Brother 19 news has come out of the house this evening (August 1). Jessica Graf just told Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen that they should drown Alex Ow in the Jacuzzi so that they can get further in the game. This disturbing BB19 news comes from the CBS live feeds, where Jessica and Cody are continuing to talk badly about the rest of the houseguests. Jessica explained that Mark and Cody should grab her by the hair to do it in the Jacuzzi.

        A report by fan site Joker’s Updates confirms this piece of breaking BB19 news, which is very likely to shine some extremely negative light on Jessica Graf. As this just happened, it is unclear if production is going to do anything about one houseguest trying to convince two other houseguests to murder someone. Normally, production doesn’t take kindly to threats by anyone in the game, so this could be a very serious incident when they take a look at it. Will this get excused as a joke?

      • Yeah, I saw it on feeds when she said it. Cody was trying to tell her to shut her mouth, even he was kind of appalled by what she was saying. Alex has said some pretty disgusting things about the other female HG’s as well, most notably calling Elena a c*nt over and over in one of her rants/diatribes.

      • Yep. Well, there’s not much good that can be said about the language from all the HGs in general. Every one of them should be ashamed of themselves – especially on national TV.

      • Agreed. Each and every HG this season has done something to bring shame to their family that is for sure. Raven just keeps doing it…oh wait, that’s right. Her family have no shame, so no worries there! haha

      • She added that it would take all 3 of them because Alex’s fake boobs would keep her afloat

    • lol. I thought Elena was the one talking about getting Kidnapped. Alex is not tough, she is just an obnoxious wench who talks too much. Girls like that get beat up easily around my way. She hates Kevin because Paul told Alex that he was after her and din’t like her. This is all Paul’s doing and that’s why Kevin is confused about it. He doesn’t know what he did to her to be hated so much. He didn’t do anything.

      • Raven actually told a story about being kidnapped , Alex talked about her cousins death, and Elena had a bunch of horrible stories about her father being a sick pervert. I didn’t hear Elena say kidnapped(I could have missed it) but Elena personally went through some very disturbing sexual situations that her father was involved in.

      • I thought it was Elena, it must have been the lying nuisance then. I din’t think it was Alex. Elena did mention something about her sick father.

      • Ravens story went from a person in her town being kidnapped, to a neighbor being kidnapped, to someone trying to kidnap her to actually being kidnapped and released. But it is very possible Elena said she was kidnapped and then Raven told her “story”. Seems to happen a lot that she has to one up others stories.

      • I was saying earlier a little Vaseline Intensive Care lotion would clear those rough knees right up…she probably has some rough elbows too considering all the canoodling her & Mattress have been doing. It’d work on those as well. hehehe

      • She hasn’t figured out the effectiveness of that is other than the uses she’s currently implementing with it.

      • I read on the internet (so it must by true, haha) that raven’s brother is accused of pedophile and listed as such.

      • I have seen the mugshot too. I certainly would not bring up my brother and beg for money for his pacemaker if he was accused of such. Plus she teaches dance too little girls, I would distance myself from a brother because of my business. I guess I must be the only one that checks the sex offender list before my daughter has a sleepover, goes to anyone’s house I don’t know, and have alerts if anyone moves in near the school walking paths.

      • To start with, I wouldn’t want my little girl to be teach by a pathological liar. She surly hurts her business by going to bb

  18. If Jason really had some sort of situational awareness, he take out Paul. I can’t believe nobody is suspicious of Paul’s motives.

  19. I hope that no one changes Jason’s mind about keeping Kevin safe. Even though he tells Paul everything Kevin and him talk about, I think Jason still likes him a lot and doesn’t want him to go.
    If Paul keeps nagging him Jason should make the biggest move this season and get rid of him. I know that no matter how obnoxious she is, Jason will never nominate Alex, but if she goes next week I will be very happy.

    • I agree Paul is pushing this too hard. I think he’s actually making Jason more suspicious the more he keeps trying to convince Jason to renom Kevin.

    • See… this is why I couldnt play BB, my Big Mouth!… If they ganged up on me like that, sorry I would put them in their place.
      Which one of you want to take Ravens place? (Thats what I Thought)..And as Josh always say. (STFU!) This is my HOH, and I’m running things. So take a seat somewhere. Lol

  20. It won’t do Jason any better to follow the house decision as the entire house is already set to target him next week and he need Kevin as a number.
    I estimate his present decision as 25% (only) step towards his betterment (as the house will make up a good excuse for going against him the next week).
    The decision that suits him best is to put up Paul in place of Matt. Matt will not vote to evict Raven. Then Jason should use the rest of the week to explain his reasons and convince Alex to go with his decision.
    That way, he will have Kevin, Alex and Matt vote against Paul.
    Jalex (with Kevin as a number) are then after good enough to handle the rest of the house in competitions.
    If Alex does not listen and favours Paul with her vote, then Jason can expect the worst next week which is not worse than what is already coming.

    • The good thing about the Kevin/Jason relationship is…Jason does not see Kevin as a # or a vote Jason sees Kevin as a friend..

      • If I was playing for half a million dollars I wouldn’t see anymore the others as friends while in the house. Too many times the friend gets stabbed in the back.

      • That was the problem with these houseguests. More often than not they decided who to target based on who the house did not like. There was little to no talk of game in decision making.

    • This is a good wining trio, a solid vote and 2 competitiors. Too bad everyone wants one of the competitors to be Paul.

    • That would be great, but I don’t think Jason could turn Alex against Jason. She is turning on him already just because he won’t use the veto.

  21. all isiots paul and josh need to go they give the name bully to a new level jason is retarded since cody and jess got bullied out all the rest of the losers should get a bad case of constipation

  22. its about time that someone stood up and did what they wanted and not Paul. Although he will go next week if this happens, but at least he goes out with some dignity and not just another Paul ass kisser.

    • I can’t believe Alex is not suspicious about why Paul is pushing this so hard? smh. Kevin is a number for her & Jason. Does she not see that?
      I had such high hopes for her, but maybe she is the Mrs. Potato head Evel Dick keeps calling her!!

      • She started good in the game. But I started to doubt her on her first hoh where she keep repeated it’s too early to do big moves. Maybe at the time she was right.

        But after that she just put her head really deep in Paul’s behind and feel so proud of her “secret alliance”. Also she shows how a mean girl she is.

        I’m done with her. She join the raven and Matt bucket, the “I don’t like you” one.

      • I was really disappointed in what she was saying about Jason last night. He has done nothing but be her go to guy, but then she tells him she’s going to say he made the decision to keep the noms the same without her. Just basically saying she’ll throw his a$$ right under the bus, so really, where does her loyalty lie? I think she answered that last night, with Paul. However, the joke is on her because Paul has NO intention of taking Alex anywhere near F3. Evel Dick calls her Mrs. Potatohead…maybe he’s right after all.

    • There’s always hope that Jason will win Veto. I believe they are at the numbers where everyone plays after this week’s evict, right?

      • I hope not. I think that would seal her fate. She’d be done…even if she made it to F2 I think taking out the person you said was your “ride or die” would bring about a bitter jury.

    • The plan is to backdoor him so he won’t play veto, but if he is chosen to play, his best chance is winning it. If Alex wins it, she doesn’t have to use it, even though she won’t be aware of the plan.

  23. How is Big Brother evicting 5 HG’s in 3 weeks to get to F3 Finale week? without getting creative with the victions, 2 DE in a row is ludicrous

    • I think they start the last week with 4. One of them go over the week, the other over the live show. This avoid having a full week with only 3 hg and almost nothing happens.

      • Last year Nathalie was evicted on day 86, victor on day 90, Corey on day 92. What doesn’t make sense I. What I said?

      • OK, now I see, but that still leaves my original question (per your observation) They still have 8 HG as of now 8/28/17, how do they get the house guest count down to 4 by 9/20/17 start of Finale week?

  24. I wish that Jason would take Raven down and use Paul as a pawn…..BD Paul……

    • Nope….they are busy trying to figure out how to get Jalex out. I heard them say, they couldn’t take them to final 4. They wouldnt be able to beat them.
      WHAT!!! Are y’all serious right now. Lol….crazy pleople

      • This is Paul’s doing. Making them feel really extra safe when they should be campaigning. It just blows my mind how dense some of these peons really are. Nobody should feel safe when they’re on the block.

  25. so mean that they won’t include kev in the meal.
    since when has alex/.paul/josh folded a towel?

  26. on the walk n talk, jayson tells kev no worries, you’re safe. the to the rest of the group Jason calls kev every name in the book, I don’t get it,

    • He’s saying it to the others because he’s sick of them always on him constantly! Otherwise he wouldn’t do this.

      • odd, it’s not like they aren’t gonna find out. just weird, just sayin.
        they have a Stockholm strategy, where they brainwash everyone by hammering away at one person until he is the very devil to the group!

      • It’s unnecessary interrogation if you ask me. But Jason has figured out it’s best to tell them what they want to hear so none’s the wiser before he sticks it to them by not using the veto!

      • You’re being kind, my friend. It’s bordering on harassment at this point, for heaven’s sake! They have been on him, tag teaming him…Paul, then Alex, then Christmas, then Josh, then Paul again…etc…just keep rotating the lineup ad infinitum!

        If Jason resists all that pressure then he is well on his way to true freedom from the Kool-Aid I hope.

      • I know. But you know what? Volunteering to be a HN was a good move on Kev’s part. He told Jason he wanted to make it easier for him so Kevin volunteered for HN duty. He’s no dummy. Jason is a good guy and after telling Kevin about the BD plan and assuring Kevin he isn’t getting nominated…PLUS Kevin being a HN this week… I just don’t see Jason putting Kevin up. I think it would seriously make him feel bad.

  27. So, if he keeps noms the same & wants Matt out, then the rest of the house should vote out Raven.

    • Lol. But he really doesn’t seems to care that much who would go. Hebprefere matt but raven is ok. He’s actually seeing clear on her multiple lies.

      • Oh Jason would do a happy dance if Raven left. He can’t stand her & has even taken to using my catch phrase for raven… “If her lips are moving, she’s lying”! haha He said “she has me bamfoozled with all her lies”!! LMAO! Bamfoozled! Great word to describe Raven’s constant BS!

      • Probably not but it would be awesome if he could convince them that they need to play their own game and not Paul’s…

      • sure I can see just giving paul the business and it’s not like paul isn’t gunning for Jason anyway.

      • He is for sure. But Alex is already bashing Jason because he won’t toe the line this week. Imagine how she”d turn on him if he nominated her leader!!

      • it’s all nuts. on the walk n talk they both agreed they still were w/paul for Gods sakes

      • I know. Smh. But I think Kevin is wising up to Paul. If Jason does keep him this week, I would love Kevin to actually step up and finally win an HOH so he can return the favor for Jason next week, coz the cowboy is gonna need it.

      • My thought exactly. He is the target. Why not sheke things up. For sure if Alex or Kevin don’t win hoh. He is up.

    • Why on earth would he do that? He doesn’t have the votes to send Paul home. Josh, Christmas and Alex would vote to keep Paul and all Jason would accomplish by doing that is painting an even bigger freaking target on his back. The same person would still go home.

      • He was and is already the house target for next week without Alex and Kevin’s knowledge. That is why Paul want Matt and Raven around and Kevin out first. So he has no better decision than to put up Paul. Then, talk to Alex regardless she accepts or not.

  28. Jason said, “if you want me to act dumb I will, but my mama didn’t raise no Fool”. He went out there and won that POV, and took his self off the block. Why???….Because he smelled a Snake!!! You Go Boy…lol

    • Aw now you’ve gone & done it, Joni. I’m going to have to go & wash my eyes with bleach again! I have seen things this season I just can’t un-see. Ugh!

      • I think there should be a rule that if you’re not a HN, you cannot sleep with one who is in that room. Same goes with the HoH room.

  29. I started having thoughts Jason’s subtle intentions after the DE week, but wasn’t convinced because of Alex’s influence.
    First I remember him (week after Dominique’s eviction) telling Alex they don’t have to inform Paul regarding a decision because he (P) is not their parent. Each time he raises observations about Paul or think of strategy for personal game, Alex will shut him up, advise he maintains his loyalty and report others’ information to Paul. Jason followed the house completely to rid off Cody. Then I noticed when he won the HOH during DE, he pulled Mark to the lounge but Paul, Josh and co followed them so they (he and Mark) could not have personal discussion b4 the nomination. He said he was nervous when the entire house was on him at the time. He had pretty good relationship with Mark after and could make sense of Mark’s advice during final period of his stay, but Alex will not buy into playing personal games rather than stick with Paul. Final signal was the Jalex’ surprise eviction vote (Alex’s more surprising) in week 8.
    I personally have the believe that Alex might be the reason Jason will not take a full flip on Paul in this week’s veto and it will come back to rob on him next week.

  30. I’m so glad Jason is not following Paul’s plan I hope Alex realizes Paul’s doing this to decrease there numbers cause Kevin will vote with Jason I’m hoping Jason sees Paul’s little game TAKE CHARGE JASON after all you’ve earned it

  31. Go Whistlenut go! I hope he sticks to his guns after the debate on whether or not to save Jessica last time he won veto.

  32. if Jason is kev’s friend, how did kev just get a week of hn? why do I always miss this?

  33. Alex is an idiot! For someone who claimed to know the game she clearly can’t juggle multiple alliances. Why would she want to reduce numbers on her side at this stage. She thinks Paul is full on armor of protection. Anyway she is playing in hope to be called to play another game than just playing to win which is what gets you called for another game. Jason needs to hold on to Kevin. If he does he can be the most powerful for the week but he needs to keep Matthew. If he can have Kevin, Matthew and 50% Alex he can protect himself of eviction planned for him next week. Alex can’t see she is usually ganged up on by Christmas and Paul together, and she can’t see that as odd. Well I guess she will when she is the cheese standing alone. I do think Jason’s eyes are well aware but his heart confuses him. That group will see the light come next week. Jason..why keep two ppl who don’t have your back happy over one you can trust???

  34. Finally! I have been hoping for a ballsy move all summer! Hopefully this just isn’t all talk like they all usually do! It would make sense to keep Raven and go up against her in final 2, (unless she gets the sympathy vote), but I need her out NOW! Yes, it’s personal! Haha I have a feeling that Jason just sealed his fate for even suggesting going against Paul’s wishes, but I really hope that he stands firm and sticks with his plan!!!!!

    • You & me both. I would love to see Jason start playing his own game… let’s keep our fingers crossed. yes? :)

      • Not sure if I would hold my breath waiting for him to make a bold move though! Haha I expect anything but the unexpected this season!

  35. Well, right or wrong for Jason’s game, it’ll certainly be a fun and interesting move! I’m all for it!

  36. Raven… I know a lot of people do not like her given all lies and stories on BB and in the real world. I know I am going to get a lot of flack for saying this but… what if she really does have a serious mental health issue? That’s nothing to make fun about. Just a thot…

    • Its quite obvious that she is mentally ill. Its also obvious she is a scammer. Her mother is running a go fraud me account that’s asking for people to donate 200,000 dollars for Ravens medical bills. That’s an awful lot of money to be asking for. Raven drives a new car, fully loaded plus has two dance studios. Raven is well aware of this account. On the show she was talking to Matt and said she wants the money to pay off her car and go to Sweden. He said, don’t you mean to pay off your medical bills? So yes, she is mentally ill yet still a fraud.

    • I think Ravens problem might stem from her mom. Her mother seems to like the money and attention she got she she was sick, then Raven got sick and her brother. I think it is a learned behavior, mom says look sick or talk about being sick and people will be nice to you, give you things, feel sorry for you. I think Raven might be so lost in the lies and the truths now.

  37. what jason needs to do is take down matt then put up paul and tell everyone exactly why he is doing it and tell kevin exactly what pauls and alex,s plans were for him so kevin would for sure vote out paul maybe xmas and matt would too the bye bye paul.

  38. Jason should take Raven down, and put Paul up. Alex, Kevin, n Raven would vote to keep Matt. Josh, and Xmas would vote to keep Paul. Jason can’t stand Matt, but he may win with the jury if he gets to final 2 for getting Paul out.

  39. A house guest (Jason) says he’s tired of being a minion and wants to start thinking for himself.

    Great. It only took about 800 days into Season 19 for someone to finally say that.

  40. jason should use the veto on mat and replace with paul but noone seems to have the guts to attemt the logical

  41. See Jason, your REAL threat is Paul. You should be taking HIM out, not Matthew or Kevin. He’s not that aware of the circumstances. If he were, he’d realize that PAUL is running the show. He is the puppet pulling everyone’s strings and no one has a clue. I’ve never seen so many naive people in my life. It’s why Jess and Cody were my favorite house guests. They were on to Paul’s BS. Before Cody left this last time, he even tried to warn the other players. But of course, they were too dumb to even take his suggestions into account. Sorry Jason, Paul is going to turn against you in a heartbeat.

  42. json ,alex should team with christmas ,josh, and kevin to remove paul from the game.they would have the numbers

  43. jason is on pauls radar and cant play the next hoh so he should make a big move now

  44. NO! Jason is talking about putting Kevin up right now. That pesky Paul won’t leave him alone. He is talking at Jason through the bathroom stall! Paul go Away!

  45. I guess we have a winner! The first HG with that is finally using their brain! It is Josh! Yes Josh, he is on to Paul. He doesn’t want to be is puppet or do his dirty work. He told Xmas tonight , she agreed he doesn’t have to do Paul’s job, but doesn’t feel they can break from Paul fully. Josh sees that Paul is going between groups, is safe, and getting the good edit. Please josh visit with Jason and Kevin, get something going.

    • That will be a nice one. But is Jason thinking of backdooring Paul? And it will be better to replace him with Matt who is sure to favour Raven with his vote.

      • I don’t think Jason is considering backdoor if Paul, we are lucky he is not backdoor if Kevin. If josh would only have a talk with Jason before noms. Jason could have the votes to get rid of Paul but Paul makes sure no one is talking to each other.

  46. maybe he’ll get fed up enough and b/d Paul!!! then the whole house will go nuts!

  47. Really hope Jason sticks to his guns – taking out Kevin now makes no sense, as next week he can’t play in HoH and the chances are that someone will target Alex/Jason as a strong duo. Splitting up Raven & Matt still leaves Kevin as a potential target. Alex needs to wake up – she was talking about throwing the HoH earlier!!! So. Stupid!!!

  48. Paul iothing other than a big bully. He does not like them talking about lastyears se because hey might start relizin what Pul is really like.

  49. jason grow up u loser paul and josh need to go they are trash hate them both bullies like them give america a bad namevery cruel to jess and cody u retards

  50. Jason is correct in leaving Matt and Raven on the block. BUT when are these house guests going to wake up and realize that Paul is playing everyone. Someone needs to make a big move, back door Paul and get everyone to vote him out.

  51. These people are all stupid! If you are going to re-nom, put Paul on the block! That’s a big move, and if you don’t get him out, he WILL win this season! DUH!

  52. Good for Jason for having his own mind (even thou I wish he would put Paul up) but sadly if Alex don’t win hoh, he will likely be the next target

  53. Paul is even more annoying this season than he was in the last. He’s so full of himself and demands so much attention that I think he has some serious insecurity issues that he’s masking with all his bravado. I’m hoping that some of these houseguests will finally wise up to him , like Cody did right from the beginning…I mean do any of them REALLY want to just give a half million bucks to that annoying little overly bearded gnat ? I don’t think so !

  54. When Julie interviews each evicted house guest at the end, She should ask them “Do you think it is YOUR downfall, that you didn’t follow YOUR game plan, but followed Paul’s instead?” and then the evicted house guest well go “Uhh Uhhhh” Stunned and at loss for words. LOL

  55. Make the right move and Jason could win this season. AKA nominate and get Paul evicted. Alex and Jason could then easily overtake the house and I believe Jason would win over Alex. Season saved.

  56. And now it’s timè to play big brother! Personally, I hope he keeps the veto and keeps his hope alive that Alex wins next HoH.

  57. Good for Jason ..stick to your guns Jason. Hopefully Alex wakes all the way up and follows suit…..let the game finally began!!! The only ones that are complaining are fans of that jester Paul….too much of this season has been predictable and elementary because of Paul’s preschool minded flock. I wanna see someone win because of strategy,,,, skills and obstacles. Like the past greats. Evil dick is first that comes to mind. I am very done with the easy play of Paul’s game this season. BB did a terrible job at casting this season….. I truly believe they had an agenda for Paul…coming in the game with safety for week’s unfair along with this specially chosen cast…..ridiculous!! One week of safety I can see….just to give him time to run his mouth.. Most of the cast were already BB star struck… And still are idoits.

  58. so, according to Jason’s personal forecast for today, which is a lengthy transit ironically coinciding with the dates of this game lol, anyway: For Jason this is a good period of time for communicating with people, writing letters or planning a course of action in your career or your home and personal life. You are inclined to spend a lot of time thinking under this influence, and others may see you as being all thought and no action. However, this is the time for plans, not for action. Your mind should be very clear today, and you should be in touch with your feelings and emotions to an unusual extent, even about aspects of yourself that you normally keep hidden because you cannot express them clearly. Therefore, the plans you make today are more in keeping with your real inner desires than usual. This is a good time to clear away the clutter because you can pay very close attention to details.

    Mercury sextile MC, , exact at 15:03
    activity period end of July 2017 until mid-September 2017

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