Tonight On Big Brother 17: Endurance Comp & Nominations

Tonight on CBS get ready for a new episode of Big Brother 17 as the game “resets” when the Battle of the Block ends and the Nolan twins officially enter the game.

Meg Maley on Big Brother 17 Episode 18
Meg Maley on Big Brother 17 Episode 18 – Source: CBS

Yes, the twins are in and that puts a new number on the dominant side of the house, but can their dominance hold on for a fifth straight week? It’s time to see it play out.

Get ready for tonight’s show featuring the conclusion of the endurance competition to decide the sole Head of Household and subsequent nominations. Best part? No more ridiculous “Battle of the Block” and terrible “let’s throw this comp!” plans to deal with. Phew.

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for nominations and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a big weekend of excitement and drama already so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.


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    • Saw some weird video on facebook. Couldn’t hear what they were saying but it look pretty cozy between Meg and Clay. Does she have the hot for Clay ? Does she lean voting Shelli out to have Clay to herself ?

  1. Do they really have to give this kind of edit to this romantic guy so we can watch it?……give me JMac anytime.

  2. For Clay to have called James a “peice of sh**” after he nominated him was deplorable. James has been in the military and though it’s just a game and Clay is allowed to think whatever he wants as well as be upset about being nominated, what you say on tv carries weight and for him to say that about someone who served this country is wrong.

  3. After seeing clay and shelli talking after they talked to everybody else they are getting what they deserve.

    • I’ve heard on feeds they are always doing stuff to Steve because he’s jumpy. They don’t show them all.

      • James did the same to Liz when he jumped right at her from a garbage bag in the storage room a couple of weeks back.

      • James also did something to the toilet in the bathroom, but they never said what on t.v. or the feeds.

      • There was a shot where he’s in bed as HoH eating chips. He looks like a Yakuza big boss…until he started talking. lol He’s becoming a character.

      • He was also talking to a beach ball like Tom Hanks did to Wilson in Castaway!

      • I don’t watch feeds all the time, but I heard he could be a that right?

  4. Ok by the way Becky was looking so suspicious they should at least been aware that she may be a rat!

  5. James has the balls to play this game. Hopefully everybody will learn not to make deal during HoH comp.

  6. OMG, do Shelli and Clay really think that they had nothing to do with Jason’s eviction? Delusional.

      • Vanessa is way smarter than Romeo and Juliet combined. This episode showed that., and we know she looks more scot free than Clelli every day. James doesn’t have a problem with her. lol

      • Vanessa doesn’t own anything. She puts the blame on everyone else. Tonight was a perfect example talking to James about the entire house wanted Jason up. Then telling him I don’t know why I had no problem with him. That’s not owning it and I have zero respect for her.

      • V does own it in the DR. Of course they lie in the house – I don’t mind them lying in the house. They have to. But in the DR, like Clay did – like we don’t see what’s really going on – that’s what I’m talking about. Don’t bother lying in the DR (to us). V doesn’t lie in the DR. She says hey, I’m getting a huge target, blah blah, but I’m doing it. I respect that.

    • They might not remember their part in it. But for sure it was Austin campaigning and Vanessa’s decision that put Jason on the block.

    • They have to spin it. That’s fair. Clay would be useless without Shelli. She’s the brain.

      • I don’t know,lol JMac adores him. Hopefully he makes the right choice that fans wont be disappointed. Now I’m not set on one player. I could change, depending on how I see them playing the game.

  7. I can’t believe what Clay said in that diary room. Shocked that people would play a game like this? That he’s kept his word and that James wasn’t a man of his word? Is he kidding? What a hypocrite. And Shelli still saying it wasn’t her idea to back door Jason? It was her and Clays idea not to back door Austin which left Jason and the others vulnerable for nomination. And they knew Jason was going up on the block!

  8. James word means absolutely nothing. What a crappy thing to do. I have lost a lot of respect for him. Shame on him.

    • ….and Shelli throwing James under the bus at the nomination ceremony was so hypocritical and ridiculous..I don’t think that has happened too many times before during past seasons. You can’t play both sides and not expect to keep your lies straight to keep both sides happy. I hope Becky gets caught soon..I dislike her more and more each day.

      • Your right it is not a court of law but your integrity on how you play the game is. Breaking your word shows what type of person you are.

  9. The kettle calling the pot back:

    twitter dot com/AndyHerren/status/628009704028012544/photo/1

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