Big Brother 17: Steve Joins Vanessa In Making Absurd Deals With Austwins

Big Brother 17 is coming down to the wire and Houseguests are scrambling to make deals to keep them in the house. Now Steve joins Vanessa in the game of making silly deals with Austin and Liz that wouldn’t possibly be refused nor would they ever be honored.

Steve Moses talks with Liz Nolan on BB17
Steve Moses talks with Liz Nolan on BB17 – Source: CBS All Access

Last night Steve went to Liz and asked for her to make him a big promise while calling it a small favor and suggesting he had no leverage to do so. Gee, where do I sign? Now where’s my free toaster too?

Flashback to 8:04 PM BBT as Steve sits down with Liz in the Lounge. He immediately points out he doesn’t have a vote in this week’s eviction but because Vanessa and John had promised him to vote how he wanted which they’re now going against he’d like a “small favor” from her in return.

Steve says he knows he can’t avoid the Block under her HoH, but would like Liz to break a tie in his favor next week if the vote splits. “Yes!” immediately proclaims Liz. Smart lady. Of course you say yes to this just as she and Austin said “Yes!” to Vanessa’s string of demands. And guess what? Liz has no intention of honoring Steve’s request either just like she decided on handling Vanessa’s deal.

Jump ahead to 8:15 PM BBT as Liz relays Steve’s deal request to Julia. Predictably Liz says she’s not sticking to this deal as Julia calls Steve an “idiot!” for thinking this could work. It really doesn’t make any sense for Steve since he has no leverage and both of his two main targets stayed this week. Talk about bad luck for Steve, huh? Julia and Liz agree that Steve is their target for what he did this week.

Liz and Austin are going in to this week in a pretty good spot with two top competitors and both able to participate in the HoH competition. Should either win the easiest thing to do is put up John and Steve then wait for the Veto to see what should be their final decision. This would make it look like they’re sticking with Vanessa’s terms for as long as possible and should Steve still be eligible for eviction next week then it probably will be him out the door. Should Steve escape the Block then watch out Vanessa as this would be too tempting to not take advantage of.

Meanwhile, Steve’s best chance at survival is going to be a Johnny Mac HoH to both control the noms and any tie-breakers in the next eviction, which mind you will be arriving early thanks to next week’s schedule shift. A Vanessa HoH would be interesting since she’d again have to pick a side and may be something she decides to avoid, but would she really be that reckless this close to the end?

The new Head of Household will be decided during tonight’s live eviction show so get ready for more Big Brother 17!



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  1. What they should do is still vote out Liz and blame it on Austin. Vanessa could convince Julia that is what happened.

    • The problem with your statement is that it makes 100% sense. The theme this year is do the most illogical thing.

    • I think Vanessa could easily “convince” Jmac to VTE Liz.
      Steve would be somewhat relieved. Then Vanessa could have Julia on standby to drag to F2 if she wants.

      But Vanessa has to have some concern over how close Jmac/Steve are.

      • Ya i suspect thats why she wants JMac to throw the HoH next week so Liztin can win it and she will guide them to targeting Steve. She’s got this on lockdown, no need to worry about Vanessa’s game, the HGs are worrying about it enough and are making sure she is nice and safe and on her way to the F2.

      • I hope if she it’s Austin and JMac that they chose each other and vanessa gets nothing.
        I just don’t understand why they cannot see vanessa for who she is.. a snake.

  2. Steve has no power and is trying to make a deal lol. He’s trying to play the game, just isn’t very good at it. His alliance members flipped the vote just like back when Becky was HoH, and once again the failing HoH is a prime target to go home the next week. There’s really not even a reason for Liz to say yes other than to save face. Not like Steve can go flip the house and get her out, but you always says yes to a deal no matter what even if you have no intentions of keeping it.

    I think it would be interesting to see Austin as HoH and see who he would send out between Vanessa and Steve. Liz would likely send home Steve, and if JMac were HoH and it were Liztin vs Vanessa he would likely send out the Liztin, but Austin, he talks a big game about getting out Vanessa, and I wouldn’t bet on it, but he might, just might pull the trigger on her(but very doubtful, especially if this season is rigged as it is appearing more and more so to be.).

    • I just don’t see how someone who has studied the game, calls themselves a super fan, plays the way he has played.

      • He wasn’t able to do what James had done because he was dealing with a trio (sisters in it to boot) than just a showmance or one target at a time. He really thought that would be a big move and look where it got him when he didn’t put up Vanessa? All he basically did was show his cards to the twins and Austin implicating himself as working with Van and JMac and thus becoming a big target now for them to go after instead of Vanessa, who should be the real target and big move to make. Just how Van wanted things to work out once again! Why do these hgs have to say who they’re targeting more over the other, especially this late in the game? I just don’t get it.

      • you are not the only one who doesn’t get pretty much all their decisions, excluding Vanessa’s.

  3. Why did they decide to keep Liz oh yeah because Vanessa said too!!! I truly feel that we should all stop watching this farce so stupid keep the one in there that can win comps IOh yeah let’s throw it to Liz and then she will put up Steve and Johnny Mac !! Gotta do what’s best for Mamma V. This is so edited for Vanessa to win !! This show is getting beyond STUPID!!! Does CBS really think we the audience are STUPID!!!! Look how they supported Frankie last year even after all the crap he pulled and for what ?? His great sister Ariana Grande who spits on donuts yeah she’s real cool Good luck CBS with your poker show starring Vanessa Hope it is an epic fail just like this year of Big Brother has been!!

    • Ya, it’d been a joke. They need to do the OPPOSITE of what Vanessa tells them to do. Every week they just do exactly what she wants, no matter how it affects there game. The CEO of CBS(Julie’s husband) has even said this was the worst vast he has ever seen on BB.

      With this new show coming out, which they have obviously talked to Vanessa about cuz they can’t just promote her on a show randomly, seems pretty sketchy cuz they really shouldn’t be talking to them about anything outside of the game, let a lone setting them up with a new TV show, where they now have incentive to have her win.

      This season has just all gone to sh*ts.

    • Frankie was disgusting and almost pornographic – he should have been removed or told to cut that crap out.

  4. Steve is nothing but Vanessa’s little lap dog. She found this out early in the game and has exploited it to her benefit like no other. Looks like she’s going to win because all of the others are dolts.

    • Is there anyone in this house who is not Vanessa’s little lapdog? The twins are under hypnosis when it comes to Vanessa. Even if they know she is stabbing them in the back they still won’t do anything about it. Austin too. Austin is such a wimp its pathetic.

      If they stop and think for a minute they will all realize Vanessa at F2 means they all lose. Steve knows this. Austin knows it too so why not get her out the first chance they get. Its what is best for everyone’s game.

      • Cuz Vanessa wont tell them to go after herself. No one cares about there own game, they only care about Vanessa’s and what’s best for her.

  5. Hey CBS I just want to let u know I will NOT watch a show where Vanessa Rossi is feature, you think audience is stupid and can “brain wash” us all…let me tell u YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!!

    I hope nobody watch that poker show or whatever show Vanessa appears from now on !

    • If there really is a show planned that includes Vanessa, maybe it will be cancelled like Freaky Frankie’s was or the producers will wise up and replace Nessie the Monster beforehand.

      • It aired in August and was called “WORST.POST.EVER:With Franke Grande”. After looking it up, I was wrong about it being cancelled. It was just a one-off special that really bombed. According to an online article it had 180,000 viewers. But his tour was cancelled.

      • Oh my. The description alone sounds horrible. “Actor and online celebrity Frankie Grande reviews and dissects the best
        of the worst posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everything in
        between. Frankie also concocts his own outrageous app, does an edgy
        hidden camera segment and much more.”

      • I didn’t watch it. Sharona informed me about it. I immediately found the station and removed the channel from my listings, just to avoid any accidental sightings.:(

    • I think many poker fans will watch, but not enough for the show to last.
      I used to watch a poker show with Jennifer Tily and her boyfriend, if it is similar to that I;ll watch it.
      I think it may not be real though. BB is staged and so will any show the producers make with any of its stars.

      • Anyone who would give Vanessa her own show should be fired. Her personality is not made for TV – or radio. She sucks the life out of any room she is in. Sure, she is acting really sociable now because she is campaigning for jury votes. But its sickening to watch because it is obviously fake. The real Vanessa is the moody, self-absorbed, anti-social, narcissistic Vanessa we see when she is not trying to be super nice to everyone. Who wants to watch that on TV?

      • Just to spite you, I will volunteer to watch that on TV hahaha.
        Chill bro … it’s just a tv show. A guilty pleasure, meant to entertain hehehe :)

    • Uhhhh everyone will watch it cuz Vanessa will tell us too and then since you can’t go against her you will have to watch he show. Have you not been watching BB? That’s how it works lol.

    • I’m 57 only watch last 3 years. But one thing I have learned is. We all like the HGs. As we get to the end. People get mean. IT’s fixed, I’m not going to watch anymore…BA. BA. BA. HATERS! I was very happy with last years winner. Not so much the year before! WHO CARES. Watch it or leave it…I will watch it. He, HE. HE

  6. When people understand that even the big networks and all the money WE THE AUDIENCE still have the power…biggest example NetFlix

  7. I didn’t watch last season to obvious to me to cast AG brother, I knew it was going to be painful.
    This year I gave it a chance and once again CBS treat us the audience like morons, we can see what’s is going on and all their antics to rigged the show.
    I stopped watching more then a month ago and people that feel same way should stop watching and send a message to producers.

      • Following the show on the internet does not make CBS any money. If you don’t watch their ratings drop and they have to charge less for commercial time. I know a lot of people cancelled their feeds a couple of weeks ago but that’s a drop in the bucket moneywise. Its all about selling commercial time.

      • I think I asked someone this before … not sure if I got an answer. When you get the live feeds, are there ads built in? Are they monetizing those feeds other than just the sign up fee?

    • I agree. He is another one who is too intimidated to play this game. Its the guys who make bold moves and escape eviction who are the really good players. Steve has mad what he thinks is a bold move, even if we think its an obvious move, but he has done nothing to avoid eviction next week if Austin or Liz wins HoH. He needs to make Vanessa a bigger target than himself. Then I will give him credit for his game play.

      • Continue to think steve messed up by not evicting Julia when she was up against meg. He and jamc could/should have done that and pointed the finger at vanessa – since she was the one we put julia on the block against meg

  8. ABSURD Deals with the Austwins…

    Sounds right up these dim witted girls alleys – and the will probably keep the deals regardless of what they say in contradiction in private.

    Remember, we’re talking about one twin (Julia) who voluntarily chose to challenge Austin.

    Need I say more.

  9. What if tonight either Liz or Austin wins HoH. S/he puts up JMac & Steve. Van wins POV and takes down Steve. Liz or Austin have to put the other up as renom. Steve & Van control the votes to keep JMac safe.

    It would be good to watch the drama if ether Liz or Austin is the cause for the other one going to jury.

    • I would love it if something like that would happen. Unfortunately this is the most boring, predictable season ever. We know V is controlling the entire game and every week whatever she decides happens. I stopped actually watching weeks ago and have just kept up online. I do want to see who wins, but can’t stomach watching these boring people anymore!

  10. I do believe Vanessa will throw this HoH as long as she does not find out everyone is on to her. She wants the F4 HoH to ensure her safety. Vanessa wants F3 and I think she knows if she is not HoH at F4 she will be everyone’s target. Of course she could win POV too but I don;t think she wants it to come down to that.

  11. So, I only started actively following BB at the start of season 15 (although I went on to watch all prior seasons), but it just seems like every year I hear/see the same thing coming from some of the fans. “The show is rigged”. It was said about Amanda in season 15, Frankie in 16, and now Vanessa in 17. I’m also sure it was stated plenty of times for the older seasons 2; I’d have to guess people said the same about Evil Dick.

    It really is annoying to watch, because 1 of 2 things will happen. Either the person will get evicted, and the people claiming it’s rigged will instantly be quiet or claim CBS “learned their lesson”,

    • They don’t rig who wins, nor do I think that they pick comps that favor one player over the other. I think the comps are scheduled in advance, with some time for tweaking or minor changes.

      Having said that, production does mess with the HGs in the DR. They do ask leading questions, give information and try to persuade HGs into thinking the way they want them to think. That’s the rigging that fans can’t stand. I get that they need material for the DRs and drama for the show, but in my opinion, they go WAY too far.

      • A great example this season is when James came out of a DR session and went right to Meg telling her production confirmed Shelli stole the shirt from him. The solidified his decision to keep Vanessa and vote out Shelli. I have no idea what production actually said to him but it lead him to believe it was Shelli that stole the shirt. In reality is was Julia that took the shirt. I wonder what James would have done had he found out Julia took the shirt and not Shelli.

      • I saw the feed but couldn’t really recall what’s exactly going on but Shelli and the twins (or probably only Julia) went to the room to look for the shirt. Not sure who found it but Shelli did say it didn’t smell like Clay Bae anymore. So yeah, essentially Shelli did take the shirt even if technically it was Julia who took it. Wouldn’t make any difference to James.

      • Some parts of my discussion topic were poorly written, I think. I’m not trying to say that I think the show is rigged, just that the recurring theme seems to be that every season, some fans will claim it is and place a specific player at the epicenter of the rigging conspiracy.

        I am aware of people stating that DR sessions possibly mislead some of the players’ judgement, but I’ve also read that interviews with past players revealed that the DR doesn’t do much more than ask simple questions that the players should be pondering themselves. Now, if a player went to someone else with a “false revelation” immediately preceeding a DR visit (like the other user posted), I can see why that would be said.

        Note: Frequent edits for grammatical errors, since I’m somewhat rushing in between tasks at work.

      • Seems to me that there will always be conspiracy theories of the game being “rigged” in one or another HG’s favor. Can’t say that I haven’t been guilty of thinking the same thing myself at times, but my logical mind always ends up rejecting the idea. BB is a television show, i.e. ENTERTAINMENT first & foremost. Like Luki3n said above, CBS only cares about producing a television show that gets high ratings since ratings are what bring in advertising $$. Money talks, bulls*it walks, as the saying goes.
        Now, do I believe that Production manipulates behind the scenes? Hell, yes I do! They feed information, they give hints, and they ask VERY leading questions at times (admittedly, some of those questions ARE ones the HGs should be asking themselves). Does this mean I think they’re cheating in someone’s favor? Nope. Because they’re classified as a “contest,” and would have to answer to the Department of Justice if there was serious evidence of rigging.
        Finally, I think it’s Grod’s time to GO. When HGs can all but predict WHICH comps they’re having on WHICH day of the season, you’ve worn out your welcome. Buh-bye, AG.

      • This is a tv show that is meant to entertain the viewers, hence certain things need to be done. Being persuasive to sway the contestants to certain directions are exactly what the Big Brother idea is all about.
        Besides, persuasion counts for nothing if the HGs don’t do anything about it.
        And I don’t see what’s been done WAY too far anyway.

    • I just learn to accept that every year there’s about two people, maybe three, that will say it’s rigged. There’s no evidence supporting that claim….period.

      • I agree. Is there any evidence of this CBS poker show hosted by Vanessa that people are alleging? Who would want to watch a show hosted by her? Why would BB want Vanessa to win? I don’t think they care who wins, they just want people to watch.

  12. Memo to Self: When June 2016 comes around next year, don’t start getting excited and/or looking forward to BB starting. Remember how bad it was in 2015 and then “Expect the EXPECTED” in June of 2016.

  13. I can’t even explain how bummed I am that the best possible outcome for this season is Austin winning. If Vanessa’s teary-eyed, always the victim strategy actually wins this thing, it’s the end of BB.

  14. I don’t understand why they are not voting Liz out. Dumb game move. Julia is the perfect F2 for any of them.

  15. What a bunch of idiots. Ohhh who is that youtube guy who calls everyine an idiot? Anyway they should have him guest host one of the games and just call them all out on how they play and call them all idiots. Hahaha

  16. I’ve been reading thru all the comments(thanks btw for my daily entertainment), and it seems most r saying the same things, and I agree. however, I’m gonna throw it out there, in hopes it has some “magical” powers that makes it to the BBH-Hey y’all, take out Vanessa or she is gonna win.

  17. So frustrating to watch these HGs dither about without a clue. Every time I think something game changing is going to happen (like when Becky RN Vanessa) the HGs find a way to get in their own way and make the worst possible decision. It may come down to the only actually big move of the season being James nominating Shelli and Clay. Other than that it’s been all infuriately manipulative stuff by Vaneficent. I will be so sad if the Evil One manages to go this whole season without someone other than Becky taking a swing at her. What’s wrong with these people?

    • I still don’t understand why that got turned around. Liz is 1,000 times the threat that Julia is.

      • The twins and Austin succeeded in backing Vanessa into a corner. Either she goes along with this plan or she’s more screwed than ever.

      • Well, now that we know who won head of household things are going to get really interesting. She will have to pick a side now. Which way will she go?

  18. it’s amazing how poorly everyone has played this year except of course Van. I hate her game but damn it works with this group of idiots.

  19. I prefer to give my money and online traffic to a site like this rather than watching a rigged show and give my money to those people from the networks.

    I don’t watch the show, I don’t go to their site nether I post there.

    BBN has maintain an unbiased position and keep updates raw and simple.
    They have been keeping it classy and they Re the only reason I keep following BB franchise!

    I have been disappointed with BB for the past couple of years, if you are smart you can see the subtle things they do, this show is not real is fake and manipulated by producers.

    This season I decide to give it a chance I didn’t get a chance to even pick a favorite because they started very early with their antics, I am not upset bacie my favorite was evicted because I never had one, I am no a Hater I don’t Hate the game, I actually love the game I just don’t like to be played by “white collars” at the end they are sucess because all of us the audience,

  20. All season the idiots in this house have voted people out based on revenge, instead of what’s best for their game. Let Liz and Austin vote Steve out because of what he did. It just insures they don’t win, which is the best case scenario for America.

  21. If someone believe any big network is not going to have full control over a show reality or not reality well then I would advise to be more inquisitive and think outside the box, every single second you watch on TV has one purpose an is not exactly to entertain you, that is the bait because their purpose is not other one to make money out of you!!

    • Hmmmmmm……of all the shows,reality, you think that about this one. Eeeeh, No. Yes they edit the shi!! Out of it, yes they may switch comps to favor certain scenarios but no control on outcome.

  22. Seeing as Vanessa made a deal with Liz and Austin to vote out Julia is so dumb and WILL bite them in the butt later ! I wish they’d just flip back to Liz and make Austin mad, who cares if he loses his girl ? Us viewers sure would like a break from Liztin.

  23. Oh well I guess if I start rooting for Van to win, maybe then she’ll loose. DAM, she won again….

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