Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 5: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day arrived for the Big Brother 19 game as Houseguests continued to struggle through the mystery of Jessica’s Temptation Hex powers. Would it stop her from hitting the Block? Nope. Would it keep her from leaving the house. Yep. Well, we know that, but they’re not sure what to make of it. Now with Saturday down the HGs are that much closer to finding out.

Kevin and Christmas hanging out on Big Brother 19

The Big Brother Storm Watch competition came out with close results and that would have made for some interesting situations come Monday afternoon then Thursday night. All the same there was plenty of talks and maneuvering going on through the day as HGs prepared for all the possibilities.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 29, 2017:

9:30 AM BBT – Few HGs getting up after a long night of studying the weather announcements. Mark asks Cody if he knows the details. Cody says he isn’t studying. Mark is still upset about last night.

9:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut to PetCam.

10:18 AM BBT – Feeds are back for the HN reveal. Alex, Christmas, and Elena volunteered. Mark remains a HN from last week.

10:35 AM BBT – Paul and Jason wonder if Cody would just ask to leave and volunteer to be voted out.

10:40 AM BBT – PetCam returns.

10:50 AM BBT – Feeds back from drawing Veto players. Kevin and Raven will be joining the competition.

11:20 AM BBT – HGs continue to study. Kevin wonders if Cody will say he wants to just go. Alex thinks Jessica may still be lying about the Temptation.

12:20 PM BBT – Elena goes to check on Mark. She says if she’s acting distant from him it’s just to convince the other HGs. Mark is crying.

12:30 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discussing Jessica’s flailing game. Christmas still doesn’t understand why they tried to make such a big move so early on.

12:40 PM BBT – Cody tells Elena he tried to be someone he wasn’t think week to make Jessica happy, but instead he just made himself miserable. Cody says he isn’t going to do that anymore.

12:45 PM BBT – Cody says he doesn’t consider this to be just a game. To him it’s real life. Cody tells Elena that Jessica won’t let him give up his game for her. He expects she’ll use the Hex even if he’s up and she’s not.

12:50 PM BBT – Elena worries she’s throwing away her game for someone she just met a month ago.

1:00 PM BBT – Paul tells Alex and Christmas the he’s sure Jessica’s power is only good for one of them so if Jessica is protected then Cody will go. Alex thinks Jessica is still lying. Paul worries that maybe it’s an actual eviction vote against her that triggers the power so they should definitely vote out Cody instead.

1:05 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica that Elena is trying to distance herself from Mark. Jessica says she (J) can’t do that to Cody because it only hurts more.

1:25 PM BBT – Kevin asks Jessica if she’s going to use her power to save Cody if it comes to that. Jessica says Cody can’t decide what he wants to do. She confirms to Kevin that the power is only good for either this week or the next.

2:00 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin that Raven said she wanted F5 to be her (A), Matthew, Raven, Jason and Paul. Kevin is upset that he didn’t make Raven’s list.

2:05 PM BBT – Kevin tells the group that Jessica was laughing about everyone studying so hard since she and Cody didn’t bother to study at all.

2:10 PM BBT – Paul thinks Jessica will become the bigger target over Cody if she uses the Hex this week and they’re both here next week.

2:20 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody laughing that Paul will have been HoH twice but got no one evicted.

2:35 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto competition.

7:25 PM BBT – Feeds return. Paul won the Veto.

7:35 PM BBT – Paul, Raven, and Matthew discussing the results. Raven and Kevin tied for second. Cody came in a point behind her. The group is confused how Cody did so well if he didn’t study at all.

8:00 PM BBT – Paul wants to pressure Jessica by saying that if she uses the Hex she’s preventing someone from the rest of the group from getting to Jury. He’ll also say the whole house, not just him, will be upset at her for using it to keep Cody from going.

8:05 PM BBT – Paul says they should get out Jessica over Cody if both stay thanks to the Hex. He’s less concerned about Cody’s weak social game.

8:10 PM BBT – Elena tells Mark she wants space in the game. She wants to distance herself and see how that affects the other HGs. She wants him to try and see if it helps his game too.

8:15 PM BBT – Mark is pushing Elena to take advantage of the four of them as an alliance (Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena), but she doesn’t see the benefit right now.

8:35 PM BBT – Mark asks Paul what to do to repair his own game. Paul says he should separate from Cody and if Elena is saying she wants space then to give it to her.

9:05 PM BBT – Elena has decided to take the HN Gamble. She’s gone to DR for the key.

9:10 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin he’s going to put the pressure on Cody to see if he can make him crack. Kevin and Paul are confused about the Temptation and how it sounds like there could end up being no eviction this week.

9:30 PM BBT – Paul confirms to Kevin his plan is to take Jason down to leave just Jessica and Cody on the Block together.

10:15 PM BBT – Elena picked the purple lockbox. She was wrong. Two weeks on HN. (Everyone who has tried, except Paul, has guessed the wrong box.)

10:55 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven discuss their position in the game. They’re feeling safe and think Mark or Elena might actually put up Cody and Jessica after the pressure they’re seeing from the house. They don’t think they even need to worry if Jessica or Cody won HoH next.

11:10 PM BBT – Matthew sees that Elena is playing both sides but seems to try to keep closer to Paul. Raven mentions that Elena told Jessica that she (J) would be safe if Cody went home. Matthew says no one is promising that.

11:25 PM BBT – Paul talking with Elena about planning to try and make Cody flip out on Monday.

11:40 PM BBT – Jason and Paul are switching out the regular coffee with decaf in the Storage room.

11:55 PM BBT – Elena has made Josh a grilled cheese and ham sandwich. He’s thrilled. Mark notes that Elena never made him a sandwich.

12:12 AM BBT – Paul is back from the DR where he got an answer to the question if anyone was safe from eviction for three weeks. Their answer was no.

1:30 AM BBT – Lights are out but some of the HGs are still chatting as the night wraps up.

Paul reaffirmed the latest plans that he’d save Jason on Monday, but his next move to try and set Cody off sounds unnecessary. No surprise there. We’ll watch for more talks on Sunday for what they have in store for us on Monday.

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  1. When will these idiots wake up and evict Paul? Win a comp and forget about Jess and Cody. They will receive no votes at the end. Paul will!

    • You can’t evict anyone when you don’t win at the comps,Paul wins at crucial times when the game is on the line,the others just fold.

      • Sure Paul has won a few, but where has it got him? Not very far. Look at when Jessica won HOH…it was the two of them against all the others…..the others STILL couldn’t pull it together.
        I don’t think Paul is a good player. The other players are just SOOOOOOO Bad that it makes Paul look good…

      • How can you say he’s a bad player when he got 2nd place the season prior and he’s practically running the entire house over halfway through this one?

      • Because they are Paul haters, lol. I have found there is no logic when it comes to a lot of people disliking Paul. I mean, you have several who dislike him, but still respect his game, but the vast majority are blind to everything but their dislike.

        Maybe Paul should consider politics at some point, lol. Anyway, he’s one of the best BB players in recent memory at any rate.

      • I agree completely. People are coming up with the dumbest reasons to discredit how good he is at this game. I also hate how he gets crap because some of the floaters just follow his lead. If there was a player who was opposing him that was actually GOOD at this game (unlike Jess and Cody), then I’d respect it. Heck it’s make for some good tv.

      • Key word two second places he want win to blind to see what in front of him. I’ll give it to Kevin

      • Have these house guests not watched Paul in action before omg what are they thinking for god sake only one winner

    • AGREE: I think it is time for some of the houseguests to turn on Paul and quit following his lead all the time.

      • There’s an expression that really fits here… “Don’t hunt what you can’t kill.” Right now, these people are letting the fact that they actually like Paul get in their way of $500K. Unless something really changes, I don’t think Paul could be evicted right now. This week (for instance) you would need a 5 to 4 vote to evict him and I feel like there aren’t 5 people who would do it. He’s someone you have to get rid of closer to the end… Kinda like a Vanessa in season 17.

        I mean heck, even Cody could have turned on Derrick in season 16 at the very end, and that’s something I didn’t even think he would have the opportunity to do, let alone have the killer instinct to follow through on.

      • So true,if Cody had gone for the kill,he would have won BB that season,Victoria would not have got one vote,not even Derrick’s vote in the end.

      • I agree, I was trying to think of combinations to nominate if either of Jody wins HoH. Even if there were 3 nominees from Paul’s side I still think he’d stay. Give it two more weeks, especially if there’s a DE and then he’s vulnerable.

      • Yeah, I think he would probably even stay over Raven right now. I think the only “easy” targets to get out next week are Cody, Josh and Mark (depending on who HOH is of course), and I really think its all but impossible to get rid of Paul right now.

        They definitely have to let 3 or 4 more people go first. I mean, even then there is no guarantee because Paul is a beast at comps when his game is on the line.

      • Right! he showed that last year when it got down to F4 and he was alone, he almost swept all of those comps

      • Yep, Paul is the real deal when it comes down to playing Big Brother, especially when you remember he didn’t know anything at the start of last season.

        Maybe these HGs aren’t as clueless as they appear. Maybe Cody is just the “numbnut” (to use Raven’s words) who thought that all of last season was a fluke.

        Of course, his comp record is just added fuel to the Paul haters’ fire and Cody falls into that camp. So, maybe Cody’s targeting of Paul was more because he was jealous of Paul than anything else.

      • Oh for sure, Cody is extremely jealous of Paul. Paul is in the position that Cody assumed he would be in. Paul has the support and loyalty of a large group in the house and he may have had a head start because he’s a vet but Paul has not stopped working since he got in that house and continues to be constantly thinking ahead. Paul has continued to have the loyalty of his group because he interacts with them, hangs out with them, TALKS to them. Cody expected to show up and have everyone see that he was the alpha male and fall at his feet adoringly. He doesn’t realize that there’s so much more to this game than winning comps.

      • You are so right. It takes winning competitions, having a great social game, being intelligent and also the willingness to continuously plan ahead to succeed in Big Brother. I think we can all agree that Cody only meets one of those criteria.

        I really wonder about the people who consistently are trying to say that Paul has no game play skills. Seriously?! I mean, if Paul’s personality irks you, that’s fine, but lets face facts…

        Paul is the ONLY one that meets all the criteria this season (Alex is getting there too). People accuse Paul of being a Puppetmaster and having minions, but guess what?

        That’s a very good sign that you are awesome at this game, lol.

      • Agree, and Cody tried to be a puppetmaster and failed because he hadn’t laid the groundwork.

      • Cody definitely tried to be a puppetmaster, and he definitely didn’t lay the groundwork. Plus, he has the personality of a wet mop so I don’t think it would have worked out for very long anyway.

        I mean, Matt and Mark liked him for some reason and Jess had the hots for him right away. He only got Elena and Raven through their men. Paul only showed up because he thought it would be good for a couple of weeks of safety. Finally, Christmas was only really there because she was friends with Paul.

        Then the first thing the “Wannabe Puppetmaster” did was betray every single one of his puppets by targeting Paul. You can’t be a puppetmaster if you don’t know anything about your would be puppets. Mainly, that all of them, except Jess, liked Paul more than you (Cody)!

      • What easily gets forgotten is that Jody nominated Megan. If she doesn’t have a breakdown, there is no op for him to make the bad moves he did.

      • True enough, but you have to be able to think of potential consequences of your nominations and decide if its too early to try something or not. Granted, there were weird circumstances, but chance or luck won’t always help you out. This time they bit Cody in the butt.

      • Didn’t Cody put up both Megan and Alex at the same time? If so, didn’t Megan self evict prior to the VETO ceremony and that is when he played the Paul card. I thought Paul was always his target that first week.

      • It was Megan and Jillian before the Veto. When Megan self-evicted, Cody tried to see if Alex would work with him. When she turned him down, Alex became the replacement nom. Then when the comp was played, Alex took herself down and Cody tried to nominate Paul.

      • I had to double check my facts before I posted it, lol. That was one of the most confusing weeks I can remember in BB.

      • LOL

        The real question in my mind is Who’s Megan? Every time I try to remember the gals that are left vs. the ones who have been evicted… I only come up with 7. I had to Google the season last night to remember who I was forgetting! How sad is that?

      • And I was trying to count votes in possible scenarios if Paul put up and was one short because I was counting Maven as one. How true is that?

      • Once Paul is gone the game will be pretty boring. We will be watching Maven fake fight, Jody make out and Elena be hot/cold with Mark. I guess we can watch Josh bang pans. None of them will have a clue!

      • OR, maybe they will have to actually play the game, rather than follow Paul. I say get rid of him :)

      • LOL!! If Paul leaves I’m rooting for Alex and Christmas for the win, and Kevin and Josh for the entertainment.

      • When it is down to Raven and Christmas at the end the feeds will devolve into an endless loop of dire health condition one-upsmanship. Then people will be praying for the good old days when Paul made things exciting.

      • A big brother rule of thumb is to never target big players too early. It’s only week 5 and things change at the drop of a hat in that house. They’ll eventually turn on Paul but right now they’re using him for protection which isn’t a bad strategy. I love Paul and I’m rooting for him but I really don’t see him winning.

      • why would you not go after the biggest threat? when you are fighting a war, you take out the top commanders first. then you have a better chance of winning. (Vietnam veteran)

      • I’m not a vet but don’t you need to make sure you have enough manpower/gunpower first to get the job done?

      • This isn’t war though, it’s big brother. There’s a mental aspect of it. You need to know when the right time to strike is. Paul’s good at the game, he has numbers. He’s a good player to target when the numbers dwindle, and when jury is open. That way more players are taking risks and won’t be afraid to vote him out. But early in the game, players like Paul are good to keep around because they offer protection, and they’ll always have a bigger target on their backs.

        Why do you think players like Amanda, Caleb, and Vanessa were kept around so long? None of them won, but their HG’s didn’t get them out right away either.

    • I would say the same but in reality the votes are not there to get him out. At this point even if someone tried to put doubt on paul it wouldnt work bc he has most of them so whipped. I think he might be targeted mid-jury.

  2. Did I just read that the only person ” not” to get the have not extra week is paul??

    • Elana did open the other box last night to see if it was legit … and she would have been off the HN if she chose the other.

    • Being a snake is how you win big brother. Just ask Nicole. Dom was coo coo for coco puffs.

  3. Do the houseguests get to open the other lockbox after opening the Have Not one just to see proof that they chose the wrong one? Seems kind of suspect that only Paul has opened the right one. Production could be just putting two Have Not tokens in there to make it interesting.

    • I thought the same thing – seems kind of suspicious that only Paul has made a lucky guess.

      • There were 3 people who could have taken the chance the first week to try the lockbox. So what you’re saying is that it was fixed for whoever was the first person to try it out? hahahahahaha

    • Elana did open the other box last night..and yes,,she would have got off being a HN if she picked the other box.

    • Read above. Elena did open the other box to see if it was legit and the other box would have saved her. Totally legit.

  4. Do you think if Paul was on the block he would get voted out ? I don’t think they have the numbers to get him out . And if production interferes every year why do people keep watching every year some is complaining it’s rigged if that’s the case why do you still watch ?
    I love this show yes the first years were better but it was new then it’s been on for 17 years now they have to change things up I look forward to BB from the time it’s over until it comes back on and I think a lot of other people do to ( rant over )

    • It would be interesting if Cody and Jessica win the HOH next week and put Paul and Josh on the block. Then the houseguests can determine who is the stronger player to vote out. Since we all know the week before Ramses was voted out due to his strong game play over Josh…. Let’s see if we can’t flip some people in the house and get out Paul! Or put up another strong player next to Paul and get that alliance broke up a little.

      • If Josh goes up next to Paul. Josh is going home. That’s who jess should’ve put up instead of Ramses if she wanted Josh out.

      • Need to put up Raven or Alex up if you want to get Paul out. I still don’t think they would vote him out until the couples wise up and compare notes on what he is telling everyone- that it’s the house that wants whatever when it’s actually what Paul wants. I think Kevin is going to go after Raven soon because he found out she doesn’t want him in her final 5.

      • I wonder how much of this is really scripted at times and if these players don’t know in advance what the final outcome will be. Did anyone notice how they already had the DR time already wound up and ready to play on day1?

      • did anyone see how paul was reacting during the HOH comp? he knew all the answers in advance. go back and rewind and see for yourself.

      • Of course he knew all the answers, didn’t you see where they played those pictures for them to study? Hell, everyone should have studied like Paul did and the comp would have lasted longer.

    • I’m with you 100 on this. Last year is was supposedly rigged against Paul, now it’s apparently rigged for him. Last year people claimed it was being rigged for paulie. Paulie didn’t have a round trip ticket and didn’t come back from jury. People also said the game was rigged for Vanessa the year before, and she didn’t win. I heard a couple people this year say it was rigged for Cody. People always cry rigged when the game doesn’t go their way. It’s like the boy who cried wolf.

  5. I managed to watch only a few minutes of BBAD before falling asleep, but I heard a comment I really enjoyed. Matt and Raven were talking about Cody’s blow up with Paul. Matt said that he thought Marines were supposed to have their emotions under control. He also said that he should be more grown up than that at his age.

    Raven had this to say about Cody… “You can be 32 and still be a numbnut.”

    Okay, I know Raven isn’t really playing the game, but that is my favorite comment this season!!!! The comment came out of nowhere and had Matt cracking up, lol.

  6. My hope for the win in Thursday nites HOH comp is that Josh wins….Don’t throw any rocks at me yet…Can u imagine the chaos with Josh as HOH??? Now of course I am gonna read that Paul will control the noms but Its Josh we talking about…Josh already has 3 people on his radar..Jess Cody and Mark…So if any of those 3 were nommed the decision would be Joshes not Pauls..While Josh is being used by the entire house minus 3 he would show his appreciation to the rest of the house by not nomming them…I don’t like Josh per say but it would be an interesting week with him as HOH…

  7. I just want Cody, Jessica, Josh, Mark & Elena gone then they can get rid of Paul.

      • Not really, there is a few others but by getting Paul out and into Jury would be a vote in their favor.

      • at this point in time and in the house Mark & Elena are in no hurry to get Paul out..

  8. Paul said this, Paul said that….yes, we get it. It’s the Paul show….yippee.

    This season seems more like high school than anything else. I’m glad that Paul thinks he is so special. I certainly don’t. He can’t even play the game and it’s his second time. He is so insecure he is going to ‘ try and make Cody flip out’….as we see, Paul is as much of a loser this season as he was last. Please, please, someone get some gonads and vote this guy out!

    • Yeah, I don’t understand why he has to bring up 20 times a day how good at this game he is…he’s only there because he had three weeks of safety, so nobody could target him early on like Cody wanted to. All he does is cry whenever someone confronts him and instigates Josh’s psychotic episodes for his own entertainment.

      • Nobody but Cody and Jess wanted to target him that early. Everyone else in the house actually likes Paul. There will be time to get him out once people start going to Jury. I don’t want him to be evicted, I’ll be honest. They will target him eventually, but they want to be able to hang out with him in Jury, lol.

        That being said… Remember all the times he was up last season and all the times he won the comp to take himself down? These HGs are erring on the side of caution right now, which is the smart play for the short term.

      • There is ZERO long term plan to take out Paul. He is included in everyone’s F3 deals, even though everyone is pretty much aware of that and that he will win if he makes it to the end. He’s benefiting from a really clueless cast to make it to the end, and no amount of pot-banging and pickle juice-throwing will negate the fact that this season is terribly predictable.

      • I would like to think that someone would eventually try to take out Paul. I mean, I’d be rooting for him to win the veto of course, but still. I mean, if nobody is going to try and take him out…

        We might as well have a repeat of Season 16. As soon as they got rid of Nicole, there was no way anyone but Derrick was going to win.

      • I loved him last season, but he’s so arrogant this time around that i’d be disappointed to see him win, unlike Derrick who won without any overt help from production.

      • I’m a Paul fan and I agree. If Paul actually had a good player trying to take him out I’d be all for it, but Cody and Jess are awful at this game. I still feel like Alex is just playing him to get herself farther. It’ll be interesting to see what she does in later weeks. I could see her winning.

      • I think Alex is sincere in her alliance with Paul right now. However, I do think she would be the one that might try to take him out later. I think she has the best shot of winning outside of Paul right now though.

      • Agreed. In her conversations with Paul, she tells him what he wants to hear, but when she talks to Jason, she hints sometimes that she might target him later. I’d like to see those two in the F2 (Paul and Alex), but Alex is a smart player. Not sure if she’d let him get that far.

      • That would be a great finale. If Alex keeps improving her game play, it could easily be a toss up as to who wins between them.

        Talking about Jason though… Did you see where Paul was talking and said Jason kept asking him what he thought about Alex? I wonder if Jason was testing him, or if Jason’s flip flopping brain has him confused. Also, I wonder if Paul shared that with Alex (I don’t have feeds, so I’m not sure).

      • I wouldn’t be upset if Paul lost to Alex. I think Nicole played a good game last year but not as good as Paul’s. Alex however, is one of the only houseguests this season that’s even remotely close to his level.

        I did see that. Jason’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, and his gameplay is mediocre at best, so I’d honestly just chalk that one up to big brother paranoia. Alex has made some game moves that he doesn’t fully agree with and won’t listen to his (dumb) suggestions. I know Paul told someone. I can’t remember if it was Alex, Elena, or Matt and Raven.

      • You jarred my memory and it was Mark he was talking to when he said it. Whether he’s told anyone else, I don’t know. I agree with you on Jason in general too. One of the posters here last night (who happens to be from Iowa as well) said jokingly that it was all an act and that Jason is only pretending to be like that.

        I said if Jason is really just playing a part, he deserve to be recognized as one of the best players ever. That would definitely shake up the house if he suddenly revealed that’s not how he actually is.

      • I’d be shocked. Usually, avid feedsters can sniff that out pretty easily, but Jason really genuinely seems like an unintelligent individual and no one is really pegging him otherwise. If it it is all an act, I’d say just write him the check now, and give him an Emmy while you’re at it.

    • I can’t stand Paul, I can’t stand Cody either but unlike Cody, Paul is actually playing the game. He is using every trick in his play book to get to the end unlike Cody. To say Paul isn’t playing the game is ridiculous.

    • What I don’t like about Paul is most of the time he gets others, mainly Josh to do his dirty work. He gets them to belittle Cody, to taunt him, to do anything to get under his skin. Why can’t he just battle it out man to man? As far as I have seen Cody has done this. When he loses he loses graciously, then sits there waiting for the winner to win.

  9. Paul needs to go!
    He obviously runs the house.
    Why are these HG so stupid as to not see that Paul will pick them off one at a time till he has that check for $500,000 in his pocket.
    Paul is extremely smart, perhaps a genius!!!
    He has all these minions eating out of his hand.
    Cody & Jessica won’t be around much longer.
    HG, please evict Pàul A.S.A.P..

    • I don’t know about genius in general, but genius at BB possibly. They should have saved his return for an all-stars season.
      He is running things right now but I like to remind people what happened to Paulie last year when people figured out he had too much power.

      • Yeah, but Paulie was a sexist ass. He sealed his own fate due to his personality, not so much due to the power he had in the house.

      • Alison Mc, I agree with you!
        Paul should not be on this season #19.
        An all-star season, would have been more acceptable.
        Especially, since he was just on last season.
        The HG need to wake up now, band and together and evict Paul before it’s too late!!!
        Thanks for your response back!!!

      • Like Carvin Marvin said, Paulie was sexist and had a crummy personality. He blew up his own game after being nominated. Paul it’s too smart for that and has a much better social game.

      • Difference is Paulie made himself unbearable to the house.
        Paul, while still the ass that he is, managed to not follow his fellow One Steve Limit

    • Get a grip. When they get tired of following, Paul will get cut. The game isn’t even halfway over yet.

      • Get a grip!
        Who are you to tell me to get a grip?
        I have a right to my opinion just as you do!!
        If, I want Paul gone, I have a right to state that.
        I don’t care how much time is left in the game.
        The further he goes, the more chance he has of winning!!!
        I certainly don’t want him in the final three.
        Thanks for your critique!!!

      • You are about the 500,000th person to say the exact same thing since this season started. Keep praying, because the house guests can’t hear you.

      • even if he goes to the end, that doesn’t mean everyone will vote for him

      • Dan,
        You are so right.
        These nice HG are possibly going to vote Cody, if he were still around at the end.
        Thanks for your reply Dañ.

      • you have just as much right to state your opinion as every one else!
        I happen to agree with you. when you encounter a snake you don’t cut off the tail, you cut off the head! that is the military view. (Vietnam vet)

      • Wallace Nelson, thank you!
        I totally agree with you!!
        Evict the snake, Paul, a.s.a.p.!!!

      • Janice Evans,
        Cody, can’t help himself, he is like a time bomb, ready to go off at a moments notice!!!
        Thanks for your reply Janice.

    • Why do you want someone who is stupid to win? If Paul is extremely smart, doesn’t he deserve it more?

      • Lynne,
        Sorry, that you took me so, so literally!
        It’s not that Paul is extremely smart, its just that this house is in complete disarray.
        Only Cody is willing to stand up to him.
        But, Cody will be shown the door once again this Thursday, or possibly next Thursday!!!
        Thanks for your input Lynne.

      • NO!!! he finished 2nd last year he made more money last year than anybody in the house has this year ,nobody who finished in the top 4 in any season deserve to be in that house ,its not fair to the new players,who deserve to be there and should not have to compete with a former house guest ,and besides Paul comes from a well to do family he does not need the money

    • If it were me I’d follow Paul because he has the numbers and once main targets are put out of the house I’d try to go against him but right now it’s all numbers. Unfortunately I don’t think any of the players will go against him and the only one who would have was alex which I’m sure Paul noticed which is why I’m assuming he engaged her into a final two alliance. I think it’s brilliant.

      • No you’d follow Paul because your idiot!
        Same goes for all your mindless Paul-F**ker BFFs on FB as well!
        Why not, Its obviously “fashionable” to blindly follow and worship a sociopath! Remember Jim Jones and Jonestown? Che Guevara? Pol Pot?
        Google Is Your Friend!
        Oh, and please stop with your copy & paste “Numbers” rhetoric!
        All you cat lady/Paul-F((kers say the same thing – aren’t you embarrassed enough that you openly support “Paul?”

  10. Cody doesn’t think this is a game? that it’s real life? Dude is even more screwed up than I thought. Hey robot, it IS a game and if you didn’t make everything so personal you might be in a better position with the rest of the house.

    • Really I mean maybe in his everyday world people dress up in frog suits and hop wherever they go…but I would feel safe in saying its not something most people experience on a normal day in their life….(distinguish fact from fantasy) ..

      • I’m guessing that in Cody’s real world… Everyone lives alone in a cabin somewhere in Montana, and their next door neighbor lives at least 50 miles away. Oh, and I’m sure nobody ever talks to anyone. They just sit and stare at the walls for hours at a time and when the day is over, they think, “I had a pretty good day.”

      • ROFL. A pretty good day cos I had my way and no one challenged or disagreed with me. Yeah, think you and little fly are right on.

      • You guys are killing me this AM! You know he told Jess he was going to buy him a travel trailer to live in. He was talking about his trucks that didn’t run and his motorcycles that need work. I see him living in a trailer out in the woods with junk all around. I can not see Jess living like that, though.

      • You might be on to something. Do we know who Cody’s dad is? He doesn’t have much contact with his family. Hmmm

      • Does Ted Bundy ring bell,because thats who he reminds me of,those evil eyes.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly why I picked Montana as the state, lol.

        Great minds think alike! :)

      • Please watch your comments Big Brother interviewed each contestant and ran extensive profiles on them they would never put anyone unsafe in the house because they go threw more “checks” than the President does. They are each given a script to followed to make high ranking for CBS and Big Brothers. Julie’s husband is over CBS and he would never put her in a bad position so please don’t say those very bad things about Cody he has a child. You don’t have to like him just watch your comments. Thank you

      • Paul is a father that chooses to let down is daughter for a all summer. Instead of passing quality time with her he hops in a toad costume and stairs at wall in a house will we at home pass our time to judge. That’s what bb is about.

      • Hey, I think I just figured it out! Cody came on Big Brother because he needs the $500K to finance his “End of the World survivor bunker!”

        How did I not see it before? LOL

      • OMG, and he needed a babe to take with him so that he can repopulate the earth after the disaster with his spawn.

      • Yeah, but I’m not sure the world is ready for Jody’s offspring! Boy, one can only hope for another couple to save the human race… Rachel and Brendon, anyone? LOL

      • No, please don’t inflict Rachel on the world any longer. I would pick Janelle and whoever she wants, lol

      • Of course, then we have Jeff and Jordan, but bless her heart, she’s not the brightest bulb to depend on to save the human race; sweet though.

    • My thoughts exactly!! Cody doesn’t seem to know what game he’s playing. Codys dislikes Paul for lying and backstabbing but name me one big brother winner who hasn’t.

    • He said, he want to see Josh get booed when he goes out than to win 500k..He was salivating with the idea, and the ‘eyes! . lol..the guy has an issue.

      • Josh will get lots of applause cos he’s a character. Cody won’t hear it cos he’ll be either home or in the Jury house.

    • TEST,if you were in a life or death situation who would you want by your side? paul or cody? CODY! I SAW TOO MANY PAULS CUT AND RUN WHEN STUFF HITS THE FAN! (VIETNAM VET)

  11. Why does Paul need to rile up Cody when he knows he can’t handle it? Whenever Cody gets in his face, he starts crying about feeling personally attacked. Like, okay Regina George…

    • Are you saying that Paul is the one that can’t handle it? Because, Cody was the one that was crying after their confrontation.

      • I think confrontation spurs Paul on. I’m starting to think that confrontation scares Cody somewhat since he then has to hold himself in and control his aggression.

      • I agree with you. If nothing else, Paul is definitely more in control of his emotions than Cody.

        Getting in Paul’s face and asking what he was going to do about it… If something had happened physically, I’m not sure Paul wouldn’t have been able to take Cody.

      • I know he has training in Martial Arts, but I don’t know to what extent (belt level). I’d forgotten about him talking about MMA last season though. Makes me feel better about saying he could have possibly taken Cody, lol.

      • Cody is a marine trained to kill. While, I do not think he will attack Paul physically, if Paul put a hand on him, it might not turn out so good for Paul!

      • Paul’s too smart to do that. He’s played this game before and BB has a zero tolerance policy on violence. I think in the real world Cody could beat Paul in a fight, but I don’t think Paul would be afraid of him regardless. In the game of big brother Paul is smarter and has better control of his emotions, which is how he’s able to embarrass Cody and make him look like a royal prick on national tv.


      • I appreciate your service, but I’ve got bad news for you…

        I was in the Air Force for 8 years (during Desert Shield and Desert Storm) and have the Honorable Discharge to prove it.

      • I’ve never brought up my service before this season on the Big Brother boards. I only mention it in regards to why Cody’s actions and personality are bizarre for a service man who depends on a team (and them on the individual in return).

        If people want to talk Military service though… I can definitely do that. In relation to Cody vs. Paul in a fight (that didn’t happen, mind you)… Cody’s service doesn’t mean he could beat Paul and his martial arts training.

      • Although I am sure you didn’t post what you did to bring attention toward yourself, I have to say that you have my utmost respect and appreciation.

      • I really appreciate that. I signed up like a month after I graduated High School because it was just something I felt like I needed to do.

      • As scared as I would be, I would be one very, very proud Mamaw if any of my 4 grandson’s felt a strong conviction to serve our country.

      • The world is definitely becoming a scarier place for people in the military (of any country, really), and they definitely deserve respect and admiration today more than ever.

      • And that says a lot about you as a person. To have quietly served is admirable. I think it must bother a lot of veterans to watch Cody’s behavior

      • I’ve read about your service Carvin. I’m very impressed. anyway I think Baby Josh could beat him…He’s trained with Pots an Pans fighting.

      • I appreciate it, but I’m nothing spectacular by any means, lol.

        You’re probably right about Josh though. Jason was talking to Kevin about how tough Cody acts. Jason said that if he and Cody ever fought… That Cody might get some good hits in, but that he (Jason) would win the fight. Basically, nobody seems all that worried about Cody, lol.

      • I’ve been expecting some lazers to emit from those gazes of his. I’m not convinced those are “blank” stares.

      • They both cried like babies, but Paul acts like he LIVES for confrontation when he actually can’t handle it.

    • Blasting another player verbally/pots and pans to rile them up is so Big Bother. A cast member should be able to handle any adversity in the house, or they should quit. Production loves them on the show. ‘Pots and Pans’ is the most watched ‘ be honest. lol

      • It reminded me in a way of Amanda screaming at Elissa outside her room for like 20 minutes in season 15, lol.

      • Carvin..this is light weight compared to Amanda’s season. This is PG..that’s R…well I’ll give this PG13, because of Butt Gate. ha!

      • True enough! Does it speak poorly of my TV viewing character that 15 was one of my favorites from a viewing standpoint? Lol

      • lol..No, You appreciate ‘good characters on BB. thanks, I’m thinking of re-watching 15 sometime.

      • Good, as long as I’m in the clear, lol.

        Funny you should mention it, but after I finished watching season 13 (thanks for the Youtube tip by the way), I watched the first episode from season 15. It was weird that there were a few people I didn’t even remember, lol.

      • 15 is whack!. Crazy characters, Most of them lost their job. Very controversial season. The Pizza boy didn’t change his pajama In bed, with Amanda all season. lol

      • I’ll have to keep an eye out for that, but it sounds like Jason and his shirt. Or maybe Jason just packed 10 of them, lol.

    • It’s a strategy. He’s good at reading people and he knows codys a hothead. He’s trying to shake him up so he thinks irrationally (as Cody always does when he’s angry). He (P) did the same thing to paulie last year.

    • I think it’s a smart game move. Riling cody up and how cody reacts just reminds the house of their dislike of cody. I think it’s brilliant though alittle excessive but also I think he might be trying to start a fight so cody gets evicted by production

      • So you’re okay with Paul exploiting Josh’s mental and emotional immaturity to BULLY another HG for his own personal enjoyment and gain?

        You’re Seriously F**ked in the head!

        I hope everyone of you Cat Lady/Paul F**kers’ have kids that are or will get BULLIED in school and/or on-line!

  12. I wonder if it has occurred to any of the HG that depending on which have not decides to test the lockbox, that maybe both boxes have the same message. Jason’s story on BBAD about the Subway bag had me in tears.

  13. I thought it was interesting that Paul asked Production if anyone was safe for 3 weeks … the answer was No. So, I believe that this supports another thread discussion that when the HH is used, Julie will announce the jig is up. Production had to answer the question honestly, and Julie will make the announcement because NOT doing so would support Jessica’s gameplay.

    • Technically, the 4 weeks is possible if they tried to wait out the Halting Hex as Jessica had 4 weeks to use it. That is not counting the times she is able to win HOH and guarantees her safety and does not have to use the Halting Hex. The correct answer is it depends on what the big alliance does. At this stage, 2 weeks have been used up and any benefit to Cody and Jessica would be just one more week of safety if Paul did not challenge it! He did so, Jessica was safe for a total of 3 weeks! What Jessica was admonished on is saying that it would have a detrimental effect on the HOH. Even that is not a lie! By making it a non-eviction week, doesn’t that hurt the HOH? Of course it does! Now, Paul wasted his HOH and nobody gets evicted this week!

      • I think it was a good move on Paul’s part to put up Jody with the intention of calling out the protection Jessica claimed to have. I see that as the same gameplay when a Tribe knows someone has an idol, and they’ll vote to force the person to use it – now it’s out in the open/gone. The HH may or may not be gone this week, but if Jessica doesn’t use it, she’s certainly guaranteed her safety for the following week, and many folks now know the true nature of her “gift”.

  14. Thoughts:
    – Paul is TOO powerful. Production or not, somebody needs to take him out. Problem is the people who tried to take him out (Cody, Dominique) are complete dunces who don’t know how to. This is like Vanessa all over again.
    – Cody is clearly not cut out for this game. He’s just emotionally constipated and anti social. Had he played this game strategically (like he’s supposed to) he wouldn’t be in the position he was. Some can say people ran to Paul, but to be fair Cody DID isolate his early alliance. I say unless Jess decides to use the hex to save both of them, he’s effed.
    – I know I harped on Jess for just being Cody’s puppet, but here I’m starting to respect her more for thinking for herself. She’s starting to realize that Cody isn’t helping her game and if she wants to be good with the house she should just let him sink. Not to mention she’s starting to step out of Cody’s aloof mentality and talking to people. I really hope she shapes herself up because I feel bad harping on her….
    – I’m surprised Josh isn’t expelled yet considering his attitude. But to be fair Evel Dick didn’t get expelled either.
    – Mark and Elena are complete dunces. They’re pretty much effed once Cody goes.

    • I’m a Paul fan as I’m sure everyone knows. So, while I am all for him going all the way… The person best prepared to take him out a few weeks down the road is Alex in my opinion. I think she’s his true ally for now, but as it starts getting near the end, she is the only one that seems bright enough to know what has to be done.

      • Yep…I am on the same thought train…And Alex is the only female in the house that does not live to see her reflection in the many house mirrors…

      • Some people don’t realize the work Paul put in his game. Watching the ‘feeds, his alliance with Alex is much more solid, as they both exchange info. that’s privy only to them. Alex has Jason/sub alliance in her pocket. While Paul has Kevin and a loyal pet Josh..and the rest is his sub alliance. lol..and that’s how you play the game.

      • I agree. Its just if anyone does eventually wake up and decides to go after Paul, I’d guess it would be Alex.

        However, I don’t think she’d do it in a sneaky way. I think she likes Paul enough to tell him up front. If it happens, I’m guessing it happens when there are 4 HGs left or so.

      • The ‘talk’ around BB Podcasters like RHAP..Group of eight wont stick together long. Somebody is going to flip, and that would be Jason, based on his good game play. He also questions Alex..”Why do we have to go to Paul all the time?”

      • True, but he also questioned Paul about Alex. He asked Paul twice what he thought about Alex in a way that seemed to suggest Jason isn’t sure about being allied with her. Paul could take that to Alex (if he hasn’t already). Of course, that’s what makes for good TV, right? :)

      • Sounds like he’s playing the game. That mf, I hope he doesn’t ruin this season for

  15. Have I missed something? Is there something going on between Christmas & Kevin?

      • Fair enough, but I think he knows he’s a little old for these house guests lol. Christmas has been playing a superb social game, so she’s probably just flirting with everyone (including the girls) as a strategy.

      • all the ladies carry on with Kevin…sit on his lap..kiss his cheek..ask his opinion..confide in him…Kevin (in their opinion) is a safe harbor in an unknown port…

    • Kevin has 6 daughters (I believe) so he would know better than most how to deal with the females in the house…I think its a friendship thing with all the ladies..but he does have pet peeves that he voices about them on occasion…

      • I was hoping there was nothing going on, but the picture above suggests otherwise.

      • Yeah, but Christmas has been rubbing on Paul and Elena too so far this season. I think she’s just a touchy feely kinda gal.

  16. What the heck is going on with Kevin’s pants? I think Christmas may have a little crush on Kevin.

  17. So Paul has suggested that if Jess uses the HH and stops the eviction (a reset in his mind) then Jess becomes the target for next week if she or Cody don’t win HoH. Now that would be something — Jess saves Cody this week and then she gets booted out before him

  18. Cody was never going to win this game,became pretty clear from the beginning that he wanted to smother the other BB house guests with a pillow while they slept,not exactly a endearing trait or winning formula.

  19. Let me describe Cody in personal terms,if for some reason found myself stranded on an island with him,would rush to the beach and willing drown myself in the first wave.

  20. One of my best friends has been watching since BB16 and called this “the most white trash hot mess season yet”. If only she saw BB15!

    Personally, I’m loving all the drama and mess. BB19 has been great so far, if not for gameplay but drama. Keep it coming!

  21. Early final six predictions?

    I’m gonna guess…
    Raven (ugh)
    Matt (ugh)

    Jessica and Cody are such huge targets that I don’t see them getting farther than the next 3/4 weeks. I see Paul getting Paulie’d on an Alex HOH around final 8.

    • Paul

      I’m not sure about Elena to be honest, but I think Alex won’t go after Paul until somewhere right around 6 or 7 HGs left.

      • I feel like Elena is a target that will get voted out on a week that she/Mark are nominated and he wins veto (just a premonition).

        Josh not final 6? Who’s going to target him/actually vote him out?

      • I don’t have anyone in mind for voting out Josh, but Paul was talking and mentioned that Josh is always Plan B for their side of the house. I just figured with 6 more people needing to go before final 6… Plan B is bound to happen by then.

        I went with Elena because she is now trying to distance herself from Mark, and also because she really seems to be pretty decent at comps.

    • My final 6 since, we are putting out our guesses, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Cody, Jessica, Mark. We might be at the tipping point next week when the fireworks start! Rooting for a Cody HOH to make sure Paul or a minion gets sent home! It should be a rinse and repeat while, they are in the Big Brother House. Nothing to lose but, everything to gain! Keep winning and keep putting people up and evicting them from the Big Brother House. Alex if she was smart, would strike a deal with Cody and Jessica to blindside and evict Paul! Once, Paul gets evicted, his minions would scatter and not know how to play! You can then, pick them off one by one and evict them as it should be! Kevin might switch sides if he sees Jessica’s side with the upper hand.

      • This seems like an incredibly optimistic prediction and contingent on if things go completely right for Jess/Cody which, let’s face it, seems highly unlikely.

        Interesting how all three of us agree that Alex and Kevin will make final six.

  22. I wish they would stop playing Jury House and Paul Wins a Half a Million and Step to Stardom and play Big Brother. I hope Cody/Jessica get rid of Paul next week and the following week any combination of Silent Matt, Raven, or Christmas on the block, anyone of them being evicted

    I don’t understand how they let Paul convinced them Jury is the grand prize when he never went to Jury House. He is playing to win so he could buy his mother the Bentley he promised her last year.

    • Alex and Jason are playing great games, but the rest are going after each other over personal ish and overlooking the real threat (Paul). I think either/or will make a big move when it’s time.

  23. If Paul goes through with nominating Elena, I will be so excited to watch this plan blow up in his face come Thursday

    • How does it blow up in his face? He knows what the HH is, Jess has told him. He’ll still have forced her to use it.

      • Because Paul was so sure he knew what the temptation was, then he would have been blindsided. I’m also not sure where Elena is at this point, so if she finally gets she is at the bottom, then that works for me. It’s a shame Jess said something.

      • Jess should have kept her mouth shut, then Paul would have been blindsided and his HoH would have blown up in his face. Now, her bluff’s been called and the HH will most likely be used.

      • Yeah, that’s what I meant. It would have made for an entertaining episode Thursday, but Jess told him. Bummer.

    • Like Tr8ppng3 said, he at least forces her to get rid of the temptation. Sure, nobody goes home if she uses it (unlike it just protecting Jess like they seem to think), but it still puts the House on an even playing field next week.

      • But her closest ally would stay. I don’t think there is any benefit of getting rid of Cody for her. Although they could land in the same position next week, there is a better chance of one of them winning HOH than a majority of the other houseguests. Especially if Paul cannot play.

      • I see where you’re coming from, but its a weird situation this week. The rest of the House is pretty united right now, and their only targets are Cody and Jess. So, they can’t get rid of them this week, but they can at least make sure their safety only lasts 1 week instead of next week as well.

        The only other person the House would probably agree on is Mark and he won safety. Elena has been distancing herself from Mark so she’s not at the top of people’s hit list either.

        The best thing that could happen for everyone including Jess, is for Paul to pull down Jess, nominate a pawn and see if Jess uses the Hex to save Cody who is the one person hurting her game the most.

      • And if Jess is smart, she should follow Cody’s “orders” and not save him, because he IS hurting her game! But the possibility of looking at Jody for another week – or maybe longer – ugh! 🤢

      • True, and while Paul’s conversation with Jess about how everyone likes her, may have been his attempt to convince Jess to let Cody go… It was also truth because a lot of people did socialize with her while Cody was gone.

      • True. It’s pretty much a no win situation for Jess. She is going to be a target no matter what, might as well keep an ally in the game.

        Well that’s what Paul was planning on doing. Before Jess told him what the HH did, he was going to use the veto on Jess and nominate Elena. He only thought Jess could save one person, so that would have blown up in his face. I was really hoping that would happen.

      • I don’t know. I think Jess would be okay for a few weeks if Cody was evicted. I mean, Alex would get rid of her in a heartbeat but I think she would at least survive a couple of weeks with Alex not in power. Unless Jody keeps winning HOHs, I’m not sure she has that long.

        Regardless, I’m looking forward to this Thursday and to seeing who the next HOH is because its probably about to get really interesting.

      • Paul to Alex- She (Jess) said I want two weeks not on the block cause I dont want to use my Hex. We will put her right on the block #BB19

        *From BB updates

        I am looking forward to Thursday, too. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want Mark to win.

    • The ‘hype on her HH has gone down, since she told almost every one in the house. The big alliance almost zeroed in’ the cause and effect of her HH. So it will be more of a curiosity come Thursday.

  24. Well Paul knows exactly what the Hex is all about..Jessica finally told him…

  25. That picture of Kevin above makes me think that he’s reliving his youth in this game. What happened to the vest and tie.

  26. Interesting negotiation just happened between Paul and Jess. I’m wondering if either side really means any of what they’re saying. Jess promising not to use HH if she’s guaranteed 2 weeks safety and that the next HoH goes after Alex! why would they give her that when the HH is only good for one week. But wait after she leaves Paul talking to some of the group and he’s got a plan. LOL, he never stops playing

    • She is even more naively ignorant than I thought if she believes anything they tell her. She admits she was left out of all the game talk when Cody was evicted and that she thinks no one has her back. They evicted Ramses on her HOH watch. How dumb is she? Guess we’ll find out.

      • I think we know the answer to your last question, and its not good news for Jess. I think Paul would possibly honor the 2 weeks of safety though. There are always Mark and Elena after all, but I don’t think he has any intentions of honoring the part about someone putting up Alex.

        Actually, if the deal was just to put Alex up… Alex against Mark would fulfill the deal and keep Alex safe at the same time.

      • His plan is to agree, take Jess down with veto, put up pawn and then vote Cody out anyway, Evil, ha. Oh, and not tell Marlena…..again!

      • Yep, then he could honor Jessica’s 2 weeks of safety by evicting Elena and Mark in back to back weeks (unless Jess wins and gets rid of Josh, of course)! This is what great BB game play is all about!

        If this plan actually happens… Let the Paul Haters beware!!!! LOL

      • Oh you know it! Plus, if Jess and Paul came together in this deal, you’d finally see the Paul Haters admit that Production was rigging stuff for Jess too!

      • Truthfully, I’ve seen sparks of a strategic and intelligent mind with Jess. But when she plays with Chucky the doll, her brain suffers the consequences.

      • Yeah, that’s the Jessica I’m referring to. She was a different person and much better player when Cody was gone. Right now though, Cody is making the poor gal confused and she’s not acting in her best interests.

        This deal with Paul sounds like its the best thing for her game right now, so lets see if she can shake the cobwebs, that Cody has been hanging around her brain, and save her game.

    • Paul stays about 3 weeks ahead of the rest of this cast, lol. I have nothing but the greatest of BB admiration for the way he plans and schemes.

    • Ha! Seriously? I knew Paul doesn’t want her to use it, that’s the goal. A Poster said, 100% she’s gonna use it, and that was Thursday, and it’s only Sunday….that was fast. Of course Paul would lie to her..remember it’s BB. I feel bad for her, but she’s a gift that keep giving. lol

    • You know that Jess told Kevin James yesterday that the HH was only good for either this week or the next, so he has had that info. I have yet to see on Jokers or Online BB where he shared it with Paul. I know Kevin told the details about the HH that she lied about to him a few days ago. I still have my red flags up with Kevin James.

      • Yeah, I know Paul is aware that Kevin was behind the first “hinky” vote (and of course he put Kevin up to his 2nd hinky vote), but it seems like he’s in the dark regarding Kevin sharing info with Jessica.

      • Gotta give him some credit though. He’s smarter than he lets on. He plays dumb and gathers information then doesn’t get caught using it to his advantage. Kevin’s playing a really interesting game right now but it’s working for him.

      • I think he is one sneaky dude and at the moment it does seem to be in his favor. He’d better hope that Jason doesn’t spill the convo to Alex that just happened between he and Kevin. I’m not sure that Alex would keep that info from Paul, but I’d love to find out just how many people would currently be willing to entertain the idea of evicting Paul.

      • If people start comparing notes, Kev could be in trouble. I haven’t been on the feeds yet today, so I don’t know what convo you’re referring to but Jason does have a big mouth and a bad social game. Not exactly the best guy to trust with secrets….

      • I’m hoping Jason spills the beans but Kevin would just tell Paul that he was testing Jason

      • I don’t want anything to go back to Paul. Jason, Alex and Kevin should plot Paul’s demise.

      • Kevin James said they needed to get Paul out and referenced him as having a Napoleon Complex.

      • It’s funny that both Paul and Cody have referred to each other in the same way.

      • I gave him that name after he informed Jess of the blindside plans. That’s something James Huling did more than once.

      • Ugh he got that from Cody which I don’t even get because Cody’s not that much taller than Paul.

      • And we know what else that means……

        I’ve been saying I think Cody is the one with the small man complex…..just not with his height

      • I don’t think he really knows the game that much, but he plays that up a lot the fact that he doesn’t know the game. I noticed he has some good instincts though…I hope he shuts up and just float.

      • I’m a very skeptical person, normally, and my radar has been pointed at Kevin James from the beginning. Maybe it’s because I have known a couple of people that Kevin reminds me of and they were both trouble making scoundrels. That can be good and bad in the BB house. I’m not sure about Kevin James, but him helping put the kibosh on the blindside made me feel a little justified in my skepticism of him. If you’re going to be a scoundrel, be a good one.

      • Kevin James? lol The names you give the players every season makes me laugh.

      • I could NEVER make you laugh as much as you do me with your
        t-shirts, tattoos, and other artistic endeavors. Speaking of t-shirts, you need to use an overnight service. I can’t wait to wear my spread eagle Baby Meatball shirt to Walmart.

  27. Why is production providing Paul with info on the Hex Jessica has? How is it no one else was provided this info? The game should be whatever anyone sells see if it holds otherwise they should be against people not being themselves and lying etc across the game. That is a serious cheat and advantage for Paul. If production wants a scripted show put on a sitcom.

  28. Mark is so pathetic. I find girls behaving that way over a guy is more of the norm, but he needs to stop it is embarrassing.

  29. Notice that every time Jess gets mad at Cody, he plays on her sympathy, telling her he just wants out, don’t use the HH on him.

  30. Jessica told Christmas all about her HH. She came clean to her and they kissed and made up. From my understanding!? So if Christmas knows the true details, wouldn’t Paul also? I mean I guess they could think Jessica is lying!

    I don’t like thought Jessica’s HH had to be fully revealed, no secrets or lies behind it. Isn’t that the whole promises of this game?
    I just think it is BS Paul didn’t have to reveal anything about his four weeks safety, but Jessica has to! I know it’s a little different but I still don’t agree with it!!!

  31. Elena needs to wise up. Its too late to run back to the other side. That’s a doomed decision. Mark, finally, is right about something — an alliance of 4 CAN make a big difference. Win a few comps in a row, and the numbers change, and people begin to switch sides. Its only obvious, Elena. Wake up.

  32. I TRULY SMELL A DOUBLE EVICTION COMING ON THURSDAY! Which means that a pawn might get blindsided just like Ramsey.

  33. Jessica is so stupid, throwing her whole game away on an emotionless jerk. not a fan of her or cody

  34. Why is production giving Paul information – telling him details about the Halting Hex? As Ramses said, Paul is running the show. The “floaters” cannot think 1 step ahead. When Cody and Jessica are gone, who do you think Paul will go for?

  35. If Jessica doesn’t use the HH, wouldn’t the smart move be to vote her out? That would end the HH and break up the two of them. I would like to see Cody’s game without Jessica. Then again, who would want to have Cody in the jury house.

  36. Finally Elena says why mess up my game for a shomance she gets that she’s really here to play a game besides these showmances were too quickly formed

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