Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 9: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day delivered the drama for Big Brother 19 as the house plan was thrown for a loop with these results as one player is prepared to stick to the old plan much to the dismay of HGs and their new plan.

Big Brother 19 house in disarray

Everything seemed ready for Matthew and Raven to be split up as the group’s plan to trick them in to being pawns was suddenly replaced by a plan to get Kevin up and out. Jason doesn’t like this new idea though and, gasp, looks ready to make his down decisions.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 26, 2017:

8:30 AM BBT – HGs getting their wake up call for the day.

9:45 AM BBT – Jason and Christmas chatting about other HGs. Neither of them is very happy with Raven and her behavior. Christmas wonders if Matthew is former military. Jason wonders if he is a homosexual. They wonder how Matthew can put up with Raven.

10:00 AM BBT – Jason wonders if Kevin is using his $25K against Paul while suggesting Paul owes Kevin for hitting his buzzer and getting him in the game.

11:05 AM BBT – Alex and Jason discuss how upset Kevin was over being the first out from the HoH comp since he wanted to prove his worth to the team.

11:20 AM BBT – Paul is surprised they didn’t play the comp last night. He was sure that was happening.

11:25 AM BBT – Jason questions Raven’s lies/truths. Alex cautions him against calling Raven out since it could make him look bad.

11:30 AM BBT – Alex is sure Raven isn’t faking her diseases, otherwise viewers wouldn’t like her, she suggests. Jason points out she didn’t get a Temptation, Julie doesn’t ask her questions, and her Zing was really mean. He reminds Alex how Raven’s accent comes and goes.

11:35 AM BBT – Feeds go down for the Veto comp.

5:00 PM BBT – Feeds return. The house is in shambles. It was the Hide & Seek game. Jason won the Veto.

5:15 PM BBT – Paul promises Raven that Jason will use the Veto.

5:20 PM BBT – Raven is frustrated that she got second place again.

5:45 PM BBT – House clean up continues. Alex’s glasses are broken, again.

6:20 PM BBT – Kevin asks Jason if they’re getting rid of Matthew this week. Jason strongly agrees. He reveals to Kevin the group plan was to renom him then still get out Matthew, but says they don’t have to do it. Kevin says he doesn’t want to have to pack so just send Matthew out as is.

6:30 PM BBT – Kevin asks Jason not to put him up. Kevin says he wants to stay, get HoH, and try to make Raven both of his nominees.

6:35 PM BBT – Kevin is very upset that the group was in on this place to put him up as the renom. Jason says he’s not going to do it and will keep nominations the same.

6:45 PM BBT – Josh, Christmas, and Paul are starting to worry about Alex and Jason. Christmas says Kevin would be a number for Alex and Jason so maybe they should just vote out Kevin. Paul agrees. Josh stresses that they need to get Kevin up on the Block. Paul notes it may stress out Alex and Jason if they flip the plan on them. Josh points out they’d be outnumbered by then.

6:55 PM BBT – Paul goes to talk with Jason, Alex, and Kevin to discuss who should be the target between Matthew and Raven. They want Matthew gone, but admit Raven is annoying them more. Jason lets Paul know he shared the plan with Kevin. Paul says that would help keep Raven and Matthew calm.

7:05 PM BBT – After discussing the situation with the group Jason again tells Paul that he will not use the Veto and he wants Matthew to go.

7:10 PM BBT – Alex lets Christmas know Jason told Kevin, but Kevin doesn’t want to go up. They discuss how Jason could lose Jury votes over him turning on the what Matthew and Raven think is the plan, to renom and evict Kevin.

7:15 PM BBT – Alex wants Kevin out because Derrick called him “Kev” so she assumes they must know each other in the real world and Kevin is probably an undercover cop as well.

7:20 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas are working to convince Alex that they need to get Kevin up and out this week so they can then target Matthew and Raven again next week.

7:25 PM BBT – Paul tells Matthew and Raven not to worry because Jason is talking about not being able to stand Kevin.

7:30 PM BBT – Alex is pressuring Jason to put Kevin up so they can send him out. Jason says he can’t do it.

7:35 PM BBT – Christmas warns Jason he’ll lose two Jury votes (Matthew and Raven) if he doesn’t do the renom.

7:45 PM BBT – Alex pressing Jason hard again to put up Kevin. She says Kevin is only one person, but Matthew and Raven are two. Paul tells Jason it’s his HoH & Veto so he should do whatever he wants. Jason says he’ll think it over and leaves the discussion. After he goes Christmas says she doesn’t think he’ll use the Veto. Alex is upset. She thinks Jason is messing up both of their games with this move.

8:10 PM BBT – After thinking it over, Jason tells Paul he still doesn’t want to do it. Jason is sure that if Matthew or Raven had won HoH then they would have put up some combination of Jason, Alex, and Paul. Paul warns Jason that if Kevin wins HoH then he might put up Christmas and Josh but it’s too early for that, says Paul.

8:20 PM BBT – Jason says he’s worried that Alex is trying to convince him to renom Kevin so she can then vote him out. He’s worried she’s lying to him.

8:30 PM BBT – Jason says he’s tired of being a minion and feeling like he’s doing what’s predetermined for him.

8:30 PM BBT – Raven now says she has to get her knees replaced because she has “rough kneecap syndrome.”

9:05 PM BBT – Paul lets Christmas know that Alex and Jason are fighting now. They’re both pleased with this development.

9:15 PM BBT – Matthew is worried that Jason might not change the noms. Christmas says she doesn’t think that’d happen. Raven says the whole house would be after Jason if he does that.

9:40 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew that if Jason goes back on his promise then he’s not a real cowboy. Matthew admits it’d be a better move for Jason to leave them up since they’d put up Jason and Alex if they won power. They worry about letting either Jason or Alex get to the end because they won’t be able to beat them in that F3 Endurance comp.

10:30 PM BBT – Josh mentions to Christmas that DR is asking him if he believes Paul is really with the two of them.

10:40 PM BBT – Paul starts up again on getting Jason to renom Kevin. Alex says she’ll deny to Matthew and Raven that she knew Jason was going to leave the noms as is if that’s what he does. Jason says that’d be okay. Paul warns Jason he could upset a pair instead of just one person in Kevin, who he claims does not have Jason’s back.

10:45 PM BBT – Paul and Alex suggest there is a Sunday eviction. (No.) Jason says he likes being around Kevin while Matthew and Raven annoy him.

10:55 PM BBT – Raven asks Paul if Jason is going to take her off the Block. Paul says yes.

11:35 PM BBT – Christmas now joins Alex and they again push on Jason to renom Kevin.

11:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason if he gets one of Matthew and Raven evicted because he doesn’t like them then she’ll get Kevin evicted. Jason agrees and says to get Matthew out. Paul says okay, it’s done then.

12:00 AM BBT – HGs discussing Raven’s myriad health claims. They wonder if she’s a twin because her stories change. Earlier she said her muscles and nerves were deteriorating but today she said her bones were.

12:05 AM BBT – HGs remember how after Raven got stitches she was limping but then the same day she’d dance around. Jason points outs how she claims she doesn’t have cartilage in her knee but does jumps, flips, etc.

12:30 AM BBT – Christmas again pushing for Kevin to go up because he’ll lose two Jury votes if he doesn’t do this. Jason says those two weren’t going to vote for him anyway. Jason says he can’t stand Matthew and Raven.

12:40 AM BBT – Jason tells Alex that it felt like she was trying to get him to renom Kevin so she could then flip it and evict Kevin. Alex promises she wouldn’t mislead Jason.

12:55 AM BBT – Kevin comes up to HoH room. He promises Jason he’s trying to win comps and isn’t throwing them. Jason says he believes him but needs him to win something. Jason confirms to Kevin that he’s going to leave Matthew and Raven on the Block.

2:15 AM BBT – Few HGs still up and complaining about weak players this season.

3:05 AM BBT – Christmas, Josh, and Paul discussing how Matthew doesn’t seem to care about the game and will be happy to go to Jury and hang out.

3:45 AM BBT – HGs are all off to bed.

All those Walk & Talk sessions between Kevin and Jason appears ready to pay off for Kevin. Jason seems to want to stick up against the house’s shift to keep the last showmance together and it’ll be all his choice to make that happen. We’ll have to keep watching through until Monday’s ceremony to see where this goes next and how long Jason can hold up to the pressure.

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  1. Hold to your guns Jason. I can’t believe that Alex isn’t putting all these convos together and seeing the big picture. They were starting to compare notes yesterday and asking why would Maven think they were pawns when Jason did not tell them that but these still did not connect those dots.

  2. “Jason tells Alex that it felt like she was trying to get him to renom Kevin so she could then flip it and evict Kevin”

    “Christmas again pushing for Kevin to go up because he’ll lose two Jury votes if he doesn’t do this. Jason says…”

    Really enjoyed reading this article and how protective Jason is of Kevin. I hope his loyalty doesn’t cost him a chance at the finals when Alex, Paul, Christmas are targeting Kevin.

    • I also like how Jason isn’t giving in on Kevin and loved his answer to the suggestion that keeping the noms the same will cost him two jury votes. As he said, they probably weren’t going to vote for him anyway. He’s right. Hope he sticks to his guns.
      Interesting that Josh indicated that DR asked him if he felt that Paul was really with him and Xmas. Planting some seeds, hope they take root.

      • Goods stuff. Production can be devious with their suggestions. Have a wonderful day Ms. tr8!

      • Thank you, you too. It’s going to be a beauty here, hard to imagine how Texas could be in the midst of the bad stuff and we have sunshine.

      • Hey Alf !!! New Photo/Pic !!! Thanks! At least you are out of both the shower and Colonial time period. hehehe

    • I’m not a fan of Kevin’s, but I do appreciate that Jason stood firm and made his own decision. Now that’s bull balls, something that has been sorely lacking in this game.

      • I’m glad Jason decided enough was enough of being told what to do when it’s his HoH. He did stand up to Alex and Paul too. About time I said! So I guess the noms will remain the same and Matt will be sent packing even though I’d like Raven to go first and see if Matt has anything at all to contribute with Raven out of the house.

      • I’m with you there, Joni. Matt can be gross, but I think his game might have been different without Raven. Her’s wouldn’t.

      • But today is only Sunday. I just hope Jason can stand his ground through the veto ceremony.

    • Christmas is not the right one to tell Jason to put up kevin Jason hates Christmas what ever she will say he will do the other.

    • Glad Jason is getting his Mr. Observant on! He really is calling it as he sees it! So far, he’s not giving him … hang in there Jason; just about 30 hrs till Veto Ceremony! If he keeps the noms the same, I’m dreading Paul’s twisted “reasoning” he’ll start spreading throughout the house for Jason not putting up Kevin. He’ll be setting up the house to go against Jadon next week, and performing jury management on Maven.

      • Jason was already everyone’s #1 target anyway. This week may cost him Alex’s support, though. Paul could probably convince her to dump him in the best interest of her own game.

  3. 8:30 PM BBT – Raven now says she has to get her knees replaced because she has “rough kneecap syndrome.”

    Yea, and I’m allergic to Bull*&^% …ah-choo

  4. 11:30 Jason points out she (Raven) didn’t get a Temptation, Julie doesn’t ask her questions, and her Zing was really mean. He reminds Alex how Raven’s accent comes and goes.
    Jason is pretty observant and is realizing that Raven can’t be coming across as well as the other hg’s think she is. They’ve been afraid that if the nom/evict her, they’ll look bad. He realizes that that’s not the case.

    • Very interesting. I wouldn’t mind Jason convincing everyone to evict raven first…the only issue is waking Matt up. Would he be fired up and start competing? Right now he’s happy eating and spooning with his sweetie. Take 1 of those away and he might play Big Brother.

    • If he can keep that thought in his head he will begin to hopefully see/hear what else is going on around him…Now ..Posters have complained about bullying this season….If yall watched the feeds when Xmas Alex Josh and Paul were at Jason to use the veto and put Kevin up yall would have seen some real bullies in action…They would not let up.. They threatened Jason with any lie or mishap they could muster if he did not use the veto and put Kevin up…They ganged up on him and were badgering him.. it was bad…Alex is learning that for a rodeo clown that Jason is fairly smart and he does pay attention to what takes place in the house…

  5. So production is why Jason is sticking to his guns. Jason also used word minions. If they asked Josh if they thought they could trust Paul they probably did same to all hgs. And saying he’s tired of feeling like a minion obviously wasn’t his own thought. Wonder what Paul would do if he knew production was undermining him.

      • Production is evidently asking questions and suggesting that some HGs are not as safe as they might think…I don’t normally agree with Production getting involved but I will let it slide in this instance…

      • Look above in highlights 10:30 pm BBT. Also, Jason’s comment about not wanting to be a “minion” at 8:30 pm sounds like something fed to him.

  6. So if dr planted seeds out doubt about paul to jason/josh then they should do the same to xmas/alex. That would put a blindisde of paul right in place lol.

  7. Alex is gonna be the one crawling on the floor next week if Josh Paul and Christmas put plan “evict Jason” in motion… It will hit Alex that shes been played and if Jason gets evicted she is alone…but then if Kevin stays this week they may go after him again…

      • true…I think the reckless way Paul Josh and Christmas are playing right now that one of them will slip up and the cat will be out of the cage…Between them they are talking to loud to fast and too much…They are making up way to many lies and creating chaos for no reason..that could catch up with em…

      • Cocky is the word that comes to mind. Like Paul said last season at this point he wasn’t thinking about the end. This season he and those two think they’re already at the end. They are going to slip up and I can’t wait to see the backtracking then

  8. Raven said she had “rough kneecap syndrome”?? Did anybody see that on feeds, she was joking right?

  9. “8:10 pm: Paul warns Jason that if Kevin wins HOH, then he might put up Josh and Xmas but it’s too early for that”. By that same logic, if Matt or Raven won HOH and it’s too early to put up Josh, Xmas, or Paul, who else is left besides Jason and Alex?! That should show Jalex right there where they stand on Paul’s totem pole. If Alex could get her head out of her butt, Jason should renom Paul- could send him out with Alex, Kevin, and Matt/Raven’s votes.

    • Yeah, that was a completely stupid counterpoint by Paul. Jason’s expressing concerns for his and Alex’s safety, and Paul starts telling him about Christmas/Josh’s safety instead? How the hell is that going to matter more to Jason, lol.

      Paul’s not getting his way and it seems like he’s losing it a bit.

      • Cheer desperation from Paul to have his way. Alex unknowingly, is Jason’s drawback.
        How come Kevin is so much the number 1 target ahead of Maven?
        Why is Maven who are on the block not talking for themselves as much as the rest of the house?
        How relevant is it that Kevin must go before Maven who everyone has admit to be annoying?
        Why is Paul more concerned about Kevin putting Joshmas up aead of concerns about Maven putting up Jalex next week?
        Does Kevin even win competitions?
        Kevin is not obviously going to put Jalex up next week or vote against them if they are up unless the house press him.
        So with all the anxieties, who actually is the house target next week seeing how the house is overprotective of Maven.

        Jason need to put these notes to Alex before the veto meeting because she is so into Paul and can’t reason. I will not be surprised to see her split with Jason in favour of Paul which is not good for their game.

    • And another thing, yesterday should’ve caused Alex to stick out in Jason’s mind. She’s sounding like she cares more about Paul than him. I won’t be surprised if Paul can use this “Jason going rogue” thing to get Alex to separate from him. The way he tried to get Elena apart from Mark.

  10. Heres the deal ….Christmas and Josh think they are soooo smart and are gonna get around Paul and be final 2…If they are so smart why have they not ask Paul “Why do u insist on keeping Raven over Kevin??? Raven is close to winning comps Kevin is not…Raven is more of a threat than Kevin…For smart player they sure are dumb…Jason is beginning to ask questions…Hope he stays long enough to get/ figure out the answers…

    • They are expendable as every other minion. While, Paul wants them to win easily. He does not have a complete say in whether they remain in the game or not! It would depend on the HOH as there are no other targets except, fellow minions. Those remaining will obviously, not put themselves on the block. By putting all their eggs in Paul’s basket, if he drops it, they will be scrambled eggs deservedly so! Paul can take Raven over Christmas or Josh if he deems it to his advantage.

  11. Here’s my prayer to the BB god this Sunday morning.
    First, Jason sticks to his guns and leaves noms in place.
    Second, Kevin somehow wins HoH on Thursday That then means Alex and Jason can compete in the HoH of a probable DE.
    Third, one of them wins that HoH and Paul doesn’t get a chance to boot either one of them.
    Are you listening BB god?

  12. Anyone that watches feeds, did they get the house all picked up or go to bed with it still in disarray?

      • I bet it was Raven that went psycho on it since that is her nature anyway. Who do you think did most of the damage?

      • I said Josh….but am sure that Raven was in on it…Paul had some of his personal stuff in disarray and Alex who did not play found her glasses broke…

      • I hope it will be easy to discern if anyone’s personal items were purposefully targeted and by whom. Haven’t they shown tidbits of that to the HGs while the show is airing or is it just for the TV viewers? I don’t remember.

  13. Okay- here’s a new game to play for the Feeders and Posters while waiting for something BIG to happen:

    It’s from “Frasier” from the episode when Frasier, Niles and Martin were watching the PBS antiques traveling program.
    Every time the commentator or anyone on the show said ‘veneer,’ a type of wood finish, they would take a drink! (theirs was alcoholic)

    BB19 Season Version:
    – Every time Raven comes up with a new Ravenitis disease, like ‘rough kneecap syndrome”: Feeders and Posters either take a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) or eat cereal.
    – Every time Raven changes her accent: either take a drink or eat cereal.
    – Every time Raven pouts, puts on more lipstick, ‘dresses’ Matt, changes her clothes: either take a drink or eat cereal.
    – Every time a used condom is found by their bed: either take a drink or eat cereal.

    Of course, since Ravenoleosis is also a possibility: Feeders and Posters might have to BOTH take a drink AND eat cereal!!!

  14. Matthew and Raven are both so unpopular and so bad at comps that it would probably be better to keep them around longer than Kevin, because even though Kevin hasn’t shown any skill at winning competitions, he’s played a strong social game and could win jury votes at the end, whereas I think any player up against Matt or Raven at the end would definitely win the jury vote. So, as much as I admire Jason’s wanting to stick to his guns, I’m not sure pushing Raven or Matthew out before Kevin is his best game move long-term.

    I guess it comes down to what kind of players are better to have around as the numbers dwindle – people who have proven to be bad at comps and unliked by the majority of jury members, or people who are good at comps and/or popular with jury members. Personally, I’d want to go with the former over the latter…

    • Its not Jason that wants Kevin out.. its the other 4…And yes Paul wants Kevin out because of his social game..

      • I know. I just disagree that keeping Kevin is the smart move for Jason. I think Jason has a stronger chance of losing against Kevin in a F2 than he would against either Matt or Raven. And at this point in the game, I think how you would fare against each individual player in the F2 should be a strong consideration on who you want out. Also, keeping Matt & Raven in the game likely keeps them top targets for each of the next two weeks, too.

      • If Jason holds to his plans Kevin will not go up.. Kevin will be indebted to Jason and help him all he can moving forward.. When and “if” Alex completely flips and goes totally against Jason then Jason still has an ally in Kevin.. While Alex may find herself totally alone..

      • You have to be around to win at F2. If he doesn’t keep numbers around this week then he will be out next week and F2 will not matter.

      • Jason need Kevin more than anyone else in the house right now. He has been condemned for eviction as house target next week; #1. For been a strong competitor and, #2. For occupying Paul’s desired position in Alex. He just need to let Alex see facts and put up Paul with his veto. He has no better option.

  15. 7:30 PM BBT – Alex is pressuring Jason to put Kevin up so they can send him out. Jason says he can’t do it.

    Alex is dumb. It is time to make a move and anything you do does not matter to the others because they will target Alex and Jason if Alex does not win the next HOH! Kevin could be a valuable ally and she should be cultivating his loyalty and try to steer him away from Paul. Why does she trust Christimas and Josh who are up in their asses with Paul? Time to play your game. That should be to remove as many loyal minions on Paul’s side. That is the only thing that makes sense.

  16. Jason is now my favorite player since he was the first to straight up not do what Paul says. I hope he sticks to it.

    And please tell me someone is keeping a running list of all Ravens issues

  17. Good job Jason.

    Though I really just don’t know why they want Matt out over Raven. They hate Raven more, and she often comes closer to winning competitions than Matt does. And surely they must know Raven’s gonna be more pissed for being betrayed than Matt will. I guess they just can’t get over the concept of Matt being a muscular dude and thus are convinced he’s more of a threat?

    • There is talk that Raven and Paul had met before BB. So maybe that is why he doesn’t want to get her out first. i don’t know.

      • He met her at a photo op and had their pic taken. Nothing more, he’s most likely had his pic taken with many BB fans. He wants to keep her cos he figures she’s manageable and easy to beat in the final rounds.

  18. Jason needs to keep listening to his gut. He knows something fishy is going on. All he needs to say is he doesn’t trust Raven Christmas and Josh to send home Matt. Obviously Raven would vote for Kevin to leave and he’s right in thinking Christmas and Josh would too thus evicting Kevin. Come on Jason, keep noms the same!!

    • I agree. Also think back to the last HOH that didn’t listen to their gut….. Jessica, she had put it all together, and let Cody sway her to not save Ramses. Why does Christmas care that Jason would lose two jury votes??? Does she want him to win? I’m more annoyed by Christmas than Raven. I have seen every season of Big Brother except the online one, and I’m growing more and more tired of production interfering/influencing the game with questions and all the temptations. Just make them play.

      • I think if you’re HoH and someone is telling you to do something, you need to stop and think ‘what’s in it for me if I do this’ and ‘what’s in it for them’ In most cases, the answer would go back to ‘it helps Paul not me’

      • When Josh went to the DR, he was asked if Paul is w/ him and Christmas. Hopefully it put up a red flag!!!

  19. I don’t understand, is the reason why the house wants Jason to evict Kevin is to negate Kevin’s vote towards Jason?

    • Kevin is a sociable player Hes not caused any major upsets hes not been mean or rude to people even tho he admits to not liking some.. Kevins mistakes have been few and only hurt his game nobody elses…Kevin is a threat to Pauls social side of the game..

    • Yeah, see littlefly’s next door. paul is campaigning for Kevin to be out cause pau thinks Kevin is getting close to thinking/knowing something’s not quite Hoyle. That maybe paul is conniving like paul is.

  20. I know that several people in the house read the bible or say prayers…Has anybody ever seen Raven or Matt with the “good book” or even mentioning

    • Matt enjoys the good book. “Complete idiots guide to cereal”. Fascinating stories of cereal brands around the world and the people who eat it.

    • Not in between constant rounds of sex. The contents of the “holy book” doesn’t align with fornication.

  21. Really hope Jason sticks to the plan of keeping the noms the same. It’s about time someone goes against the group’s wishes and does their own thing. After all, only one person can win the 500k not a group or a duo, Jason realizes he has a vote in Kevin and that Matt and Raven were going to go after him any way so what makes anyone think that he has their jury votes? This house is a complete mess both literally and figuratively, but Jason will rise to one of my favs if he steps out against this group. I loved Paul last season but this season has been the most annoying seasons thus far.

      • But at least someone is standing up for the good of his own strategic decision. Not predetermined by a group to his own detriment.
        If Mark and Elena had taken a similar decision in week 7, perhaps 2 out of 3 of that allies would have still be in the game with the big alliance splitted.

  22. Since Jason has made it clear that he wants Matt out, I’m actually kinda hoping the house becomes spiteful towards him like they usually are and target Raven instead.

    • Nah, paul is the one who wants Raven to come out at the other end of voting on Thursday so she might be able to be with him towards the end. paul thinks some would vote for Matt if Matt was left at F2-3, paul doesn’t think they’ll vote for Raven at the end if F2-3.

  23. Alex use to be nice but she has changed into a bitch saying kevin is a cop.wait till she finds out he is connected to the mob she will be scared out of her pants.and there is no way cody can be afp he is an idiot his face is stone cold.kevin has the most class out of all of them.and jessica she really is a termite a skank of skanks

  24. Matt better hope he finally wins an HOH or he is next. Can’t wait for Raven to get the boot.

  25. Once again, no big moves…”Paul, what are we doing next to avoid getting you out?” Sheesh.

    Has there been any explanation about why Xmas was allowed to stay in the game if she couldn’t compete in all comps? I could see how she could sue BB for putting her in an “unsafe environment”. so maybe she’ll wins a big prize as a trade off? Or get a job with CBS? Just doesn’t seem fair to the other competing HGs, though I do feel sorry for her too.

      • But why would they? if the finale is the usual 2 physical comps out of three, and she can’t compete, she would represent a non-threatI

    • It was her choice to stay and she was told up front that they wasn’t going to change any of the comps to accomodate her.

      • Right, Willie. But she doesn’t compete in many of them. She gets a pass. A key point of the game is to win competitions.

      • And that’s why she’s so safe to keep around. She has like no shot at the 500k, so pretty much anyone can take her for an auto-win.

      • It would be interesting if she made final 3, and two of the competitions were physical. So she gets a pass on them too? Win $500 or $50k by default? lol

      • If Paul was serious about winning, he should take either Josh or Kevin to the Finale. He can easily beat both in a physical comp and I doubt anyone would vote for a floater like Kevin. Christmas could take the win away from him.

      • I guess I’m not convinced Production couldn’t “encourage’ the situation in Xmas’ behalf. And she could earn her spot in final 3–it’s not all Paul’s decision if she earns it. She could be the last HOH for instance. And as I posted below, what if the 2 out of 3 last competitions for the three finalists include two physical competitions? Is Xmas excused from them, and thus goes to the final 2 “by default”?

      • If Christmas is in the final 3, the only way she can make final 2 is if she’s picked. The first round is usually endurance, she’ll have to sit out. It may not last long because the other 2 will probably make a deal. The second round is a physical comp between the 2 losers of the first round, which she also won’t be able to compete in. So there will be no second comp because she loses by default. The third comp is questions for the winners of the first 2 rounds, then the winner picks who they want to take to the finals. It will be the most boring season finale to this very suspenseful season. It would be funny if Paul picks her and gets second place again if the jury finally wakes up and realizes how sincere Paul’s “friendship” was this whole season.

      • Since Production told Xmas if she decided to stay they wouldn’t change any competitions, your scenario based on how it’s been done in the past makes sense. However, I don’t put it past Production to “change things up”, with yet another temptation, etc., to sneakily give Xmas a chance. What would be her upside to stay unless there was some hope (maybe insinuated already and/or communicated??) for her to win? Otherwise, it’s mostly a waste for her to compete in any comps at all this season, if she can’t obtain the end prizes. And since her accident happened on BB’s set, they’d be wise to “treat her right”.
        Nah, I believe there’s some insider game “afoot” for her, Sherlock! (Pun intended!)

      • That’s why they should have made her leave. They said they wouldn’t alter any comps for her, but it will be obvious they did if she makes it to final 3. If production doesn’t change anything for her, then her only hope is to be dragged to the end. Maybe they’ll just tell her to use her injury to convince everybody she can’t win to get them to take her.

      • The dumbest end to a lousy season–“”Xmas, congrats! You’re in the final three! The bad news–You can’t compete in the two endurance comps, so you’re off to jury. Bye!”

      • Yes this season just kept getting worse and worse. It was obvious Paul would make it to the end when when he got safety, and nobody even considered tying to get rid of him when it was over. Then they allowed Christmas to stay after leaving for surgery, and of course everybody thought getting her out is a wasted HOH. Soon he’ll be able to compete in every competition, so he can’t be backdoored anymore. His plan is to take Christmas to the end, so it would be funny if he gets second place again to a girl that couldn’t even compete in a lot of comps. I wonder if production will keep bringing him back until he does win.

      • No, the winner of the final HOH chooses who they want to evict from the F3 and the other goes to the stage and votes in Jury. Should it be Paul, Josh and Paul will send Christmas to the stage and it will be between him and Josh. NO free ride that point.

      • I disagree. At point of the game, you’re F8, you vote somebody out, you’re F7. There are no small move anymore.

  26. 8:10 PM BBT – After thinking it over, Jason tells Paul he still doesn’t want to do it. Jason is sure that if Matthew or Raven had won HoH then they would have put up some combination of Jason, Alex, and Paul. Paul warns Jason that if Kevin wins HoH then he might put up Christmas and Josh but it’s too early for that, says Paul.

    Seriously, how can they not tell Paul is against them? The smart move is for Jason to talk to Matt and Raven but he won’t do that either.

      • exactly, the way I see it, if they keep pushing for Kevin, including Alex, someone else may go up instead. Now is the time to start wondering what Paul and Christmas is up to and he might be catching on. He did mention that maybe they wanted to flip the script and vote Kevin out, your almost there Jason, your almost there.

    • Jason has weathered a serious storm with Alex, Paul, Josh, Christmas all up in his business about Kevin. I fear he has become the houses biggest target now but gotta love his loyalty.

      • I like how he told them they wouldn’t vote for him anyways so he isn’t losing nothing LOL.

  27. interesting the DR sesh with Josh is trying to stir things up from the sidelines about Paul- wonder how much they (production) do this and involve themselves as to what they know

    • Production puts Paul in the game and then sets in motion his fall through a whispering campaign. Alison Grodner is a genius.

      • Also read that since no one was taking the apples, they (prod) had HGs draw for veto comp players. That had the HGs think the veto comp was Friday night. Ended up staying up late for nothing.

  28. YGTRON pointed me to a list of all Ravens self reported illnesses on Tamara Tattles. As of Aug 17th, there were 49 ROFLMAO

  29. I think it’s funny that Alex thinks Kevin is an undercover cop and is friendly with Derrick on the outside. All that from Derrick saying “Kev”. I suppose when you’re trapped in a house with the same lunatics for weeks on end, your mind can take you to unrealistic places.

  30. Wait a minute, I’m just noticing, WHY does Jason think Matthew is homosexual? Ha! These ppl are hilarious! What has Matt done?

    • There were reasons on a thread, if not this one, maybe before it.
      The 5-6 shower, Matt’s cleanliness, doing dishes, (even tho he uses kitch towel for personal juices overflow and then uses same towel to dry dishes, wipe counter and fold on floor.
      Changing clothes so many times. Or at least taking so many showers (but putting back on the dirty clothes).

  31. Josh mentions to Christmas that DR is asking him if he believes Paul is really with the two of them….Thats how TPUTS work….can’t trust them.

      • They (prod, TPUTS) could have done it anytime in the last 4-5 weeks. Maybe that could/would have put some interesting twists and turns in here.

      • Not their job. They are supposed to be presenting us ( the audience) with the ORGANIC unfolding of the situation. Anything further is fraudulent.

      • They didn’t say Paul’s working with everyone, Paul doesn’t have your back, Paul has a F3 with everyone. They’re just asking questions and letting them reach their own conclusions. They’re guiding the show to keep it more exciting. It’s not fraudulent. Lol

      • It is fraudulent if the intent is to alter a player’s position in the game. That’s not included in the the package presented to us the viewer. The premise of the show is for us to look in and witness players manipulate EACH OTHER in a contest to win a prize, not the minipulation from production. Thats not part of the show’s description.

      • You don’t understand. If the INTENT is to alter anything that is fraudulent. The thing is, like in court, “intent” has to be proven, we can’t prove it, we can only suspect it. If I murdered someone and it can’t be proven, that doesn’t mean in not a murderer. So again, of the “conversation” is INTENDED to alter any outcomes of the game, that is very much fraudulent, it just can’t be proven. That’s the “one up” they have on us;-)

      • I disagree. So we’ll just have to agree to disagree and leave it at that. This is a reality show.

      • Of course you’d disagree in this scenario because the odds are against Paul, had it been vice versa, I’m 1000% sure you would agree.

      • Wrong. I don’t care who the odds are for or against. You have your opinion I have mine move on.

      • It’s not fraudulent. Big brother is not under the regulation of tv quiz or even reality. It’s categorized has drame. Even the times public vote, the can do as they want. Like this year I’m really questioning how Jessica got the temptation. But nothing is fraudulent. Deceptive maybe. But that how it work.

      • Btw lavandargirl, watch the tv show “unreal”. It’s very good and really show are real reality shows are. It’s done by an ex producer of the batchelor. I love it!!!

      • Asking leading DR questions is not anything new hon. Production has been doing that for years and years. Several past HG have talked about it. Dr. Will has even mentioned it, so it definitely goes back to at least BB7.

      • Oh I know. I’ve been watching since episode 1. How old or new it is wasn’t the point of the conversation, it was whether they should or shouldn’t.

      • The thing is, the player could be so wrong in their interpretation, and f’up their game.

      • You hit the nail on the head. They leave those DRs, I’m sure, thinking, “Now what did they mean by that?” It’s entertaining once you grasp the whole thing.

    • I’m glad the DR is finally making suggestions. These people will never wake up. They need all the help they can get. Maybe they’ll start doubting Paul now.

    • Rigged. They are trying to get Paul out since viewers are annoyed there is only one side. They are told what to say and what to do. Paul was promised the win, so they better fulfill it or he may sue.

      • Ahahaha…guess I need to update the photo a bit, huh? You’ll see me in my robe next!

      • From graduation or house coat robe??? If the house one, you could have curlers in your hair, too! and jammies on!!! he he he

      • It’s a facial mask. I once answered the door with that on along with my hair in rollers and my robe and scared the Jehovah’s Witness lady away. Guess she thought I was Regan incarnate (from the Exorcist) or something. She never returned again, that much I know.

      • Hey!!! You could dress up like that to pass out Trick-or-Treat candy for Halloween!!! I think the treaters like to see that (dressed up door answerers) when they knock on the door and ask for candy. he he he

      • What a terrific idea. I wish I would have done that.
        I just put no soliciting on my door and never again.

      • Trick or Treat
        Smell my Feet
        Give me Something
        Good to Eat !
        GREAT !!! ?self portrait???
        AWESOME !!!

      • Either him or Jason, I hope, MG. Seems like TPUTS is stirring up some stink for Paul, so we’ll see. They have their desired outcome, which I think might change as the game changes, and they will manipulate the game to favor that.

      • I know this is a stupid question and should probably already know it, but my mind is drawing a blank. What does TPUTS stand for?

      • You know, nearly like Harry Potter living under the stairs in the HP movies at his aunt & uncle’s house in the beginning of several of the movies.
        Well, maybe THESE TPUTS are up in heaven’s third floor !??!

      • CAMERAS
        Cameras behind all the mirrors in the house.
        For feeds and us to see what’s going on.

      • Oh I know that..but if they’re on the third floor, they wouldn’t need to see from that area, would they? LOL

      • They have cameras set up behind the mirrors and everywhere else in the house. I always pictured production being on the third floor with a bunch of screens and buttons in front of them. Like in the movies.

      • Could be! I know they have cams planted in some lamps and fake leaves here and there! LOL

      • Have you watched any of the exit interviews with Cody, Elena or Mark?
        (not the ones with Julie. on the cbs access thing, probably also on YouTube)
        The outed HGs are standing in front of a bank of TVs that have all turned pink/red ‘big brother. ‘ There’s maybe 30 of them in the back and you can see a time clock in the back to watch how long the interview takes. The outed HGs read from a hand held ipad, or tablet or something like that and they answer the questions that are written on it. Most always the same questions with a few maybe added for that person. The HG swipes their finger across to read next questions.

      • I have…and they’re not being truthful or being called out on some things like they would have if Jeff were collaborating with them, because they would not be in control of their answers if they had.

      • You may have gone to bed early that night. I could’ve sworn you were in the thread that night. Lol

      • Pick you out any ole’ pig in the sty, slice him open, remove his intestines and you have chitlins.

      • I sure hope so! He’s smarter than the average bear it seems and other HGs are not giving him credit for that.

      • He’s really matured game wise because he was dumb as rocks in the beginning. Different target every five mins. Smh

      • Hope Jason gets a great pick-a-nick basket.
        Bet he misses his little BooBoo.
        We can call him Yogi. :-)

      • I’m anxious to see if they give the other HGs the edit they gave Jason with the family and all.

      • It wouldn’t bother me at all for Kevin to go. I go back and forth with him whether he is a sleaze or just a big dope. Either way, he’s not good at the game, imo, but a lot of people seem to like him. I’m just not one of them.

      • No! I love Kevin, at least most of the time. I meant to see Kevin or Josh’s family next. I don’t care about anybody else’s family.

      • We all have our favs and our reasoning behind it and our opinions are all equal. Kevin still makes me laugh from time to time like last night when he got angry when he found out that Raven thought Kevin was being BD’d. He said, next week when he is HOH, it’s Raven and Raven OTB. He’s good with those lines.

      • He’s been a bit sluggish lately. Maybe because he’s in great pain with that tooth of his he wants to get pulled on Monday.

      • It’s ridiculous to let a HG go that long without having that tooth taken care of unless that was Kevin’s decision. He has been complaining about it for a while.

      • It was more Kevin’s than production’s decision. But it’s getting really bad the past week. He’s even mixing up his days. He told Jason last night it’s been hurting since August..then said, since June 21.

      • Isn’t that about a week before the show aired? probably about the time they were sequestered.

      • I get the feeling Kevin is complaining to the other HG’s but hasn’t said a thing to production when he is in DR. He likes to complain about it but doesn’t want to do anything about it, just a guess.

      • He’s like most men…hate going to doctors when they need to. He may have gotten to where he may have no choice but to go. He’s just scared they’ll use the ol door and knob method of removing it. Geesh!

      • I detest the dentist, so I get it. I have a tooth that needs attention but I’m dragging it out as long as I can. I have serious childhood trauma from our family dentist. No lie, his name was Dr Payne and he was a serious sadist, no lie, no exaggeration.

      • I’m with you Miss Fiddle. I had a tooth problem and the dentist said that it needed to be ‘fixed’ in 3 visits. I said why not just pull it? Oh no, she said. so on the 3rd visit when it was time to finish the repair the tooth cracked and it had to be pulled anyway! Not a happy camper here. Decided that my dentist just loves my dental plan

      • Exactly tr8!!!! Good to see your girl, how’s Victor doing? ;)

      • I told him we were over if he spent even a minute with that Nicole. I have moved on, am getting a dog instead lol

      • I’m telling ya, never liked that Victor. He’s shifty girl! LOL If they really are together, I don’t see them lasting very long, then he’s all yours!

      • Good for you, stay strong, you have my full support in this matter! :) LOL

      • I have no more natural tooth left in my entire mouth now, so now my dentist has told me the next step would be pulling them out or be fitted for dentures sooner than I was once anticipating. I’ve lasted longer than my mother had…she had to have all hers pulled at 25 years old. Thank God dentistry got better over the years when I got to that age! Can you picture me with no front teeth and dentures not quite fitting as they should? I really don’t want to have to gum my applesauce any time soon!

      • Well you better have front teeth if you want to get picked for BB, otherwise your bathing suit pic wouldn’t be so hot lol

      • Slop is probably what I will need to take off some of this unwanted weight I have going on right now! LOL

      • I’ll borrow my friend’s dentures and my other friend’s one-piece with the ruffles spitting out near the waistline and top of it to cover my um…unmentionables!

      • I had a Dr. Short and he was tall! I found a great dentist once I moved here 21 years ago and he’s the best to this day. He’s younger than me too, so no fear of him retiring before I do! LOL

      • Hahaha, that’s funny, Short but tall!! The younger dentists are better anyway, they are taught differently, more aware of the patient and their needs, not just being all about the teeth and who cares if you are in pain.

      • He had to prove to me he was good with my children before I started going to him…LOL He passed the test! I had very bad docs on all sides of the spectrum while growing up. I didn’t want that for my kids if I could help that.

      • I worked with a Dr. Horney who came from Eastern Europe. When he got married his wife made him change his name to Horne cos as we said she didn’t want him to be horny anymore

      • Seriously, I have no idea what his real first name is or if that was it. I introduced him to my husband at a Christmas party and my husband lol. I hadn’t forewarned him. “Honey, this is Jumbo Dick”.

      • He was a little like Mark only as black as coal, sweet as can be.
        Anyone else having issues with the thread getting very slow and freezing at times. I think we’ve worn out our welcome.

      • Can’t blame her for that one, can’t imagine growing up with Horney as a last name.

      • He keeps saying they need to yank it out, which makes me laugh. When is the last time he has been to the dentist, 1930’s? Dentist’s don’t just yank out teeth. He talks like he would just go to a dentist, sit in the chair and they would pull it out, over and done! I find it funny. We know that BB is more than willing to take care of the HG’s when there are medical issues, why would Kevin’s issues be ignored, doesn’t make sense to me.

      • It makes sense that it is his decision to have waited so long. I know it has been weeks since he first mentioned it. Toothaches are no fun. I guess he was afraid he’d miss something. idk

      • I think hes funny & im happy to see an older person make it this far. Gamewise-not a good player.

      • Kevin’s kind of “charm” wore old and thin fast on me. Seen too many charmers in my day, I guess. But I do wish there were a few more people that age every season, maybe just better at comps than Kevin. There are plenty of 40, 50, and 60 year olds who could do better in those endurance comps than some of these wussies. Easy for me to say, huh? lol

      • Me and physical don’t go together very well. Never have. I would do better at verbal volleyball than in physical comps! :-)

      • My husband is 56 and climbed the Tetons last year. 100 mile bike rides are nothing to him. I’m 61, 10-12 mile hikes a day are my limit. I’d prefer 5-6 miles, but he’s a beast. There are many our age that are in great physical shape and sharp mentally, too.

      • That’s awesome. I live vicariously through people like you! I was not athletically inclined growing up because I have a bum left foot…was born with it almost positioned inward facing the other foot. My parents didn’t realize this until I wasn’t walking by 2. It wasn’t until I was 3 that I was able to actually walk in shoes…had several surgeries to correct that I was told. I have a lot of arthritis on my whole left side now as a result.

      • Arthritis is a devil. I think there are very few of us that get to the age of 50 without a little of it and every year it reminds us of our age. Believe me, I have my own medical demons. Reality of aging can be a biotch.

      • It set in early with me…try late 30s and has only progressed further. I take meds to keep the progression going slower, but it’s now started creeping over to my right side and into my jaw bones.

      • Ah, sorry, Joni. I have a sister with RA and lupus and she was diagnosed while in her early 30’s. Any arthritis is no fun.

      • I’ve grown an affinity to PT lately! It’s so painful, but then I feel better for a few months after. It’s just getting the motivation to go that’s also difficult, when I need to! Water aerobics is the next step, but I hate swimming.

      • I’m not a fan of the water either. When we go to the beach, we might walk along the edge of the water but we don’t go in, we go for the fresh seafood, smell and views of the ocean. I wouldn’t go in a river for any amount of money, unless it was to save someone from drowning.

      • That’s tough K. RA is a difficult diagnosis to deal with, I have it as well. I was diagnosed later in life, can’t imagine having to deal with it as early as my 30’s.

      • You are still young, Miss Fiddle, because I have seen you comment about your young teenager. It’s not good at any age. You know I love you. :)

      • Awwww, you are much too sweet my gorgeous friend!

      • I could not imagine having Lupus on top of this. My cousin has early onset Lupus and she’s 55!

      • Sorry Joni girl, I feel ya babe. I was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago, I get it. {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      • This is where BB needs to evolve. I don’t need to see physical comps. In fact I prefer the simpler comps of old and brain comps really are my favorite kind of comp. I wish they would downsize the production value when it comes to games/comps. It’s over the top and unnecessary imo.

      • I think he is a mixture of both. I still like Kevin because he is different from the normal BB houseguest, past and present. It’s nice to have someone over 40 last in the house for any amount of time, just brings a different perspective and flavor to the game imo. That being said, I get why you feel the way you do about Kevin, he can be sneaky but I think that is classic Kevin behavior, it isn’t BB Kevin behavior.

      • I think he doesn’t enjoy being manipulated but has been and is aware of it and has had to play a part that doesn’t sit well with him. I understand that. He’s been a bit of a curmudgeon, imo, but that may well have to do with his toothache. I also think he’s tired of the BS, especially with Maven.

      • Completely agree. The look on his face the majority of the time is complete disgust with the other HG’s, especially Raven. He has a hard time disguising his dislike of her, which I find so funny.

      • You know he would like to tell her to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I bet he has cuts inside his lips where he has had to bite his tongue and I can almost guarantee you that Kevin isn’t used to biting his tongue.

      • Haha, you know he isn’t used to it! I have no doubt Kevin’s king in his world.

      • He doesn’t find Paul all that funny like Raven and Matt do. That’s when his annoyance with those two started setting in.

      • I would love to have a house full of people over the age of 40, that would be my dream BB house. People that are more evolved and aware. I think it would make for a much more interesting game instead of these teeny boppers in their 20’s looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I’m still recovering from HOlena and her constant boob/nip grabbing, who does that on national TV? Let’s get some real adults to play an adult game and for the love of God, NO MORE heauxmances!!!

      • Ahahahaha! I’m with you there Em! One of the reasons I’m applying for any season I’m eligible to be cast in! LOL

      • Seeing Kevin and Christmas lasting as long as they have this season, gives me hope I’ll get casted! LOL Kevin for his age and Christmas because of her injury!

      • Oh, there’d be lots of aching joints and crackling bones. Definitely have to relax the napping rule and the Temptation Comp potion would have metamucil in it

      • LMBO!! I’m game for that, leaves more time for conspiring and plotting!

      • I agree that it is probably “classic Kevin behavior”. I don’t dislike him like I do Raven, ugh, but he reminds me of a charmer I once knew. I’ll leave it at that.

      • I getcha girl and totally understand. He reminds me of my favorite uncle, very slick, good salesman and knows how to work people.

      • They probably went to fish when he was saying that. Whenever the HGs talk about their scripts, production turns off the feeds for a minute.

  32. I understand the that HGs don’t see what we see or know what we know, but Alex is delusional. Derrick watches the show and just feels like calling Kevin, “Kev”. These people should all be hated when they come out. Future players should learn from this, and realize that caring what viewers think about you while floating in the game will make you a hated player.

    • When you’re locked in a house and all the talking going on and you don’t know who to trust then you get paranoid. Every season people talk about someone not being who they say they are. Remember Donnie? Just paranoia not delusional. Good example of Delusional is Raven.

      • Alex is always lying, but believes others are being honest with her. She is delusional just like Raven.

      • She’s not lying to people in her alliance and that’s the difference. Usually you can trust your alliance they’re not trying to get you evicted.

      • But she doesn’t know that. She doesn’t have feeds to watch. She is trusting in her alliance which usually you do. Like I said to your comment about her always lying she’s not lying to her alliance.

  33. Stephen King’s “IT” (1990 version) is on the SyFy channel right now until 4 pm Chicago time.
    Seemed like some one had mentioned that movie before. Check and compare to the 2017 version coming out soon.

  34. Paul and Alex swear that they know every move production is making or will make. Each week they tell other HGs what production is planning, but are always wrong.

  35. WOAH:

    “10:30 PM BBT – Josh mentions to Christmas that DR is asking him if he believes Paul is really with the two of them.”

    Well, well, well, I do need to ask, if that doesn’t look like production manipulation, then what does it look like?

    • There is a site called Tamara’s Tattles that has a hilarious list of Raven’s many illnesses and ailments! just google Raven’s disease on Tamara’s tattles and it’ll pop up.It’s definitely worth a read. I literally laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants at some of the comments! haha

      • Hahahaha! Neither is Raven’s newest… “Rough Knee-Cap Syndrome”
        Maybe Raven should try some Vaseline Intensive Care lotion…it works great for rough kneecaps & rough elbows too! hehe

      • Ridculous! What’s worse is this dumb chick has no clue what rough knee cap syndrome even is… it’s actually either Patellofemoral pain syndrome or chondromalacia patella. I know this because I had a car accident years ago and have CMP and I’ve heard people call it rough kneecap syndrome before. It is a loss of cartilage under the kneecap. The pain can be excruciating, but surgery is rarely (if ever) required. Not to mention there is NO WAY Raven could perform half the stuff she does physically if she had either PFPS or CMP.

        Ugh! She is so full of it!!

      • I had little cartilage left behind my kneecap, got solved when I had a knee replacement. Got rid of that ole knee entirely.

      • Then yours was a severe case. In cases like that when there is little to no cartilage left, then and only then is a knee replacement advised. Bet you weren’t doin the splits and pirouettes right before your surgery. ;) haha

      • No that’s what is so suspicious about her. I had little cartilage left in any part of the joint so it definitely cramped my style. But all good now. My family has a very strong history of arthritis, of my 8 siblings and I only one has not had multiple joint replacements. We blame my poor mother bless her heart (and not in the southern way)

      • And not in the southern way… Hahahahaha! Love that! You’re freaking funny my sista!
        I know, Raven has got to be the biggest liar in BB history! You know I said something earlier this season about Paul doing some needless lying, but hey, at least each and every single lie Paul has told has to do with the game of BB! He isn’t going around just making crap up about himself and his family!! Ugh!
        tr8p, I want her gone so bad… I wish they’d all just flip and decide to vote her out 1st before Matt…and then, I’d like the jury house to have a film crew be there because I have a feeling Cody is going to call Raven out about her saying he tried to kiss her. Lol!

      • Yup yup agree with you all the way. Craven Raven has some surprises coming her way in the next few weeks and she won’t like them…..but we will! Ha Ha Ha

      • Yes, did you see the edit she got on tonight’s show, OMG I laughed so hard, they really threw some shade on her. LOL

      • I nearly peed myself laughing when Paul asked her what her GPA was at graduation (you grade point average) and she says “Dance. But I studied business too”. *face palm* Is this girl for real? Lol!

        I loved them calling her out for some of her BS, but she got way-way-WAY too much DR time. Ugh! I had to start FF through it, I couldn’t take it anymore. The show also got me all bent on Matt again for getting all pissy after an endurance comp that only lasted a little over a freaking hour! OMG! What a wuss.

        *whew* Okay, rant over. :)
        Other than those things…loved the show! haha

      • Ah, now I’m laughing all over again thinking of Matt. Right, end the endurance comp so I can eat, I mean what are we here for, lol. And, I loved Josh’s coments that Matt has a voice, after 60 days he finally speaks. Good to start the day with a laugh

      • She also said besides her nerves degenerating, her bones are also withering away.

      • What is scary is how she knows about all those diseases or illnesses. It either severe case of hypocondriaque or munshenssen syndrome.

      • OMG, could you believe her newest syndrome? She certainly came up with that one fast!!

      • LMBO So Kevvy ought to be able to take care of the sitch, right? I’m sure he would love to have a go at Raven with a baseball bat to her kneecaps.

      • She is the biggest liar I have ever seen on Big Brother!! Even worse than Danielle in season 14!

      • I hated Danielle. I rewatched that season recently and I hated her even more, if that’s possible. LOL

      • Lol!! Me too, Em! Just rewatched that season about a month ago…when I was getting fed up with this season of BB. haha
        Couldn’t stand her at all. I laughed at the way Dan played her actually. I was surprised she voted for Dan at the end tho. Shane didn’t…He was just bitter.

      • When I watched the season originally, I thought Shane was so cute/hunky but after my second viewing…..I thought he was a pansy ass. I wish he would have just told Danielle to leave him be. It was painful to watch those 2 interact.

      • Happy Sunday to you too, Ms.Scarlet! :D
        I love your avatar. I changed mine to suit my GoT vibe. ;)

      • Kewl! I didn’t know you are a GOT’er. I’m a fan as well. I’m not really enjoying this season very much, with a few exceptions here and there. I love Tormund and the little Barron lady, I can never remember her name, but I’m ready for it to come to an end.

      • I loved Daenerys riding Drogon into battle this season, but when Viserion was killed last episode by the Night King… I about lost it. So sad. But the blue eye at the end was cool in a creepy, eerie way. ;)

      • I can’t stand Dragonerys. The arc of her character has so disappointed me. She’s just another ruler who wants power, nothing more. I don’t think she cares about anyone or anything. I prefer Cersei, at least Cersei is up front about what she wants, Dragonerys tries to cloak her intentions in so-called good deeds for and about the people, don’t buy her bs and I DON’T want to watch another incestuous relationship between her and Jon. It’s gross enough watching Jamie and Cersie going at it. Barf!!! Rant over, LOL. :)

      • Wow, Em! Tell me what you really feel?! Hahaha!
        We’ll have to agree to disagree my friend on Daenerys because I think she proved she is in it for more than just a quick conquer when she did not simply attack King’s Landing with her dragons. I think Cersei sure would have despite the fact that an attack like that would kill thousands of women & children. Dany chose not to do that.

        As for Jon & Dany… IDK. I knew it was coming, so I’ve had time to prepare. In reality, the idea of incest absolutely grosses me out, but I guess it says something for the GoT writers that millions of fans are on board for it in this show! Weird huh? Not sure what to think actually. hehe. But I do love me some dragons, especially Drogon. He’s a bada$$!! Loved when he turned and almost got Jaime when Jaime tried to kill Daenerys. He the man-dragon, fo sure! ;)

      • That’s alright. You know your thoughts and opinions are always given merit as far as I’m concerned. Even when you’re wrong. ;) Hehehehehe!!

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