Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day was an important one in the Big Brother 17 as the targeted pair had just one chance to break up the plans for eviction night and save themselves.

Shelli is the Castle Guard of Big Brother 17
Shelli is the Castle Guard of Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Just as the HGs were expecting the comp involved the prize swap and resulted in some fun punishments including a tough challenge of 2400 sword fights with a bigger penalty attached.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 1, 2015:

8:15 AM BBT – HGs get an early wake up call and are starting their day.

10:30 AM BBT – Veto players were picked. Vanessa, Becky, and Jackie

11:00 AM BBT – Fallout from the players pick has Austin confused as James had said he’d pick him but chose Jackie instead. Vanessa using this as an opportunity to show that Austin shouldn’t trust James.

12:15 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Becky how hard last week was for her. Becky reminds Vanessa she was on the Block.

12:40 PM BBT – Vanessa is very concerned about getting BD’d. She asks the twins and Austin to promise to vote to keep her if she gets renom’d. They agree.

12:55 PM BBT – Vanessa asking the twins who they want to keep. They agree on Shelli. Vanessa says if the three of them plus Austin plus Steve vote to keep Shelli then they’re good.

1:00 PM BBT – Target plans for Vanessa, Austin, and twins next week: Jackie with Meg then use James as the renom if needed.

4:03 PM BBT – Feeds return. Shelli and Clay look downtrodden. Neither won the Veto. James holds that honor along with all the power to decide this week’s final noms.

4:20 PM BBT – Clay is pleading with Vanessa to keep Shelli over him. This is exactly what she wanted.

4:35 PM BBT – Vanessa letting Shelli know that Clay has been going around the house asking to be voted out instead of Shelli.

4:50 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli are much calmer today. Clay tells James that there are no hard feelings and it’s just a game.

5:45 PM BBT – Twins trying to decide who to vote out. They know Clay would be easier to beat in comps based on his track record, but they think Shelli would be more determined to go after the other side.

6:40 PM BBT – Becky agrees to vote Clay out, but says he can’t tell anyone since she knows James wants Shelli out.

7:15 PM BBT – Clay asking Meg to vote him out but she won’t make that promise. She says it’s tough love and he should play.

8:50 PM BBT – Knight Jackie and Squire Vanessa have emerged from the DR. Jackie has to wear the costume for a week. Vanessa just has to follow her around for 24 hours while shining her armor.

9:40 PM BBT – Shelli emerges with her punishment. She is the “Castle Guard” and must complete 2400 sword fights in 24 hours. In the backyard Shelli is starting out her punishment. She has to hit a series of three targets each round and do it 2400 times. If she doesn’t then she can’t compete in next week’s Veto comp.

10:53 PM BBT – Clay has a plan to get Steve up as the renom. He talks to Julia about it. They don’t think James will use the Veto. Clay asks them to vote him out.

11:00 PM BBT – Julia says she wants Clay to say. Austin suggests they just wait and see what happens when the dust settles.

11:10 PM BBT – Shelli is already at 300 out of 2400 rounds.

12:20 AM BBT – Vanessa putting together a bed to sleep on the floor per her punishment.

1:50 AM BBT – Spin the bottle is going on courtesy of the Feedsters vote.

2:00 AM BBT – And the game is over.

3:10 AM BBT – Shelli reached 1000 rounds. She’s keeping a strong pace.

4:00 AM BBT – Clay told Liz about the renom Steve plan of his. Clay wants them to back up the story he’s going to tell James. Liz telling Austin. Austin does not think this plan will work.

4:20 AM BBT – Shell is at 1200 rounds, the halfway point.

4:40 AM BBT – Twins talking about voting out Clay instead of Shelli. They’re worried about voting against what James said he wanted since they made a deal.

4:50 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay awake and outside. Shelli has to sleep there until she’s done.

The votes are there to send Clay home if everyone decides they want to follow Vanessa’s instructions, but I’m curious to see what Austin does since he seems almost resistant to the idea of keeping Shelli over Clay. Might not be a bad choice for him.

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  1. James, Jackie and Meg already have their heads in the chopping block which is one very big reason for James to put up Vanessa as the replacement nominee. Vanessa is rallying her Sixth Sense alliance to vote out Clay which would hardly hurt the alliance as Julia is now in the house plus snitches Becky and Steve guarantees them 7 votes and they decide who goes home. If Vanessa is on the block then, Vanessa herself or Shelli will go home and the Sixth Sense alliance gets one of their best players!

    • If Shelli and Clay both want to stay they MUST offer James a bigger target. That means throwing Vanessa under the bus. James has no reason to make any deal with Clay and Shelli. Maybe, if they reveal the 6th Sense Alliance to him and tell him Vanessa is the ring leader they can convince him to put her up. Then they can get the votes to send her home. I don’t think Austin and the twins will vote her out but I do think they can get Becky and JMac to her Vanessa out. With Meg and Jackie they would have the votes to evict her.

      Its a slim chance but its the only chance they have. James is not stupid and will see Clay’s deal as a last bit of desperation. James has no reason to trust Shelli and Clay to keep a deal.

  2. As much as I want one of chellie to go, it’s good if Vanessa will be sent home to coz she thinks more, and she makes 6S intact and Becky, Steve and Jmac seems to be her followers

  3. For his final act, Clay should take Shelli’s sword and cut out Steve’s tongue, silencing him forever. Good for the BB House, live feed watchers, and all of mankind. He ain’t awkward, he’s a creepy super-perv who can’t figure out that the whole house wants him to shut his stupid pie-hole.

    • That is why no one in the house has a clue that him and Vanessa are working together. They would never think of those two together.

      • Well, you are right about that, Lynn. V having a back channel to Steve is good for her game and go after bigger threats.

      • Vanessa has back channels to everyone in the house right now except Meg, Jackie and James. JMac and Becky talk to Shelli and Clay who then talk to Vanessa. Its actually pretty smart for at least the next couple of weeks. Once JMac or Becky are targeted they will realize they are not on the inside.

        James should be using this week to figure out where JMac is. Plant a lie with JMac and see where it goes, Tell him he is going to put up Vanessa as a replacement nom to ensure Shelli goes home. You know Shelli will not be able to contain herself if she hears that. Neither will Vanessa. So if it gets back to James he can deny it but he will know JMac is a rat.

      • Only because she knows she can beat Steve in a comp and win the 500k if they end up being Final 2. I don’t see that happening, though!

  4. Yes Shelli…’s your world and you just let the house guests live in it. Can’t stand how self absorbed and narcissistic she is. I really hope it’s Mrs. Robinson that goes this week. As far as game play…letting the twins in and allowing a 3 headed monster emerge (with Austin) is still blowing my mind. Hopefully someone will wake up and realize that should be the next target.

    • That would secure the votes to send Shelli packing. Austin and Julia would not vote to keep Shelli and neither would Vanessa. Plus Meg and Jackie’s vote would mean Shelli goes and meets Julie on Thursday.

      • After seeing them talk to Clay, I wouldn’t be so sure. They’re easily manipulated by both Clay and Shelli…DOH.

      • Why do you think Vanessa would vote Shelli out against Liz? I don;t see that. I think Vanessa knows the Shelli is a strong competitor and they need her to win comps going forward. Clay is a dolt and Vanessa knows that too.

        If Liz goes up, she will get Austin, her sister, Meg and Jackie to vote to save her but everyone else would vote to save Shelli.

        The only chance to get Shelli out, IMO, is to put Vanessa up against her. Then Austin, the twins, Jackie and Meg would vote to evict Shelli. Its the only way I think Shelli goes home – depending on the twins.

        Plus by putting Vanesa up it will expose JMac and Becky if they vote to save Shelli.

      • I was just saying that if Liz goes up, Van gets to decide who is more expendable. The only thing that would make Van keep Liz over Shelli is that Liz comes with 2 votes attached to her and Shelli only comes with 1 vote (as far as Van knows.) This falls apart if Shelli convinces Van that she comes with 2 votes, too.

      • With Vanessa up, Austin, and the twins become wild cards. Their votes could go to evict Vanessa if they feel she is the mastermind behind all of them. It would be interesting at least to see.

      • That’s only 4 votes. They need 5 votes to evict. Van gets to decide who is more expendable.

        Put up Van and it’s 3 votes (Meg/Jackie/Steve) to 3 votes (Clay, JMac, Becky) with 3 swing votes (Austwins). Austwins keeps whoever they feel is more loyal to them, most likely Van.

    • Especially after he finds out Clay wants to be voted out over Shelli! Liz or Vanessa would be okay to put up IMO!

    • I’ve been thinking about that. I think that James would be better off putting up Vanessa. Although, Liz is still a better option than leaving Clay on the block. Either Van or Liz improves James’ goal of sending Shelli home.

    • I cant wait to get rid od Shew! She thinks she is better than e verybody in there.Throw her out and then if u can Clay next!

  5. I just have one thing to say this morning before I am fully awake…Becky is really starting to annoy me! What a snitch! Out of nowhere, she finally decides to start playing the game..if you want to call being the house rat playing. I wish she was the one evicted on Thursday.

    • I don’t get it either. She knows Clay and Shelli are a sinking ship and she is jumping on board? And why would she trust them not to reveal her treachery to save themselves? She is playing a very dumb game right now.

      • I agree. When she is attempting to talk game, she makes no sense. She comes across as a know it all to me. I don’t call laying around waiting to hear something and then taking that info to Clay and Shelli, playing the game..although it did work for Andy. JohnnyMac is doing the same thing.

      • JMac is the one who surprises me. I never thought he would play the rat game. I thought he may float for a while but not be the total rat. Maybe that is Becky’s influence.

        Anyway, what they are doing will not be a secret for long. Eventually someone will throw it out there, like Vanessa if Jackie or Becky wins the next HOH.

      • I think that both were manipulated into believing the bs that by throwing comps or going up as pawns they were included in some alliance even though they aren’t included in the strategy planning. For some, being allowed to play with the popular kids gives the false impression they too are popular unfortunately it is just a form of manipulation.

      • I’m still holding out for John-John and hoping he is just obscuring his image and has secret plans with James. I wouldn’t mind it if he was a mole on the underdog side.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head. That’s the first sensible explanation I’ve seen. TY!

      • Add JMac to that dumb move to jump on a sinking ship. Although, JMac may wake up today now that he knows noms aren’t changing.

  6. I do not want james to use the Veto. As long as Shelli is there Clay will do her bidding. Steve does not seem to be a good player but if James replaces either nominee, it should be Vanessa. She would go home and probably James would go home the next week. Would rather Shelli go but Clay is not playing with his head. Out of the house, and Ireland, Shelli will forget his name

    • I think James is going home soon anyway. He was a target for the alliance before this HOH and he will be the same target after.

      Sending Shelli home is the right decision. She is the strongest competitor in the house. But Vanessa is the glue that keep the 6th Sense together. Either one would be a good move for the non-alliance.

      The one suggestion I would make for James is when Clay and Shelli approach him to make a deal he needs to milk them for as much information as possible. Tell them if they do not come clean the noms stay the same.

      • But what if the majority of the numbers vote to keep Shelli over Clay? Clay is telling them to vote him out if the noms stay the same. I think it would be funny if James chooses to keep Clay, put up Vanessa or Liz and vote Shelli out.

      • That’s why I would put Vanessa up against Shelli.

        Its all up to Austin and the twins. They have the votes to determine who goes home and who stays.

        I do not trust them to vote to evict Shelli. In fact, I do not trust them to vote together. Putting Vanessa up forces them to vote to evict Shelli instead of Vanessa.

        Of course no plan s fool proof. If Shelli and Clay throw Vanessa under the bus, which I think will happen if Shelli’s back is against the wall then all bets are off.

        I do think if Shelli was not certain that Clay was going home she would be squealing like a stuck pig and ratting out everyone in the house but she knows Clay is campaigning for her and she is fine with him going home and her staying. She is that kind of person.

      • I don’t understand why Clay is willing to go home in lieu of Shelli. Is he that into her to give up the possibility of $500,000?

      • He knows he’s not as great a competitor than Shelli is. Besides, he thought this was Big Brother and Big Sister’s summer camp game.

      • He’s also not as big a target with her gone. I think he’ll go further. V and Austwins are all in front of him for targets. His social game can get back on track and rebuild relationships.

      • Stupid guy move. And I thought they agreed not to have a sexual relationship while in the house. To give up an opportunity to win lots of money and not even getting any you know what…boogies the mind.

      • James would be smart to take down Clay and put up Vanessa. Would be good for her or Shelli to go except I think deep down Austin would like Vanessa to leave. One less person for him to compete with for Liz’s attention. Someone needs to tell Clay if Shelli is going to stay with him after the show (ha), she would be happy for him to stay and they could be together with the money later. Someone needs to wake him up

      • It would truly surprise me if he did. But we are talking about James here. He wouldn’t think that way. He’s just glad he won Veto so he didn’t have to think about renoming/backdooring anyone.

    • Unfortunately, I fear that if James doesn’t take Clay down (putting Van up), that Clay will be the one going home. That leaves a dangerous mama bear that just lost her cub.

  7. Vanessa is by far the most dangerous player in the house. Every move she wants to make happen and she lets the other HGs take all the heat so she comes away looking clean. No mater what she said she wants clay and shelling seperatly because it’s better for her game. This is exactly why clay needs to stay and Vanessa needs to be renomd before it’s too late !

  8. Wow, what a difference a day makes! I can clearly see that Clay didn’t know how BB operated until he was in the house this season. He also didn’t know that the awnings need to go up every night and he was the only one out there that had to do it, but he was ignoring Production’s request at first. Shelli is very sore after completing 1400 rotations of her Guard of the Castle punishment. Still can’t believe Clay is wanting to be voted out and keep Shelli over him. Maybe it is good that he goes. Maybe when James gets wind of this he’ll take Clay off the block and put Vanessa next to Shelli. God I hope so! Loved that Van had to be “shackled” with Jackie…but only for 24 hours. I’m good with that. I snickered at the puns last night when Liz or Julia said it was definitely going to be great entertainment for the knight (night) referring to Van having to buff her knight Jackie’s armor. And Van’s comeback was, “My arms are going to be “buff” after I’m done with this task!” or words to that effect. Looking forward to seeing how they move on now after an exciting day and night yesterday was.

  9. Reading on how Vanness is working to keep Shelli, I think the better move is to take Clay off the block and put Vanessa up. Shelli and Vanessa are much stronger players than Clay. At the end of the day you want one of them gone. If Clay and Shelli stay on the block, right now it sounds like Clay is going home and you leave 2 strong players in the house and a new power couple running the show.

    • Everyone on James’ alliance wants Shelli gone, and if it comes down to Vanessa being the replacement nom, even their own alliance would rather keep Vanessa over Shelli.

      • I agree, but getting rid of Vanessa OR Shelli is a better move than just getting rid of Clay, and with Van and Shelli on the block guarenteed one of them is gone! James need to get wind of Vanessa’s plan.

    • For sure! I just hope James gets wind of what Clay’s trying to do with his allies.

  10. Ugh! This is what happens when you don’t pick actual people who want to play the game. What’s the likelihood a relationship between he and Shell will last beyond the game? If their love is to last forever and forever, doesn’t matter if she is voted out, win HOH and maybe the letter will be from her.

      • Right, I wonder if he even knows that the prize is actual money for his pockets and not a donation in his honor to the Big Brother Big Sister program (which would be great if he did and if won, donated it to them)?

    • Clay is just stupid. But Shelli is an absolute beotch if she lets him do this. She knows he’s doing it because Vanessa told her already. Yet Shelli is just allowing it to happen. This just shows how selfish and self-centered Shelli is. She hasn;t even attempted to get Clay to stop or to tell the HGs please do not vote Clay out becaue he asks you to.

      But I agree, players like Clay ruin the game. When Clay gets out of the house and realizes America does not love this couple and they do not love Shelli – or him – reality will kick him in the teeth. He is going to regret not staying in the game.

      I hope the house decide thy will not let Clay make an idiot out of himself although I guess they don;t really care.

    • If they stay on the block, my money is on Clay going. When Clay gets home, his real mama is going to give him the whooping of his life! Bye-bye showmance.

  11. I don’t blame Clay for asking everyone to vote him out instead of Shelli. I’ll do the same thing in a heartbeat. I will save my mother.

    • I didn’t think she’d last this long! She definitely is a trooper, no doubt about that!

      • She “knows” that she’ll be there next week. I’ll bet if she thought she was going this week, she’d quit.

      • She is acting like she knows. I really hope the other house guests do not let Clay torpedo his own game for her. This is a once in a lifetime experience and Shelli should allow him to have. the other HGs should vote out Shelli to keep Clay from being stupid.

      • I keep hoping that will happen! It’s not looking good for those of us that want Shelli gone this week. :(

  12. James should use the veto on Clay–then put up Vanessa. She and Shelli are the two biggest liars going. She brought everyone on board to evict Austin and then left them all hanging. Then tells them she had no choice–what a liar. And Shelli just as bad when confronted by Meg. Put the two worst liars up against each other and let house decide on who to evict.

  13. I think James should tell (more like implore) Austin and the twins to vote out Shelli or he might need to use the PoV to put on one the twins (Liz) up since Clay wants to be voted out

    • But they would lie and say yeh and do the opposite. He needs to take Clay down and put Van up to ensure Shelli being voted out because they would keep Van over Shelli.

      • Yes…if James is intent on getting Shelli out, he needs to take Clay off the block and put up Van. And Clay will be kicking and screaming, “DON’T SAVE ME. I WANT TO GO HOME. SAVE SHELLI.”

      • Or asked to leave the game after Shelli is voted out, professing his undying love for his Shelli. I am sure no one will be tears; it will even it since they brought Julia in.

      • Let’s count the votes for a Van (side note: everything about her screams a narcissistic pathological pompous hypocrite…what an awful person, but I digress) renom:

        votes to vote out Shelli: Jackie, Meg, Steve
        votes to vote out Van: Clay, Becky, JMac

        That leaves Austin, Liz and Julia. I could see all three voting out Shelli. James has to make a deal with them to stay safe next week. Maybe fake out a twin renom? If it stays the same Clay is gone and we lose.

      • But they’ll have Clay in their ear to vote out Van…see where I’m going with that? They believe they owe Shelli for keeping the twins safe so both could play at the same time.

  14. i hope james uses the veto, and puts up vanessa or steve. i dont want clay or shelli to leave :(

    • Is he really considering it? I would love to see Sheli stay, win hoh and send James home next. I have no idea why so many people are against Sheli. I think she is playing the game. Can’t stand people who throw comps, and let other people get the blood on their hands, and they just coast to jury or final three. Would people be happier if Clay/Sheli would have gone against their alliance and against Becky? If they would have voted to keep Jason, they would have everyone but James,Meg,Jason and Jackie against them. P

      • I would have had more respect for them if they had chosen James, Meg, Jason and Jackie over Van and the Austwins, than the game they’ve been playing.

        The house has been divided between a light and dark side, just as Shay was saying. They chose the dark side and I have no respect for that side of the house. I don’t like mean, manipulative, self-serving people that try to control things by demeaning others.

        Shay had been playing the middle of the house. They could have gone either way last week. If they had stuck with the backyard crew, they would have been 6 strong with 2 floaters (Becky & JMac) on the light side. Even though I don’t like Shay, I would have at least rooted for them at that point.

        Karma is coming back to bite them and I hope they get what they deserve this week.

      • i have no hope for this show anymore lol i hope shelli stays and picks off these throwing floaters off one by one. i was so disappointed when i read what happened at the veto ceremony.

      • james won pov, and was considering backdooring austin or vanessa. he had talks with meg and jackie, and they convinced him to keep noms the same. clay and shelli kept trying to shift focus to austin, and obviously it didnt work and james kept noms the same. he wants shelli out but everyone else is going for clay.

  15. Clay and Shelli need a miracle for both of them to stay. But hey miracles happen. James will probably be the target next week by everyone except Meg and Jackie. I sure hope so. He was at it again last night with his perverted comments. He’s making me sick!

  16. Did Clay really ask Shellli if it was okay if he went in the pool? LOL

    Someone, please take Clay aside and tell him to put on his big boy pants. I think Meg tried but Clay is determined to look like a fool.

  17. Wow Clay is sooo dumb! If the house was smart they would vote Shelli out for the sake of the game

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