Big Brother 17: Vanessa Agrees To Flip Vote Under 3 Conditions

After days of telling the twins Julia and Liz Nolan that the choice of who would stay was up to them the twins have finally called Vanessa Rousso’s bluff leaving her in a very awkward position that could end up imploding her season long effort to reach the Final Two.

Vanessa Rousso working on a way out of this mess
Vanessa Rousso working on a way out of this mess – Source: CBS All Access

Since Saturday we’ve listened to Vanessa tell the twins that she’d support any decision they made all the while pushing them towards wanting Liz out of the game. Of course this was advantageous to Vanessa, not the Austwins, but it took days for them to catch on to what was happening.

Overnight Monday the Austwins started to discuss how well Vanessa had been playing both sides of the house and working to weaken the Austwins while keeping herself in the middle. Then on Tuesday afternoon they came up with a plan to trap Vanessa by telling her they changed their mind and wanted Liz to stay after all. Austin said this would expose whether or not Vanessa had been playing them, but it would also force her to either stay in the hole she dug or give them more ammo to use against her. Turns out they’re getting both.

Last night Austin went to Vanessa and explained that the twins had debated the choice and settled on keeping Liz in the game. Not what Vanessa wanted to hear. As she’s been claiming for days, Vanessa said she was ambivalent over which one would stay or go but then began giving Austin several reasons why Liz should be the one to go, you know, for his benefit of course. Austin was expecting push back so he played along but continued to insist that Liz stay. Vanessa said okay, but then magically created a new requirement: Steve had to approve.

With her back against the wall we waited and watched to see if Vanessa would reject this attempt to keep Liz by blaming Steve or if she’d relent and lay down in the mess she had been making all weekend. Once again Vanessa had been busy talking way more than she needed to be doing with these past few days bringing us back to her repeated flaw: unnecessary. This entire situation was unnecessary and brought on by Vanessa promising too much to too many players when she didn’t need to.

Finally Vanessa agreed to the deal with the Austwins but she had three conditions. Flashback to 6:42 PM BBT on your Live Feeds (get a Free Trial) and then settle in.

Vanessa tells Austin and Liz she’s willing to keep Liz and hey, maybe they shouldn’t even tell Steve. Heh. What Vanessa needs from them is to first promise that she will not be an upfront nominee. So if Austin or Liz becomes HoH then they’d have to nominate Steve and John. Of course that only leaves Vanessa for any renom situations which she yet again continues to erroneously call a “Backdoor.” No, no, no, Vanessa. A renom is a renom. A Backdoor is several things, but going up on the Block on Monday does not equal a “Backdoor.”

Next, should the final noms in F5 round be John and Steve then she gets to choose who is evicted. See the vote count there, in theory, would be Vanessa and Liz/Austin for the two votes which could split and Austin/Liz (HoH) would be the tie-breaker. Vanessa is saying it wouldn’t go to a tie-breaker or if it did then she’d tell the HoH how to split it.

Pausing for a moment we can look at the “why?”. Vanessa is about to lose her F2 pawn. Julia has to be her preferred plan at the end and that’s now all getting flushed thanks to Vanessa running her own mouth and painting herself in to a corner. She needs a new F2 pawn and that’d be John who was likely already her back up plan. If things came to a John vs Steve next week and Vanessa gets to pick then she’d send Steve to Jury since she’s likely to believe John is an easier win for her at the end, and I’d agree though she might be able to beat both guys.


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