Tonight On Big Brother 17: Live Eviction, HoH Competition, & Returning Juror

Big night ahead on CBS for the Big Brother 17 Houseguests as they’ll face a live eviction, HoH competition, and a returning Juror ready to seek revenge. It all starts at 9/8c tonight.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

Yes, the HGs are worried and preparing for a returning Juror because Grodner forbid that production ever change up anything and keep the HGs on their toes, but they don’t know for sure just how things will work out.

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The house has settled, at the moment, on evicting John McGuire but this has not been one of those weeks where the noms just lay down and die, much to the twins’ disappointment and confusion. Instead we even watched last night as John refused to accept the news from Vanessa and actually suggested she flip on the Austwins to join him and the Goblins to stand four against three. Of course that would require him to also have James and Meg on his side which he currently does not, but I love his determination to keep playing the game all the way out the door!

There will be five votes tonight with the twins, Vanessa, and the Goblins heading inside the Diary Room to make their choice. The twins won’t be changing their target off John, but will the Goblins decide to join with John and Vanessa to evict Steve? We’ll have to watch for any last minute shifts today on the Live Feeds.

Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who returned to the house, who was voted out, and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those three decisions?



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  1. The biggest twist of the season is there are no twists this season, we are playing the same ole BB game we always do….Right down to that dreadful Zingbot.

    • Yup, BoTB was last year, they pretty new the week of the DE, expecting the jurror to return this week, expected Zingbot this week. How can the motto be ‘expect the unexpected’ when the players are expecting every ‘twist’ they have lol. They introduced the BB take over, then did 2 weeks of it lol. I remember readding someone call it ‘expect the expected’ lol.

    • yes I agree at least BB Canada over did it with twists it was more watchable then this

    • I like Zingbot. Last year when he zinged Cody with the joke about Christine’s husband was SOO FUNNY. and I love how he insulted Vanessa’s crying.

  2. Some big twist ideas could have been vote two people out each week and the following week they battle it out to see who comes back and then the next two are out the door etc. That would really stir things up…The game has been on so long it’s time to revamp it. It’s become a snooze the last few seasons because people are strategizing the house not the game. It’s just not the same as it was in the earlier years!

    • US BB is so watered down compared to other countries. Your idea sounds interesting. Other countries have twists where if you win some comp you get to renom 2 ppl on the block, one where everyone is on the block that week no one is safe. Read one where they have 2 houses(idk how it worked, but its somehing lol), one where an evicted HG watches the live feeds for 24 hours then returns to the hosue. These are prtty much just one time ideas, but something new like BoTB last year that lasted half the season would be nice to liven up the game.
      You’re idea of eviting 2 and one coming back would do that, but think they’d have to return right away cuz otherwise they’d advance a full week, when they could be targted again that week, and idk how the voting would work, 3 ppl on the block 2 get voted out? Or 2 HoHs each nom 2, and 1 from each gets voted out? Like the idea tho.

      • Now that sounds like a very fun show to watch. Wish the US version would do some of those ideas!

    • One big change is allow house guests to compete for HOH even if they have won this past week’s HOH. So, one person who is good at competition can dominate the game and force people to play the game! Right now, you form a strong alliance right off the bat and and target everyone else, evicting them one by one. Mike, in the last Survivor fought hard and won like 5 immunity chalelnges in a row and kept himself safe. Everyone else, in his former alliance was gunning for him. If Big Brother does that, you can be all alone and still have a fighting chance against an alliance.

  3. Does anybody have any guesses on how the returning juror will be decided? Comp ? Or Americas choice? Haven’t seen that many polls on the website to think it’ll be Americas choice but I’m hoping!

    • In the past it has been comps, doubt they would have America vote, or they would be telling you on the show to go vote, plus with only 3 jurors so far it’d be impossible to vote for the 4th person…
      Last years it was a luck based comp, and in the past it has been an endourance comp with them compteting with the current HGs for HoH at the same time. Last juror gets to return, and then they keep going for the HoH.

    • Based on past seasons, I would assume it is an endurance type of HOH. The one standing last wins it. On those evicted, the house guest that last the longest among the 4 gets to come back in to the Big Brother House. If he or she last longer than the other house guests still in the house, he or she also, becomes the next HOH.

    • There have been 3 seasons of returning house guests. The first time was an America’s Vote, but that won’t happen this season. It would have been announced. The 2nd time was an endurance comp with the last juror returning. The comp was for all HGs to determine HoH. The 3rd time was a luck comp with just the 4 jurors. The HoH comp was held after the juror comp.

    • Thought last year was they threw pucks onto a spinning table and whoever got closest to the middle, or the most points or something returned, I could be wrong, but that was some year.

      • It was. The year before last was the endurance comp. Last year was basically all about luck and Nicole barely won.

      • Ya it was liek 95% luck 5% skill if you could figure out how to time it or aim for another persons puck.
        Endurance should favor Shelli and Becky. Think they did the random puck thing to make it even, otherwise it’s hard to find a comp that is fair for 4 ppl.

  4. Vanessa is the only one thinking about the end game….sitting in the final two…..for this reason, she knows James may be a problem if he makes another big move (yah, breaking up the Chellis was the only big move this season). She is leery of JMAC because she is pretty sure he might have some big moves planned if he survives this week. She knows she can beat Austin (Liz will vote Austin but Julia will vote her)…she will not get rid of Austin, but she will knock out James, Liz & JMAC…(actually she won’t, she’ll get someone else to do it for her)….it is her game to lose. I think first order of business for the others is to remove Austin and then her….but somehow I think one of the twins is going to win HOH tonight…

    • Bite your tongue… one of the twins win HoH? Don’t even think like that but yeah, it could happen. JMac with big moves… little threat of that. Here’s Vanessa big huddle how does she get Liz out w/o any hand directly in it, she’ll have to mind control someone into doing the dirty work.

      Best case scenario for non-Austwins/Vanessa fans is twins or Vanessa not winning HoH. I’m rooting for Meg, just joking… I’d root for someone that actually has a chance. LOL. Love to see Becky return, win HoH & align with anyone that doesn’t have ‘twin’ on them.

      • Were the returning former HG align with James/Meg & whoever remains after eviction tonight that would make it 4 on 4 most likely.

        So lets say Becky/Shelli/Jackie (1) + James + Meg + non-evictee (Steve or JMac) against Austin + Liz + Julia + Vanessa, if she sticks with Austwins, she may have no choice in the matter.

  5. Loved, loved, loved the Austwins (Austin’s face – priceless) reaction to Vanessa’s demented little speech. Had I been able to take over Steve’s mind at the moment V finished her whatever, I would have bounced him up out of his chair and said “F U Vanessa, you #$@%!+”, I would almost think that would have gotten all the HGs on his side to assure him staying in the House. The other alternative would have had Austin/James/JMac pulling him off of Vanessa with his hands around her neck but that would have put him out of the House right then & wouldn’t have been a good move.

      • Short version – after not using Veto, she ran the bus over Steve, back and forth several times basically saying he was a fake & a liar to her all the while being the instigator of the plan to BD her, as she talking the camera is panning the other HGs, Austin jaw-drop was the largest of all of them but the twins were going OMG and shaking their heads.

        Best part was how sarcastic she was telling how fake his congrats/hug were to her when selected in the draw to play VETO and then she bet he was REALLY HAPPY when she won VETO… knowing that foiled his BD plans for her.

  6. I want the returning juror comp to be endurance. Like something where they have to hold on. That way they’d ACTUALLY be fighting to come back. Last year was just plain old luck. I didn’t like that.

  7. I can’t wait to see which juror comes back. If people keep letting a strong group of three (Austwins) slide by, they don’t deserve to win the game.

    I just wish so much that BB would do away with the nominee speeches. Three times at least this season the speech has revealed who is getting voted out, because they all know before the show starts. No ones mind ever gets changed by the speech. I don’t need to hear the nominees shout out the name of all their family members. It’s a huge waste of air time.

  8. Meg has totally disappeared from BB17. What was the last time she had a confession after she hit her face on the floor? That was it. She became such a non-entity, I don’t think she can even recognize herself.

    • Meg is not only terrible in competitions but she also has a MAJOR problem keeping her mouth SHUT! Thanks to you (Meg) now Austin realizes that YOU have a problem keeping Steve safe which will make it harder for JMac to flip the house.

  9. Oh gosh so exciting right now … a blindside against the Pansy Clan … MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!

  10. I like Jackie, but I prefer the Becky’s return, I think that she has better skills for the competitions, and maybe she could win the next HoH comp. And between JMac & Steve, I hope that John can continue, I don’t have nothing against Steve, but maybe he could commit the mistake to go with Austwins & Van and take out James & Meg, in that way he could finish in 5th or 4th Place.

  11. I just want to get through tonight and I am hoping whoever comes back is willing to make a move. I am ok with Becky or Shelli coming back since I think they would and they have the ability to win comps. Just please let something happen to liven up this dull, snoozer of a season.

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