Big Brother 17: Vanessa Warns John House Settled On Vote

Overnight Vanessa relayed the bad news to John that the Big Brother 17 house had settled on an eviction decision and he came up on the losing end of the debate.

John McGuire reflects on his BB17 game
John McGuire reflects on his BB17 game – Source: CBS All Access

Even in the face of this news John wasn’t ready to give up though and offered Vanessa another plan to flip the vote and the house this week while taking control and targeting the Austwins.

Flashback to 11:20 PM BBT 8/26 as John heads to bed where Vanessa is waiting to talk with him. She tells John that she did what she could but was unable to sway the group’s decision. Vanessa explains that his ability to reconnect with any of the returning Jurors plus his strength in comps made him too dangerous to keep.

John tells Vanessa he doesn’t want them to just sit here and end up looking foolish though. He offers a counter plan: ditch the Austwins, join her vote with the Goblins, and the four of them can take on the one competent, and competing member of Austwins: Liz. That’s not a bad argument.

Vanessa isn’t as hopeful. She explains to John that James and Meg are closer with the Austwins than he thinks. She suggests they are higher in Austin’s trust than even she is, but that’s likely more of her talk where she likes to present herself with the “I’m all alone in this game!” angle.

John hasn’t given up hope though and says he’ll talk with James and Meg in the morning. He’ll leave Vanessa’s name out of it and will only say he’ll try to flip her vote too. Unfortunately that could be enough to guarantee this won’t work.

Vanessa has to know she can’t go in to a F4 situation with the Austwins as we discussed yesterday. But here she’s still displaying reluctance to taking a big move and making that shift now when she really does have an opportunity. Of course it could be the wrong choice if Liz or Julia won, but then again we know for sure down the road is just another bad situation waiting for Vanessa against the Austwins.

John’s right that if he and Vanessa teamed up with James and Meg then it’d practically be the four of them against Liz. This assumes that Julia will keep her stellar performance track record intact. Of course it also leaves out the mystery of the returning Juror, which they don’t know for sure but do expect tonight.

James and Meg discussed just two nights ago that they needed to go after the Austwins head on but they can’t quite seem to disconnect from their Brass Tacks alliance with Austin. If John comes to them and asks them to confirm they’ll flip without him telling them for sure that Vanessa would flip then neither side will agree to that. John needs to get all four of them in a room if this has any chance. That’s why I’m sticking with John heading out tonight.

We’ll keep watching today though and see what happens as the Houseguests prepare for tonight’s vote. Do you think John can flip the Goblins and get Vanessa to join in against the Austwins or is his fate set?



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  1. I would love to see Vanessa taking this bait from John to flip the House .. and, then, he ends up winning the HOH and targeting her next week, either directly in the initial noms and/or as a renom … Ha !!!!
    And, yes, I bet that she is / has also told Steve that they have mended their fences and that she is looking to secure his safety this week, as well …
    Covering all her bases for both who gets evicted, who stays and who may end up on the Jury and/or may return tonight ….
    The cards have been dealt and Vanessa is hedging her bets on whatever the River Cards comes up with this evening … Though, I wonder what Ace Card she has up her sleeves to survive next week, if she doesn’t win either the HOH nor POV ??

  2. Not a good plan for Vanessa. If Becky returns Jmac + Goblins just swap out Van for Becky and gain a voting edge plus have a competition beast on their side. Van would then be on the block vs. a pawn Van is very risk averse

    • Notice in all these conversations Vanessa has never said yes to JMac’s target the Austwins plan. She talks about him getting the Goblins on board but she has not said she specifically she agrees the Austwins need to be targeted. Of course she could be protecting herself so JMac doesn’t go running back to the Austwins.

      As for the returning HG, its hard to tell what that person will do. The person coming back in usually goes along to avoid being the target. Remember Judd came back and took out his only real ally in the house, Alyssa, thinking he could appease everyone else. Then Judd was promptly evicted himself.

      In any case, Vanessa is risk averse, although last night she said the HGs this seas are wimps. Maybe she included herself but it sounded like she thinkis its time for a bold move.

      • You’re thinking of McCrae. After Amanda was evicted, he won HOH and nominated Elissa, his last hope of an ally, and the following week he was unanimously evicted by the Exterminators (Judd, Andy, Ginamarie, Spencer).

      • Judd actually went out for 2nd time right before McRae in BB15. McCrae was F4 with Andy, Spencer and GM.

  3. Johns done. I guess all Vanessa’s work this week trying to help John was her working on his jury vote. John doesn’t see the big picture, Vanessa does.

    Also kind of surprised Vanessa hasn’t really been working James incase he wins HOH. Austin has been looking after it for his bitches and himself, is Vanessa kind of nervous to cross over? She’s has to know it needs to be done, she’s got 2 more HOH comps for her or another houseguest to evict a twin or its game over. Is she really willing to risk her game on another houseguest winning HOH and doing what’s needed, or that HOH winner won’t move against her?

    Vanessa is playing a dangerous game and cutting it very close. She must be confident in herself to win one of the next 2 HOH’s. And if tonights HOH comes down to say Vanessa and James or Steve, will she throw it to them for the purpose of evicting Liz?

    • I think Van wants to make the flip on the Austwins. I think that both her and Steve know the monster they have on their hands.

      But she is stuck with the big picture – as you correctly pointed out. if she is the first to flip, the Austwins jury votes are surely lost.

      So, she needs someone to make the attack on the Austwins. So, throwing a HOH or POV – definitely. She just can’t make it obviious and would continue to show her “un-dying” support. But, if the twins are up there, and one goes – she will be smiling from ear to ear in her mind.

      • But can she trust these people in the house to do the right thing if she throws the HOH? I’m surprised she’s willing to risk it. I can completely see what she’s doing, but can she really be that confident in herself and the HOH winner doing what is needed? Especially after how Jackie and Shelli went home?

        The 3 players she’s betting on putting up an Austwin, are unreliable and have a high risk factor to do something incredibly stupid.

      • I don’t think she is betting on an Austwin going up. And to throw, it might be limited to Steve who she trusts more than James.

        But I do think (& my major point) was that she sees the major roadblock that the Austwins present and she wouldn’t be unhappy and would work to make an Austwin go home if she could. Her loyalty to them is much more conditional than she says it is – just like Austin’s is for her.

    • Liz has to go. I cant stqnd stuck up people. Im sure shes using austin. Hes just way too ugly

  4. I don’t really know what Vanessa’s best option is right now. I think she has played a helleva game so far..I could have done without the paranoia and crying jags everytime a nomination ceremony was getting ready to happen, but, I guess that was her strategy going in. Meg and James sleet 19 ours out of the day..I hardly ever see them talk game..unless someone guides it for them. She has to know that she is fourth in line behind twins and austin.It will be interesting to see how she plays this.

    • You know I’d respect Vanessa’s game play much more without the drama & the meanness she’s given most of her competitors. Those things just weren’t neseccary. But if she didn’t play that way maybe she’d have been out long ago?
      I think production wants a gay/lesbian/trains person to win this year….?? I hate to say that but it does raise awareness to optional sexual preference. Certainly has nothing to do with the game but there’s so much conversation out there these days.
      I say everyone should live their life as they want. I don’t need to know if you’re straight, gay, lesbian, trans, bi, tri….?? Whatever….it’s not my business.
      I don’t go around telling ppl I’m straight. I don’t need to know your religion, your sexual preference or if you’re a vegetarian. It’s not my business.
      Rant over!
      **i know my posts can be long but I want to be read with sincerity & neutral.

  5. They need to break out the old Diamond Power of Veto this season….we haven’t seen that for quite some time

    • I agree, but the only thing more incompetent than the HG this season is production- they picked these goons and make the decisions

    • Yes, give the returning HGs a power to save himself or the Diamond POV. That would be awesome. I am still hoping 2 HGs come back but I don’t think I will get my wish.

      • Two returning would be awesome and then go right into a double eviction week. Don’t do everything in one night, I’ve always hated those double eviction shows because you don’t get to see enough.
        Have HOH on Friday with noms, Veto on Saturday, vote someone out live and do live HOH on Sunday. Noms Monday, Veto on Tuesday, Veto Ceremony on Wednesday, and another live vote on Thursday. I know they won’t do that because Julie Chen only works one day a week on BB. But its wishful thinking.

  6. Well I am not sorry to see Johnny Mac go. I have a killer toothache I’ve been waiting to get fixed

    • Sorry, you’re going to have a wait a little bit longer. I doubt that he can help you fix your toothache while in the jury house, or if he is still in the BB house. We don’t know for certain if he will be evicted tonight, and if he is, he could possibly be right back in. If that happens though, then Austin’s HOH run was actually non existent

  7. Good article. JMac needs to go to Meg and James and tell them what he wants to do. I think James will be receptive if John opens up. JMac will be surprised to hear where James is at already. Also, bring up the returning HG. Any of the returning HGs would help them go after Austwin and it would be 5 against 3 or at worst, assuming Vanessa is not on board with the plan, 4 against 4.

    There are two problems with this plan. First, Meg is playing the Victoria game will not believe going after the Austwins is good for her game. Second, can Vanessa be trusted? No one in the house except Julia seems to think Vanessa’s word means anything. Vanessa already concocted some stupid plan to get JMac to get Meg and James to flip the vote against Steve. She was going to use that as evidence the can;t be trusted. Is Vanessa talking to JMac sincerely or is she executing her Meg/James sting plan?

    As much as I want JMac plan to be real, I could never trust Vanessa. I would even tell her any of this stuff because I would worry she would use it against me. JMac has nothing to lose. But Meg and James have their games on the line.

    The only point to be made is James will probably be the target next week anyway.

  8. I think Vanessa will try one more time to get the twins to switch their vote, or consider voting with James and Meg. She would then take all the credit for keeping JMac in the game, and hopefully get his loyalty. There has to be more to her reason that she wants the Austwins to convince James and Meg to vote to keep JMac. If they successfully did that, then Vanessa could decide what she wanted to do up until the last second.

    • Surprisingly Meg and James have no talked to either Steve or JMac about what they will do if one of them wins HoH. So Meg/James are flying blind on who is better for their game.

      Steve is the wild card and they are right for wanting him out. He already put Meg on the block so it makes sense for her and James to think they are next. Why they are not connecting the dots to see this is the reason Austwins want to keep him shows the depth of their stupidity.

      They also see JMac as the target of the Austwins so clearly he is a person they can work with if he comes back or if he stays. Yet, again, they make no attempt to make him a potential ally just like they did when Becky was HoH. OIn fact, they didn;t even take Becky as an ally despite the fact she was going to take down one of their biggest rivals!

      Meg and James have this weird game plan of playing alone and alienating themselves from potential allies. I cannot imagine how this plan can work to get them to the end.

      As for Vanessa, she has to know she is toast if she continues to help the Austwins game.

      • I don’t see either of them winning, unless James goes on an impressive HOH and veto run. Meg might be a perfect second place, but that only happens if someone other than the Austwins is at the end with her. I don’t see how whoever is left in the house don’t just all team up against the Austwins. Get rid of Liz, then Austin and leave Julia as an easy third place. If even one of them gets to the end, they will be hard to beat with two people on jury campaigning for them.

  9. I think Austin wants the F5 to be James/Meg and the Austwins. then it’s a cake walk for Liz to win the whole thing

  10. I have been wanting Vanessa out for weeks, but if she makes a real alliance with Meg and James, then I will wish her the best until she is the expendable one in the group. Jackie or Becky coming back will give them more power.

    • I wanted Vanessa out for weeks as well. Now that she can’t be voted out this week, I’m hoping for Shelli to return and get a real Vanessa/Shelli showdown. From what they showed of jury house, and now with Becky there, I’m sure all three realize that Vanessa has to be the target.

  11. I’m not sure what sickens me the most. Liz and Austin making out (barf) or Vanessa crying ( double barf)

    • Anything with Austin grosses me out. I don’t know if that guy ever showers. I’m going to believe Zingbot on that one.

      • Yep! I doubt it!!
        You could probably scrap the saliva from Liz off off his _________.
        You fill in the blank!! But share with us please!

    • Liz & Austin & the blowjob! Now that’s gross! They should be evicted for displaying such actions on TV. I’d like to see the BB house or game rules.

  12. Vanessa was very forceful with Steve.(bully-ish) Kinda in your face, Not letting him get a word in. Just dominating the conversation, then walking away as soon as he try to make a point. This is not a move that’s good for her game.(Jury management) She really need to look at. She can’t catch herself before she goes down the hill.

    • I hope she has already went down hill. I know they are not suppose to let their personal feeling get involved when voting but she has bullied everyone in thins game.

    • I agree. Vanessa has bullied Steve so bad and with his low self esteem I have my concerns of what he is going to Do after he watches himself being bullied and ashamed. Goes back to school day years when kids are bullied in the end up hurting themselves. I had hoped production would have Put a stop to this. this is not how big brother is played. This is not strategic moves this is pure bullying

  13. I have to keep going back to the decision by James and Meg to flip the vote and get out Shelli instead of Vanessa. What a huge mistake that was in the game. Now, there are too many targets in the house for them. Yes, Austwins are a big target, but Vanessa is also a big target and they cannot get them both out in one week. Have Vanessa gone when Becky was HoH I think this game would be in a very different place right now and the Goblins would not be in a position where they have lay low.

    Just look at how every week people worry about Vanessa flipping the house. This is a situation they all created and they may all pay for it.

    • Exactly… they let that crazy b**** stay in the game. If they don’t get her out next week when she does not have a chance if coming back then I have zero remaining sympathy for them.

      • I’m not too sure about that…. Shelli just needed the shirt back…. C for what ever reason… C maybe to smell Clay.?? Her boy toy!

  14. I just hope Vanessa will keep her f****** mouth shut today. She is not going home this week so hopefully she is not running around like a spastic paranoid idiot today. She is so self centered that she thinks is the Vanessa show. Get over yourself for 5 minutes so the rest of us can enjoy the show.

    • There is no way she will lay low today. She will be running around trying to assure herself deals with everyone so she isn’t evicted next week and the returning HG should be the target. Has there been a day yet that she didn’t scramble to any HG that would listen.

      • No, the only day that came close was the day she laid out on the hammock and cried to get attention. There is NO WAY I could stand to be around her.

  15. Here’s the scoop as I see it, yeah I know ‘so what’, lol… the good thing is V did not WIN flipping HGs Austwins over to evict Steve. Who’s she kidding, she’s doesn’t want to jump over w/Goblins b/c that would put her top-dog to target, she’ll want to stay behind Austwins and maybe #3 as Most Wanted behind Liz & Austin maybe even Julia though I don’t see targeting Julia before Vanessa and her ‘crying game’.

    Now when I read the more current topic here on BBNetwork, this might have already flipped to evicting Steve instead of JMac, though I doubt it. Where is the paper, rock & scissors we might need those? But at this point a coin flip would work the easiest.

    • If Vanessa went over to the gobs & hooked up with the returning jury member & JonnyMac then she would scworm her way into that newly formed alliance. If its shelli (which I hope it is) then shelli will take Vanessa out after James & Meg. Plus Vanessa has a better chance to win HOH, VETO

      • Can’t say it won’t happen that way, I’d rather see Becky return but if Becky/Shelli or Jackie returns and aligns with Gobs + JMac/Steve they could take out in this order: Liz, Vanessa, Austin & Julia; just IMHO, that way it would be 4 against 4.

        I have no knowledge of JMac’s parents lake house… but that’s fine, maybe he’ll invite us to go fishing there. I like to fish.

    • Yep, first let’s get rid of Steve, save JMac, get Van on board for a James/Meg, JMac along with a returning juror team and split up the twins with Liz going first. Then James Gang with JMac and returned juror, but without Van and take out Austin or remaining twin, then go after Van (hopefully via a DE)! Sounds too good to probably ever come true, but this is what should happen in BB. Production is trying hard to keep Van around until F2 I bet, though.

  16. Poor gameplay all around, but I’ll give Vanessa credit here. She’s doing what Derrick was exceptional at last year: jury management.

    Besides that, I have to say that this is a very dull season. They should strip the show down next year and go back to basics, find a good blend of people, ditch the twist after twist after twist fetish – have a pandora’s box/saboteur style twist but leave it at that. Ditch the returning HG – it skews gameplay and leads them to generally turn that player right around asap.

    Oh, and bring back live feeds to non-US viewers…..maybe that’s why I find it dull?

    *kicks the soapbox away* lol

    • Her jury management is great if the jury isn’t bitter and votes for who played the best game. This jury seems very immature and I wouldn’t be at all shocked if it became a popularity contest.

  17. MAYBE John will come back in and hook up with james and meg an wipe out the A$$twins

  18. I only pray John can pull this off. Surely James and Meg can see that this can be done if they all join together to make it happen. Van will do it to eliminate numbers more than relying on the Austwins as an alliance to stick with. To pull it off, it requires smart game play and come on, people surely can put their differences aside, come together and demolish a bigger threat than try and go head to head with each one when they can take them down in one fell swoop. Right?

  19. John you can make the case at least try, if they vote to keep you the 4 plus whoever comes back can be strong enough to take out the twins (Liz). It’s a great plan, Vanessa, James, and Meg should know that if the twincompoops win another HOH it’s over. The 3 headed monster will have the upper hand , now is the best opportunity to make a stand. Do. It Vanessa, your popularity might go up if you got a brain instead of being so emotional and paranoid.

    • She just cannot keep her trap shut until 5:00 p.m. rolls around. Gawwwwd! Where’s the duct tape when you need it?

  20. Get Vanessa’s out…. I have been watching bb since season one and this is the most boring season….everyone except James and Becky are too chicken to do anything…out of everyone, boo hoo hoo and kiddy love, James has my vote to win for game play…he just doesn’t have the numbers….please cbs do all stars or some more mature cut throat people next year…

  21. Vanessa has to change her tune soon, otherwise she is going to paint herself into a corner and if that’s happens, there is no way she is coming out on top. And we all know that’s exactly what she’s going for. It’s going to be interesting to see what she does with the info she received from JM. That’s what I’m waiting for!!

  22. I’d like to think Meg, James and Van would flip and vote Steve out but of coarse its always unanimous vote with these people ! So boring ! Wheres the mutiny ?

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