Tonight On Big Brother 17: Live Eviction & HoH Competition

Tonight on Big Brother 17 the Austwins are finally divided as the Twins Twist comes to an end in Week 11 after an impressive run fueled by crazy Houseguests for every letting that one get off the ground.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

After last week’s whirlwind Double Eviction we’re back to a regular ol’ live show but the pressure is building with only five Houseguests left by the end of the show and less than two weeks in the season as we prepare for a mad scramble to the finish line.

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Julia and Liz Nolan are up on the Block and the current plan is to send the biggest competitor off to Jury. No, I’m kidding. They’re sending Julia because… um, yeah. Well we can thank Vanessa for this backfired plan she had to convince the twins the choice was up to them and the while trying to make them think it made more sense for the less threatening Julia to stay in the game.

Once the Austwins caught on to Vanessa’s game they called her bluff and Vanessa was caught in her own trap. Now Liz is staying and Vanessa is losing an ideal F2 pawn while keeping a showmance alive and well. Oops. No more room for errors like that at this late stage of the game. As Derrick wrote earlier today, Vanessa or Austin/Liz really need this HoH win tonight or they could be in serious jeopardy.

Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out, and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those decisions?



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  1. Liz should be evicted, but Julia will go. Again, another head scratcher this season. If we’ve all been scratching our heads every time an inane decision was made in the house, none of us would have any hair left. Oh well … here we go. Maybe next week’s decisions will make some sense.

    • Ya, it’s in no ones best interest except Austin’s for Liz to stay, but when Vanessa got stuck in her own trap, she changed that vote and will still get what she wants.

      These idiots need to realize if Vanessa says or tells you to do something, do the opposite!

      Can’t believe Julia was so easy for her to manipulate in the veto, she hardly had to try, JMac sitting between them was hilarious, he was like ‘wtf is going on?!’ lol.

  2. Expecting Julia to go home, then hoping JMac wins HoH and if he can’t then Austin. I think Austin would play more level headed and might(but ya right) take a shot at Vanessa, while Liz will be solely focused on getting Steve out.

  3. This has been a completely frustrating season to watch. Does anyone in the house have a brain. Hopefully JMAC pulls out the HOH win. On a side note I always find it funny that the houseguests think that America just loves them and they’re going to roll out of the house and into a career in entertainment. Ummmmm, Austwins your 15 minutes of fame is ending soon.

    • JMac plans on throwing the HOH comp, for some insane reason. It’s probably because Van told him to, and he just nodded and agreed enthusiastically because that’s what he does whenever she suggests anything. I wonder how he would react if Van told him to self-evict. He might even agree to that too. Unreal

      • I’m beginning to think Vanessa is not a poker player, but a hypnotist. She has all the houseguests hypnotized to where they only follow her instructions.

      • JMac needs to see that if he throws it, and Vanessa throws it(although I guess he doesn’t know that she plans too) that him, Vanessa or Steve will go home, and it likely wont be Vanessa(although they are dumb enough to think it will be her) so that leaves him and Steve as the two to choose from, how does he not see this…?

        I know dumb question… They are all so stupid…

  4. BBNetwork: Lights are on. Vanessa wandering around.

    That can only mean trouble, I’d fake I was sleeping if I was any of the HGs.

  5. BBNetwork: Julia & Vanessa last to head upstairs for HoH lock down. Van asks Julia to tell Jury not to hate on her.

    I’d be like Vanessa, how much you going to pay me?

  6. Here’s the thing with Van play… seems Matthew doesn’t realize it works both ways for Vanessa, he gave the Liz stays & Julia goes as a backfire for Van, but now Van says Liz I kept you in the game, it goes the other way Julia stays then she blames Steve for not honoring the twins to make the choice, puts the target on him.

    Here’s the KICKER, the twins really don’t have a say and Vanessa has ALL the the say… Austin has to vote Julia out b/c of gf & stronger ally, JMac has to vote Liz out b/c she the stronger player of the twins… WHO holds the important SWING Vote? Vanessa, this takes blame off her either way it goes… brilliant. If I was the HGs I’d VTE Van next week if possible.

  7. I don’t understand why JMac is such a favorite. In real life, he might be a likable guy, but as an HG, he’s been nothing but pathetic. He’s too easily swayed, is a poor competitor, and throws competitions at the blink of an eye. He’s been really ineffectual and no more deserves to win than Julia does. To me, he’s just a weak player who wouldn’t even be on the radar in most other seasons.

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