Big Brother 17: Clay Crafts A Plan To Backdoor Steve

Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole are in a bad spot on Big Brother 17 and there doesn’t seem to be much they can do about it. Or is there?

Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother 17
Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Saturday evening Clay made his rounds telling Houseguests to vote him out over the woman he just met six weeks ago. Now he’s got another plan: Backdoor Steve.

After telling everyone to please vote him out Vanessa was sure to spread the word as this is exactly what her plan needs. Shelli is much more valuable to Vanessa’s game play and if Clay is willing to throw away a 1 in 11 chance at $500K then all the better for her.

Later Clay decided there might be an alternative if he could convince James, who holds the PoV this week, that Steve was the bigger target. Flashback to 10:53 PM BBT 8/1 as Clay fills Julia in on the plan. He asks that if James talks to her or her sister about renom options then she should suggest Steve. Clay says that the memory phase of the game’s comps are coming up and that’s going to be Steve’s chance to shine.

Julia takes this info to Austin and Liz (10:59PM BBT) but they don’t think it makes much sense. Liz points out that if James was okay with the noms changing then he would have taken the $5K instead of the Veto during the competition. Austin doesn’t think there’s much they can do, but he’s most concerned that Clay doesn’t go throwing their names around.

Clay took a turn talking with Liz who then went back to Julia to discuss the situation. Flashback to 4:40 AM BBT 8/2. It’s the same idea that they push that Steve is a threat to James and his allies and has named them as his targets. Liz says they shouldn’t get in the middle of this.

They reiterate voting out Clay and keeping Shelli, but are both worried about going against James’s request to evict Shelli. Liz and Julia agree that they’d both rather have Shelli there so they’re going to talk with Vanessa in the morning. Well, I think we all know how that talk is going to go.

Around 4:53 AM BBT Clay and Shelli take a turn talking with Becky for ideas on how to get Steve targeted as a renom this week. It’s more of the same ideas as earlier, but nothing ground breaking that could get James to change his mind.

Clay and Shelli have until mid day Monday to put together a better plan or they’re going to stay up on the Block together and Clay is likely the one to go. Apparently that’s okay with him.

What would you do to try and get either Clay or Shelli off the Block this week?


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  1. James should take down Clay and put up Vanessa. Then we’ll see how paranoid Vanessa REALLY gets.

    • If that was the case get rid of Vanessa, she’s to wishy washy. But if shelli goes, james can be like i did you a favor by getting rid of her, I would never throw half a million on a guy I only met six weeks ago, is he f–king serious?

      • Clay thinks he’s playing at a Big Brother and Big Sister Charity event and that the 500k is for a good cause for whoever wins it. He feels Shelli is a better competitor than him and has a better chance at winning it all.

    • My thoughts exactly, especially after hearing Clay going around and telling his allies he wants voted out.

    • I agree! It would definitely show where everyone’s loyalties lie. Here’s how the votes might go …
      Meg & Jackie: evict Shelli for James
      Steve: evict Shelli for Van

      Becky, John, Clay: evict Van for Shelli

      Austin, Liz & Julia: most likely would evict Shelli for Van, since that’s where their loyalties have been. However, their votes could be the swing votes. Depends on if they fear Vanessa or Shelli more.

    • You’re right. I have feeling Clay would go home and Shelli would stay just and the others would do it to spite James and to keep someone on their side that can win challenges. James’ best move is to put up Vanessa so they can campaign against each other. Because if they don’t get out Vanessa soon she’ll win this entire game.

      • I can see Vanessa going up and James telling her it was because she back door’ed/ blind sided Jason. If that happens, then look for Vanessa to leave.

      • But he’s gotta use reverse psychology on the rest of the house! LOLOL Austin, Liz and Julia won’t listen to him if he tells them to vote off Vanessa instead of Shelli, which will confuse them and get them to vote out Shelli instead! Wishful thinking on my part, I know!

      • Two questions: 1. Could this be a non-elimination week? 2. Do you think mom and son made a deal to split the money?

    • That should be the best play. Evicting Clay means the Sixth Sense alliance stays almost intact. Take off Clay and put in Vanessa if the other side hopes to even have a chance at turning their game around. You know the Sixth Sense headed by Vanessa will take out James or Jackie this coming week. If Clay is the one evicted, that would be a complete waste of James HOH. Getting rid of Vanessa or Shelli will weaken the Sxith Sense alliance.

    • In theory that sounds like a brilliant plan, but if Vanessa leaves, you’ll still have Clay and Shelli gunning for you. There’s a chance by not backdooring Vanessa that she goes after someone else. It keep James off her priority list possibly.

    • What I would if I was in the game and clay was not I would go to james telling him to take me off the block and put up steve tell james you are willing to vote out shelli because she is bad for my game and then go to the six sense Alliance and tell them vote out steve and double cross james and all six sense would be safe

  2. Watching this video on YouTube titled bb17 clay and meg fall in love??? I am not a fan of nor do i respect men who “cheat” but in this case i would love for this to be true, burst shellis bubble and open her eyes to how stupid she is for trusting and falling in love with a stranger, and one who is wayyyy younger than her.

  3. Clay mouthing off about going after James Meg & Jackie should raise a red flag for those 3. Why is he not going after Becky who is always on the inside listening in??? He would be wiser if he put her name in the mix…And if does try to talk to James about renoming Steve James should make it known to Steve but it is the BB house and nothing ever goes to an exact plan

  4. EVICT SHELLI, and be done with this showmance.

    Clay’s going around like some school kid with a puppy crush on his teacher. He is beginning to look silly, he needs to wake up, and not throw away a shot at 1/2 million for a woman he just met and who has a history of flightiness in her past relationships. Presume love makes ignorant fools

    • They will always evict Brenden and let Rachel stay in the house even tho Brenden hasn’t won much and Rachel keeps winning POV and hoh. Oh, I mean Shelli and Clay

  5. I wrote this before James won the veto, so keep that in mind while reading, and also note that it would have been crucial that Clay stay in good with John/Becky (which apparently his blowup during veto didn’t do). However, here’s my plan if I were Clay trying to save both me and Shelli:

    After seeing how Vanessa is interacting with Shelli/Clay, I know its highly unlikely they can stay with that side of the house and both stay in the game – which if I’m Clay that’s what I want. So time to jump ship COMPLETELY on the Sixth Sense. To do this, you create meeting with James, Meg, and Jackie (and Shelli) and say the following:

    “We are in a really bad spot right here, but I’ve actually been thinking and I have a very exciting proposal for you that is possible only because both of us are on the block. It’s time to be candid and honest. After seeing how Vanessa, the twins, and Austin, are not consoling us and are not trying to help us find a way to stay in the game, we now see they are not loyal players. We made a mistake in trusting them, and not sticking completely to you guys throughout the game. With that said, I want to tell you that there is a 6-person alliance called the ‘Sixth Sense,’ that consists of Me, Clay, Vanessa, the twins, and Austin. We also have been working with Becky and John, including having John throw 2 BotB competitions, and are still on good terms with them. But that alliance – the Sixth Sense – is over. However, if one of us goes home this week, John and Becky will side with the next closest person which is Vanessa. That means it is you three vs. the rest of the house (with Steve aligned with no one). So every week, if none of you win HoH, one of you WILL go home. Two will go on the block, one as a backdoor. And with James not being allowed to compete next week, your odds of being taken down to 2 is very high. However, we (Clay and Shelli), want to switch our allegiance. We have not lied, with the exclusion of knowing about Jason going up, to you guys, but we have been misleading – because of our allegiances on the other side of the house. But with this deal, the ENTIRE house will flip, and we will have the advantage because it will have the five of us vs. the four of them – Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia. This is the time to make an alliance of loyal people. We have been working with disloyal people, and now that we know that this side – you guys – are the more loyal group, we want to make it to the Final 7 with you. Now of course you are going to immediately be skeptical of this, since the Final 8 Deal Vanessa initiated last week didn’t work out. But I’m saying now that we will be up front with the other side of the house about this deal, we are with you guys. We will straight up tell them we are allied with you after the eviction vote is over. The last crucial piece of this is that we get John and Becky on our side. They are the last two in the Final 7 we want. Like I said, we are still on good terms, and we are ready to reveal this same information to them and solidify this 7 all together. We will still be targets. We will still be a power couple shielding you. So if the other side wins, they are going to put us up, especially when we do this, we will be totally betraying them.”

    -We would then discuss skepticism, logistics, etc –

    “The last piece would be that to ensure this is the most likely to work, we need to win this veto. For houseguest choices, Shelli and I will pick John and Becky – after filling them in on everything – and James should pick either Meg or Jackie. The winner pulls one of us off, and then James should put up Austin. This way the other side will still think the original plan is on, and we can make it till Thursday without any suspicion or chance to change people’s minds. And next week, our #1 target is Vanessa, we know first hand she is the mastermind behind the twins and Austin, and getting rid of her will CRIPPLE the other side. With our new alliance, we will have 5 votes with Meg, Jackie, John, Becky, and the person who comes off the block and the other side will only have 4 votes in Vanessa, Julia, Liz, and possibly Steve. And we will have our new alliance set and in power, with us as the betraying power couple, and you three sitting pretty.”

    Obviously I would have to be a good speaker during this to truly convince them to do this, but I do have a really good argument to present to them in them being outnumbered and unlikely to make it much further. the house would be entirely flipped, the vote would be a COMPLETE blindside (very entertaining), and Austin, Liz, and Julia will be screwed.

    • Actually I would like to see her tell them all that and then he say gotta think, come back later. Then get John and Steve up there and tell them everything. The numbers for them go up. It would give them 5. Then whoever gets Becky would have 6. I like when the numbers are more even.

    • Those are my exact thoughts but you explained it so much better. I’ve been thinking that ever since they were nominated. Their entire alliance is throwing them under the bus big time. Now if production could only throw out a few hints to them in the DR. Lol.

    • If I were James listening to that, I would think that Shay wanted me to do their dirty work in getting out Austin. I would also think that as soon as Austin was out, everything would go back to being the same as it was before. I would also wonder why, if they wanted Austin out so bad, didn’t they ask Van to stick with the original plan and get him out the week before. Basically, I’d look at the whole plea as a desperate, back against the wall plea that meant nothing after the week was done.

      • This isn’t about getting Austin out. At all. It’s about flipping the house for survival (by having numbers). So from Clay/Shelli’s perspective, yes it’s obviously a desperate plan. But it’s a really smart argument to make to James/Jackie/Meg because it actually is accurate that at this point they are completely screwed moving forward. And this would solve that problem by coming together.

      • That wasn’t my point at all. My point was that James would not believe a word of that. He would THINK it was BS, regardless of what Shay said or did.

      • Well that doesn’t change the feasibility. James uses veto on Clay (most likely), says to other side “I still want Clay around, but Shelli still target.” Then everything is still possible.

  6. I doubt James would even use the pov, but maan tbh I’d rather see Shelli stay over Clay. Shelli is a great competitor while Clay haha ._. . Maybe that’s why Clay is asking everybody to vote him out and keep Shelli, since Shelli has a higher chance of winning comp than him, not so bad of a plan maybe .

    • Yes, she is a great competitor, thus a bigger threat to James, Meg and Jackie. That’s why they want her gone over Clay.

  7. Am I missing something this season or do some of these houseguests not know how to play Big Brother at all. In past seasons, many times power couples where broken up by one being evicted. So I would think the best thing for the HGs would be to have James leave the nominations the same and evict Shelli. That would break up the power couple and really change the game especially for most of the players.

    Beyond that, I get Shilli and Clay trying to come up with another plan, but Steve, really. How about Vanessa? Your back is against the wall and Vanessa was the one who got Jason evicted, that’s a good angle.

    • I agree with thinking Brian. Clay’s like a school kid thinking with the wrong head. Keep him if he’s that gullible. Hell anyone could partner up with him, including James, who he already kissed on the lips.Another Zankie possible? . Get rid of Shelli. Then it’s even so far, 3 guys gone and 3 girls gone.

    • There is no real way to play Big Brother. It’s not like sports. There are so many unexpected twists in Big Brother that can send the strongest player home. And you have to constantly adjust and restructure your game every week.

  8. I am just tired if the same ole same ole week to week Shelli needs to go but unless it a DE soon its gonna stay the same James made a good move but unless they lose Beckys 2 face ass it ain’t gonna matter. Meg needs to cut the cutesy scenario and get down to winning comps same with Jackie who needs to come out of the shadows and start playing to win

    • But it’s true…Shelli needs to go first, followed by Vanessa then Becky! But that’s because I’m for the underdog, James, Meg and Jackie! hahaha

  9. James needs to go with his plan and make sure Shelli leaves the house. Clay does not seem to care much about winning this game. He is 23 years old and Shelli 33 so I don’t see where he thinks this brief relationship is going. Once they leave the house I see him going back to his young friends and ditching her. I am more afraid for James, meg and Jackie for next week.

    • Then Clay needs to stop campaigning for the 6th Sense to vote him out. James needs to punish him by taking him off the block and replace him with Vanessa, then Shelli is sure to be voted out.

      • Remind me again why James put up Chelli instead of Vanessa vs. Shelli? That would’ve been a move with everlasting effect. Not only getting one of them out but doing some real psychological damage to their alliance by pitting them against each other. Giving them a chance to wedge in between them in case they lose power again next week. Why is the Shelli and Vanessa alliance so hard to see?

      • Wow! This is brilliant strategy for Clay then…even though he isn’t aware of that :D
        I wonder how James is taking the news that Clay will be leaving instead of Shelli as he intended? James definitely needs to rethink his nom strategy and bring Clay off the block. Since Shelli assumes she will be staying now I can see why she doesn’t want to throw the SS alliance UTB and Clay probably won’t think of doing this without her prodding.

    • Once Clay’s real mama reams him a new one back home, you can be sure that Clelli will be over for good. I’d be more scared of her! LOL

  10. This plan is just going to give James the idea to work with Steve. If Steve hears about this then there is no way he continues as a number for sixth sense.

    • Steve isn’t in the Sixth Sense. They are just using him. They’re already ready to get rid of him.

      • This is true, but Steve believes he is at least in an alliance of some sorts with them! LOLOL

    • But he knows it will be short lived and will upset Meg if everyone he’s talked to votes him out. It’s time to really push for him to be with Meg once Shelli is out of the picture!!! hahahaha Wouldn’t that be a hinky??

      • I’m sort of on the fence with that, though as Meg told Jackie early on she had a big crush on Clay. She’s thinking that as the plan stands now to evict Shelli, she can go and make Shelli jealous by flirting with Clay and Shelli wouldn’t be able to anything about it if she’s gone! Or am I wrong to think that scenario? She’s mad at Shelli and Vanessa for aiding and abetting to blindside Jason.

      • Jackie would remind her that Clay is untrustworthy. I think at this point it’s too late for a showmance, but Meg would be good a fauxmance with him.

      • Probably. Sort of like the flirtmance Steve is wanting to have with Julia! hahaha

      • I figured that Shelli wasn’t the only gal in the house who was crushing over Clay. I hope Meg does start flirting with Clay and tries to encourage him to stay.
        If nothing else she can tempt Clay by saying if he wins just think of all the money he could donate to the Big Brother and Little Sister charity…

      • there is a rumor that during the feed blackout, alcohol was served. It would explain much of the behavior yesterday, especially Megs.. but I’m not one to gossip, so you didn’t hear it from me:)

  11. James really should replace Clay with either Vanessa or Liz, which would give him a better chance at sending Shelli packing. He’s set on keeping the noms the same, sigh.

    With a vote of 7 to 2, Clay you are evicted from the house.

    • I doubt BB would want to lose Vanessa at this point so the DR might be influencing him to keep the noms the same.

  12. Eve though I wouldn’t shed a single tear seeing Steve leave. (He lost what little respect I had for him with his “get to steppin” comment he made to Jason.) I still want to see Clelli separated more. And I highly doubt that Clay, Shelli, or Steve truly need the $500K anyway.

    • He’s used the “get to steppin” phrase before, he’s trying to make “fetch happen”

      • I never cared for Steve to begin with. So it’s not really that big a deal. But Jason was probably the nicest person to Steve in the house, and that comment was unnecessary.

        But it’s not as bad and disgraceful as what Liz said to Jason. Such a disgusting thing to say. Da’Vonne said that she’s gonna punch Liz in her throat on finale night for saying that. And I hope she does.

      • I never cared for Steve to begin with. So it’s not really that big a deal. But Jason was probably the nicest person to Steve in the house. Everybody int hat house treats Steve like garbage. So for him to say such a low-blow comment like that was unnecessary.

        But it’s not as bad and disgraceful as what Liz said to Jason. Such a disgusting thing to say. Da’Vonne said that she’s gonna punch Liz in her throat on finale night for saying that. And I hope she does, because that is a really deplorable thing to say somebody.

      • Did u see how when Shelli and Austin we’re going to talk in hammock room, Shelli said that “Steve can just get out” and when they went in, Austin TOLD Steve to get out? I’m not Steves biggest fan though I wanted to be, but that came off as rude by both Shelli and Austin.

      • I didn’t see that, but that’s exactly what I’m talking about. They all treat Steve like dirt. Day and Jason were the only actually gave Steve any type of respect. And he tells Jason to get to steppin?

      • I am with you there. The person who needs it the most logic is the stupidest thing and it pisses me off when that gets brought up. If I was a jury member and it came down to Bill Gates and a homeless person in the finals if Bill Gates played an even slightly better game I would vote for him to win. Anyone that doesn’t has no respect for the game and doesn’t deserve a vote.

      • And we all know what happened to that player that made that comment last season, too! haha

  13. If james wanted to ensure shelli goes he should use veto on clay and renom liz cuz neither austin nor julia would vote to evict liz and then they have john and steve on board as well

  14. After V tried to play up to James before pov comp, asking what he wanted her to do (not use it if she won it)…I’d have a heart to heart with her and inform her that after all that and her proclaiming she’s a straight shooter, and now she’s campaigning to keep Shelli – that I just obv can’t trust her to vote Shelli out…so to ensure my target goes home, I’m going to have to use the pov myself and I’m not happy about it. But you forced my hand and I have to renom you in Clays place to be certain Shelli goes. Sorry but once again – you did this. I’d say it nicely but matter of fact – I wanted to keep my noms same but now I’m going to have to use pov after all. Good thing I didn’t trust you to not use it. Obv you would have saved Shelli. I caught a break there.

  15. Well everything is going good so far, everyone understands that no matter , an alliance will loose a member somewhere down the line, smart move clay , he is the weak link, THere is only one true alliance in the house , as evident by the votes that got rid of Jason,
    IF clay wants to go then by all means , open the door for him and say goodbye, never keep someone on a team not willing to fight or is willing to take a fall for someone else,
    James is the one who needs to sweat after the eviction, Steve and John are not for anyone, they are loose cannons, THis is the best time for big brother , and this year seems to have house quests not affraid to vote against the house, And the funny thing is no one seems to care, They are using their heads, With back doors , it is truly a throw back to the good ole days,
    the next two HOHs are improtant , and with a double eviction coming in the very near future , makes them even more so. James may not survive long, he is a very strong member who loves to win,
    I hope john or steve win HOH , now that would shake the game up , since they really are not loyal to anyome,

    • John is loyal to Shay and Becky. Steve is loyal to Van. Either of them go up and they do the 6th sense’s bidding to go after James/Meg/Jackie.

  16. According to Joker’s Shelli’s completed 1600 of the 2400 revolutions in her punishment. (She can’t sleep inside until she’s completed them all.) She’s been going for more than 12 hours now. THAT might prove to be an interesting portion on the show.

    Live Feeders, How’s she been handling it?

  17. None of them has actually paid attention to James have they? He made his decision and then after the veto he basically had a sorry but this is the game conversation with Shelli and Clay. He doesn’t change his mind. He and Meg believe they can work with Vanessa and don’t view Steve as a threat so don’t want to waste the HOH. And all he would really do is take Clay down because he really wants Shelli out. Clay won’t realize that the twins and Austin do what Vanessa wants and he’ll Jackie might at this point. And Steve is her only reliable ally.

  18. Does anyone think that clay really wants to stay and he is acting like he wants Shelley to stay so he looks good in everyone’s else’s eyes. He might be playing his own game.

    • Whether it’s sincere or not, the only logic I see in Clay’s martyr strategy is to show the house he is willing to forfeit his game for another. The problem though is that he has to wait for James to bring it up – if Clay or anyone tells James “Look what I am willing to do for another,” it will look like a desperate game move.

      • Maybe clay and james have some kind of deal.It’s hard to believe that someone would be willing to give up a chance to win that much money. James sticks up for him. If shelley goes I bet the two of them work together. There might be a plan.

      • Clay just wants the exposure more than the money. He just wants to get hired by a modeling agency. There’s a reason why he constantly walks around half naked all the time.

      • Good luck to him. He’s nice looking but he better get in the game. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. He just does not stand out that much with his looks. Now he looks dumb and just average looking. So he better go for the money.

      • Clay strikes me as the kind of person who will be recruited to compete in ‘Survivor’ or ‘The Amazing Race.’ I don’t think we have seen the last of Clay.

      • It’s a tough industry. Modeling agencies see 1000 guys that look like Clay every single day. Being good looking isn’t good enough.

      • I still remain optimistic that Clay has what it takes to have a successful modeling career.

      • This show will give him slight advantage for sure, since he now a fanbase of idiots. But still, it’s tough industry to succeed in.

      • Don’t take yourself so seriously Yo, now please go away and throw shade elsewhere…Thanks :D

      • It’s too bad you are so jealous of Clay, but just because you are so unattractive and couldn’t make it in the modeling industry that doesn’t make you an expert on whether or not Clay will be able to have a successful modeling career.

      • Only an insecure man would go to such lengths to discredit Clay. What other reason but jealousy would be your motive? It’s nothing to be ashamed of though as it’s a very human reaction to be jealous of others.

      • Obviously you’re not a very attractive female with your need to downplay the looks of others. Would you like to talk about anything else besides Clay not being attractive enough for a modeling career? You’re boring me.

      • I would love to hear your critique of James’s looks Yo, do you think he has model potential?
        Maybe Austin could hit the big time modeling if his wrestling career should end – what’s your expert opinion of his career chances?
        But let’s not forget the females… what about Jackie or Meg? What’s your expert opinion on their looks?
        I’m waiting with bated breath to hear your expert opinions LOL

    • Clay is just playing the martyr trying to look sympathetic. He want to make himself look like a big hero for saving Shelli but he looks like sap. Thousands of people would want to be in his shoes and he wants to give up. What an idiot. He just met Shelli 6 weeks ago. What does he now about her? He’ll find out when he gets out and him being 23 he is not ready to give up his life for her.

      The rest of the house should save him from himself.

  19. Someone should cancel Clay’s “superfan” status for asking people to vote him out over some woman he met a month ago……

    • Clay is not a super fan. He was recruited. He thought this show had something to do with Big Brother/Big Sisters. He thought it would be fun because he likes kids.

  20. Lot of Steve hate and hate on how the house guests treat Steve. I’ve worked with and been around people like Steve. Yes his socially awkward, video game living, pretentious, I’m smarter than everybody but knows nothing about nothing, scared of his own shadow type are becoming quite common. They don’t connect with people on purpose and lack empathy. It’s like a self taught autism. And they will turn on you, take you down with them, and are painfully passive aggressive. Even to people trying to be their friend. Steve gets no respect because he doesn’t respect himself. He doesn’t command respect. Talking to people like Steve is horribly draining and pointless. They give nothing back and just bounce back whatever you say to them then shake their head like that person is the biggest idiot in the world. Waste of flesh basically.

    • Very interesting. Do you or anyone think that Vanessa is working with him to get him far in the game because his terrible demeanor will be such a contrast compared to V that the jury will overlook her shady game play if she is sitting next to Steve as Final 2?

    • First of all, it scares me to think that you work with people like Steve when you show no empathy for him. Secondly, Steve is not as bad as the people you described above.

      • Well since you know me so well….care to tell me what I do for a living? Where I work? You scare easily and irrationally. Get over yourself.

  21. Its the dumbesst plan ever and I hope James tells them so. But if they approach him with it he MUST tell Steve immediately and let him know Clay and Shelli were throwing him under the bus.

    In any case, James should use this opportunity to go back to Vanessa and tell her he is concerned about the plan to evict Shelli. Tell Vanessa he might have to put her up to ensure Shelli goes home.

    • I hope James does this too. I don’t know if James is even aware that Vanessa is going against his wishes for Shelli to leave instead of Clay. Maybe Becky could tell him if she knew.

  22. Just leave it as it is. Every year they leave these couples to the end and that is a mistake. Shelli and Clay literally run that house and need to get broken up. Do it now because mark my words….it’ll get ugly if they stay

  23. I’m still trying to catch up and see what’s happened since yesterday but imo, the only hope Clay and Shelli have for surviving in the game is to throw the SS alliance under the bus. Give an honest accounting to James of the history of SS from the beginning and then apologize to him for going with the wrong side of the house since they have realized they made a big mistake by doing so. Surely they must realize by now that the SS alliance won’t help them when they’re down and that the more loyal James/Jason/Meg group would’ve had their backs.
    After seeing Shelli willing to let Clay tank his game over her I wash my hands of this entitled brat.

  24. Clelli’s only hope is to sell out the sixth sense alliance and let James know that he’s a sitting duck after this week and he’s foolish to think anyone other than meg and Jackie are gonna keep him safe.

    Odds are meg or Jackie don’t win hoh and when that happens, one of them three are gone. Clelli needs to come clean and let him know if he takes one of them off, they’ll work with James’ alliance moving forward and clelli should be able to pull becky and John into that mix as well.

    There’s no way James goes after Steve this week. I can see him at least thinking about putting up someone like Vanessa or Austin.

    • Shelli is not going to agree to do that because she thinks she’s staying anyway. She won’t throw her alliance under the bus just for Clay to stay. He should think about that when he gets out of the house. Maybe that’s why she’s telling him he will forget about her when he is out of the house – as if she will still be there.

      Maybe when he finds out she is a self-centered prima donna he will come to his sense.

  25. I’m so happy they are keeping shelley busy so I don’t have to see or hear her eating. I had to fast forward when she was eating that popcorn with a spoon out of the bag. When she goes home and watches this I hope it gives her something to think about.

  26. It looks to me like James, Jackie and Meg have stopped playing the game. That’s a mistake. I guess they assume everything is going to go their way – until it doesn’t. They went back to sleep while others play the game.

  27. This is the stupidest plan I’ve heard this year. Clay is an idiot if he thinks James will put up a guy that hasn’t won a single thing all year, knowing Clay and Shelli would remain in the house. If James uses the VETO for this, he deserves to lose. It would be insane.

  28. The former Sixth Sense folks better be careful. If, between today and tomorrow morning, James suspects that the group plans to shift the target to Steve or plan on keeping Shelli over Clay, then our current HOH will probably feel compelled to use that Veto to pull Clay off the block and nominate one of the twins (most likely Liz) in order to try and split the vote.

  29. I would take down clay and put Vanessa up. Then clay will see who is his allies are when he is supporting shelli and voting vanessa

  30. James should take Clay off and put up Liz or Vanessa. Shelli needs to go and so does Vanessa but i want Shelli gone first.

  31. I think if James really wants Shelli gone then he needs to take Clay off and put up someone no one will want to vote out…

  32. If James is smart,he will keep the nominations the same and at least they will break up the power couple !

  33. Right now BB After Dark Shelli and Clay are giving the longest talk to James about how they have always had their back and will love to work wit them. JAMES!!!!!! Please don’ t fall for it, they are lying through Shelli’s veneers.

  34. Has Shelli at least once told Clay he should not throw his game away for her, or something to that effect? If she hasn’t, I really want Clay to stay now and Shelli to go home. Seems like Clay is the loyal one (some would say stupid; I won’t disagree) and Shelli just takes advantage of him…

  35. They should’ve gotten rid of Liz/Julia before the twins were able to be together in the house. Now there’s a tight block of 3, the 2 of them with Austin. Getting either Shelli or Clay out of there is the best move at this point for James and his allies. I

  36. James should use the veto on Clay and put up one of the twins. Doing so could give him a better chance of evicting Shelly because Austin and the other twin would definitely vote to evict Shelly. It would also create more tension within the sixth sense alliance.

  37. I didn’t realize Steve was still in the game until they showed James scaring him in the bathroom.

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