Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 7 Nominations & Battle of the Block

Update: Tonight’s BB16 show is delayed in ET due to golf. Showtimes: 10PM ET / 8PM PT.

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS with the Head of Household comp that followed Thursday’s Double Eviction, nominations, and the Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

While the Battle of the Block was suspended for the sake of the Double Eviction on Thursday it’s back in the mix for Week 7 of Big Brother. HGs are anxious for the elimination of this twist as nearly half the house ends up on the block this week with just nine players left.

This will be a very, very interesting episode to watch and here’s why. The house came up with a plan to target Frankie and it involved heavily throwing the Battle of the Block, but just as we know about Big Brother, not everything goes to plan. So what happened? We’ll have to watch to find out.

Can’t wait to find out who won HoH, who goes on the block, and who wins BotB? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 21 Preview:


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  1. I guess we can safely say that we already know who won BoB and Veto as well!!! I only watch live shows to see what the game was they all competed in!

    • let’s see if this one is like we live feeders think it is..a one man show so Frankie could win.

      • This episode confirmed comp was not rigged. There was no clear advantage going solo. Zach tried to solo it because he saw Frankie was doing okay but Zach failed to solo miserably. Frankie is a beast guys bottom line he won fairly, you can put the conspiracy theories to rest.

      • caleb should have yanked on “his” chain to dump the ball, the dummy didn’t think of that ,did he… he now deserves to be evicted.

    • It will be interesting to see exactly how Frankie won the BotB or how much production will let us see…..

      • I just want to see how Caleb participated or did not participate. If he didn’t do anything..he should not have been allowed out of the house today.

      • CBS almost has to let us see Caleb sitting down. So of course it will make Frankie look like Sampson to Caleb’s Goliath.

    • Look like we will have to wait for the show tonight. Even in Canada, Global move the BB broadcast to 10:00 pm so they could show The Teen Choice Awards live (whatever that is).

      • Entertainment Tonight said Ariana Grande will be there….”on the verge of superstardom”…. Her new single May compete with her “summer sensation” duet, “Problems”, with Iggy Azaela. They showed a clip of that video and the blonde guy dancer looks like Frankie.

      • bbadboy,
        I keep hearing about her from people that watch B.B. I’ve never heard of her before. Is see worth all this hype ? Why is CBS. so big on Frankie the weasel is she good at all ?

      • Idk much about her. She’s like 21 but ET compared her voice to Mariah but said she appeals to a mix of demographics with a rap song “Problem” and power ballads and some pop song she’s about to release. Also she used to be on a tv show called Sam & Kat (unsure if I got the name right). That’s all I remember. :)

      • Um who is she again? (kidding)… I think I’ll just keep seeing her as a kid-star on Nick.Jr.

      • I don’t know a thing about her but if she is anything like Frankie the weasel I don’t want to . As a matter of fact wouldn’t want to anyway. Maybe Frankie will make things bad for her. If people see him they may think she is a liar and he is so good at lying ( it seems to come natural to him ) it can’t all be just game he lie’s to well and to much that takes years of practice. So who knows maybe it’s a family trait.

      • We’re talking about North American culture here. No matter how he acts, sadly even negative publicity is free publicity… But actually she was a pretty good & cute little actress on her shows. As for Frankie, try to understand that he’s probably living up to an image on tv (being the self-proclaimed multi-media guru)… If he is the same person in everyday life, then the punishment won’t be our opinions, it will be the sad loss of relationships that could have been more substantial.

      • justdave,
        Why don’t you like her ? She is playing a pretty good game. It’s not fair to her or the other H.G. with this show ( game ) favoring Frankie the weasel. And I don’t understand why. I’ve never even heard of his sister before. This is going to bring the ratings down for another season. If it’s true and I believe there is some truth to it people won’t want to watch the show anymore. CBS and the production staff is willing to rein a good show over a no body I just don’t get it.

      • justdave,
        please tell me because I think she is playing a pretty good game to last this long with those guys in there.

      • joe. i’m not trying to be difficult here but this is probably not the place for me to explain what i said. a quick google search for the term “back door” would probably clear things up…an image search would probably be even better. ;)

      • justdave,
        It’s all cool I don’t need to Google it I know what you mean. I think we got are wires crossed some who.

  2. Does anyone know which game their going to. There’s no NFL games being played till Thursday

  3. When is BB coming on in CT?? We’re still watching pga BS. Guess we’ll forget about it and watch it off the web tomorrow. Not sitting all nite wondering when CBS is getting their crap together.

  4. Once again CBS screws up. When can we find out what happened tonight ? Doe’s anyone out there know ?

  5. I’m waiting to see BOB since people think it was fixed. Nicole was talking to Victoria sometime yesterday and said “Don’t you think it was strange that all the other BOB’s required 2 players and this 1 didn’t”.

    • I am dying too see it. I am really curious. Also, what was said in the house was Caleb wanted the NFL reward. Some say he didn’t throw because of that. I don’t know the answer.

      • I heard Caleb describe how he helped Frankie by give him direction and telling him where the balls were. Seems they have to find balls.

      • Lol Frankie needing help finding balls. Did production ring that comp? Just kidding. Like Frankie can’t find balls..bwahahaha.

      • Yeah, Caleb helped by not doing anything. They said if he wanted to blow it he should have helped and dropped the balls. When ppl in the house question a comp it’s not like us questioning it.

  6. I missed Derrick telling Nicole this. And their blaming Nicole about having them throw BOTB.

      • Shade. I think Derrick walk around the house with a cover of shade and a bunch of dummies as house guest. Except for Donny…sad he is playing the game by himself no one want to hear he knows the games Derrick is playing.

      • You RIGHT Emma. If Derrick and Donny had teamed up in the beginning they would have been unbeatable I think. Sadly unless something happens Donny is going home Thursday, and Derricks is on thin ice right now.

      • Up Derrick ‘ s butt. Seriously the HIS can not add up stories. Derrick is the common denominator in all things.

      • I agree…I am going to throw this out there, I am wasting future birthday wishes for that to happen.

      • yes, yes he is. he always seems to have an answer or an out for everything that comes out or happens. he must spend a lot of time going over every scenario he can think of happening. yeah and nic still trusts him and sounds like donny doesn’t know that he is the puppet master yet either

      • Oh no ! Donnie is the only one that know Derrick is the puppet master. If there was no TA, Donnie would have been gone lond time ago.

      • Donny and Jocasta actually said 3 weeks ago that Derrick was the leader, however with all the accusations against Frankie Donny is doubting himself.

      • Lenore Champa,
        No one doe’s he a cop and this game is perfect for him. Now if somehow the H.G. can find this out the whole game would change for him and the other house guest.

  7. The game has not started yet, but it seems like Caleb could have thrown the BOTB if he had played with Frankie. All he had to do was let the ball go down the side and not try to score.

  8. Derrick is a police officer he plays people for a living it’s no surprise to see him playing this type of game. I wish the house would find this out about him it would change everything in the game.

  9. If Frankie is such a big fan does he not remember Ronnie the rat? He plays just like him. Nobody wanted Ronnie in the house except dimwit Jesse and nobody wants Frankie there.

      • It absolutely gave Frankie an advantage. He didn’t have to waste any time negotiating with another player. Caleb totally copped out. Such an idiot. The way to throw it was to actually impede progress whilst playing …. duh!!!! Sitting back like he did (“they don’t call me beast cowboy whatever for nothing”) helped Frankie take that game home.

        I really wish that arrogant @$#@!%@ Caleb would get voted out, but I can’t imagine why Frankie thinks anyone will give a sh@t who his sister is. How will that help his game any?

  10. I can see how Frankie won this. Caleb should have played and trip Frankie up that way…cause communication and each person navigating a rope is difficult.

  11. Lavendar you got the barf bucket? I need it. The Frankie theatrics are too much. The for grandfather and Ariana. Ugh.

      • I know, Frankie made sure ALL cameras were on him when he made the reveal. Plus, he did it when TVGN was broadcasted…no just to the feedsters…Everyone knows, and just like Frankie to suck up air time. On top he thinks he will be America’s favorite because his told the truth. Pass me the bucket, I am still throwing up.

      • Bad thing is BB encourages it. They seem to always have 2 cameras on Frankie. Sick of it.

      • Me too. It’s not the Frankie show. I am just saying people who watch and pay for the feeds, it just not right…just not fair. Even my TVGN I Pay for, First it was all cameras on him in HOH for the grandfather death, then the big reveal. So, angry…Derrick was classy. Yes, the HGS came together to eulogize both grandfathers, okay, Jocosta is a minister.

      • He even made sure the cameras were focused on him Friday when he got ready for his big reveal when he said “Ready?” I really don’t like this guy. Such a phony.

      • Thank you, still not recovered from Frankie sucking up more air time for the “big reveal.” So, sick of him being on stage..and the idiot in the house that follow him.

    • Ronnie Gardordocki,
      You are not alone Frankie the weasel is bad news and needs to go A.S.A.P. but will CBS. let that happen. It seems like none of the guest want him there and no matter what they do he gets out of it. He not a good gamer so maybe there is truth to CBS. keeping him there. He is a slim ball back stabbing weasel with no morals.Now he say’s he wants the money to build homes for the poor in Africa now that’s low. He trying to get people to feel sorry for him so he can win. His family should be so proud.

  12. The sad thing is, that comp was more entertaining than at least 80% of the actual Thursday Night Football games.

  13. Hello, everyone. I have not paid much attention to this season. Very early on, I just did not like any of the hgs, except Donny. Caleb is a big time jerk. He should have gotten his butt up and helped Frankie lose that battle………nooooooooo, Caleb wanted the reward, though.

    • Lavendargirl,
      Me to but to much of Frankie the weasel. We all need to stop talking about him. He makes me sick! There are others on B.B. that we should be talking about. When Frankie the weasel go’s home he is going to eat up all this attention we’ve been giving him. Now with that said Donny has it figured out but there is not much he can do about it now he is out numbered. So in the end at least he should go home as A.F. I hate to say this but it ‘s going to be Derrick and Cody. I would like to see Donny and Nicole win but it’s to late in the game for them now. The smartest thing Caleb has done was talk to Derrick and Cody about keeping Zach because they need the numbers. It is a numbers game if you think about it.

  14. Hey anyone know if their back from the football game? Haven’t had the feeds on since BB started?

  15. Thing is Frankie thinks he will win AF and has no idea that Donny was chosen TA over him and Derrick. LOL

    • Last night I forget who Frankie was talking to maybe Zach but he was saying everyone should want to take me to the end so the others have a chance for AF. Are you for real Frankie. Second place is more money than AF gets. And nobody is voting fir you anyway.

      • Nope they all said (except Zach) that his sister can give him the money to build houses.

      • Lavendargirl,
        You are 100 % right. I can’t wait to hear what the H.G. in the jury house finds out even more about him. He won’t make the final two. It will be Derrick and Cody or Derrick and Donny. I’m rooting for Donny all the way.At least even if he doesn’t make the final two he will win A.F.

      • Lavendargirl,
        I hope I’m wrong I thought someone said she is next to be evicted. But right now it’s Nicole and Donny up for eviction right ? And the game needs Donny he is the only one starting to put it all together.Please tell me if I’m wrong. I don’t want either of them to go. They both have been playing harder then anyone else and I think they have won more comps. Then anyone else in the game so far I think there at 5 each ? Any thing you know would help me so if I’m wrong about who is on the block for evection let me know. THANKS…

      • Zach and Donny are on the block but Zach won veto. Christine is talking about putting Victoria up. But anything can happen by tomorrow.

  16. I am so angry. I am shaking. How did Frankie realize Caleb was going to throw the comp? Little birdie….cough cough….production? They cut a lot of what they usually show for Sunday night so they could show Frankie/Caleb convo. Loved Zach attack on Frankie. Wish he would stay away from Frankie

    • I don’t think production would have given any other HG’s the airtime to show a conversation about one player possibly throwing the comp. Ridiculous. Frankie knew from production Caleb was going to throw that comp.

      • Thank you Thank You Thank you! Didn’t the same thing happen in either the first or second week? Didn’t somebody talked about or did throw the BOTB? And no one had 1 minute of airtime.

  17. I am sick of CBS. Already complained (twice) and TVGN about seeing fish. TVGN needs to tell them they want a refund. Twice they got no show because CBS ran the comps over. Now we are waiting on TVGN to see Frankie make his big re-entrance from the day out. Why else are we seeing Jeff?

    • Yep. They had fish this morning when they left. I agree we pay for live feeds and they go to fish so much. Every time they go to fish because of the houseguest singing or talking about production they should take money away from them and we get partial refund. And why are they going to fish for the HOH comps? Refund. Last year when the HOH would run over we got to watch it on the feeds.

    • Brenda Harbin ,
      I’m sorry to tell you this but you won’t get your money back. CBS. is all about the money no matter how much. This is why I try to listen to you guys instead of buying live feeds. All they want is your money. But good luck anyway.

    • This is the first year I purchased the live feeds. Seems like every time I tune in, it’s the Frankie fest. So I know if I need the best answers, it is here. Thanks Matt and Branden. And to the many posters I have come to rely on. Besides, the chat rooms go a mile a minute, I end up getting a headache. Chat room, or Frankie,I don’t know which one gives me the bigger headache. (Probably Frankie)

  18. Does anyone else believe that they were not able to talk game today when they were out of the house? All three of them said they were not allowed to.

  19. Caleb is the biggest idiot in BB history. He wanted to throw the comp and then just sits there… why did he not actively participate in the comp and just pull on the chain to dump the ball ??????? Beast mode cowgirl is stupid and useless.

    • Exactly, I blame Caleb that Donny is most likely going home this week. He’s such a freaking brick. As soon as Frankie was catching up with Zach and Donny he should have stepped in instead of boycotting the comp.

  20. All Frankie keeps saying is how everyone loves him because of his sister. Has he ever thought that maybe she is embarrassed by him? Does anyone know what her fans are saying to her about him?

  21. I feel like swearing over Frankie winning…. but as Caleb said, kudos to him for it. He won it fair and square. I don’t blame Caleb, I actually laughed when he sat down, but the smirk went away knowing he won it before hand. Caleb didn’t participate cause he didn’t think Frankie would be able to do it by himself. Some said he should have stepped back in to the game when he saw Frankie doing so well to throw it. Do ya’ll really think Frankie would have let that happen knowing Caleb was deliberately trying to throw it? Hell no…. even if Victoria goes up against Donny, I think Donny is going to jury. They all should want to keep Victoria. She would be easiest to win again considering she hasn’t done nothing or won anything other than the 1 POV Caleb gave her.
    I just hope next week Frankie or Christine goes out that door.

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