Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 4: Saturday Highlights

It was Veto Day for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests as Paul and company quietly worked on their secret plan to set up yet another blindside for Jessica & Cody, but they still needed to get through Saturday’s competition first.

Matthew hangs out on Big Brother 19

Since Cody’s return Jessica continued to withdraw to the world of Jody instead of spending as much time with the other HGs like she did last week. Taking her thumb off the House pulse could cost her this week.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 22, 2017:

9:20 AM BBT – Few HGs getting up and changing batteries. Quiet morning. Jason tells Mark in the Storage room that nothing has changed for him despite Cody’s return.

9:35 AM BBT – Cody tells Jason he was happy to see Dominique walk out on stage behind him as the next evicted HG.

9:40 AM BBT – Cody plans to hold back his feelings more this time, but that doesn’t mean he’s trusting them more this time. Cody tells Jason he doesn’t think anyone but the two of them and Alex.

9:50 AM BBT – Jason takes credit for getting Alex to nominate Dominique.

10:00 AM BBT – Cody is praising Jason and drawing him in telling him that only he (J) and Alex have been loyal to him.

10:05 AM BBT – Jason tells Cody that Paul told everyone to stick together and vote out the returning HG.

10:07 AM BBT – Jason went to the bathroom and talked to himself that he didn’t know what to do. Possibly conflicted over supporting Cody and Jessica this week to get out Josh or Paul to get our Ramses.

10:10 AM BBT – Cody lets Jessica know that Jason admitted that he didn’t vote for Cody to stay. They’ve figured out it was Christmas instead.

10:55 AM BBT – Paul is pushing on Jason that this is their chance to get our Ramses and they need to take advantage of the opportunity while they have it. Paul suggests that keeping Josh will be good since he’d go after Jessica, Cody, and Mark for them.

12:10 PM BBT – Kevin talks with Christmas about the potential for Cody to start winning comps. Kevin worries Cody plays for Veto and saves Ramses to thwart their plans, but Christmas doesn’t think Cody is clued in on that yet. Kevin also concerned that Matthew and Mark are falling back in to line with Cody. Christmas thinks Matthew is only acting the part. (That seems to be the case.)

1:47 PM BBT – Feeds return from picking Veto players. Christmas, Cody, and Jason were added to the list.

1:55 PM BBT – Christmas and Matthew discuss how Mark and Elena are floating between their side and Cody & Jessica.

2:00 PM BBT – Christmas says they have to watch out for Elena because she’s very smart, remembers everything, and does the thinking for Mark.

2:05 PM BBT – Matthew suggests they throw HoH to Alex or Jason to let them go after Cody & Jessica or Mark & Elena. Christmas says she would do that (throw HoH).

2:10 PM BBT – Jessica promises Ramses she’ll fight hard to win the Veto to make sure it’s Josh going this week.

2:15 PM BBT – Jessica warns Alex that she might think she can control Josh’s vote, but he’s more of a wildcard than she realizes. Jessica says they need Josh out now so they can get to work on the bigger targets next. Alex promises to consider that.

2:30 PM BBT – Cody rallying Mark telling him they’ve got strength and weapons here to keep them going for weeks. Mark tells Cody he was so excited to see him coming back. Mark promises they have nothing to worry about him and his loyalty.

2:50 PM BBT – Cody tells Mark he thinks Christmas got the second Temptation (correct) and someone else close to Paul probably got the third (Cody knows it was Jessica). Mark says he thought Jessica got the third one, but Cody doesn’t reveal that.

3:00 PM BBT – Alex lets Jason know that Jessica was asking for her vote to get out Josh. Alex advises Jason to never promise a vote but only to say you’d consider it. Jason asks if they’re going to side with Cody & Jessica or Paul & Kevin. Alex says they’re going with Paul & Kevin. Alex suggests they can try to pin a vote flip on Mark if it’s close.

3:20 PM BBT – Paul tells Cody they’re in a good position to win the Veto this week over Josh. He suggests everyone in the comp is smarter than Josh and can beat him.

5:19 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the comp. Jessica won the Veto. She tells Cody that’s the second Veto competition he threw. They discuss Christmas threw it too. HGs are covered in bright paint so possibly the exploding memory challenge.

5:25 PM BBT – Raven asks Paul if they definitely have the votes to evict Ramses. Paul says they do as long as her and Matthew stick with the plan.

5:30 PM BBT – Mark tells Paul that Jessica won’t use the Veto. Paul says that Josh will be evicted.

5:35 PM BBT – Cody lets Jessica know that Mark thinks she got the Temptation. Jessica believes Mark was fishing for info when he suggested she won it. Cody says he kept a straight face and didn’t reveal anything.

5:40 PM BBT – Cody says he doesn’t know if he can trust Mark and he was disloyal the first time.

6:10 PM BBT – Josh talks with Jason to confirm he’s voting to keep him this week. Jason says he will.

6:20 PM BBT – Kevin doesn’t understand why Jessica would leave Ramses up against Josh if she really wants Josh out. He thinks she should have put up someone more well liked to make sure Josh went home. Paul suggests Jessica doesn’t want to make more waves by doing a renom.

6:45 PM BBT – Paul warns his group to play it cool and make sure there’s no suspicion to make her do a renom. He advises Josh to go tell Jessica that he (J) wants to keep the rest of the week civil and calm.

6:50 PM BBT – Kevin is sure that Josh will mess this up and reveal the plan. He says if Raven goes up then Josh is done.

6:55 PM BBT – Josh is camtalking and excited that he’s going to blindside Jessica & Cody. He plans to act dejected this week so they don’t see it coming. Josh is looking forward to going after Mark as well for how he flipped back to Cody so quickly.

7:10 PM BBT – Josh still talking away alone in the Lounge. He’s a little nervous that he could go home but still excited for the chance to surprise the other side.

7:50 PM BBT – Paul says Josh is playing everything up very well and acting like Dominique last week when she withdrew and hid in the Lounge. Paul suggests their next move could be going after Mark.

8:10 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that the house is celebrating the idea of getting Josh out. Cody thinks the house is about to wake up and realize they need to get Paul out. Cody says Paul has little man syndrome and is 5’5″. (Cody isn’t that much taller than Paul.)

8:20 PM BBT – Jessica says she trusts Matthew, but not Raven and she trusts Elena, but not Mark.

8:20 PM BBT – Josh asks Paul if he can explode after the Veto meeting is over. Paul tells him no, that he has to play it cool until the week is done.

8:30 PM BBT – HGs got alcohol tonight. Jessica credits production’s excitement that Josh is going home this week… Cody hopes Josh gets boo’d on the way out the door.

8:35 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody agree that Elena is in a good position. They say they’d vote for her if she got to F2.

8:40 PM BBT – Mark assures Jessica that Josh will get evicted and believes they have the votes.

9:20 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven they’ll have to lie to Cody & Jessica about voting out Josh. He’s worried though that if Cody, Mark, or Elena get HoH then he’ll be going up for lying about the vote. He says he’ll stick to the plan, but it’s risky. Raven doesn’t think it matters so much whether or not they support Jessica’s plan or Paul’s.

9:25 PM BBT – Paul trying to ease Matthew’s concerns. He points out that Josh staying is a vote for their side but Ramses would vote with the other side. Paul admits it’s risky, but will help tilt the odds to their favor.

9:30 PM BBT – Paul points out this was a big mistake by Jessica and Cody to put Ramses on the Block and they need to take advantage of this opportunity while they can.

9:40 PM BBT – Paul tells Ramses to just play it cool and let Josh keep being the target this week.

10:25 PM BBT – Mark wonders if production gave them alcohol tonight because Josh is going. Elena says they wouldn’t do that.

10:30 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that Josh offered to keep it civil this week. She says that’s on him.

10:40 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh they have the votes and it could be 7-3 this week. Josh wonders about Kevin, but Christmas says he’s with them. They both think Jessica will keep noms the same this week.

10:50 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas agree that Mark needs to go and will continue to flip between sides. Christmas says the HGs are starting to catch on to Elena’s game. They want Mark and Elena out.

12:20 AM BBT – Jessica has been catching Cody up on what he missed while he was gone. She explains how Dominique isolated herself and Paul told her not to talk with Dominique. Jessica also goes through The Wall competition.

12:35 AM BBT – Cody doesn’t like that Alex put Jessica up. Jessica suggests she probably should have nominated Alex this week, but says she didn’t because things are good with Jason. They decide that Ramses was a great pawn to use.

12:50 AM BBT – Kevin is holding story time again.

2:00 AM BBT – Lights are off and HGs have gone to bed.

Everything is lining up for Paul, Christmas, Alex, and their side, but they’ve still got another day or two to keep things quiet if they want Jessica to leave the noms alone. So far it’s working, but things can fall apart quickly on Big Brother.

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  1. Matt’s strategy is always to throw the HoH or Veto to someone else. SMH. Did he really come here for a paid vacation or is he too intimidated to play? I’ve heard of lying low but this seems beyond that. Such a disappointment

    • I agree, Matt and Raven are so under the radar that they hardly talk game except throwing the hoh or go with Paul’s plan. I thought Matt would be a good player but nah, i still can’t even pick a houseguest to root for.

      • I have a weird feeling that he could start to play a game when he feels that he’s safe, but idk, honestly (just making a comment base on this few weeks) he’s a little bit disappointing.

      • I think if we had to play hard he would have but he doesn’t need to so he’s just sitting back eating his cereal. I don’t necessarily think it was bad to cast him, but because of the way everything worked out, he just didn’t have togo hard or go home.

      • If Matt is not careful, he might arrive home after the show and find that the production company has billed him for going over budget on all that cereal.

    • This is only week 4. He stayed up for a long time right next to Cody week 1. He was attempting the candy crush challenge and not just giving tickets to Paul, stayed on the wall way longer than Josh or Mark. And he has been chosen for one veto. No, he hasn’t won anything, but neither has the majority of the house. I think he is in a good position.

      • That’s true! I didn’t look at it that way. But yes, very very true. I think because the game was played hard week one, really actually day one, we think it’s farther in then it really is.

    • We are barely a month into the game. For all we know Matt could crank it up 3 weeks from now and suddenly everyone will be saying how brilliant it was he laid low and then turned it up once all the self imploaders left.

      It’s still just too soon to assume these things about people.

  2. I see production still has Paul and his little minions at work,and protecting Paul and doing his work, if it isn’t rigged by production for drama , this is the stupidest group yet on Big Brother, plan and simple if you don’t get the vets out early they win, really beginning to believe this is as staged as a play.

    • Not necessarily. They’ll prob throw in a new comp or two that levels the playing field. If the vet can’t win, then he’s probably gone.

  3. Is Jessica dumb? Christmas is def a better pawn than Ramses at this point. How is she not even considering that? Absolutely mind blown. I hope Kevin tells Jessica that. Then, it’ll be more likely that Paul’s plan crumbles. Also, Paul targeted Ramses two weeks ago. How has Jody still not caught on to what might happen to Ramses?

    • Jessica and Cody are being cocky cause Jessica has the HH…But there is still the matter of the curse…Jessica and Cody have not to my knowledge discussed the curse and if it would affect how she could use the HEX..That is why Paul is constantly gaming plotting and planning…Don’t ever get complacent in the BB house just because u think u have an edge…In the BB house u sleep with ur eyes open and ur ear to the wall…..gonna be interesting to find out what the curse will be….

      • I am rooting for Cody and Jessica. (Well, technically, my favorite is Matt but he sucks at this game so Cody and Jessica it is.) But in both instances when Jody had the HOH, they isolated themselves because they had the structural power, especially this time because they have HOH and veto. But that’s now how this game works. At all. Like a houseguest said a few seasons ago, once the HOH has put up nominees for eviction and the veto holder has done his or her thing, except for a tie, the power is gone. Jody should be busting their butts to make sure everything is going to plan. The reason Saturday has been such a fruitful day for Paul and his servants is because Jody hasn’t challenged anyone at all. They are going to be blindsided again…and despite me rooting for them…they will deserve it because they are upstairs in the HOH room, doing the horizontal tango.

      • It is like you spoke the words out of my own mind. Except I’m not a Cody/Jessica fan, however, I do like the drama they bring as opposition to Paul. Imo, BB is always better when the house is divided!
        But as far as the rest of your comment…you’ve hit the nail right on the head. They are too self-absorbed and antisocial to be good BB players and that is why they are constantly out of the loop of what is *really* going on in the house. And (once again) they will have no one to blame for the situation but themselves!

      • Jessica definitely was playing better when Cody was out of the house. She started being more social with the others. once Cody came back that part of her went away.

      • It has long been my impression that Jessica was thinking of her relationship with Cody as far more than a showmance, and Cody finally started really valuing Jessica when he was evicted. (Remember what he said to her in his pre-eviction speech about how much she had stood by him and how humbled he was?) Now that he’s back in the house, and JODY apparently (I’m basing this on the summaries from the feeds) has had some wins, maybe the two of them are more focused on their relationship than on the game. I did not say they have given up on it or are trying to get evicted, but merely that the game may not be the top priority in their minds anymore. She’s 26 and probably not wanting to reach the big three-zero without a serious long-term relationship. He’s in his early 30’s, has a daughter (which locks down his life to a great extent) and maybe he realizes that he is lucky to have a girl who cares about him as much as Jessica does and is so loyal and whose looks he evidently appreciates. What I am saying might explain why, as people are saying here, the two of them are not mingling with everyone else. One final reason: They probably know that the only people in the house they can trust are each other, and everyone else will lie to their faces. Dealing with all of that every day, 24 hours per day has to get exhausting and unappealing especially when there is someone in the house you think you are falling in love with.

      • You know, I can totally appreciate what you are saying and I would even hazard a guess to say you’re pretty spot on here in your analysis… I know I can totally remember being young and utterly in to my ex-husband! ;) We could barely keep our hands to ourselves too! hehe

        However, Cody & Jessica came on BB to win a half million dollars, not to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. They could have it all if they would simply stop being so absorbed with each other and really pay attention to what is going on around them in the house. After everything that has happened in the house, those two *should* expect a blindside! I mean seriously…they absolutely should (at the very least) consider the possibility, but instead, they simply act as if their will shall be done simply because they are in power for the week and BB doesn’t work that way.

        Imo, Cody & Jessica’s terminal BB flaws are that they do not learn from their mistakes and they do not adapt to the flow of the game.

        Ps…I am not a fan of either Cody or Jessica, but I am a fan of BB, therefore, my comments are purely from a game perspective.

      • Your point is well taken, that Jessica and Cody are in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win $500,000, and it might be permanently slipping away from them right now. (Their friends and family might be yelling something like this to their TV screens and monitors.) Humans make some of our least rational decisions when sexuality is involved. If JODY works out in the long-term, the two of them might not even care about the half-million; if it does not work out, I think they will regret getting distracted by each other while on the show. Whether they are a good match in a
        long-term relationship (especially marriage) is a different matter; for a variety of reasons I
        don’t think they are, but I still hope the best for them as much as
        anyone else.

        The physiology of each human’s brain is so complicated, it’s a wonder that any two people can ever make it as a couple…and yet most of us keep trying with relationships even while seeing how many fail. Statistically, Jessica and Cody have little chance of being a success, but I understand their compulsion to try nonetheless.

    • I think Christmas would go home if shes the pawn…and I don’t think there would be much opposition to voting her out…

      • It’d be stupid to vote out someone that can’t play in the physical comps….. plus she’s kinda on her own even tho there’s Paul’s fake alliance.
        I say “fake” cuz Paul’s only alliance is with himself & that hair on his face!

    • Agree! I don’t understand why she wouldn’t put Christmas or even Raven up as a pawn. Or even Alex at the risk they might flip. I don’t get it!

  4. Just put Christmas, Paul, Kevin or Alex in the block Jessica!!! I really hope that the girl don’t make a dumb move, because if she keeps Ramses on the block it’s obviously that he will go home, and she’s losing a potential number to her side, and that’s what Jody needs right now, numbers.

  5. These house guests can’t think for themselves. Last season Paul work his way to win comps just to stay in the game, Paul will eventually throw them under the bus just to stay there. He’s good on social as well as comps, I wanted him to win last season coz I didn’t think Nicole deserves it but if he’ll make it this season, it’s the house guests fault. I’m not rooting for Cody to win but if he’ll shake things up then at least that’s a challenge for Paul. But I wish these houseguests will start playing their own game and not for Paul.

  6. If the blindside gets blown up….I’d put my first $2 on Josh blowing up at some point before or at the Veto Meeting…Then I would put $2 more on Jason to run his mouth..Then I would put my last $2 bet on Mark finding out about the plan and running to Cody…Thats my trifecta pick for the blow up..Then there is Kevin who I won’t put a money bet on but hes proven to be a wild card so he deserves a mention….Lets see what happens between now and the meeting…..just keep watching…

  7. Wake up Jessica don’t use a vote for your side as a pawn. Use the veto put raven or Matt up, tell them it proves their loyalty to you to use them as a pawn.

      • Yeah, I can’t believe Jessica & Cody do not see this coming…
        If I were Jessica, I would take Ramses down & put up Alex with the excuse of turn abut is fair play. Alex put Jess up, so Jess is simply returning the favor. In addition, Jess could say Alex is merely a pawn to ensure her real target (Josh) goes home. It is the simplest & least bloody way to get her target out. BUT…I doubt she’ll see it coz her & Cody simply isolate themselves too much to know what the other HG are thinking, feeling and, most importantly, how they’re voting!

      • Agreed. There was at least a chance that Jess could work with Alex if she hadn’t been nominated or had been saved. Maybe. But at this point I don’t see Alex working with Jess, she is thinking too emotionally, IMO. So it would really be no harm for Jess to nominate Alex.

        I was really hoping Jess and Cody would have learned from their mistakes, but nope!

    • Agreed. She has so many options…either way, if she does not use the veto & a blindside does happen, it’ll make for exciting feeds..and if she does use it…it’ll still be exciting feeds coz Josh will lose his marbles & that should be entertaining at least for a second or so! haha

  8. Paul mentioned to one of the HG’s yesterday that he could beat Cody in any competition, for reasons he can’t disclose…could this season be any shadier??

    • Either Paul is blowing smoke up that person’s arse or he is just making himself look good to them. As a vet, Paul understand the game better than anyone else in the house and that is his biggest secret weapon.

    • Honestly, I think that is just Paul being Paul. He seems to have these HG so enthralled with him he’s practically a legend in his own mind! haha

      • Hey mg! There ya are. How r u today? Are you excited about the feeds this week? I am…I predict excitement and chaos no matter what happens regarding the blindside…if it happens great feeds as Jody loses it. If it doesn’t…great feeds as Josh loses it! haha! Win/Win in my book. :)

      • Heller! :-) I’m wonderful thank you and yourself? Boy do i hope this blind side executes without a glitch! It will so psychologically F with Jody! We’re in for a LOVELY week! Lol

      • I’m doing great hon! TY.
        I know… they seriously do not have a clue do they? smh… can’t wait to see the fallout! Cody’s going to be so pi$$ed!

      • I know. smh. It’s not that I think Cody is a bad guy per se’, it’s just that I think this game is too manipulative for Cody. He cannot grasp the concept that bouncing checks and lying in BB is simply strategy. He takes it far too personally. It’s what makes him a bad player, he reacts to everything from a purely emotional place. Not good for a BB game, imo.

    • In the same breath, he also said that he won’t be going home. Very confident about it.

  9. “So far it’s working” — but is it? Yes, Paul and his cult can lie to Jess/Cody all week, then blindside them with voting out Ramses…but then what? THEN, they showed their cards and will really have Cody (let’s face it, he’ll make all future nom decisions, not Jess) going RIGHT after them because they will have lied to him, especially Paul. With Jess’s Temptation, they are safe another week, and Paul doesn’t know that. They also can win (Cody and Mark) the HOH outright. Maybe Matt is right — showing your hand so blatantly by lying to Cody then going against him might not be wise now.

    • “So far it’s working” refers to their plan to blindside Jessica & Cody. That’s not commentary on whether or not the plan is wise. The plan to blindside them is itself working so far.

    • Or the blindside could be so strong that it throws Cody, Mark, Elena and Jessica off their game so bad that they can’t recover. So someone on Paul’s side gets the next HOH, then what? Jessica and either Cody, Mark or Elena goes on the block. Well as long as Jessica isn’t on the block come Thursday night, here is the percentage I giica to use her HH.

      Jessica 100%
      Cody 70-85%
      Elena 55- 65%
      Mark 15- 35%

      Yes, I actually put Jessica’s name in that group plus now I will add this too. This list is only if one of them was on the block on Thursday night. If at any point two of them are on the block together, the percentage will differ with 100% being used if both Cody and Jessica being on the block and roughly 25% if both Mark and Elena is on the block together.

      • Nobody not even Paul is gonna nominate Jessica and Cody together and have them sit side by side for eviction…way tooo risky..(backdoor plan or using veto possibly an option to get both on the block)……I think that the house would keep Jessica over Cody at this point…But Jessica is racking up some comp wins and that has to taken into account…Then too Jessica has the HH…but the curse is waiting to happen…gonna be an interesting week

      • Yes it is but remember, my assessment is if they were on the block on eviction night and not before the VETO comp.

      • I’d always get Cody out first, without him Jessica can be manipulated by Paul like the rest of the house. Hehehe>-)

      • As long as neither of them win veto and Jessica uses her power, then the other could go up and get evicted. The only problem will be that they win veto as well. It will be too suspicious if Production manipulates the game again and give jess more power so she has a slim chance of winning anything again.

      • Willie, I think Jello meant Elena was “up on Paul” in like the physical sense…not the mental one! ;)

        I could be wrong, but we all saw the feeds yesterday and Elena is a pretty nasty girl. smh. My mother would skin me alive if I talked like that on national TV and I’m 48 years old!! hahahahha!!

      • She is interested in having se* with Paul or and I believe She’s on his side. She doesn’t seem to care that Mark sees her laying next to Paul in the bed and rubbing his chest. She likes Jessica since they are both vile, but I’m not sure if she wants to align with them and Mark is.

    • It doesn’t matter because to be able to actually do anything, you need allies. That’s what Paul is proving this week. Jody is going to get dismantled soon enough.

    • It doesn’t matter. Cody only has Jess and Mark, the rest are on the other side. He could nominate 2 of them, they will spare one and continue to be the majority. Hopefully Paul will be the first one to go.

  10. You would think after the Christmas vote…Paul’s temptation and Josh telling Jessica he’s loyal to the people who have his back, Cody & Jessica would expect a blindside. Especially after Paul personally told them he was voting out Josh! I mean, seriously, Josh voted Paul’s way on the Xmas eviction, but they don’t think Paul might want to keep Josh?! I’m not sure if they’re too self-absorbed, too antisocial, too unobservant or a combination of all three…either way, they are simply not good BB players if they do not see this blindside coming.

    Looks like we’ll be seeing this face again real soon… hahaha

  11. Mark needs to go..he is so untrustworthy. He will fall right back in line with Cody…already has!

  12. How can they go about getting Cody the hell out with Jessica’s DOT? That’s like a chess move.

    • It will be fun if Jessica and Cody are nominated, then she has to choose who to use it on. If she chooses herself, Cody goes and if she uses it on him,then she’ll go.

      • I think you misunderstand the power she received. It’s not that she gets to pull someone off the block, She gets to stop the eviction completely so no one will go home.

      • I did misunderstand.
        Since Paul suspects she has it, then it is best to nominate one at a time. This is production’s way of keeping these two idiots on the show longer. Most of the feeds yesterday was Elena rubbing on Paul and Cody in bed with Jess. It doesn’t seem like we are watching a game show.

  13. Watch bbad, Cody looks so uncomfortable being normal. Something is seriously off with that kid. Smh

  14. Yesterday I spent a long time watching feeds which is not the norm for me since it is so boring. I just wanted to see if Josh was capable if maintaining his composure and he actually did. I think Elena may be interesting in having an adult film career and Mark is a two face floater and also pathetic since he saw everything Elena was doing to Paul and didn’t care. I mentioned before how big muscle guys are not necessarily strong and good at comps and that is him. I am annoyed that Ramses may go, but I like the plan so far and putting up Paul will not work since the puppets will side with him.

    • I think the most intriguing scenario would be Josh and Xmas on the block. Then the HGs will have to decide if they’re going to vote out their own alliance member or if it comes down to character. I think it’ll be an interesting night if those HGs are the noms.

      • I thought the same thing. For some reason I kept thinking that it was their plan to replace Ramses with Christmas. I hope it happens and they choose to evict Christmas. I really liked her at the beginning, but she has done nothing in this game since her accident and saying that she threw a game is laughable, but I will need to watch it to see for myself.

    • Yeah, you’re right, putting up Paul wouldn’t be smart right now b/c they do not have the votes, but you know what scenario would ensure her target (Josh) went home & didn’t get any blood on Jessica’ s hands…? Putting up Alex next to Josh. Alex put Jess up, putting up Alex is not crazy or personal…Jessica could say Alex you put me up now I’m putting you up as a pawn to make sure Josh goes.

      However, like mg, I don’t think Jessica is smart or perhaps observant enough to see that possibility.

      • Same with Cody. If he was as smart as everyone thinks he is, he would be giving her counsel to rethink the noms, yet he is the one who said on feeds yesterday (I think) that “Jess has balls with that nomination”, or something to that affect. Uhm…no, that’s not a ballsy move or anything close to it. A ballsy move would have been to put up Matt, Raven or Christmas, now that would have been a big move. One that would have put the house on notice and made the feeds pop with drama.

    • LOL @ “Holena might be interested in having an adult film career!!!” Couldn’t agree more and I was shocked that Mark didn’t say one word to Holena about her rubbing all over Paul, she practically hand her hands down his pants.

      • I totally agree. And then she snuggled into bed with Paul so close that I felt awkward watching it. and with Mark sitting right there….all I could think of was how Mark is showing her right there that she is nothing to him, and how small his head is compared to his body :)

      • LOL @ “how small his head is compared to his body”!!!! So true…

  15. One more day to not rock the boat. We don’t want Jessica to get paranoid and use the veto. So far everyone is doing a good job. Thing is, a day is a long time in that house. Lol

  16. Man I don’t even know which side I’m rooting for this week. I don’t like Josh and I want to see people actually fight back against Paul’s control, but seeing Cody get blindsided is so fun.

    I love seeing Matt worry about being targeted in the final week before jury, though. I like looking at the guy, but it would be hilarious to see him fail to make jury.

    • David, I am right there with you, man! You know, I used to hate Cody, but I don’t anymore. I honestly think the guy is simply too honest for BB and her can’t get past his marine corp. ethics that make him want to be a straight arrow. Rigid honesty and having your buddy’s six is not going to work in the BB house! I want to see Cody lose it…but seeing Josh freak out would be fun too! hahaha. You know what… I guess I will be good either way. :)

      • I like what Cody brings to the house/show but I really don’t like certain aspects of his personality. His whole alpha/beta victim noise nonsense is super dumb, and it makes it hard for me to really root for him specifically, lol.

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