Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: HoH Competition & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the Houseguests are reunited with Cody Nickson following Friday’s special Battle Back Showdown episode, but not everyone is going to be too excited about that. There’s always a Head of Household competition and some noms if someone wants to do something about it.

Big Brother 19 HGs compete for HoH

Starting at 8/7c, if there are no sports delays, we’ll pick up with the HGs competing in an endurance competition, yes we missed this while the Feeds were down and that’s very frustrating, where it’s rumored to have gone on for hours before a victor emerged. Then it’ll be on to picking this week’s target.

Don’t forget that Jessica has a mighty Temptation power, the Halting Hex, which will let her stop one of the next three evictions. It’s going to shock HGs when it happens and will be great for making sure we get a Double Eviction in the mix to make up for the schedule impact!

Gallery: Head of Household Comp Sneak Peek

By the end of the night we’ll see two more Houseguests on the Block and ready to compete for the Power of Veto, their chance at safety this week.

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Big Brother episodes live on CBS All Access

Can’t wait to find out who won HoH and who was nominated? Check our spoilers board for all the latest results and updates for the season so far.

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  1. Does anyone know what Cody meant by saying Christmas had an advantage in this HOH comp? I read it mentioned that her scooter was there (with her during the comp) but, to me, it looks as if she is still standing in the pictures and not sitting, so, I do not see how her scooter was helpful. Maybe someone else has heard something…?? If you have let me know.

    • In the picture above her one leg is resting on something, can’t tell if it is the scooter. That’s what I thought Cody was referring to also

  2. I truly hope that Raven and her salt and pepper BF would soon get evicted from the house! They have no game plan whatsoever. , just riding on the wings of others!

  3. Allright, let’s get this show on the road. Too bad the race at Indianapolis is not complete.

  4. After knowing what happened, all I can wonder is what in the world are these people thinking. Not very bright.

    • Cody is good looking with a nice bod. I liked him the first time he walked into the house, but he is an arrogant a**hole.

    • He has that scowl permanently etched on his face when he is dealing with anyone or anything else. Wonder if he thinks it makes him looks tough and mean, not like a douche bag. Notice how, as soon as he gets into the house he loses his shirt again…lol

  5. LMAO!!!!!
    Josh is obnoxiously funny.
    Did anyone see whether Jessica’s stick was glued to the board. I saw everyone’s except for hers.

  6. People turned their backs on them? Give me a fucking break, they hid up in the HOH and Have Not room until Cody was evicted.

  7. What happened to I’ll do it differently this time around?

    • The stock price of Kellog’s would drop if Matt leaves the show. That could disrupt the entire market for cereal.

  8. I want to see how Josh plays this now. Does he have the capability to reel it in or will he just continue to explode?

    • At least Kevin publically says how bad Josh is acting.I generally don’t pick favorites in this game and I watch like an umpire – calling it as I see it. But JOsh is just so dislikeable. You can lose, you can backstab – but have some class. This kid has none

  9. I’m sure Paul and his crew loved every minute of Josh’s outburst because that will make him a huge target for both Cody and Jess.

  10. Meant to say this during the comp, but I forgot to post this, for whatever reason, so here it is now.

    Josh needs to stop trying to make “meatball” a thing. It’s never gonna happen.

  11. So unfair that Christmas got to lean on that scooter. Never in BB history has anyone left the house for so long and Benny’s able to come back and then come back injured.

  12. I hate that I am still physically attracted to Cody. I cant stop staring at this legs lol (I like legs!)

  13. yawn. I already watched all the behind kissing on the feeds. I think is dumb for these people to target them, throw trash and now are up their behinds.

    • I see him cracking some time after the Veto Ceremony. I could be wrong, but I’m predicting it now.

      • I hope not, but I have predicted the whole time that he is going to crack. He is itching to say something stupid funny. He asked Paul if he can say something after veto ceremony and Paul said no, not until the votes.

  14. They need to put Josh in solitary (re Dan) as his part of the Hex curse..but 24 hours won’t cut it ..They need to do it till 5 minutes before eviction Thursday…I will be surprised if he makes it to keep his mouth shut through the POV ceremony.. Bad choice and move by the other HGs Not just risky dam dangerous…

  15. I would love for the house to foil Cody’s and Jessica’s plan BUT I really want Josh to go. He is such a strange character.

      • Believe you me, I know that. I like having fun here since there aren’t many other places I can have that…too many around me are way too serious for me here at home. I want to laugh the rest of my life, so those who cannot make me do that, I don’t spend a lot of time with.

    • I haven’t seen this evening’s episode yet, and already I’m worn out from Josh. He really needs a time-out.

  16. I truly think that Josh is in the closet. …Meaning. ….You know what. … Lol. Just an observation.

    • Hopefully the other end of that closet is a door leading out of the house. I don’t want to see him in jury.

      • I’m with you on that. Do not want his vote to be the one to keep the person that deserves to win at the end from doing just that!

  17. One thing this episode showed me is that I do not think if Josh stays it will be quite the devastation to Jody that the other house guests are wanting. I know Jody really wants Josh out but their biggest goal this week was to not make waves with the other group. Well it will show Jody where the loyalties lie with others in the house that could be a good thing for their game going forward. But I think this is going to be more of a blindside for a ELena and Mark that they were kept out of the loop. Jody already knows that they can’t trust many people in the house, it’s Mark and Elena that are that are going to be shcked the most I think.

    • Yes, is a good observation. It isn’t the worst thing for josh to stay – especially since Jess has the hex. But Maven’s cards will be fully exposed. And if they think Paul or Alex (and thus Jason) or Kev cares, they (Maven) need to think again. Paul is using them as his soldiers to do his dirty work to get rid of a guy that he (Paul) cannot control (Ramses) and “disobeyed” Paul by not throwing the veto a couple weeks back

  18. UH OH JESSICA MAY BE ON TO THE PLAN…Raven gave her an evasive answer when she asked ” IS THE VOTE GONNA BE UNANIMOUS'” ??? So Josh maybe going out the door after all…But Jessica has not said who she will put up if she takes down Ramses ..

      • I know I am watching…This is gonna be interesting…Talks over for now.. If Jessica does put up Alex there will be an all out war this week and next…And then Jessica needs to ask herself ( better to ask Cody) why Cody is so against putting Alex up?? . Incidents like this are the ones where I get no sleep…I am on the feeds all nite…I hate when the calm is about to shattered..

    • Cody wants her to keep it the same. He tells he what to do without actually telling her.

  19. Watching the way the entire house was ganging up on Jessica and Cody, and how they allowed foul-mouthed Josh to call them out like that was so disappointing. Its sad watching an entire house of minions gang up against two people. Really hoping for Jessica and Cody to make it far to spite everyone because at least they are competitors.

    • I know what you mean. The rest of the house already got back at JODY by evicting Cody. Can’t people at least play respectably toward Jessica and Cody now? Here it is two weeks later, and the original alliance are still bitter at Cody and taking it out on Jessica too.

      For all the viewers who still think Cody is a jerk, I think he was quite respectable in this competition. He could easily have asked for a punishment on Christmas. Why should she get special consideration just because she hurt her leg/foot? If she wants to play, she should be treated like everyone else. Maybe he didn’t ask for her to get punished because tar, cement, or garbage poured on the cast would have ruined it. Cody was also remarkably restrained, putting up with one punishment after another and heckling from that buffoon, Josh.

      I’m proud of Jessica for all that she accomplished during the stop light competition.

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