Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 6

Houseguests were busy this weekend with several competitions and a few more events to go with it as Josh, the new Head of Household worked on getting a new target in place. Of course that wouldn’t be easy when he wasn’t following Paul’s game plan.

Elena gets a surprise on BB19

Once Josh took over it looked like Jessica and Cody were the sure thing targets this week but Josh had a new plan on Friday morning. He wanted to mend fences with the house’s public enemies and get out Elena instead. Well I didn’t see that coming. Read on to see what happened in the past few days.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers – Weekend 6 – Roundup:

Temptation Competition:

Cody wasn’t going to throw away his chance at safety again this week like he did last week. Smart move because he won. It must have been quite the set up because Feeds were down for nearly ten hours after everyone but Christmas and Josh were playing in hopes of besting Cody. Instead he won safety and took away one of Josh’s nomination plans.

Since there’s two sides to this competition’s coin another HG would end up punished with a nomination for coming in last. Well there goes Jessica. She got last place and secured herself a spot in the Veto comp. That also meant Josh couldn’t nominate her. Time to start looking around. Read More >>


On Friday morning Josh revealed to Christmas that he wanted Elena out. He doesn’t trust Elena because of how she flipped her alliances and dropped Mark as soon as she needed to for her game. Josh wasn’t impressed with her disloyalty.

Once Jessica and Cody were off the list of options the path was clear for Josh to get his preferred target on the Block. Up went Elena and Mark. Josh promised both they were just pawns which Mark accepted but Elena immediately challenged. Her defenses fell short though and found herself on the Block for the first time. Read More >>

Have Nots:

Well this just isn’t going to be Elena’s week. Have-Nots were revealed… to be no Have-Nots this week. Except for Elena. Remember she took the HN Gamble last week and failed, earning herself another week on Slop. Mark offered to stay in the HN room (it’d be his fourth week there) and she declined, but he ended up doing it anyway.

Power of Veto:

Here was Jessica’s big chance for her and Cody to pull off the perfect sweep this week of dodging Thursday night on the Block. When Cody’s name was drawn the odds looked even better for Jessica, but it wasn’t meant to be. Christmas decided to use her Ring of Replacement leaving Jessica without her ally in the challenge and Cody sniffling over the snub.

It was the return of OTEV this week and the HGs had to be quick to remember numbers and counts from events in the season. Mark emerged the winner and while some HGs thought he could be convinced to not use the PoV he’s made it clear he’ll be saving himself on Monday. Time for Josh to find a renom. Read More >>

That should catch you up on everything since Thursday’s episode ended. The PoV Ceremony is coming up on Monday and we’ll get the latest results when it’s over.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. Christmas should not even be the house… ridiculous how you can break a bone, be excluded from multiple competitions, leave the supposedly ‘isolated’ BB house and still compete. She’s hardly a contestant anymore.

      • I thought she was going to lead an opposition against Paul but I guess not since she wasted her ring for Paul

      • I respect your opinion. It’s these darn twists that really mess things up. Old fashioned bb was great that’s why they have garnered so many fans. I just don’t understand why they insist on putting these silly ace twists in

      • Maybe they think the fans are tired of the same ol stuff. Josh is surprising me though. Im still not a fan but at least he isn’t pulling an Alex and letting Paul dictate his Hoh week.

      • She used it for herself. The entire house except for Josh wants Jessica gone. If she didn’t use it to prevent Cody from playing in veto her “teammates” would think she wanted Jessica to stay. That would put a bigger target on her back.

      • She should’ve never told Paul. But these HGs tell him every single bit of information and now Christmas is starting to see she made a mistake

      • I see that point for sure. But I don’t get why she was telling Josh she wouldn’t use it then. Its almost as if she got cold feet or she was just telling Josh what he wanted to hear but it backfired on her when Cody got picked. Or maybe like you said she thought it over and knew it wouldn’t look good on her

      • She seems to tell everyone what they want to hear. She flip flops more that Elena. At least Elena is honest about it.

      • Oh yes she does.
        A vote for other side:(
        I do think she was stupid to stay as it seems she might “screw” her foot up by not getting proper care for it.
        But it’s ” big brother”!!!!
        So who cares about foot!!

      • In which she got an advantage by being able to rest her body weight on the chair/stool while everyone else had to stand the entire time….

      • Are you kidding me … that was such an awkward position that would of been so much pain and a disadvantage being on one foot…she showed just how tough she really is in that comp …christmas is one of the most deserving people in this house

    • Something about her boobs makes me wonder something. Sometimes they look big, other times they appear to be small. The way she grabbed one last night on BBAD it looked like it was a big wad of tissue paper.

      • I never paid attention to her before, Last night was the first time I actually looked at her. She pulled a Jessica and rubbbed her nipple to make it pop out.

      • Pfft! She’s got nothing on my maternal grandmother. I’ve seen her take tissues, keys, money, lipstick, lotion, and then a miniature chihuahua out of her brassiere, as she called it. The fascinating thing about it was, they still looked as huge as ever. SMH Elena thinks her boobs make her special and she uses them to tease in a trashy way. My grandma just used her as a purse.

      • Must have blocked that part out, I just thought she had an itch and was reaching in to scratch it

      • Poor grandma, you tellin tales cos she made you stand in the corner pretty well every time we visited?

      • She’s the one who smacked me on the backend every time I walked in her house and said “I know you’ve done something to deserve that”. She was usually right. :)

      • Sorry for giggling every time that happened, I always got a cookie and a pat on the head for being the good girl

      • And I let the miniature chihuahua pee on your cookie when you weren’t looking. Sorry, I’ve felt so guilty about that for years. :(

      • That was the part I was talking about. Looked like a big wad of tissue instead of a breast LMAO.

      • Google “are not pockets” and play the video that comes up.

        I left out the first word as I’m not sure it would be appropriate on here – it is a plural slang word for, uh… large… female frontal assets.

      • With just a bit of internet searching, you can see for yourself how they look without fabric over them. She’s not shy about showing off.

        I believe the reason she’s so fat is because she knows if she lost weight her boobs would get smaller.

      • Other than the fact it could be the tops she is wearing or just maybe the way she grabbed/scratched her breast made it look a little different. Maybe it was just the camera angle on the last part. I seriously doubt a breast reduction is gonna make a breast look like a wad of tissue unless the Doctor was a complete moron.

      • She definitely had a breast reduction. It was discussed quite a bit when she was on the Kidd Kraddick show. I can’t imagine what they must of looked like before because they are still gigantic.

  2. I love how Paul and Friends expected Mark to be “trusting of the house” and that he wouldn’t use the veto on himself.

    They do realize they blindsided Mark on the Ramses vote, right? Lol

    • Short memories in that house. Paul needs to go. I’m glad his “crew” is finally starting to think for themselves

      • Hey I am so not a Josh can not even a little but if it was up to Paul you know Cody and Jess would be up. At least hes doing what he wants. I was Alex fan bht she became pauls right hand puppet. Like the comment below me says l, “baby steps”.

      • I don’t see them thinking for themselves now, but as Helen used to say maybe it’s “too soon.” And we all know what happened to Helen.

    • Paul does not expect him not to use it. He told the others that you can’t blame him for wanting to. The others wanted him to talk Mark into not using it. They can’t do anything for themselves. Why do people blame Paul for everything? Not his fault his “minions” are so clueless. Of course he is going to pacify them at tell what they want to hear.

  3. What’s up with Kevin working this Cody angle, wanting to bring him into the fold? He is already subtly testing the waters this AM. SMH

    • Think about what he aid though, it makes sense to keep Cody for at least the next four evictions. Just in case there is a Jury re-enter comp. Cody would be the favorite to re-enter the house.

      • No, WW! I’m trying to put the possibility of a juror re-entering out of my head. Give me a Codyless house for just a week or two please???

    • I’m seeing potential for Kevin, Cody and Christmas to break from the pack and take on Paul.

  4. Jody`s song.

    For better or for worse you stood next to me
    Always found a way not to give up on me
    Remember when you used to say

    You know our love can save it all
    We’ve been together for so long
    So don’t give up on who we are
    We’ll work it out somehow
    You know a word can change it all
    I had my doubts but now I know
    I wanna be with you for life
    Each day and every night
    Because our love can save it all

  5. It would be interesting if Mark won next HoH. First he has said that he would put up Cody but would he have the guts? I would expect a lot of waffling and a lot of tears. In the end he would probably just play it safe and put up Maven, maybe Alex/Raven if he wanted to be ‘ballsy’

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Mark win next HOH… I don’t think he would put up Cody or Paul which would be a big mistake… take out one of the top competitors while u have the chance. But yes, either way it will be a sob fest for him lol

      • Last I saw Mark and Josh were bros, but then that was yesterday. Their bro status usually doesn’t last beyond 24 hrs if that.

      • Josh is trying to mend fences because of the letter he got from his mom. He doesn’t want to be perceived as the bully or the bad guy.

      • True, and I think Josh wouldn’t have done anything if he wasn’t egged on by Paul, Alex and Christmas. He’s easily influenced and wants to be part of the “cool kids.”

      • Very true. I think Josh is immature and a little off, but I honestly think he has a good heart and means well. He started off an outsider and over did it trying to be liked by Paul & Co.

  6. Is Josh still gunning for Elena? That totally baffles me. I think the best move is to cut off the head of the Jody snake by evicting Jessica. Cody would be lost without her and seems unable to make any connections with the rest of the house guests so it would sink his game too. I think leaving Jessica in the game is a dangerous move as she is building quite a resume to present to the jury and would be difficult to beat in the end. JMO

    • I think the Eleana thing is producer driven bc they want the Jody/Paul thing to keep going. But I agree, Jess gotta go this week!

  7. Curious to see what Jess says in her speech since she wants to call out Paul… I thought she had some long drawn out speech she was going to give when she used the Hex.. what happened with that?

  8. Seriously, is Baby Meatball at it again?!? Something in his mother’s letter changed his mentality; either that or production is working him over. Something has happened and I’m not falling for this Elena is coming after him crap. We have 5 days of this????

    • This kid’s meatball is cooked! Jason asked him why E would come after him if she stays. Josh says bc he’s coming after her… smh *facepalm*… So basically he’s admitting he has no real reason to want E out in the first place… lawd have mercy!

      • And Christmas….saying she had to use her temptation because Paul knew about it. That’s BS! But I can’t figure out what she is up to. She’s messing with MY mind and I know she has to be confusing the heck out of Baby Meatball. Bad mama!!

      • She doesn’t know what she’s up to. I think her mess are affecting her ability to think.

    • Was that the part shown in night vision? I FF’d through it this AM because I saw Jezebel in the bed with Cody, and she was staring at the ceiling. I realized someone was in the other bed. Is that what you are referring to? I hate I missed that. :(

      • I think so, because they were in the other bed next to them, but they had someone talking in the other room on the sound.

      • That was Raven and Matt talking, trying to hide what they were doing. These kids can multitask. It looked like there was a bag full of bobcats under those covers. They weren’t subtle.

      • LMAO!! I was wondering how good could it really have been if they can carry on a full blown conversation like that?

  9. At this point the newbies I see getting a return ticket for the future are Jessica and Cody (I don’t think Cody would want to return though, but even though Jess isn’t making jury she’s still by far the biggest female character this season… for now), Josh, and probably Christmas too.
    I don’t see anybody else coming back but we’re about to hit jury so we’ll see

    • Hmm I don’t really see them bringing jess or Cody back. They brought some drama this season but it was more like one hit wonder drama

      • Jess and Cody have been one of their most polarizing showmances in a while though, I think production was loving their villain edits this season

      • Yeah you are right, but is will never reach brenchal heights lol. If they bring them back next year which I really hope they don’t, you can run it all in my face 😂

    • Oh please. I think they will have Paul on every season until he wins and maybe every other season if he does win. I don’t get the love for Paul by BB, but it is obviously there.

      • it’s there. i don’t get feeds but i think people who get just the network show have a far different view of the ‘characters’ than the people who watch feeds. the feeds completely taint your perspective on how others view the houseguests. i fully expect Josh/Paul to get a lot of audience love when they exit. although Josh seems disliked to feed viewers i think us lowly network folks see him, and Paul, and others as very likeable and funny and etc.

      • well they really should let toddlers do it they are great at trowing temper tantrums and banging pots and pans

  10. Seriously, these HouseGuest’s dont see Mark winning veto as the perfect chance to take Paul out and send him home.
    If they keep him to the end he will walk away with the $500,000.00 or the $50,000.00

  11. Last week. I dislike Josh more than Paul.
    This week. I like Josh better than Alex.
    Bottom line … I still dislike Paul.

  12. Remember everyone, there is only one more week of the Temptation challenge.
    Also, if this season mirrors last year’s, then we can expect the following:
    Last year: Double Elimination: Aug 11.
    This year: Aug 17?
    Last year: 2nd Battle Back comp: Aug 19
    This year: Aug 25?
    There should only be about 7 weeks left of this season.
    Therefore, will there be 2 Double Elimination Thursdays?

    • Because of how the twist work this year, don’t expect a DE until Aug 24th. Unless they decide to do for 1st and 2nd juror. But usually it’s for 2nd and 3rd.

      They won’t DE 2 weeks in a row, so the other one will probably 2 weeks later, Sep 7th.

    • If Jessica gets evicted this coming Thursday, and if there is a second Battle Back Showdown, it means she has a chance to return. If only to keep some balance of power in the house, I think the producers would want her to come back.

    • Ain’t that the damn truth! Him and Aryan would have been a match made in racist hell!

      • Really scary. Glad we were spared that and I imagine CBS is too. Would have made a bad situation even worse.

    • I hated that season. It was the first time I watched BB and I gave up on the series until I stumbled across BB16.

      • Oh yeah I agree, I stopped watching that season when it was around jury. As a matter of fact I’ve never watched a complete season of BB. I like the show but I can’t stay into it throughout the entire season.

    • Last night Josh said he was going to be on BB17, he was in sequester and his mom was mad he would miss graduation so he left. Can you imagine 21 year old Josh ? And with Austin and johnny mac? I wonder who replaced Josh? Guessing Jace?

  13. I just turned on the feeds and now they (Christmas, Jason, Josh and Alex) are back to wanting to evict Elena? They are seriously going to leave Jess and Cody together again? Bad move, IMO. Josh is being so adamant about getting Elena out.

    • This is getting annoying. I can’t keep watching stupidity. I might have to give up on these idiots. I might check back next month, but I just can’t stand the stupidity right now.

  14. Am I wrong in thinking that if Cody and Mark can convince Jason and Kevin to flip they would force a tie and give Josh the power to send Elena home? Would be a good move and would flip the power and numbers over to a new group. But I am not sure if I am counting right?

    • Explain to me how that would be a good move and how that would flip the power.

      Right now it is 2 against 9 with one in the middle.

      Go ahead, I’m listening.

  15. I really don’t care who goes this week, I just don’t want Paul to get his way. So if Elena goes, so be it, but as this season has gone, I expect Jess to be evicted Thursday.

    • See, I’m kinda the opposite, idc who goes after this week but Jess HAS TO kick rocks this week!

      • I’ve been watching Iron Fist again and I’m imagining Colleen in the cage matches.
        I’m not sure which is more entertaining to watch…

      • I’ve watched some of those with my husband. They get BLOODY! Jezebel would probably find a way to grab Alex’s va jj or ram a finger up her butt.

  16. Josh after another “Stop Singing”: I feel like my [circus] song is the only one they approved

    Paul: they didn’t approve it, they just gave up

  17. Josh to Paul: Do you have to wear that all week?

    I guess he’s talking about that weird and dirty overall Paul is wearing.

  18. Paul tells the camera he is going to try to go the entire season without being placed on the block. But doubts that will happen.

  19. Xmas is getting way to ahead of herself. I think its great shes trying to take control, but its far too early. Especially since she cant really perform on the physical challenges. People are bound to talk, and shes gonna end up being a target.

  20. Xmas is really trying to play too hard. It is interesting to see a new person emerging as a leader, but I think she needs to keep laying low. I say that because she can’t compete in so many of the comps. To be a power player, you gotta be able to perform on those comps.

  21. So happy to see Jessica finally leaving the house she was so dumb to play her hex too soon . .. Cody would be gone who already should be gone and she would have another week to be working on relationships and making it a game … Paul is rubbing the show … and well goodbye Jess…pual raven Matt Alex and Jason are sending her home no doubt … and that’s enough goodbye fake everything :)

    • dumb to play it? if she didnt they would have sent her home with her hex they would have voted her out Dumb not but it was her only choice

      • I agree. If Jess had not used the hex, the house would have evicted her for two reasons: First, it would prevent her from using the hex at all. Second, it would have allowed the house guests a week to torment Cody without any support from Jessica, which is exactly the kind of thing these people would love to do.

      • Then if she had not used it public would have said she was dumb not to use the temptation I applaud her for using it. She rolled the dice.

  22. I think if Christmas used the ring of replacement she should have been the one to play and not pick who she wanted. If that was the case she could not have competed because of her broken foot. BB is letting her stay and people keep protecting her. Also for Paul to say he volunteered to be a pawn and Josh said no was a joke. Josh should have put him up there.

  23. At the start of this evening’s episode, when the announcer reviewed recent events, he said in reference to the last live eviction, “Jess revealed her hex appeal”. Love that!

  24. It’s really sad for Christmas, honestly. I thought she was going to be a huge comp beast like Janelle but then she breaks her foot

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