Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Temptation Competition & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the Houseguests are faced with another round with the latest twist this season, the Temptation Competition. HGs will have an extra shot at safety and that’s a big opportunity for the house targets.

Big Brother 19 Episode 16 - Temptation Competition

The twist competition ended up taking nearly ten hours on Friday as it sounds like HGs were faced with the return of the horror themed haunted house competition from BBOTT. Now that should be great fun to watch, but it’s too bad it lasted so long and we’ll only get a few minutes of the good times.

By the end of tonight’s BB19 show we’ll have the winner of the Temptation Comp and the latest nominations revealed or take a sneak peek at the comp winner now.

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  1. There are 3 comps, that we know of, that Cody could win to insure his safety for another week, HOH, safety, and veto. I hope they are all something that plays to his weakness, brain power and/or strategy, which he has none without Jezebel to guide him, and hopefully, she is as good as evicted. I’m waiting for the lazers to emit from his eyes…The revenge of Deathstare…coming soon to the BB house.

    • POW! ZAP! YOWIE! The revenge of the Deathstare. Better than a movie and I don’t have to leave my den to see it.
      Hi K. Little sis and I missed you yesterday

      • Deathbolt was a DC comics supevillain that adborbed electricity which he used to generate plasma beams from his eyes. That sounds like something a robot could be programmed to do. If the power starts blinking, HGs beware!
        Morning tr8ppng3. My oldest sis had a bad fall and a couple of surgeries. She’ll be fine. I’m tired and not thinking too clearly, in a fog. Little sleep. Not as young as I use to be. ;)TY

      • Well, hope she is on the road to recovery. Those falls are dangerous as you get older, we don’t bounce as well and takes longer to recover.

    • Yeah, I hope Queen Jezzibel goes this week, then I hope Paul calls Cody out by sayinf pity Party, table for one.

      • I want to see the bear poked, too, not the “mob mentality”, just subtle and maybe not so subtle one to one jabs that will get Cody’s blood boiling. Just keep him out of that HOH room, please.

      • The only way he will hang out in the HOH room is after the new HOH reveals the room and if he wins HOH.

  2. This is a real dud BB house, no one’s playing the game and Paul has free rein to promote bullying ways. BB doesn’t call him out on it and he’s got Josh running in circles like a fool in the house. Paul’s using Josh and Josh is too dumb to know it. Actually Paul is using everyone in the house except for Jessica and Cody. Time for house to turn on Paul and get him out and then the BB game can really start.

    • Sick of people saying Paul is bullying!! He is Not! This is BB. This type of manipulation has gone on in the past ( Paul is just very good at it) Josh can stand up to Paul and knows what is going on as well. He is not stupid and is actually playing his own game very well. Sometimes you have to let the master manipulator THINK he/she has complete control then later you strike. Paul is a great BB game player. Wait and see others step up as they will when time is right.

      • but he is cause he thinks since he won BB last season he thinks he needs to won this season and people r looking up to him like hrs running the show

  3. Maybe Jessica & Cody could stop embracing their isolation and instead of victim-noising about their crappy position in the house, they could try to work on making deals (even fake ones that only benefit them).

  4. …Christmas wants Elana and Mark gone because they aren’t playing the game….what…

  5. The whole point of this game is to be the last man standing. You want to get out the strongest players first and when you have the chance. You can get out E literally whenever you want to. JHC!!

  6. i wish they would make josh use written communication, he always sounds like he has amouth full of marbles…

  7. …why does Josh want to send someone home who’s not coming after him? If Jessica or Cody win HOH, and Paul becomes safe, Josh is walking out that door for sure

  8. And why does Christmas approve of this? Because Paul isnt controlling it? I’m sorry, but maybe Paul should be controlling you because he’s guiding you down the right path

      • If so then this is a case of “side leader trying to take full control of a meatball’s HOH with a dumb move”…which is a first ever in BB

      • Yeah, but if this move fractures that gigantic alliance and makes the game more interesting going forward, I’m all for it, regardless of if it’s Elena or Jess walking out that door Thursday night.

  9. Unfortunately Josh revealed himself to be a brainless tool on the broadcast. Elena pointed out the enormous gaps in Josh’s intelligence so she has to go. I have news for him, everyone in that house could run rings around him in their sleep.

  10. so either production is setting this up so the week is interesting and Jessica will go regardless or production stepped in and wants to keep jess in the house.

  11. I’m not gonna only blame Josh for this dumb move though, it’s also Elana’s fault. She got way too paranoid over nothing. “Am I going up this week?” mere minutes into Josh’s HOH. Why are you concerned?

  12. Christmas tree is planting seeds actively, I don’t like it, but that’s how you play this game.

    • St. Patrick’s Day better be careful before she winds up OTB and can’t compete to pull herself off!

      • Yup..Paul knows she’s dangerous. I don’t even see her disability. She’s conniving and we know she can pop off

      • St. Patrick’s day……??
        who you are referring to!? LOL 😂
        (For the record…..I am not watching BB….still 2hrs to go over here in Vancouver)
        I am laying outside in the sun, it’s too hot! My brain is clearly not working! Nothing new LOL 😂 but I Gotta work on my tan! 😜
        The price we pay for beauty!! 🙃

  13. My favorite part about all these new BB comps is them telling the houseguests every week to remind us what it is

      • 🎶Rollin down the streets smokin Indu, sippin on gin and juice………..Laid-Back…….. with my mind on my money and my money on my mind……
        Later that day, my homey Dr. Dre…………… 🎶

      • Sippin on Gin and Juice my friend!
        🎶Rollin down the streets smokin Indu, sippin on gin and juice………..Laid-Back…….. with my mind on my money and my money on my mind……
        Later that day, my homey Dr. Dre…………… 🎶

      • Sippin on Gin and Juice Yo!
        🎶Rollin down the streets smokin Indu, sippin on gin and juice………..Laid-Back…….. with my mind on my money and my money on my mind……
        Later that day, my homey Dr. Dre…………… 🎶

    • Sippin on Gin and Juice Yo
      🎶Rollin down the streets smokin Indu, sippin on gin and juice………..Laid-Back…….. with my mind on my money and my money on my mind……
      Later that day, my homey Dr. Dre…………… 🎶

  14. Loved this comp during BBOTT!

    And it certainly explains what the hell took them so long, lol!

  15. This is OTT comp kind of I loved this comp in OTT live, it lasted until 2 or 4am?

  16. So Jess and Cody keep talking about the entire house being against them all season. Perhaps they should become more self aware.

    • because they are because they know they are better then all of them how many times have they tried all of them and still cant do it?

    • I said it last week even the eviction. If Jessica and Cody do not win the HOH then they have to play in the comp, one win and one lose, guaranteeing that loser plays in the veto! If Jessica would have won the veto, it would’ve worked out perfectly! Unfortunately she didn’t

  17. Eh, i liked the comp better with the people on OTT, but that’s probably because it was later into the game and everybodys’ personality came out

  18. Oh, yes. I love it when Paul’s plans fall apart, lol. That’s what you get for trying to control the game, bud. Expect the unexpected in BB.

  19. Just because I wonder about stupid stuff like this, but where and how do they keep everyone separated for 10 hours?

      • When they did this for BBOTT, they were waiting in the lodge for their turn, and then were sent up to the HOH room to wait after they were done. But that was when there were only 6 players competing as part of a Veto comp, so they probably did have them out in the yard rather than tucked away in the lounge.

  20. Can’t wait to see Cody’s face when the temp gets used…I heard he cried. ha!

    • It flushes out the last temptation. Will it prove to be a smart move on Christmas’ part to have used it now? Well, only time will tell, really. Some people say it was smart, others say it was stupid. I say that it all depends on what happens in the coming weeks. There may come a time that she might wish she still had the power, but it also might never happen.

      • I think it was dumb. Jess and Cody won’t come after her…I’d bet she is pretty low on most peoples lists because of her injury. She may need it later.

      • yup! She will regret it later when she is on the block and someone gunning for her gets picked to play in the veto!

      • The goal/consensus was to get one of them out, and she decided to go with the group. It’s a judgement call. No predicting of the benefits of that move. All I know is Christmas tree is a strategic player, compared to the showmances.

      • The learning from this is don’t tell people you have a Temptation. Christmas told Paul she had it, if she didn’t use it he would play it against her with the others.

      • Exactly my friend! There was no huge threat this week! A big deal if Jessica didn’t go home, one of her allies still would have. Plus Christmas is not one of Jessica’s immediate targets so for Christmas’s personal reasons, that was a stupid move to use it!
        Christmas will regret it when she is on the block and someone that wants her out gets picked to play in the veto! Bad move Christmas! Stupid move!

      • I just don’t think it was worth it for her to use it. Even if Jessica was saved, they still had Mark or Elena to vote out! It just was not worth it in my opinion. there was no dire need to use it.
        Christmas will regret this when she is on the block and someone who is gunning for her to leave gets picked to play in the veto! She should have saved her power for something that benefitted her. Jessica leaving should not be a threat to Christmas! Jessica is not be targeting her so again, a huge waste of that power!

      • Have to wait and see. On the feeds he doesn’t. He still wants to work with him though. And he trusts him.

      • The only reason Josh is being the good guy so to speak right now is because he is in a position of power. He doesn’t like that Paul is taking over his HOH. But, the second Josh does not have power anymore, he will be doing Paul’s dirty work again!

      • I think josh doesn’t want to be seen as a threat..they a;; want to stay of pauls radar and hopefully backdoor him?

      • yes, they are all terrified of him for some stupid reason! They can’t seem to get it together and realize Paul is a much bigger threat than Cody and Jessica. They are just a bunch of mindless morons!! I don’t even think any of them have really talked about getting rid of Paul!? I know a few of them have said things here and there but nothing concrete! No timeline or anything like that!
        It’s just the Paul show & most of them were just happy to make it to the jury house! Horrible! What a huge disappointment this season has been. Cody and Jessica are the only ones, the only ones whatsoever to not let this be boring & to target Paul and realize he is a huge threat! Not just for their game but everyone else’s. No one wants to listen though so it’s hopeless for them. It sucks! I want Jessica to stay

      • I agree! He is the type of person to not want someone to tell him what to do when he is in a position of power but the second he loses that power, he will be right up pause butt again!
        Josh is a strange character! He is nasty and mean, but then he’s nice, then a jerk and then he is apologizing!
        He will be All over Paul (doing Paul’s dirty work) the second Josh isn’t in power!!!
        And for whatever off reason he is being nice to Jessica and Cody, telling people not to pick on them this week! That will change again!
        The kid is giving me whiplash!

    • He’s trying very hard to fight bad, but I fear he just doesn’t have the numbers he needs to take on the house dictator.

      • afterwards. Hours and hours later.
        Initially Paul was lying to people saying he offered to go up as a pawn!! take one for the team! Yeah right

      • When was this? I was watching the feeds when Josh and Paul were talking, but whenever Paul is annoying me, which is all the time I change screens.

    • Thank you. I thought I was the only one that noticed that. During the feeds I understood that Paul had said he wanted to be a pawn.

    • right! He lied and said he offered to but he never offered to! Why, is it on tonight’s episode saying Paul offered to go up as a pawn? Wouldn’t be surprised!
      It has to be in his contract to make Paul look as good on TV!
      That’s a big job for the editing team! 99% of the week is going to be cut out sitting on the floor 😆

  21. Josh is right though…Elana insisted that Alex and Paul are stronger players and they should be pawns more than she should

  22. Stupid move, Elena. If you wanted to lie, should not have done it in front of Josh.

    Oh, and leave it to BB to cut this conversation short on BBAD that night so that they can save it for their show.

  23. So much for Josh keeping his nom speech “strategic” rather than “personal,” lol.

  24. I do love how Jessica really is so persistent on believing the whole house is against her that she doesn’t even realize she isn’t Josh’s target

    • Depends on who you ask. Paul wants Jess to be the target, Christmas and Josh want Elena to be the target. Everyone else is caught in the middle.

    • Elena would be Paul’s target if he could see the fact that she doesn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom, then she runs her nasty hands through his hair. Then again, maybe he knows and likes it.

  25. That shitshow was just plain embarrasing. I’ll bet Josh’s familia are mortified.

    • We know because we watch everything. Josh only knows what Paul tells him and he sees him as a BB mentor even though they are almost the same age.

    • I never thought I would be doing this however, I am going to defend Josh a teeny tiny bit here!
      He has been saying/ recognizing Paul is trying to take over his HOH and Josh has been annoyed with Paul not just doing that but also because Paul has been ordering him around, telling him to do the pots and pans routine even though Josh had just asked Paul and his circus clowns 🤡 not to pick on Jessica this week at all!
      Josh literally said that to everyone & NO SOONER he said it, Paul was “ordering” Josh to do it! Rile up Cody and Jessica! Unbelievable!
      Good for Josh for saying no!

      OMG, Josh said no to Paul! OMG, Christina (me) is defending Josh! I feel like I am in the twilight zone Neener Neener Neener Neener 😳 🙄 😜 🙃 😬🙊

      • I’ve been surprised too at reading (at BBN) that Josh is going against Paul in decision-making, and that he (J) told other House Guests to lay off Jessica and Cody. I thought, “I’ll believe it when I see it” (as in 40 minutes from now on Sunday’s episode). Now I’m wondering if in the letter from his family, which each HoH apparently is allowed to get, if Josh’s family suggested that he needs to act like an adult and an individual and to be decent to other people.

        I’m guessing that family members are not supposed to directly say things that will “interfere” with the game, but maybe they are permitted to drop mild hints at how they want their relative’s behavior to change.

      • Is this the first time you have watched big brother?
        Of course they all get letters when they become HOH. Of course I know that 😜 & you are right! I wonder what the letter said. Usually they are on BB After Dark so I will have to watch. I am now intrigued! Good call on that one
        Plus, again I can’t believe I’m saying this! But I don’t think Josh is as bad as he has seemed! I think perhaps he was so lost and scared in the beginning that once Paul took him under his wing and Josh no longer felt threatened, he then began to act out to appease Paul

      • This is the first season I have really watched the show. Prior to this, I saw no more than maybe two episodes in total.

      • No way really! Well I can promise you this, it used to be a way way way better show! Way better! This is the worst year in history in my opinion

  26. The ending..They’re jumping for joy.. haha then the camera cuts in to ‘ telenovela

  27. The Josh Show. “Yes it is” wink. Lol.
    Sometimes Josh is so funny. I think it was dumb for Josh not to tell Jessica and Cody that he wanted Elena to go instead and trying to convince people. Jess may have betrayed her friendship and tried to talk more than she needed to. Hopefully Paul will be the renom and the new Target.

    • I don’t think it would have mattered if Josh spoke to Jessica and Cody, I don’t think they would have believed him. Maybe but I doubt it.
      After all they have gone through with him, can you blame them? LOL would you trust him??
      That kid is giving me whiplash!

      • No doubt! After 19 seasons you would think all of these HGs would know better than to trust anything anyone says, especially if they screwed you once!
        Cody lied to a lot of people & now no one trust him! Yet a lot of the others have been lied to each other but still continue to trust each other. It makes no sense. Strange crew

  28. I think this is going to be another backstab week on the HOH and Josh thinks the house will vote with him and they are all going to vote against him if Jess is still on the block

  29. I’m not getting why Christmas 🎄 used the ring if shes so down with what Josh wants. Which is Elena? Prob bc she’s just telling Josh whatever he wants to hear. So she can hear her ownself talk.. When Jess goes I think Cody will be right bhind. 😔I wish he would stay but he will be totally isolated and heart broken. Plus Cody doesn’t have the numbers to get out Paul. Do they really think the jury will vote for them if they are sitting beside Paul… wake up HG’s. I’m so over it!!!

    • No doubt! I’ve been over it for weeks! The only thing I have been grasping to is Jessica staying in the house! With or without Cody. It’s likely she is gone on Thursday!!! lame 😒

  30. So, I was thinking about it earlier. Say Cody wins hoh next week. Who could he sit next to Paul to ensure Paul goes home? I don’t think there are the numbers right now. Paul literally has the whole house thinking they are his ride or die/f4 or f2. Except for maybe Mark and Cody.

    • I agree however, Alex might be a good one because she definitely has Kevin and Jason on her side, Josh might swing that way also. They might be able to pull others over.
      Raven possibly? Because everyone feel sorry for her?!
      Christmas because if these HG’s wake up, they will see getting rid of Paul over Christmas is way better for their game because Christmas can’t even compete in most challenges.
      I agree, it would be difficult but at the same time, it might, might might get some of Paul’s circus clowns to wake up! It’s slim but not impossible!

  31. I think it was a mistake for Jess to basically put herself on the block. Now the house gets to decide instead of Josh. Too late now.

    • Huh? I don’t get the feeds, but I thought from what’s been summarized at BBN that Jess came in last in the Temptation Competition, and that’s why she is a third nomination. Are you saying she intentionally lost?

      • She didn’t even have to play. I think she would have survived the week with Josh trying to prove it is his HOH and gunning for Elena. She wrote her own ticket out of the house.

      • I’m watching this evening’s episode, and I see what people meant, that Jessica decided the competition was too scary and decided to forfeit her participation in it.

      • Regardless as to why she forfeited, her best case scenario I was to become the third nominee thus guaranteeing she played in the veto comp.
        of course hoping Cody won the safety! If Jessica had won the veto comp, everyone would be saying best move ever that they made.

      • If Jessica had played the competition instead of throwing it, she might (yeah, it’s unlikely) have not been nominated; but even if she had played and came in somewhere other than last, and then was nominated by Josh, she still would have been guaranteed a place in the PoV competition. How was it best for her to intentionally get on the block by purposely coming in last in the Temptation Competition?

      • Because there was a huge chance they would just put up two pawns ex: Matt and Raven and then just back door Jessica & they knew if Jessica did get picked to play in the Veto then Christmas would use her power.
        This was Jessica and Cody’s best bet!
        The only way whatsoever Jessica could’ve stayed safe if she wasn’t initially nominated would be her and Cody both get picked to play in the Veto, Christmas can only use her power on one of them and the other one plays & prayed to the BB gods they won!
        IMO that was literally there only other chance to save Jessica. Hoping BOTH of them got picked & that was way too much of a risk.
        I know Josh might’ve not put Jessica up or backdoored her but Cody and Jessica have zero reason to believe or trust Josh! He has been very spiteful+++ to them all season so, I am sure they were/are thinking that there is no possible way Josh would want to target someone else. We were all in shock ourselves and we know a lot more than Jessica and Cody! We as fans ALL thought when Josh won the HOH on Thursday that Jessica and Cody didn’t stand a chance! I truly had no idea that Josh would not be targeting them! I was in shock! And I thought it would be short lived. We all thought that. Right? So they had to fight for their lives for themselves. If we didn’t know joshes wishes, we were thinking he was going to target Jessica/Cody.
        So in my opinion the risk was too high to not be the third nominee and get that chance to play in the veto. Make sense? :-)

      • I’m so used to the HoH talking to other house guests (or to the camera in the Diary Room) about a plan to backdoor someone, and Josh had not talked about doing that to Jessica….except, as you rightly point out, Jessica had no way of knowing that!!! Silly me :) Thanks!

      • Exactly, if I were Jessica I would not trust Josh at all! Even if he did come to them with a peace offering, they still have absolutely zero reason to trust him! Plus, Jessica’s not Dumb (although people like to think so) she knows it doesn’t matter/wouldn’t matter if she was not Joshs target, she knows Paul at the end of the day has the final word.

      • But you are forgetting that Paul is no dummy. They would have put up 2 pawns & then just back doored Jessica. If Jessica did get picked to play in the veto then Christmas would just use her power. The only shot they had with your scenario is if they both got picked to play in the veto & Christmas could only use her power on one of them.
        The risk was way too high.
        Make sense?
        I sent you another message but it was superlong so I deleted it, I hope you didn’t end up receiving it LOL

      • No way! She had zero reasons to believe Josh. None whatsoever! None of us thought Josh would not target Jessica or Cody! Not one person! So she and Cody did the best thing they could do!!! To try and guarantee them both safety.
        Even if Jessica did not go up as a third nominee, she would have went up against Elena! Josh would not have put his game in jeopardy with his alliance, oops 🙊 I mean Paul and his circus clowns 🤡 just to guarantee Elena went home. No way
        Paul would have said to Josh, yes I respect your HOH and we will vote out Elena but you have to put up Jessica! Josh would have listened. Yes, Josh has been thinking for himself but, at the end of the day he would have listened to Paul without a doubt!

      • Yes! Smart move. I said last week before the nominations or I mean before Jessica used the HH that if Jessica or Cody did not win HOH, their best bet would be to play in this temptation competition. One of them wins, one of them loses giving them a better chance to play in the Veto, winning the Veto and them both being safe.
        It literally was their only chance if they did not get HOH and I think it was a very smart move!

    • I totally hear what you’re saying however, Jessica had no way of knowing she was not Josh’s target!
      Jessica & Cody were 💯% sure Josh would put both of them up or at least backdoor them.
      Josh has tormented them, lied to them, has done Pauls dirty work all season!
      Josh has followed Paul around like a lost puppy dog, Josh has not had a backbone once the season, Paul has/had Josh “well-trained!” (Like Paul has with 97% of the house! All well trained puppy dogs, mindless morons!)
      Plus Josh is an emotional player, so that all said Cody/Jessica would be who I thought (& I think 99% of us thought?!) would 1000% be nominate (or backdoored.)

      Josh has done all of Paul’s dirty work, Jessica put Josh up and thought he was going home, Josh listens to EVERYTHING Paul tells him to do. I don’t think Jessica/Cody thought they had a chance in hell to talk Josh out of nominating them! And even if Josh told them prior to the temp comp that his target was Elena “you guys are safe! Neither of you are my targets, I want Elena gone not you guys!” There is NO WAY they would’ve/should’ve believed him! Zero!
      I almost didn’t watch this week because I thought Josh was going to become an even ‘worse version of Josh’ by tormenting Cody and Jessica every single day, all day! I truly thought Josh was going to become even more arrogant than he already is! I was pleasantly surprised! I am still in shock!

      I have absolutely DESPISED Josh since Day 2! So much so that on Thursday nights episode when the HOH comp began I stopped watching! I didn’t want to ‘see’ Josh win!!!! He is (was) a disgusting human being that did not deserve to be on BB AND b/c of a stupid HOH comp!!
      NOTHING hard about it! No blood sweat and tears, just a “simple luck HOH Comp”‘that Josh ONLY won due to luck & a lucky bounce! I just couldn’t see it for my own eyes because I might’ve smashed my TV LOL So I left my husband to watch the last 10 minutes of it! That is how much I disliked Josh!
      19 seasons of BB & 5 seasons of BB Canada, this is the first time I have ever, ever not watched a full episode intentionally!!!

      So,I was even an in shock when Josh said his target was Elena! I am still in disbelief LOL NO ONE saw that coming!
      I guarantee you not one person in here (which I assume you also thought!?) thought Josh would not target Jessica and Cody this week (or Mark if Cody and Jessica won the safety & Veto)
      You know what I mean?

      Josh has surprised everyone! Unfortunately I think it will be short-lived. As soon as Josh is not in power anymore, he will be back up Paul’s butt immediately

      So in Jessica’s defense, she did the right thing for what she knew! & IMO that was a smart move by Jessica and Cody (one winning the safety and the other being the third NOM so they could play in the Veto)
      I posted in here on Wednesday Night that if Jessica or Cody did not win the HOH, the best thing for them to do was exactly what they did.

      Again, I completely understand where you are coming from but there was just NO way Jessica, Cody, America and Canada thought Josh would not 💯% target Jessica and Cody! NOT a chance!!

      So blah blah blah blah blah LOL sorry! Talk to type…… And I am very expressive, clearly! :-)
      I will wrap this up LOL 😂
      Knowing what we all know now, sure it would’ve been best if Jessica was not the third nominee but, I still think Josh would have put Jessica & Elena up regardless.
      Make sense? Again sorry for my long reply! My bad 🤗
      I hope it was worth the read!? And made sense! 😜
      It is so long! I’m super sorry!

      • LMAO
        yeah, sorry about that! I should really stop using talk to type. My messages/reply/comments would be a lot shorter! lol

      • You caught me, huh? lol I’ve been gone all day and been home long enough to shower and check my notifications. I’ve got some catching up to do. I told tr8ppng3 for you two to stir it up and point me in the direction so I can read and get my laugh time in.

    • I could’ve/should’ve made my reply a lot shorter! Sorry, I went into great detail LOL
      I hope my stupidly long reply makes sense!? And was not a complete bore read LOL

  32. I still want to know why Jess went in to the DR all upset the day of the circus and came out super happy.
    Then later, might have been the next night, Paul came out mad saying “nobody f’ing talk to me”.
    Thing that make you go huh????

    • Remember, Paul doesn’t like to be told what to do & “no one says no to Paul!!!” Even if it is BB Pro telling him “No” & what to do!
      Plus BB Pro has been bending over for Paul all season so, it was probably the first time Paul went into the DR room & was not rewarded in someway. So clearly Paul had a temper tantrum!
      I knew Jessica came out happy, but I did not know Paul later came out furious!
      I assume BB told Jessica this behaviour would not be allowed any longer so she was just happy BB was (for lack of better words) going to protect her and Cody!? She did say the lady in the DR room talking to her was “very nice” so perhaps she was able to reassure Jessica and calm her down.
      Jessica doesn’t like people riling up Cody because she doesn’t like/want to see him get angry like he did with Paul in the HOH room on Thursday., so I guess maybe that’s why she was happy!?

      As for Paul coming out mad, I didn’t know about that however, I guess he got in trouble for instigating the whole thing bu getting his “circus clowns” 🤡 to do what they did!?!

      Again, NO ONE says NO to Paul and gets away with it! No one! That is mainly the reason Paul is targeting Jessica as much as he is. Because she said “no” to him and used the HH on Thursday, and also b/c Jessica is completely on to Paul! Jessica is talking to Paul mindless morons and trying to tell them they are all just being played like a fiddle!He is terrified of Jessica! He knows she could destroy his game!

      Sorry, I lost sight of your question/observation LOL
      I would love to know what they were both old! Hopefully someone knows in here!!

  33. Am I totally missing something?? When Mark uses veto then will Josh have to do a renom?? Or will Jess go to his place? Bc i was thinking that the third nom doesn’t have replacement, but HOH choice has to be replaced.

    • Because JOsh nominated Mark, he will have to renom. If Jess was taken down, no renom because she was 3rd nom as a result of losing Temp Comp.

    • if Jessica being the third nominee won the veto, Josh would not renominate a third person. However, because Josh nominated Mark & Elena (a typical nomination) & Mark winning the Veto, Josh has to put someone up in his place.
      Make sense?

      • Ok. Thats what I thought. Why is Jody not campaigning against the replacement nom. ie Matt or Raven. Please go out with a fight!!! Cody caused some drama before he left last time. The HG’s mite bite

      • I think because Jessica just knows she is sitting duck and there is ZERO hope for her. She knows Paul has full control over everyone and even if she was able to convince a few to vote for her, it wouldn’t be enough, unfortunately! Paul just got lucky with this group of people, he can easily control & manipulate their every move and thought! Jessica doesn’t stand a chance against him. They have all been ordered by Paul not to speak to Jessica, so Jessica wouldn’t even have the opportunity to even try! Paul would either jump in to the conversation or the HGs are afraid to be seen talking to Jessica because they will be reprimanded and drilled by Paul about the conversation!
        Paul is so afraid of Jessica because she knows exactly what he’s up to! She has said to people that he is controlling &them, she has tried to convince people already but they will not budge! & he is afraid of her because she is smart and a super fan!
        I really like her, at this point she’s the only one in the house I like! So I totally want her to stay but at this point I think she is just completely defeated & has no chance to fight for her life in the game. There’s no hope 😭

      • I wasn’t a fan of her’s at 1st but she’s been super loyal n she’s smart n can hold her own with all the bull Paul puts out. I was just hoping that after all they had both been through she could make it to jury with Cody. But I guess thats not happening.😔

      • UGH 😑
        I just lost everything I sent you. Or did you get it?
        In short I just said it is sickening that people like Matt, Raven, Christmas, and Josh are going to make it to jury. Jessica deserves it way more! She has been fighting since week one when Cody had HOH and screw that! She has was working hard to try & repair relationships but then lo and behold Paul gets three weeks safety which screwed Cody and Shane screwed his HOH plans and everyone gravitated towards Paul because of his safety!
        I think Jessica should definitely be in the Jury House! It’s BS but, it’s the game!

      • Yes. Sorry I went to bed. Got bored with the live feeds. I was wondering is Mark was going to use the veto on Elena and Paul send him packing bc he wants Elena to himself. Plus he could take out Jess whenever he wants. But looks like that didn’t happen. And of course Raven will be safe and the “victim” bc Mark used the veto. 🤢

      • I don’t think it ever crossed marks mind to use the veto on her did it? That would be one of the top 5 worst moves in big brother history! But I guess that explains why Elena crawled back into bed with him! What a skank.
        Wouldn’t it just be a perfect world if Raven was voted out on Thursday!? I would be so happy LOL I know she is getting on everyone’s nerves and now that she is a pawn, she’s even worse! So there is hope but I think more wishful thinking on my part.
        The fact that people like Raven, Matt, Christmas etc. are going to make it to the jury house and Jessica isn’t when Jessica has been 1/3 HGs playing the game since the beginning and not following Paul around is a huge disappointment! She deserves to be in the jury house for more than a lot of other people currently in the BB house!
        I am bummed Jessica is going home on Thursday and hoping for a miracle.
        Sorry you ended up getting both long messages from me. I didn’t think the first one went through. Sorry 😐

      • We can only hope Raven gets voted out. Yeah Mark was all like “give me a reason to use the veto”, to Elena, but he was joking. Trying to be all flirty with her….I think Raven needs another go fund me for one her her many personalities.😂

  34. Lots of people on here are saying it was stupid for Jessica to put herself in jeopardy by going up as a third nominee however, we know Cody won the safety and if Jessica won the veto, we would be saying it was a great move for them to do that! Unfortunately Jessica did not win the veto comp!

    They didn’t win the HOH so the best thing for them to do to try and make them ‘both’ safe this week was to do exactly what they did!
    Even if Josh wanted to evict Elena, he still would’ve put up Jessica as the second nominee! Paul would have never allowed Josh not to put Jessica up! There’s no way!
    And yes, Josh has been thinking for himself somewhat since he became the HOH but at the end of the day he is still going to do what Paul tells him to do! Hence, why Jessica is the target. Josh asked Paul to please respect his HOH and vote to evict Elana & also asked that Christmas not use her power, neither have happened/will happen! Paul will get his way.
    So Jessica/Cody were smart for doing what they did! Unfortunately Jessica did not win the veto!
    If she had won it thus giving both Cody and Jessica safety for this week, we would say what a brilliant idea! Blah blah……Well,those of us who can put our feelings aside and see a great game move when we see one! IMO

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