Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 6: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day got off to an interesting start as the HGs were late to rise after a long night, but once they got rolling we had some good talks. Josh and Christmas came up with a plan to save her Temptation power and keep the target on Elena, but that soon fell apart and gave us even more drama for the day.

Jessica and Cody share a cry on BB19

I’ve extended this post from earlier with the rest of Saturday’s events so don’t miss the additions for what happened after the Veto comp ended and we found out who won PoV this week.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 5, 2017:

9:25 AM BBT – HGs starting to get up for the day, but it’s a slow start.

10:00 AM BBT – HGs gathering in the HoH room for the HN reveal set up.

10:10 AM BBT – Josh reads the HN card to discover there are no new HNs this week. Elena still has a second week to go and will be in there alone. Mark offers to stay with her in there, but she declines.

10:45 AM BBT – Mark tells Cody again that he’s so glad he came back. Cody says the other HGs were trying to pit them against each other.

11:00 AM BBT – Kevin tells Jason and Alex that if Jessica doesn’t win the Veto then she’ll be home and back at work by the weekend.

11:05 AM BBT – Josh talks with Christmas about the players pick. Christmas says Paul wants her to use her Temptation power, but Josh says he doesn’t want her to do that.

11:10 AM BBT – Josh says he’ll tell Paul that he’s had Paul’s back in everything so now he wants Elena out, should Jessica win the Veto.

12:20 PM BBT – Jessica and Josh are talking in the Lounge. He’s wishing her luck. She explains how he wronged so many people at the start with the golden apple. Josh apologizes for the fights between them before. He’s trying his best to reconcile and Jessica is clearly still very annoyed with him.

12:35 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that he’s trying with her, but Jessica and Cody are still playing very personal with him. Josh wants to win the Veto so he has control. He wasn’t moved by her statement that her closest friends are on the Block since those were all the people who have gone against him.

12:50 PM BBT – Josh checks in with Christmas and says he’s got to keep his distance from Cody and Jessica now so no one catches on that he’s not targeting them. Josh again tells Christmas he doesn’t want her to use the Temptation power since he’s happy with all three people on the Block as possible targets. Christmas suggests to Josh that maybe he should save Jessica with the Veto if he wins it.

1:00 PM BBT – Josh thinks Mark and Elena are still together despite how they’re acting to try and suggest otherwise. Christmas agrees with Josh.

1:01 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh agree to go tell Paul that she’s not using her Temptation to change Veto players. Josh reaffirms that he likes his VTE-Elena plan saying she’s a middle ground player who could flip HGs.

1:10 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul that he doesn’t want Christmas’s power used. Paul resists a little. Josh says his targets are Jessica and Elena so one of them could end up safe and the other will go. Paul yields and tell Josh it’s his HoH so go with what he wants. Paul again warns Josh that Jessica and Cody would vote against him (J) in F2 but Elena would more likely be fair.

1:12 PM BBT – Paul reminds Josh that Jessica is the stronger player over Elena, but Josh disagrees.

1:15 PM BBT – Josh says he wants Christmas’s power saved for a more important opportunity. Paul says he thinks controlling the Jury is the most important thing they could do with it.

1:20 PM BBT – Paul says Elena is a good back up plan, but Jessica should be the focus. Paul tells Josh to go with what he wants since he’s HoH. Josh says he still doesn’t want the power used. Paul says okay.

1:25 PM BBT – Josh continues to push that he doesn’t want the power played. Paul says it isn’t Josh’s power to decide and using it would better secure their target (Jessica).

1:30 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh that Jessica has done more damage and should be the one to go.

1:45 PM BBT – Jason promises Mark that even if things go wrong and he’s still up on Thursday night then he (M) won’t be going.

2:13 PM BBT – Feeds are back from picking players. Cody is crying. Christmas used her Ring of Replacement after he was picked. Alex will also be playing.

2:15 PM BBT – Cody was called to DR. “F**k you,” replies Cody.

2:20 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jessica that he’ll look out for Cody if she goes this week.

2:20 PM BBT – Josh tells Mark that he (M) is on Josh’s team now so they’ve got to watch each other’s back.

2:25 PM BBT – Jessica tells Christmas that her move with the Ring was a personal attack against her. Christmas says she likes Jessica personally and needs to figure out the difference between game and personal. Jessica says she won’t have a personal relationship with someone who is two faced.

2:50 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody grumble about Christmas’s decision to use the Ring. Cody says the men are afraid of a woman (Jessica).

2:55 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that Kevin offered to take him in if she leaves. She says that includes working with Paul. Cody says he won’t do that. He expects to always be the target and will go after whoever he can. Cody says Christmas is overcompensating because she thinks she’s a “dude.”

3:00 PM BBT – Josh tells the HoH crew to stay off of Jessica during the comp. He doesn’t want any verbal attacks at her.

3:15 PM BBT – Cody says he’s sad because he feels helpless and wanted to do everything he could for Jessica.

3:20 PM BBT – Christmas wants Elena to talk with Jessica and let her know this was not a personal attack like she thinks it is.

3:23 PM BBT – Christmas warns Josh that they have to get Jessica out now or he’d be going up. He agrees and says they’ll have to get Jessica out. She promises him Paul does have Josh’s back. Josh remains adamant that he doesn’t want Jessica harassed during the competition.

3:30 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica that she’ll be remembered for fighting back against the whole house as a strong woman.

3:35 PM BBT – Josh talks with Alex that they have to win this Veto. He doesn’t want the noms to change and he still wants Elena out. Josh says he’s HoH and he’s still going to play his own game, not theirs. Alex promises to keep noms the same if she wins. Josh points out that if they keep Jessica and Cody in the game then they’ll always be targets before them.

3:40 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that he wants Cody, Jessica, and Elena out, but he wants Elena out now and during his HoH.

3:45 PM BBT – Josh says he thinks he can sway Jessica and Cody to vote for him in the end.

3:50 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas that he doesn’t like how Paul tries to control everything. He doesn’t like how Paul tries to use personal things to get him riled up against others.

3:55 PM BBT – Christmas suggests that Elena and Paul have some sort of alliance going on and Elena will do whatever Paul wants.

3:57 PM BBT – Paul joins the talk. He wants Josh to be doing the pots & pans routine before the Veto comp. Paul tells Josh not to let them use his (Josh’s) emotions against him. Josh says he doesn’t want to see a repeat of what they did the other day to Jessica and Cody. Paul says it won’t happen again.

4:03 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto competition.

6:27 PM BBT – Feeds are back.

6:28 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh discussing if Mark saves himself. Mark won the Veto. She says she’s willing to go up if they need a pawn. Josh says he may use Raven instead.

6:30 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh that Mark might be willing to not use the Veto.

6:35 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul strongly agree that it needs to be Jessica who goes this week.

6:45 PM BBT – Mark confirms to HGs that yes, he’s going to save himself with his Veto win.

6:55 PM BBT – Christmas says she would have had few chances to use the Ring of Replacement so she went for it.

7:00 PM BBT – Josh proposes to Mark that he not use his Veto. He suggests that’ll help people trust Mark more. Mark declines.

7:03 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica that he wants to get out as many HGs as he can on his way out. He’ll start with Matthew and Raven.

7:07 PM BBT – Mark tells Josh that Cody will be his target next week.

7:15 PM BBT – Jessica says she wants Cody to get Paul out. He promises he’ll try.

7:50 PM BBT – Alex, Josh, and Christmas are annoyed that Mark is using his Veto to save himself. Christmas suggests that Mark winning was proving enough and doesn’t have to use it.

8:00 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas to stop saying she’ll be the pawn since Raven is spreading that. Both say they’re sick of Raven. Josh is worried that Paul will tell Elena that he (J) wanted Elena out. Christmas says Paul wouldn’t do that.

8:05 PM BBT – Christmas is pushing Mark on telling him he shouldn’t use the Veto and how it’ll isolate him in the game with others upset at him.

9:10 PM BBT – Matthew agrees with Christmas and Josh that Mark shouldn’t use the Veto. He says it’s unnecessary and they all made Jury so that should be enough.

9:20 PM BBT – Josh suggests that it makes Mark look like he’s with Cody by using the Veto on himself.

9:25 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh that they can’t blame Mark for saving himself with the Veto. Matthew now agrees that it’s okay for Mark to use the Veto, but thinks the benefits for trust building would be better for Mark to pass on it.

9:30 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven both agree that they’re okay going up as a renom. Raven points out that if she has to go up as a renom for Mark’s move then she can use that as justification later to nominate him.

9:40 PM BBT – Kevin suggests to Paul that they give Cody a chance to play since they have the advantage over him. Paul says they need to wait and see if he wins HoH or not.

9:45 PM BBT – Jason tells Josh to pick Matthew over Raven as the renom. Jason thinks it’d be better to keep Mark for now anyway. Josh says he’d rather see Mark, Cody, or Elena go before either Matthew or Raven.

9:50 PM BBT – Paul advises Elena to keep her nose clean this week and steer clear of Cody and Jessica so no one gets suspicious.

10:05 PM BBT – Paul wants Josh to try and get under Cody’s skin. Josh doesn’t seem to think it’s necessary and no one else is going to be doing it.

10:15 PM BBT – Paul again defending Mark’s right to use the Veto on himself. Jason agrees that it’s not a big deal to do that.

10:20 PM BBT – Christmas asks Josh who they should target for BD next week. Josh suggests Cody. Christmas says she’s confused and thought Cody was gone already.

10:30 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica that he’ll still talk with Kevin, Mark, Elena, and Jason.

11:35 PM BBT – Mark tells Alex there is no way he’s not saving himself with the Veto.

11:50 PM BBT – Josh says his style of game play doesn’t involve paranoia. At least not anymore. He says he’s willing to just talk with other HGs.

12:20 AM BBT – Josh, Paul, and Elena have been hanging out in the HoH room for awhile now just chatting about life.

12:45 AM BBT – Christmas doesn’t like Jessica continuing to play the victim when she knows she’s going. She suggests Jessica should try to enjoy it and have fun for the last few days.

12:50 AM BBT – Few of the HGs gathering in the kitchen for a grilled cheese cooking session with Josh.

1:20 AM BBT – Paul observes that last season they never got the warning to “settle down” but this year they’ve had it a lot.

1:40 AM BBT – Cody and Jessica are back up and having a snack after Jessica was laying awake in bed for awhile.

2:30 AM BBT – HGs finally starting to settle in for the night.

3:30 AM BBT – Mark is staying in the HN room with Elena. They’re curled up together and kissing.

The pressure is on Jessica here heading in to the comp. Josh might want Elena out, but Paul won’t vote her out and apparently Christmas is only delivering Josh lip service at the moment. The others are likely to follow Paul as well if there’s still a choice to be made on Thursday night.

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    • Honestly I’m just so embarrassed for them. I won’t let anybody control me like he is controlling this grown a** men and women like they are 11/10/9 year old kids

      • Even if you don’t let someone control you, your target still might not get evicted. Perfect example was when Josh and Ramses were on the block, Josh was the target, but Ramses went home instead.

      • That’s becasue Paul runs the house and owns he’s little bitches other than Cody and Jessica.

        If this game continues this way, I say give Paul the 500K and be done with this season.

    • Even though I hate the fact that a majority of them are following Paul. I still am liking this season. It’s been entertaining so far.

    • I do like Paul and feel like once cody and Jessica are out some might turn on him, I think they are mainly unified now because they have solid targets. Once they are gone I feel like that’s when it will flip Christmas even discussed w raven im pretty sure about turning on Paul when the time is right

      • I agree. Once the house targets are gone, a new one must emerge.

        And if they don’t get a shot at the new one at first, others will fall. It changes the dynamic.

        Some don’t like Matt and Raven so they’ll be secondary targets, if not primary targets.

        Some don’t like Alex – same.

        It will be a new game once the Cody/Jessica saga ends.

      • new targets have already been lined up. First Mark and Elena. Second Matt and Raven, beyond that is hasn’t been discussed much.

      • Once they turn on each other, it’s a new game. I look for Kevin, Jason and Alex to hatch some schemes first. But Xmas is starting to explore possibilities. If they need Paul to help, they’ll use him but he’ll be targeted soon enough.

        With Cody and Jessica out of the house, listen for who they talk about next… See who Raven, Matt, etc start naming. Plus their paranoia will kick in nicely. Lol.

        Without Cody and Jessica winning comps, Paul can’t win all of them… It’ll get interesting. :)

      • OK your looking at it from a different angle than I am. I was looking at it from what was being said before and your looking at what Matt and Raven either said or could say. It is good to cover all the angles.

    • Agree … it’s boring. I hope Josh goes against what Paul wants and gets the votes to evict Elena. But I highly doubt it will happen.

    • That’s why Paul is playing the best game. He wins comps and he has a good social game. In addition to the house guests taking Pauls Advice. He has also campaigned to keep them in the house when they were on the block.

  1. Come on Jessica, win this Veto!!
    I am tired of watching the Paul show! He tells everyone what to do! I thought Christmas was on board with Josh but then she uses her power! I can’t believe I am actually liking Josh at the moment!
    I never, ever thought this was possible! LOL 😂
    Unfortunately it’s only Josh! Even if Jessica stays on the block and Josh asks everyone to honour his HOH wishes and vote out Elena, all of Paul’s circus clowns 🤡 are still going to listen to him and vote out Jessica! I wanted to see a big change this week.
    When Josh got the HOH I fully expected it to just be a repeat of last week! And most of the other weeks.
    People are on to Paul now though, but they’re still not doing anything about it! Unbelievable! Worst group of HGs in history!

    • Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Anybody would do the same thing Paul is doing if they were in the game for $500,000, if you can do it and they are dumb enough to follow ,you are a great player and in the game to win.

      • But it’s good gameplay. How do you not get that? Should Paul play unpredictably or well so he wins?

      • I’m not unhappy. I think Paul is playing the game very well. I enjoy watching him strategize. If they agree to everything he says..well, that’s good for him!

      • I agree. I often wonder what any of us would do given the opportunity to win half a million dollars. I thought Paul should have won over Nicole last season. He got the chance to come back this season and he grabbed it. I think any vet would have done the same thing. He’s playing the game, a lot more than I can say about the rest of the house guests.

      • NO, not everyone would do the same as Paul. He’s a lowlife and can’t play the game unless it is underhanded and personal. He’s been trying to get Cody and Jessica out since day one and you see they are still there. So for all his nastiness, he isn’t that great. and that is with most of them following him….what a loser Paul is.

      • You must be 2 people because there is no way in hell 1 person can be that damn dumb, AND, what show are you watching? C and P had a deal day one, C broke the deal cause he is a whiny ass little wimp, all because he didn’t get a bracelet, so, he went after Paul and Paul told him “game on” and it has been ever since…so, my opinion, you are the loser, not Paul.

      • Eileen, I wholeheartedly agree with you. He’s arrogant, trashy, and self-centered! Being strategic is one thing, but being a nasty bully is another. Just play the game.

    • Josh is just on a power trip this week because he won the HOH. He should remember he was on the verge of going home until Paul saved his ass. Next week he will be right back to crawling up Paul’s butt to see what he should do.

      • I think it is great how Josh is handling his HOH this week. He made his own decisions as to who he wanted up. That’s a first. He didn’t follow Paul on that one. Sounds like Paul wanted him to do the pots and pans routine and Josh did not. That is a very mature decision, even if it was just for one round. Maybe being HOH will give Josh the boost he needed. I hope so. I was certainly not a fan of his, but I like how he is playing HOH.

    • I agree tinalee, the house are like robots and are ordered to listen to Paul. I highly doubt Josh will get more than one vote (Cody’s) to evict Elena. Realistically, Jessica’s going home. That’s the end of the hot girls in the house, haha

      BTW, even if some are on to Paul like Christmas is, now one will stand on her side to go after Paul. I don’t like her.

      • yeah, well at least Josh tried. He can’t make anyone else vote for Elena but he had the gonads to go against Paul and put her up.

      • I agree, although Paul’s mindless morons seem to be catching on to him, they still won’t do anything about it! I don’t understand why they are all afraid to get rid of him. It’s like they all need to come together and talk because there seems to be one or two in every “little group or pair” Sharing their thoughts with the other(s) If they all came together as one, they could get Paul out easily….. sooner than later! & The one to make the biggest move to really target Paul will be the one Paul will probably vote for to win.
        Bye Bye 👋 Paul!

    • Josh is actually acting like an adult and showing that he does have a little game in him. Who knew?

      • I certainly didn’t see it coming! When Josh won the HOH, I 1000% thought Jessica and Cody would for sure without a doubt be his target!
        Unfortunately, everyone is still listening to Paul so they will not grant Josh his HOH wishes to get out Elena!! 😭
        It’s really too bad because Jessica fully deserves to be in that Jury House over people like Matt, Raven, Christmas etc. they have done nothing this entire season. NOTHING!!!!
        Jessica has worked her ass off since week one! & it just sucks she is likely leaving one person before a jury!
        Christmas should not even have a be in the house! She is a waste of space! She can’t do anything, it’s stupid she’s there!
        As for Josh, yeah he is thinking for himself and he has shock to me however, I believe he is the type of person that when he has power, no one tells him what to do but the second he no longer has that power my guess is he is going to be back all over Paul! He still is!
        Why doesn’t Josh to stand up to Paul and say this is my HOH and vote this way! Yes he has said it but with no authority! Why did Paul get away with getting Christmas to use her power when Josh was adamant he did not want her using it!? Why did Josh not get mad at Paul when Josh had just told the house to lay off Jessica but immediately following his request, Paul ordered him to start his pots and pans routine! Josh just said no he didn’t want to do it but why didn’t he call Paul out on it more! Why didn’t he say to Paul “WTF man, I just asked you to lay offer and now you’re telling me of all people to do this! Why don’t you do it buddy!”
        Right, because Paul is still the man and everyone is afraid of him! Lame 😒

    • I think it would drive Cody insane if Jessica wasn’t in jury with him which looks like a possibility right now. No snogging for him lol.

      • Yup! I can’t picture/see Cody playing this game without her. I think he will, he will because he wants to annihilate Paul but once in the jury house, I don’t know what he’s gonna do!

  2. Much as I don’t like Cody, I can’t think of anyone who has been frustrated at every turn like him. He comes in thinking he’s going to roll right through to the end and doesn’t turn out that way. First HoH, tries a blindside and Paul has Temptation, then he’s blindsided by the vote. His worst enemy gets HoH and he’s BD’d out. Back in the house, his GF gets HoH and they’re pretty well blindsided again by the vote. His worst enemy gets HoH again and they’re both OTB but saved by Hex. Then the person he has little respect for gets HoH, GF on block and he gets knocked out from playing for Veto for her by another Temptation. What next?
    He’d probably like a do over but doubt he’d act any different so probably same result

    • Awesome summation of Cody’s journey this season. He’ll still be trying to summarize why he should have gotten to stay during his exit interview with Jeff! LOLOL I really wish he weren’t making it to jury in spite of it all though!

    • he brought it all on himself. He was in a large alliance, people liked him and he tried a solo power play first week. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • It’s what he gets for thinking because he won the first HoH that he controls everything that happens from that point on.

      He whined and cried (sometimes literally) when he didn’t get his way after his HoH was over.

      He’s such a freaking baby. I hope he self-evicts after Jerkisa is evicted Thursday.

    • I’d agree with you.
      If Cody was smarter.
      Twice when he got the power he ended up wasting it by not making connections and being cocky about it.
      He’s good at comps, I’ll give him that, but strategically he’s not the best.

    • Everybody suffers setbacks in life, but the way he has handled disappointment and defeat in a *game show* has been embarrassing. He sulks. He’s rude and entitled. If he thought he was going to roll right through, that’s not confidence. That’s arrogance. Can’t blame his lack of social skills and bone headed game decisions on bad luck. If Jessica gets evicted, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ragequit.

    • good summation. Yes, with Paul getting the 3 week immunity right away screwed his game. That and all the people he had to put up on the block!

    • I will say this, for all he went through, if somehow, some shape or form he winds up in F2, I think he should win the $500.000.00. I can’t stand Cody but if he makes it that far, he should be the winner.

      • I would agree ONLY if he gets over the sour face and treats people with respect, would hate to see him rewarded for the poor attitude and victim noises

      • The ONLY way Cody could get to final two is to treat the others with respect. He is incapable of that. Therefore he will not be in final two.

      • As much as I agree with both of you, All he has to do is be on the block (which he won’t be) and play for VETO or win HOH.

  3. Wow. For a girl stupefied under the influence of pain killers and unable to fully participate physically or even mentally in the game because she gets to keep leaving the zoo for medical appointments Christmas sure wants a lot… Maybe the grown ups in the room should have offered Christmas a spot on next year’s cast and sent her home to rest, recover and recuperate properly. It was still early in the season, they could have made two spaces available in the battle back, we could have seen what Cameron had on offer to bring into the game… too late now. Shame the grown ups in the room at the time were nipping out of the same bottle of stupefication as Christmas…

    And pardon me, Cody… there may indeed be some who remember Jessica for fighting back against the whole house as a strong woman but most of us will remember her as haughty, arrogant, and positively awash in self esteem… Contessa Jessica has a hella high opinion of herself.

  4. its really nice to see some of the HGs are aware of Paul and his manipulations, now if only Josh would do something about it. Maybe another alliance will form? Josh, Jason, Alex, and Mark vs Elena, Paul, Kevin, and Christmas. :3

  5. side note, how do we still have no named alliances?? are HGs just sick of trying to come up with names that are not copyrighted??

    • There are no real alliances so far this season, other than the showmances. It’s like the entire house is alliance-fluid. (that’s for you SJWs out there)

    • There’s alliances in this house?? I thought it was the circus clowns 🤡 just following Paul around show!
      Minions is definitely copyrighted LOL

  6. It seems that Christmas may be setting up Josh so Paul could go against him. What was the point of all the back and forth talk if she wasn’t planning on going to still use her power. I smell production interference. If they plan something and it is not liked by the powers behind the scenes , then it can’t happen. Josh needs to grow some cojo and not follow Paul any longer. I hope Alex doesn’t snitch.

    • cojo? Does he have them? he should start looking for them that way he will be busy and we dont have to hear him anymore

  7. I have a question I have not seen to much of the have nots or slop this season am I missing something?

    • Oh they’ve been on it. You could hear most complain about how upset their stomachs have been or how constipated they’ve gotten! :-)

  8. now its jessica’s turn to make victim noises…i wish i could blame cody for her situation but the truth is its her fault she did not use her power to further “her own” game, it’s disappointing to me to see players put another’s game before their own…

    • Just like Christmas did for Paul using her power
      Just like everyone of Paul’s clowns do for Paul!

      • If Jess is the target Christmas made the right move at the right time. They will turn on Paul but now is not the right time. First get out Cody and Jess, then Paul. It is a the best strategy.

      • Paul has majority vote. He has 6 votes to ensure he NEVER gets voted out! Josh, Christmas, Mark and Elaina is next on the chopping block! One of them would be beside Cody if Cody does not win the next HOH! However, if Cody wins VETO, one of the 4 will be evicted to jury ahead of Cody! The remaining 3 would be on the block again the next week and the weeks after till they are all evicted! Paul, Kevin, Matthew, Raven, Alex, Jason are probably laughing their heads off at these 4 idiots! Paul is in full control! How can people miss that?

      • I agree, but do you think they are thinking that far ahead? I doubt it
        For whatever reason Paul seems to have a stronghold on all of these HG’s. It’s like he has something on them all personally & so they are all afraid to piss Paul off. I believe Kevin is the only one Paul has something on (Paul knows Kevin took the $25,000) that Kevin could easily talk his way out of that!
        Paul controlling Kevin is the most surprising to me. Not only because Kevin had no idea who Paul was, & not only because Kevin is much older but also because of Kevin’s personality. I don’t see him as someone who lets people control him in the outside world at all!
        I am just surprised that Kevin hasn’t really been expressing to anyone (aside from Jason?) about getting Paul out. I am surprised Kevin has tolerated Paul dictating his own game for this long!

    • disappointing but not surprising. most individuals get ruled by emotion over reason whether inside or outside of big brother. too bad for jessica, she was probably going to go farther if cody didn’t come back in

  9. Christmas has zero credibility in the game so the only possible way she would hold any sway is if Josh is the HOH. If it was anyone else they’d just tell her to STFU. She has a lot of nerve for someone who has done absolutely nothing this season.

  10. I hope Mark pulls himself off, they think they will punish him by voting out Elena like Josh wants to, and Jess gets another week.

  11. After tormenting Cody and Jessica for a week, Christmas and Josh suddenly want Jessica to stay — huh?

  12. Will we ever see a HG go against Paul n make some big moves. I’m so over it!!! Paul will win prob win the next HOH esp if its a team comp they will prob throw to him and treat Cody like they did Dom. They are already trying to get into Josh’s head. Telling him to go after Cody again. When Josh say hes doesnt like that. They say evil Dick n some of the other BB HGS were way worse in previous seasons. That came from Matt’s mouth. With of course Paul n Alex putting there aproval on it. Not looking good for Jody. And why do I have live feeds if I cant rewind?? I mean most people have tablets or phones. I watch most of the good replays on youtube..When I don’t feel like booting up laptop. We need an option for rewind on something other than laptop or desktop.

    • By jury time. It took us all season before we saw Vanessa finally walking out that door and it was worth these 90 plus days back in BB17.

    • We will have to wait till it is down to the last 4. I am just waiting for Cody to be evicted then, I will stop watching the boring stuff in the next 6 weeks. When it is down to 4, I will resume watching because those few episodes will be the ones worth watching. I will be rooting for Alex to win the $500,000 and Jason to win the $50,000!

      • Yes. I really like Alex but she has been disappointing me a lil. She’s too quick to take on Paul’s game sometimes. Like why jump on Mark in the middle of the whole Jess versus the house drama. Idk…. I like Kevin. Even though hes a lil too flirty with attention starved Christmas. But the others get on my nerves. I like Josh more than Matt n Raven. Thats not saying much…

  13. There is one thing about it, Mark is going to have to vote when he pulls himself off the block. Will he vote Jess out which will not be a “loyal” move to Cody(and we know Cody loves loyalty)? If he votes for his renom instead of Jess, because we know he won’t vote for Elena to be evicted, that will be telling. Seriously, I can’t blame him for using the veto, but he’d better be ready for possible consequences. These HGs are so fickle and he knows a lot of things could change in the house in 4 or 5 days times.

      • Hmm, I never really thought about that. I guess I was under the assumption that he likes Jess. You might have a valid point, there.

      • maybe paul will try to help mark find a solution to his voting dilemma, some king of deal to help mark save face?

      • Mark could give Elena a hinky vote knowing she’s not going home. I hope she gets a few hinky votes just to make her squirm, just not enough to evict her…..although I will be happy when that happens.

      • is there anyway that jess wil not get the eviction votes? I haven’t counted.
        to keep her safe; cody, kevin (maybe).. who else?

      • Five days before eviction, never say never when it comes to BB, but I don’t see it. Elena would have to make a fool of herself (more than usual) and REALLY piss some people off or production would have to do some of their masterful manipulating.

      • oh, I forgot josh will vote to keep jess too (fool)
        you’re right though, it is early in the week. i’m curious if jody will get even more mean.

      • It’s obvious that both have the potential to be revengeful. One or both will be on “Snapped” in a few years.

      • I think that hinky votes this time are going to be identifiable. Figure Paul, Alex, Jason, Maven and Mark voting for Jess to go. (Mark will want to keep Elena for more punishment for himself). Cody votes for Jess to stay. Christmas or Kevin voting for anyone else will definitely set off Paul and Alex/Jason

      • Hinky wasn’t the correct word to use in this case. I meant that I would love for maybe a couple of them, with the groups permission, to throw a vote Elena’s way just to make her squirm. Can you imagine how PO’d she would be?

      • I can see that devious mind of yours grindin away. I would ask Kevin to do it since I don’t trust him not to vote for Jess to stay

      • He’d probably end up telling her “they” made him do it if it fit some sort of cockamamie agenda he got in his head. This crap of wanting to bring Cody into their midst is absurd. I wouldn’t trust Kevin further than I could spit, and I’ve never mastered that art, if you call it that.

      • If Mark does indeed use the veto, someone (Christmas or Kevin) should vote to keep Jessica.

        Going into next week’s HOH battle, house target one, Cody. House target two, Mark.

        Quite honestly, Mark may be making a big mistake pulling himself off the block.

    • Mark is already on the chopping block. Anyone can see that! That goes for Josh, Christmas, Elaina as well! How can they miss, they are on the outside looking in?
      If Cody does not win HOH next week, he will be on the chopping block beside one of these guys! I hope Cody wins VETO then! It would be so hilarious two of these clowns to be on the block for eviction and the other two deciding on who they will evict first out of the Big Brother House! The other two could be on the block the following week as well! Now, that would really be hilarious!

  14. Josh is letting his HOH go to head,he’s not a power player in this game,got lucky this week,that’s all..if not careful he will be next,already talking smack about people who had this back when no one else would,he needs to take a hard look in the mirror and realize no on in the house likes him period and tread gingerly around the others next week.

    • He could be on the block next to Cody. After all, there is an empty slot on the block for the dumb 4, Christmas, Josh, Mark and Elaina to occupy. Can they not see that they are next? That is too obvious to miss! And if Cody wins VETO, one of them will go to the jury house ahead of Cody! Two of them could be on the chopping block side by side. The other two would now have to choose who to evict first! LOL

  15. Josh saying no one in the history ofBB has ever used their pov to save them selves….what a dumbo😜

  16. So first of all, why wouldn’t Mark use the freaking veto on himself. I’m very disappointed in Alex, she should know that sitting on the block means you can go home, why wouldn’t you save yourself. I’m glad Paul was the voice of reason here… For once.
    Second of all, yes, please God put Raven up as a pawn. Then let Cody find a social game and convince people to vote her out and flip the house. I’d be willing to watch a whole other episode of showmance garbage if Raven was gone 🙄

    • Well Alex did go up as a pawn earlier didn’t she? However I do agree that Mark should use the veto on himself.
      As for Raven as a replacement nom — please don’t inflict that woman giving a speech on eviction night on me. That voice, that ‘terminal’ disease story. Nooooooooo!

  17. Big brother sucks you have 4 players who are a joke and 2 players who had to play there butt off to make it this far ,players like josh the bullie ,Matt and raven the useless and Christmas who can even play half the challenges all 4 are a disgrace to the game . Cody and Jessica had to play there butt off and keep getting screwed over by the other bullie paul

    • Sorry but cannot join the your pity party for Cody and Jessica,they have no one to blame for their situation but themselves,angry outbursts and crying are not good game tools to win BB,has to be earned..hard to play this game when you shut yourself away in seclusion,a person has to actually get out bed in order to play BB.

      • Unlike Cody and Jess,Matt and Raven have never been in the driver seat in BB and lose control but Cody made a early bonehead move that cost him votes and his power base,no one made him put up Paul and then Christmas,he did that alone.

      • And according to him he ‘threw’ the Veto Comp to Alex his 3rd nominee. Could have ended there at 3 nominees if he hadn’t.

      • He is a bit confused on what throwing a comp means. He did throw a comp to Jessica. With Alex he saw she was way ahead of him so he quit playing. She probably would have won regardless.

      • You know that, and I know that, but in Cody’s world the alpha male ‘throws’ a comp if he’s losing to a girl, right?

      • Dan had his funeral, Paul had his friendship… Lots of players recover from the edge of eviction with social game.

        Branchel showed that winning comps only carries you some weeks but without the social game, it’s all but impossible to win your way out every week. No one is that lucky, especially during the Summer of Temptation I’m a game of backstabbing. Lol.

      • They both have been given second chances and each time they continue to make the wrong moves,these two are not cats,no 9 lives for this pair.

      • It’s hard to play the game when no one at all will break away from Paul! Impossible! There’s nothing they can do! These people are a bunch of mindless morons!

    • Cody and Jessica both played personal games…neither has respect for the game or the other HGs…They got screwed over cause they were screwing each other…

      • Neither does Matt and raven who are not even playing the game at least Cody and Jessica are

      • Hey there! I’m up. Everything is ok? Have you been reading comments from yesterday. It’s crazy! My baby is misbehaving. lol Your sis was looking for you.

      • I hope to read some later this evening. I bet it got wild. I hate I missed that. I did read Jokers this AM. It sounds like they got the Baby Meatball back in the saucepan. I didn’t think there was any way he could get enough HGs to rally behind his insane idea to get Elena out…not yet anyway. He does have a way of keeping things interesting.

      • I think Jessica would have played better without Cody she was ok without him when he came back she went back to being terrible player

      • Why because he was the only one to have her back and if cody was gone Jessica had no one else

      • she had the time to build relationships and was doing a good job repairing her social game. maybe she has low self esteem.

      • Jessica tried to rebuild relationships when Cody was gone. Sad to say, it resulted in nothing good for her. She repeatedly tried to restore things with Christmas, even though it was Christmas who wrongly accused her (J) at the nomination ceremony. How did that go? Christmas has still never forgiven her (J). Jessica didn’t nominate Paul for eviction because she wanted to encourage goodwill. Did Paul appreciate that? No. He nominated her for eviction the following week, and was demeaning to her in the HoH room. I doubt there is anything Jessica could do that would put her in a better light with these zero-character house guests.

        When Jessica has tried to do good on this show, people (on the show and viewers) call her “stupid”, yet the same people keep accusing her of not having good social interactions and being untrustworthy!

      • She ‘tried’ to be nice for a few days, right that makes everyone forget the preceding 3 weeks?

      • At the beginning it was her strategy (showmance). But I agree that being flexible enough to pivot when necessary is the smart thing to do.

      • I concur :-) but, look at everyone’s entrance video that we saw Day One ☝️ ! They all had strategies but now they are all just following Paul around like mindless morons aside from Jessica and Cody.
        I think Jessica would have kicked but had Cody not been there/come back. I like her! So I hope Cody was worth it

  18. 6:55 PM BBT – Christmas says she would have had few chances to use the Ring of Replacement so she went for it.

    That is just dumb! She has a brain, why does she not use it? Doesn’t she see that Cody and Jessica being evicted, moves the target on Josh, Christmas (her), Mark and Elaina? That is too obvious to miss! So, she is helping the solid 6 of Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew and Raven get further in the game while, sinking the game of the 4 of them idiots? As long as Jessica and Cody are in the game, they are the targets! They still have majority vote and Paul will target the two! Remove those two and the target goes on your backs now!

  19. This is bs! Jessica needs to stay over a lot of these people! Shes the only one with a brain and a fan fave! Everyone needs to stop follwibg stupid paul! If he gets further then 3 more weeks i called rigged or everyone are just idiots

    • Sorry, Paul is playing the best game…even Jessica said ” 2:30 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that if she was watching as a fan,
      she’d be rooting for Paul, but since she’s in the game with him she
      wants him out. She says if he’s in the final two with anyone other than
      Cody, he’s getting her vote.” Paul has been up front with everyone, sharing is knowledge of the game and has told them all, eventually they will turn on each other…it is a game.(he is always saying that)

    • I wouldn’t say fan fave, but yes one with a brain.
      Plus while I’m not happy with Paul’s attitude, he’s doing some thing right….. in the wrong ways.

    • She doesn’t have half a brain! She was willing to jeopardize her own safety in the game for a man she just met. Come on, to give up the chance for half a million dollars for a 40 day relationship? Also, as a woman she didn’t even know what a hymen was. For a female, she’s about as dumb as they come!

      • I didn’t know what it was LOL I just had to Google it!
        Of course I know what it is! I didn’t know the name of it LOL

      • She mixed up “The Dating Game” with “Big Brother”..not sure Cody and Jess know the difference,hard to tell.

      • she was keeping the only person in the house she could trust! The only person that will work with her and the only person if they were HOH would not put her up! Sure, she could have cut him loose but the following week she would be gone. So last week Cody could be gone and this week Jessica would be gone. Just exactly what happening! Plus if she did not use it, they would have voted her out to get rid of the HH.
        She said that. They said that! So she went with her best option

    • Paul always wants others to do what he won’t do himself, and do his dirty work. He wanted Josh to be a pawn when he (P) was HoH, and Josh did so, but Paul won’t do the same. Also, he (P) kept telling Josh to do that silly pots and pans routine instead of doing it himself.

      • Right!! Just after Josh was asking Paul and his circus clowns not to pick on Jessica! Right after that Paul is telling/ordering Josh to start the pots and pans routine ! Josh said no! 😳
        Paul is a piece of……!

  20. What is this thing Paul has with Elena? It’s going to be his downfall if he isn’t careful. Plus, AGAIN, did he really try to get Josh to leave the HOH so he could have a conversation with other HGs? I’m not having as much friendship with Paul lately. He needs to cool his jets.

      • At least he isn’t banging anyone on the show.That’s one thing I like about Paul, he might like laying his head in a buxom tease’s lap for his hair to be stroked, but his other head will not be involved in any stroking.

  21. question about xmas;
    after convincing josh to evict elena, she pivots back to evict jess. I don’t get it.

  22. Lot of people saying paul/alex/jason/kevin/raven/matt will be f6. I dont necessarily agree with this. Alex and paul have made it clear they need to take josh as far as posibble and also jason wants to put matt/raven otb. I think matt/raven coud get to f6 by casualty but paul’s ideal f6 is him/alex/jason/kevin/josh/christmas and right now he has all the control.

  23. People keep saying that Jody are isolating themselves but then again …

    9:50 PM BBT – Paul advises Elena to keep her nose clean this week and steer clear of Cody and Jessica so no one gets suspicious.

    Nobody is allowed to talk or be friendly with them, coz it would look sketchy. How can Jody be socializing?

    • They need to get out of the bedroom and hang the kitchen and living room with the other HGs in a group setting. If they hide in the bedroom, nobody will go alone to talk to them.

      • Well today is the half way party I think. See if others can actually talk with them or be awkward.

      • You might be right, but it is usually on a Wed or during the week, not weekend. I’m not sure if it has ever been on a weekend.

    • Think about the beginning.
      Cody didn’t TALK to anyone other than Jess.
      Jess didn’t talk to anyone other than Cody

    • They all talk to them, the others don’t reciprocate…not long conversations, except Mark, Elena and Christmas…maybe Kevin….but, ya,everyone talks tor tries to talk to them. Mostly, when Jody is being bitchy, they stay away. Paul doesn’t want them in there having long, game conversations…but, Paul is not stupid, he knows it happens…that’s why he says it…he’s playing the game. They have put themselves in isolation.

    • Paul advised her to avoid them to help her game. She was already Josh’s target this week because of her hanging out with them. She was in the HN room by herself. Paul told her to get up and to quit isolating herself. What he told her was true.

      • but Paul has also ordered all of his circus clowns not to speak to Cody or Jessica. So it’s just not about Elena’s game

  24. Mark offers to stay in the Have-Not Room with Elena. Would Elena have done the same if the roles were reversed? Then, when she actually sleeps there, Mark goes to the room to stay with her. Again, would Elena have done that for Mark?

    Too many guys make mistakes like this in relationships.

      • Mark let me clue you in something.

      • He said he’d been bullied in the past. Seems to me he’s still letting that happen to him. I hate to see anyone beg to be liked

      • Nothing worse than a grown weeping man,this guy cries at the drop of the hat and doing so over something like BB,needs to get a grip.

      • Nothing wrong with a grown man crying (dog died etc) but crying over and over about BB, yup sad

      • A crying man in pink shorts is not a good look on and Zach from season 16 could have pulled that off with aplomb but not Mark.

      • The pink shorts, the tutu,…..please don’t remind me, I’ve been trying to get those images out of my head. Now I have to start over,lol

      • He said he was bullied and then he found the gym. So, he still that kid that was bullied but in a strong body. Sad

      • Plus yesterday night a braless Elena let Paul lay his head on her lap or something like that I think, I just didn’t want to watch or listen.

      • Mark would be a complete idiot to do so.
        To quote James (and Corey), “Your true colors are coming out”

      • I just watched last night’s BBAD and she told him it would be a stupid thing for him to use the veto on her. Of course, there is much more on feeds and I’m not an Elena fan. What you are saying sounds like Elena, for sure.

  25. These people are skitzo. How many times did they change their mind, especially Christmas. Lord.

  26. I believe Jess/Cody and Matt/Raven having sex at the same time in the same room is a BB first. I never fail to be surprised what these people do on camera.

    Also, the #victimNoises from Cody/Jess last night were over the top. Cody’s tune has changed since he tossed out that term after his first eviction.

  27. Did I miss something, Josh isn’t upset with Christmas for using her swap thing? Why didn’t he get upset?

  28. Man these people really need to decide on a target and stick with it. I don’t know why Christmas used her power to replace Cody if jess isn’t the target. Also Jessica needs to stop assuming every game move is a personal attack on her. It’s ridiculous. These HG’s need to get it together.

  29. Jessica and Cody do not stand a chance whatsoever because Paul has had a strong grip on these mindless morons who cannot think for themselves since the very beginning! Sure a few of them are starting to get annoyed with it, but they still are not willing to do anything about it! Nothing! It’s horrible!
    So, what should Jessica and Cody do? Socialize with Paul’s circus clowns? First of all how? Paul will not allow them to speak to any of his puppies!
    don’t get me wrong, I wish they would fight harder for Jessica to stay but, I think it’s pretty obvious that no matter what they say or do, Paul has total control over 97% of the house! And that is not going to anytime soon! If at all!
    Jessica is just a sitting duck this week with no hope whatsoever! Do any of you seriously think she would be able to persuade enough people to turn on Paul? This week? Not a chance!

  30. Various people on this site speak with contempt for Jessica and refer to
    her with unflattering terms. They seem to think that she has been
    treated with goodness in the house, essentially accuse her of doing
    nothing good in return, and so, some people say, everything bad that has
    happened to her is her fault.

    Yet, here are 3 out of several
    examples of her efforts to do good: (1) Although it would have been
    smart for her game, she did not use the PoV to nominate Paul because she
    knew how many people liked Paul and she was trying to keep from
    generating greater dislike for her. Paul would not have been voted out,
    but that’s not the point — she kept from antagonizing Paul’s slaves,
    and yet people still criticize her. (2) She repeatedly tried to show
    goodwill toward Christmas, someone who falsely accused her (J) when she
    (C) was on the block. She was by Christmas’ side when Christmas was
    injured, and was the first person to greet Christmas when she first
    returned to the house and ask how she was. All of that means nothing to
    Christmas, who continues to despise Jessica. (3) When Josh was on the block and came to Jess to say he wanted to no longer argue with her and just enjoy his last few days in house, she was gracious and dignified.

    BTW, I’m not saying
    it was wise for Jessica to have not swapped Ramses with Paul; I’m just
    giving her credit for endeavoring to do good.

  31. No matter who gets placed on the block if Mark uses the veto. I feel Jessica will be the one to get voted out.

  32. Someone help me …lol I’m SO confused ! I just read that Mark won the veto . Right ? Yet , there are comments about Jessica needing to won the POV . Did Mark NOT win it already ?

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