Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Temptation Competition & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the Houseguests are faced with a new twist to the season with the Temptation Competition offering a bonus shot at safety without all those pesky HoH responsibilities.

Big Brother 19 Episode 16 - Temptation Competition

Starting at 8/7c, if there are no sports delays, we’ll pick up with the fallout from the HoH competition and yet another failed targeting try by Jessica and Cody. Jessica’s pawn Ramses went out the front door and Paul’s own henchman Josh stuck around to cause a lot more drama. It’s been messy for sure. But before we can get to the nominations there’s a Temptation ahead.

Continuing the Summer of Temptation there’s a new competition for tonight’s show and the next two Sunday episodes. HGs have the choice to compete for safety if they’re willing to risk going up on the Block. I’m curious to see just how this all works out but so far Executive Producer Allison Grodner confirmed to us that HGs will announce their intentions whether or not to play in private, and if they’re the only ones who participate then they’ll be safe.

By the end of tonight’s BB19 show we’ll have the winner of the Temptation Comp and the latest nominations revealed.

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Can’t wait to find out who won the Temptation and who was nominated? Check our spoilers board for all the latest results and updates for the season so far.

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  1. I’m not sure that this Temptation Competition is a good addition. It seems to me to be filler to show on Sunday nights for 3 weeks. This new comp would seem to kibosh the idea of a DE in those 3 weeks (2 after this week) cos you’d now have to add another live comp in to the hour and I can’t see how you’d fit it in.

    • Good point. It would have to be a quick one, something like the question/answer that was recently used for the last HOH comp that Paul won. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember any comps that are always very short, but I’m sure there are others. DE has got to be coming soon.

      • Oh, ok. This is why they need to cut down on the twists, it’s just too confusing

    • This week you have what 8 or 9 nine people who will vote (depending on whether or not Jason comes off the block). That is if there is a live eviction this week. If not, then next week we will have the same number of Block Noms and an eviction depending on whether the third nom comes off the block. Since Julie didn’t say this week was a DE, I would guess that next week, or the following week would be a DE and that depends all on whether or not that Jessica uses the Halting Hex. A very confusing next week or two but either way, at least one person will go home in the nest two evictions.

    • The addition of Temp Comp obviously means that the DE won’t happen for another 2 weeks after these temp comps end.

      Nobody’s even in the Jury House yet.

    • What’s confusing about the double eviction? It’d be a normal double eviction like always, the only difference is the first eviction could possibly have 3 nominees. Then the week following the double eviction will feature the Temp comp on Sunday if they still decide to continue it

      • No, I meant trying to get an eviction vote in, then players decide to do the Temptation Comp, have the Temptation Comp, nomination ceremony, Veto comp, Veto ceremony and vote all in one hour is stretching it to say the least. A ‘normal’ DE barely fits in 1 hour, adding a comp makes it very difficult. As Matt says if they drop the Tempt Comp that week, it makes more sense

  2. Paul must have a very sore back carrying all those floaters of course he will not complain since they are helping him win the big bucks. It’s just Paul versus Cody I wish someone else would be smart or “brave” enough to go after Paul.

    • Once Cody and Jessica are gone, I could see some of them going after him. Some, I think, truly just want to make jury. But I could see Alex taking a shot at him later. Jason. Kevin. Xmas. Maybe Matthew and Mark together.
      I don’t see Elena or Josh doing it.

      Once Jessica and Cody are gone, he’ll start cannibalizing his “I Hate/Fear Cody” crew. They’ll realize they have to take him out unless they have a F2 deal with him. He’ll make one with someone.

      After Cody and Jessica leave, Paul can’t win every comp. Alex will probably win more and some of the others. New threats will emerge and one/some may be Paul’s allies. Paul will turn on someone trying to take out one of his closer allies.

      • Can you ‘copy and paste’ this, and post it again somewhere? People are so impatient. I keep telling them it’s gonna happen…when they all get sent in the Jury House.

    • I’m over the Cody/Jessica saga now.
      I’m ready for them to go and the new stealth crap to happen. The Cody mess has been loud. The next round will be more shady, I think.

      The Cody thing was great at first. I loved, like you, having a strong competitor who saw through Paul and went hard. He even knew he wanted to keep Alex around to take out Jessica so he wouldn’t have to.

      Then he falls in like/love/lust/whatever and his focus is broken. He’s just not fun to watch now. I preferred Robo-Cody. Hate soft Cody (the reality show character, not IRL). He can go now. Coulda woulda shoulda.


  3. Ok I don`t like Paul ( mostly because of Production giving him the 3 weeks safety). But I LOVE his voice and the way he talks, I would listen to him talking all day long.

  4. The reason Paul hates Cody so much is because Cody see’s through all of Paul’s BS, and he knows Paul is just a little punk!

    • And the reason Cody hates Paul is because Paul is in the position in the house that Cody wishes he was and assumed he would be. It’s called jealousy.

  5. Time to let 16 players play the game without returnees, or silly twists that bring them back once tossed out. You know like what drew us to the show in the first place.

  6. Since Jessica has the temptation power to save herself and Cody from going home who goes home this week, is it Jason by default?

  7. Paul, OF COURSE she right away expected her and Cody to go up. Come on, dude, don’t play that card.

      • Yep. Paul’s no better than he was last year. He just has Josh to do all the crazy stuff now so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty.

      • And Paul had me laughing with his Christmas’ puns during the last Veto comp after it blew up in her face. Sometimes, these guys are funny.

      • Which is brilliant on his part. He’s making josh a later game target and josh is reminding people constantly of cody and mark and Jessica as targets. Basically guaranteeing Paul 4 more weeks of safety because he won’t be the target if things keep going this way

      • BB Podcasters all agreed that Josh was a great casting decision, even if he goes next week. BB Steve, a guest on RHAP said. ‘When you look back on BB19 Josh can be a huge part of this season. It’s really about memorable ‘character..good or bad.

  8. …This Josh stuff is hilarious to me. It’s so stupid, but it’s so funny…

  9. Lol Matt….isnt he the loser who asked Paul what to do as regards this new twist. He is a waste.

    • I would rather see Jessica and Cody stay than Matt, Raven or others who add NOTHING to the game.

  10. I think you can pretty well insert any name in Cody’s: I don’t like —–, I’ll never trust —-, he/she betrayed me

      • Basically. This group is hardly loyal. They’re so quick to turn on each other at a moment’s notice. It’s all “what’s this gonna get me?”

      • Isn’t that the game though, even though I do agree this season kinda blows and doesn’t have any good trusting alliances

    • But he ignores the part where he betrayed his whole alliance week 1, we don’t talk about that

      • Lmao I’m so sick of him and Jessica’s saying “we need revenge they betrayed us” like wtf you mean you literally blindsided everyone in house

  11. Is this season rigged for Paul to win?

    Are they doing this because he got shafted last year? (and no, Nicole did not deserve that win over him at all)

    • Or maybe it’s rigged for Jessica bc she sure as hell wasnt americas pick to win the temptation

      • And you base this on what?
        Have you LITERALLY talk to everyone in America who VOTED? Didn’t think so!
        No, instead you base it on an assumption that because you and every other Paul F**cker in America DIDN’T VOTE for Jess – NOBODY VOTED for Jess! GD hive mine mentality!

  12. I saw this on ‘feeds. It’s clear they have a special relationship. Paul/Alex. Alliance within alliance..It’s textbook

    • But he’s talking about getting her out in the next few weeks. He has no loyalty to her.

      • No he’s bluffing. He said trying to get Jessica not to use the hex. Jessica said if you get Alex out. Everyone knows about the plan including Alex.

      • But once Jessica and Cody are gone, Alex is the only one standing in Paul’s way. She’ll be the next to go.

      • I don’t think so. But just have to wait and see. He’ll go after Marlena, Kevin, Maven first.

      • Alliances evolve. Dan G. said you have to have one person you can really trust to get to the end. (ex. Renegade) Also a player that is smart enough to win comp. That’s Alex. So far so good, but we’ll see

      • I don’t read too much on those yet. idk, strategy, misinformation. but they made their alliance official on TV today…It’s still unpredictable.

      • He needs to make people think they are not together. He will find a logical reason to shift the target by then.

    • It’s all numbers and I think she’s smart to cut it off if it interferes with her chance for the money, something Jessica clearly can’t wrap her head around

  13. God, Elena, slow down! I can’t understand a word you’re saying – AND I WATCHED IT ON THE FEEDS!

  14. Was really stupid for jess to make the live announcement of her temptation. She thinks she can strongarm Paul?? Yeah right.

    I wonder what Paul MAY have done had she not blabbed. Good chance it wouldnt have been jess & cody directly

  15. So this week, it was Jess’ instinct that was wrong, and Cody’s instinct that was right. LOL

  16. So they CUT the part where Matt asked what to do. They made it look like Paul just told him (which I guess furthers the evidence that Paul is controlling these people). Whatever

  17. Please somebody try to mix those two potions in the next couple of weeks, please

  18. I don’t really think the “person who places last” concept really works with this comp, but ok

  19. I thought they would get rid of these types of comps after Michelle spent the whole summer throwing up last year, lmao.

  20. Going first definitely sucks here. They should not have had the other competitors watching tbh. Not surprised if Mark actually went last too.

    • They’ve done this comp before, and they’ve always had the other competitors watching. The only difference here is that it’s not used as a Veto comp and it’s one HG at a time rather than 2 HGs competing against each other.

      • It’s always a veto comp. 2 HGs compete against each other at the same time while the other 4 Veto players stand on the sidelines watching, along with the rest of the house. The winner advances while the loser is eliminated.

      • Yes, remember when Julia in BB17 challenged Austin who was in her alliance? she wasn’t the brightest bulb

      • My favorite was when Julia thought Sigmund Freud was one of the guys in Vegas with the tigers. ROFL

  21. There’s a lot of guys that cried in this season. Bunch of cry babies…and they’re huge guys. ha

  22. I wouldn’t count on Elena, Jess. You can’t trust that girl as far as you can throw her.

  23. Paul should have tried to pry as many details out of Jess as he could, but I’m so happy that he didn’t try it because if he had, we wouldn’t have had that eventful Friday night on the feeds (though maybe we could have avoided the Mark/Josh fight).

    • Did you see the one in the HOH today when Paul was convincing Jess not to use the hex?

      • Sometime around maybe 2:30 ET I was watching the Tigers and feeds at the same time so not sure. Wasn’t morning because I wasn’t up yet. Lol. How about between two and four.

  24. It’s funny to see them scramble for a backup plan when they don’t even need it

  25. DId Jessica actually believe her and Cody wouldn’t be on the block through her intimidation and vague responses about her hex?

    • What didn’t make sense to me is Jessica and Cody getting so upset about being nominated. Why would they care if Paul wasted his HOH? You would think they would be happy and just shut up about it since they could use the Hex since he would not be able to play in the next HOH. What was the point in the making a scene?

      • Because she thought she could bluff and have safety for her and the robot for a few more weeks. She didn’t think anyone would dare challenge her

      • I think mainly because Jessica really wanted to have it for next week to ensure her and Cody make it to Jury
        I think she was also hoping for a little trust from Paul.

  26. To be fair, Jess never told Paul that she couldn’t be nominated, just that she was safe.

    • Yes she kinda did. She told him good luck with the nominations since I have this power. She implied multiple time she and Cody couldn’t get nominated.

    • Really hope that Paul continues to think this power is similar to the Coup d’Etat (not that he knows what that is) so that we can see his face on Thursday night when there’s no eviction.

      • I hope so as well. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…I hope Jess keeps it together and not say anything more about the hex.

      • She already told him. He’s trying to convince her to not use the hex and send Cody home.

      • I thought she already told pretty much everyone? Definitely Christmas! Unless people think she is not telling the full truth!?

      • What?? He still doesn’t know that there will be no eviction on Thursday? And that he will not be able to play in the HOH either?

  27. I love how Alex made a comment about Jessica not being able to win on her own, and everyone starts bashing Alex saying “every comp you won was thrown to you!”…like Cody didn’t throw the POV comp to Jessica? These hardcore Cody and Jessica are so one sided lmao

      • Most of them are one sided too, I try my best not to be bias based on who I like. Paul arguably is playing the best game right now, while Jessica has squandered everything she has gotten. She wasted her HOH and her POV, and she wasted her hex by not keeping it a secret. I don’t get the support for her, it’s like the support for Natalie from last season. She may be cute and bubbly as a personality, but she was nowhere near a good game player. Not to mention Jessica’s personality is the polar opposite of Natalie’s

      • No on the live feeds just now. Alex is questioning why America gave Jessica the temptation

      • How are Jessica and Cody underdogs??? They have been in control of the house for half of the season, they just made stupid moves that even the stupidest of big brother players wouldn’t make. If anything, Christmas is an underdog

    • Jess and Cody all pass their time laughing that both Paul’s hoh were worthless since Cody came back and she will not go home this week because of the hex.

      Well both her and Cody hoh they evicted numbers on their side. Not sure what is worst! At least Paul didn’t lost his allies.

    • Comps have been thrown all over the place! Paul, Cody/Jessica, Alex!

      I don’t know if you watched big brother Canada last season but, Kevin played the second half of the game completely on his own! Completely! They tried and tried to get him out but he won competitions when he needed to & Kevin won last season!
      So, people shouldn’t be so quick to assume Jessica is done! Probability of her making it to final 2 (in my opinion) are very slim but, it’s definitely not unheard of!
      it’s still very early in the game, so doubtful she will pull off the win this season! But stranger things have happened! The whole house could flip on Paul next week and his minions could keep her around as a shield! We just never know…

  28. WTH……
    They didn’t show Paul vsCody or
    Mark vs Josh explosions on tonight’s/Sunday nights episode!! What’s up with that?

    & HOLY SH*T!!!! I am a laid-back chill person, I don’t surround myself with negativity or negative people…… I don’t engage in confrontation etc. however, after what Mark has dealt with (I assume they only aired a little of Josh antagonizing Mark saying stuff, and the pots and pans!???!!!) NO wonder Mark finally lost it! I would’ve lost it! Especially if he was doing that to me first thing in the morning before I even had my coffee LOL
    That was sooooo immature & obnoxious! Who can fault Mark for finally snapping and trying to get the pots and pans away from Josh??? How is Mark the bad guy here???
    I would have been ejected from the game if Josh was doing that to me! I would have been ejected from the game “week one” ☝️ because I probably would have punched Josh in the face!!! He is such a disgusting human being! He makes my skin crawl!
    😳 Unbelievable!
    I get it is a game, but production should have shut that down a long time ago! What did they expect? Seriously! They didn’t think Mark (or anyone else for that matter) would have finally snapped!? It’s not like they even used it for “good TV!” It didn’t air 🤷‍♀️

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